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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  August 31, 2017 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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now, hoomoving alonalonalonalon heat warning is in effect. heat advisory is in affect on saturday for the coastline from 11:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. we have a red flag warning for high fire danger in affect from 9:00 tonight to 8:00 a.m. saturday for all these areas outlined in red. that would include higher elevations and inland valleys. the heat is on. it will be with us for several days. i'll look at the seven-day forecast in a few minutes. thanks so much. >> take a look at the haze enveloping the hills from the east bay to san francisco. >> pretty poor air quality.
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>> reporter: dan, behind me you should be able to see m see m sm diablo dominating the horizon. it's virtually invisibe because of the haze. haze that's actually smoke from a distant fire. people have been calling in to local police departments in the east bay concerned about the smoky haze obscuring these normally vivid golden green hills. police issued an alert to let residents know you don't need to call in. it's not a local fire. it's smoke drifting in from 160 miles away in the sierras where firefighters are battling the 35 acre ponderosa fire. pg&e plan to open operation centers tomorrow as they brace for the extreme heat. temperatures over 110 degrees in many parts of the east bay. >> we know that concord and livermore will see some of the highest temperatures here in the
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bay area. we are preparing for those areas to potentially see outages. >> reporter: it's all hands on deck and lots of spare transformers and cables as pg&e relies on technology to predict where to use crews. >> that includes equipment that we have installed on to the grid that helps self-heal the grid. >> reporter: the heat and spare a air alert has prompted schools to take action. moving the varsity game to later start time to beat the heat. >> reporter: unified school districts has cancelled all athletic events for middle school and high schoolers. that includes football, tennis, all the fall sports, cheer leading and band practice from now until monday. this heat that we're feeling
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right now it's just a warm up. the novato school district is coming up with way to cope with all of this heat. tomorrow students will have a shortened school day. all right schools will be released at noon and all secondary will be released at 12:45 before the heat really gets bad. we take a closer look at the worry. >> reporter: as kids head into olive elementary school, parents just aren't giving advice on behaving and listening, they're also telling them to stay cool. >> i told him to drink lots of water and if you feel sick, let your teacher know. >> reporter: that's because this school doesn't have air-conditioning and this heat wave has parents very worried. >> when i come in the afternoons to pick them up, it is just very hot. it's -- i volunteered in a classroom in kindergarten and it's tiring to be in that heat.
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the principal seds tays the tea will lower blinds and lights and have recess inside. parents say the heat waves are changing. >> it's hotter when i was a kid and i went to school here. >> reporter: they want a new bond measure to pay for it. the principal says renovations are coming like a new cafeteria and office. >> we had needs that we felt were more important than air-conditioning. it was at the bottom of the list of needs. >> reporter: that won't stop some parents from fighting from air-conditioning. that's the long term answer. short term the answer is right here in the freezer. the pta tomorrow is buying popsicles for everyone at school.
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they are taking no chances in livermore. the 36th annual wine celebration scheduled for sunday has been cancelled because of the excess ifr heat. all ticket purchases will be refunded. cal iso has issued a hot temperature alert. it's in effect between 1:00 p.m. and 10:00 p.m. you are asked to preserve electricity. record demand for electricity is forecast for tomorrow. you can keep track of the riding temperatures where you live with the abc 7 news accuweather app. download to it to be notified and go to for a complete list of cooling centers in your area. happening in fremont, sky 7 is over the scene of a big rig rollover on mission boulevard that dumped a load of sand on to the roadway. it happened before 3:00 this afternoon. the driver was injured but the
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condition isn't known. right now mission boulevard is closed in both directions. it isn't expected to reopen for several hours. the u.s. state department today ordered russia to close its san francisco consulate this saturday. that move comes in response to what state department officials call unwarranted russian action. specifically moscow's reduction of staff. russian annexes in new york and washington are also being ordered to shut down by saturday and coming up at 5:00, abc 7 news reporter examines the impact of those consulates closing. authorities say the man accused of yesterday's fatal shooting is from the bay area. investigators identified the suspect as 32-year-old thomas littlecloud of castro valley. littlecloud is accused of opening fire with an assault weapon as officers served a swarn search warrant in a car
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investigation. two chp officers were wounded but expected to survive. littlecloud was wounded and listed in critical condition. also in custody is 23-year-old priscilla prendez. this afternoon harvey has moved out of texas but the devastate the storm left behind is going to take weeks, months even years to clean up. officials say roughly 100,000 homes were damaged. as you can see the water in many places has not yet receded. the town of beaumont is still under water. there's water as far as the eye can see in katy. the storm has left 31 people dead. vice president mike pence visited the disaster area and meeting with storm survivors. after that visit he announced the president will visit houston on saturday. fema says it's operating more than 200 shelters and housing 32,000 displaced
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residents. many will be moved to hotels. fema hopes to not have to use trailers to house anyone in the coming weeks. they often use trailers. the oakland firefighter department is sharing images of its firefighters in action in the houston area. oakland sent 22 firefighters for that region. they could be there for a week. oakland heads up one of eight federal task forces. firefighters are part of that group as well. they are doing good work. flights are resuming at houston airport. >> abc 7 news reporter eric thomas is there and caught up with some people just out of flood zone. >> reporter: some of those folks previously scheduled trips to the bay area but a lot of them were trying to get on the first thing flying to get out and get dry. we talked to some of there. there were six united flights
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from sfo to george bush airport in houston. one is due in about an hour. passengers say the rain stopped flood waters but they are still amazed by the devastation they saw the homes lost. one woman had her own spin on an old texas expression to describe it. >> you could go down, go to houston. >> the rain came down so hard. just filled the neighborhoods and the scary part is the flood is silent. you can fall asleep in a share and wake up and your feet are wet. >> some areas are worst flooded. the major freeways that were a few days prior were completely submerged had gone down. >> reporter: that guy, mark, lives near downtown houston and never lost power. they didn't have electricity for three days but only suffered minor flooding. the devastation they saw to homes, destroyed, rebuilding
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that needs to be done. the people who were hurt by this say it's all very hard to take. now, back here at sfo, we talked to a trio of guy who is had gone down to houston on a connecting flight to mexico. they had plans to go scuba diving but then the airport was closed. they spent their entire vacation there trapped in the hotel. couldn't leave because they couldn't get around. we'll have more stories for you from houston from the folks flying in today on abc 7 news at 5:00. eric thomas, abc 7 news. thanks so much. >> one easy way to help the flooding victim s through abc day of giving. >> today abc stations nation wide are fund raising on air and online. we have our phone bank volunteers. how's it's going? >> reporter: it's going dpraet. we turned our 7 on your side office into a phone bank. let me show you the volunteers here hard at work to take your call and pledge including our
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very own cheryl jennings. can i trouble you? >> i want everybody to please call. we're at phone bank with the red cross today. you can call us, text us. every penny will help. look at this. a quick update on the total so far. incredible. we have raised $34,000. walmart pledged $20 million for harvey relief. 10 million going to the american red cross. you can donate as well by calling this number. police are out in force after a mow moun tan lion was spotted. changing coming to the san francisco police department. why more officers could soon be out on the street.
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that wells fargo banking scandal is bigger than anyone realized. the new number of fake accounts created and what officials at the san francisco based bank are saying today. i just want to say thank you to everyone who has shown love and support to the people who have been affected by hurricane harvey. if you would like to be part of the day of giving call, text or go online to the websi
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france police are taking major step in hoping to reduce a known crime. >> this afternoon chief william
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scott announced the city will more than double the number of full-time officers assigned to patrol the street on foot. there's been a 28% jump in reported car burglaries this year. >> the chief hope by making police more visible, crime will dl drop as well. >> they told me they feel safer because we're out there. the bottom line is you will see a lot more officers on foot in the city of france. >> dhathe dhanchange starts thi saturday. police in palo alto are out in force after a grown mountain lion and kitten were seen. >> reporter: this quiet and upscale neighborhood had some surprise visitors this morning. residents received a robocall from police. >> that there was a cub and mountain lion, mom, or whatever
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spotted in a tree. >> reporter: a residents with experience dealing with mountain lions called police around 6:20 this morning. he reported some dogs chased two big cat sbos into a redwood tre. once officers arrived, they were gone. >> probably didn't know there was something. >> reporter: animal services and park rangers are patrolling the street looking for the mountain lions. so far no luck finding them. workers have tranquilizer guns but all options are on the table if the big cats are found. >> the goal is to protect everybody including the cats but the first priority is human life.
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the san francisco based bank says it up to 1.4 million fake accounts after digging deeper into its broken sale s culture. wells plans to pay out an additional $7 million in refunds to the impacted customers. tim sloan said we apologize to everyone harmed by unacceptable sales practices that occurred in our retail bank. to rebuild trust and a better wells fargo our first priority is to make things right for our customers. apple made it official today. the company's next product release event will be september 12th. they sent out these invitations today for the event at its headquarters next month. apple will unveil the iphone 8 there with an update for apple tv and a new smart watch. in the south bay a new
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center to help service members and their families open its doors. abc 7 news was at the uso center at the entrance to field. you heard of the calm before the storm. this is the heat wave before the heat wave. >> what's coming? >> i was just in touch with the weather office. it's not official yet but we may have hit a couple record highs today. she'll have more on the records at 5:00 because the officials numbers haven't come in yet. it's hot out there. you can see there's no fog at the coast. no cooling marine influence. it's warm. we have triple digits. on we go.
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a look at hazy air over san francisco. there's a spare the day tomorrow. tomorrow will be another spare the air day. poor air quality everywhere else. it's not likely to improve as long as we this this intense heat going on. upper 50s on the coast and up in the north bay low 70s over in antioch and livermore. it's not going to be mild overnight but warm in some places. hotter tomorrow than today. look for highs in the coast or above 80. he'll see highs near 100. oakland, 100. 99 at palo alto.
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look at the inland areas. 111 at concord. 113 at livermore. up north look for highs in 106 in santa rosa. 111 at lake port. it just gets hotter going into saturday. some beat the heat tip, limit out door activity. drink plenty of water the don't leave children or pets inside cars. that's dangerous thing to do. saturday afternoon, highs will be right around the same level as tomorrow. 110 to 113 in the inland east bay. above 110 in the other locations to the far north as well. highs around 90 near the base shoreline. it will be a few degrees less hot in our inland areas on sunday. 103, 104, 105 in places that tomorrow will break 110. right around the bay instead of seeing highs, we'll see highs in the mid to upper 80s. the heat will ease up near the
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coast. monday, labor day, it will be a bit more comfortable everywhere except up in the far north. here is the accuweather seven-day forecast. hot, hot, hot for the next five days. temperatures in our inland areas may not drop below 100 in all locations until after tuesday of next week. it's going to be a slow easing of the heat. we get cooling around thursday of next week. >> temperatures keep inches up. >> they do. we're taking dangerous heat wave. all right. remembering princess diana 20 years after her death. what her sons are doing to honor their mother. the changing view of cameras. the high-tech chains that's soon to be everywhere. stay with us. >> this is native houstoniana thanking you for your support to to be a part of disney's day of giving donate by who are these people?
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she was the people's princess and 20 years ago today the people lost her. >> abc news reporter molly hunter looks back at princess diana and how she's been remembered today. >> reporter: it's been two decades and two royal sons remember their who are, princess diana. along side daughter-in-law kate who never met her are marking the day privately and quietly. no fanfare and no public memorial. the sunken garden is filled with flowers inspired by princess diana's life and style. it was right here 20 years ago a sea of flowers as far as the eye can see and today the public have started to pay their resects, lay flowers, post old photos and messages, 20 years ago we remember the people's prince princess. >> do you remember the day? >> yes.
4:25 pm
>> what do you remember? >> i remember a huge emptiness in the heart. >> reporter: for those too young to remember her death in 1997, curiosity about the princess brought them here to the gates of her former home. >> i'm a fan of the royal family and i wanted to see how everyone remembers diana. i just wanted to see what it was like. >> reporter: later this year a permanent statue will be erected in her honor but on a wet and soggy british summer day, the boys she left behind now grown men paying tribute to their mum. molly hunter, abc news. a new honor for late football player pat tillman, arizona state university unveiled a stay chew of ttue of. it's for them to pass buy and touch before each home game. he walked away from his football
4:26 pm
career to enlist in the army. he died while serving in afghanistan this 2004. change in immigration policy that could slow down the process for new immigrants. the plan could put an end to dreamers. flood water is still rising in some parts of east texas. a look at the rescues, damage, the ongoing impact from harvey coming up. thank you to everyone who is lending support to people affected by hurricane harvey. to be part of disney's day of giving, please donate by texting, calling or going to the website on y
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here are the latest stories about harvey making headlines. people living inland are seeing triple digit heat today and it's going to get hotter tomorrow. pg&e are bracing for power outages. that's here in the bay area. now as we move back to the hurricane, president trump is pledging a million dollars of his personal money to help after hurricane harvey. world news tonight tweeted this white house press briefing with the announcement was made today. abc 7 and our parent company disney are hosting day of giving for those affected by this
4:30 pm
monster storm that has been so disasterous. we already raised more than $34,000. you can give through midnight. we have tweeted out that link. harvey is blamed for 31 fatalities. the storm may have destroyed up to 100,000 homes. relief efforts are still this full gear and will be for weeks to come. >> reporter: rescuers dropping down and floating in saving texans still stranded surrounded by water that in parts of the beaumont area keeps rising. the devastation there knocking out the local clean water supply forcing one hospital to evacuate nearly 200 patients today. >> we never expected to lose our water supply. >> reporter: in port arthur the maj m your from inside his flooded home, reassuring people.
4:31 pm
>> we have on the way. >> reporter: down playing the concerns afterfire erupted at this chemical plant. >> exposure to smoke is similar to standing over a burning campfire. >> reporter: about 30 miles away in houston the water fin reseeds ir rece receding. >> look at the high water mark. >> reporter: searching more than 1700 square miles that flooded. >> we're going by each house and checking door to door. >> reporter: up close look at the damage as officials estimate 40,000 homes in this county alone are destroyed. >> about 100,000 is not out of the question. >> reporter: today mike pence touring the destruction where harvey hit as help comes in from across the country for the tens of thousands of texans living in shelters and those still trying to make it to dry ground. >> it didn't matter what race, religious, we was. we all come together in unity to make sure these people were saved. >> reporter: safe but now wondering what's next. most of the people impacted do not have flood insurance.
4:32 pm
fema says they are getting people registered for federal assistance as quickly as possible abc news, houston. texas is repairing for a gas shortage. many major refineries are located in and around houston. one of the nation's largest convenience stores, quick trip says it will stop selling gas at half of its 135 stores in the dallas area. today energy secretary rick perry announced transfer of 500,000 barrels of oil from the petroleum reserve. nationwide gas prices have risen ten cents since this ae view gives a look a how bad the flooding. it's under several feet of most reservoirs are used for
4:33 pm
flood control than resemrving water. ♪ . a moment of peace and calm during this disaster. a young man in friendswood, texas returned to his flooded home and wanted to make sure the water didn't destroy the family piano. all eight houses on this family's street were heavily damaged. while the toll from harvey is still being assessed, now here comes irma. the storm has fired up in the central atlantic. it's too early to predict its path. forecasters say landfall possibilities range from the leeward islands in the north caribbean to the carolinas and bermuda. officials are stepping up the rhetoric against north korea as some of the united states most advanced war planes take part in bombing drills. rex tillerson says all options are still on the table but president trump is saying the time for talking is over. abc news reporter has the
4:34 pm
latest. >> reporter: >> reporter: a show of force from the u.s. super sonic bombers and fighter jets buzzed over south orea practicing attack capabilities. simulating precision strikes against the four facilities. the rogue nuclear regime boasting after a missile was fired earlier this week. president trump has warned any threat to the u.s. from north korea would be met with fire and fury and the u.s. is ready. test launching a defensive missile successfully intercepting a immediate yum range ballistic. the president insisting on twitter that talking is not the answer when it comes to pyongyang. when the secretary of defense was asked whether that means if the u.s. is out of options, james mattis seeming to
4:35 pm
contradict him. >> we're never out of diplomatic solutions. >> reporter: americans are beginning to fly out of pyongyang ahead of the u.s. travel ban on citizens going to north korea. north korea condemned u.s. fighters over south korea. they called the drills rash and wild military acts of the enemies. abc news, washington. a new report is out on robert mueller's investigation in the 2016 election. a federal grand jury recently heard secret testimony from russian american lobbyist who sat in on a june 2016 meeting at trump tower with donald trump junior along with the president's son-in-law and excampaign chairman paul manafort also attended the meeting. president trump may be poised to end daca. the announcement could come as
4:36 pm
soon as tomorrow. it would let them stay but only until their work permits run out. the president announced a measure that would slow down the green card process and make it tougher for tens of thousands of immigrants to obtain permanent residency. in person interviews will be required for 130,000 immigrants seeking green cards. just ahead, a federal warning for victims of hurricane harvey. >> abc 7 news anchor is helping with our day of giving. >> that's right. day of giving is going great. in fact, we just got word of a huge donation for a special guest who will be here with us. i'll have that right after the break. declining air quality and temperatures continue t
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you too can help the victims of hurricane harvey through abc's day of giving. >> we'll tell you more about that in a second. we are getting so many phone calls from people pledging money. it's incredible. our volunteer just took a call from lady who says she's using her credit card for the very first time in her life just to make a donation to harvey. isn't that fantastic? latestfigures, $9 million raised across abc stations. 37,000 here in the bay area. adding to the total, this is the
4:40 pm
special guest. thank you so much for stopping by. >> it's great to be here. >> thank you. now you have a check for us for the american red cross. can we show that. >> i have a check for $250,000. this is the countku contribution. we're going to raise 250,000 for the employees and the company wil match $250,000. it gives total contribution to $1 million. >> it's amazing to get the employees involved. do you do that for every disaster or something about harvey? >> something about harvey. we have 3,000 employees in the houston area. >> thank you for this $250,000. much hr to come. good luck with the new effort. you can help out as well. it's that easy. call the number on your screen. we have it for you. it's no amount is too small. we can kids donating a few
4:41 pm
bucks. that's great as well. >> one of the questions is what does all the money you're donating go toward? the red cross says $5 means someone gets a blanket. $20 is supplies for two families of four. $50 is food and shelter for one person. $75 is enough to stock an emergency response vehicle with supplies for three days. we'll start with live doppler 7. we is sunny skies. highs tomorrow will be above 110 degrees in many of our inland locations. even right around the bay tomorrow look for highs in the upper 90s to near 100. it's going to be just as hot on saturday. we have two days of dangerous heat. excessive heat warning is in affect friday through monday for all of these areas. virtually all the bay area except the coastline. the hottest locations will have
4:42 pm
temperatures ranging from 105 to 115 degrees. saturday, a heat advisory, coastal communities. also on saturday it's scottish highland games taking place at the alameda county fairgrounds. the heat wave is going to remain with us through labor day. highs well above 100 degrees for the next four, possibly even five days before we full-tiinal relief late next week. relief will begin near the bay and the coast around monday. >> that's a long way. tha >> thanks. >> for more information go to a clean slate. the new high-tech laser that's helping former gang members and human trafficking victims get rid of tattoos. how it's changing more than just
4:43 pm
their looks. hackers have targeted instagram. the bug in the system that let them in. i'll explain that and i've got a new warning. this is robert carlisle. thank you to everyone who is lending support to those affected by hurricane harvey. to be part of disney's day
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santa clara county have teamed up for a tattoo removal program. in the program was aimed at former gang member, advocates believe many others can benefit. >> reporter: this is exactly where doctors will have access to this new advanced laser tattoo removal program. in recent years they have been using this on former gang members to remove their tattoos but the excitement today is the technology will be used for victims of human trafficking. many of them are tattooed against their will. it's rare to have so much fuss
4:47 pm
made over a new piece of medical equipment but this promises to be life changing. while they have been used for several years to remove at the too tattoos of former gang members, it will help victims of human trafficking. many of them tattooed as a form of branding. >> they will put their names or their faces, wrist, anywhere on the body. to remove the marker speeds up their transformation and recovery. >> reporter: the advance laser removes tattoos this one third of the time of older machines over several visits. re rebecca found herself in juvenile hall at 15. >> i wanted to get one myself because i thought it was cool and what i got at the time had a significant meaning to me. it doesn't anymore now. >> reporter: leah agreed to try
4:48 pm
out the laser to remove her tattoo. >> it's a confidence thing for me. i was walking around proud to show off. to get rid of it will be a fresh start. >> reporter: she said it barely hurt at all. as for victims of human trafficking, she believes the new device will help them on the inside and outside. >> they're trying to transform themselves internally. having that tattoo removed can be life changing. >> reporter: the tattoo removal program has been operating here in san jose for nearly a quarter century and has removed tattoos from about 2,000 former gang members. david louie, abc 7 news. there's a federal warning tonight for victims of hurricane harvey. >> 7 on your side michael finney is here with that story for us tonight. >> one after another. every night we have a new one. not only are storm victims inundated with water but scams
4:49 pm
too. scamsters are telling flood victims their flood insurance premiums are overdo. imagine the panic. federal trade commission say fraudulent robocalls are being used so they don't have someone they can quiz. homeowner are told to contact insurance agent. if you have family down there, pass this word along. hallmark is recalling thousands of children's plush toys because of a chok the toys have characters with boys and hats that can come off. caregivers should take the toys away from children and contact hallmark. the information the on my facebook page. instagram says hackers invaded accounts of several high profile users above a bug in the system. they will not say whose account
4:50 pm
was hacked or how many. social platforms to verified users say hackers got ahold of their phone numbers and e-mail addresses. it was recorded that selena gomez was hacked and then taken down. i want to hear from you. my 7 on your side hotline is monday through friday from 1:00 to 2:00. you can also reach me on my f e facebook page. if you are looking for something fun to do this weekend, we have you covered. >> jessica castro from abc 7 mornings that something. >> we are taking the time machine back to the year 1985, possibly one of the best years ever. you can watch the 1980s classic if you head out to mission bay
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this saturday at sun down. >> we wanted there to be a bit of adventure for everyone. we want people to feel the nostalgia they felt the first time they saw the goonies as well as share that with the next generation. >> bring a blanket and grab dinner from the numerous food trucks or order from uber eats. grab that blanket and let's go even further back in history. to be or not to be. that's the question. if you love shakespeare then you surely love hamlet. the beloved favorite is part of the festival. you can catch the preview performances for free this weekend. additional shows will run all month long. speaking of the park, if you're going to golden gate park this weekend, check out the 2017 poly
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fest. learn how to make a lei, a at the tattoo design. it runs through 6:00 p.m. at the county fair building. a little something for everyone. for these and other ideas go to and we'll link you up with hoodline. have a great weekend. if cameras already seem like they are everywhere, get ready for more. coming up next, the new cameras that are popping up all around you but will they really catch on? we'll have that story. a brand new fire truck is rolling on to the streets of venetia. the city welcomed this sea grave bumper engine. the truck features a 500 horsepower engine. it feature a 500 gallon water tank. the engine will be staffed at
4:53 pm
fire station 12. we have lot more coming up with kristen sttelling us what' ahead. the charges they face and what the sheriff is saying about it. the light activated nano machines some call cancer killers. that and more when i join dan for abc 7 news at 5:00. i would like to thank everyone that is lending support to all the people that have been basiced by hurricane harvey. i was born and raised in houston, texas. listen, if you would like to be a part of disney's day of giving, please donate by calling, texting or going to the website that you see on your screen. remember, every little bit helps. thank you so much.
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here's tonight's primetime line up. stay with us for abc 7 news at 11:00. if you're the type who takes pictures of everything, there's a new camera that takes pictures of literally, everything. 360-degree cameras are coming out left and right. jonathan that a look another one just released today. >> reporter: at a press conference in germany, rico
4:57 pm
interdeu int introduced its latest camera. the theta looks a lot like the old camera. you can look around the images by tilting your phone. it shoots video in 4k. normally a luxury but for it wraps all the way around you putting you in the middle of your favorite group or tesla's high-tech factory. >> where it really shines is in a situation where you really need to be immersed. say for example, snow wooboardi or jet skiing. >> reporter: that's why gopro and other camera makers have 360 products in the work. >> it's going to be difficult to choose. >> reporter: it comes with a steep learning curve because it captures everything all the the time. you can just as easily be looking down at whatever the
4:58 pm
camera is sitting on. that brings up another good point. in 360 degree there's no such thing as behind the shot. you can look out the window. >> i just fired the camera person and hired you the viewer to be the camera person. >> exactly. >> reporter: 3-d sound that helps you know where to look. >> you'd be able to look up and hear the drone. >> reporter: when you can hear the guy singing off key, you can wheel around and point at me. it's a good thing i still have a day job. abc 7 news. >> the new camera will sell for 429 there ar$42 $429. no wrd ord on how much the gopr camera will cost. be sure to enable push alerts. thank you for joining us for abc 7 news at 4:00. abc 7 news at 5:00 starts now.
4:59 pm
it's hard to see across the bay or over a mountain top today. hazy skies and smoky air are affecting a lot of people. a political ton of bricks. san francisco is ground in an american retaliation against russia. while locals say they are hurt the worst. from cats to canines. we're live in texas with animal rescues. flying out, we're live at the airport with some of the first flights here from houston passengers had a story to tell. >> live wherelive wherelive whew noticed the smoky skies this the bay area. this is a picture from nasa of the smoke drifting over san mateo county. this is a look from the east bay. the skies are brown and haze vi out there in this summer swelter. good evening i'm dan ashley. >> thanks for joining us. bay area counties are putting out the word not to be alarmed by the smoke.
5:00 pm
>> take a look from our east bay hills camera. smoke and haze in the north bay. the marin county sheriff's office is urging people to call 911 only if you see a fire or visible column of smoke. this haze is from the sierra. >> all that smoke is come frg the wildfires burning to our north and east. it has charred 5,000 acres so far. it's really heavy in the east bay. now this is what you could see today. there was little wind and move it along, you can barely see nearby ridge lines opinion you couldn't see mount diablo from the foot of mount diablo. >> love this smoke. >> it's awful. i feel like i


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