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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  September 11, 2017 3:00pm-3:29pm PDT

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tv's number one daily viral video show, "right this minute." [ barking ] a dog near a moose and her calf is about to learn -- >> you do not mess with the mothering instinct. >> the moment mama sends a very clear message. two sisters run into each other's arms. >> and that embrace lasts for a really long time. >> the story behind the reunion 33 years in the making. [ beeping ] that's the sound of a skydiver with a vintage shoe hoop. >> realizes this is not going to work for him. >> the moment he knows he's going down fast. >> [ bleep ] this is going to hurt. >> plus the great ipad giveaway
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aback. christian, oli, charity, nick and gayle breaking down the best on the web including a woman who recognizes that sopping. >> sounds really familiar. >> why her man traveled half way around the world to surprise her in person. >> he should just finish playing, and then leave. this is being shot by victor enickson. he'd gone out with his dog. you don't see anything, you hear the dog barking. eventually we look at the dog it's got a scent of something. >> gets close. >> that's a mama moose or an elk as they call it in europe and her calf there as well. they were staying as still as possible until their instinct kicked in, the mothering instinct, she needed to act and up she gets with a growl and the dog backs off. victor stays very still as the moose and the calf start walking
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toward, he doesn't do anything to antagonize it. >> whoa! >> now what? that's scary. >> that is humongous. >> he said it took a kick to the knee, his gps didn't survive it as you can see right there. otherwise he was unharmed but there you go. once you get mom's back up, she brings a fight. over to cincinnati, ohio, for this next video. >> don't jump. oh! >> for once, they didn't get stuck. the deer is attracted by the bird feeder right there and somebody shooting the video wants a better look. they forgot highly trained terrifying attack dog hanu was also there. [ barking ] >> that is a killer dog, i would have run, too. >> the way that deer took flight you would think there was cujo back there. >> this teenie tiny maltese who
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apparently had never seen a deer, he decided he was going to act on instinct. >> now he's got all kinds of false confidence. [ barking ] imagine you haven't seen your siblings for 33 years, 33! well that's the case for maria, amanda and liza here. liza in the blue running over to hug her sister, maria, amanda, they're reunited again and that embrace lasts for a really long time. you can even hear them crying. [ crying ] >> so what you been up to? >> why have they been separated for so long? >> they don't get specific. liza lives with her family in indiana, maria amanda lives in
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california. they lost contact. they never saw or spoke to each other, but what was the one thing, the medium that allowed them to find each other again, after all this time? >> facebook! >> yep, they reconnected. liza's family already had a trip booked to disneyland. maria amanda, who only lives 40 minutes from disneyland was able to get there and they made this reunion happen. >> you know what they said for years disneyland being the happiest place on earth, for these people, this moment, i think it's the most true thing ever said. ♪ lots of people like to mess around with vintage things, vintage motorcycles, vintage clothes. how about vintage parachutes? >> no. >> sound like a good idea? >> as long as you don't jump with it on. >> oh. >> this video put out by join the team, part of their friday freakout seires is. the paraabsolute developed for the military back in the '60s, it's deployed and he's got a
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problem. >> come on, come on. >> he's wrestling with a partially inflated parachute. the paracommander back in its day was known as the pinnacle of technology. it was very safe. it was very easy to operate. >> good, good, great. >> you know what else was the pinnacle of technology then? eight-track tapes. >> this thing is 50 years old, no the that a 50-year-old can't do stuff, but this is equipment. >> he struggles with it for a while, and realizes that this is not going to work for him. so you see that huge pouch on his belly? >> that's a backup. >> that's right. >> and a 1960s backup? >> of course it is, in the reserve back in the days was carried on your belly. here comes the cutaway. deep breath, pull the cord on the reserve. >> ooh! okay, so the vintage reserve works better than the vintage parachute. >> but these reserve parachutes were also known to not have the
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same dissent rate as the regular parachute, so he's falling at a more rapid pace, and he knows it. >> [ bleep ] this is going to hurt. ugh. >> you hear him right at the end. >> yeah, he knew it. he knew what was coming. somebody also saw him coming down. crazy to see. thankfully it looks like the guy did not suffer any serious injuries, so glad he's safe. it's time to give away another ipad mini. >> to enter you need monday's buzzword, be at least 21 years old and a legal resident of the u.s. and canada. >> the "rtm" buzzword coming up in a bit. >> stick around for the giveaway. are they necessary in other places? the mystery hour youtube channel answers that. >> you got your i.d. on you? sweet. >> when you go to college you have to have anism d. but not to get into the book store, right? >> not supposed to let people in
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without i.d.'s or $5, one or the other. >> this is a shady bouncer, i.d. for five bucks? >> you got to pay to play. >> every day, every day. >> he's missing his velvet rope. >> thanks for understanding, guys. >> he has to travel light because he's not going to stay at the community college. >> you got a fake i.d. that's a fake i.d. >> i do not. >> you're good to go but we have a strict dress code i can't let you in now, ma'am. >> has to wear sleeves? >> yeah, tie preferably. >> up next the doughnut shop. >> private event tonight, if you're not on the list you cannot get in. >> this is great marketing, because now that they know they can't get into the doughnut shop, what do you want? a doughnut. >> jessica in this case she's on the list. >> jessica, jessica, you are, you're good to go in, jessica. if you go that way, too, ten bucks. that way zero. all right. >> now he's theat the park and s
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fellow is not amused. >> what organization are you? >> i'm freelance, i get hired in. >> who are you hired by? >> they didn't tell me. >> i ain't telling you [ bleep ]. >> it's ladies night if you don't have any ladies i can't let you in here. >> really? >> yes. >> the best part is you put up the ropes and people automatically walk into them. >> flip flops only. >> now he's set up outside of a home. >> coverage ten bucks tonight to pizza work? >> yeah. it's the phone call heard on the train and round the web. >> this guy is at the top of his lungs. >> what happens when not everyone's a fan of listening in. >> i'll come get you, get you an uber or something if you stop talking so fast. and she's got a thing for mountain biking and art. so -- >> this video is all about the intersection of the two. >> see the incredible mashup
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closed captioning provided by -- rk spots? gold bond dark spot minimizing cream. 81% saw improvement in the appearance of sun-damaged skin. gold bond. matt, we all know when it comes to videos on youtube, red bull's are the pinnacle. this is special, all about michaela. >> i never dreamed in a million years i would be doing what i'm doing today. no one really explained to me that you can be more than one thing and you can be good at more than one thing. like i thought i had to choose. >> michaela is really, really good at a number of things. obviously she's a mountain bike athlete with red bull but also
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an incredibly accomplished artist. >> i heard a quote, i don't know where i heard it from but it stuck with me and sometimes you have to create what you want to be a part of. >> the original artwork that's all by her, as she carves her way through this ride, you know that she's got some serious skill on the bike, but the thing is she kind of compares it to when she's creating her art. they visually represent that by layering the two. >> you can see her on the canvas and creating some of the graphics in the video. >> i recommend you watch the entire thing. head to and click on "tv show" or use our mobile app. have you ever come across that person who is just socially inept? doesn't quite know how to operate in public? >> yeah i'm on my way right now. >> these people drive me nuts, they do this in the traip an an office. >> sort of african accent.
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this could be a cultural thing. >> will you please come to me, to me, i can't help you right now because the train is in motion now. >> he's saying everybody's now laughing at him so he can't hear. >> my name is joseph. i tell you, it's joseph. j-o -- >> oh my goodness. no, this guy is a comedian. >> now he's asking people to help spell his own name. not everybody finds this funny. all the laughter quickly turns to a hush as one person is like shush. joseph is like oh, sorry, was i being loud? makes his conversation a little quieter, for a moment. >> how about right now. yes, i'm joseph right now. >> everybody else on the train
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is laughing except the guy who already asked him to be quiet. now there's a tension in the car. and then the tension begins to ease up, as these guys go back and forth. everybody is again laughing, and towards the end of this whole thing -- >> will you please hold your pass? >> tips, please. thank you very much! now this video has gone very viral. some people are commenting they have in fact seen joseph before, and he just has a feel, a sense for when people need a good laugh. he pulls out his act and puts a smile on people's face. >> that was his partner? >> yes. >> oh, wow. he's making the kid a teddy bear. i love it! >> but what does the kid think? >> see it next "right this
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minute." and still to come it's a chair like no other. >> it's called the michigan beer chair. >> see how this special seat lives up to its name in the most epic way. >> dude, drinks. >> that's awesome. plus we've got an ipad mini to give away. don't miss the monday buzzword for your shot it win it next. how dixie ultra plates?roved with two pounds of steak. in each hand.
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newcleanse, tone, and refresh.h hazel cleansing cloths. dickinson's® the best kept beauty secret since 1866. for special offers visit walgreens today. hey everybody what's going on? >> the family blog reality changers has a new post. ♪ when the night has come, and the land is dark ♪ >> they're doing a cover of benny king's "stand by me." this family is always doing covers but if they look familiar that's because back in 2010 their reality changed when they posted this video. ♪ you come home, home is wherever i'm with you ♪ >> that's alexis singing with her dad jorge, singing "home" by edward sharpe and the magnetic
3:20 pm
zeros. >> she's so cute. nice to see how she's matured her voice is angelic. >> their voices blend. ♪ and darling stand by me, oh, stand by me ♪ >> i can't believe she's so grown up already. that went so fast. it's neat to see the update of these two. they had a huge hit. >> they're dedicated this to people who survived hurricanes irma and harvey and dedicating it to immigrant people of the world. jorge has his own immigrant story related to his mom and dedicated to people without a voice in myanmar. he wants people to speak for one another. >> music brings people together and a lot of times that art form is a way to express yourself and stand for something. in this case social change and justice. ♪ stand by me
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i have two gifts for the two of you. >> cool. >> awesome. >> drinks. >> it's called the michigan beer chair and matt thompson created it. >> beautiful, it's in the shape of the state of michigan. >> it takes ice, it can hold up to six 12-ounce cans, has a drainage system and made of cedar. he doesn't make them to sell. he started making the chairs to raffle them to raise money for world vision a few years ago, a charity he and his wife support. this has gone viral. i don't mean a couple million, i mean like over 8 million views because people are loving this thing. >> because people are lazy especially when you're sitting out in the garden and the ability to go like that to get the next drink is perfect! >> well look, i personally would bring it inside in my woman cave. >> the craftsmanship here is spot on, he's good. >> sorry, folks, you can't buy it. >> thanks for the gift. >> everything's for sale. >> nick, this one's for you and
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i'm so shady, i know. >> if you've been wondering how to tackle your back without an extra set of hands, back blade has your back. >> i don't have back hair. i have chest hair but no. >> you got like two. >> wait a minute. you must have shaved it. >> it almost felt like a massage and the results are a back as smooth as a baby's bottom. >> i know some guys i could send this to. >> only 30 bucks and the refills only about $12. >> thank you for the thought. if you were to buy this for me i'd ask for the receipt and take it back because i do not have a hairy back. >> fine, you could use it on your chest. it's time to give away head over to and click on the "win ipad" button. >> enter the buzzword on facebook, twitter, enter on each every day. >> monday's buzzword is --
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energy. >> get over to, click on the "win ipad" button and enter monday buzz word energy. >> good luck, everybody! a woman hears the piano being played and then realizes, wait that's my man! why his romantic song is just the start of the surprise.
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changed! >> pretty cool.
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this couple have been dating for five years, five years long distance. he's in the u.s. she is in finland. so in this cute video he documents himself traveling. >> to surprise you. >> she doesn't know that he currently is on his way from the u.s. to helsinki. >> she's home, right? >> you want to check. >> don't you worry, he's done his homework. he set it up, his girlfriend had a girl's day, and right now, she's having brunch with her girlfriend at this particular cafe. if you notice he's holding a folder. in that folder he has music sheet. he walks through the restaurant and sits right at the piano. >> oh, cool. >> mr. fancy pants is going to start playing ed sheeran's "thinking out loud." ♪ darling i will be loving you
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>> somehow she was able to figure out that voice sounded really, really familiar. >> she probably thought oh that reminds me of my -- wait, that's my man! ♪ >> you see her walking over to him, she stands in front of the piano and has a big, enormous smile on her face. she politely waits for him to finish the song, which i think i wouldn't have done. i will be forget the song, give me a hug, baby! >> he should finish playing and then leave, don't say a word. >> when he finishes he walks around the piano, gives her a big hug but then to everyone's surprise, including her, he gets down on one knee, brings out the ring. she says yes, obviously. >> but after five years, that's got to feel so good to know that that commitment is going to mean something forever. >> congratulations to you both. that's our show. thanks so muc
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