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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  September 25, 2017 7:00am-8:59am PDT

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>> good morning, america. the president versus the players. hundreds of athletes sending a message to president trump, kneeling, linking arms, even refusing to leave the locker room during the national anthem after this comment. >> get that son of a [bleep] off the field right now, out, he's fired. he's fired! >> tom brady, odell beckham and many more making a statement. owners taking the field standing by their teams. an unprecedented show of sol dare t daliso army ranger turned football player the big divide and new fallout this morning. >> i hate you! >> we hear from the athletes and owners taking a stand as the movement goes beyond the field. also breaking overnight, president trump unveils a new
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travel ban, adding countries like north korea to the list, saying the tougher the o the list, saying the tougher the better, and the republicans race to revive their health care bill. the new details just revealed. is it too little too late? new this morning, mandatory evacuations on the carolina coast as hurricane maria moves north and millions facing record-breaking heat across the midwest. temperatures topping 90 degrees, shutting down schools. how the heat could affect maria's path. ♪ i'm in love with the shape of you ♪ and, ed sheeran taking over times square for one of our biggest concerts ever for so of his biggest fans only on and good morning, america. we hope you had a good weekend. it was a fiery one for the nfl after those friday night comments from president trump where he called on nfl owners to fire players who take a knee in protest during the national
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anthem. >> and the players were united on the field sunday. more than 100 knelt and others stood arm in arm with their teammates. some teams chose not to take the field during the national anthem. and then there was this dramatic moment, this former army ranger, the only member of the pittsburgh steelers that went out on the field during the national anthem, hand over heart. he stood there alone. >> he served in afghanistan. >> he did. and millions, millions taking to social media as you can imagine. these hashtags, sparked 3.8 million tweets. many of those supporting the protest. others against it, and the president, well, doubling down. drawing a line,g a line, tweeti, standing with locked arms is good. kneeling is not acceptable. >> well, abc's gio benitez is outside the washington redskins stadium. gio, you were there in the locker room last night. what was the feeling in that locker roo >> reporter: hey there, michael. good morning.
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inside that locker room there was anger and disappointment. we are just miles from the white house. this is essentially the president's back yard, and player after player told me again and agaithat they are deeply american. on sunday night football, the washington redskins starting the game with arms linked, some kneeling during the national anthem. the oakland raiders sitting down. we went into the redskins locker room where it seems players were talking more about what it means to be an american than their winning game. what message do you have for the president? >> help make things right. >> it's not acceptable. do not tolerate it. >> reporter: from coast to coast even ilondon players sending that message to the president from the football field, linking arms like patriots quarterback tom brady, hundreds kneeling, some raing fists like giants receiver odell beckham jr. after scoring a touch down. the players putting on an unprecedented display of solidari for their league, blasted this weekend by president trump for allowing them to kneel in protest of racial injustice. >> it is kind of a surreal scene because -- >> reporter: both the tennessee
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titans and the seattle seahawks refusing to leave their locker rooms during the national them. the pittsburgh steelers also absent from the sideline during the anthem, all except one former army ranger, alandro villanueva. the firestorm beginning friday with tru speaking at a rally in alabama. >> wouldn't you love to see e ofhese nfl owners when somebo disrespects our flag to say get that son of a [bleep] off the field right now, out, he's fired. he's fired! >> reporter: and doubling down in a series of tweets sunday, writing, standing with locked arms is good, kneeling is not acceptce.lend ratings are way down, boring games, yes, but many stay aw because they love our country. >> i got a daughter. she's going to have to live in this world, you know what i'm saying? i'm going to do whatever i got to do to make sure, you know, she can look at her dad and be like, hey, you did something, you tried to make a change. >> reporter: trump defending his remarks sunday.
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>> this has nothing to do with race or anything else. this has to do with respect for our country. >> reporter: his son, donald junior, going after the nfl commissioner, tweeting, if only roger goodell cared as much about domestic abuse and traumatic brain injury as he does about disrespecting america. overnight, nfl commissioner roger goodeltold "sports illustrated" that the way that the league reacted to the presid made him very proud and when he was asked if he was bothered by the president's words, he said this. no, we live in an imperfect society, a public discourse makeus strong. michael? >> a right, thank you, gio. i see the president didn't back down. well, the players aren't backing down either. they're very stubborn. >> neither are the owners. we saw nfl owners on the sideline lking arms with their teams' players. espn's ryan smith is here with more. ryan, the protests are now going beyond the football field. >> absolutely, robin. incredible scene.
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athletes from other sports, entertainers, scores of others they're taking a knee and finding other ways to show support for the protesters a many using their platform to take issue with the president's comments. reporter: by calling on nfl player protests to be fired, president trump managing to get the whole league fired up. nfl commisoner roger goodell releasing a statement, calling the president's comments divisive. the nfl airing an ad emphasizing unity ring the league's sunday night game. >> inside ese lines, we can other. ut the best in each >> reporter: many owners taking the field, throwing their support behind their tea. owners from eight teams during the anthem, side-by-side with their players. patriots owner roberkraft who reportedly donated $1 million to presidt trump's inaugural celebrations wring in a statement, i am deeply disappointed by the tone of the comments made by the president. president trump also taking aim after the two-time mvp told reporters that he would not join his team, the champion golden state warriors, if they decided
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to visit thehite house. >> i don't want to go. that's really it. >> reporter: trump lashing out that curry's invitation was withdrawn. this prompting superstar lebron james to call the president a bum. >> he's now using sports as the platform to try to divide us. >> reporter: but it was the nfl's response to the president that took center stage this weekend. some of the sports' biggest names weighing in. overnight, before the game featuring washington's hometown team, analyst and former nfl player, cris collinsworth, challenging the president. >> i would just ask the president to consider apologizing for the s.o.b. line and maybe invite some of these players to the white house. >>eporter: hall of fame quarterback, terry bradshaw, disagrees with the protest but stands behind their right to do it. >> i'm not sure if our president understands those rights. >> reporter: meanwhile, the hashtag take a knee going viral, tweeted nearly 4 million times.
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pharrell, kneeling in solidarity at a c overnight. >> if i nt to get on my knees right now for the people imy city, for the people in my state, that's wh that flag is for. >> reporter: in response to the protests supporters of the president taking to twitter to criticize player protesters with the hashtags stand for our anthem, take a stand and boycott nfl. now, the reaction to the protests were varied. former buffalo bills quarterback and hall of famer, jim kelly, posted that he hopes bills players stand and lock arms if they ptest, but in the end we're talking over 100 players taking a knee. this is thought to be the largest group of protestors doing thatince colin kaernick started it all. >> all right, ryan. and it's like people are which we are going to explain in just a little bit. >> absolutely, robin. but right now, we're going to talk to baltimore ravens tight end, ben watson, who stood
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arm in arm with those teammates on sunday, and ben joins us from pikesvle, maryland. good morning, mr. watson. how are you doing, my friend? >> good morning, mr. strahan. i'm doing well. >> we saw you on the field yesterday, standing arm in arm with your teammates. take us into the locr room before the game. what was that moment like before you walked out on the fid? >> really i'll take you back to friday. we were in london. we didn't really know about the president's comments. once that kind of filtered out and guys saw it on social media, there was a tremendous amount of emotion, a tremendous amount of hurt. we felt as many others did that this was a direct attack on our brotherhood. obviously the name calling is something that we don't stand fo but even to imply that we don't have the right to express ourselves in that way, whether you agree or not, is something that we took to heart. it was an emotional time. chapel that morning was emotional as guys talked about what they wanted to do. wanting to respect our country and show love for our countr but also wanting to respond in solidarity. and so it kind of was organic. we got on the field, some guys kneeled, some guys decided to
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kneel thatidn't before. other guys locked arms. i locked arms and i also pointed to the ses because i really believe that the lord wi really have to have his hand on us when it ces to reconciling our differences. >> we know ie thn ystpaaiou you di't agree with colin kaepnick kneeling during the national anthem, but as you say, you locked arms with your teammates in support of thos who didecide to kneel. in the wake of president's comments, have your feelings changed at all? well, initially last year when colin first kneeled i said if i was able to play -- because i tore my achilles -- if i was able to play, that i wouldn't be kneeling. but i support him in what he decided to do. i haven't kneeled but the reasons why he kneeled, the police brutality, the cessive force, as he said, the oppression of people of color, those are all concerns of mine and have been before colin decided to kneel and have
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beenor other people in our country as well. he just decided to do his protesting that way. my feelings have not changed about those issues. i'm still very concerned about those issues. i still have conversations in the locker room about those issues. i still speak and write about those issues. i think at we saw last sunday, yesterday, was really an -- a response, an emotional response, you know, to the words of president trump. those words really cut deep on a number of levels for a lot of us, and not just guys in the locker room but guys outside. i think what we saw, the influx and the increase in guys protesting, while many of them are concerned about those issues, rightfully so, part of that -- part of what we saw yesterday was a direct response to the president's comments. >> ben, we really appreciate you spending some time with us. we know you just got off a flight from london yesterday s we really appreciate your time. thank u so much. okay, michael. thanks. let's get a view from the white house right now. our senior white house correspondent cecilia vega is here. you're reporting white house officials are saying it was not an off the cuff comment by the president. this was planned out.
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i guess my big question is why? after the last couple of weeks he got praise about the hurricanes. reaching a deal with democrats on the hurricane. why throw outhis hand grenade now? >> i should say not entirely off the cuff. he did have nfl written in prepared remarks in that speech in alama. he did go a lile bit further -- i shouldn't say a little bit. he went further than what was in those written remarks. but george, look, multiple people i have spoken to inside this adminisation firmly believe that at the end of this debate america will be on the predent's side in his notion that players should take a stand during the national anthem. they think that in the end he's going to come out, ty're going to come out in full supporof this. but look, this is a president who has a history of throwing out flammatory remarks, right? to often distract from controversies that he'dealing with. health care on the bubble right now. he was down there in alabama in a race, that as candidate, he is endorsing, may or may not lose, right? so there's that. i've also got to tell you what i'm hearing inside the white house they are saying and we've heard the president himself say
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this is not abourace. and i have got to say, this is so much bigger than the president versus the players. people in this country are going to feel completely against this notion that this is not about race. >> if the presidencomes out and says this is not about race, trouble. ittle like saying i'm >> when it comes tsensitive issues like this, past presidents have done their best to put out the flame, not fan the flame, not throw gasine on it. many pointed out that president trump's language, s.o.b., referring to nfl players who peacefully protest racial injustice, s.o.b., that language far stronger than what the presidt said about white supremacists in charlottesville. where let's not forget, a young woman, heather heyer, was killed, matt. >> it's interesting. two things donald trump is forgetting. i think he has a responsibility on the other thing. the first thing, organized sports is a lot like the military. it's brotherhood and sisterhood that the bond is with the people that are on the team
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together against something, a common enemy. so when he attacks them, they bind together just like it happens in the military. the other thing, robin, today is the 60th anniversary of the little rock nine, the folks that desegregated central high school in little rock. we've come long wawe still haveg way to go. thpresident has an incredible loyal following, and if he takes that power that he has with his loyal following and ings them along to a place that actually brings the country together, the highest int of his presidency is when he did things that unified e country during the hurricanes and on the debt ceiling and on finding the funding for that. it was his highest point of his presidency. he's diverted again to this divisive language that's not going to benefit him in the short term. >> and ry back into this conversation. so what do you think happens next in the league and for professional athletes in general? when i say professiona athletes, i don't st mean football. he's talking abo basketball, steph curry and all these other things.
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what happens? general? what do you think should happen? >> a couple of things he. first, in talking to some of empowerment after president trump's comments. there was anger, but there was also the sense of, hey, now we have a platform. this is one of the very unique times that the nfl management council and the players are on the same team. they are unified. protests, pro different forms. we'll have to see where t line is on that one. but the interesting thing here is, you know, cecilia mentioned the point that many people would feel like americans would be on for protestors, this is about so mu more than just making the statement about injustice. this is about trying to get somebody to seek to understand what they are talking about. so when the president, i think, is thinking about sides, i wonder if there was a desire to really understand why people are taking a knee. i think when that happens, you might see some change. >> and when colin kaepernick first took the knee, he wanted to start a conversation. looks like that conversation is
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full blown. not ending any time soon. the president's coming out of this fight with the nfl facing another big week of challenges. our new abc news "washington post" poll shows 39% approve of the president's job performance, the lowest of any president at this pointn his first term. in the wake of his rocket man rhetoric against north korea, 62% do not trust president trump to act responsibly dealing with that situation. let's get more o that from our chief global affairs correspondent, martha raddat martha, one of the big questions on north korea, is this escalating war of words making a real war more likely? >> reporter: well, george, we have never seen exchanges like this between a u.s. president and a north korean leader. the name calling and threats of alilati annihilation, certainly makes the possibility of military tion seem more likely. you had those b-1 bombers flying further north off the coast of the peninsula plan u.s. war
7:17 am
planes have flown in more than two decades. donald trump responded this weekend by saying that little rocket man won't be around much loer if he follows through on the threats. when you make those kinds of statements, george, you've got to be prepared to act on them. >> martha, in another symbolic act, the psident adding north korea to his new travel ban just issuedast night, a new somewhat tougher travel ban. >> it's the third try at the travel ban. the second expired suay, legalil be argued before the supreme court next month. the latest one as you said, addesome non-muslim countries like north korea, but also calls for indefinitely banning travel, not just that 90-day suspension for most people from iran, libya, syria yemen, somalia, chad and north korea. george. >> martha raddatz, thanks very much. all right, let's get now to ginger for the latest on hurricane maria and how it will affect the east coast. ginger? >> still watching maria far off theast coast. looking a little weaker. because it's hitome of the upwelling or colderater that
7:18 am
jose left behind. but as it moves north more slowly, it will expand its tropical storm for winds, already 230 miles outside the center. that's why you have a tropical storm warning tuesday night through wednesday where you see those gusty winds sustained at 30 to 40 but gusting to 55. those high surf advisories go stretching from massachusetts all the way to florida. your local weather in 30 seconds. first the select cities brought to you by walgreens. seconds. first the select cities brought to you by walgreens. good monday morning. i'm lisa argen starting out with clear conditions here in the city, but it's going to be a
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warm one, a red flag warning for the north and east bay hills. temperatures on the rise through thursday. only slightly cooler by the end of the week. relative humidity drops. the winds pick up from about noon to about 6:00. so we're very concerned about high fire danger. 80 today in oakland. 88 in concord. 86 in look ahead still warm through the green bay packers had their hottest game ever. 90 degrees. and their school's closed today, and half days -- my little sister in michigan, has a half day because no air-conditioning. and from michigan t ohio. it's dealing with it. >> because of heat? >> i've been in one of their coldest. coming up, where is the man at the center of the nfl firestorm, colin kaepeick. we'll talk about that firestorm, colin kaepernick. we'll talk about that. i take pictures of sunrises,
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panera.s it should. hi there. two oakland police officers are still in the hospital following an early morning car crash near international boulevard. one other person was also hurt. oakland police say the officers were heading to rort of a shooting when four vehicles crashed into one another. let's get to a check of the commute. >> things are starting to look a little better on the bridge although by checking out this camera it certainly doesn't look that way. all lanes have cleared and the sig alert is cancelled westbound 92 towards the end of the bridge. we had that four car crash blocking two out of three lanes. that cleared about 20 minutes ago. you are jammed from 280.
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if you take 84 instead you can avoid the
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now your accuweather forecast. >> good monday morning. a beautiful start to the day. from our east bay hills camera upper elevations run risk of high fire danger today with brosy winds. 46 in gilroy. golden gate bridge, tons of sun and 70s at our beaches. 47 by the delta. we are looking at 82. upper 80s in concord with 86 morgan hill and warm throughout much of the week. >> thank you so much. coming up, how well is new technology behind the wheel really work? we will have another update in about 30 minutes and always on our news app. you can join us for abc 7
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♪ honey now ♪ take me into your loving arms ♪ back here on "gma," that's ed sheeran's grammy-winning hit, "thinking out loud," the most popular wedding song, and guess what? that man is here live this morning performing his brand-new >> i thought you were about to say he's going to get married. >> or somebody. >> don't talk like that. also right now, republicans trying to bring their health care bill back to life before the september 30th deadline. they released another new versioof it overnight. exution it could raise capremiumspe fs or mrtany, leav with pre-existing conditions vulnerable. it is on life support right now. and federal prosecutors looking into possible civil rights charges against the man who opened fire at a church near nashville on sunday. auorities say 25-year-old
7:31 am
emanuel samson fatally shot a ran inside injuring six others shooter, holdi him at gunpoint until lice arrived. and a still deerate situation in puerto rico this morning after hurricane maria. authorities now concerned a major dam could fail, they're urging nearly 8,0 people to evacuate.w we have more on thate nfl protest, and a man who started it all, colin kaepern k kaepernick, kneeling to protest social injustice and police brutality. the quarterback is now a free agent and he's still unsigned. abc's chris connelly is in los angeles with more. good morning, chris. >> reporter: good morning, michael. very much at t center of things, con kaepernick let the protests speak for him this weekend. hiactions, part of a resurgence in social activism by high profile athletes who in the past have taken the lead in sparking discussion, especially in the area of race. for colin kaepernick, it began a year ago with the hope of sending a message.
7:32 am
kneeling during the national anthem to protest racial injustice. this weekend, he saw his message and his means of conveying it command the tention of the nation and his president. >> woun't you love to see one of these nflwners, when somebody disrespects our flag to say, get that son of a [ muted ] off the field right now. >> reporter: unsigned by any nfl team, colin kaepernick himself could be found not on the field where he said he wants to be, telling a columnist last week, i'm ready right now, working ou >> do i think kaepernick is better than some of these starting quarterbacks in this league? solutely. should he be on a roster in my opinion? absolutely. >> reporter: instead he could be found here, in cyberspace re-tweeting a host of images o players and others who support him including military widows. as if in response to negative reaction, he said last year that he anticipated. >> you're going to have that backlash for trying to fight for
7:33 am
people. >> reporter: he also retweeted his mother's response to the president. guess that makes me a proud [bleep]. kaepernick now a part of a sports activism tradition stretching back decades. at the 1968 summer olympics, u.s. medalists tommy smith and john carlos on the podium. >> this is a tradition in the african-american community and tradition across the country. we've always had athletes to use their platforms to spe out around issues of social justice. >> reporter: also in the '60s, muhammad ali, a voice for black empowerment and descent. >> you won't let me stand up for my religious beliefs and fight but you won't stand up for me at home. >> reporter: billie jean king would become a leader of the women's movement. in 2016, the wnba's minnesota lynx donning black lives matter shirts. and an unprecedented role, for the best plar in an american team sport, lebron james embracing social activism in public statements, on social media, even on the
7:34 am
court itself. >> it's time to look in the mirror and ask ourselves what are we doing to create change. >> repter: also this weekend the aclu tweeting out a line from theemoir of jackie robinson, perhaps our nation's most revered athlete for breaking baseball's color line, writing in 1972, i cannot stand and sing the anthem. >> many forget that he said that and wrote about that. thank you, chris. we're going to bring in the man who first convinced kaepernick to kneel instead of sitting during the national anthem, former seattle seahawks player, nate boyer. nate, thank you very much. we have been looking forward to hearing from you, so you can explain to people how in the beginning, kap was sitting, and he had a discussion, reached out to you. had a discussion, and you convinced him that kneeling was a y to go. please explain how that all came down. >>, i wouldn't say i convinced him so much as we kind of came to that place together.
7:35 am
you know? we sat down in the lobby of the team hotel right before -- on game day, before their last preseason game against the chargers. and we were down in san diego, and we just talked about our own perspectives of, you know, how things were going with our country, you know, and my feeling toward the anthem and the flag were very different from his just because of our experiences and background and what we've been through and what we experienced. so, you know, we were trying t be sensitive to each other, and listen first, you know, and just sort of understand where the othe person is coming from. we kind of came to a middle grnd through that conversation. and, you know, i believe that's something that needs to happen a little bit more nodays in our country. there's a hell of a lot of shouting and hate and not a lot of listening and, you know, reasonable talk. >> a good example of you two coming from opposing sides so to speak, but finding some
7:36 am
compromise there, and havin a dialogue and a productive discussion. i know thayou don't agree with kneeling. you stand, fmer green beret. what did you make of what we saw in the nfl yesterday and in otheplaces as well? >> i mean, it was very interesting. it hurts every time i see that. it hurts -- it hurteally bad yesterday, probably more than anything. i have thoht -- you know, what was interesting it seemed like what alejandro villanueva was doing in pittsburgh who was an army ranger with three combat deployments, the rest of the team stayed in the locker room and he came out on the field and stood for the anthem, it was almost like he was protesting and he was standing for the anthem, which was really interesting to see, you know. i'm just afraid that a lot of it yesterday was more we're protesting donald trump's statements, and i think the
7:37 am
anthem itself and that flag, it doesn't represent the president, it represents 350 million americans. it's the american flag and our national anthem. so it almost -- it almost felt like in some ways if you wer standing at atntion and facing the flagt's like you were agreeing with those statements that president trump made. i don't -- i don't like that. i don't like that that is what it fellike yesterday. that really concerns me. >> that'what some people are struggling with. really quick, kaepernick hasn't- we haven't heard from him. 's retweeted some. have you spoken to him at all recently? >> u no, not recently. i spoke to him earlier this year and it a tough position for m. it's a tough position for some of these -- honestly, for some of the league owners. i know that people may disagree with that, but iyou look at a lot of them yesterday they were down on the field embracing
7:38 am
their team, standing alongside, you know, locking arms with their players. i look at it much more of like i believe -- i don't think he's necessarily black balled. i think thsituation is everything comes down to money. it's ausiness, and if you could hire the st qualified employee at your, you know, if you are a business owner, but you knew or you feared you may lose a large amount of your clientele, even if this person was more qualifiedhan anybody, would you hirehat person? i think that's more where that fear is coming from. i don't know, things through this last week, there may be more of a ift and an opportunity of bringing him on board. 'll see what happens. >> we'll see what happens. nate, thank you very much for your perspective. truly appreciate it. thank you, nate. >> thoughtful conversationight there,nd you think this is uncharted territory for colin kaepernick and the whole nfl. >> it really is, but i think if there's ever a chance for colin
7:39 am
kaepernick to ke it back into the nfl, it's now. when you see the owners standing up with e players, i think if anything maybe a door has been opened. wh it comes to race, religion, economic backgrounds, the locker rooms are one place where none of that really matters. we all don't agree. we all don't like each other. but you know what, you find a common ground to do what you're there to do and that is to win as a team and do what your job is. i think right now the door is open for colin kaepernick because talent-wise he has it. it's just the other things that i think are a little -- scares everybody away. >> what nate referred to and no way he could have foreseen what and the protests have also spread to the wnba, the los angeles sparks.e entire team st locker room during the national anthem before game one of the wnba finals yesterday. in a statement the players said they wanted to stand in solidarity with nfl players and stanby their mission of unity and togetherness. the opposing team, the minnesota lynx, they stayed on the court and linked arms during the anthem. oh and by thway, it was a great game, decided on a last-second shot, won by the
7:40 am
sparks. u can watch game two of the wnba finals at 8:00 p.m. on espn2. we were talking about whether the president was going to double down. say triple down. as we were just talking about this, 15 seconds ago, he is tweeting again. he's saying, many people booed the players who kneeled yesterday which is a small percentage of the total. these are fans who demand n it do with race, it's about respect for our country, flag and national anthem. this debate not going away. >> as i said before,siamre p.s e you don't want to throw gasoline on it with continuing to double down and triple down. >> fueling it. >> tweets keep on coming. wel b technology parents can put in their kids' cars to monitor driving. their kidscars to monitor driving. how do you chase what you love with moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis? do wt i did. ask your doctor abouhumira. it's proven to help relieve pain and protect joints
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california grown with no antibiotics ever. we are back with the new technology designed to put parents at ease when their teens are driving. david kerley has a closer look. >> reporter: a teen driver, phone.on, distracted by her then this. none of the tes in these incidents provided by the aaa died. but today four teens will die in crashes. >> oh [bleep]! >> reporter: could technogy cut those statistics? the car patrick harley is driving has been programmed by his parents. seatbelts, speed, even radio volume.
7:45 am
>> can't put it any louder than that. that's as loud as it goes. >> reporter: general motors and ford now offering teen driving opd the vehicle. >> reporter: freelance writer michael harley, patrick's father, was given a ner car by gm to te the technology for a couple of weeks and write an article. the technology provides a repo card, l recorded. not only limits for the car but where the teen travels to as well. for a monthly fee, a parent can see if their teen stays within the agreed boundary. >> family link is going to text you when they arrive at work, arrive at home or their friend's house. it's peace of mind for the t parent. >> reporter: patrick knew -- >> in the back of my mind i know he's going to see whatever i'm doing later on the report card. >> he was doing a bunch of hard tailgating and bych of the end of the week, very few tailgating episodes and zero hard braking.
7:46 am
>> reporter: sounds a bit big brother. parental hovering? possib if not used correctly. >> spying does not work and i do think that having techs and apps that relate to driving is going to be a part of our kids growing up. however, i think is critical that it's done collaboratively. >> should this be required where teen drivers are monitored? >> absolutely. we think this is the future when it comes to the next lev of ensuring our teens are safer. >> reporr: national safety council ceo and former chair of the ntsb, debbie hersman, belies this technology will save lives and is using it herself. her son, taylor, just got s driver's license and sees an upside. >> gives me a little bit more >> reporter: a side befit patrick harl hasnjoyed too. >> they're not there with you the enre time and they can only see how you're doing from a distance, which is through the report card. >> reporter: now, it's not just technology in the car. there are also apps you can use that you can put on your teen's phone. it will collect a lot of the same kind of data that you get from the car, and george, this is all about changing their
7:47 am
habits, keeping them safe and keeping them alive. >> looks like it's good stuff. okay, david, thanks very much. we'll be right back. the fresh tomato salsa. and the hand-mashed guac. if you did... you probably work at chipotle. and read the all-company email.
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for a better us, support to your local y today. back now on ma" and we've got a lot coming up. prince harry and meghan markle making theirirst officia weave all the details ahead. >>and don't go anywhere because ed sheeran is here mi s hits and he's got some biggest surprises too. come on back. ♪ come on and follow my lead
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this is abc 7 mornings. >> good morning to you. let's check the forecast now with lisa arjun. >> good morning to you. we are waking up to mid 50s in hayward. 59 in san jose. 47 by the delta. numbers warming quickly with low relative humidity. high fire danger. uniform temperatures and the warmth continues throughout much of the week. >> we have a lot of heavy traffic out there at this point in the morning including a new sig alert on southbound 101. multi car crash still blocking two left lanes and we have hefty delays approaching that. finally starting to improve a bit on san mateo bridge. a stall about half way across the bridge. coming up at 9:00 a visit
7:57 am
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good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. the president versus the nfl. player, coaches and owners unite in a message in solidarity hundreds accepting a message to president trump kneeling and linking arafter the president said players taking a knee should be fired. >> prince harry and megan merkel as thenvictus games take off. why this appearance was such a significant step, and is an engagement announcement next? ould you be listening to your gut to boost your mood, control your weight and help your immune system. the doctor says your gut could be the key tbetter health. ♪ and are you ready for ed sheera he is taking over times square
8:01 am
live only on "gma." and he's staying -- >> good morning, america. ♪ good morning, ed sheeran. something tells me 8:00 a.m. is not his usual wake up time. >> he's been all over the place. he'searing up for a lot of good stuff. >> it's a greaway to start the week. come on. he's taking over performing his biggest hits including "shape of you," the most streamed song of all time on spotify. >> as you can imagine we have some big fans upstairs. they're ready to go. i love their name. they are calle the ed cheerios. they are out in force this morning, but first the top story in our morng rundown. president trump and the nfl going head to head over kneeling during the national anthem. prests growing sunday. players that refuse to stand. gio benitez is outside the redskins stadium in maryland.
8:02 am
>> reporter: robin, good morning to you. we were in that locker room last night, and so many of these players are angry and disappointed. one of them spoke to us about this issue for 21 minutes straight. now i want you to take a look at this because over the weekend, so many players kneeled on the field on sunday. others standing, locking arms and one we saw doing that, patriots quarterback, tom brady is now responding to the president. he has called him a friend, and brady has refrained from talking politics, but he spoke out. listen in. >> iu know, what he said and, y know, thought it was just divisive and just, you know, i want to support my teammates and i never say,oh, that's wrong o that's right, but i believe in wh what i believe in. >> reporter: roger goodell says
8:03 am
responded to the president's remarks has made him proud, robin. >> we'll see what happens tonight in the game. all right, gio. thank you. we'll turn to more details about the tennessee shooting suspect. steve osunsa is on the ground in tennessee. >> repor michael. the people that survived this shooting are praying for the woman who was killed in the parking lot and celebrating the young usher in the church who stopped the killing. 25-year-old emanuel samson is in police custody this morning accused of bringing flthree gun and a rifle this morning and waiting for a 39-year-old victim to walk out of services. police say he shot her dead and ran to the back of the church where he continued stopped by a fought with whipped.rom his car and held the accused murderer
8:04 am
until police arrived. the usher said he's not a hero. he gives credit to first responders. police aren't motive. they say this usher was a sudanese immigrant who had attended services here before. >> thanks steve. >> tnks for that usher. we'll move onto the republicans' last-ditch effort to save the graham cassidy health care bill. the deadline september 30th. our chief congressional correspondent, mary bruce, ch tracking on capitol hill, and it was a big stement over the weekend from john mccain on friday afternoon. >> reporter: george, this bill is still alive, but barely. it's opublicans can only affordo lose two more votes. all eyes on susan collins after maine and lisa mkowski of alaska. giving more funding to their states, but it's not clear if
8:05 am
that's enough to get them on board, and hang in the balance here, millions of americans who areorried about the future of their health care. experts caution this could raise premiums formany, and leave vulnerable people with pre-existing conditions. now republicans are still hopeful they can get the votes. it's hard to see how they'll pull this off. george. >> it sure i you've got the entire health care industry and doors and nurses all coming out against it. michael? thank you, george, and coming up, prince harry and meghan markel appearing as a couple for the first public ofcial event. the meaning behind where they sat. and how to turn a passion into a paycheck. some people earning thousands of it's called a side hustle people. that's also upstairs to lara. >> all right, bin. we have all heard the phrase listen to your gut. it could help your mood, weight
8:06 am
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[ cheers a applause ] right back at ya. right back at ya. great to have everybody here. that's the way y start off a week. thank you, everybody. >> great. >> a little "pop news" here, la>> i would be honored. [ applause ] ra all right, we begin with jimmy kimmel. he let us know that tonight he has a new batch of mean tweets for us. and thsome real doozies arer out there. he shared a couple with us to
8:11 am
wet our whistles. first, actress elisabeth moss coming off a remarkable week. last sunday of course, she won not one, but two emmys for acting and producing handmaid's tale," but that doesn't spare her from a mean tweeter. take a look. >> elisabeth moss looks stunning. i think she can clean up well despite my grandmother's harsh opinion that she's hideous. >> why, people? jim parsons also right in the target zone. you know, he's hilarious on "the big bang theory," thankfully has a great sense of humor when jimmy finds this tweet about him. take a look. >> jim psons looks like a ventriloquist dummy that came to life to become a sex offender. >> just not nice. >> that could be the worst one i've ever heard. >> ever. jimmy says the mean tweeters are meaner andunnier. thank goodness that all these celebs have a great sense of humor. >> didn'you do that one time?
8:12 am
>> i did. >> you did. i think i would cry. catch all thmean tweets on jimmy kimmel live right here toght on abc. thank you, jimmy, for sharing those with us. [ applause ] got to talk about jennifer lopez this morning. jennifer lopez stepping up in a major way for hurricane relief efforts in puerto rico, donating $1 million from her own fees. her recent las vegas tour to help those in need. j-lo whose parents are both puerto rican, made the announcement at a press conference in new york on describing how the relie efforts are so personal for her. >> my cousin and i and our family still haven't been able to hear from all of our faly over there and we are concerned >> she sure is, and giving big. lopez also announcing that she "sd an tha among others are sending two airplanes filled with supplies, the residents of san juan, puerto rico. >> great job.
8:13 am
[ applause ] >> happy to share that. >> within the news cycle, peoe lose sight of that and what's happening in the caribbean, and oh, by the way, harvey, and texas and louisiana and irma and florida. it doesn't go away just because the storms have passed through. >> no, ifact, many say this is the hardt part. >> wonderful. everybody keep that in mind, please. finally, they say behind every great man is a great woman. in the case of megastar dwyane johnson, that woman is dani garcia. she is his long-time manager, business partner, and oh, happens to be his ex-wife. that is not getting in their way. they have not let that bother them one bit. together they have created and continue to create a media empire called seven bucks productions with over 50 projects on the slate. there's sen bucks digital, one of the fastest growing youtube and now eye guys, get ready for
8:14 am
rock the man. it's a full-scale ad agency so now he can put ads in his shows that he's creang. rock, i like the way you think. the pane to talk about working together despite the split. they a the coany's name which i loved. t exact amot of money that rock had left in his wallet when he was cut from the canadian football league in 1995.that's a little different nothat the rock is on a roll. check out the full story ithe latest issue of "adage." that's on stands today. [ applau ] >> i guess it's working. >> no joke. highest paid actor, sexiest man alive and friend of "gma." so that's all i got for you today. >> thank you, lara. [ applause ] >> goostuff. we're going move on to our "gma" cover story, prince harry, meghan markle both appeared at this weekend's invictus games in toronto, not side by side but close enough to spark a lot of speculations. diane macedo with the details.
8:15 am
hey, diane. >> reporter: good morning to you. so this is prince harry and meghan markel's first public appearance together if you count this as together. her presence at the invictus games is a big deal since harry is there in his official capacity but they didn't sit together or interact at the event. and now we'rlearning a little more about why. this morni, prince harry and girlfriend, meghan markel are triggering new eagement speculation after their first public appearance together. sort of. opening ceremonies of the invictus games kicked off in toronto with the prince making an emotional speech. >> invictus is about the dedication of the men and women who serve their countries. >> rorter: prince harry then took h seat next to canadian prime minister, justin trudeau, and melania trump on her first solo trip as first lady. but the big focus was on someone sitting 18 seats over, harry's girlfriend, actress meghan markel, making a surprise appearance. royal protocol dictates th couple can't sit next to each other at official events unless
8:16 am
they're engaged or married, but this latest appearance is sparking new hope that that engagement could be coming soon. markel is also getting a lot of attention for her rock star look, a long burgundy dress with a leather motorcycle jacket, drastically different from kate middleton's first appearance here in 2008 wearing a long cream coat. still, hry kept his primary focus on the 550 wounded warriors competing in the week-long invictus games, meeting the athletes -- >> how are you guys? >> reporter: awarding the first medal recipients, even making some adorable new friends.but ws pretty cute, many are hoping next year it will be markel sitting next to the prince. in addition to royal protocol, mael may have kept her distance in hopes of not attracting too much attention. that doesn't seem to have worked so well. but the good news of course is this is brinng a lot of extra attention to thenvictus games which is such a great cause so you can't be upset about that. >> y. >> with rol watchers we love weddings and babies. kate's already pregnant so now .
8:17 am
we want a wedding. >> and we're reading into a at she's wearing. that's very important. >> as alwaysthank you, diane. now to a diet trend that some believe could revolutionize your body and mind. it's all about going with your gut and using food to control your weight, mood and much more. abc's adrienne bankert has a closer look. >> reporter: people say listen to your t. now, that might be more true than ever. it turns out your gut, your small intestine, is smarter than you think. a lot of people, they have no idea how much their gut is another brain. >> absolutely. it has exactly the same neurons you find here. >> reporr: we meet dr. michael moseley, author of "the clever gut diet" at the institute of culinaryducation in new york. he says what you feed your gut can boost your mood, control weightand help your immune system. >> clever gut diet basically is what i would describe as mediterranean diet which is all these things here. >> reporter: among staples like fruits and veggies are items like dark chocolate, turri and fermented food.
8:18 am
>> fermented foods are absolutely packed with good bacteria. every single teaspoon of that stufhas tens of billions of living bacteria. >> that includes? >> things like this. >> very popular. >> very popular. and smelly cheeses. >> reporter: dr. mosley says think of your gut as a garden. ods act as fertilizer to a llio more powerful than we've ever known. >> the number of microbes down there and the sort of shape they're in largely depends on what you eat and drink. because everything which your body doesn't digest feeds them. >> reporter: he also says most americans have ruined their gut antibiotics, but early science is looking at how a change in diet may be able treprogram your physical and psychological well-being. >> can we, for example, reduce anxiety and depression by giving people either different foods, foods rich in fiber, or probiotics or prebtics?
8:19 am
>> reporter: while t medical community still has a lot of questions about the gut/mind connecti, the new studies show an undeniable link. between gut health and the immune system. that you learned in your study? >> just what a profound effect it has. this is all incredibly brand new and unbelievable exciting. >> reporr: for "good morning america," adrienne bankertabc news, new york. >> food for thought. we're going to bring in maya feller, a new nutritionist on this, and a registered dietitian. what's your take? >> when people come into my office, i say to them, what are you eating, what are you putting in there? the research is er evolving, so we can't be completely definiti but we do know that people who eat better and have healthier guts tend to get sicker less, they tend to have less systemic inflammation and they also have better weight management and also being aware if they're hungry or not. >> thaall makes sense. so what's going on inside here? >> look at this cylinder. bacteria and good bacteria.u b
8:20 am
we're thinking this is t average american, lots of bad bacteria. all hope is not lost. you can flip the switch and add in good bacteria. those are these orange ping pong balls. increasing the fiber in your diet. >> how do you change t bacteria? >> that's that fiber increase. i'm going to say things like beans, how beautiful they are. is gorgeous pumpkin, okra, i love okra. >> what out fried okra? >> all right, you know what i'll say about fried okra, fried okra in moderation once in a while. >> all right, all right. >> so increase the fiber. what does that look like? 25 grams a day for men and -- excuse me, 38 for men, 25 for women. ditch the refined grains. we're saying replace the whole grains. we're also saying eat beans once i mean, how do we eak more fibe
8:21 am
>> i say in the morning, look to have at least, you know, maybe eggs with a little bit of spinach. lunch you're going to have a salad and put some veggies into that sandwich. dinner, three-quarters of your plate nonstarchy vegetable. any chance you get snacks are vegetables. you want to push the fiber in there. any opportunity. >> tell us the amount again that you recommend for men and women. >> women is 25 grams per day and men is 38 grams. it's a huge amount, i recognize that. the average american, they're not hitting it. they're getting around 15 grams per da >> i just came back from new orleans this weekend so you know how my gut is feeling. but in moderation, don't do than keeping it real. robin, on a toty morning here in tis square. we're talking about schools closing or half days in the midwest because of five days plus of record heat in some spots. been hundreds of recordighs
8:22 am
over the weekend. that ridge that has been built in there is going to stay in place at least for another day or two, depending on your location. easily into the 90s. it's that prolonged heat and because a lot of the schools there don't have air conditioning and they've never seen this type of prolonged this late in the season so it's hitting them. that's the big picture. good monday morning. i'm lisa argen starting out with clear conditions here in the city, but it's going to be a warm one, a red flag warning for the north and east bay hills. temperatures on the rise through thursday. only slightly cooler by the end of the week. relative humidity drops. the winds pick up from about noon to about 6:00. so we're very concerned about high fire danger. 80 today in oakland. 88 in concord. 86 in morgan hill and the look ahead still warm through and now to a growing trend, turning your passion io a paycheck. more people are taking on a so calledide hustle and adding bank account doing something
8:23 am
they love. robin loves a good side hustle. you can hear her yelling over there. abc's becky worley is in san francisco looking at how it' done. good mning, becky. >> reporter: you're right. 44 million americans have second jobs. the side hustle is little different. we're talking about little personal businesses sometimes bringing in really big bucks. >> my name is alexandra kennan and my side hustle is running hiking tours in the city of san fraisco. >> i'm angie. >> and i'm alicia. >> and our side hustle is vow >> we write wedding vows and speeches. >> i'm becky worley and my side hustle is podcasting, yeah, i have a side hustle too. >> reporr: chris is the author of "side hustle:from idea to
8:24 am
income in 27 days." he's bullish on this growing trend. >> what i'm talking about is creating an income, generating product without quitting your day job. >> he's not saying take a second gig like an uber driver who's selling a product for a big company. the concept of a side hustle is different, the idea of everyday people becoming entrepreneurs by turning their ideaand passions into cash. digital pioneer air bnb is on trend adding what they are calling, experiences to their offerings. you can sign up to sell walking tours, catered meals, painting classes or whatever you have to offer. for me, my side huse is about career development, keeping my geeky tech chops at home. for alex it's about balance. her day job as a marketing manager is totally tied to a de. >> i have sat at a desk for 10, 12 years in corporate environment and realized i had moved all the way to san francisco from philadelphia and i didn't kw the city that well. >> reporter: plus there's the pretty significant iome. >> i'marning about $50,000 a year from the side hustle.
8:25 am
>> reporter: for alicia d angie -- >> i'm a structural engineer. >> i work in tech as a copyrighter. >> reporter: their side hustle grosses out $15,000 a year each. you're basically starting a micro business, and that can be a little intimidating, especially the marketing plan and bswee it e.but that's why this airbnb experiences idea is useful. you're plugging into their site, their marketing. airbnb is adding new york city to the places that offer experiences, a really fun concept. they're promoting that with celebrities, hosting one-time-oy experiences to make money for charities. so we're going to start with the shopng excursion with none other th carrie bradshaw, heelf., sarah jessicake othearr one, ansel elgor pt is offering up a rock climbing experience, d our very own michael strahan will be taking someucky folks golfing at oceed going toharity. check the airbnb site.
8:26 am
michael strahan teeing it up, i don'know, dude. grip it and rip it. >> just don't stand in front of me. all right, thank you, becky. it's all for charity. coming up, ed sheeran is taking over times square. ed cheerios is here.
8:27 am
hi. good morning. hasn't exactly been a perfect morning. >> we continue to go down hill as far as the roads are concerned. want to take you to the earlier sig alert. southbound 101 just past marsh road. that crash has cleared. all lanes are back open. major delays back north of san mateo bridge. still have a stalled vehicle on the bay bridge heading into san francisco. so some longer than average delays through the maze. >> bridges not doing so hot. we will check in with ♪
8:28 am
hey grandpa. hey, kid. really good to see you. you too. you tell grandma you were going fishing again? maybe. (vo) the best things in life keep going. that's why i got a subaru, too. introducing the all-new crosstrek. love is out there. find it in a subaru crosstrek.
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now your accuweather forecast with lisa argen. >> good monday morning. a look live at the city where it will be 80 degrees today. we are warming up quickly. 64 right now. 52 in gilroy. lack of humidity. the air is dry and breezy upper elevation winds will bring high fire danger today. be careful north and east bay hills. we are expecting winds to gust. 80 today in oakland. >> grab the sun screen. we will have another update in
8:30 am
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