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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  September 26, 2017 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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fall and the sierra already seeing signs of winter. here in the bay it is definitely going to feel like summer this week. looks like mother nature can't quite make up her mind so she has order everything and we are getting it all. >> it is tuesday, september 26th. laids tracking this for us. growing up in the bay area that's what happens in october as we head into that month. >> they are having heat on the east coast and i'm like, yeah, your point is? >> exactly. >> that's what we have. so we're sort of used to it, although we have critical fire danger that is also with us through the next 48 hours. north and east bay hills, the diablo range with gusty northerly winds allowing temperatures to warm even more today. 63 in mill pita, good morning santa maria, 54 degrees there, 62 alameda and 63 on the coast bodega bay. 90s north bay with down sloping winds, east bay and just about 90 in san jose and the only 70s
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we will find will be just along the coast. another day with low 80s in the city today. we don't have any major blocking issues this morning and we are off to a quiet start. the bay bridge toll plaza just a little stack up in those cash lanes on the left-hand side. they should get those booths open shortly and we should have the metering lights flipping on about 520 thoik this morning. the only drive time that's of concern westbound al 0 tracy to dublin, we had road work go late, that has picked up now, damage done. you are at 58 minutes in the red. no delays southbound 680 out of the dublin, 101 to cupertino 51 minutes. we will talk more about that road work coming up next. breaking news in san jose, a police suv involved in a crash, i want to get straight to this video just came in minutes ago. this was at the intersection of camden and union. you can see the police cruiser had extensive rear end damage.
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there was another black car also involved. you can see from this several other officers, an ambulance and firefighters all responded to the scene. unclear right now how the officer is doing, we believe that officer was hospitalized but we are working on confirming those details. our crew has a call into the police department right now. i will let you know as soon as we learn more. natasha. >> thank you. it came up first with u2, recently with ed sheeran, that 10:00 p.m. can you are few for concerts is causing problems in the lehigh stadium. >> abc 7 news reporter matt action happening today. the >> reporter: good morning. the mayor says this cancellation was a surprise to her. the vice mayor says this is costing the city about $800,000 and the 49ers are saying the community is paying the price. ♪
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>> reporter: ed sheeran is known for his massive hit "shape of you". 49ers say at the reached an agreement with a grammy award winning artist but because of the 10:00 p.m. curfew for concerts put in place by the scla city council 49ers say sheeran's show will no longer come to levi stadium. a $1,000 fine for breaking the curfew but the vice mayor say this is about politics. >> this is about the mayor trying this her head to get a paper trail of how the niners are breaching the contract and simply trying to get rid of the niners and running the stadium. >> reporter: last month the stadium authority denied the 49ers request to extend the curfew to 11:00 p.m. four times a year. mayor lisa gilmore said the stadium and council will discuss how to improve how levi stadium is managed. reporting live in scla, matt keller, abc 7 news.
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a mother is going to be in court today facing felony manslaughter charges in the death of her two daughters. her daughters died. al hand dra is seeking reduction in her bail. if convicted se sentenced to 11 years in prison. we are keeping an eye on uc berkeley after two conservative activists say they are going to speak at sproul plaza. a group called united against right wing violence held a real, this was supposed to be day three of a planned free speech week. cal officials tell us the university was, quote, played by organizers of free speech week saying that the scheduled speakers never planned to come. as for today's apparent speech, patriot prayer founders joey gibson and kyle chapman say they will be on campus at 2:00 p.m. a funeral is scheduled for
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the chp officer killed in a crash on had i way to work. investigators believe a pickup truck turned in bront of branik last week while riding his personal motorcycle. law enforcement in the south bay searching for robbers who targeted unsuspecting atm customers. they hit four locations on september 8th. abc 7 news reporter katie marzullo has the details. >> reporter: the robbery happened at the chase branch at 8:30 in the morning, the victim was a woman using the atm. >> two suspects approached her, one grabbed her, said they had a firearm. >> reporter: these are the sputs spects, a man and woman in their mid to late 20s. a chase customer we talked to was shocked. >> it could have gone really bad and the fact that it could have happened with people literally
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right next to this event. >> reporter: after comparing notes and photos with police in other cities campbel investigators linked the couple to three other daytime robberies on september 8th, one in santa clara, one in sunnyvale and another at this bank of america in san jose. >> incredibly surprising. i mean, wow, what are you thinking about, buddy? this is not dr you are broad daylight. i see policemen here all the time. i hope they catch them. >> police are releasing a description of the suspect's vehicle, it's a dark gray nissan centra four-door newer model. police are reminding bank customers to be careful. >> be aware of your surroundings. make sure there's nobody watching you walk up to the atm. >> if you recognize the suspects you are asked to call the campbell police department. 5:06. new details in the murder trial of kate steinle. it appears jurors will hear the
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confession made by the accused killer. juan francisco lopez-sanchez admitted to shooting steinle during an interview with police two years ago. defense attorneys argued his statement should be excluded because a san francisco police officer misread his miranda rights. steinle was shot while walking with her dad on pier 14. on to developing news in mexico where rescuers continue to work around the clock after last week's quake. we showed you this dog rescue yesterday, crews found another dog alive amongst the rubble of a collapsed apartment building. a moment of hope there. the dog in remarkably good shape res might being trapped for six days. the death toll from the quake stands at 325. 103 schools have been inspected and deemed safe but more than 9,000 others still remain close
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jood in the wake of the mexico city earthquake and hurricane maria mondays teams from travis air force base left for mexico city one day after the aft earthquake. crews delivered ready to eat meals to puerto rico where hurricane maria hit. happening today, a big reveal for the marijuana industry in san francisco. according to the sf examiner new legislation will be introduced to the board of supervisors detailing how the city will regulate the cannabis industry. it lays out the rules for pot cultivation, distribution and sales. the planning commission will hold a hearing for the proposal on thursday and again october 19th. the board may vote on it as early as november. recreational marijuana sales become legal in january. >> now your accuweather forecast with lisa argen. critical fire weather again today, this is our east bay
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hills camera. this at about 1200 feet are bringing winds 15 to 25 miles an hour. i checked mt. tam, mt. diablo. we are getting those breezy winds. the atmosphere is dry. the moisture content is low and just going to get lower throughout the day today. it is already 63 in francisco, 61 san jose, 60 mountain view, 56 oakland, 51 gilroy, long way to go today, this is mt. tam are highs in the 90s in many locations. 56 santa rosa, 40s napa, novato, 54 livermore, 58 concord, what you can expect today, the breeze yeast winds this morning and through the evening hours and that brings down the relative humidity and you add in the high heat index and that could allow for fire starts today. so looks like another 48 hours of that and highs today will be in the 80s. very little change tomorrow, we will get the sea breeze back on
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thursday, overnight lows will be comfortable in the 40s and 50s, quiet commute hopefully on tap. >> so far we are looking that way. there is just one hot spot and that is due to overnight road work westbound 580 as you leave the tracy area, get into the altamonte pass stretch between north lynn and greenville. we did have a couple lanes scheduled to be closed until 4:00 this morning on this westbound side. i was thinking they picked up those cones but we may have one still closed. 13 hours, 18 miles an hour, a little bit faster than they were 15 minutes ago. we will see what happens with that. the eastbound side we still have those lanes closed until 6:00 this morning, two lanes open, two lanes closed. looking great from the north bay, southbound 101 across golden gate bridge. united airlines is about to roll out a program it thinks will solve its overbooking program. where you can get a carton of milk and renew your drivers
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by living off the grid. completely. or... set the washing machine to cold. do your thing. energy upgrade california. this is just coming in, folks. a fire overnight at the west coast aquatics r in san jose actually happened in their parking lot. firefighters had to pry open the gate to get into the property and look at this video, we just
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got it moments ago. you can see vegetation and trees were on fire. they were able to get it under control pretty quickly. we've heard about 15 minutes. so they got it under control fast. the concern, though, was the swim center and nearby homes that are right there in the area of mclaughlin and holly hill. we are not sure exactly what sparked it. an investigation is under way right now. one bay area high school joining the take a knee movement. hundreds of students at alameda en sinl high school were invited so circle around the american flag and sit, kneel or stand for the national anthem. the student body president came up with the idea in response of president trump's criticism of the nfl and the nationwide take a knee protest. demonstrations continued during monday night football, that's the focus in today's gma first look. >> reporter: in this morning's gma first look the dallas cowboys, america's team, taking their stand by taking a knee. >> boos can be heard from this
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sellout crowd. >> reporter: even owner jerry jones who has called the anthem protests disappointing right in the middle of his team. in what the nfl commissioner tweeted was a great show of unity a choreographed move between the cowboys and the arizona cardinals. >> our players wanted to make a statement about unity. >> singer jordan sparks displaying a reference to a bible verse calling to speak up to those who cannot speak for themselves. monday night's action in lockstep with reaction to president trump's fiery comment. >> if you see it, even if it's one player, leave the stadium. >> and we will have full coverage of this political war of words coming up at 7:00 a.m. i'm kendis gibson. we know that the world champion warriors will not be going to the white house but it is not clear if they will do any demonstration before their pre-season opener on saturday. coach steve kerr tells the
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mercury news they haven't even talked about a potential protest just yet. players, coaches and players are expected to line up in a dig need posture during the national nl anthem. president trump withdrew any talk about an invitation for the warriors to visit the white house after steph curry said he would not go if invite jood these three women are accused of going on a stealing spree across the south bay. they went to real estate open houses. 20-year-old melissa larson, madeline lopez and julia peruzzi hit homes and stores in sunnyvale, cupertino and santa clara. officers say the group looked for women working by themselves. police say one person would distract the employee while another stole their cash and credit cards. the drove the getaway car. researchers in france say they were able to partly restore a man's consciousness after he had been in a vegetative state
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for 15 years. the patient had brain damage from a car accident. doctors spent a month stimulating the nerve that connects the brain to the abdomen. you can see the before images on the left and after images on the right. the patient went from a vegetative to minimally conscious state. the findings were reported in today's issue of current biology. it's an iconic photo taken during world war ii. these six marines raising the american flag during the battle of iwo jima. photographer joe rosenthal captured that moment in 1945 and now people want to honor him by naming a ship after him. a group retired veterans and active duty marine journalists say it's collected more than 2,000 signatures so there can be a future uss joe rosenthal. it will turn in the petition on october 9th which is rosenthal's birthday. the nih is taking on a study of how genes, environments and lifestyles affect our health.
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this morning it is searching for more than a million participants. the all of us project is in the pilot testing phase with people enrolled. researchers will track them for ten years to better forecast health and treat disease. they want to recruit volunteers from all backgrounds especially they are looking for minorities who are typically underrepresented. we have posted for information on nbc 7 united airlines about to launch a program that allows passengers on overbooked flights to bid on how much compensation they are going to get to give up their seats. the airline started looking at options after dr. david dow was forcibly dragged off an overbooked flight in april. starting next month the airline will launch an automated system that will offer customers the opportunity to bid for a desired compensation amount in exchange for potentially changing travel plans. testing for that program will begin next month in select markets. we have new details this morning on the 14 new dmv kiosks
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in bay area grocery stores. hood line reports the first kiosk in san francisco is installed at the 24 yaerld safe way. this video shows how it works. it let's you complete simple transactions like renewing your vehicle registration without visiting the dmv. >> i keep postponing my registration. looks like somebody is going to -- >> going to safe way. this year went by really fast, the holiday is already speaking up on us. here is another sign that the winter season is just around the corner. white house officials have selected its christmas tree, it's bombing from wisconsin. it's nearly 20 feet tall, will stand in the white house blue room which is a big deal for this balsam fir, it will be delivered to d.c. on november 20th. >> does the balsam fir think it's a big deal. >> it's losing its life. it is a big deal so that's accurate. show me the lie. let's go over to lisa argen. >> good morning to you. looking at warm numbers this morning. it's mild already.
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live doppler 7, fog free conditions, santa cruz 55, in the low to mid 80s again today, 62 downtown, 60 mountain view, 52 half-moon bay, 61 san jose, gill roy 50 degrees, sfo you will be in the 80s again today as well as downtown san francisco. 55 in santa rosa, 56 fairfield, 40s from novato to napa. 45 minutes warmer than where you are now in napa, we will put you into the mid 90s, critical fire weather with above average warmth by 10 to 15 degrees. we are 3 to 8 degrees warmer today in the high fire danger through wednesday, cooler temperatures by the end of the week. you can expect numbers in the south bay to top out around 90 south bay to top out around 90 in santa clara. 85 downtown.
5:21 am
mt. st. helena critical weather with those down sloping winds, 94 santa rosa. east bay upper 80s in oakland. 89 union city, inland low 90s. we will do this again tomorrow. the accuweather seven-day forecast we get a sea breeze on thursday, everyone cools down on friday into the weekend. alexis, a new crash out there. >> we have one on southbound 880, on the nimitz in the freeway area between 82 and 94. two vehicles involved in that, i believe they are blocking lane number 1, so the far left lane just past alvarado niles road. also quick check of drive times this morning, the bay bridge commute looking great, westbound 80 highway 4 to the maze wide open at 17 minutes, 9 across the bay bridge, and southbound 101 san francisco so sfo in the green at 9 minutes.
5:22 am
breaking news happening in illinois right now i want to show you these live pictures coming into our live desk, this is a deadly crash in the city of joliet involving a fedex semi-truck and two other semis. we know at least one of those drivers was killed and there is a huge backup for drivers. it's affecting a ton of people just outside of chicago. very little information so unclear exactly what happened here. i will keep my eye on things, but you can see just a really nasty crash that is making national headlines right now. coffee manufacturers may soon have to post warnings on their packaging, this is a long running lawsuit over the issue. a nonprofit group claims starbucks and 90 other companies are failing to follow a state law. at the center a carcinogen which a by-product of the coffee roasting process. coffee companies are presenting
5:23 am
their final defense. next the seven things you need to know. a san francisco leader taking action after blaming uber and lyft for congestion in the city. a cubs player accidentally a cubs player accidentally knocks nachos
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only $9.99 and kitchen electrics are just $4.99 after rebate! plus get kohl's ca! wednesday through sunday only at kohl's! whether you are just joining us or about to go out the door here are the seven things you need to know today. number one, two controversial conservative activist right side planning to hold a rally at uc berkeley after the cancellation of free speech week. campus officials are planning security for today's event. number two, breaking news from the live desk, we are keeping our eyes on a huge fire burning right now in southern california. the canyon fire in orange county grew to nearly 2,000 acres overnight. there are hundreds of people evacuated. number three, the governor of puerto rico says the island is facing an unprecedented disaster in the wake of hurricane maria. he is asking for more government aid to avert a humanitarian crisis on the island. number four, a red flag warnings continues for our north and east bay hills, critical
5:26 am
fire weather with temperatures 10 to 15 degrees above average. gusty winds above 1,000 feet. number five, we are already off to a rough start getting out of the tracy area, 121 minutes, we did have late road work, a disabled semi before north lynn road. number six, the santa clara city council will consider extending the city's curfew past 10:00 p.m. on weeknights. the curfew has forced some artist toss cancel their concert at lee vice. national voter registration day, you can go to abc to make surer good to go for the next election. there's information about the deadline, who you to update any information and how to register. part of the deal when you go to a baseball game is paying for all the overpriced food and overpriced drinks but typically not part of the deal having a player knock it right out of your hands. cubs right fielder addison russell did just that chasing a
5:27 am
ball. keep your eyes on the nachos. russell gets cheese sauce all over his arms. russell hand delivers a new plate of nachos and even took a photo with the guy. >> classy move. very nice. >> and a delicious way to play. coming back with another full 90 minutes of news including the major move to help protect dreamers in one east bay city. city. and the step towards (dog panting) another 2am stroll, huh? i'm worried. i have this medical bill. dave, you have anthem, and they have people to talk to who are empowered to help answer any question you... (dog grunting, panting) is... is he okay? real people? living and breathing. hopefully not breathing like that. for all the things that keep you up at night, anthem blue cross has a solution.
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degree motionsense. ultimate freshness... with every move. the more you move, the more it works. degree, it won't let you down. we hope this has been a good start to your tuesday, september septemberth. meteorologist lisa argen is taking a look at your weather this morning. if you like the heat she has good news for you. >> that's true. if you live in the north bay you are like what heat because in the north bay it has dropped off into the 40s, but everywhere else we are warmer this morning than yesterday.
5:30 am
anywhere from 2 to 7 degrees warmer and that translates into numbers in the 60s here from mountain view, 60, 65 in los altos hills, 61 san jose, we are 60 in the city, 48 on the coast, but notice the shaking winds. we have upper elevation breezy winds, that's why we have a red flag warning in effect 90s today in the inland east bay, critical fire weather. we will talk about how long it lasts and how warm where you live coming up. the commute starting to ramp up. slow traffic in a few spots this morning including southbound 880. fremont just before 84 past he will have a rad dough niles row a two car crash. i'm not sure on injuries, emergency crews are on the way to the scene but clearly you already have a backup this morning. also in the last few minutes the bay bridge metering lights have flipped on. it is extra heavy out of the central valley, we are trying to
5:31 am
get to the bottom of that. next update coming up in less than ten. a car crashed into a san francisco home overnight. the good news here no one was seriously hurt. this happened around 12:30 this morning at elk and boss worth in the glen park neighborhood. the yellow car rammed into the corner of the building. this is structural damage. firefighters say the people in the car were able to get out before emergency crews got there. a couple living in the home is displaced. free speech week isn't even a thing anymore at uc berkeley, not canceled but the campus is bracing for possible problems. >> amy hollyfield is live in berkeley with more on the events still happening today. >> reporter: good morning. there will be speeches here today but some students we talked to are frustrated by all of this. they say they are frustrated at how much this is costing the university and how it inconveniences students who just want to study. one of the speakers who will be coming here today is joey gibson, he is the founding of patriot prayer out of portland,
5:32 am
org. he will be joined by coil chapman who calls himself based stick man, he is known to carry sticks at rallies and was arrested at a pro dump rally over the summer and accused of possessing an illegal weapon in the form of a stick. we asked students how they felt about the speakers coming here today. >> i think -- i guess it's also midterm season but my priority is my education and so like the fact that it is like impeding on all of us, every single one of these students when most of us have nothing to do with what's going on that becomes an issue. there are plenty of other places people can express their freedom on speech, but it to be to this extent. >> milo yiannopoulos made a quick 15 minutes appearance on sunday. the library was closed as part of the security plan. uc officials say all the police officers they fired to be here cost the university $800,000.
5:33 am
it's these costs and inconveniences that some students find upsetting. those speakers will be here at sproul plaza at 2:00 this afternoon then they will march over to park and give their speeches. happening today attorney general jeff sessions is joining the heated debate about free speech. he will give a speech at the georgetown university law center in d.c. with. many students and faculty members plan to protest the event. georgetown student newspaper says an invitation to the protest reads, quote, a university that claims to care about the travel ban and daca rescindment should not invite the man who descended both. session's speech comes after they called off free speech week at berkeley. an update to that breaking news we're tracking in southern california. the canyon fire only 5% contained right now. it is a big concern. at least 600 people are evacuated. this brush fire ballooned in size overnight to feral 2,000
5:34 am
acres, 1,700 to be exact, we just got new numbers from cal fire, burning right now along the border of two cities, can hiem and corona along the 91 freeway which means it's affecting a lot of folks in the area, traffic there is heavy already and now with this fire burning it's even worse. i have been keeping my eye on things, i will let you know as soon as we get any more updates. now to the latest on hurricane maria. the governor of puerto rico says the island is facing an unprecedented disaster in the wake of that storm. take a look from the air, you can see the extraordinary destruction inflicted by maria on the island. the governor is asking for more government aid. he said hurricane maria's destruction is a humanitarian disaster for its 3.4 million u.s. citizens. with president trump's twitter feed full of posts about kneeling in the nfl, some big names are calling out our country's leader. singer mark anthony writes mr.
5:35 am
president, shut the blank up about nfl, do something about our people in need in puerto rico. we are american citizens, too. that has been retweeted more than 120,000 times. >> the president's first three tweets this morning were about the nfl and kneeling. he says, quote, ratings for the nfl football way down except before a game starts when peopl our country will be disrespected. continuing on with this theme the president tweeted about this moment last night, the dallas cowboys including owner jerry jones taking a knee before the national anthem. they stood once it started playing. the president called it big progress. mean while pittsburgh steeler an hall droe jewel nuf have a says he was embarrassed standing alone on sunday. he said he unintentionally separated himselfself in the moments leading up to the anthem. >> everybody thinking that the team and the steelers are not behind me and that's absolutely wrong. it's quite the opposite. they all would have -- actually the entire team would have been out there with me. >> he says he will continue
5:36 am
standing for the anthem and respect others rights not to do so. the offensive tackle is also a veteran. >> he served three tours in afghanistan and meantime his jersey is now the hottest selling jersey of in i current nfl player. back in the wair an east bay band taking a part kneeling. the oakland unified school district honor band took a knee performing the national anthem before last night's a's game. students say it was empowering. even though they are young they have the option to protest. >> people get to see what we're thinking because everybody has their own opinion to stuff and it's just not adults that are thinking this, it's all -- it's everybody who has an opinion. >> they are at an age where they don't have a lot of power because they can't vote and they are just watching what's happening but they are also old enough to know what's going on. >> a few band members remained standing throughout the anthem. their instructors say
5:37 am
participation is voluntary. a billboard drawing lots of attention. drivers heading into san francisco see this, the word "impeach" next to a picture of the president. courage campaign a grassroots progressive organization paid for that ad. they say the billboard will be up for a week although they could extend it if it drives a lot of traffic to their website. it links people to a petition calling for president trump's impeachment. >> i think emblazoning that and sort of shoving it down people's throats is a little too much. >> i will go and look into it and if it's worthwhile, sure, might go ahead and sign it. >> courage campaign plans to put up more i will boards in seven republican districts where hillary clinton won the majority of votes. the concord city kounlt expects to vote on a measure to protect undocumented immigrants. the goal is to build trust between police and immigrants. supporters say undocumented immigrants sometimes fear calling police who may be working with iso initials
5:38 am
especially after president trump's decision to rescind daca. the measure denounces hate speech against minority groups including muslims and the lbgt community. the san francisco board of supervisors will discuss banning all glass containers including beer and wine bottles in all city parks. this is a result of the persistent trash problem at dolores park. nearby businesses have made the switch from dallas products to cans and have been reminding customers to throw their trash away before leaving. mission local reports 7,000 flons of trash are left behind at that park every weekend. take a look at new surveillance video we're getting in of that bay bridge toll plaza robbery we told you about yesterday. officers say this was around 2:00 p.m. sunday, two thieves driving a black mercedes sedan with paper plates reading carmax, waved a weapon, demanded money and got away with nearly $3,000. the same thieves robbed another plaza of $1200 around 4:00 a.m. an officer in town to assist
5:39 am
with the canceled events in berkeley had two guns stolen from his vehicle in oakland. his department does not have set rules for how officers store their hand guns. state law says officers must lock away guns or face a fine. this is just the latest in a string of bay area incidents where thieves are stolen firearms from an officer's vehicle. good morning to you. we're looking at breezy winds in the upper elevations and this is why we have high fire danger and our red flag warning for upper elevations of the north and east bay hills. 63 degrees san francisco, 61 san jose, 50 gilroy. winds 20 to 25 miles an hour and the relative humidity at its highest right now, it decreases throughout the day as the air temperature increases. 55 santa rosa, 56 delta, 40s in napa and novato. you will be one of the warmer locations, the north bay with numbers well into the 90s. here are the upper elevation
5:40 am
winds up to 26 mile an hour knoxville creek, 15 mile an hour winds and the direction out of the north. we don't have a sea breeze today, quick warmer of down slope winds, nearly that at the coast, 90s inland. by tomorrow very little change. we will see another hot day at the coast and temperatures downtown around 80. here is when we get the see breeze to pull in on thursday. elsewhere it remains warm friday as the day where we kel tomorrow in cooler air. 55 month in oakland, 40s in the north bay and alexis has details about the incident at the toll plaza. >> a new problem, unfortunately it sounds like a plaza -- a toll collector working there at the plaza was hit by a vehicle and if you look at our traffic camera you can see the emergency response in the parking lot, we have a tow truck there, i just saw the ambulance arrive, fire department is there along with chp. we do have calls in to try to get more information.
5:41 am
we don't know the extent of the injuries but sounds like a couple vehicles involved in this and somehow that toll collector was hit as well. as soon as i have more information i will definitely keep you updated on that. those metering lights were flipped on about 5:24 this morning. heavy out of the kentrell heavy, westbound 205 down to 4 miles an hour, 11 miles an hour approaching altamonte pass. we don't have this into chp, it sounds like we have a disabled semi in the far right lane before you get to flynn road. southbound 880 very happy into the fremont avenue due to a crash. >> sorry to hear about that toll collector. thank you, alexis. we reported yesterday about jared curb mer using a private e-mail account for work-related content and that sorry just got a lot bigger. >> we also have new developments >> we also have new developments about vendor in
5:42 am
5:43 am
5:44 am
welcome back. just coming in, some live images from southern california. this is that breaking news that i've been talking to you about all morning long. this is the canyon fire. right now it's burning in orange county on the border of corona and anaheim along the 91 freeway if you are familiar with that area. it is raging and threatening about 300 homes. there are about 600 people evacuated because of this. we will have more updates
5:45 am
throughout the morning, i will keep my eye on these live images. >> that's very concerning. tensions continue to rise over u.s./north korea relations and this latest conflict stems from an apparent threat president trump tweeted against north korea's leader. that was considered a declaration of war prompting north korea to say that it would shut down u.s. bombers. some civilians airlines including lufthansa have changed their flight route to avoid an accidental strike. the white house dismissed north korea's statement as absurd and the pentagon continues to warn against provocations. the u.s. navy has beefed up its presentation against north korea. seismic activity is refueling concerns over north korea's nuclear ambitions. all senate republicans will decide the fate of the gop healthcare bill. a top member of the party doubts whether the bill will even come up for vote this week. republicans had hoped to push the bill through but it appeared
5:46 am
to have fizzled out before making it not senate floor. maine senator susan collins delivered the final blow to the bill after giving it a thumbs down. >> it would have a negative impact on millions of americans who are now insured. so it was that final piece of the puzzle that i had been waiting to -- to confirm. >> the main lawmaker joined senators rand paul and john mccain as opponents of the bill. meantime u.s. capitol police arrested 181 protesters who disrupted yesterday's hearing on the bill, some in wheelchairs. at least six of president trump's closest advisers occasionally used private e-mail address toss discuss white house matters. this according to an article in the "new york times." those disclosures come a day after news surfaced that jared kushner the president's son-in-law and adviser use add private e-mail account to send or receive about 100 work-related e-mails. also included former white house
5:47 am
strategist steve bannon, reince priebus and eve strange can a trump. an unlicensed berkeley street vendor who had $60 confiscated by police officers seen in a viral video now has enough money to buy a food truck. he was presented with a truck for over $87,000 courtesy of a go mund fee campaign. the man who started the campaign thanked donors. >> i'm just grateful that well over 5,500 people from throughout the country humbly donated $5, $10, $20 out of their hearts to support street enders, to support beto. >> a flur wrist with buying hotdogs with his family when he videotaped this confrontation. take a look at the video out of south l.a. police searching for the man getting out of his car after he allegedly kidnapped a woman
5:48 am
right off the street. you can see the man grabbed the woman kicking and screaming forcing her into the car, she tries to get out and someone pulls her back in. police are not sure if there was another person in the car with the suspect who was still on the loose. >> a san francisco supervisor is climbing uber and lyft for the increased grid block around the city. jeff shy asks for more scrutiny for ride share companies. the county transportation authority estimates 5,700 people drive for those companies on a typical day. the chamber of commerce believes the booming economy is what's playing a role in traffic gridlock more than uber or lyft. >> we have over.700,000 in san francisco now on a daily basis. by far a record. a population now of 870,000 or 800,000 also a record but we haven't added any new streets and we are not going to. >> the city attorney has already sued uber to force the company
5:49 am
to divulge driver information. we are told another hearing in that case is set for next week. lisa argen in for meteorologist mike nicco this morning. how is the weather looking. >> >> warm once again. this morning a few cool pockets in the north bay, many of you in the 60s already, san francisco in the low 60s. the golden gate bridge comfortably cool north of here in the 40s. we will see numbers soar into the 90s today. 50 gilroy. right here in san francisco we are looking at the clear sky, 55 santa rosa, 48 novato, 58 concord. we talk about relative humidity which is a contender, about how dry the atmosphere will get today. right now 50 rs concord, 64% relative humidity in oakland. by noontime down to 18% in napa, 21% in santa rosa. air temperature is going to be in the 90s. you add in a northeasterly wind and this is a recipe for
5:50 am
potentially some fires out there. 90 today in san jose, 89 sunnyvale, peninsula numbers 88 palo alto, 10 to 20 degrees warmer than you should be this time of year. in the city 85 today, upper 70s at the coast, 94 santa rosa, the reds around sonoma, east bay 90, 89 union city, you head inland an more low 90s. the accuweather seven-day forecast the same situation will bring us into that red flag warning all throughout the day tomorrow. we get the sea breeze on thursday and then we can relax, slightly cooler conditions everywhere that's going to take us through the weekend. we do have a serious incident this morning at the toll plaza, alexis is here to give us the details. >> i have a few more bits of information. we did talk to chp a few minutes ago. this happened actually within the parking lot at the bay bridge toll plaza. so we originally got reports that a toll collector was hit by a vehicle ter she toll plaza. boy, i go he is that doesn't
5:51 am
make things much better. you hope that vehicle was not going very quickly. i have seen a couple of the emergency crews pull away from the scene. we did have the fire crew, ambulance, just seeing a little activity on the shoulder now. as soon as we have more information i will pass that along. it doesn't seem like that's impacting traffic aside from the flashing lights. as soon as we get an up date on that person's condition we will have an update as well. southbound 880 still have this two car crash blocking the far left lane. check out this backup, you are up to about seven mile delay starting in hayward down into the union city area. wide open here on 238 if you want to take mission boulevard instead. this is a 30 minute delay. on top of these two incidents we have heavy traffic out of the central valley. new at 6:00 forget about plug in hybrids, when drivers could start charging their collars without the wires. collars without the wires. how
5:52 am
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5:54 am
three semi-trucks involved in a deadly crash and two are fedex trucks. one driver was killed and here is the update, we've heard the other driver another one of those drivers in very serious condition and may not make it. unclear about the third. the scene is jaw dropping, the trucks actually had one of those cabs sheard off, you can see that back cabin and you can see the front part of the truck all the way on the other side of that middle semi-truck there.
5:55 am
we got information only moments ago saying this this is shutting down to the highway in joliet, a suburb of chicago. no doubt affecting traffic for commuters in that entire chicago suburb. it is making national headlines. back to you. happening today, the city of sausalito is expected to decide whether to give the golden gate bridge district the okay to demolish and replace the current ferry dock. after three years of back and forth over the design the city and bridge district agreed on a plan for a new dock earlier this month. the marin independent journal reports the work on that proposed dock two cost mon than $11 million. netflix subscribers will be able to stream movies and tv shows on airlines. the streaming service will be offering low broadband mobile technology to airline carriers t let's airlines offer cheap or wifi access.
5:56 am
let's take a look at sky 7 right now they are up over the bay bridge toll plaza and we have a little bit better view here of what's going on. we have reports that a toll plaza worker, a toll collector was hit by a vehicle in this parking lot in that east lot next to the toll plaza. most of the emergency response has cleared. we have the ambulance on the scene. chp is saying this is not impacting lanes of traffic and hopefully this will clear soon. we don't know the extent of the injuries to that person. hopefully we will find out those are just minor. you can see things there from sky 7. here is the main lanes that all the traffic is in. there is the carpool lanes and this is contained in the parking lot. we have heavy traffic coming in the central valley this morning, not one but two problems, westbound 580 before you get to north listen road, we have a disabled semi in the far right
5:57 am
lane. before grant line road another disabled vehicle is blocking the low lane. long delays as you get out of the tracy area. next traffic update coming up at 6:00. good morning. we are warmer this morning than yesterday, sunrise an hour away and already we are about 4 to 6 degrees warmer, especially in the north bay, you will see more 90s today, 59 hayward, 60 san jose. near 80 degrees at the coast, 90s north bay, east bay and parts of the south bay as well. temperatures 10 to 20 degrees above normal today with a red flag warning upper elevations. in you at 6:00 how old is told for
5:58 am
5:59 am
good morning, bay area. let's get up and get going. >> this is abc 7 mornings. now at 6:00 a frantic fire fight in southern california, huge flames forcing people from
6:00 am
their homes overnight. >> unfortunately we don't have that here at home but we do have the heat. our east bay hills camera shows a cool and comfortable san francisco before the sun comes up this morning but it is about to get hot. >> thanks for joining us at 6:00 a.m. on this tuesday, september 26th. a whole lot going on. mike nicco off this morning, lisa argen in for us. we want to start with alexis smith because there is a big issue on the bay bridge. >> a toll collector was hit by a vehicle this morning. i want to take you back live to sky 7. this happened in the parking lot right next to the bay bridge toll plaza. i'm guessing that person was either trying to get back to their vehicle or maybe just starting their shift and we did just watch some crews clear from the scene. maybe we are seeing one flashing light within this parking lot. i did just watch the ambulance pull away. this happened to the east of that toll plaza there. looking at typical delays, this was not traffic impact here in morning. we h


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