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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  September 9, 2017 1:07am-1:37am PDT

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live where you live this is abs 7 news.
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>> a mass ex odd aus in florida, the city of miami silent. millions told to get out of hurricane irma's path. thanks for joining us. >> hurricane irma made land fall in cuba as a category 5 storm. so far at least 20 people were killed. >> one man was killed installing storm shutters. 5.6 million people have been ordered to evacuate. >> in florida with the latest. >> reporter: tonight a urgent message as hurricane irma moves ominously toward the florida keys threatening to make land fall as a category 5 storm. the national weather service tweeting this is as real as it gets, nowhere in the florida keys will be safe. the shuttle bus. >> cars for miles.
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>> reporter: fuel running out in nearly a third of gas stations with more than 5 million people in florida asked to evacuate. >> it's even worse now than they were thinking it might be last night. >> reporter: fort lauderdale's airport closed, miami tnl suspending all flights. those who came in trying to get a last minute ticket stranded and sent to shelters. >> we haven't slepd. >> reporter: long lines at shelters. at least five in capacity. the seriousness of the storm sinking in. >> people are in a panic because we have nothing in stock for what they want. >> reporter: more images of the devastation the storm left in the caribbean, all of the sunshine state bracing for this storm. >> this storm is wider than our entire state.
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it is expected to cause major and live threatening impact from coast to coast. >> reporter: not just here. it's in place in georgia and some parts of south carolina. live from florida. >> the florida keys are expected toic that the brunt of the storm as it begins to make landfall in the u.s. that could be catastrophic damage there. >> this hurricane irma is still a very powerful category 5. you will notice it is a massive storm that will proof damaging and destructive, especially as it makes it way across the florida area. it's not advancing here. let me see if the graphics are stuck. let's see if we can get to the next graphic which will show you what's happening with the actual storm here. we'll take a look here and see. there it is. all right. florida storm surge. this is going to be the biggest threat to when it starts to make landfall. the wind will push a wall of
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water above the normal sea level and that'll cause that water to surge. what's going to happen? it's going to start to rise rapidly. this will be the biggest threat which is why storm surge flood warnings are up. you're looking at storm surge flooding up to 12 feet. it will take out many of the structures there. our radar is tracking bands of rain moving across the region, especially across key west area. it's only going to intense fi. did make landfall over cuba as you'll notice. this is going to continue to advance, packing wind of 160 miles an hour. it'll work its way to south florida saturday evening, 150 miles an hour winds as a category 4. it's going to bring heavy rain, strong winds and eventually it will fall apart once it hits inland. it will be a major rainmaker, 10 to 20 inches possible for florida. when you look at the other storms, jose is not far behind.
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this one is a category 4 and we're looking at this one to make its way toward the islands. katia is falling apart over mexico. a lot of flights were cancelled as the miami airport closed down. tomorrow more airports are closing during the day. there are flights ready to help with the aftermath from sfo with the latest. >> reporter: it's a busy night here at sfo. in terms of any flights to and from south florida, that's nonexistence as hurricane irma makes its way there. >> this sfo terminal sign has a long list of flights friday evening but everything to and from south florida cancelled. this woman's mother is stranded in turks and caicos.
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>> she just texted that she's fine, there's a lot of destruction, trees down, that type of thing. >> reporter: she picked up her sister who arrived on a flight from co-she's booked on a flight but it only works if the airport is open. >> reporter: earlier tina made it out of miami on one of the last flights. >> i was lucky. >> reporter: it's been a mad dash out of florida while some chasm emergency eofficials landed there to help. pge will help florida with expected outages of the store. members of the silicone air natural guard headed to florida, many have just returned from texas. >> we're prepared for swift water rescue as well as helicopter rescues. >> reporter: the unit plans to
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stay in florida as long as they're needed. in san francisco. >> apple donated $5 million today to help people affected buy people hit by harvey and irma. hand and help you can donate through itunes and apple. >> as irma heads to florida, people in texas are still recovering from hurricane harvey. you can help out by watching baseball this weekend. the a.'s will donate $1 every -- they finish their series on sunday also at 1:00 and hope to raise a lot of money for storm victims in texas. as florida deals with irma, you can track the latest with the nbc 7 news app, push the alert
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and you'll get the latest updates. the president of mexico said the death toll from the earthquake that is raised to 61 people after visiting the hardest hit city. the 8.1 magnitude quake killed 45 people in that city alone. it took down part of a hospital and city hall. one man said he was in a restaurant when the quake hit. >> we were like scared like this is the strongest earthquake ever in this past 100 years. we are very scared now. >> the president has declared three days of national morning and vowed the government will help rebuild. >> a health square may be linked to santa clara jails. there are two cases of hepatitis a, one is a inmate, one is a
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employee at the jail. >> reporter: because of those two cases, public health is covering vaccinations to all inmates and staff here at the main jail and also at the elmany wood fau sift. hepatitis a is a infection of the liver and can easily spread from person to person. public health is trying to prevent the spread after two recently reported cases. >> we discovered one in a inmate and one in a staff person. >> reporter: public health that is brought on a quick response. >> those counties are experiencing a uptick in hepatitis a cases in people who are homeless or formerly incarcerated. >> reporter: all employees are being offered a vaccination. the vaccine is one way to prevent the infection.
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>> the virus is in the stool. so it's important to hand washing. >> reporter: the first concern is the staff and inmates. >> we encourage them to get the vaccinations, but we provide staff with bio hazard suits, rubber gloves, jail disinfect tent. >> reporter: symptoms include fever, nausea, they average 10 cases a year. >> bill clinton honors a bay area icon. >> you get to be over 70 you say whatever you want. >> the former president brought a powerful message. >> a credit agency
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the stop urban shield coalition and its supporters today rallied outside the alameda county government center calling for a end to the 10 yield urban shield event. they say the expo promotes the military sation of police and is dangerous under the trump administration. equifax, exposed the personal information of 1,123 million americans, the information includes names, birth dates, social security and more, they asked people to see if they're affected and -- there appeared to be a catch, anyone who signs up for the service cannot sue equifax.
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the company said the class action waiver does not apply to this situation. head to our website nbc and click on 7 on your side to learn more. >> from former president to form fer mayors, the first baptist church held them all, the reverend and civil rights activist celebrates. >> heavy weights praised the the man. >> thank you for embody eeg the most of america. >> all men are united in their appreciation of dr. amos brown. >> embrace many individuals who have labd labored with me on common core values of piece,
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justice, love, and the development of all human kind. >> founded in 1852, the church has seen a lot of change, it will receive historical status. >> he's in there speaking the truth to power, standing up for the powerless. >> he set the tone for the night. >> we have too much division in the world. and tonight, mirrors, what god intended the world to be, a family. >> a sentiment echoed by president clinton. >> we don't except in our heads. >> asked to ponder his proudest achievement. >> a music education for urban youngsters. >> united and respect, he was given a key to the city in honor
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of his leadership. >> let's turn to the weather. sandy? >> we've lost the humidity finally. live doppler 7 is showing you our normal pattern. visibility in half moon bay is lower, about five miles, that marine layer is compressing as we head toward tomorrow, it will be fog and thick in spots in start our weekend. temperatures in the 50s to seventies range. when you look at what's heed aheed, your -- we have 30 to 35% of showers again, we'll see another pround of needing those umbrellas. we'll keep it changed up. over the weekend we'll heat it up, flip it back to cooler weather. you can see the visibility is poor as we look toward the port
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of oakland that's how your weekend will start, weekend warm-up with hot conditions instand sunday, a chance of showers coming your way early next week. tomorrow morning, we're going to start you off with fog, temperatures in the 50s, 60s, as we head toward 4:00 p.m. a warmer day with mid 60s to low 90s. tomorrow morning it will be around to keep you nice and comfortable first thing in the morning, temperatures upper 50s to low 60s. if you have early morning plans you might need the extra layer, but later on warming up. 77 in sunny valley, 79 in the peninsula. 65 in pacifica. we'll hang on to a little bit of fog. in the north bay, temperatures ranging from the 60s to the 90's around cloverdale, buildups over
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lake port. and it'll be nice and comfortable, 76 in oakland, inland spots will be on the worm spot, 90 degrees in liver more, 89 in concord. i want to show you the mountain view, art and wine forecast, morning fog saturday, then sunshine, the upper 60s in the morning to the mid-70s, warmer and a warmer matt earn. down load the acuweather app and you can check out your hour by hour, minute by minute forecast and track doppler 7. as we fast forward to monday evening, you notice showers coming in from the south, this goes into tuesday morning commute. it may be umbrella weather monday and tuesday. this is a good opportunity to get ready, get your gutters ready as we change seasons, we're about two weeks away from fall.
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worming trend, mid 60s to low 90s, monday and tuesday, we are tracking the possible interest of showers. if the brain doesn't come in million monday night, we're looking at warm weather around the coast and bay, inland. possible showers on tuesday lead to cooler weather that follow. as you both know, october will bring warmth again even at the coast line. we're not ready for the rainy season perhaps. but we'll see more showers every morning, i thought i had to make a choice. do i use a toothpaste that whitens my teeth or one... ...that's good for my teeth? now i don't have to choose! my dentist told me about new crest whitening therapy. so, i tried it! from crest 3d white comes new whitening therapy. it's our best whitening technology. plus, it has a fortifying formula to protect your enamel. now i get a whiter smile and healthy teeth, all in one. the 3d white collection from crest.
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rule, no masks allowed for security reasons. they hosted another premium for nonclowns. >> creepy. i didn't know if you were into clowns or creepy. >> it can go either way. >> thanks guys. >> thanks guys. both our local -- jed lawyer is ♪ ♪ be a powerful force. nature valley so find a venus smooth that contours to curves, the smoother the skin, the more comfortable you are in it.
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flexes for comfort, and has a disposable made for you. skin smoothing venus razors. abs 7 sports brought to you by river rock casino. >> the a's are donating $1 toward every ticket bought, 12,000288 pictures sold tonight: this stays fair for a two run homer. 7-2 astros. still 7, three bags full for
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mark aus haze. we go top 9, two men on. rips one down the right field line, springer will spend the throw, 8-7 astros. see you, solo shot will tie the game. mark us similarian on second base. bomb this bay, similary scores from second, 5th career. he's going to win it 9-8 your final. white sox in chicago. until the fourth inning it's gone 3 run homer, streak is over, so happy he drove in 4 on the night. battle for the basement, worst team in the american league. a rare occurrence during the philly and nats came. cabrera miss judges it.
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everyone's on the run. cabrera not hustling, catcher can't handle the relay, it's a inside the park grand slam for taylor, guess what, taylor was the last outfitter to allow a inside the park grand slam. that wins it 11-10. we're down to the final 10 at the u.s. open. tiger woods in the house rocking the raiders pullover, not much else to do. taking the first set, winners from both sides of the racket. just wore ron martin down winning the next nine games, taking the second set 6-0. del poach oe ran out of nadele's conditioning better than anyone on the tour. a grand slam semi.
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well that is our report. we appreciate your time. >> for all of us, thanks for being here. jimmy kimmel live coming up.
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tv's number one daily viral video show "right this minute." >> you all right? you okay? >> a little hurricane survivor is spotted by a determined rescuer. >> and he had to go walking into a swamp. >> the incredible story of how chompers made it back to dry land. >> come on, sweetie. look what's dropping from the sky from colin fir. >> it's going to improve your skills. >> the step-by-step guide to make you a mad creator. >> what could go wrong? what the [ bleep ]. >> it's a lovely, romantic moment, but -- >> it's so confusing. >> the scene her man's trying to make sense of. >> what? >> come here. >> what? >> what do you mean what?
1:36 am
and one very amateur attempt on the water. >> this guy's shoved into this kayak tighter than a prom dress. >> nailed it. we first learned of randall cole two years ago. typically he's that guy climbing up into trees down south rescuing cats. because of hurricane harvey, he was in the service. lots of cats and dogs have gone missing. he had to get some rubber boots and had to go walking into a swamp to find the cat. the interesting thing was the cat was discovered by a bird watcher who took pictures, recognized where he was, and then called an animal rescue. and he sent them the pictures. >> let's just check for snakes here. hopefully there are no alligators around here. >> louisiana is called a sportsmans paradise so there's all kinds of sporting activities down there. he has the cat in his sight who is they call chomper. >> really? come on.
1:37 am
>> this is asking for trouble. >> this is a human trap now. there's gators everywhere. >> here's randall offering the cat some food. he doesn't take it. >> because it's a cat. i'm starving but i'm not going to eat without the exact >> after several attempts it went into the crate. >> you know the cat is desperate if it willingly g lly goes into carrier. >> they think that cat's been there for several days. the cat did have a microchip and they called the microchip company but still haven't been able to find the owners. so we hope the owners are okay. but we're glad they found chomper. we have got one more rescue. this one in the water but this one in the uk. here we are with the royal national lifeboat institution. they've got a get a little animal stuck on the rocks. there's the dog. >> how did you get there, mate? >> the dog was playing on the rocks. the tide came in and


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