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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  August 23, 2017 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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permit was brief but to the point. the national park service cannot deny a permit to anyone plans to exercise their first amendment rights based on political stance or beliefs. >> we are responsible and feel responsible for everybody's public safety. >> reporter: the permit comes with 26 conditions. among them no firearms, ammunition, big backpacks, drones, helmets mace or pepper spray, selfie sticks. >> no weapons of any kind. no barbecue grills, propane tanks. >> reporter: those conditions apply to the enclosed area where the rally will take place not to the rest of the national park. the set up will be similar to the one used by the bernie sanders campaign in 2016 during a rally at crissy field. field..
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>> just be assured the secured areas, there will be check points. >> reporter: any counter groups must follow the same conditions. the park service also said law enforcement advised that issues the permit will increase their ability to ensure public safety. mayor lee dismissed that today. >> by the way, it's on our dime in san francisco. that's why i don't appreciate that logic being the lead logic. that's a false logic. >> reporter: instead the city is asking people attend peaceful rallies around city on friday and saturday. >> we will not let this rally tear us apart. we will not let this rally destroy our >> reporter: the p rresidio tru is urging the businesses to close on saturday. one of those businesses the house of air told me that they will close on saturday. there are a lot of kids that go there and also they have had to,
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they have confirmed they had to cancel a few birthday parties all in the name of safety. they will lose a lot of business on saturday. >> we have a sampling of opinions and important information for anyone who may be in the area. >> we have a problem with your microphone. we'll get that squared away. you can see that there are a variety of things that will be going on. that are scheduled in various locations around san francisco on saturday. at noon there's an art for equality event at harvey milk
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plaza. there's four different counter protests. at 2:00 a peaceful protest will be held at civic center. a stop hate human banner will be created at ocean beach. a lot of ro teprotests and it's spurring a whole host of alternative events in the east bay. >> abc 7 news reporter laura anthony continues our team coverage from berkeley. >> laura. >> reporter: well, a number of events have sprung up here in the east bay. some of them or most of them specifically designed to counter the so-called free speech rally at civic part. there's one being held here tonight at this temple starting at 6:30 by a group called the one america movement. she will choose to be constructive rather than
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confrontational this weekend. >> we are going to be hosting a peaceful koup fuful counter pro >> reporter: rather than square off with antimarxist free speech demonstrators. >> i actually support everyone who is going out to peacefully protest the right wing folk who is are out there to have their free speech rally. i feel like we need to have an equal or greater number of people doing positive things. >> we're saying yes to a world based on love holding a prayerful, intentional space of family, friendly non-violent space of love and promoting love and justice and
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care for all. >> reporter: in the wake of prior events the won america movement will launch the bay area program described as faith and community based strategies to defeat hate tonight. >> we're talking about is not how to stop hate in places like charlottesville and what's happening but how do we build a ploo movement for something positive. what these hate groups want is to divide us. >> reporter: the event here in berkeley tonight is starts at 6:30 here on university avenue. here in berkeley unlike san francisco the organizers of the sunday's event do not have a permit. the last word according to the mayor they did not apply for a permit. the city is drafting a list of banned items both in the park and outside of the park. that list not available yet. we're expecting that at least 24 hours before the sunday afternoon event.
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laura anthony, abc 7 news. counter protests begin at 10:00 saturday night. at 11:00 a.m. sunday another counter protest will be held and at 1:30 rally against hate will be held at crescent lawn. we have a list on let's get back to a look at the reaction to today's permit approval. if you want to be in the area you better listen to this. >> got a new pat ri and we're good to go. i want to show you as soon as they issue ed tweeted the decision. santa rosa resident tweets you made a big mistake issuing a permit to patriot prayer group. any violence that breaks out is on your head.
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nancy pelosi sacalls the decisi misguided. >> we respect everyone's constitutional right to free speech but that doesn't guarantee the right to cry wolf in a crowded theater. you cannot endanger people and that's what they are doing. >> the national park service released this map showing severe access restrictions on sad. zone one, that's crissy field, the only access is by foot. no bike, no car and here is the only gate where you can get in. zone two, that's the area here in blue. that's the main post. that's totally off limit.
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hollywood legend and san francisco native danny glover where work as an advisor for air b and b. it will reach communities of color and increasing the diversity of people who rent space in their homes. in san francisco up to ten people got sick after someone sprayed pepper spray. abc 7 was inside the bugger king and paramedics checked out and streeted restaurant employees. firefighters roped audiotape the area to keep salespeople safe until the chemical cleared.
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it's currently 62 in san francisco. oakland, 66. 72 rat mountain view. upper 70s at san jose and 64 at half-moon bay. this is view of clouds building at the coast as you look west ward from emoryville. mid to upper 80s in novato, fairfield, concord and livermore. we'll see the fog advance forcefully out over the bay and early tomorrow morning about 7:00 or so we'll have lots of low clouds and fog. temperatures about mainly upper 50s to about 60 to start the day. warming trend is coming our way. new video was shown
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installing steel beams. demolition is complete. last winter storms ripped a huge hole in the concrete structure and caused the evacuation of nearly 200,000 people. crews are working to have enough of the spillway rebuilt in time for the winter storms. closer to home they hoped storm damage road open in may. then it was late august. now abc 7 news has learned the east bay road won't open until late next month at the earliest. just up the road a contract has been awarded to fix redwood road and oakland. 't wonn until the endpe of october the the cost of boast projects combined is about $2.5 million. a very different tone today from president trump. >> we must ask ourself who is we are, what we stand for and what together we can achieve. >> the president's call for
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unity in reno. signs of hope for two families affected by a deadly fire in the south bay. about 700 million to 1. >> it's not quite that bad. the real odds of winning this week's near ifthistoric power ballball lottery. the traffic isn't looking too bad. a little heavier on the left side. that's your traffic heading eastbound toward 880. stay wit
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there are more than 700 million reasons to buy a powerball ticket for tonight's drawing. it's the third jackpot in u.s. history. >> eric thomas live with more on the excitement and your odds of actually winning. >> eric. >> larry, we see a few folks trickling into the 76 station at powell and christy coming out with their power ball tickets. we wish them good luck. you should know your chances of winning aren't that great. >> about 700 million to 1. >> reporter: not that bad. >> the chance of winning the powerball jackpot is about 1 in 292 million. >> reporter: that's because there are 292 million different numerical combinations possible in the powerball drawing.
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if you buy 50 tickets a week you win the average about 1 every 112 years >> reporter: that makes powerball a lousy investment but a whole lot of fun if you have the time and disposable income. lotteries are set up now to pay out less frequently and have bigger jackpot. if the odds against winning are astronomical, that doesn't seem to be turning anybody away. >> no one has hit it yet, i feel like the odds are within. >> reporter: for an unfortunate few people even winning wouldn't be winning. >> it could easily be the best news conference from a lottery winner ever. go back to 2002.
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cindy blair let loose after winning the 122 million super lotto jackpot. >> i was on my patio and read it three times. ran into my boyfriend and said read these numbers. he read them. i'm sorry. i haven't stopped laughing. i told him how am i going to go to work. al i'm going to do is you want what when. i'm sorry. it's been pretty funny all day. >> will you be having a listed number? >> i won't even be around. find me, catch me. >> what do you get from coming on here and telling the world you won the lottery? >> just, you know what, haha, i won the lottery.
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i'm sorry. that's how i feel right now. >> she's hysterical. >> i would be laughing too. see you all. >> if you can find me. >> if you want to watch it again, go to and the abc 7 news app and share it with your friends. i want to share one thing. there was a text exchange this morning with a member of the abc 7 news team that was getting upset because she was not included in the lotto pool that we have. >> right. >> it was clearly my fault because -- >> why deidn't you tell me. >> i thought you were in it already. if the words could jump out off the phone at me. ama's been taken care of. >> we're good. >> nice. tomorrow, samsung will begin taking pre-orders for the galaxy
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8 smartphone. stakes are high following last year's disasterous launch that had to be recalled after many caught fire because of defective batteries. samsung announced that former note 7 owners can trade this current phones for up to $425 that goes on sell september 15th. that's about the same time apple is expected to release its newest iphone. walmart and google are dialing into voice activated shopping. walmart will supply hundreds of thousands of items that can be purchased through google assistance. people can shop through the mobile app which walmart is plugged into. the partnership taking direct aim at amazon and its echo device. you don't play. you're not in the lotto pool. >> i should get in, i >> he's got so much money he doesn't need any. he does this as a hobby. >> i assume that my colleagues like me enough that if they win, they will share with me.
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>> you know what they say about assuming. >> i guess not. here is a look at live doppler 7. finally did get sunny later in the day around the bay. it started off as pretty bright day in our inland areas. we still have lots of low clouds in the coast and they will be making their push. they are pushing through the golden gate as you can see. right now we're looking at a temperature range of 61. about a 30, 31 degrees spread. right around the bay most low k indications have temperature readings in the upper 70s. most are in the 80s right now.
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we'll see spotty coastal drizzle. some inland east bay locations may bottom out in the low 60s. as we look ahead to tomorrow this segments the early morning hours we'll have lots of low clouds and fog hanging around. by noon we'll have mostly sunny skies with a few lingering coastal clouds. even going into the sunset hours 7:49 tomorrow evening we'll see bright skies with a little bit of allow cloudiness near the coast. we'll see highs reaching into the mid-90s. around the bay we'll see upper 70s to 80s.
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it will be pretty toasty out there. here is the accuweather seven-day forecast. notice the warm up isn't going to last very long. it will begin on saturday. sunday and monday will be the peak of warming. by wednesday of next week all locations will have cooled down. >> sounds good. thank you. protesters taking a stand for former 49er quarter back colin kaepernick. loved him since i was collecting marvel comic books. >> pay tribute to
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for football and basketball games from 1964 to 2007. he was such a nice man. murphy was stand ford through and through. born at the hospital, graduated from the university. bob murphy dead at the age of 86. the naacp wants to meet with the national football league about colin kaepernick. activists voiced their complaints outside the league's headquarters a short time ago. ♪ sing a song >> organizers call their protest in new york city a united we stand rally. kaepernick ignitediteditedited debate when he refused to stand for the national anthem. no nfl teams have signed kaepernick. civil rights leaders are
4:25 pm
accusing the league of avoiding him because of his opinions on race. the man behind marvel comics was honored at a special event in southern california last night. >> reporter: the man behind sump comic book characters as cider man, avengers and several others is being celebrated. >> the extraordinary stan lee. >> reporter: it all happened on the stage of the theater in beverly hills. it was broadcast in close to 200 theaters across the country. >> i'm so lucky. most people work a lifetime and nobody celebrates their career. i don't know how this happened to me. i'm incredibly grateful. >> reporter: stan's daughter even teamed up with coronation apparel with special i love stan
4:26 pm
items with stan loves me on the back. >> i've loved him since i was collecting marvel comic books as a kid. >> reporter: is it fair to say that stan lee is your personal super hero? >> definitely. he's like a friend, a mentor. he kept me out of trouble. >> i literally stitched one out on a shirt. >> reporter: at 94, he remain a kid at heart and his heart remains with kids. his message to them. >> follow your dreams. try to dream of something really big and really good. >> reporter: good advice. >> what's cool is if you watch all his movies, he has a little cameo. >> yep. president trump praises veterans in reno. >> you help keep history alive. >> his calls for unity ahead for planned weekend rallies in the
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bay area. plus. >> it hurt me deeply to do it. >> in the wake of violent food. water. internet. we need it to live. but what we don't need are surprises, like extra monthly fees. i see you, fee, played by legendary actress anjelica huston. you got me, mark. we just want fast internet for one, simple rate. for all the streaming and the shopping and the newsing, but most of all... for the this.
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here are the stories making headlines at 4:30.
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rally that's planned for crissy field is officially set to go on today. the national park service issued a permit to the patriot prayer group but includes more than 20 restrictio restrictions. it will close many area of the pres presidio to the public. the park service says it cannot deny park permits to anyone planning to exercise their first amendment rights. coming up at 5:00, vic lee talks to the rally organizers. joey gibson says he wants peaceful rally without white supremacists. he says unity is his theme. president trump calling for national unity today during a speech at the american legion convention this reno, nevada. it struck a different tone from his campaign rally style in phoenix last night.
4:31 pm
>> 59% of americans think the president's behavior has egged on white issue premtists and only 35% of americans approve of his current job hanld ling. >> president trump promised important changes at the department of veterans affairs. >> i will sign another history bill that the american legion helped us deliver the veterans appeals improvement and modernization act. you help keep history alive. >> reporter: part of that history the valor of veterans who fugt against nazis. >> jews will not replace us. >> reporter: less than 24 hours
4:32 pm
earlier a different donald trump was on display at a campaign rally in phoenix. >> they're trying to take away our culture, our history and our weak leaders, they do it over night. >> reporter: the president sought to relitigate his response to charlottesville quoting his own remarks. >> here's what i said on saturday. we're closely following the terrible vents unfolding in charlottesville, virginia. >> reporter: he omitted his two controversial points. >> violence on many sides, on many sides. >> you also had people that were very, fine people, on both sides. >> reporter: instead blamed the kbleed. >> if you want to discover the source of the division in our country, look no further than the fake news and the crooked media. >> reporter: many others see the president as being responsible for his remarks following
4:33 pm
charlottesville. a group will not be having a conversation call with the president and hope he will quote, recognize and remedy the grave error he's larry. >> last night president trump, again, threatened government shut down over the border wall. what was the reaction to that. >> they all returned from the revent. democrats are condemning the president. so many republicans in the leadership are trying to hedge their bets on this a little bit and bring the president back from those remarks. they will need some level of bipartisan to help fund the government and make sure we don't head into a shutdown. >> thank you. espn is taking heat on social media after one of its
4:34 pm
broadcasters from the football home opener. robert lee no longer assigned to call the upcoming game. espn calling it a collective decision after the deadly violence in charlottesville this month because of the protests over the planned removal ov a robert e. lee statue. in a statement our sister network said it's a shame that this is even a topic of conversation and we regret that who calls play by play for a football game has become an issue. scenes of violence and hate across the country forcing a theater to cancel an upcoming play. >> it would feature actors playing members of the kkk. >> it hurt me deeply to do it. >> reporter: a few props are all that's left on this stage for the play, the foreigner. a 1980s comedy that involves
4:35 pm
some controversial character. >> foreigner involves the appearance of the kkk. >> reporter: sherry lee miller, artistic director says the play was cast and set to open next month after seeing clashes between white nationalists protesters she's cancelling the show. >> everything broke loose in our country. i became very concerned about doing this play. >> reporter: response to miller's decision has been mostly positive on the theater company's facebook page. >> i wasn't pressured at all by the city. >> reporter: we found others who agree break down the curtain. >> with everything that's going on it might not be the right play right now. >> it's a tense time. things people should be doing the most to promote unity. >> we had a great run. >> reporter: the foreigner couldn't be more timely. his theater company in
4:36 pm
cloverdale just produced the play two weeks ago. here is a few pictures. some performances sold out. >> sure it's going to upset some people but at the same time it's showing you what racism is. you can't get away from it. >> reporter: ticket sales will be refunded. five national monument areas in california may be axed or downsized by the trump administration tomorrow. here is map of the five. president trump signed an executive order earlier this year asking interior secretary to determine whether protected status inhibits potential commercial use.
4:37 pm
he wrote these protections are essential to preserving the environmental and culture resources of our nation's dwindling natural spaces for future generations. the navy is continuing its search and rescue operation for ten missing sailors after the uss john mccain collided with an oil tanker on sunday. in a show of accountability the navy has released a top commander. >> reporter: navy divers continue to search the uss cajo mccain for those ten missing sailors. the search area is expanding as authorities confirm they found the remains of some of the men inside the ship and one besiody sea. >> there's always hope. sailors are resilient. >> until we have exhausted any recovering of survivor or bodies, the search and rescue efforts will continue. >> reporter: now the commander of the 7th fleet
4:38 pm
removed from his post. he was expected to retire next month but they have lost confidence in his leadership and he's being dismissed today. there's been four accidents under his watch. two fatal including the loss of life on the uss john mccain and seven sailors on the uss fitzgerald two months ago. one e too many. >> reporter: the destroyer reported a loss of steering for three minutes. officials caution it's not certain this led to the accident as there are several other actions that could have been taken to avoid the deadly collision. the uss john mccain remains docked in singapore as navy divers continue to search the ship. the 30-year-old was last seen on board a submarine with
4:39 pm
danish inventer who has now been charged with manslaughter. he told investigators wall got off the sub but later changed his story saying he died in an accident on board the sub and he quote, buried her at sea. a cape cod beach is closed after a shark bit a paddle board with man standing on it. he said he paddled in and alerted others to get out of the that water. >> at least it was just the board. there's new revelations from hillary clinton. what she's revealing in her new book. making progress with autonomous cars and what's making a difference now. here comes the fog pushing out over san francisco. it will push inland overnight. i'll have the forecast in
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hillary clinton is recounting that infamous scene during last year's presidential debate when then candidate donald trump was looming behind her. it reveals how the 69-year-old felt in that moment. he said the hover made her so uncomfortable her skin crawled. here is clinton in her own words. >> do you stay calm, keep shimi and carry on as if he weren't
4:43 pm
repeatedly invading your space? or do you turn, look him in the eye and say clearly, back up you creep. >> clinton's new book is set for release next month. former first daughter, malia obama is settling into her new dorm at harvard university. the 19-year-old moved in this week. malia graduated high school last june and chose to take a year off before starting college. a new mecca for bay area art students is a work of heart itself. it houses exhibition galleries and 160 individual art studios. students say the combination of light and space could transform their work. >> before this i was making art in my tiny bedroom with one
4:44 pm
window. this is a huge difference between the two. >> the site was once a major point ffr soldiers and equipment during world war ii. classes will start later this month. we'll start with live doppler 7 showing lots of low clouds along the coastline. let's move over to the western gulf of mexico where tropical storms, a tropical depression now is rumbling through the waters there. it's expected to increase the tropical storm strength tomorrow. up to about 70 miles an hour sustained winds before it makes landfall on the texas gulf coast. call back here in the bay area overnight. low temperatures in the early morning hours will reach into the upper 50s the low 60s.
4:45 pm
highs will range from mid-60s at the coast to 70s around the bay and mid to upper 80s inland. here is the seven-day forecast showing a rather significant warm up beginning on saturday. by sunday and monday we'll see inland highs in the upper 90s to near 100. temperatures will gradually moderate going into midweek next week. is sparkling water really good forbreaking down the healt concerns about the fizzy favorite. >> contents look like caviar and pop when your teeth crush them.
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researchers say safety systems to prevent cars from drifting into another lane that warn drivers this their blind spots are working. vehicles with those systems have lower crash rates than the same vehicles without them. the institutes research raises concerns that drivers may be less vigilant when relying on automated systems or become distracted by dashboard displays that monitor how the system is performing. ncht let's talk water.
4:49 pm
how good is it really? >> jessica castro finds out. >> reporter: sugar free, calorie free and hydrating. sparkling water, some people just can't live without it. >> it makes me feel like you're drinking something that isn't water. psychologically there's something like this is an exciting mouth experience. >> reporter: is it actually good for you? seltzer is her go to beverage. >> right now i'm doing well. it's only five or six. i have been as high as we'll say ten. >> reporter: it's low in sugar but are the bubbles good for us? some wonder if carbonation can cause bloating, heartburn damaged teeth. >> everyone e-mailed me the link. >> reporter: experts say seltzer
4:50 pm
fans can relax. carb carbonated water is harmless. while it may cause heartburn in some people, there's no evidence it poses a serious threat to your tooth enamel. >> i haven't seen any harmful effects. >> reporter: it's important to remember it does hydrate you despite small amounts of sodium in it. it can help with weight loss in keeping you full. you want to be careful with the flavored kind. those can contain a lot of sugar. make sure to check a new crop in the san juaquin valley is bursting with flavor. we see the lime crop that's becoming a hit among foodies. >> reporter: they may be funny looking but these limes pop with
4:51 pm
flavor. here is one of the newest cropping, finger limes. >> wild citrus that grows in australia that the contents look like cavsiiar and pop when your teeth crush them. it's a lot of fun. >> reporter: jim grows the finger lime. >> this is the first planting of finger limes in the united states. >> reporter: it takes about 20 weeks from it to grow from flower to fruit. it blooms every two to three weeks until october. crews harvesting from june till january. the outside is similar to a lime but the inside is different with individual lime bursts and the taste is unique as well. >> it's tart like a lemon or lime. some people say it has a grapefruit note. that could from the skin. that's where some of that comes from. >> reporter: finger limes are sold at sprouts locally.
4:52 pm
>> it's just too cool for people not to want to put it as a garnish on anything, chicken, fish. in yogurt. >> reporter: social media has helped bring the product to foodies near and far. >> we had an instagram story that in 24 hours had 2.3 million views. we have tens of millions of impressions that we're creating. >> the shape and taste has always caught the eye of meal prep company blue apron. now to a bizarre new candy bar hitting stores. kit kats. now they have released a new flavor. cough drop. it's white chocolate that's infused with throat lozenge powder. >> perfect. >> it was released monday in japan ahead of the world cup qualifying matches. it was created so soccer fans
4:53 pm
would soothe their throats made raw from cheering at the top of their lungs. if april, i would swear that's a joke. give them finger lime thing instead. the community banding together in the south bay. >> we come here with a little bit to show the support, to show the love, to show the care. >> a generous donation for two family who is suffered a devastating loss in a fire. dan is here with a look at what's coming up at 5:00. >> coming up, abc 7 news talks with the organizer behind this rally. he has a lot to say about the violence that people fear and anticipate. the water problem at an east bay high school. what officials are doing to combat unsafe levels of led. how the warriors guard is
4:54 pm
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community members are coming together to support two teams who lost their loved ones in a devastating fire that killed three people. >> it happened last week at the golden wheel mobile home park in
4:57 pm
san jose. abc 7 news reporter have more on how the families are being helped. >> reporter: inside this mobile home park in san jose, a grieving mother longing to see her little girl once more. threw tears she spoke of her daughter's love for the arts and her goal of eventually becoming a doctor. dreams that will never be realized after 10-year-old tran died in a fast moving fire last week at her family's home. also trapped inside her uncle and her friend. arson has been ruled out but the cause remains under investigation. >> i want to thank our fire department for their response. >> reporter: at a gathering this afternoon community members shared what they are doing to provide support. san jose residents owned one of the largest manufactured home companies. they will be donated a new home
4:58 pm
to replace the one that burned. >> to see how strong we are as a community to make a impact to do something special. >> reporter: he will give $100,000 to help clean up the site. he previously helped $5 million to help san jose residents in the aftermath of february's floods. other groups have agreed to help. >> to show our compassion. >> reporter: these heartbroken families now tasked with rewriting their american dreams. clean up should begin in the cming weeks once the fire marshal gives the green light. >> the san jose fire department announced it will provide free smoke detectors for families at the mobile home park. be the first know about breaking news where you live. >> thank you for joining us at
4:59 pm
4:00. >> abc 7 news at 5:00 starts right now. we do not welcome this. we are resisted in all the ways possible. >> this rally at a scenic san francisco spot will go on. a permit gets approved but there are strings attached. abc 7 news talks with the organizer behind the rally. he had a lot to say about the violence that could hit the city. a cal professor quit the trump administration. why some say it's no longer just a piece of art. the rally organized by pro-trump supporters will go on as planned saturday afternoon.
5:00 pm
the national park service issued a permit allowing the group to known as patriot prayer to stage rally. the park service issued a statement saying it cannot deny a permit with anyone planning to exercise the first amendment rights based on their political stance or beliefs. mayor ed lee expressed his disappointment and is urging people to stay away from the rally. >> i don't want to dignify their mess only of hate and division in our city of love and compassion. >> the permit comes with 26 conditions. among them no firearms, no explosives, no large backpacks and no mace, pepper spray or mel mets. common sense ocf course but thi the conditions of permit.


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