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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  September 30, 2017 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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makes the catch. 6 seconds left. you can throw it anywhere because you got a time-out left. >> tommy: yeah, this has to be in the end zone. a hail mary. and what a better group of safeties to have, florida state, to defend a hail mary. these guys are big, tall and can jump. i like wake forest, too, both teams have really played hard today. you hate to have a loser in a game like this. but somebody has to lose. wake forest just made too many mistakes in the kicking game and a couple of turnovers absolutely killed them. >> mike: you mentioned the florida state defense earlier, they have put in a hole so many times in this game. and have been able to hold wake to 19 points in the process.
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>> tommy: we talked to charles kelly earlier in the week, his deal was coming into this game, eliminate the big plays and you got to get turnovers. and they have two turnovers this game? >> mike: yep. >> tommy: that's going to end up being the difference in the game. you have to give credit to charles kelly and all the guys on defense. he has a loft athletes and a lot of depth. >> mike: do you take your shot here with six seconds to go or do you try to get a ten-yard out and then take it? >> tommy: no, i think you go to the end zone. about a 45-yard throw. throwing it for washington. >> mike: tipped away by the all-american derwin james. and the clock shows triple zeros. heartbreak for wake forest. good grief.
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they played so well and so hard. and jimbo fisher is going to walk out of here. he'll have a smile on his face. on the way home. and dave clawson is going to feel like he's krushdz. >> tommy: they played their hearts out. wake foreake forest was 4-0, th weren't -- watch the deep throw here, they're going to the one receiver route. you got two guys. you got number 3, who has all kind of ball skills. he had the ball in his hands. but derwin james had tknocked i. don't tip it up in the end zone. >> mike: we didn't talk enough about dave clawson because he's done a remarkable job here. this is his fourth head coaching job, he's worked his way up through the ranks and wake
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forest is now competitive with all the facilities they've built on campus. these guys, you'll have to deal with them in the acc for years to go. >> tommy: you will. they created a sense you can win here at wake forest. dave clawson has come in and picked up where jim left off and they're building facilities that are unbelievable. we saw those yesterday. they've got facilities to recruit, the opportunity to be in a power five league and the way they played today i know they're disappointed. they got a big chance, opportunity to win a lot more games. >> mike: let's go down to carc. >> paul: coach, it wasn't always easy, what was the biggest challenge in that game in and getting your confidence back, you had two losing. ton of mistakes that we got to clean up.
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>> paul: confidence in making a play let's talk about your true freshman quarterback james blackman, he had 31 yards heading into the fourth quarter and you called that play. what gives you the confidence in that kid this early in his career in. >> right field position on the first down call. we thought they would play the run. we had our big guy, tate back in, very limited today. james saw it and went to it. >> paul: thank you, coach, congrats. >> thank you. >> mike: we had more to talk about in this game than the last month. i mean, there was one huge play after another. and you've got to take your hat off to fsu. they were outplayed by wake forest most of the game. but they sucked it up and won the game in fourth quarter. >> tommy: wake forest they know they can compete now. they got a good football team. they got a lot of games left in
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season. you got florida state who had a big disappointment against alabama. they come home after the hurricane, lose two games because of that. they had the letdown against north carolina state. they showed a lot tonight. but, you know, they got work to do. rick trickett with his offensive line has, you know, obviously find some fillers. here you see blackman in the situation where he started slow, you know, he got people in his face. he flushes out. he doesn't turn the ball over. and then he turns it on and he starts finding receivers. he gets more time. confidence in his offensive line. he's extending plays, working out of the pocket. of course that route right there was the game-winner. you learn a lot from that. of course, everybody, everybody learns a lot. >> mike: coming up tonight, number 2 clemson, number 12 virginia tech on abc. for tommy tuberville, paul
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carcaterra and our entire crew, this is mike patrick, so long from winston-salem.
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on abc 7 news. president trump snaps a mayor in puerto rico in a series of tweets sponing to criticism about federal disaster aid. i don't know why you want to a hurt him he is the nicest guy on the zblokt a beloved neighbor and well-known businessman in the east bay killed inside his home. and more of the final remnants of the old bay bridge go up in smoke. what's next in the ongoing demolition project. abds 7 starts now. the president goes on a twitter attack following criticisms of the federal government disaster relief response. hello i'm eric thomas welk to the early edition of abc 7. due to college football.
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we begin with new accusations and tensions over the federal relief effort in puerto rico. prufrt slammed the mayor of puerto rico capital city and she fired back. chuck sefrtsen has the latest. >> as millions of american citizens line up desperate for food and fuel and thousands of troops officials and volunteers race to handout life saving zplies will supplies. >> this is a lifetime or death story. >> president trump launched his lart atant at the mayor who was incriminately a few days has now been told by nasty to trump. cruz responded to the tweets during an interview on msnbc. >> actually i was asking for help i wasn't saying anything nasty about the president. we are moving ahead. that's what it's about. it's not about politics, not about petty comments. >> cruz stepped up criticism of the speed of the administration's response after hearing the acting secretary of
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homicide say this. >> i am very satisfied. it is really a gad news story. in terms of our ability to reach people. >> this is not a good news story. this is a people are dying story. >> cruz has been out in her city's flooded streets locating survivors, growthing residents. handing out supplies. fema is also on the ground already distributing more than 70 oh loads of relief supplies, including more than 1 million meals. and some 0,000 commercial cargo containers are sitting at port. >> there is no way we can move this cargo without trucks. and there is no way truck case move this cargo without diesel. >> 10 days after the hurricane splamd into the island gas and generator robberies rising. >> you don't know when somebody will pull out a gun and shoot you for gas. >> the more dangerous it becomes the longer it goes on. >> back here abc 7 news was near jack london square in oakland
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where donations for relief efforts are pouring in including food and bottles of water. more than half the people do not have safe drinking water and 95% of people have no power. one oakland city council member said because of the slow federal response it's up to us to stand up for fellow citizens. >> it's unacceptable that people now all this time after the storm still don't have water, still don't have food. still aren't getting the response that they need. >> our own lee yan mel nds who is puerto rican decent helped today. >> for the second day volunteers are packing a semi truck full of diapers to send to hurricane victims in texas. abc 7 news was at the emeryville target pfl. teammateser donated the semi. they will go to the diaper bank which handed 72,000 boxes of diapers after harvey hit. others will go to faith groups.
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>> we need as many items as we can. of course there is a huge need and ongoing. please go to the website, sign up for updates because we are committed to the long haul to help rebuild. >> you still have about an hour if you want to pitch in. the same group will hold a benefit concert next month to help with relief efforts. if you're interested in donating to puerto rico or houston relief efforts we have everything you need to know about how to help on abc 7 click on the link under the featured section. an 80-year-old man was murdered in his oakland hills hope. relatives say police arrested the victim's son. abc 7 news reporter is live with the story. cornell. >> eric, neighbors say the victim was the nicest guy you would ever want to meet. he lived in the house behind me. a family member has been arrested for the crime. >> this is a big shocker. >> residents in this affluent upper rock ridge neighborhood are stunned over the murder of a beloved neighbor.
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>> always smiling. jovial. >> relatives tell abc 7 news the 80-year-old was killed in his home. he suffered major trauma to the head during an assault late friday night. his daughter was injured in the attack. >> i don't know why anyone would hurt him. >> oakland police arrested a suspect. relatives confirm the son is in custody for the crime. the realtor was a long-term realtor in the east bay. >> a great neighbor to have. always looking out for people. watching the warrior games that kind of stuff. >> neighbors say the family just celebrated his 80th birthday. >> they had a huge party last weekend with valua service. the street was blocked off people from all over oakland coming up. >> a motive for the crime isn't known. in oakland, abc 7 news. >> two female found dead on a residential san francisco street today and it's being ventinged
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as homicide. abc 7 news was atry burn street a few blocks south was the medical examiner arrived. police got the call at 9:30 this morning someone concerned about two people in a to find a man and woman with gunshot wounds inside. they found a gun but have not said who it belongs to. they also found a baby seat in the vehicle but no baby. >> there is a car seat. there is not a child in the vehicle. and of course we are concerned for which child that would have been in that car seat. so that's still under investigation. >> police are looking for surveillance video in the neighborhood. a shooting victim in san jose tide groercht overnight at the hospital. happened last evening at the jackson center shopping mall on south jackson avenue. police arrived to find a man with one gunshot wound. the shooting damaged a lant american restaurant smacking out a wend. no one else hurt. police are looking for the gunman they have not released
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suspect information. a wrong way driver cause add wreck overnight in oakland leaving two people dead. investigators say a woman driving the wrong way crashed into aarn the northbound side of 880 south of broadway happened at 4:20 this morning. the chp says the drivers of both cars died in the crash. you can see the debris scattered across lanes. lanes closed about 5 hours during the investigation. a 4-year-old hayward boy died after being hit by a car in hayward. happened before 7:00 last night on fabian way on harvey heavy. the by was in the street when i was hit by a jeep. a man from hayward the driver stayed at the scene. they report he was chasing after a dog at the time of the accident. caltrans is halfway through the planned work this fall to bring down the old eastern span of the bay bridge. video from the agency shows two of the old piers numbers
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nine and ten imploeded around 9:30 this morning. this is the third in a series of weekend implosions scheduled through november. you can see from the bay bridge toll plaza camera. caltrans stopped the traffic on the bridge as a safety precaution. 8 more piers set to come down. the next three will be imploeded in two weeks. the giants game today proved emotional for fans. it's matt cain's last name. retiring. heart break. >> we'll take threw as the giants pitcher pends his final day on the mound. nba takes a stand on players protesting during the anxious em. >> drew tuma a sunny start to the weekend. but the fire danger is
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a standing oinnovation there for giants great matt cain who took the mound the last time today. the 32-year-old giants ace decided to retire after 13 years with the team. it was his 331st start. >> as i was on the fence about coming today but when you heard this was the last game it wasn't even an option anymore. >> i think he has had a good run. it's a good time to end. >> it will be hard without him. but we have lost people before
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we'll move on. he will always be a part of san francisco. >> and we'll have more about matt's final start coming up in sports. the nba taking a stance on players protesting during the anthem. the nafb issued a memo that says employers players and coaches are expected to remain standing. our sister network espn reports the league may discipline the players violating the rule. the memo says they can address politics with pregame address. no word on whether or not the warriors plan to comply. the team hosts the denver nugette in a matchup tonight. >> the forecast with drew tuma. >> and accuweather today the weekend off to bright start and temperatures finally feeling fall-like for what seems like a very hot start to the season. live doppler 7 along with satellite mainly clear skies. quiet picture. just a few high clouds. look at the south bay camera. showing the beautiful city of san jose. not a cloud from the vantage point. the emeryville camera right now,
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a nice silhouette of the san francisco sky line. soaked in sunshine at this hour. temperaturewise, finally feeling like autumn sefrts and 80s this afternoon. 73 in san francisco. 83 in concord. 9 appear clear skies in san jose. 81 in brent wood and santa rosa checking in with 83. what will change in the next 24 hours are fire danger will be increasing, despite it not being relatively hot winds will increase. that brings in dryer air. a high fire danger, red flag warning in effect more the north bay and east bay hills. this starting at 11:00 tonight. and lasting through 11:00 monday night. the reason why future tracker wind gusts will show you early tmorrow morning the winds pick up, especially along the coast, gusting over 30-mile-per-hour. tomorrow it's rather breezy across the he region, higher wind gusts on the coast. what we watch as we approach early monday morning widespread
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gusty winds begin to crank over 30-mile-per-hour and the highest location. so it's for that fact we have the red flag warning in effect starting at 11:00 tonight. this is key right here. the wind are gusting 35 to 50-mile-per-hour in our hills. and they will be out of the north. at g's dryer air. it's going to really lower the humidity. the combination of low humidity gusty winds and dry vegetation means fires easily start and spread under those conditions. yoefrpt here the call, plenty of stars beautiful night. upper 40s to mid-50s will be the overnight low. open the windows get the natural ac. sunday up at 7:05 in the morning. nothing but sunshine, fantastic looking sunday. but the key is here it's turning breezy especially in the afternoon. and that's why that red flag warning is in effect. however, that breeze is going to keep temperatures on the fall-like side. highs on the sand 71 in san francisco. a comfortable 76 in oakland.
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san jose up to 80. 83 in santa rosa. 83 in antioch. the here is the accuweather 7 days. plan the next seven days it's bright but also turning breezy especially in the evening and overnight into monday. it's staying breezy for all of monday as well. and that breeze looking what it toes on tuesday. ushers in cooler air for october. stuck in the 70s regionwide and then midweek as we approach the weekend those numbers will rebound one week from today a little bit above average for this time of the year. but looking great for fleet week in san francisco. >> glad to hear it always a treat fleet week thank you. >> sure. >> this mean anything to you? i'm sorry how you doing. >> being chopped we're start wg standrd back-to-back home gains played arizona. and a whole lot of love showed up again. bryce love. leads the nation in
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now be abc sports with mike shumann. >> stanford and arizona state squared off down on the farm both with 2-2 records. . the injured keller chris and many williams. goes for the first drive of the came for the cardinals give the ball to else who else? bryce love. breaks the tackle great job staying in bounds. stanford up 7-0 second quarter the defense gets the ball back. manny willingens pass deflected picked off by justin reed. brother eric reed two on the day. that led love second td run only 43 yards. he sets standford single game
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rushing record with 301 breaking christian mccaffrey. and this touchdown. 12 yards to j.j. cardinal-10. . can't he'll harry throes to wide open love 14 yards asu down in the 3rd. but passing the 1,000 yard mark in the fifth game of thence o season, 59 yards the third touchdown guy needs oxygen after this. stanford wins. all major action between number 10 wisconsin and northwest happened in the fourth quarter. ten minutes to go. badgers go up. clayton authorsen stays inbounds 36 yards for the pick six. but then authorsen tosses two td passes to bring the wild cats within 7. final chance for northwestern backed up on their own goal line. thorson holds the ball a little too along and dakota dixon sacks
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him for the safety. wisconsin wins 32-24. still undiesterhafted. flew host attention vaernd built. luke del rio son of the coach jack. could not finish. second quarter swranl scrambles backward on 3rd and 13. took a hit slow to get up after missing the half the season last year with injury he suffered a season ending injury there. florida kept pushing scored all touchdowns on the ground. malek davis short touchdown run. then he breaks free. 39 yard touchdown to ice the game with under two minutes remaining. davis ran for 124 yards. two td as florida wins, 38-24 that final. peyton manning get the hall of fame plaque from his dad during the tennessee georgia matchup. the second quarter the falls down 17-0. bouncing off the receiver here.
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j.r. reed picks it off. he goes to the 26 on that driver. jake fraum keeps it the second td rushing of the day. 24-0 at the break. 80 ohth win in georgia school history. 18th ranked south florida taking on east carolina. into the arms of augusty sanchez here for 43 county roads yards pick 6. 3rd quarter. quinten flowers two tyree mccamp. usf is 5-0 with a 31-61 victory. giants pitcher matt cain pitched his final game for the g men. retiring after 13 years with the club. details as we continue.
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irchlts now sports from abc 7 news. >> giants pitcher matt cain started his 331st and final game for the giants today against the paredes. only juan marshal has more in the san francisco era. matt owes only perfect game was between barry bonds and the world series champions cain taking to the field to a standing oinnovations on a perfect day at at&t park. he threw a perfect first inning striking out will myers another big oinnovation. cain gave up only one hit
4:35 pm
through four innings. christian ening the fourth. facing the final batter in the big league. ground out to brandon kraufrd to end the inning. get a final buster hug showing emotion as the crowd gives him another huge oinnovation. hugs all around in the dugout. but once again no run support for matty and the giants lose 3-2. great moment in giants history. all right. kal bears in oregon face the ducks come up. you won't believe what jim harbaugh does during the buy week eric. >> thank you very much. the trump administration is dealing with growing travel scandal ledding to resignation of tom price and other cabinet members are under scrutiny the story is ahead. and yosemite sees two large rock slides in two days. what geoologists are says about
4:36 pm
the danger. >> a kay on the situation on camera the new video releaseds
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welcome back. there is no word yet from the white house on who will become the next health and human services secretary after tom price resigned his post yesterday. the resignation comes after a travel expenses controversy with a handful of officials under
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review. abc news reporter has the latest. >> there is no seat available now in the trump adminisration for health and human services secretary tom price. >> i'm disappointed but he is a good man but i'm disappointed. >> price topped headlines for pricey private travel on chartered jets and military aircraft during his time heading up hhs. dozens of trips cold fronting the taxpayers more than shh 1 million and ultimately cost him his job. unof the trips flying to europe on official business on a gulf stream 5. >> clearly we got -- weren't sensitive to the taxpayer on the instances. >> lets initially he responded to the criticism and by suspending private plates and later offering to play for the flights. >> trump and price met. price eventually handed in his
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resignation to the president. trump budget director fired off the memo pointing out to agency heads we should recognize we are public servants and every penny comes from the taxpayers. at least five secretaries have come under scrutiny for travel expenses among them steven mnuchin. in september he and his wife flew a government gulf stream to kentucky to visit if it knox. but interior secretary ryan. remains defiant aid mid-referrals he spent more than $15,000 on private flights. >> before we get to this i'd like to address in the words of general swartz cough a little bs on travel. >> he says he didn't have a choice. >> no commercial existed to meet the schedule. >> abc news new york. >> we have new details about a deadly mother's day crash that hilled a teenager returning from prom in fremont. police arrested 22-year-old
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robert carol. they said at the time he was speeding while drunk when he ran a red light and hit a car. this girl died. her mother had serious injuries. carol faces two felonies, including vehicular manslaughter while intoxicated. >> two people who saved others needed help themselves. a fire department suv collidewood an ambulance at sonoma boulevard and florida avenue. you can see the ambulance on its side right there. the fire employee and one of the medics went to the hospital. police are investigating exactly how the crash happened. geoologist say there is no more danger than usual after two enormous rock slides at el capitan. the park sees 80 rock falls each year. on wednesday a large chunk of rock killed a man fl the united kingdom. a piece of granite on thursday came crashing down injuring a florida man.
4:42 pm
people could see the dust for miles. >> looked like fog rolling in. fog so weird. why fog. >> then we came to a dead stop. >> some of the debris has been cleared. and rangers have posted caution signs however climbers are taking on el capitan this we could. the monte hafl has passed away best known for let's make a deal. he hosted nearly all of the 5,000 he said in 1973 received a star on the hollywood walk of fame. he lives behind three clirn and five grand children. his wife died back in june. monte hall was 96 years old. the las vegas police department released new video of their encount we are nfl star michael bennett at a casino last month. the seattle sea hawks star claim he was racially profld by the officers and handcuffed. ron clay born has more on what sides are saying today.
4:43 pm
>> this morning new police body cam video showing the frantic moments where seattle sea hawks defensive end michael ben it said he feared for his >> the confrontation's first seen in the footage obtained by tmz sports bennett claiming racial approvaling and saying police pointed a gun at his head high pressure las vegas police doubling down on the original statement there was no excessive use of force. both officers involved will not be charged. >> i believe they acted appropriately. >> the surveillance video from inside a las vegas casino playing a major roll in the investigation. ahmed the officers telling everyone to stay where they were. then noticing bennett hungering down. after yelling him to stop ben it continued to run along with others. >> as he exited the doorway, he leaped over the railing showing
4:44 pm
that he had purpose in his attempt to flee. >> we don't disagree. the conduct was purposeful. michael was trying to get away. >> they were all trying to get away because they thought in fact there had been gunshots. >> earlier this month in abc news exclusive ben it opening up to byron pits with his story. >> everybody saw panic we saw police, we saw swat. we just -- everybody assumed that there was like something going on that was crazy. and everybody is on the ground crawling. people asking what are you going to do what are we going to do. >> we started trying to get away. >> the las vegas police department denies any racial discrimination. >> the incident was not about race. as most of the patrons were also of the same race as mr. bennett. >> that was ron clay born reporting that night ofrtsz detained a hispanic man a another black man. back in the area. this coast guard crew did not come home empty handed also.
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>> what the heck? it sounds so much more fun than vegas. >> marriage at lamb bow field one way a couple from denmark is paying tribute to the team they love. >> meteorologist drew tuma picture perfect out there. pu the winds increase to finish off the weekend tomorrow and that will increase our fire danger. i'll explain the accuweather forecast ahead. >> and abc 7 news is celebrating hispanic heritage month on instagram. this photo shows one group held by gomez. chief financial officer of wik media organization. his outreach and fund raising
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start and total sunshine hroughout the race by 10:00 a little bit brozy. temperatures comfortable in the
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mid-60s. highs across the region to finish off the week. very similar to where we are today. but that wind picks up in the afternoon and the evening and that will increase our fire danger. so 76 the high in richmond 76 in oakland. 83 the high in santa rosa. 77 at fremont and san francisco up to 71 degrees. if the castro street fair on sunday, beautiful day to be out. tons of sunshine start to finish by 3:00. i turns breezy but very comfortable with the temperature of 71. the final day of october fest in oakland. bright skies and temperatures into sefrts by 3:00 a temperature of 76. accuweather seven days forecast plan the next seven days bright and breezy on sunday with the fire danger increasing especially in the hills. >> i'll take it from here. >> yeah, so beautiful as you can see during the woke. at autumn like weather tuesday, wednesday, warming trend on thursday when i'll be playing golf and friday this woekd looks nice.
4:53 pm
>> which day golf. >> thursday. >> looks beautiful that warming trend right on the lengths will be great. >> you see why sometimes i have to separate these guys? you see that? time for sports now. drew what's going on in sports. >> the san jose earthquakes they're here giving us a good game. >> good job now your story. >> it looks like you have a story your turn to read. >> no, no i'm not getting involved in this go. >> the san jose earthquakes are giving a young boy with cancer once in a lifetime chance to be a pro soccer player. >> the 8-year-old was diagnosewood blood cancer last year he will sign a one day contract and serve agency honorary captain he will kick the ceremonial first goal and greet teammates coming out of the tumble. this is the part of their childhood cancer awareness month. the film game at 7:15. now mike shumann here with a look at sports do you remember how to do that. >> do you i get extra. >> not at all. >> sports and weather. >> you did great though. >> trying to rebound from the
4:54 pm
loss at usc petition they travel to oregon to face the ducks. a little homecoming. what is jim
4:55 pm
4:56 pm
homecoming week for kal head coach justin wilcox born in oregon played for the ducks and facing them tonight at 7:30. with a win tonight kal has the fourth win fortunate year and need two more to be bowl eligible. coach downplay the return to eugene. >> i guess i could make something up if that would help. it's not about us. it's not about us it's kal versus oregon got a ton of respect for them and their program. obviously went there and have a lot of friends and connected but it's not about our it's about
4:57 pm
our program and our team who we are invested wp going to play oregon this week we got to have a great week of practice. >> all right it's michigan bye week. today jim harbaugh made appearance in his khakis. pulse off the can opener offer the three meter tower to the delight of the crowd. of course comes up throws on the hat. i love the guy. all right. coming up clemson and virginia tech stay tuned for after the game as we break down the day in sports, weather and news. >> you'll never know which one is going to do it. >> kind of interchangeable. >> all right gentlemen thank you so much that's it for this edition of abc 7 news eric thomas for drew and schu. sch college football next. florida sate sem nols won a game. >> the fighting are 5-0. >> they don't have football at my college. >> oh. >> see you later.
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♪ >> chris: loud and rowdy, lane stadium in blacksburg, virginia, here in the blue ridge mountains. well com to saturday night football. an acc collision between the defending national champs and second-ranked clemson tigers and the 4-0 virginia tech hokies. this place, about to become unhinged in ten minutes time. and welcome. chris fowler,


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