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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  September 25, 2017 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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instead of the american flag. >> disagreement and dialogue after president trump said nfl players should be fired for kneeling during the national anthem. i'm dan ashley. >> i'm kristen sze. eric reed wrote op-ed in "new york times" about why he took a knee with colin kaepernick in last year's anthem. said the killing in his how many town disturbed him. >> it has always been my understanding that brave men and women who fought and died 4 your ld free id so to ensure we society which includes the right to speak out in protest. >> sales are soaring for one player standing on the field during the and anthem. v v villanue villanueva says he supports
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players who -- said he unity an threw his teammates under the bus. >> hundreds of students at alameda high school staged a protest this afternoon. >> elissa harrington was there. >> reporter: it was emotional moment during special playing of the national anthem. one student in tears. those who got involved want people to know younger generation is paying attention to what is going on in the world and will be ♪ >> reporter: a couple hundred students took a knee after school monday. some raised aist. viin circle around the american flag and sit, kneel for the national anthem. came up with the idea in response to president trump's criticism of the nfl and nationwide protest. >> i want to show everyone at
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school i don't wantbendo t of . everyone to know they have the right to protest whatever they believe in. reporter: reached o campus radio station, discussed it on monday's show and invited the community to the protest. >> as student-run station we feel it's important to practice freedom of speech and show that students really care about what is going on. >> reporter: program director says it's not disrespecting the flag. >> we stand united, all ofa but something better. >> reporter: teacher, also the athletic director said some of the athletes sat out national anthem last year to protest police violence and inequality. >> our kids are powerful and thoughtful. always taught my kid, may not be able to vote, still can be involved.
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>> reporter: abc7 news. not only students taking the knee in bay area. oakland unified school district honor band is expected to protest at oakland a's game tonight. >> the band first took a knee to protest racism and police brutality more than a year ago when colin kaepernick started protest. most of the musicians knelt in solidarity at a's game. >> so far most nfl owners tolerating or embracing protest. >> but there is a risk to lucrative franchises if there's backlash from fans. >> looks at what is at stake. >> nfl is expected to rake in $14 billion this year. even as some owners join players, reality will sink in their share could be at stake. >> ticket sales go down and starts to be online chat groups
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saying let's protest this sponsor or that, who sponsor favorite team, allowing this to go on, things may change. >> could put fans in position to determine if they continue to allow pregame protests. >> if they want to escapeupsett. others will brush it off. team is my team. really like them and able to separate the two. >> it's common for players to have personal conduct clauses in contracts. but john mcintyre, lawyer it athletes as clients say these coul a gd ray area. >> employee such as nfl football player protests while he's on the clock before a game? that's something the law really hasn't dealt with. >> danville resident and former player believes multimillion dollar plays must emulate what
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colin kaepernick did and go beyond protest. >> take it as challenge to show rest of the world who we really are.vials, good citizens, go back to the neighborhoods we came from and we help. >> abc7 news. >> we want your opinion on all of this, do you think the nfl should allow national anthem protests? go to twitter or facebook to answer that question. moving on. sky7 shows video of the bay bridge toll plaza, where a gunman robbed a toll taker yesterday. another on carquinez bridge was also robbed. looking for two men. melanie woodrow is live with more. >> reporter: there is surveillance video of both robberies and chp is investigating whether the suspects involved in most recent robberies could be connected to more. caught on camera, chp says they
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have video of two men they believe are responsible for two robberies at gun point within ten hours on sunday. >> consider this brazen. >> reporter: getting away with $4,196. from bay bridge and carquinez bridge collectors. >> black males, adults, black hoodies and blue latex >> reporter: surveillance video captured the video. >> black mercedes sedan, s-150, paper plates that said car max on them. >> reporter: 13 bridge toll robberies in 2015 with arrest of one person believed to be connected to 11 of them. number dropped to five following year.
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this far this year, four. as to whether the two suspects could be linked to any others? >> something investigators will look at. >> reporter: the toll collectors not physically injured. >> shaken up. >> reporter: but danger extends to passing motorists as well. which is why they want to talk to any witnesses. world baseball class 20-year-old melissa larson, madeline lopez and 18-year-old julia per uzi accused of hitting homes. officers say the group specifically looked for women working by themselves. one in the group would distract the employee while another stole cash and credit cards, third drive the getaway car. visits san francisco knows how
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congested the city streets are. one believes raid hailing surfaces are big culprits and wants action. carolyn? >> uber says it shares the city's concerns about congestion and public safety and sent a statement saying uber is committed to being active partner in working to make improvements in these areas. it's more congested than ever on san francisco streets. hearing held today at city hall with one supervisor placing bulk of the blame on transportation network companies, uber and lyft. transformed congestion landscape in san francisco. >> unclear how many are out there. estimated 45,000 people drive for uber or lyft at some poift e
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county transportation authority estimates 5,700 on a typical day. suing to get information including incentives to lure drivers from mer said or l.a. believes uber could be trying to create a monopoly. >> clearly trying to drive public transit, taxis, any competition out of the market. i would like the city attorney to look at that as antitrust issue. >> i don't think it's antitrust example, it's just modern competition. >> jim lazarus with the san francisco chamber of commerce doesn't believe it's fair to blame them for all the gridlock. >> over 700,000 jobs in san francisco on a daily basis. by far a record. and population of a record. > and city is not adding n streets. carolyn tyler, abc7 news.
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more aftershocks in mexico and more searching for possible survivors, all of this as relief efforts are stopped at the border. price for pensions at university of california, some say students are footing the bill. hot dog vendor gets a big check. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ wow! nice outfit. when i grow up, i'm going to mars. we're working on that. some people know how far they want to go.
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can help you get them there. see how access to j.p. morgan investment expertise can help you. chase. make more of what's yours. a 17-year-old santa rosa boy injured neck and spinal cord after diving into shallow ocean water. team w teen was wading with friends when he dove head first misjudging the depth. this shows emergency crews
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helping after friends and bystanders helped pull him from the water. >> officials at mexican consulate are getting earful. people wanting to donate supplies for running into road blocks and not happy about it. >> reporter: brought the message to general consulate of mexico. claiming once they get to border they're met with resistance. >> lot being rejected. not allowed to pass through. sometimes excessive fees are being charged. these are donations. >> specifically what we want daud is get to the earthquake victims. so we can't get across. >> reporter: group called kids members tried to take clothes and other items to mexico. >> had one specific volunteer
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charged $1100 to bring donations across. absurd, trying to help out people. >> reporter: officials from mexican consulate said donations are welcome but still rules. >> if you want to send clothes, tsbeo you want to send used bt it's rules, sanitary rules. >> reporter: says the borders are open with no tax payments. if anyone asks for money, report it immediately. >> when you arrive at border and officer of custom tries to don't act legal take a photo, video, and their name. immediately call us in order for us to communicate with authorities. >> reporter: these community groups say the fact that consul general is aware of concerns should help as t to send morehetry donated items to
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abc7 news. death toll from the quake rose to 325 today. still looking for people in the rubble. last week found a dog alive in apartment building. white schnauzer in remarkably good shape despite trapped for six days. emergency exit off a plane in fresno this afternoon at plane cabin filled with smoke. aleejt airlines from las vegas, smoke drifted into cabin while taxiing at fresno international. allegiant issued statement saying there was no injuries. big cats are out in the east bay and more are coming. mountain lion was standing on this street saturday night. another sighting on grizzly
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peak. may be more common as oakland zoo expects to get four mountain s the trail exhibit. rescues cubs that can't betued w home at zoo. that new exhibit will open next summer. that time of year when retailers start looking for holiday help. >> michael finney with that and other consumer news. >> lot of interesting news. uc system is dishing out more and more six-figure pensions. 5,000 uc retirees collecting pensions for $100,000 a year or more. increase of 60% since 2012. l.a. times investigationye who 0 years of surface receive pensions averaging $88,000 a year. how does this affect your tuition? uc spokesperson says it's
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difficult to determine that. retailes are hiring for the holidays. 700,000 needed. j.c. penney's alone. competition for good employees. looking for work, target is upping base pay from $10 to $11 an hour to get workers they want. toys "r" us in bankruptcy and planning to hire 1,000. royal caribbean's the seas has docked. first since the storms. but sightseeing will be different. if you have a cruise planned for caribbean, do your due diligence to see if you want to continue with vacation or go another direction. cruise companies are hard to deal with on this, come up with
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plan and get to work. unlicensed berkeley street vendor who had $60 confiscated by police officer in viral video now has enough money to buy a food cart. he was presented with check for over $87,000 courtesy of a gofundme campaign. man who started the campaign thanked the donors. >> grateful that well over 5,500 people throughout the country humbly donated $5, $10, $20 of their hearts to support street vendors. >> martin flores also taped this video of the confrontation that went viral. police stressed that officer did everything correctly. i hope you had a chance to enjoy the gorgeous weather. temperatures come up a few degrees and going to see warm-up
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live dgooppler 7, no rain there. but few high thin wispy clouds. we're tracking gusty winds, right now to 14 miles an hour, out of the northeast at atlas peak. it's drying out the air. relative humidity is 16% in santa rosa, down to 18% in san jose, livermore, 15%. that's why fire danger is elevated. north and east bay hills under red flag warning until 5:00 tomorrow evening. gusty winds and low humidity adding to the fire danger. but same wind direction will bring the temperatures up. san francisco, average high of 70 tomorrow. 15 above normal the 85. wednesday still warm, wait until end of the work week for the numbers to return where they should be. i know you don't have ac in many
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homes in san francisco, it's tough. might want to go here to escape the heat. i suspect won't be as l half moon bay is 71 degrees. east bay hills, wispy clouds, harmless. looking at mt. diablo. 87 in santa rosa fairfield and 85 in livermore. beautiful from south beach camera. blue skies. above average warmth. high fire danger through wednesday and cooler end of the work week. tomorrow starts out chilly. dress in layers. as you head into the afternoon, you'll be shedding them. 90 in san jose, 83 in cruz, 86 in san mateo, upper 70s
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near the beaches. downtown san francisco and south in mid-80s. most of the rest of you in the 90s except san rafael, vallejo in the 80s. head inland, warm autumn day. 92 in concord and san r look at hurricane maria. still churning in atlanta. category 1, still a large storm, kicking up surf and rip current risk reins high along the eastern seaboard. if travel plans take you there, keep that in mind with possibility of storm surge. accuweather seven-day forecast, bumping up to 80s and 90s for most of you wednesday. holds until cooler weather on
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friday. by then you'll be ready. cooling contines for the weekend. download the accuweather app and check out hour by hour, minute by minute temperatures. making history in the marines, how this woman just smashed a glass ceiling. next. then on 5:30 on "world news with david muir". >> asked with health care -- and puerto rico, why this, why now? smoke filling cabin, passengers making a quick escape, coming up. new at 6:00, members of the
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a section of ice four times the size of manhattan has broken off pine island glacier in west antarctica. it's fifth maging calving or ice
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loss since 2000. drifs underneath suggestion that warmer ocean waters are reaching farther underneath. could raise global sea level 1.7 feet if it melts completely. first female officer graduated from marine infantry training course today. lieutenant one of 88 marines who completed final phase of the 13-week training program in san bernardino county. assigned to first marine division at camp pendleton in california. the course opened up to women in 2012. since then more than 30 women have attempted it and failed. not this time. former white house chief strategist steve bannen tried to spy on facebook by planting a mole. buzzfeed has obtained a series
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of e-mails wanted to learn about the hiring process. alerted him to job opening in facebook's what's app unclear in the exchange went further. hired former obama appointee to fill the post. apple is switching to google for siri search results inste b. coincided with release of newest mac operating system. netflix is making it easier to stream inflight entertainment. stream it onboard. using technology with less band width that works on aircraft without fast internet access. >>e niqu cnext. >> thank joseph for this picture
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over the weekend? moon over san francisco, koit tower. join us. >> may
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coming up tonight on abc7 news at 6:00, first for fremont, plans to turn old motel i i affordable housing. and live at uc berkeley, remnants of the plans for free
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speech week that's been canceled. all about otters, just look at that face, coming oup at 6:00. see you then. >> finally tonight,0 o 16 with hounds in surf city. >> dozens of dogs on surfboards with help of owners surf city dog competition in huntington beach. >> surf dogs judged on different points, h they'veg ridowdeonn l the wave, style points. lot like regular human surfers. >> this is sugar's championship ride. look at that. catching that wave earned first place prize for the pooch. >> proceeds go to orange county spca. >> couldn't tell who was happier, the owner or the pooch. world news tonight with a david muir is coming up next. >> we appreciate your time. see you again in half an hour.
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>> tonight, the growing tonight, several breaking stories as we come on the air in the west. the growing firestorm. president trump versus the nfl. growing backlash to the president's angry words about athletes who protest during the national anthem. >> get that son of a [ bleep ] off the field. >> from patriots owner bob kraft, quarterback tom brady to lebron james, on live tv today. players locking arms across the country. tensions boiling over among fans. and tonight, the white house is asked, with north korea, with health care, with the emergency in puerto rico, why this? why now? all of this as the governor of puerto rico says they are dealing with a humanitarian disaster, that they need help. also breaking at this hour, chaos and arrests on the hill. protesters worried about losing their health insurance hauled off. and the headline as we come on the air tonight. one republic senator who was on


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