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tv   Jimmy Kimmel Live  ABC  September 27, 2017 11:35pm-12:36am PDT

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liam neeson ton notice's "jimmy kimmel live" is brought to you by these tourists. lying down on hollywood boulevard. that's fun and gross. >> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight, liam neeson "science bob" pflugfelder and music from old dominion. and now, here we go again, here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> jimmy: i'm jimmy, i'm the host. thank you for watching. thank you for coming. we've got a big fat show for you tonight and we will start tonight as usual with our president who say what you want about him, he makes
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interesting, he really does. president trump tweeted this morning as part of one of his paranoid anti-media rants the people were pro-trump, virtually no president has accomplished fit ni the months, an economy roaring. he's right, no president has ever accomplished what he's accomplished. after nine short months we have more nuclear weapons pointed at us than ever before in the history of the united states. the president is overcompensating a bit because he had a rough day yesterday. a candidate heorked very hard to endorse in alabama lost his election. senator luther strange lost his republican primary runoff to ray moore by 10 points which was very disappointing are president. usually when trump goes all-in on a loser it's a casino with his name on it, at least he [ cheers and applause ] it was an embarrassing blow to his ego. he even went so far as to do something he never does, he deleted three tweets today,
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where he bragged about how well luther strange was doing because of his endorsement. oore got his endorsement frompf "duck dynasty," in case you worried america wasn't officially a reality show yet. roy moore is a terrible person. he called the 9/11 attacks divine intervention and hates gay people so much, there is literally no way he didn't one of them. called for as to be.or actually outlawing homosexuality. not gay marriage. gay. and pulled a handgun on stage at a campaign rally. so of course donald trump today tweeted, he sounds like a really great guy who ran a fantastic race. so who settle he isn't reaching across the aisle in between failing with luther strange, who by the way is now back to work trying to kill superman, and the failed graham-cassidy health care bill, it has been a bad week for donald trump. but he's not one to admit
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defeat. he was full of both "b" and "s" today at the white house. he tried to claim they have the votes to beat obamacare. >> i just wanted to say on health care, we have the votes for health care. >> jimmy: no, you don't, but go on. >> we have one senator that's in the hospital. he can't vote because he's in the hospital. i'm almost certain we have the votes. but with one man in the hospital, we cannot just claim that we have them. we hive tave the votes. we can't do it now because we have somebody in the hospital -- >> sir, who's in the hospital, which senator are you referring to? >> in other words, he can't come here and vote because he's in the hospital. >> who is in the hospital? >> jimmy: he doesn't know who's in the hospital! [ laughter ] [ applause ] somebody's in the hospital, okay? why do you keep asking him who's in the hospital? the senator whose name he couldn't come up with is thad cochran of mississippi. who moments after that comment tweeted, thanks for the well wishes, i'm not hospitalized.
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[ laughter ] i'm recuperating at home in mississippi and look forward to returning to work soon. there was no senator in the hospital. even if he was there was still at least three other republicans against the bill which means graham-cassidy wouldn't have passed whether he was in the hospital. to recap,wa no senator in the h you didn't have the votes, is bill didn't pass and you're bad at math, okay? [ cheers and applause ] this is funny. jared kushner, who of course is trump's adviser/son-in-law, someone looked into this, noticed jared is registered to vote in the state of new york. and you see as gender female, as a woman. this is his official voter registration card. gender, female. party affiliation is none declared. that's right. he's not a republican or democrat. he's just an independent woman. [ laughter ] [ applause ] he's registered as a woman in new york and in new jersey he's
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registered also, as "gender unknown." which according to his father-in-law means he can't serve in the military. [ laughter ] but how goodred i ksushner regie as a woman? and he used the private e-mail server for white house business. i say lock her up! lock her up! [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ] lock her up! so the president, he traveled to indianapolis today to give a sneak preview of his new tax plan. but i'm sorry, you shouldn't be allowed to release a tax plan until you've released a tax return. he had a lot to say about this tax plan. he made a lot of claims, he threw out numbers, he talked about how much it costs to build the white house fence. it's a lot to digest. so we slowed him down to half speed for tonight's indianapolis edition of "drunk donald trump." [ tape playing slowly ] >> so i said, how much is the fence you're talking around the white house? sir! the fence will cost
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approximately $50 million. i said, what? i kid you not. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: why would he kid? the president is also doubling down on his war against the nfos been ranting and raving at football players who chose to kneel during the national anthem to protest racial injustice. he's very opposed to men getting down on a knee, for good heonr married to a woman who hates his guts. [ laughter ] the president called for boycott of teams that allowed these peaceful demonstrations, telling people to turn off the tv. how hilarious that trump supporters now have to stop watching football, bet you didn't see that coming. maybe you'll be swayed by the powerful story of discrimination shared by former notre dame football coach lou holtz.
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>> how do you think the owners s controversy this week? >> well, i think it's a real problem. and the reason is this. that it's a workplace environment. it's just like working with walmart. you're in a workplace, you have certain obligations in trying to haease the customers as best yot can. there's an awful lot of things that happen in this country, but i want you to know i've been unfairly tick.edet ticket when i didn't exceed the speed limit because i was coaching at one school and the patrol officer graduated from the other and he let me know he was bitter. that happens in life. >> jimmy: you see, lou has been the victim of discrimination too. [ light laughter and applause ] >> jimmy: not only did the cop give him a ticket, he confiscated his teeth! [ laughter ] ei ]seghedyo in? all the way from russia, where he is now inexplicably a citizen, none other than steve outrageous.
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i think it's a joke. it's disgusting. and, you know, i respect the american flag. and i myself, you know, have risked my life countless times for the american flag. >> jimmy: right, he risked his life twice, actually. once in "under siege," another time in "under siege 2." how dare these athletes disrespect h sacrifice? [ applause ] steven seagal also defended russia's interference in the u.s. electionyby'ngssi u doihen. >> every country is involved in espionage. every single country. the americans spy, the british spy, the russians spy, we all spy on each other, lest be honest. however, for anyone to think that vladimir putin had anything to do with fixing the elections or even that the russians have that kind of technology is -- is stupid. >> jimmy: hold on, i need to
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hear him say vladimir putin again. >> vladimir putin. [ laughter ] [ applause ] >> jimmy: dubbed in someone else's voice, that is the best, i love that. he looks great too, doesn't he? why does he look like -- he doesn't look like steven seagal. somebody who went to cvs and bought steven seagal costume on the way to a party. all right. it's time to get serious. last nig on the show i spoke up about an issue i feel very strongly about, an issue that could affect our lives for many generations toco .me call your congresspeople to tell them to put a stop to this. pumpkin spice pizza. this is a real thing from a restaurant chain called villa italian kitchen. l the pumpkin spicing tyn c i of america. we have pumpkin spice in everything now. pumpkin spice almonds, waffles, m&ms, ice cream, cream cheese, oatmeal, toaster strudel, there
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are pumpkin spice marshmallows, english muffins, oreos. we even have a pumpkin spice president for god's sake. [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ] it too is much. and i was going to leave that alone, but now that we have pumpkin spice pizza, something has to be done about this, somebody has to stand up -- >> hey! i'm never going to stop, jimmy kimmel! pumpkin spice is going to take over the world! >> jimmy: who are you? >> pumpkin spice. i'm pumpkin spice, bitch. you know you're going to bow down because this is my time. >> jimmy: no, no, i'm not. listen, mr. pumpkin spice -- >> >> call me pump daddy. >> jimmy: listen, pump daddy, you're totally off your lane here. you can have coffee, ymuffins, pumpkin spice oreos. please, i'm begging you, stay off post pizza. >> stay off pizza! oh, pizza's just the beginning, sucker.
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i'm working on fries. pumpkin spice bacon. pumpkin spice pickles. pumpkin spice hot pockets. >> jimmy: pumpkin spice on the helicopters? >> pumpkin spice underpants, pumpkin spice lego batman, pumpkin spice prilosec, pumpkin spice security guards. >> jimmy: wha ptumpkin spice security guard? >> see for yourself, over there, look. [ applause ] >> jimmy: oh, no. no, no, no, no, no. what the hell have you done to my fguillermo? >> he's my ga-lair-mo now. >> jimmy: guillermo. i don't like that at all. >> hey, my girl wants to be on tv. nutm nutmeg, get in here! >> hey! >> jimmy: hi, how are you doing? >> isn't she fine? >> jimmy: she's great. >> honey, tonight you're getting a trick and a treat. now carry me the [ bleep ] out of here. >> jimmy: oh, come on now. well, i'm happy they found each
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other. all right. we are going to -- [ applause ] are we going to go with that for the whole rest of the show or what? >> guillermo: no way. >> jimmy: no, okay, all right. when we come back, we ask people on the street, do you have a condom on you? and what may very well be the greatest local commercial of all-time. so stick around, we'll be right back. [ cheers and applause ] ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> jimmy: hi, welcome back to the show. liam neeson, science bob pflugfelder, music from old dough mi dominion is coming.
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according to cdc, incidents of sexually transmitted diseases have reached a record high in the united states, more than 2 million cases of chlamydia, gonorrhea, and syphilis last year. we did it, guys, we made america great again. [ cheers and applause ] serious thing, they say a number of factors are fueling this new epidemic. but mostly it comes down to tinder and "bachelor in paradise."d you ever carry a co your wallet? guillermo, do you carry a condom in wallet? >> guillermo: never did. >> jimmy: i never did either, way is always a realist. [ laughter ] today i was wondering if peo ep a good question to ask folks on the streets. this afternoon we went outside, asked people, are you carrying a condom on you? this is a game. we will see an individual, say hello, and then based solely on that introduction, we will guess, together, whether that person is holding a condom. okay? got it? let's begin. >> hi, what's your name, where are you from?
11:53 pm
>> larry thomas from los angeles, california. >> are you carrying a condom on you? >> jimmy: is larry from l.a. -- seemed like he was holding a blunt in his hand or is that my imagination? is he carrying a condom? yoinned out. >> yes -- no, sir. >> jimmy: he had to think about it for a second. next up. >> what's your name, where are you from? >> ev vain hand, i'm from chicago, illinois. >> are you carrying a condom on you? >> jimmy: is evan from chicago carrying a condom? everybody says no. let's find out. >> i'm not. >> why not? >> i'm here for abstinence and purity, sunshine. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: this is definitely the place for that. hollywood boulevard, they call it purity central. all right, let's see another one. >> my name is martin from germany. >> are you carrying a condom on you? >> jimmy: wow, everybody says yes.
11:54 pm
does martin have a condom? >> yes, i do. do you want to see? >> yeah. >> this side -- this side. here it is. > how long has that been there months. >> jimmy: it said "lust" on it too. all, good luck to you ndwein yerr schnitzel. in germany condoms are called flugelhorns, that's a fact. >> lee from philadelphia. i just moved here. >> are you carrying a condom on you? >> is emily carrying a condom? the audience is mixed. >> actually -- yeah. >> awesome. a magnum. >> got to have some fun. >> jimmy: that's a healthy attitude. emily might be setting someone up for an august award moment. awkward moment. oh, a magnum? okay, we have one more, i believe. >> what's your name, where are you from? >> al, los angeles. >> are you carrying a condom on
11:55 pm
you? >> jimmy: does al from los angeles have a condom on him? let's find out. >> uh -- no. >> oh. you should. >> okay. >> it's pretty weird out there. >> i guess so. >> thank you. >> jimmy: you know, i always wondered if weird al carried a condom. now we know. should set him up with emily. that's the fun thing about going outside, you don't know who's famous or who's posing as a famous person. i do want to say it's important to use protection. but in the end the only truly safe sex is with a cantaloupe, okay? [ laughter ] as promised i am about to show you what i believe might be the greatest local ad ever made. this is a commercial for a dentist in jonesboro, arkansas. his name's dr. abernathy. dr. abernathy wanted to promote something calls pips which he uses to treat patients.
11:56 pm
he got a green screen and some very unlicensed footage. and the rest is now local tv history. >> doctor, you've put away your traditional instruments. what's wrong? >> nothing's wrong. i just don't need them. instead of scraping around inside the root, lazers gently ean out the canal with pulses of light. >> whoo-hoo! >> you said it, han. thanks to pips, root canal treatments are easier and more t nse'o fear ever before. root canal treatment. laser dentistry is faster, less inva,vesind much more comfortable than with traditi traditional drills. look at how well it fixed this insurmountable problem from the dark side. you all may have the force, but i have pips. >> jimmy: wow. [ cheers and applause ]
11:57 pm
that's everything. the hawaiian shirt tucked into the pants. i think there's a very good chance this dental office will soon be hearing from a lawyer's office. we have a good show, music from old dominion tonight, science bob pflugfelder is here, and we will be right back with liam neeson, so stay with us! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> dicky: portions of "jimmy kimmel live" brought to you by the middle earth shadow of war video game, in stores october 10th. ♪fit the box, fit the mold ♪ve aea st in t ♪i was lightning before the thunder♪ ♪lightning and the thunder ♪thunder, feel the thunder ♪lightning and the thunder
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so how is everyone? find your awesome with xfinity xfi and change the way you wifi. >> jimmy: hi, there, welcome back to the show. tonight a man of great mystery and science but mostly science, hnceriesceobe with demonstrations and explosions to delight and amaze. like these. >> jimmy: and then if we survive that, they are nominated for not one but two cma awards, "happy endings," old dominion from the
12:03 am
mercedes-benz stage. tomorrow night ceyal wcouo david muir will join us, and we'll have music from the xx. our first guest is an oscar and golden globe-nominated jedi knight who you should never borrow something from then forget to return it because he will hunt you down like a dog to get it back. his new movie about richard nixon and deep throat is called "mark felt: the man who brought sedo whe thi hte >> if we could get indictments, in your opinion, who would we get? how high? maybe attorney general? what about the president? >> jimmy: "mark felt: the man who brought down the white house" opens friday in new york and l.a., please welcome liam neeson! [ cheers and applause ] ♪
12:04 am
>> jimmy: it's very good to see you. >> jedi knight. i haven't heard that for a long time. >> jimmy: it seems like that's going to follow you your whole life, jedi knight. >> it's 20 years ago. >> jimmy: it suits you, let's put it that way. how are you doing? >> i'm doing -- yeah. not doing bad. >> jimmy: everything's all right? everything's okay? >> everything's okay. >> jimmy: do you want to lay down and talk about it? we have science bob pflugfelder. >> sure, i met him backstage. >> jimmy: and i know that you were a teacher at one time, right? >> i dreamed abysmally to be a teamer foryears. >> jimmy: what was your a rea o expertise? >> well, it was physics. >> jimmy: fittics, okay. >> a little bit of mathematics and drama. but -- physics i was interested in. funny, i was talking with bob backstage. i had this great physics teacher. at school. county antrim, northern ireland. i remember he did this
12:05 am
experiment to show that sound travels in waves, chit dowhich . >> jimmy: right. >> and the piece of operation is cats kundt's tube. >> jimmy: i've been on that website. [ laughter ] oh, there it is. oh, yeah, now we can -- [ laughter ] [ applause ] >> kundt's tube. it's a glass tube and there's light powder in the middle of it. >> jimmy: uh-huh. >> there's a button at one end and a glass rod goes in. you know that experiment you do with a wine glass with water, if you wet your finger and go round the top it makes -- it resonates? >> jimmy: hums, yeah. >> you do the same with the glass tube, rub it with a chamois -- it sounds very sexy. [ laughter ] and it creates a sound, a resonance. and the powder lying in the bottom of the tube forms into little nodes and anti-nodes. >> jimmy: i see. >> it proves that sound travels in waves. >> who is it named after?
12:06 am
>> august kundt. [ laughter ] or maybe it's august kundt. get steven seagal, he knows the proper pronunciation. [ applause ] >> jimmy: as an actor, you've been many, many things. is it yore duro tam wwosegal. >> yep. >> jimmy: is that on your bucket list? >> he dyed his head. stevie wonder. >> jimmy: he exclusively works with celebrity steves. so there's probably stevie wonder. >> no, i was particularly annoyed. some journalist told me on my junket, three four years ago, promoting one of the movie of steven seagal, what do you think of steven seagal saying you don't know how to punch? i was like, what? >> jimmy: because you were a boxer. >> well, yeah, i boxed as a kid. but i know how to punch. >> jimmy: right. did he really say that? >> apparently he did. >> jimmy: oh, boy.
12:07 am
is he regretting that right now in that halloween costume he's wearing in russia. [ laughter ] >> has he really moved to russia? >> jimmy: yeah, he moved to russia. i don't know if he moved there or we sent him there and told him not to come back. [ laughter ] he seems to be in russia, for whatever reason. heist it's a weird thing. certain celebrities, especially ones like dennis rodman who dye their hair, go to countries that aren't necessarily our friends. >> i know. >> jimmy: oftentimes they don't come back. maybe he's in trouble. maybe you could punch vladimir putin over there. >> vladamir. >> jimmy: take care of the whole situation. your movie, it's funny. a lot of people of a certain age really know what happened with watergate, they know all the details. but for many years we didn't know who deep throat was, deep throat was this great mystery, everybody wondered who was deep throat. then this guy told "vanity fair" i think that he was deep throat, and almost instantly we forgot who he was. we almost didn't care. >> i know. >> jimmy: it was a weird thing. >> i know. >> jimmy: it's such an interesting story, this character that you play.
12:08 am
>> yeah, he was bureaucrat. he was in the fbi for 30 years. he was one of j. edgar hoover's right-hand men. >> jimmy: he had a lot of secrets on people. >> a lot of secrets on a lot of presidents and on a lot of people. and i think when the whole watergate chicanery was happening and president nixon wanted to stop the fbi investigation into watergate, he crossed a line. nixon crossed a line. >> jimmy: uh-huh. >> interfering with the fbi process. >> jimmy: but no president would ever do anything like that again? >> no. [ laughter ] [ applause ] >> jimmy: of course, you learn frre repeated. >> history does -- yeah. does repeat itself, doesn't it. >> jimmy: i wonder if there's a mark felt out there somewhere. >> i think there's a few. >> jimmy: you think there are? >> i think so. >> jimmy: have you gained insight into that situation as a result of being part of this movie? >> into the present situation? >> jimmy: into what's going on over there? >> i try and follo see.
12:09 am
>> i'm -- it's -- it's just -- things are going to unravel, let's put it that way. there's some political analysis i saw the other week. was there collusion between russia and the trump administration? and he said, well, look. there's no smoke without fire. and there's a hell of a lot of smoke. >> jimmy: yeah. but these people also told us hillary clinton was going to win so who the hell knows what's going to happen, right? it's what we call a plot twist. it's very good to see you. thank you for my flies. i will use them and cherish them. the movie is called "mark felt: the man who brought down the white house." it opens in new york and l.a. on friday. liam neeson, everybody! we'll be right back. [ cheers and applause ] ♪
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>> jimmy: hi, welcome back. still to come, muse i guess from old dominion. our next guest has a particular set of skills, he as teacher turned exploder of things who's here to educate and potentially endanger us. please welcome science bob pflugfelder! [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: thank you for coming. >> excitement for science. >> jimmy: this is your 15th time on the show, did you know that? >> wow. >> jimmy: we still have all our fingers. >> so far, yeah, wow.
12:16 am
>> jimmy: it's really wonderful. what are we going to do here tonight, science bob? >> you know i love my favorite liquid, liquid nitrogen. >> jimmy: you do love liquid nitrogen, the number one consumer of liquid nitrogen i know. >> grab those gloves, put some gloves on. this is a container of liquid nitrogen. nitrogen is 80% what was we breathe. if they compress that, it gets very, very cold. and it's 321 degrees below zero fahrenheit. very, very cold. >> jimmy: it's cold, yes. if that was a pool you'd never get in there. >> no, it would be the last thing you did. so if you pour this on the ground of your thi or i a flat surface, go ahead and give it a try. see how it distances across. almost like anti-gravity, right? >> jimmy: yeah it's great. >> so there's a name for that. it's called the leidenfrost effect. >> jimmy: oh. is that any relation to august kundt? [ laughter ] >> no, no. i don't know if they ever got along or not.
12:17 am
so i thought i'd give you a try at home experiment. these are little polymer orbs. they start off as bbs. put them in water overnight, they get squishy polymer orbs. >> where do you get these? >> florists use them, toy stores, they're sort of a toy item. take that and put it -- we have a very hot pan. this is like liqui nitrogen going on a surface. because the floor to liquid nitrogen is super, super hot. if you put that in there, what ends up happening -- [ laughter ] try another. >> jimmy: be more gentle? >> the gloves on -- >>. >> jimmy: why did you tell me to put the gloves on? >> for the frost. >> jimmy: so pretty. >> that goes in there. see how it dances around? when it touches the pan it emits a burst of steam. and that actually gets it dancing around. you can put some more if you want. >> jimmy: oh, look at that.
12:18 am
>> isn't that cute? la [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: wow. and how long will they go on like that? >> as long as -- until they all dry up. you can try it at home. you need very hot pan. and be careful. >> jimmy: the kids would love that. >> yeah, yeah. i like the sound. >> jimmy: i could watch this for like an hour. [ laughter ] you know they have channels with weird stuff like this. okay, all right. good, all right. >> let it cool off. >> jimmy: wow, like haunted jellybeans. >> i don't know how long it takes to stop. >> jimmy: all right, we'll find out, i guess. >> now we're going to take that idea and show another cool feature about liquid nitrogen, which is that its from liquid t. we're going to take advantage of that. >> jimmy: should i put my gloves back on? >> we've got new gloves if you want. >> jimmy: different gloves for everything, how about that. >> so what you're going to do is i've got a little liquid nitrogen here. and then i've got a ping-pong ball. >> jimmy: why do they look like that? >> you'll see why. because i've poked a tiny little
12:19 am
hole inside of one side, the yellow side, another one inside the black one. >> jimmy: okay. >> what we want to do is fill it up with liquid nitrogen as much as we can. and then whit en it expands, je of nitrogen gas will come out of here, that should cause it to spin around. >> jimmy: awesome. >> grab a little clamp here. >> jimmy: okay. >> we're going to -- pick up one of those. >> jimmy: all right. >> it's a yellow and black, kind of helps us know whether or not it's spinning. >> i see, very good. >> go ahead and dip that so it's wholly submerged. >> jimmy: okay. >> submerge that in, i'll get one too, another one. now because the air in there is compressing, it's drawing in the liquid nitrogen. >> jimmy: yeah, i know. [ laughter ] >> get ath lerite.tle all right. and that should be good enough. go ahead and pop that into that tray there. >> jimmy: okay. what if we put one in the frying pan? would anything crazy happen? oh, look at that. >> isn't that great? >> jimmy: that is good. [ applause ] >> you can see that spinning
12:20 am
effect. >> jimmy: yeah. all right. >> there we go. >> jimmy: and now we have? >> i'll show you a different version of it. >> jimmy: okay, good, all right. >> this is a larger version of a hero's engine. normally they'd put a little water in here. they'd put steam. then we have opposing jets here that would then spin it around. but we don't really have time for the whole heat thing. >> jimmy: okay. >> so we are going to use our liquid nitrogen. >> jimmy: thank you. >> all right. >> jimmy: you know it gets ourisehe wsoh,en yeah. now here's the thing. you enjoy chocolate milk? >> jimmy: what? comeho c te>> jimmy: can't hear you. >> chocolate -- let's say you go to make a little bit of chocolate milk, right? >> jimmy: this n>>isot this is? >> jimmy: no, we use a spoon. >> oh, well see, that's the thing. what if you don't have a spoon? here, take that. >> jimmy: all right. >> so pour in chocolate milk -- i don't know how much chocolate you like in there. >> jimmy: a lot is the answer. all right. >> that's good. >> jimmy: okay. >> all right. so what if you want chocolate milk and you don't have a spoon?
12:21 am
you don't have a spoon, but you do have a 12nchtainss steel sphere and liquid nitrogen. this is the way to go. >> jimmy: okay. >> would you measure, fill that cup with liquid nitrogen. >> jimmy: where will we get liquid nitrogen? right here. >> go to your pantry. now we're going to pour that into our hero's engine. >> jimmy: okay. >> there we go. oh, yeah, it's going in -- >> jimmy: is that enough? >> yeah. >> jimmy: let's do all of it. >> oh, man. >> jimmy: yeah. let's really blow the lid off this thing. okay, all right. >> which we actually might do. >> jimmy: okay. >> all right, there we go. >> jimmy: again, we're making chocolate milk. [ laughter ] end of this demonstration, there lab a glass of chocolate milk. >> let's see if we have any better luck. give it a head start. oh, i think -- i think it's --
12:22 am
oh, i can feel it now. >> jimmy: yeah. oh, yeah. yeah. we're going, jimmy. >> jimmy: it's going. >> look at it! >> jimmy: here we go. [ cheers and applause ] >> wow! >> jimmy: oh my god, it's going to blow! >> i think it's working! oh my goodness! i think it's working. wait! maybe we put too much in. >> jimmy: hold on, i'll get the tongs! >> i'm going in, i'm going in. hold on. aah! [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: it's incredible! >> yes! [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: when we come back, we're going to have fire when we come back? >> there will be fire. >> jimmy: we're going to have fire when we come back, we'll be right back.
12:23 am
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>> jimmy: we're back with science bob pflugfelder. why are we dressed like baked
12:28 am
potatoes? >> these are fire chutes. they're nostjufor show, we'll need these. >> jimmy: why isn't anybody else in a fire suit? we're going to release toxic gas, hold your breath, everybody will be fine. >> everybody will be great. >> jimmy: what are we going to do here? >> a long time ago, this is one of these wonderful scientific accidents. >> jimmy: okay. >> this is just regular cotton, like anyot c yntoou but there's a little accident and it got mixed, back in the 1800s, got mixed with some sulfuric acid and night trick ac acid. >> jimmy: that happens to me sometimes. >> it creates of course nitrocellulose. which changes the molecular bonds and instead ofonec i btgo >> jimmy: i like it. >> it burns much, much different. if you were to burn this with just regular cotton, probably take a minute or two to burn. but you've got to -- get one of those little lighters there. and i'll hold this out. and we'll see how gun cotton
12:29 am
burns. >> jimmy: all right. this is now b geez! what the hell! [ applause ] >> i know. >> jimmy: it didn't burn, it disappeared. >> no smoke, no ashes. >> it's the perfect crime! >> so they actually ended up using this in world war ii, in battleships. it was pretty cool? okay. >> if you take that and compress it, then you get more of something like a weapon. >> jimmy: oh, great. >> we've got a little gun cotton at the bottom of this, we thought, we could shoot it off. gis tis u this stuff. let's have a little fun with it. behind us is a seriesf 32 ballns. >> right. >> however, unlike being filled with air or helium, these are filled with hydrogen gas which is kind o flammable. >> jimmy: okay. great. >> we're going to -- >> jimmy: this could have killed that clown in the movie "it." >> i know. [ laughter ] we're going to have you fire gun cotton at that first balloon.
12:30 am
>> jimmy: great. we can s going to explofde and create a chain reaction that will blow all these balloons. >> jimmy: i would love to. >> if it works, it will go in like a second. >> jimmy: okay. >> but we've never actually tried it at this scale. >> jimmy: oh, okay, great. >> yeah. needo puthisim j>> my ion:? >> yeah let's get this on. >> jimmy: okay. >> hydrogen burns at about 1,000 degrees. >> myim j >> and turn and face that balloon. >>my are youe down on your kneel putting that thing up my butt? [ laughter ] >> come on down, come down here. t. >>my: all ri great. all right, here is your harry potter wand. >> jimmy: okay. >> i'm going to light the end of it and you're going to point it at that balloon. are you ready? >> jimmy: i'm ready, yeah. >> there we go. tin [ cheers and applause ]
12:31 am
>> jimmy: wow. awesome. how about that. instant replay. >> look at that. >> jimmy: how, this is how we're going to defeat north korea, everybody! [ cheers and applause ] science bob pflugfelder, thank you, science bob, much appreciated. be right back with music from old dominion! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> dicky: the "jimmy kimmel live" concert series is presented by mercedes-benz. the best or nothing.
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> dicky: the "jimmy kimmelonrts dve byli mercedes-be"nz. the best or nothing. >> jimmy: thanks to liam nees, thank to science bob, apologies to matt damon, we ran out of time for him tonight. "nightline" is next, but first their album is called "happy endings." here with the song "written in the sand," old dominion! ♪
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12:37 am
this is "nightline." >> tonight, an 8-year-old leaving the house to play, later rushed to the hospital with scars around his neck. >> i never would have thought that it would have come to my son being lynched. >> strangled by a rope, tied to a tree. why his mother says this was a racial attack. but the other parents say it was child's play gone horribly wrong. the police response adding to the outrage. plus candidate cowboy. the gun-toting, horse-riding, ten commandment-hanging outsider. primary that e scoring a win i saw a party at war with itself. >> they think you're a pack of morons. they think you're nothing but rubes. >> steve bannon siding against a


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