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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  September 8, 2017 3:00pm-3:30pm PDT

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tv's number one daily viral video show "right this minute." >> he's got traffic backed up for 12 miles. >> brave motorists try to help the danger on the road. see the drama when he's boxed in. >> he's going to hit him. his excited family waits for the man of the hour to say -- >> wow. >> the gift that's going to color his world. >> happy birthday, brother. it's a 360-degree wing suit experience over -- >> tiananmen mountain in china. >> it'll make you duck. >> look out! we've got christian, oli, charity, nick, and gayle breaking down the best on the web. including -- >> what happened here? >> stuck. and dad is only willing to help.
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the quickest way to give the bucket the boot. at the beginning of this video, all seems relatively normal as we're heading north in illinois. but look ahead to this pickup truck. >> oh, no, no, no. i'm going to call 911. >> it's weaving all over the road. you can see these two vehicles, the silver one and blue one are blocking traffic and traffic is backed up for miles. >> oh, yeah. he's hitting the barricades. >> the guys inside the vehicle i think doug perry is the one shooting it, they start speculating as to what's going on. >> i'm wondering if he's diabetic or something, has a medical issue. >> right about here is where it escalates. >> oh, man. back up, back up, back up. >> no, no, no. >> completely off the side taking out the barrier. the driver keeps going. the blue four runner pulls alongside. they've got their window down. they're gesturing at the driver to stop. >> trying to get him to pull over. >> that's a bold move.
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they don't know if that car will swing over and hit them. >> you mean like this? this is where he swings all the way over to the right-hand side. this is where the silver car speeds up seeing an opening on the left. i thought they were trying to get passed but they're out in front. they're starting to box in the pickup truck. >> but that's dangerous though. >> i think it's even more dangerous to let this guy bust through the barrier into oncoming traffic. >> that silver car slows down. you've got the four runner on the side trying to history itsh the right. >> it's actually working. >> it is. the pickup truck may go around the outside, but no one is letting that happen. this car takes a bit of a ding. this is where robert runs from the truck, gets the door open. i know this is risky. takes the keys out of the ignition and kills the engine. look at the scratches on the side. >> oh, wow. >> just stop. relax, all right? >> this is where we get our first look at the driver, and he's just spacey.
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>> so what happened with this guy? >> we reached out to illinois state police and they told us the driver was arrested on suspicion of dui and possession of a controlled substance. >> wow. these people are lifesavers. no doubt. >> and the video continues for about another five minutes. the guy barely even says a word before it's finally cuts off when you can see the backup of the traffic. >> traffic's been backed up for five miles. unbelievable. let's go to the famous tiananmen mountain in china. takes off attaches to him a 360 camera which allows us to experience this jump from all perspectives. it's also where you can see a square where tourists come congregate. >> i'm thinking i need to get out there with a motorcycle. >> that's one of the cool things about this video and the way they shot it, if you have those vr goggles and you can't go there necessarily, experience it like this.
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>> you're curious to see how close they get. >> imagine if you had a 4k tv and you're watching that at home. >> you know, that would just suck. >> the fun part about these videos is you don't even need the expensive goggles. you can do it with your smartphone. slide your phone in and have the 360 experience. >> it's incredible. you can see why he'd jump there. whenever you're ready. you got to be comfortable. >> this man is legally blind, but he's allowing us to see something momentous for him. he's been legally blind for the last 20 years. but east sight had their cameras rolling when he put on these glasses. >> unbelievable. i can actually see. >> get out. >> what are they? what do they do? how does it work? >> it's a medical device. it has a high speed resolution camera inside. so in realtime, people who are low vision or legally blind have their vision helped. >> i can see you.
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>> that's so cool. hoping to see something like this in our lifetime. the biotech future. >> i can see your whole face. >> this video made me really appreciate nick's eyebrows. >> i can see your eyebrows. >> it has gone down in price but it's still pricey. it's $10,000 even though this is version number three. >> well, you know, it's an investment in your life. that of all things would be the most well-spent money. >> also good money to spend on a pair of enchroma glasses. that's what this guy is about to get for his birthday. he walks into the house. >> there's a lot of cameras right now. >> he explains what it's like to be color blind. >> the best thing i can do is group them together in piles that are all similar. >> colors might look like they're all blue or all green, but they have different shades. then he demonstrates how he would separate colors. >> it's more vibrant. >> you really see the vibrancy
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outdoors on a bright, sunny day. but it's overcast. the weather wasn't cooperating. they go outside and look at orange and red flowers. >> holy cow. okay. that's a substantial difference. >> i'd never want to take those glasses off. >> happy birthday, brother. hope they got him a couple of coloring books too. i have memories just like this. and i guess that's why i'm also a petrol head just like this little girl. >> wow. >> now, of course this video is going to conjure up no shortness of debate and controversy. but for a moment just appreciate it for what it is. >> doing this when i was 5. >> i can't say we all did, but i did. in this case dad's got his little girl on his lap. he's controlling the brake and the gas and the gear and the clutch.
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she's steering a 700-plus horsepower bmw m-5. as soon as dad gives it the beans, you can see this wave of i love driving wash over this kid. she giggles. she loves it. and she's handling the steering wheel quite well. >> which means this isn't her first time. >> i don't think so. she has a lot of go carting as well. i'm sure this isn't the first time she's behind the wheel. there is an element of danger to this. dad says they're in a very large, wide open parking lot with no other cars. he felt it was a safe thing to do in this case. and the video and the joy that this little girl gets out of this -- >> i want to drive an m-5. >> and the truth is dad is right there. i think he took all the right precautions to make sure he and his daughter could enjoy this moment. and he's creating, i think you're right. a little gear head out of her.
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she's performing. >> it looks simple at first. but watch what happens when she steps in it. >> how stepping in makes for one mind boggling show. and this guy's on his way to make a food delivery, but -- >> he has stopped maybe to check directions? >> nope. why what he's actually doing hits the spot.
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closed captioning provided by. lief. breakthrough allergies with allegra®. a very popular youtube channel here. it's a cooking channel but it's not just about making food. it's about making food you see
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in movies and tv shows. in this case, he's going to be referencing the movie "back to school" with rodney dangerfield. he makes himself a mighty sandwich. the cool thing is the channel then takes you through step-by-step guide of how to make it yourself. what's better about this video is the ad revenue goes to those recovering from hurricane harvey aftermath. instead of just boiling, he says the best way is to steam then. if you dunk them in an ice bath, makes them easy to peel. makes them up like you normally would. next up, make yourself meat balls. he has himself a cookbook as well. it's called eat what you watch. that's where you can go to find the full recipe. you want to bake them. this is the cool part. usually when it comes to meat balls, there's traditional sauces. in this case, puts all of them together, mixes it, and that's what you're going to put those meat balls inside to simmer for another 45 minutes.
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>> my mouth is watering and i just had a bunch of nachos. >> we're not done yet. because now we have to make -- >> spanicopita. >> chop up spinach, mix it with garlic. add a bit of fresh dill, feta. then what you do is wrap it up in a pastry. once they come out looking delicious, instead of slicing a couple, you need a loaf of bread. you're going to have to make some room inside. that's how it does it in the movies. throw in some of the things. that's exactly what i said, gayle. then the deviled eggs. >> that's a global sandwich. think of all the cultures represented in that. >> that's an ethnic sandwich. in particular, like i said, this video ad revenue is going to help with hurricane harvey. decisions, decisions. looks like this guy is in a liquor store. you know, you want to get that perfect bottle. but so many choices. you see this guy's got a bottle
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in his hand. he's looking at top shell -- that's where the expensive stuff is. i cannot afford it, so therefore i will steal it. guy is slick about it too. >> i feel like cameras are everywhere. you have to assume big brother is watching you. >> you would think. he didn't even think to look. this next one is just down right weird. we've got a food delivery guy on a scooter. he pops off the scooter, puts his directions or his delivery notes down, and then let me see. is this still hot? oh, yes. i'll have a bite of that. thank you very much. i'll go through this other container. he takes a bite out of each container in that entire meal. >> he's just testing it, making sure it's good. >> he's a delivery man who didn't even bother to use chop sticks or gloves or anything. went through someone's hot food and had a bite. >> it's gross. but i also feel bad for him.
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because what if he doesn't make that much money and maybe he can't afford food. >> he'd get better tips if he gave them their food. >> i bet there was food to feed this guy. the problem is he did it. >> you're not the only one to have that feeling, christian. he customer whose food it was said it wasn't to get him fired but this was wrong and unsanitary. remember when we used to play with the hula hoop and we got so excited and felt so proud? we actually got to go around our bodies once. forget about that. because we are all about to be overshadowed by taylor and her wheel. she's performing her graduating solo act at the national institute of circus arts in australia. it looks pretty simple at first. but watch what happens when she
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steps in it. >> yeah, this is a fascinating technique. i love watching this. >> it's so poetic. it's so romantic and fluid. it's really pretty. >> how many times do you have to run over your fingers before you get this right? >> hopefully not too many. maybe one time. then you don't do it again. here's the cool thing about this performance. taylor was struggling with an autoimmune disease and she considered giving up her creative performance career. but she decided to stick it through and this is what she's able to do right now. >> i'm glad she did. he plays his girlfriend a song. >> she looks over -- >> wait. that's my man. >> see what happens next "right this minute." and still to come, a swan's been away from the water for awhile. >> but somebody is waiting for her. >> why coming home leads to the
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they are paddled. >> they do say they are all terrain. >> okay. okay, yes. all. the engine's still running and turning. >> mate. >> got to go, got to go. get out. >> he's not able to drive it out the other side. this is where things get real nasty. >> still running. >> here i thought he was going to get pulled out. >> the only thing getting him out is yoda. >> we'll never get it out now. >> so certain are you. >> then send a text to yoda. >> translator: the force is strong with this one. >> unexpected it is. >> this should be a commercial. come on. >> he technically backed that thing up. >> he did. i was shocked.
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this is for four offroad vehicles. going to do a nice big jump and impress all his friends. especially the ones behind the camera. >> oh! >> that's why they're so dangerous, man. >> how is he? >> dead. in the description he goes on to say i managed to survive this one. staying off quads for awhile. lucky to be alive. doctors said they don't know how i didn't break my neck or anything. me neither, brother. because you kind of wadded up like crumpled paper. >> you lucky fool. >> oh, it's even worse in slow motion! you are about to see a very beautiful family reunion. that is a swan that had to be removed from that water area in the netherlands. this swan has been gone for three weeks. because she had botulism. so she was removed. she was treated. but somebody is waiting for her. >> hey, baby. i'm back.
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>> you're right. swans typically mate for life. look at them. they're making the heart with their heads. so many people are being taken by this. it has millions of views already. meanwhile, somebody else is about to have an encount we are a swan. >> all right. come on. >> simon has to drive this thing to the nearest body of water. >> we don't want to put the swan where there's owls that are looking after their young. >> he wants to make sure he gets it in the right area so it's accepted into the area. >> all right. >> come on. is it going to go in? you sitting there for the day?
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>> simon has to give it a spliet sho -- polite shove into the water. and he was a she. this baby's got a lot to say. >> i do not find this funny at all. >> the child's emotions and eyes are feeding into that message. >> why there's no saving her from being hilariously adorable. >> mommy!
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during pregnancy, a child literally grows inside the mom. but you see with the dads, there's already a child inside us and it comes out full force when we have children. here are some beautiful examples. this first example from jukin. >> mommy, why is daddy doing this to me? >> look at the baby's expression. like what are you doing. >> the baby and dad are in a moment right now. as dad is putting the words in the child's mouth, the child's emotions and eyes are feeding into that message. >> mommy! stop him now! >> she's just practicing as a public speaker of some kind. >> mommy! >> force is strong with this next child. >> here we have a "star wars" light saber.
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>> oh, yeah. that padiwan is happy. >> didn't know he'd love it so much but he does. >> lots of giggles which is good. >> awesome. good parenting. >> and finally, sometimes kids just get stuck in buckets. >> what happened here? did you get stuck? how did that happen? >> dad is only willing to help. finally gets out. i love this part. like it's the bucket's fault. >> but that was a teachable moment. remember the first time a little teapot tipped me over and poured me out, there you go. >> can you get out now? >> no. that's it for this episode. we'll see you next time on "right this minute."
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tonight, breaking news as we come on the air. the new track just out, hurricane irma is now forecast to make landfall in florida as a category 5 hurricane, the worst case scenario. extreme concern tonight for the florida keys, miami, and all of south florida. nearly 2 million racing to safety. traffic jams. cars running out of fuel abandoned. and miami now bracing for a devastating storm surge. florida's governor rick scott is right here tonight. his warning. the deadly path already. irma steamrolling turks and caicos and the bahamas. new images coming in from st. martin. and we are just now seeing the devastation in the british virgin islands. in the u.s., states of emergency across several states. the aerials, the long lines, shelters already full as we take you inside the urgent effort to open more.


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