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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  October 23, 2017 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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this morning. they say the crime scene stretched nearly a mile long. at this point they have not released any information about the suspect or suspects. live at sfo, tiffany wilson, abc 7 news. thank you, tiffany. san francisco police responded to a call. an uber driver shot during an attempted robbie across from lafayette park saturday night. police have not confirmed the victim was an uber driver but there was a sticker on the back of his car. we're waiting for an update on his condition. police are looking for the driver in a hit-and-run crash that left two children in critical condition. it happened around 5:45 yesterday afternoon at turner parkway and foothill drive near the gateway plaza shopping center. both children were airlifted to a pediatric trauma center. a woman was pushing her 2-year-old son and 3-year-old daughter in a stroller with a car hit the stroller. that person then drove off and the mother was not hurt. obviously our thoughts with that
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family this morning. we hope the kids recuperate quickly. it's 4:30. a quick update on weather and traffic where you live as you start your day. mike? >> matt, jessica, hi. let's talk about what's going on. that offshore breeze chasing the marine layer. the last day we'll see the marine layer, the fog, whatever you want to call it, for a few days. a look from sutro tower. your 12-hour day planner, waking up milder this rng mo, temperatures about 54 to 59 degrees. look at that by noon, 71 at the coast, the bay and inland 75. those temperatures are already at average and then you throw in four more hours of sun light and that's why you get those above average temperatures 77 at the coast, 86 to 87 around the bay and inland, and a great evening, 66 at the coast. 74 around the bay and inland by 7:00. we'll take a look at some of those potential record highs coming up. here's frances with a look at your morning commute. back like old times. >> it's been a few years. >> we're going to take a look at
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the traffic maps and we'll start off with the good news first. 380 has been reopened westbound following that closure overnight and traffic is flowing well in both directions if you're heading to sfo this morning. where we are seeing the slowdown is, of course, westbound 205 out of tracy. some brake lights right now, traffic moving under 40 miles an hour as you move into the altamont pass. we'll check out drive times next for you. right now southbound 680 looking good in walnut creek. crowded here heading to highway 24. matt, jessica? thank you, frances. happening today opening statements begin in san francisco in a trial that's expected to get national attention. kate steinle was shot and killed on pier 14 in july of 2015. an undocumented immigrant, jose ines garcia zarate, fired the weapon but his immigration status is not allowed to be brought up in court. the focus will be on whether the shooting was accidental as he claims or whether the gun was fired intentionally which prosecutors are trying to prove. the trial is expected to
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conclude in early december. abc 7 news reporter lyanne melendez will be covering the trial when opening statements begin at 10:00 this morning. happening today the red cross will open up a new service certainty for people impacted by those affected by the wildfires. >> that is on aero drive. it will be open every day from 9:00 until 7:00 through this sunday and affected families can meet with case workers who will assess their needs and offer recovery information. people can get water, snacks, and cleanup items including gloves, trash bags and dust masks. two weeks after the fire started some people living in glen ellallen returned home. evacuation orders were lifted for reible roads. there are still mandatory curfews in those areas. dozens of roads in the fire zone remain closed as well. fire crews expect to have full
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containment by wednesday. classes resume in several schools that closed during the north bay. they include all schools in the napa valley school district, santa rosa college, and napa valley college. many schools will offer counseling to students and staff affected by the fires. for a complete list of school closures and reopening dates head to you'll find the latest containment information and how you can donate to help victims. this morning we are tracking developing news. president trump is continuing his attacks against the congresswoman who criticized his remarks to the widow of a fallen soldier. he insists the feud with the lawmaker he calls wacky is a political win for republicans. >> reporter: a final kiss, a final good-bye, flags folded for his children. the 25-year-old father, husband, and special forces soldier, one of four killed in niger after an
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ambush by isis-pledged militants. confusion over his death during a mission senior intelligence officials said was so low risk. the soldiers did not use armored vehicles or have a drone overhead. >> we have conflicting stories. we want to get the full, accurate story. >> reporter: fox business network focusing on the call, frederica wilson criticized. >> i was so nice. look, i've called many people, and i would think that every one of them appreciated it. i was very surprised to see this. >> reporter: the day after sergeant johnson was buried the president claiming a political win tweeting wacky congresswoman wilson is the gift that keeps on giving for the republican party. wilson, a longtime friend of the john sson family, responding. >> this is going to be trump's benghazi, trump's niger. >> reporter: while the political fight continues, johnson's family and the white house await the results of the ongoing investigation. sergeant johnson's widow will be speaking out for the first time
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on "good morning america" later this morning, speaking about the father, husband, and soldier she loved. serena marshall, abc news, washington. and you can hear that exclusive interview at 7:00 this morning right after abc 7 mornings. a hunger strike has been suspended but some inmates are refusing food because they're angry with sheriff prisoners feel that undermines agreements reached last week between inmate advocacy groups and jail officials over improving conditions. inmates refusing food want smith to donate their meals to the needy and commit to improving inhumane jail conditions like overcrowding. workers at uc campuses are continuing their battle over what they say are unfair wages. our media partner "the bay area news group" reviewed audits and found contract workers are being
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paid below the promised $15 an hour minimum wage. janet napolitano set the bar at $15 back in 2015. the school's largest employee union has said the wage bump is nothing more than good publicity and isn't being executed. a uc spokesperson says by the end of the year the system will provide more training to employees who oversee contracts to make wages more fair. construction crews expect to meet a deadline set by the state to fix the oroville dam. this new video from the department of water resources shows crews rushing to finish the emergency spillway by november 1st, nine days away. record rain caused the spillway to erode and fearly fail in february forcing nearly 200,000 people to evacuate for several days. the goal is to get it repaired before the rainy season begins. >> it was an emergency. we had to get someone on the ground and start construction to meet this november 1st milestone. >> this is the first phase of a
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larger plan to restore the dam and its spillway to its original condition. the cost estimate has gone from an estimated $275 million to $500 million. you head outside this morning, check out livermore. temperatures 13 degrees warmer. in hayward about six degrees warmer. san jose, san tnavato two degrees warmer. lafayette, 52. we have walnut creek. livermore 61. that's the way it looks from the east bay hills. pretty clean air conditioning an offshore breeze and a big-time warning trend today. on the roads clear and dry. cool to warm, mass transit, and on the ferry if you're on the bay today light breezes. let's take a look at some of our
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hourly temperatures. 69, pretty comfortable. we'll be warmer than that by noon. 71, look at that jump. 77 at 2:00 to 7 at 4:00. you may see some sun dresses around san francisco today, one of those rare days you get to do that. a look at 75 the average high in our inland east bay. we'll be warmer than that and in the low to mid-80s for the better part of the afternoon into the evening hours and the comfortable 75 by 8:00. let's see if there's any comfort in the commute this morning. hi, frances. >> back-to-work monday. a couple fender benders but they're already off to the shoulder. headlights moving through emeryville into the berkeley and the maze. no major problems out there. we did see slowing out of 205 into tracy and some brake lights continue on 580 as you make your way to dublin. that's sluggish at 33 minutes. a good way to go, mass transit. so far b.a.r.t., ace, and caltrain looking good.
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no delays. matt, jessica? twisting and turning in hurricane-force winds, why engineers are putting a mackup of the golden gate bridge through some wind tests. a tribute to dwight and it's a tribute to the way they feel about him. >> fans and players honor niners legend dwight clark as he fights his toughest opponent yet. and a pair of climbers make a dangerous ascent on yosemite's el
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work is under way to seismically strengthen the golden gate bridge all starting with a fake miniature version of the iconic span. look at this. this video from the golden gate bridge district shows winds up to 100 miles per hour pushing against that miniature model. the marin independent journal reports upcoming seismic work will require a new bracing system so the bridge can actually withstand strong winds and major earthquakes. so this test is giving engineer as better idea how the bridge can withstand those potential winds and quakes. 49ers fans join players past and present in honoring one of the team's greatest legends dwight clark. >> this was a little bittersweet. the two-time super bowl champion
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facing lou gehrig's disease or als. >> it's sad to see but we're here to support him. >> reporter: joe montana summed up the love, respect, and affection for dwight clark. teammates who themselves brothers off the field, montana and clark are forever linked by this moment, the catch. >> touchdown! >> reporter: other members of the 49ers' first super bowl championship team, a few steps slower than they were in 1981, took the field at levi stadium. all wore clark's number, 87. weakened by the effects of als clark spoke from a luxury suite high above the field. >> you all know i'm going through a little thing right now, and i need your prayers and thoughts. >> reporter: abc 7 sports anchor mike shumann played with dwight clark and streamed video to facebook live while the '81
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niners shared videos. >> honoring dwight who is talking to bobby leopold. >> reporter: eddie debartolo owned the niners and bonded with many players especially clark. >> having all these guys back here, guys i haven't seen in over 30 years, is unbelievable and it's a tribute to dwight, and it's a tribute to the way they feel about him. >> reporter: montana reflected on clark sharing that the catch provided just a snapshot of number 87's value as a teammate. >> he was a great receiver and probably an unsung hero in a lot of ways. going to do whatever it took to help that team win. our own teammate mike shumann said it was a great reunion of champions and friends but bittersweet on how our lives are precious. from the live desk secretary of defense mattis is in the philippines this morning laying ground work for president trump's trip to asia.
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mattis met earlier today with his japanese counterpart in manila, spoke about maintaining peace and stability in north korea. one of the secretary's primary goals is to have regional allies against the north. meanwhile president trump will travel to asia on november 3rd. he has said the united states is prepared for war with north korea should it come to that. happening today a sentencing hearing begins for bo bergdahl who pled guilty to endangering fellow soldiers by leaving his post in 2009 in afghanistan. testimony about comrades and a navy s.e.a.l. badly hurt while they searched for bergdahl is expected in the hearing. he was captured and held by the taliban for five years. bergdahl faces up to life in prison on charges of desertion and misbehavior. president trump heads to capitol hill tomorrow to meet with republican senators about his tax reform plan. during a conference call with house leaders yesterday he urged them to begin working on it
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immediately. he warned that if they failed to pass a reform package, they would pay the price in the next congress at election. it would give the biggest income tax cuts ever, he says. >> i think this tremendous appetite, this tremendous spirit for it not only by the people we're dealing with in congress but the people out there who want to see something $5,000, almost, average per individual per group. >> some critics believe the tax cuts could drive up the national debt by $1.5 trillion over ten years. tax reform, health care and his contentious relationship with president trump will be among the questions senator john mccain is to face when he appears on "the view" this morning starting at 10:00 a.m. time to check our weather once more. i absolutely loved it yesterday. i thought it was wonderful weather, here in the city in san francisco. mike, will it be the same today? >> it will be a little warmer.
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it was objects lu it may be uncomfortable if you have to work outside tomorrow and into wednesday. a heat wave coming our way. you can see the flags as we look from the roof camera south to the ferry building. they just aren't moving. there's absolutely no wind out there right now except for up in the hills where it's blowing offshore. total sunshine, warm to hot highs. good news because of the long october nights. it will be clear and comfortable and the heat will taper by the weekend. check out this huge ridge of high pressure developing sending that large atmospheric river up into canada where it's going to cause some flooding rains and will spill a lot of cool weather to the eastern two-thirds of the country. it's not going to feel like it does here at home. mid to upper 80s. 86 in san jose. head up the peninsula, low to mid-80s, redwood city at 76.
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look at the mid to upper 70s at the coast. a new crash just reported in san francisco, monterey. it's in the left lane. i want to take you to this crash reported earlier southbound 680 near the sunol grade. right now quite a few brake lights as you make your way through the sunol grade. we're checking out the drive time from dublin to mission boulevard. it's yellow because of the crash. we'll keep you posted. it is off to the right-hand side not causing hopefully bigger delays and westbound 580 tracy to dublin is now 35 minutes. thank you, francis. a record set by two climbers at yosemite national park. brad gill bright and jim reynolds scaled the 2,900-foot tall nose route on saturday. the climb takes most people
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about three days a. friend snapped these pictures as they neared the top. what a person that is. the previous record holder texted them on the speed record. >> it normally takes three days? i want to be the friend taking pictures. self-driving cars are proving to be safe but one type of accident they're most likely to get into on california streets. a major health alert, vegetables that could be tainted with bacteria. what you need to be on the lookout for. and a sculpture nobody paid much attention to turns out to be a masterpiece. first this morning's "tech bites." a new problem for the google smartphone. reviewers are now reporting screen burning. >> that's when a ghost image remains on the screen and it seems to be happening after just a week of use. google is investigating. apple has problems with its
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new iphones and ios operating system. >> supply chain leaks revealed interest in the iphone 8 is so low production is being cut in half and while presales for the iphone x begin this week supply is delayed. kfc's tasty twitter game, they only follow the five spofor spice girls. >> they tweeted 11 herbs and spices. i need to time to process this. i need to time to process this. kfc's secret blend, 11
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they don't help single moms. hi. hi. what happened to our house last year? it flooded. and the water flooded out. yeah. the red cross arranged the hotel for us. they gave me that break, that leverage, to be able to get it together and... take care of them, you know? i feel like we've come full circle. like that! this is how i'll do it.
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sarah: there you go. welcome back. almost 80% of the people in puerto rico are still without power a month after hurricane maria ravaged the island. jose medina worries about his parents who live there. >> because of the infrastructure is bad or elon musk is going to eventually save it doesn't mean his mom and dad should have to sit without power for a month and have to stand in these lines. >> a temporary power plant is being built in san juan. it should be online by the end of this month. 62,000 power poles and 6,500 miles of wires need to be replaced. a massive vegetable recall is under way. produce from a packaging plant may be contaminated with
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listeria. the long list of products recalled include safeway signature broccoli floretsa. best if used by date october to october 20. driver error, in other words the humans continue to be a problem for those self-driving cars. they have been reported to the state dmv this year with many of the cars being rear-ended. one possible explanation many drivers don't maintain a safe driving distance leading to those rear-end crashes. we put an asterisk next to the temperature that will be a close record high. 88 at concord. we'll be 89 in antioch.
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86 today in san jose. look at oakland, 85. san francisco 81 degrees and now at the coast, half moon bay, 87. even warmer tomorrow, so if we're close to records today, we should set a few more tomorrow. the warmth holds through wednesday, tapers a little bit thursday into friday and by saturday and sunday we're getting close to 80s inland. closer to fall but still not quite there. >> head to san francisco, southbound 280 at monterey. so far it does not look like it's causing delays. traffic moving nearly 16 miles an hour out of san francisco. i want to show you a live shot, 101 in san jose. no trouble at all northbound here, headlights underneath 880. looking good up to sfo, if you have a flight to catch. no major problems reported. 101 in the north bay as well.
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moving well all the way down to the golden gate bridge. i'll have an update on the 680 crash in my next report. the sculpture worth at least $4 million has been hiding in plain sight for decades. this marble bust of napoleon was tucked away in new jersey for 85 years. it was donated to the city in the 1930s. workers suspected the statue was the work of famed french sculptor rodan. >> we have some other artwork and if you want to take a look, you're welcome to. >> she was peeling along the base trying to figure out what the providence of this marble bust was and her fingers ran across something chiseled. >> that's so neat. >> and so obvious. if they would have just looked at the agent. >> yeah. that's true, right? it was just right there for them.
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pretty cool. okay, next at 5:00 a.m., recovery after the north bay wildfires. students in napa head back to school today. how it can help families gain a sense of normalcy after losing homes. a couple of lost hikers a couple of lost hikers foun a couple of lost hikers foun do you want to do a monster check? yes. no monsters. ♪ how about the drawer? ♪ no monsters. nightly monster checks are how grant makes home his. and homegoods is what makes it all possible. amazing finds. always great prices.
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make home yours.
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good morning and thanks for joining us on this monday, october 23rd. reggie and natasha are off. we are here, mike is here. you're always here. but it's october 23rd. >> second day in a row. >> summer


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