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tv   ABC World News Tonight With David Muir  ABC  September 10, 2017 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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we will see you right back here at 6:00. tonight, a special edition of "world news tonight." hurricane irma slams florida. the monster hurricane first making landfall in the florida keys and then barrelling up the coast of florida. >> it's horrifying. it is absolutely horrifying. >> winds more than 100 miles per hour, spawning tornadoes. the hurricane slamming into marco island. then right here in naples. and the storm surge on both coasts. naples and ft. myers, on high alert for a 10-to-15-foot storm surge. trees and power lines down. homes battered across the state. the last-minute rescues. but tonight, already some lives lost. finding shelter. irma's track, and the dramatic shift westward, leaving millions scrambling to evacuate. tampa will be tested next. into the evening, authorities say a storm this powerful for them hasn't been seen in a century. >> we're about to be punched in
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the face. and in miami tonight, some neighborhoods under water. streets disappearing amid the storm surge. construction cranes crashing down. and tonight, new images of the storm's first strike. the devastation in key west. millions across the state without power. a dark and difficult night ahead. "world news tonight" begins now. good evening from naples, florida, tonight. as we come on the air in the west what a difference from what we saw late here today. it was noft long ago, the eye of hurricane irma was right over this city with heavy rains and bands of rain. the highest wind gusts recorded so far in florida was right here when the hurricane hit. more than 140 miles her pour. the zorm now moving to ft. myers and tampa and points farther
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north. the satellite tonight showing the storm still churning. there are millions of americans ahead of the path. tonight, the devastation in the keys, the storm surge in miami, the flooding there and the strength of this storm. not long ago, we were on the air with matt gutman when it hit right here. hurricane irma barreling through naples with tremendous force. the highest wind gusts to hit so far, 142 miles per hour, right here at the naples airport. the deafening winds, the trees snapping from the force of the hurricane. irma had just made the second landfall on marco island, 3:35 eastern, just south of naples. then the hurricane was here. look at this. this is just incredible. over our shoulder here, we're blocked by two concrete barriers. which is the only reason we're able to talk. if we were another five feet this way, we'd be caught in this. matt gutman was just a short distance away. we couldn't see him through the blinding rain.
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i want to go to matt gutman, also here in naples. he's been tracking this right along with us. what are you seeing? >> david, pretty much the same as you. and i'm sure feeling pretty much the same as you right now. i want to describe for a second what it actually feels like to be in this. feels like you're being blasted with a fire hose. the intensity of the rain coming down is something like i haven't experienced before. >> there were sustained winds of more than 100 miles per hour. evacuees inside shelters listening to the howling storm. imagine the sounds of what they're hearing right now. matt seeking shelter on the right during our special report. i do want to get back to matt gutman, if you can hear me, just reassure the rest of us you are okay. you were giving us an extraordinary display. the strength, the muscle of the storm. we lost his audio, but the producers have told me he's okay.
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even before the storm hit naples, the outer bands were already causing significant damage here. it's 3:00 p.m. eastern, and one of the first things to go is the power. this hotel has gone completely dark. where we're reporting from. irma is 20 miles to the south, the winds have already picked up. it's extremely intense. the wind speed outside. sustained winds right now of irma now, as the hurricane approaches, 120 miles per hour. i'm just going to show you what we've done down here. as we were on the air, you can actually hear some of the debris coming in. but these windows, come around the corner here, tom. this is what happens when these buildings, just be careful, tom. the awnings on the outside of the building are actually crashing down, breaking these windows inside the hotel. which then leads to pressurization issues as irma gets closer. tonight, after seeing the winds and rain, there is real concern over what you don't see during the storm. the surge itself.
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authorities warning of what could be a 10 to 15-foot storm surge. sending water rushing into parts of naples. we have been on the watch for this all weekend long. it was a harrowing day here for the people in naples, the thousands in shelter here in collier county. first making land fall in the keys, the wind gusts in miami at 100 miles per hour. we turn back to matt gutman now and this difficult day for florida. >> reporter: hurricane irma, devouring florida tonight. the storm making its first u.s. landfall at cudjoe key in the lower florida keys at 9:10 a.m. these storm chasers, clocking speeds at 117 miles per hour. the actual speed may have been higher. just before 10:00 a.m. a 94-mile-per-hour wind gust in miami. those gusts even stronger at the top of skyscrapers, snapping that crane.
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and ripping off the roof of this apartment building. on the streets below, more than five feet of storm surge swamping downtown miami. >> as the minutes pass the flooding keeps getting worse because the rain does not stop. >> reporter: the hurricane spawning at least three reported tornadoes. multiple homes damaged in this neighborhood near melbourne, florida. >> mine's still standing. mine's still standing, but there's a lot of water coming in now. >> reporter: that metal wrapped around that mailbox. the wind firing splinters spearing into the sides of homes. and officials say, the biggest danger, that storm surge. it's just after 2:20. we've just received an urgent alert on our phone, like everybody else in naples, that the storm surge is coming. the water has gone out towards the gulf of mexico. and officials say it is going to come back in with ferocity. the storm making its second landfall at 3:35 p.m. at marco island. now heading towards tampa. >> everybody has a plan until they get punched in the face.
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and, well, we're about to get punched in the face. >> reporter: it seems like an industrial-sized blender took the top of the trees off. grinding everything down. and it was forecast to be up to ten feet. all it means is the curfew in the city will likely be lifted as early as tomorrow. >> extraordinarily reassuring. on the air with me all day here. let's get to ginger zee gak in new york tracking the storm. where is irma now? is it headed? >> the hurricane force winds now stretch across the whole state of dplord from a sarasota over to the space coast. maximum winds 125 miles per hour, the category 2 storm. north at 14 miles per hour, there is a watch up to brunswick, georgia, and make sure to keep the alerts on. we'll go through the track now.
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the cone is very narrow and includes tampa and south of tallahassee, through the day tomorrow, passes tallahassee, and eventually alabama and finally becomes a depression and just a low pressure system in tennessee. we'll time it out and show you, 2:00 a.m., 55 miles per hour guests and after that, the early morning hours in orlando. and it will start to weaken and become more tropical storm force, 30 to 50 miles per hour guests. you can easily see high surge, 10 to 15 still possible. david? >> ginger zee with us. thanks to you. next to florida's east coast tonight. parts of miami and miami beach under water. the storm surge on both coasts. this hurricane was wider than the state of florida and the images tonight, the construction cranes toppled.
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gio benitez is in miami. >> reporter: good evening. this is just incredible what's happened in downtown miami. the sky scapers, ef dense that a powerful system came through here. tonight, massive flooding in downtown miami. rising water swallowing street signs. this hotel swamped. madeleine wright from our miami affiliate, wplg, in the middle of the storm surge. >> this is a street. it is not a river, but it looks like it. >> reporter: this car finding itself in the path of the flood waters, suddenly forced to back up. the rain relentless for hours, creating blinding conditions. i don't think i ever would've described a hurricane and sort of compared it to a blizzard. that's what this looks like here. gusts approaching 100 miles per hour. whoa. that first crane crashing into a high rise under construction around 11:00. tonight, part of the crane dangling over the side of the building. and late today, a second crane buckling. the powerful winds forcing us inside. we're going to go inside. i think it's a little too dangerous right now.
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seconds later these shatter-resistant windows built to sustain a category 3 hurricane, cracking. as you know, i grew up in south florida. i grew up with hurricanes. when we woke up to the haunting, howling sound of the wind, there's only one other storm i thought of. hurricane andrew. david? >> so many people saying the same thing here in florida today. thanks to you. next, all along irma's path, a trail of destruction. tonight millions here are without power. where did the hurricane go after it hit in naples? ft. myers is next. tom llamas is in ft. myers tonight. tom? >> reporter: we're feeling the brunt of hurricane irma right now. it's relentless. the wind is whipping so hard, and the rain doesn't stop. our wind gauge broke at 80 miles per hour. but what's really breaking, the infrastructure of the power sector here in florida. tonight, irma's fierce winds toppling trees like matchsticks.
5:41 pm
>> oh, my god! >> reporter: dangerous gusts littering roads, crashing into cars, and snapping power lines. overnight, flashes in the sky. >> whoa! >> reporter: the first signs of the widespread power outages to come. more than 2 million florida customers now without electricity. and federal officials tell abc news that number could shoot up to 5 million. utility vehicles are at the ready to turn the lights back on as soon as it's safe. but no telling when that will be. analysts predict irma could do $200 billion worth of damage, and we're seeing it already. you can see the winds, how powerful they are right now. david, it's going east to west. you can see the top of the palm trees, and how they're blowing. irma is coming through with her full force. it's getting worse by the minute. david? >> tom, you and the team stay safe. incredible pictures from the team there. tampa, the next city in the
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hurricane's path, half sitting close to sea level and especially vulnerable to storm surge. tonight, it's also a city bracing for disaster. t.j. holmes is there. t.j.? >> reporter: vulnerable, yes. hasn't seen a storm like this u since 1921 and an area that didn't get heads up that the storm was coming this way after it changed course over the weekend. tonight, tampa tested like never before. its harbor almost like a giant funnel. irma's winds already sucking water from the coastline leaving beaches of mud behind. this city hasn't seen a direct hit by a hurricane in almost a century. >> we know that we are ground zero for hurricane irma. for 90 years we have avoided this day but i think our day has come. >> reporter: the tampa/st. petersburg area has been called the most vulnerable in the country to flooding damage. scientists warned for years that
5:43 pm
a storm like this could mean disaster. half the people here don't even live 10 feet above sea level. the city will flood at just three feet of storm surge. the storm surge from irma could more than double. inundating thousands of homes and businesses. keep in mind, this is an an area that has seen population growth over the years. new you have some 3 million people who live in the tampa bay area and they are getting ready for a storm of a century. the sun is settles there. t.j. holmes, thanks to you. and the storm surge, too quick to outrun. the water rising in minutes, too quick to outrun. rob marciano is in sarasota. i can tell in naples, the storm surge was noted a bad as feared. we have to wait as the storm heads your way. >> the backside of the storm is a little weaker than the front
5:44 pm
side. but the center of this thing is well to the south. the east winds have been so strong ahead of irma today they have actually pushed the water out into the gulf of mexico. the water coming in, and across the day in st. petersburg, mud flats. so much of florida's coastline vulnerable. up to 15 feet of surge anticipated. this animation shows how quickly the water can overtake homes. even moving them off their foundations. but only a few seat of surge can lead to dramatic flooding. those scenes today in miami, five feet of surge, turning roads into rivers. >> do not think the storm is over when the wind slows down. the storm surge will rush in and could kill you.
5:45 pm
>> reporter: that is no empty threat. between inland flooding and storm surge, water is a hurricane's number one related killer. you can protect yourself from the wind, but you have to move away from the water that is what is majority of coastal residents did. the surge in naples is about 6 feet. half what we expect md. that is good news. the surge ahead is significant on the east side and will bit following both coasts as irma gets up the spine of florida tonight the night. >> thanks to you and the team in the hurricane zone all day long and into the night and we will have much more. still ahead on this special edition sunday. >> florida's first land fall on the florida keys. the images and accounts starting to emerge from those who stayed behind and survived this. and where is the storm headed next? beyond florida. this special edition of "world news" continues from naples after the break.
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we're back now with high waters and high winds where the hurricane first made land fall in the florida keys. so many people did stay and they survived. their stories emerging tonight. there is devastation there. here is amy robach. >> reporter: tonight, devastation in key west after a direct hit from hurricane irma. water swallowing streets. overnight, power lines sparking. many who stayed behind, like zack zilkakis, now in the dark. >> we're not sure what's out there. we're not sure what we'll see when we open the door. >> reporter: that wind, like a freight train. >> you can hear it. this is through a concrete building. through shutters and the door. that wind is blowing. >> reporter: he is huddling with friends and family on the third floor of a condo. >> our fear is the storm surge. we have life jackets, a generator, we've boarded up. we have a radio, a total of 20 cases of water. >> reporter: up in key largo, david kay, hunkered down.
5:49 pm
documenting irma's wrath. >> we're doing all right. we're surviving. >> reporter: water, starting to flood outside his home. a few hours later, that property under water. residents are being told to boil water in case the storm impacted the water system and crews will beage v able to assess the damage there. there are parts of the keys still under water tonight. >> amy, thanks so much. when we come back here tonight, the thousands hunkers down together. sharing shelter from the storm. incredible stories and new details, where hurricane irma is headed next. it's not just florida. we will be back tonight.
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needles. a must for vinyl. but for you, one pill a day may provide symptom relief. ask your doctor about xeljanz xr. an "unjection™". you can still see the outer bands of the storm hitting as we're on the air here in the west. so many residents thought they were heading for safety in the western part of the state find themselves squarely in the
5:53 pm
storm's pads when the path changed over the week. here's victor oquendo tonight. >> reporter: across florida tonight, from high school gyms to hockey arenas, families hunkering down to wait out this storm. more than 500 shelters open. more than 116,000 people now calling them home. here in naples, julie bifano, her daughter and 6-week-old granddaughter got to this community center in the nick of time. >> pandemonium. we were very nervous. very scared. >> reporter: this morning, when the power went out, people watching through the window. about an hour later, the shelter door cracking, national guard troops taping up the glass. they actually just cleared out this area. the room was packed with people, just in awe, watching the winds pick up. now, with the winds kicking up, nearly 400 people in this shelter alone, and that's not all. ray kretz takes us into a storage room. 120 pets in crates. >> good girl. >> reporter: including his own golden retriever farley. now, the police tape is up. people have been kept away from these windows. irma continues to pound florida,
5:54 pm
but tonight, shelters are still opening up. david? >> victor, thanks. when we come back here, rob marciano with a track of the hurricane. not just florida, where it heads next after it leaves the sunshine state. we'll be back. pins-and-needles of diabetic nerve pain, these feet... grew into a free-wheeling kid... loved every step of fatherhood... and made old cars good as new. but i couldn't bear my diabetic nerve pain any longer. so i talked to my doctor and he prescribed lyrica. nerve damage from diabetes causes diabetic nerve pain. lyrica is fda approved to treat this pain, from moderate to even severe diabetic nerve pain. lyrica may cause serious allergic reactions, suicidal thoughts or actions. tell your doctor right away if you have these, new or worse depression, unusual changes in mood or behavior, swelling, trouble breathing, rash, hives, blisters, muscle pain with fever, tired feeling or blurry vision. common side effects: dizziness, sleepiness, weight gain, swelling of hands, legs, and feet. don't drink alcohol while taking lyrica. don't drive or use machinery until you know how lyrica affects you.
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tylenol can't do that. aleve. all day strong. all day long. check this sunday's newspaper and save over $20 on products from aleve. we're back tonight from the storm zone and hurricane irma leaving an australia of dedestruction here in tampa. several states still in the path beyond florida. let's go back to rob marciano live in sarasota where the rain is coming down now. hey, rob. >> reporter: david, it is. the storm is not weakening
5:58 pm
quickly. take a look amount the radar. a lot of heavy rain reaching up in parts of georgia and south carolina. here is where the track is going to go. basically split the difference between tampa and orlando and get up to georgia as a tropical storm tomorrow morning and getting to alabama, tennessee, heavy rains pouring in the ohio river valley as well in the next several days. gefting up to the rest of america. great job by you and your team and the rest of plerk gets at least a taste of irma over the coming days. david? >> as we go to the night, rob, inyesterdayible reporting on your part and thank you at home for watching. abc news continues. our "20/20" special for many of you is coming up. good morning america first thing in the morning for hurricane irma. have a good evening. good night.
5:59 pm
tonight, breaking news as we're tracking hurricane irma. the storm swamped southern florida and is in moving north. a former california resident now in florida regrets his decision to stay home through the storm. a search for a gunman tonight after a popular member of the lgbtq community is shot to death. abc7 news at 6:00 starts now. irma has made landfall. the storm is losing strength but emergency officials issued a warning for people still there to stay in their homes and shelters because there's much more danger ahead. good evening, i'm eric thomas. thank you for joining us. the category 2 storm is moving up the west coast of florida towards tampa and expected to bring extreme wind and storm surge tonight. meteorologist lisa has more.
6:00 pm
>> that's right. we've seen it weaken over the storm with the wind field expanding as it continues to weaken and move up the coast. here's a look at it. you can see the yellows there. we're still worried about the possibility of tornadoes, flooding rain and storm surge. as it moves up the coast, it weakens to a category 1 by 2:00 tomorrow morning with winds of 85 miles an hour. look at the rain, southern george into south carolina and tennessee. we're looking at this continue to wreak havoc with flooding, and winds at 50 miles an hour and west palm still at 60 to 70 miles an hour for the next several hours. back home it's about the heat. there's thunderstorms offshore that are pretty strong. we'll get a piece of that action and talk about that. a video from naples shows the force of the storm in florida k


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