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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  September 21, 2017 3:00pm-3:30pm PDT

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tv's number one daily viral video show, "right this minute". four young elephants stuck in a pit are surrounded by worried villagers. >> they threw down some branches and trees. >> see the ingenious solution to get these babies out. family of an elderly woman with injuries thought she -- >> flipped and had a fractured leg. >> how a surveillance video paints a way more sinister story. >> oh, no! >> i appreciate you letting me into your house. >> he's a familiar face on tv with a new gig. >> only youtube is with his channel, hollywood pipeline. >> now dax holt is here with why if you want a front row seat to celebrity culture. plus, your buzz word to win a new ipad mini.
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as christian, oli, charity, nick, and gayle break down the best on the web, including a prankster using ancient technology, a noisy typewriter getting on some nerves. >> i know, that's why i'm working. >> whispered it. >> you're a farmer, you come outside and discover four elephant calves of varying sizes in your well. this happened in sri lanka. most of the people in the area come around to see what they could do, but what they did do after they called wildlife services is feed them. they threw down some branchs of some trees and some water. >> have any idea why? >> they said they fell in because the area around there was slippery. >> what do you expect when you dig a big hole like that? it's an animal trap. >> animal services come and bring a back hoe. they are going to cut a ramp for these elephants.
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then watch this. the ramp is all done, barely out. elephants are like, we're out of here. >> why not automatically put in a ramp? it's still going to catch water. not going to empty the water, and animals will have an easy way in and out. >> this video will restore your faith in humanity. you have a guy driving his car. looks like you have three birds in the street, but one isn't a bird. the guy in the car stops, he posted this video. he's looking at these two crows going, you know what, you are not going to make a meal of this animal. we're eating here. >> gangster like that. >> exactly. it's a little possum. best part, right? he picks it up and it runs up his arm. >> didn't even flinch. >> hold on a second, he's going to put it up in the tree? what's going to keep the crows away from him? >> you're already friends. it's a disney movie.
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>> i think it will probably be able to find some cover there from the crow. >> some people there's no such thing as too much. i have a video to prove it. as it starts off, you can see there's a whole bunch of stacked, not because a whole bunch of people going rafting. no, one dude is. he's taking these rafts, stack them up and about to attack this river. >> it's nice and clear and glassy and smooth. >> no, he wants to go attacking the rapids on this river with this completely ridiculous contraption that has fail written all over it. >> sure does. >> he goes through the first gentle rapid. has long oars to control it, but then the rapids start getting bigger. >> like a double decker bus. >> as this continues, winds keep coming. this one, pretty big. >> okay, i thought he was for sure going to -- >> no problem, but there is a problem when you think about how high it is and if there's any kind of overhang.
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for example, keep an eye out for the tree. he's going to start heading right for -- uh-oh. >> okay, everybody ducks down. trim the tree a bit. there we go. gets turned around the roadway. i was sure he was going in the water, but no, takes the last b. it's all in, baby. any time there's an injury in a senior facility, where's the first place management would look? >> staff or security cameras? >> bingo, buddy. that's what happened in brazil. this elderly woman slipped and had a fractured leg. they went back to the cameras and captured this. >> oh, no. >> did you see how her leg was bent from that little fall? holding them up, not pushing them down. >> she appears frustrated in the video. looks like a woman swings a towel and that's where she goes down. again, all bad. >> how upset are you if you're her family and seeing this?
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how do you just not explode with anger? >> her family members were having none of it, and as a matter of fact, the employee was dismissed. they do say all the people that work there are trained for these types of situations and they do acknowledge that employee used disproportionate force. >> the unfortunate thing, even if they do have the proper training, people just aren't good people and this woman thought she was privately showing her true self by treating this woman like this and it's horrible. >> looks like an accident. she didn't shove her down, but there was more pushing and shoving than should normally be going on. you don't take a combative stance with somebody living in your facility. >> if this is my grandma, if a woman did this, i'm going to be on your neck. >> this woman does have alas alzheimer's. she is still at the facility, and all of this is being investigated by authorities. it's time to give away
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another ipad mini. to enter, you need thursday's buzz word, be at least 21 years of age, and be a resident of u.s. or canada. stand by, everyone, for the "rtm" ipad mini give away. >> what do you do? joshua decided to get to the streets and figure out how many times he could actually get different people and different vehicles to honk at him. wait until you see where he takes it. works on this passerby in a vehicle. >> hey! >> there's a train. see how that goes. i mean, come on, wouldn't that make you a little happy? >> who knew you wielded so much power? >> so simple, but it's awesome. >> we did it as kids, too. you're pumped because they acknowledge you back. >> yeah. >> this one is a little bit more challenging. will they even see him?
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>> get out of here. hot air balloons don't have horns. >> i didn't think they did. look at how happy he is. but will it work with a blimp? >> oh, my gosh. >> come on! he's not going to do it. >> that's a train horn. >> i want to see the next one, passenger jet at 45,000 feet. oh, he's honking, too. >> they leave my very happy watching this video. >> and the rest of the internet, too. >> it's cool. i want to go out there and do this all day long and see who honks their horn. >> yes! yes! dude's ready to go on his bottle rocket inspired ride. >> built it into a trike. straddled this monster tank, and when the lights go green -- >> why he better be ready to hang on tight. >> whiplash. and a woman who's living life with -- >> fourth-degree burns. >> i was in a very hot bath when
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closed captioning provided by -- do you remember the popular kids toy, the water rocket? you'd put a little water in a plastic tube, pump it up, go up in the air? >> yeah. >> why not apply that to racing? 35-year-old french daredevil decided to take that childhood toy, lay it on its side, make it much bigger. he built it into a trike, straddled this monster tank, and when the lights go green --
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>> look at that! >> whiplash. >> this thing accelerates super quick. watch the speeds he gets up to when he hits the trigger. that thing takes off. top speed, 162 miles per hour. he covered the eighth mile in 3.9 seconds. >> how far can he go? is that the maximum distance? >> yeah. range is not its specialty, but it doesn't need to be. pretty unusual. also out of the ordinary and unusual, a sloshing noise in your mercedes. >> where's the hole? >> uploader said it had been raining for quite a while and he had noticed this weird water sloshing sound. he zeroed in on this rear door and pulled a drain plug. i don't think that's normal.
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many of you are familiar with dax holt's name and/or face. maybe for years you saw him bring you the best celebrity news on tv or co-hosting big shows on screen, but now he's got a new show with his channel hollywood pipeline and got off with a pretty good start with a rather familiar face. yeah, from beverly hills 90210. >> i've literally been knocking on every house over here. these star maps -- >> if you want a good interview, you have to butter up the celebs. >> i like to show up with gifts, as well. i'm like the broke white oprah. >> you get a pen, you get a pen, you get a pen. >> just so you know, i'm trying to butter you up so you give me good answers. >> all right. >> i brought you a little gift here. go ahead, open it. >> oh, nice.
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>> yeah, yeah. same face i made, too. >> i tell you what, pretty sure that watch paid off. there was a moment brian was taking questions from the internet when he opened up about his son. >> he's 4, and i've heard from some people that they don't agree with him wearing dresses. to them i say, i don't care. >> it's this personal moment where he talked about it. felt he was in a safe place to talk about it. it blew up all over international media. that story was everywhere. this isn't just what he does, he's also an expert when it comes to hollywood. >> start planning your trip to california for labor day. every year they hold the malibu chili cook off right in the middle of the beach city. look who showed up this year, adam sandler, charlize theron, katie holmes, tom hanks, orlando bloom. >> celebs eat chili. >> we have a lot of questions. "right this minute," we have dax holt!
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>> hey! >> what's up? >> first of all, if i come on your show, do i get a watch? >> i could probably find you a nice watch. i don't know if i could find you as nice of a watch, but i could get you one. >> tell us about your channel, it's a different approach. like a safe space to talk to people. >> that was the point. i worked at tmz for years and we were talking about the celebs. i'm going to start talking with the celebs. that's why the new show i'm sitting down with the celebs inside their homes, interviewing them. you know what, like you said, people get very comfortable and stuff starts to come out. with brian, that was one topic i know he has been ridiculed all over the internet with. i said let's see what he has to say and he opened up. wow was his answer, powerful. >> how do you even know this stuff? >> well, i worked for the biggest entertainment website in the world for a very long time. >> oli wants the watch, i want the rock, dwayne johnson, that
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is. can you find him? >> i want the rock to come on my show, too, dude. >> recently we had your daughter on the show and she had a weed problem. >> are we growing weed at our house? >> yeah. >> a lot of it? >> yeah. this stuff. >> how's that coming along? >> we have tried to get rid of most of the weed in the backyard. we have been successful, and now we're focusing our attention on a meth lab. >> so there you have it. if you're looking for a pipeline to find all the best entertainment news from hollywood, hollywood pipeline is the channel to subscribe to. thank you very much, dax. >> thank you so much. he's swimming with -- >> the sea dragon. >> like the unicorns of the ocean. >> next "right this minute." and still to come, there's trouble on the road and -- >> the biker is upset. >> see why taking out his rage doesn't end well. >> so stupid. >> that's what you get. >> plus, stick around to get
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this video from dash cam owners australia. i want you to pay attention to that silver commodore up ahead. >> drifted off to the right, didn't it? >> hit the truck and the truck lost its tire. >> was the driver impaired? >> no word on the driver, but the driver did cause a lot of damage. >> not a lot of room for error there. any little thing that distracted you, text, radio, falling asleep, there's really nowhere to go. >> some accidents can't be avoided, but some, this isn't an accident, this isn't on purpose, that shouldn't happen. look at this right here. pedicab and a biker. person started shooting the video because a little bit of road rage. look what happened. >> so stupid. >> that's what you get. people take your foot and try to kick something moving, clearly you're going to fall off. >> what was the best case
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scenario? >> going to put your foot through that thing? that would show you. >> you know what was hurt? his pride. >> no gear, no helmet either. >> think of the guy driving the pedicab, too. >> i don't care what language you speak, that's funny. for some of us, the journey through life is a little more challenging. meet laura masters. >> i'm laura masters, 25 years old. i was put in a very hot bath when i was younger. >> wow. >> yeah, look at her legs. she suffered fourth-degree burns when she was just 1 year old. she doesn't really like to talk about what happened, but she somehow ended up in a bath so hot that it burned down into her muscles and tendons. how this happened is not as important as what it has taken her to overcome the injuries. and now she's decided she wants to help other people.
3:22 pm
she's gone through different camps where she hangs out and gets to talk with burn victims that share similar struggles growing up. for her it was part of life, but she understands how for people that get burns later in life it's a much bigger adjustment, so she wants to be part of their healing process. and that is why she's come out and wants other people to own the physical, visible scars of their burns. >> what she's doing is really cool, because she could just focus on herself and what happened to her. >> and endure strength from the situation, as well. good honor. >> she says that her mom was one of the people that encouraged her to wear shorts, skirts. at one point she stopped wearing leggings or tights that disguised her scars and decided she was going to walk through life as she is. >> she hopes her story frees a lot of people, as well. it's time to give away another ipad mini. >> to enter you need the buzz word, be at least 21 years of age, and a legal resident of the u.s. or canada.
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>> head over to and click on win ipad. >> enter the buzz word and you can enter on each every day. >> let's reveal thursday's buzz word. it's harmony. get over to, click on the win ipad button and enter the buzz word, harmony. that's harmony. >> good luck, everybody. typewriters at the library have people perplexed. >> what is this? >> why thi
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beneath the surface of our sub mariners. >> kicking it old school. >> welcome, guys. this is typewriters in the library. >> most folks are in with their laptops, ipads, headphones. >> kids in the library are texting their friends. there's this dude using some machine that's making a lot of noise and i don't know what it is. >> you mention some of them pulled out their phones. it was more to snapchat the situation. >> what this? >> the thing is -- >> clack, clack, clack! >> by any chance you know how to get into the wifi? >> wifi? >> yeah. >> are you a student? >> yeah, trying to log in. do you know how to or no? >> no. >> it is the library, hello. >> this is when they double team the other folks sitting around. >> this is a library. >> i know, that's why i'm
3:27 pm
working. >> this woman's had enough. >> i was going to ask, you keep being loud over there, but i'll go down. >> you want them to keep it down? >> this is so simple and so classic and so awesome. >> did you say classic? this is classic. >> it's an '89. okay, cool. >> there it is. if you ever use a typewriter, you know what it means to let the ink dry. remember when the typewriter would go out of control and you had to unplug it? too late, she's out. bye. >> can i get your number? >> no! >> click, click. >> call you on his rotary phone. >> i think i hit the wrong button. really sorry. that's our show. join us on the next all new "rtm".
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tonight, we're on the scene. the race against time. and the stunning moments. the woman visibly shaken, pulled through the debris. the child pulled from a crumbled school. our team in mexico city. also breaking, from puerto rico, for the first time, rob marciano takes us to the part of the island where the hurricane made landfall. the urgent plea tonight. the woman waving our team inside and what rob found. we have news on north korea. president trump reve punishing new sanctions and that china will now help. facebook's founder mark zuckerberg tonight and the video message he just put out. the russians did buy thousands of ads on facebook during the election. attacking hillary clinton and praising donald trump. he'll now give those ads to congress. two people trapped in this burning car.


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