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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  September 7, 2017 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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with residents in irma's path to evacuate and seek shelter immediately. >> the storm's 185-mile-per-hour sustained winds make it one of the most powerful ever seen in the atlantic. >> this is what we now know. florida will have major hurricane impacts with deadly storm surge and life-threatening winds. we expect this along the entire east coast. >> at least 13 deaths are blamed on the hurricane. all of them happening in the caribbean islands. 59% of the buildings in barbuda have been damaged. >> of course, abc 7 news weather meteorologist spencer christian is following irma's path. >> here's a look at it, hurricane irma, category 5 storm continuing to plow through the caribbean, passing directly over tonight as we speak the turks and caicos islands with maximum sustained 175 miles per hour and gusts well over 200 miles per hour. now, tomorrow afternoon, it will still be a category 5 as it
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moves along the northern coast of cuba. on saturday it will make a sharp turn northward, toward miami, as a category 4 hurricane. it's expected to move directly up through the central florida peninsula, moving up through florida's peninsula on sunday. then monday, moving into southern and southeastern georgia as a category 1 hurricane, right around the savannah area. it's going to continue moving northward far, far inland as a tropical storm by tuesday moving through parts of tennessee, and kentucky. even southern portions of indiana and ohio. rainfall totals from this storm could be between 15 and 20 inches for much of the southern two-thirds of florida, up into the jacksonville area, perhaps seven to ten inches, and beyond that into georgia and the southeastern u.s., one to five inches of rainfall. i've been tracking and covering hurricanes for four decades and never seen one quite like this. >> amazing, spencer. >> as of this coming saturday, no one will be able to leave the miami and ft. lauderdale area on a commercial flight.
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>> the airports will be closed through monday. maybe even longer than that. the mad rush to leave continues. abc 7 news reporter leeann melendez is at sfo meeting a few passengers escaping to come here. >> reporter: that's right. to give you an idea, jetblue has canceled 878 flights through monday, september 11th. and that's just one airline. now, some people flying out of that area wanted to get as far away as possible, and headed west. marsha traveled to the bay area for her niece's wedding. she doesn't know when she'll be able to return to ft. lauderdale. >> it is just a mess there. everybody's panicking. houses are boarded up, the neighborhood's boarded up. >> you're crying because you're happy to be here? >> i'm happy to be here and worried about what's going on at home. >> reporter: this woman lives in miami. >> my mom's going crazy. you need to get out now. blah blah blah. so -- >> you came here.
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>> yeah. >> that's a long way. >> a long way, yeah, long flight. >> but >> i'm with mom. worth it. >> reporter: as hurricane irma approaches, it's getting harder for people to find a flight out of southern florida. as of saturay, all airports will be closed. >> i don't know what i'm going home to. i hope that everyone's safe down there, but i'm here in california. away from the storm. >> reporter: stacy hill's a edge of wonder travels unlimited, says it may take passengrs a long time to return home. >> there's always the option of flying as close as you can, renting a car, driving down, getting home that way. but for now, shelters. >> reporter: remembering andrew 25 years ago. >> i remember andrew. we cry and cry and cry because everything was destroyed. let's see now, okay? >> reporter: she's now staying with her daughter in burlingame.
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and you'll be able to eventually change your flights. it will be free. but a word of advice, try to do it over the phone with a live person, and not online. it's much faster and efficient that way. again, it may take several hours. live at sfo, leeann melendez, abc 7 news. >> leeann, thanks so much. bay area utility workers and firefighters are making their way to florida to help with relief efforts. one group of pg&e workers set off this morning for south florida. they feel a sense of duty to help other communities that could experience widespread devastation. >> i'm excited, nervous, there's a lot of unknowns. and looking forward to facing the unknown hurdles as they come towards us. >> just great for all of them to go. 50 firefighters with the urban search and rescue team flew out today. another two dozen are driving. they were headed home from
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houston when they got the call to turn around and head to florida. >> a team of bay area heroes returned home tonight after serving in hurricane harvey. they understand what lies ahead for their fellow team members who are being deployed to help with those in hurricane irma. janine de la vega has the story from menlo park. >> reporter: these firefighters are glad to be home. they have turned in their gear. it needs to be decontaminated and handed off to the next crew. they could be deployed at any moment. the trucks rolled in. one by one. inside, heroes who spent the last week and a half in wharton, texas, helping rescue victims from hurricane harvey. fire chiefs from around the bay area came to welcome them back home. >> it was a long drive. long trip. but it was worth it. we're glad we were out there, and had a great experience given the unfortunate >> reporter: some are retired, some active, and an elite team
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fema uses to respond to national disasters around the country. they specialize in water rescue. >> there were safety hazards we have to worry about, electrical wires, cars we couldn't see under the war, fences. so, you know, there's always that unknown. and use caution. >> reporter: for carl, the journey has just begun. he said good-bye to his wife at san jose international airport. a member of task force 3 was just deployed to florida to get in position for the wrath hurricane irma may bring. >> the mission evolves as we get out there. our job is to react to what's happening around us and take care of the people. >> reporter: he's responded to four hurricanes, including katrina and also helped in the oklahoma city bombing and world peach takes an emotional toll. but he keeps something close to his heart as he travels. >> i keep -- we keep a couple of pictures in our helmet. it's pictures of your family. reminds you what you're coming home to and why you need to keep yourself safe and take care of the other team members to get them home to their families.
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>> reporter: for now, he will keep his focus on helping other families trying to survive. in menlo park, janine de la veg a, abc 7 news. hurricane irma is a record-breaking storm on many levels. you'll see a video explaining how and why on our website shocked and angry. that's oakland mayor libby schaaf's reaction to the word that a fire department captain was jailed on child pornography charges. live in lafayette near that firefighters, home, eric? >> reporter: after working hard to reform the oakland police department, the mayor seems genuinely upset and offended by this latest incident involving the fire department. richard chu was arrested at his home here in lafayette on harper court yesterday. mayor libby schaaf pulled no punches. >> it is unbelievably disturbing and disgusting that a public servant has engaged in these types of alleged activities.
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>> rporter: she's talking about the arrest of oakland fire department captain chichd chu on two charges of child pornography. here's the reaction when he realized what he had. >> shock. nowadays you don't know. >> reporter: detectives searched chu's home on harper court in lafayette. also fire station 15 on 27th street, where chu worked. nobody answered the door when we stopped by station 15, but interim fire chief darren white issued this written statement. it says, quote, i am appalled by the disturbing nature of these charges. when we learned of the investigation, i immediately placed the employee in question on administrative leave. the statement goes on to say, if the allegations are true, this criminal behavior violates our community standard of decency and breaches the standard of conduct we uphold in the oakland fire department. mayor schaaf says not only are the charges deeply upsetting to her, but also to the men and women of the fire service who put their lives on the line every day.
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>> this is oakland. we are tough. we will get through it, and we will hold this person fully accountable and ensure we are weeding out anyone who does not deserve to be in public service. >> reporter: richard chu is jailed on $200,000 bond. abc 7 news. police in union city want to find a man who reportedly told a woman jogger, quote, be my friend before groping her. it happened around 6:30 a.m. monday on the walking trail near union city boulevard. this is a sketch of the suspect. the woman says that she had seen him several times before. the man ran off when he heard the sound of a police dispatcher on the victim's cell phone. new developments in the case of the east bay teen who was declared brain dead more than three years ago after a tons lek tome. a judge said she may still be technically alive and wrote a lawsuit against children's hospital in oakland can proceed. the hospital had argued the family could not seek damages
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because the county coroner signed a death certificate in 2014. the case has been at the center of national debate since her mother refused to remove her from life support. she remains on a ventilator at a facility in new jersey. the ninth circuit court of appeals ruled today grandparents, aunts, uncles and other close families of americans should not be included in the trump administration's travel ban. a three-judge panel struck down that key part of the executive order this afternoon. the court also said refugees accepted by resettlement agencies should not be banned. three equifax executives including the cfo sold nearly $2 million in stock three days after a major security breach was discovered. the credit bureau said criminals exploited a web application to access the files, so about 143 million americans in july. equifax said the executives who sold shares had no knowledge of the breach. the massive breach wasn't revealed to the public, though,
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until just today. your next lyft driver may not be a driver at all. what to expect if you're picked up by a self-driving car. what do you do when a sale isn't what you may have been led to believe? i'm michael finney. what happened to one man's free phone offer, ahead on "7 on your side." i'm laura anthony in walnut creek with my friend al here. he's just off a plane from florida. we'll have his story coming up.
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preparing for hurricane irma in florida, these animals awaiting adoption, now have a chance to find their forever homes here in the bay area. abc 7 news reporter laura anthony joins us live from walnut creek where the dogs and cats were welcomed to california. wat a cutie you have there, laura. >> reporter: that's right, ama. this is al. he is 6 weeks old. he made the long journey from florida here to the bay area. one of more than 150 animals, evacuees, if you will, who will soon be up for adoption here in the bay area. seven hours and 3,000 miles later, these four-legged evacuees arrived in the bay area, moved out before hurricane irma is expected to slam into their former home. the florida coast. these adoptable animals, 150 of
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them, flew cross-country from broward county to hayward. to make room for all those expected in shelters there. once irma moves through. >> one of the lessons we learned after hurricane katrina is you needed to allow people to take their pets to evacuate or they simply won't. in advance of what they're anticipating in florida, broward is getting ahead of the curve, getting their animals, adoptable animals cleared out. >> reporter: the ride from wings of rescue from the rescue foundation. here in the bay area, these dogs and cats will be given a thorough checkup and dispersed to three different shelters. the berkeley humane society, east bay spca and tony la russa's arf, which has had a 20-year relationship with the humane society of broward county. >> we're all working seamlessly together. certainly all of us could use additional fosters, donations for medical supplies for these animals. as well as large crates.
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>> many of them should be available for permanent adoption starting next week. laura anthony, abc 7 news. today a senate committee voted to restore $10 million in funding for the u.n.'s climate change agency. the u.s. has made these payments since joining the agency in the early '90s. president trump planned to eliminate them. california senator dieann feinstein tweeted shortly after today's vote calling it, quote, a big victory. >> two days after president trump announced he's ending the deferred action for childhood arrivals program, daca, he's now striking a more conciliatory tone, but it's who urged him to do so that's the surprise here. abc 7 news anchor kristen sze has the latest on daca. >> president trump stunned a lot of people with the new tweet that teams to reassure daca recipients. for all of those concerned about the status of the six-month period, you have nothing to worry about. no action, as in no deportation.
6:17 pm
that's not a reversal. he did give congress six months to come up with legislation that would address the young undocumented immigrants protected by the obama program that mr. trump is ending. but it's a softening of his tone, and surprising as it comes at the urging of a leading democrat, house minority leader nancy pelosi. >> i said, thanks for calling. this is what we need. the people really need a reassurance from you, mr. president, that the six-month period is not a period of roundup. >> a youth immigrant rights group said the president's tweet does not make them feel any safer. and their battle to defend daca just got a boost. colin kaepernick offered a $25,000 donation to the group, part of his million-dollar pledge toward organizations what he called oppressed communities. kristen sze, abc 7 news. happening now, oakland is celebrating the grand opening of
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its first-ever lgbtq community center. abc 7 news visited the center earlier today. as you can see, the balloons were already in place for tonight's party. there's a strong focus on what happens after the party. >> we're already, we've trained over 300 volunteers who are going to be able to help with youth groups, elder groups, mental help counseling, hiv testing. >> the center's co-founder also told us that the dream of having a place for oakland's lgbtq community began about ten years ago. let's go back and talk about the weather forecast. the weekend approaches here. >> christian is here with the latest. >> we've got record highs just a few days ago, to far below average temperatures today. now we have another warm-up coming our way. we're using the seven-day high temperature trend in santa rosa as our indicator of what's coming our way generally across the region. this time of the year, the
6:19 pm
average high in santa rosa is 84 degrees. tomorrow's high will be 80. still below average, but up to about average on saturday. sharply up to about 92 degrees in santa rosa on sunday. 89 on monday. a sharp drop in temperatures on tuesday and further cooling on wednesday and thursday. that's what the inland areas can expect over the next seven areas. lots of clouds and moisture. and some light isolated showers in some parts of the bay area. they'll taper off overnight and give way to clearer skies tomorrow. right now we're looking at mixed sky conditons from our abc 7 exploratorium camera. these are current temperature readings. 69 degrees in san francisco and oakland. low 70s in mountain view and gilroy. 66 in half moon bay. from emoryville, more temperature readings right now, 72 at novato, and fairfield. one more view of, wow, dramatic
6:20 pm
pre-sunset sky from mount tam. we'll see a few showers this evening. a sharp warm-up this weekend. then a chance of showers again early next week. overnight, we'll see low clouds moving out over the bay. a few high clouds passing by as welg. a little drizzly along coastal spots. overnight lows mainly in the low to mid-60s. tomorrow we'll see sunnier skies in the afternoon than we saw today. highs range from mid-60s at the coast to mainly low and mid-70s around the bay. inland, upper 70s, maybe up to mid-80s in places like antioch. as you look ahead to saturday, it starts to warm up. we'll see highs in the upper 80s in some inland areas. mainly mid-70s around the bay on saturday. upper 90s in the warmest inland spots. few 80s around the bay. mid-70s on the coast. that temperature range will hold out pretty much through monday before the cooling starts. and before the next chance of
6:21 pm
rain arrives. here's the accuweather seven-day forecast. upper 90s inland on sunday and monday. mid to upper 80s around the bay. talk about beach weather, coming our way for sunday and monday. a sharp drop in temperatures coming on tuesday. a few extra clouds in the sky. slight chance of showers, maybe measurable rainfall on tuesday. the clouds will linger into thursday and friday, which will be cooler than average for this time of the year. >> all right. thank you, spencer. coming up next, the difference $5 million will make
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in cupertino, apple's new spaceship campus opens on tuesday. this new troen video was just released. it took eight years to build the saucer-like campus. which will house as many as 4,000 employees at one time. apple will hold its first-ever product unveiling at the steve jobs theater here on tuesday. meantime, amazon announced today it plans to build a second headquarters in the united states. the big question is where. ceo jeff betos said his company hasn't decided on a location. he's taking proposals and said he's open to any city in north america. hq2 will employ 50,000 people. more than the number that currently work at the headquarters in seattle. the mayors of oakland, san jose
6:25 pm
have expressed interest. san francisco is evaluating whether to submit a proposal. $5 million in federal grant money will pay for ten electric shuttle buses at the airport. the money was awarded over the last two months and representative whose district includes san ho announced it today. the city council still needs to approve the specifics and the new buses won't actually appear at the airport for at least another year. they will double the number of buses currently serving san jose's airport, acting as shuttles between terminals and the economy parking lot. disney is pulling its films from netflix because it will soon have its own streaming platform. today's ceo said it is set to launch in late 2019. prices haven't been announced. disney is the parent company of abc 7. one of the hardest places to become a lawyer is right here in california. but soon, that could change. 90 years ago today, this monument says television was invented. right here on this spot. i'm jonathan bloom with the
6:26 pm
family of the man who did it, ahead on abc 7 news. next, a personal example of how to pay it forward.
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you're going to be hanging out in here. so if you need anything, text me. do you play? use the chase mobile app to send money in just a tap to friends at more banks than ever before. you got next? chase. make more of what's yours.
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we talked about doing this kind of work before. and so this was an opportunity for us to just get up and just do it. >> the widow of a fallen richmond police officer has just returned from volunteering in houston, in the aftermath of hurricane harvey. sandra doesn't have family in texas, or really any connections to houston. >> she says she went there to help out just as people in richmond and vallejo did following the shooting death of her husband. >> abc 7 news reporter melanie woodrow has the story. >> reporter: sandra's friend shot this video as they drove through houston shortly after arriving. >> it's heartbreaking. you know, to think that just in the blink of an eye, you can lose everything. >> reporter: vegas said she lost her everything in 2016 when during a domestic dispute her grandson's father shot and killed her husband, richmond police officer gus vegas.
6:30 pm
she said it was her family's personal storm. when hurricane harvey hit houston, she said she felt called to help. >> different type of storm, but they're feeling the same thing we were feeling. >> reporter: she and three others got on a plane to houston. >> we were just there as servants. >> reporter: as vegas helped distribute clothing at shelters, her friend, vernon williams, helped people clean and rebuild their homes. >> it felt as if we were sun on a gloomy day. or hope in the midst of despair. >> to let them know that, hey, you know, it doesn't seem like you'll get through it, but you will. you'll get through it. >> reporter: even though they've just returned home to vallejo, they're open to going back to texas, or to florida to provide assistance. >> when the lord calls us, we're going to go. >> reporter: she says she feels
6:31 pm
they're the ones who were blessed in having the opportunity to volunteer. in vallejo, melanie woodrow, abc 7 news. new at 6:00, four boys between 14 and 15 years old were arrested for allegedly starting the valley fire in gilroy with illegal fireworks. police say the boys tried to put the fire out but it spread out of control. it burned 100 acres and was 90% contained as of this morning. the teens were issued a juvenile contact report for unlawfully causing a fire. and released to their parents. the santa clara county juvenile probation department will decide whether to prosecute. a california supreme court has a decision to make, whether to lower the passing score of the bar exam, historically a state's bar decides who makes the cut. the passage rate on california's bar exam has been dropping over the last several years. the threshold to pass the bar here is the second highest in the nation. state bar officials yesterday decided to send the supreme court three recommendations,
6:32 pm
keeping the current score, lowering it, a little, or lowering it a lot. there is no timetable for the supreme court to make that decision. the next bar exam will be held in february. lyft has announced plans to world into the world of self-driving cars. it will soon debut a fleet of autonomous vehicles in the bay area, and some wonder if the program will take off. chris nguyen has that story. >> reporter: no matter where you go throughout the city, a ride sharing vehicle is typically available within minutes. >> if they can work in san francisco, they can probably work anywhere. >> reporter: that way of thinking is behind the self-driving vehicle pilot program by lyft. >> i might trust it more than drivers sometimes. i don't know, i thought about this before. i think i would. >> reporter: lyft is now partnering with a silicon valley startup founded by former classmates out of stanford's intelligence program. >> make sure they're safe, of
6:33 pm
course. definitely excited to see what happens. >> reporter: drive ai has developed retrofit kits to allow businesses to convert traditional vehicles into self-driving models. it's also been approved by the state dmv to conduct the testing which is something lyft's main rival uber ran into trouble with last year when it announced plans when to enter the self-driving m.o. >> under the last ceo, to go forth without asking permission, whereas lyft's guy. >> reporter: they'll have a safety driver inside the car that will involve up to six vehicles. >> it makes me a little anxious. i wouldn't say i'm scared because i know at that point i'll still have a choice. >> reporter: lyft and drive ai could start testing in the bay area not years from now, but possibly in the coming months. in san francisco, chris nguyen, abc 7 news. the next round of implosions on the old bay bridge supports is scheduled for saturday.
6:34 pm
that's what it looked and sounded like last saturday when cal trans imploded two of the old foundations. there are 13 total to be removed. during the implosions, car traffic on the bridge is blocked, and b.a.r.t. stops running trains through the trans bay tube. it causes delays of about 15 to 30 minutes. this is the final phase of the demolition of the old bay bridge. yellow jackets are showing up in record numbers in the bay area, thanks to last winter's heavy rain. in contra costa county alone, the number of nets has jumped 83%. district officers responded to several calls in moraga and lafayette. they advise staying away from any ground nest. >> don't try to treat it yourself. it seems like they get even more upset and aggressive once they've been treated with a spray, or soapy water concoction. >> officials advise you keep your garbage cans tightly covered.
6:35 pm
don't leave pet food outside. yellow jackets are drawn to sweet food and drinks, so keep those covered, too, if you're outside. abc 7 news was in oakland's frank ogawa plaza. mayor libby schaaf in the red dress danced with a group of city employees and citizens. they showed how exercise can help you stay healthy and prevent heart disease. >> every thursday at noon, we're going to be here. so come on down, take a walk with us. >> move with the mayor will continue on thursdays through the end of this month at oakland city hall. today we're celebrating 90 years of what you're watching right now. fell vision. >> yeah, tv is all around the world now. but it got its start just a few blocks away from where we broadcast. and looking live from the roof of our abc 7 news studio in san francisco. spencer will have our weekend foreca - grocery outlet is the home of "wow" savings.
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spacex launched the air force's super-secret air shuttle today. the falcon rocket blasted off
6:39 pm
from florida's kenned space center with one of the unmanned mini shuttles onboard. it's the fifth flight for one of these unmanned shuttles. they've already logged five and a half years in orbit. officials will not say what the spacecraft are doing up there. the last mission lasted almost two years and ended in may. today marks an important anniversary. especially for those of us in the studio right now. >> yeah, about two blocks away from where we are sitting right now, television as we know it was invented 90 years ago. >> abc 7 news reporter jonathan bloom was there for the start of the celebration with the family of the man who made it happen. >> is this some kind of machine? it might be painful when it's used. >> sometimes it's -- >> reporter: farnsworth appeared on television to say he invented it. >> he was 14. >> 14 years old. >> reporter: on a farm in utah, he was plowing a field back and forth. >> he looked at the lines that this disk made in the dirt.
6:40 pm
and he dreamed up sending pictures through the air. >> reporter: not lines of dirt, but lines of glowing electrons, the stuff he read about in sci-fi and hobby magazines. >> the electrical experiment magazines created this whole new world of television and flying cars and all this stuff. >> reporter: he began tinkering, got some investors and moved to san francisco to this lab on green street. >> and this was the very first television tube that he created in this lab in 1927. >> reporter: this is what i would have looked like on farnsworth's original television set. a lot different from what i look like on your tv set today. but both images are still made up of row after row of glowing dots. >> there wasn't a place on earth that wasn't impacted. >> reporter: to farpsworth's family the impact was much different. >> being the descendent of a famous inventor and not having the economic benefit of it, that's a very personal part of it. >> reporter: farnsworth's original notebooks helped him win a patent battle.
6:41 pm
then world war ii happened. by the time the first tvs were sold, his patents had expired. >> it was a point of contention that we not watch television in our household. >> reporter: farnsworth never liked what the industry did with his invention, but it changed the world, and the family thinks the world should know him. >> he's the most famous man nobody's ever heard of. >> reporter: jonathan bloom, abc 7 news. well, free turned out to have a price tag. have a price tag. >> next, food. water. internet. we need it to live. but what we don't need are surprises, like extra monthly fees. i see you, fee, played by legendary actress anjelica huston. you got me, mark. we just want fast internet for one, simple rate. for all the streaming and the shopping and the newsing, but most of all... for the this. internet for one everyday simple price and no extra monthly fees.
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get fast internet and add phone and tv now for only $34.90 more per month. call today. comcast business. built for business. prince george marked a milestone this morning. the first day of school. the 4-year-old holding his dad's hand. unfortunately mom couldn't be there. kate is sill suffering from acute morning sickness from her third pregnancy announced earlier this week. as for george, he's attending thomas' private school in london a few miles from kensington palace. tuition costs nearly $23,000 per year. >> even royals deal with the first day of school and all the nerves. one of the biggest shopping days of the year turned into a long ordeal for a concord man. >> for him, black friday, they have a different meaning from
6:45 pm
here on out. "7 on your side's" michael finney explains. >> that's a good one. there are all kinds of deals to entice you into the stories on black friday. one such deal didn't quite work out the way one man thought it should. jerry uses one of the many phones he acquired on black friday. he went into this store to get phones for himself and his girlfriend. the concord man ended up with agreements for five phones, along with a number of accessories. >> i asked them numerous times, is it free? are you sure? >> reporter: jerry initially wanted two phones but ended up having a third for his son and a fourth and fifth when he said the store told him it would be free. he asked numerous questions. >> now, i'm not going to have to pay an activation fee? i'm not going to have to pay a monthly fee? no, no, no. >> reporter: he says everything was fine until he got his bill. the extra phones were free, but monthly charges and activation fees were added to each line.
6:46 pm
jerry tried to return the additional phones but was told it was too late. >> and then they tell me it's out of the return, 30-day return. >> reporter: that upset jerry because he says the clock started when he made the purchase. even though he didn't receive the purchase for himself until four days earlier. sprint said they would get back to him. two months passed so he decided to contact "7 on your side." we reached out to sprint. he heard from sprint the next day. in the effort to foster goodwill for tenure as customers, we canceled his unused lines. jerry received a credit worth more than $1,200. >> they took everything back. and they credited me everything back. >> this was settled back in may. but jerry chose to wait to tell the story to make sure no more problems showed up on his bill. now, i want to hear from you. my "7 on your side" hotline is open weekdays from 10:00 to 2:00.
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you can also reach me through facebook and on the abc 7 thank you, michael. here it is. what may be the first sighting of the season, yes, windshield wipers are a trend once again. >> abc 7 news was in arenda today where september rain catch some offguard. >> this is weird. i was like, hey, it's getting my car dirty. rain. >> i had the same reaction. we're always interested to see the weather where you live and the #abc 7 news now. spencer is back with an update on the forecast. >> it is weird. sometimes the weather and sometimes the person who reports it. here's a look at live doppler 7. we have a few sprinkles widely scattered around the bay right now. lots of clouds, though. still a little humid out there by bay area standards. it will remain that way overnight with low temperatures in the mid-60s. a bit more sunshine tomorrow.
6:48 pm
a bit milder with highs inland in the low to mid-80s. mid-70s around the bay. 60s around the coast. we see all kinds of changes over the weekend. big warm-up sunday and monday. inland highs to near 100. mid-70s on the coast. we get a sharp cooldown on tuesday. a chance of showers next tuesday. then there will be further cooling later next week. the weather is still in search of an identity. >> thank you, spencer. to football. >> i know. larry's here. >> oh, yes. happy about this nfl season kicking off tonight. niners go on sunday. a reunion of stanford stars. solomon will get to hit his old colleg
6:49 pm
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6:51 pm
good evening. the 49ers opened the 2017 season this sunday at home against carolina, a chance for two former stanford stars to reunite on the football field. thomas was the third overall pick in the draft. he has a chance to be a great. as part of a niner defensive line loaded with high draft
6:52 pm
picks. mccaffrey was the eighth overall pick for carolina. like a swiss army knife, used all over the place. if you have him for a fantasy league, you're going to love mccaffrey. >> it will be a pretty cool home coming. should be a lot of fun. it will be cool to see a lot of my former teammates and coaches. and being able to play against solomon will be a lot of fun. obviously him being my roommate, one of my best friends. >> solomon is excited. he won't get to tackle christian. he's excited tackling one of his friends. i'm sure christian is eager to break that tackle. it's a big moment for stanford football. it's a big moment for both those two families that are outstanding families. i hope to see them all that sunday. >> good luck trying to catch christian mccaffrey. the raiders open on the road in tennessee. a lot of question marks, especially in their secondary. there was some surprise yesterday when all pro end ka
6:53 pm
leel mack missed practice with what is reported as some sort of a knee injury. the good news is he practiced today. should be a go sunday against the titans. this is great. all-american women's semis at the u.s. open. venus williams and sloan stevens in one match. couldn't put sloan away. and sloan stevens recovering from foot surgery. and comes backs with a lob. venus had a chance in the point, couldn't get the kill shot there. and look at this. the short ball, and sloan goes cross-court. venus can't believe she got to that ball. 6-5 lead for stevens. and then match point right there. sloan stevens upsets venus one of the reasons we love warriors general manager bob meyers is he's a smart guy, understands the media has
6:54 pm
questions. some of which he can and will answer, but others he can't or simply won't. the cavs were introducing isaiah thomas. and their new gm altman kept trying to stop the reporters from asking about thomas' hip injury. which is kind of a big deal, like a really, really big deal. here's a guy who needs a crash course called media 101. >> when did you know that you had suffered a torn labrum last year? >> again, i want to -- i don't want this to be the isaiah thomas hip press conference. so i'm just going to -- with all due respect -- shut down the hip question. if we want to talk about isaiah, let's talk about isaiah, the all-star. >> yeah. it's not the way the media works. we'll ask the questions. you provide the answers. thank you. to promote his new red velvet shoes, kevin durante and nike made velvet cupcakes.
6:55 pm
when durant left, you know what happened. the cupcake term took on new meaning. k.d., especially after plays at okc this year. >> my favorite memory of red velvet is being called a cupcake every time i touched the ball in oklahoma city. >> that's why it's so funny to us. it showed that the fans are getting creative and they invested in their team. i looked at it as a positive. >> this has to make it even worse if you're an okc fan. not only were you screaming cupcakes at them, now his shoes are red velvet. so he's just like -- >> the last laugh. >> have you ever had red velvet pancakes? that gets to the next level. cinnamon's at waikiki if you ever get there. join us tonight at 9:00 on cable channel 13 and abc 7 news at 11:00.
6:56 pm
team coverage of hurricane irma as the storm bears down on the united states. >> the latest track in how bay area first responders are already stepping up to help. join us tonight on 20 and abc 7 news at 11:00. the lineup on primetime tonight. battle of the network stars, the gong show at 10:00, then stay with us for abc 7 news at 11:00. at 11:35, "jimmy kimmel live!." it guests include the creators of broad city, abbi jacobson and ilana gibson. we appreciate your time. for all of us here, thank you so much for spending part of your evening with us. >> thinking about rel ved vel pancakes now. >> yeah, i know.
6:57 pm
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this is the "jeopardy!" teachers tournament! here are our three finalists -- a high school french and english teacher from rogers, arkansas... a high school english teacher from van nuys, california... and an 11th grade u.s. history teacher from fort worth, texas... and now here is the host of "jeopardy!" -- alex trebek! [ cheers and applause ] thank you, johnny. hello, ladies and gentlemen. farmers insurance honors america's teachers by providing over a million dollars in grants for their school projects in the course of a year. "jeopardy!" honors america's teachers by providing them with a $100,000 teachers tournament. and today, the first of the 2-day final for that amount.
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david, nan, and mary, you've performed brilliantly so far. keep it going, please. here we go, into the jeopardy! round. and now these categories to take a look at... ah. next... and finally... all correct responses will be two 4-letter words. david, start. written in 18-something for $200, alex. david. -what is a good night? -that's it. 18-something for $400. mary. -what is "les misérables"? -correct. 18-something for $600.


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