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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  November 14, 2017 7:00am-9:00am PST

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good morning, america. breaking news, the tampa serial killer suspected of striking again. police on the scene of a deadly shooting just blocks away from where three others were killed. this person of interest still on the loose. police now warning people to stay indoors. doubling down. >> i don't even know the woman. i don't know anything about her. >> overnight alabama senate candidate roy moore going after the fifth woman now accusing him of sexual misconduct. >> mr. moore reached over and began groping me. >> saying he sexually assaulted her when she was just 16. now calls growing for him to drop out of the race, and the troubling new stories emerging from his hometown this morning. >> breaking news for our viewers in the west. the three ucla basketball players in china accused of
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shoplifting reportedly released now after a employee from president trump. ♪ good to be alive right about now ♪ good to be alive. the 25-year-old surfer punching a shark right in the face to make an escape. now telling his story. the famous surfer he says inspired the move. and good morning, america. welcome back to robin and michael. it is so clear there is still so much more work to do to recover from these hurricanes. >> the road to recovery is a long road. the wonderful people that i met in the virgin islands and puerto rico are so grateful to their fellow americans for not forgetting about them and hope that the help will continue. >> houston is the same way. a lot of people, it looks okay from the outside but when you really look inside it's a lot more work to be done. >> a lot of news breaking overnight. roy moore, jeff sessions, donald trump jr. all in the hot seat in political news. before we do we want to get
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to some breaking news out of tampa. the tampa serial killer suspected of attacking again. you're looking live at the scene of a helicopter shot over that area where police are warning people to stay inside and not go to school or work. let's go right to abc's victor oquendo with the latest. good morning, victim tore >> reporter: good morning, michael. the call came in to police just before 5:00 a.m. we just learned the victim's name ron felton. this morning, the tampa serial killer may have struck again. >> we're also asking people as they get up to stay in their houses in this immediate area, please, whether you're going to school or going to work. >> reporter: police say they found a body just a few hours ago, a possible fourth victim of the serial killer. who murdered three people over the span of ten days in seminole heights. tampa's mayor vowing to find this person. >> we need to catch this killer
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before we have to notify one more family that one of their loved ones is dead. >> reporter: all police have to go on is this surveillance video showing a person of interest in the area at night. three people benjamin mitch, monica of fa and anthony nie bow with a gunned down in ten days. neighbors on edge and prepared for the worst. >> it's scary. >> reporter: the suspect is a man with a thin build with a baseball cap. the mayor said they'll hunt this person down on until they find them. >> all right, thank you, victor. scary situation for that neighborhood in tampa. >> it is. now to those calls growing for alabama senate candidate roy moore to drop out of the race as a fifth woman comes forward accusing him of sexual misconduct saying he assaulted her when she was a teenager. our chief national correspondent tom llamas is on capitol hill with that story and moore's response. good morning, tom.
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>> reporter: robin, good morning to you. the allegations against roy moore are growing, with more reports that he was allegedly very well known at the local mall for pursuing teenage girls when he was in his 30s, and a new woman came forward as you mentioned who claims moore sexually assaulted her when she was only 16 years old. we do want to warn our viewers that her story is graphic but it's one that she says she's willing to tell under oath. >> mr. moore attacked me when i was a child. i did nothing to deserve this sexual attack. >> reporter: beverly young nelson says in 1977 she was a 16-year-old high school student working part time at a restaurant where senate candidate roy moore then a local prosecutor was a regular customer. one cold night he offered her a ride home. >> i trusted mr. moore because he was the district attorney. i thought that he was simply doing something nice by offering to drive me home. >> reporter: instead, nelson says moore drove her to a dumpster behind the restaurant.
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>> mr. moore reached over and began groping me. him putting his hands on my breasts. i tried to open my car door to leave but he reached over and he locked it so i could not get out. i tried fighting him off while yelling at him to stop. but instead of stopping he began squeezing my neck attempting to force my head on to his crotch. >> reporter: overnight moore denying the accusations. >> and i can tell you without hesitation this is absolutely false. i never did what she said i did. i don't even know the woman. i don't know anything about her. i don't even know where the restaurant is or was. >> reporter: but nelson says she has proof of moore's flirty behavior. her yearbook. she says moore wrote, to a sweeter more beautiful girl i could not say merry christmas
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and signed love roy moore, d.a. >> when he was at the restaurant he would speak to me and sometimes pull the ends of my long hair. >> reporter: back in washington a number of senate republicans have heard enough. senator john cornyn of texas watched the latest accuser's news conference. >> what were your thoughts? >> very disturbing. very disturbing. that's why i believe that it was appropriate for me to withdraw my endorsement. >> reporter: 11 republican senators are calling for moore to drop out of the race. four republican senators have rescinded their endorsements and 28 have said he should step aside if the allegations are true. >> i believe the women. i think he should step aside. >> if you win you lose because you're coming into a body where people are already calling for your expulsion. >> reporter: this morning new reports in both "the new yorker" magazine and the news website quoting residents in moore's hometown. that it was a well-known secret that he would go to the malto
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pursue teenage girls. one of those residents is quoted and named. i want to put that on the screen. that resident saying he would go and flirt with all the young girls. it seems like every friday or saturday night you'd see him walking around the mall like the kids did. now, for his part roy moore has denied all those allegations of sexual misconduct. >> the allegations are piling up. tom, thanks very much. roy moore is running to fill the seat that had been held by attorney general jeff sessions and he'll be on the hot seat on capitol hill today after revelations overnight he's asked justice department prosecutors to examine the clinton foundation and hillary clinton's e-mails despite promises to recuse himself from those matters. abc's senior congressional correspondent mary bruce has the latest. good morning, mary. >> reporter: good morning, george. well, for weeks the president has been ramping up the pressure calling for the justice department to look into hillary clinton and this morning as the attorney general heads to the hill the department is now weighing a new investigation. as president trump returns from a marathon trip in asia -- >> made a lot of friends at the highest level. >> reporter: -- he's being greeted with a new controversy. attorney general jeff sessions
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authorizing the justice department to consider a special counsel to look into allegations regarding trump's former rival, hillary clinton. in a letter to the house judiciary committee, the justice department suggests prosecutors would examine allegations that donations to the clinton foundation influenced a decision by the obama administration to allow a russian agency to buy the you are rain yum one company writing prosecutors will make recommendations as to whether any matters not currently under investigation should be open or whether any matters merit the appointment of a special counsel. but after his involvement in the trump campaign -- >> donald, welcome to my hometown. >> reporter: sessions pledged to to steer clear of clinton related investigations. >> i believe the proper thing for me to do would be to recuse myself from any questions involving those kind of investigations that involve secretary clinton that were raised during the campaign or could otherwise be connected to it. >> reporter: that wasn't the
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outcome the president was hoping for. >> if i win, i am going to instruct my attorney general to get a special prosecutor to look into your situation. >> reporter: before departing for his trip to asia -- >> they should be looking at the democrats. they should be looking at podesta and all that dishonesty. they should be looking at a lot of things and a lot of people are disappointed in the justice department, including me. thank you, everybody. >> reporter: now critics are already sounding the alarm. the top democrat on the house intelligence committee tweeting if the a.g. bends to pressure from president trump and his allies to appoint a special counsel to investigate trump's vanquished rival, it could spell the end of the doj as an independent institution. now, guys, sessions is set to testify on the hill later this morning. and you can be sure he's going to face some harsh questions. >> yeah, that is going to be some hearing. mary, thanks very much. >> that it will. more now on the revelation that donald trump jr. exchanged
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private twitter messages with which ki leaks during the presidential campaign. pierre thomas has more joins us from washington. good morning, pierre. >> reporter: robin, good morning. that's right, today new allegations that trump's son don jr. was in contact with not just the russians, but another adversary against hillary clinton, wikileaks. new word this morning that donald trump jr. was directly communicating with wikileaks, communication that apparently had direct cause and effect. on october 12th in the final stretch of the campaign, wikileaks wrote don junior saying, great to see you and your dad talking about our publications. wikileaks encouraged trump to tell his father to mention their link in their tweets. 15 minutes later then candidate donald trump tweets, very little pick up by the dishonest media of incredible information provided by wikileaks. so dishonest. rigged system. within two days don jr. tweeted out the link. throughout the election donald trump repeatedly made known his fondness for wikileaks which released a spate of damaging e-mails to his opponent in the presidential race, hillary clinton.
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>> we have to go back to wikileaks. oh, wikileaks. >> reporter: but wikileaks had been identified by the intelligence community as being a surrogate for the russian government, publishing damaging information hacked by the kremlin stolen from the dnc and clinton campaign chairman john podesta. this from the current trump appointed cia director. >> time to call it out for what it really is, a nonstate hostile intelligence service often abetted by state actors like russia. >> reporter: trump jr.'s exchanges began in september of last year during the final stretch of the campaign. wikileaks contacting the son asking him about an anti-trump website which was about to be launched. don jr. responded, by informing the leadership including steve bannon, kellyanne conway and son-in-law jared kushner. the contact continued through election day with wikileaks saying, if your father loses we think it's more interesting if he does not concede and spends time challenging the media. don jr. did not respond to that message.
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>> don jr. not only expressed a willingness to accept the help of the russian government in that meeting at trump tower but here you have him in communication privately, secretly with wikileaks. >> reporter: don jr. and his attorney downplayed the wikileaks revelation. don jr. tweeting last night, here's the entire exchange of messages with wikileaks, with my whopping three responses he says leaked by congress. >> a lot to talk to with dan abrams and that story right there. unlikely sending messages is illegal but this is now the second time that we know that don junior was open to receiving information connected to the russians and the first time the president trump may have acted on it. >> that's right. the fact that president trump tweeted 15 minutes later is what looks really bad here, though. as a legal matter we talked about this before, collusion, not a crime per se. they'd have to demonstrate there was some involvement, aiding aye
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betting in the hacking or some conspiracy to violator commit a crime. >> on collusion no, but we know there have been previous denials with any contacts with the russians. >> correct. >> let's talk about jeff sessions as well right now. you can read the letter he wrote making an unlikely there will be a special counsel at the end of the day but there is a real question whether they you had be directing, do anything related to hillary clinton. >> i think this is a direct violation what he promised the senate he wouldn't do. and we played a piece there before. we heard a soundbite from him but he was actually even more definitive in a response to senator grassley. senator grassley said to him to be very clear you intend to recuse yourself from both the clinton e-mail investigation and any matters involving the clinton foundation if there are any? sessions responded yes. >> absolutely clear. >> this is about the clinton foundation. so this seems to me that he cannot both keep his promise to the senate and be involved in this in any way. >> meantime, these allegations continue to pile up against roy moore down in alabama. appears to be political trouble for him. any legal vulnerability? >> there would have been back
7:14 am
then. what was alleged to have happened a long time could have been a crime back then but statute of limitations expired as we've talked about cosby, weinstein, et cetera, you need some newer allegation for there to be a legal issue. >> dan abrams, thanks very much. >> all right, george. now to new fallout from a tense exchange caught on camera. a dallas lawyer has been fired after getting into an argument with her uber driver. he says she threatened him, hit him, even accused him of kidnapping her. abc's linzie janis is here with that story. good morning, linzie. >> reporter: good morning, robin. that uber driver made an audio recording of that ugly stand off posting it on his facebook page shortly after his passenger that dallas prosecutor losing the job she held for six years. >> oh my god, you're an idiot. you're a legitimate [ bleep ]. >> reporter: you're listening to the argument that led to the firing of one of dallas county's assistant district attorneys. >> i'm asking you politely to please step out of my vehicle.
7:15 am
>> no, because now i'm pissed the [bleep] off. >> reporter: uber driver shawn plat said she was driving jodi warner home from this bar friday night when she became upset about directions and began threatening him. >> you're so stupid, i want the cops to come so that they can [ bleep ] you up. >> she kept saying she was an assistant d.a. she said who are they going to believe, you or me? so i said, you know, you are kind of right. so i took out my phone and recorded it. >> reporter: he pulled over and asked her to get out. when she refused he called the police. >> she actually hit me. it was not how i expected my night to go. >> ma'am, please. >> no, ma'am, please. dude, you're all -- everything is being recorded. i'm an assistant district attorney so shut the [ bleep ] up. i think this might be kidnapping right now actually. >> reporter: when the cops arrived plat said he declined to press charges. >> i'm used to dealing with drunk passengers on a consistent basis. i forgive her. >> reporter: but warner's
7:16 am
employer not so forgiving. the d.a.'s office firing her late monday saying in a statement writing her behavior is contrary to this office's core principle of integrity. >> i am sorry it cost her her job. that was not my intent. you don't treat people that way. >> reporter: overnight warner denying she ever hit platt but expressing regret and calling her behavior unacceptable telling abc news, i cringe whenever i hear or think about the things that i said that night, adding, the audio doesn't tell you that i was in a situation that made me feel very uncomfortable. the driver, shawn platt, tells us he wants people to leave her alone. he says warner has paid the price for her actions. robin. >> wow, all right, linzie, thank you very much. good thing he recorded that. >> good for him to do that. >> breaking news for our viewers in the west. the three ucla basketball players arrested in china have been reportedly released.
7:17 am
>> adrienne ban here with the latest. >> reporter: after a week in china andy plo ma tick intervention the players are headed home. this morning the three ucla players accused of shot lifting sunglasses in china released from house arrest. allowed to leave their hotel to drive home boarding their flight to los angeles. the release comes on the heels of president trump asking the chinese president for help who have been waiting out their aye rest. china's president responded he would insure the players were treated fairly. along so ball had said he hoped the president could help his brother. it appears those talks worked in their favor. it's still too early to know what kind of deal was reached if the three are guilty or if they'll remain on ucla's
7:18 am
basketball team. michael back to you. >> thank you adrienne. let's go over to ginger. a deadly storm in the northwest. >> five people injured and one woman dead. this is in washington state. trees went into cars and onto home answer almost 200,000 customers without power at the peak of the storm. gusts sending rough waves up to 31 feet. that ferry spinning out of control. there's another storm i'm going to have to tell you about in just a bit coming up. first your tuesday trivia. good morning. i'm abc7 news meteorologist mike nicco. drier air and becoming brighter this afternoon. tonight, gray again with light rain across the north bay and
7:19 am
two moderate storms, yeah, number 2 on our storm impact scale. today we boole in the upper 50s to near 60 along the coast, about 60 to 65 for the rest of us. tonight's temperatures, mid-40s to mid-50s. you can see that rain up in the north bay. it's going to be moderate to heavy tomorrow so, expect downpours with that t t t t t t >> that next storm will bring t snow to the sierra, one to three feet and get the rain going and that's also going to potentially affect our next weekend so i'm >> thank you ginger. coming up, major new charges and new defendants in that penn state hazing case after the fbi says they recovered deleted video revealing freshman pledge tim piazza had 18 drinks served to him in less than 90 minutes. our exclusive with the father and daughter targeted in a kidnapping plot. we'll tell you what police found in the suspect's car. we'll tell you what police found in the suspect's car.
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good morning to you. i'm zuch znatasha zouves from " mornings." sue hall has the traffic. fog in the north bay hampering your drive this. we have slow traffic from highway 4 to walnut creek, 680 highway 24, walnut creek to highway 13, just under 20 minutes. and 580 tracy to dublin is still a grind, about an hour delay. we had an earlier accident on the richmond san rafael bridge, long gone but backed up from the toll plaza into el serrie toe for a solid 40-minute deprive the east bay into marin city.
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38 in clear lake, mid-30s in the north bay valleys to mid-50s around the bay into the south bay. let's take a look at all that thick this fog from concord automatic the way up into the north bay. zero visibility concord and petaluma, arnold through 9:00. pleetz slow down. here's some of that fog leaking into san rafael. caution on the roads for low visibility, cool to mild today taking mass transit and patchy dense fog for the ferries especially into san francisco. my accuweather seven-day forecast. as we talked about yesterday, we bumped tomorrow's storm up to a 2, our first one of the season on our storm impact scale. moderate. scattered showers thursday, a light storm sunday and monday starting the trend towards a 2 also natasha. >> getting ready for tomorrow. coming up a father and daughter targeted in an elaborate kidnapping scheme are speaking outly next on "gma." we'll have another abc7 news update in about 30 minutes and always on our news app and
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talk to your doctor, and call 844-214-2424. ♪ yeah ♪ all right ♪ uh-huh >> welcome back to "gma" and what a moment on "dancing with the stars" last night. a double cart wheel by fisher and lindsay arnold and they're in the finals next week. >> four coupling still standing battling for the mirror ball trophy. this morning we have victoria and val, the eliminated couple that overcame so much on the dance floor. they are here live. it was a very emotional moment last night and, robin -- >> i'm upset bit. i ran into them in the elevator on the way to the studio. all i could do was hug them. >> i love val. >> all i could do is hug them. her story is incredible. yeah, oh, well. >> we'll hear from them in a little bit. alabama senate candidate roy
7:31 am
moore firing back against accusations of sexual misconduct after a fifth woman came forward accusing him of attacking her when she was a teen. moore said he doesn't know her but the woman showed a yearbook with a message he appeared to write. a new storm moving into the northwest after a deadly system bringing rain and violent wind that sent trees toppling onto cars and homes and knocked out power for more than 150,000. >> we'll begin this half hour though with the new charges in the penn state hazing case. the prosecutors saying they discovered disturbing video that was deleted after piazza's death showing just how much he was given to drink. abc's gio benitez is outside the courthouse in pennsylvania, good morning, gio. >> reporter: robin, good morning to you. prosecutors say that video shows even more hazing and this morning, they're calling it a crucial piece of evidence. this morning, potential bombshell evidence in the alleged hazing death of penn state freshman tim piazza. on monday the district attorney charging 12 more of piazza's
7:32 am
former fraternity brothers with a variety of charges after the fbi recovered deleted video from the night the 19-year-old died. >> missing from the evidence in this case was what really happened downstairs in that dark basement that night. this video is the missing link. >> they claimed we don't know what else happened other than what was in the upstairs video and we don't know what happened in the basement. guess what, guys? now we know. >> reporter: in all 26 brothers now charged. many facing allegations from reckless endangerment to manslaughter. police say the students led them to believe a security camera in the fraternity's basement wasn't working. but instead they allegedly deleted the video. prosecutors say the now recovered video shows the brothers giving piazza 18 drinks in less than 90 minutes. that's a drink every 4 1/2 minutes. >> tim never gets his own alcohol. it's just the brothers continuing to give him alcohol. >> reporter: so they just keep handing him more and more
7:33 am
alcohol? >> the wine, the vodka and the beer. >> reporter: at a previous hearing the court had already seen other videos showing piazza stumble through the house. at one point falling down a flight of stairs. no one in the house called for help for 12 hours. one defense attorney says his client is innocent. >> i'm very confident that when we get to litigate these issues in a courtroom, not in a press conference the charges regarding involuntary manslaughter, aggravated assault, hazing and reckless endangerment and the other serious charges will be dismissed against michael. >> reporter: this morning the parents of tim piazza have a warning for other families. >> talk to your children. tell them not to get involved in this nonsense. >> your life is too important to put it on the line for a brotherhood or a sisterhood. it matters. >> reporter: and they say they've heard from parents all across this country and one mother in particular sent them this letter and it just meant so much. it said this, tim's life mattered to me.
7:34 am
robin. >> absolutely, absolutely. how did police even know about the deleted video? >> reporter: so that video that they already had, they actually saw the time stamps and, robin, they saw there was a big missing chunk. they said, boy, that doesn't make sense, they sent that to the fbi. the fbi recovered it. >> great police work there. all right, gio, thank you very much. dan abrams is back along with our senior legal correspondent sunny hostin. so, new tape. new charges. >> yeah, and, look, it's very disturbing that they apparently deleted this tape. i mean, that in and of itself is a crime. i say two things. number one a tape can make all the difference being able to watch something happen can change everything. on the one hand you can say we think this happened. we think that happened. watching it happen is a totally different story. but with that said, i'm not certain that this changes the legal analysis with regard to the most serious crimes because, remember, a judge has already dismissed the involuntary manslaughter, aggravated assault charges.
7:35 am
what we see in the basement is the drinking part. and so i don't know that this is going to lead the judge to say, this now rises to the level of involuntary manslaughter. >> i'm going to completely disagree with my good friend dan abrams. i mean, you know, involuntary manslaughter difficult to prove as a prosecutor because it's an unintentional killing. people are more comfortable when you can see intent. but in order to prove involuntary manslaughter you have to prove a causal link between a defendant's conduct and the victim's death. this is the missing link because the video shows he was plieed with 18 drinks in 82 minutes. but for the alcohol consumption and but for them giving it to him and but for the fact that they didn't even help him, he would be alive today. >> but they -- >> that's all the prosecutors need here. >> they knew all that before and so -- >> they didn't have a video of it they didn't know who gave it to him. >> they knew all the facts surrounding what happened and the judge made that decision.
7:36 am
>> they deleted it. >> but that's a separate crime. >> so they obviously knew something was wrong. >> right, no question. that's a separate crime. so, you just have to evaluate both the crimes and the individuals separately which is we can't lump all these people in together and say, oh, there are 18 people who did this or this. you have to evaluate each and every one of these cases separately and say what did this person do? >> and i think that's what the prosecutors have done. now that you have this missing link four out of the ten defendants have been charged with involuntary manslaughter. i would bet my bottom dollar those are the four that plied him with the drinks is the missing link. >> remember, again, it's critical to remember the judge already evaluated involuntary -- >> without the video, dan. >> without the video. >> you really feel that seeing the video -- >> it makes a huge difference. >> i made so many cases where the video maybes all the difference. when you can place those jurors at the scene of the crime and you can tell those jurors they knew they did something wrong and that's why they deleted the tape, that's all i need. >> this isn't about jurors. right now you're talking about can you overcome it with the judge and that's the first question they're going to have to deal with which is can they
7:37 am
convince this judge that things are now fundamentally different. prosecutors had already by the way refiled the charges. the prosecutors already said, we think there was a problem here. we're refiling the charges, we'll add additional evidence and this will bolster the case. >> very doubtful a judge seeing this video and the death of a young promising man is going to dismiss these charges. >> most serious charges. we're not talking about dismissing all -- dismissing the deleting the tape and -- >> i'll see you back at this table when the judge does that. >> it may be. i'll bet you at least some of the involuntary manslaughter charges will be dismissed. >> i'll take that bet. >> i gotta tell you guys. i remember when timothy's mother and father and brother were right here in the studio and this moment is for them. they have been very steadfast and having this, again, because it was -- you don't delete something if you don't think -- >> the video speaks the truth. no matter what you think about
7:38 am
this case, that video tells you what happened. >> it implies to me they knew what was wrong. >> they did. >> thank you both very much. we'll stay on it. george. >> thanks, robin. coming up our abc news exclusive, the father and daughter targeted in an elaborate kidnapped and describing how they avoided becoming victims and the police found in the suspect's car.
7:39 am
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"you were meant to carry his story". we are back with abc news exclusive about a father and daughter targeted for kidnapping
7:42 am
and robbery now telling their story reviewing clues that tipped them off. amy has the details. >> an elaborate and frightening plot that involved four armed suspects and a car full of kidnapping supplies but thankfully this family's quick thinking and intuition helped save their lives. >> i'm scared to sleep in my own bedroom and scared to go to my own school. >> this morning amber brackney and her father terry speaking out for the first time after thwarting a kidnapping plot after she drove home from her part-time waitressing job. she noticed something felt off. >> i became scared, like that my life was in danger. there were three barrels blocking my driveway. i automatically thought this is something that would happen on a scary movie, you know, like when you get out and then you like get taken or something bad happens. >> reporter: as amber swerved around the barrels her father terry spring into action. >> i noticed the flood light in
7:43 am
the front of the house came on. the dogs wouldn't quit barking so i got up again and when i walked out the back door and looked to my right that's when i saw the two individuals about 15, 20 feet from me at the next door which is the garage door trying to break in and that's when i yelled at them and fired three shots. >> reporter: according to investigators the suspects were allegedly planning on kidnapping amber by forcing her out of her car taking her to the house and subduing her father who they believed to be wealthy and robbing the home. >> i work seven days a week. i work hard. i own a funeral home and the clothing store here in town. the community has been very good to me over the years. had these individuals made it in our house, i said today would have probably been our funerals. >> reporter: the 51-year-old called 911 police tracked down this white jeep. inside they say they found a trove of potential kidnapping materials, latex glove, masks, dark clothing and a roll of tape. the suspects four teenagers who go to the same high school as
7:44 am
terry's daughter are now being charged as adults with attempted kidnapping and attempted home invasion. the brackneys working on moving forward. an reclaiming their sense of security. >> i'm thankful i'm here today and alive and me and my dad are safe and their plan didn't succeed. >> she trusted her gut and again those four suspects rank in age from 15 to 19. each charged with attempted kidnapping and attempted home invasion robbery. to think they all went to the same high school and alleged concocted this plot. it is scary. >> wow. >> why? coming up, that 25-year-old surfer whose quick thinking move when he punched the shark in the face saved his life and the surfer he says inspired him to do it.
7:45 am
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7:48 am
back now with that fierce surfer who survived a shark attack by punching the shark in the face and making his escape. t.j. holmes is here with this. >> already, george? >> you look like you're ready to punch a shark in the face. >> first things first he was surfing in an area of the beach known as shark tower and a shark showed up. who would have thunk it? what does he do? he says, come on, bring it on and he goes manny pacquiao on this shark but says he was inspired by another surfer who famously fought off a shark two years ago. >> reporter: 25-year-old charlie
7:49 am
fry has a story to tell this morning after a shark tore into him on a surfing trip leaving these puncture wounds. >> i felt like a hand grabbing me like shaking me. i thought i was going to die so you're about to be eaten alive by a shark. >> reporter: as the shark came after him, he could only think of one thing. this guy, australian surf champion nick fanning who fought off a shark attack at a surfing championship in south africa. fanning punched the shark in the face so charlie decided to do the same. >> it just went for my shoulder, got a big thud and i saw a shark's head come out of the water with its teeth and i just punched it in the face. >> the british doctor and amateur surfer says if they ever meet, he owes mick a beer. >> my friends said would you take a shark bite to have a flesh wound if you don't lose any limbs. we're all like, yeah, yeah, probably would.
7:50 am
>> you see his injuries. >> what did he say? >> you should see the shark, though. look, he said he called his mom. he does what many of us do when you get in trouble, you do something, you call and say, look, i'm okay, but he said that's how he told the story to his parents. >> how big was the shark? >> he said five to six feet. they saw a ten-footer in the area later but five or six feet. look, a shark is a shark. >> he's proud of the wounds. >> please know for information there are only about 80 shark encounters a year in the world, six to eight deaths in the world so this is absolutely rare but i'm sure it's terrifying to go through it, even five seconds. >> thank you, t.j. >> you got it. >> you really enjoyed this, didn't you. coming up an important health alert. the new guidelines on high blood pressure that could affect more than 100 million americans. dr. ashton is here so come on back. back. in every town, across america. small businesses show their love to you. with some friendly advice,
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get long-lasting relief for up to 6 hours with new alka seltzer plus sore throat relief. and back here on "good morning america," promised you a look at that storm which will set off a pretty stormy pattern going into the weekend. this is friday and that could be some damaging winds and anywhere in yellow, arkansas through indiana and move it east, it will bring our next serious cold blast. we'll have lake-effect snow especially in western new york and parts of michigan and the cold is back. oh, all right. your local news and weather your local news and weather accused of obstructing justice to theat the fbinuclear war, and of violating the constitution by taking money from foreign governments and threatening to shut down news organizations that report the truth. if that isn't a case for impeaching and removing a dangerous president, then what has our government become? i'm tom steyer, and like you, i'm a citizen who knows it's up to us to do something. it's why i'm funding this effort to raise our voices together and demand that elected officials
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good morning to you. i'm natasha zouves from "abc7 mornings." meteorologist mike nicco has a quick look at the forecast. >> upper 40s in the north bay, low to mid-50s for the rest of us. fog is starting to lift in our inland east bay neighborhoods but still thick in partings of the peninsula and across the north bay and it will be through 9:00. 60 at the coast, 61 to 65 for the rest of us. my accuweather seven-day forecast, the storm tomorrow is a moderate on the impact scale. downpour's coming, sue. go to the south bay, san jose, looking at 101 at the 808 here, very heavy northbound 101 and heavy at the 808 overcrossing. farther to the north, this is why 101 is jammed, an accident just past the lawrence expressway blocking two lanes of traffic. it's solid. coming up, the couple booted
7:57 am
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good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. a new gainst alabama senate candidate roy moore claiming he assaulted her when she was 16. she says she's ready to testify under oath as new reports emerge that he frequented the local mall looking for teenage girls. not a single republican senator willing to back him in public. is walmart really driving up prices online? days before the holiday shopping season kicks into high gear why walmart says items are cheaper if you head right to the store. major health alert. what you should know about high blood pressure this morning. the american heart association revealing new guidelines that mean twice as many women under 45 could now have high blood pressure. doctor ashton will break it down. snoelt it takes two to make a thing go right ♪
8:01 am
♪ "gma" twin test lab. putting identical sisters on different diets. a full month, no cheating, no days off. who sees the most benefits? the results revealed live right here as we say good morning, america. ♪ ♪ i got an idea i wanna share, you don't like it i don't care ♪ make me want to do that. >> i thought you were going to do that. >> good morning, america, on this tuesday morning. there is no place like home. it was great to be away and do the stories that we did and the road to recovery and you just got back last night from houston your hometown. >> yeah. i loved it. it was great being home. one of my highlights of my trip was being with mattress mack. he is a hometown hero in houston and loved this guy when growing up. all those gallery furniture commercials, we'll save you money. before we took that photo he said mrs. crease's home they
8:02 am
were working on, i want to do something nice for her so we brought her on. she didn't know and he said, hey, i'm going to furnish your home. you pick out anything you want. >> i didn't realize that. he's been doing things like this for a long time. >> for a long time. he sent first responders to the world series on a jet, retired military vets. he does so much throughout the community. throwing a big thanksgiving dinner down there for everybody this thanksgiving. great guy and great asset to the community. >> we saw generosity from our viewers when we were broadcasting and did something called adopt a family where you can put things in a box, item, basic items for families in the virgin islands desperately need. well, thank you, you crashed their website, "gma" viewers. you went online, 12,000 new donor families. in just 24 hours. that's about $2.7 million in aid that our wonderful -- i get chills. >> one of the few types crashing something is good.
8:03 am
>> a good thing so thank you for that. we'll have a little travel log for you. >> keep the donations coming in. news now. growing calls for alabama senate candidate roy mor to drop out of the race as a new accuser comes forward. our chief national correspondent tom llamas on capitol hill with the story and, tom, republicans on capitol hill never really liked roy moore all that much but now they've abandoned him. >> reporter: that's right. here on capitol hill senator after senator calling on roy moore to step aside and these are his fellow republicans. another republican senator saying if he were to be elected, he likely would be expelled. this all comes as a new woman has come forward to say she was sexually assaulted by roy moore when she was 16 years old and moore was in his 30th. she claims moore offered her to give her a ride home one night. >> i had tears running down my face. at some point -- at some point he gave up and he then looked at
8:04 am
me and he told me -- he said you're just a child and he said i am the district attorney of etowah county and if you tell anyone about this, no one will ever believe you. >> reporter: an incredibly graphic account right there. now, moore for his part has denied all allegations of sexual misconduct and moore's wife is also speaking out defending her husband calling him godly and saying these are the ugliest type of politics she has ever seen. george. >> we will be watching today. tom llamas, thanks very much. michael. we'll go to holiday shopping headline. walmart is using a new method to drive people back into stores raising prices of items on its website and linsey davis has the story. good morning. >> good morning to you, michael. the retail giant with the motto every day low prices is now boosting the prices of some items on-line. walmart's explanation, it costs
8:05 am
less to sell some items in stores. some of the disparities between online versus in-store prices, 95 cents more for a four-pack of campbell's chicken noodle soup. a dollar more for lysol disinfecting wipes and more than $1 for colgate toothpaste. price differences that can potentially add it. while it depends on what you're getting and how much you're getting, sometimes it's worth it to go into the store and according to walmart 90% of americans live within ten miles of a walmart so they're trying to get you in there. >> why not do that. here in the city take the subway because you never know who you're going to see. >> that's true. >> lebron james and the cleveland cavaliers, they were on the subway. it was king james' first time on the subway. >> first time? >> first time for him. that's the word on the street, george. and he and his fellow teammates, you know how it is, it's easier to get around town on the subway. he was sitting next to a guy had no idea who he was. he had no idea. he even blocks the camera. that is a new yorker.
8:06 am
but not many subway riders have this problem. they had to duck to get out of the train. >> you're looking at about 12 seven-foot guys. you gotta kind of figure they're up to something. >> something going on here. welcome to nyc. coming up we're going into our twin test lab with identical sisters trying out two different diets and the results ahead. hot off the dance floor the final couple eliminated. victoria and val are here flying all night to join us live. going to talk to them about who they think can win the mirror ball trophy. lara, what's going on upstairs? >> michael, our audience member right over here, jennifer, getting her blood pressure checked by dr. jen ashton who's going to break down new guidelines that can affect more than 100 million americans, really important information. her recommendation is come up and i'm next. >> you're next. >> see you guys soon. get up here. we have a great audience.
8:07 am
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8:11 am
welcome back, everyone. a great audience here this tuesday morning. i just found out it's a very obedient audience and follow a lot of directions. >> great job! >> how about some "pop news." >> absolutely. good morning to you all. [ applause ] i see you all got the green memo. whoa. looking very good. you're fabulous too, don't worry. good morning, everybody and good morning to you. we begin with jimmy kimmel who turned the big 5-0 yesterday. happy birthday, jimmy. and a sea of stars were on his show wishing him well. ben affleck came by with j.j. abrams who did something funny, brought to life a comic that jimmy drew and wrote when he was just a little kid.
8:12 am
the "star wars" director recruited major a-list stars like jennifer aniston, shaq and matt damon his nemesis playing characters that jimmy had created like muscle man and color kid. he did this four decades ago. now here it is with these major movie stars and then, of course, you know there were the birthday mean tweets. >> jimmy kimmel you still look like a potato. now you're just a hairy potato. so you're extra gross. >> jimmy kimmel is not funny, neither is david letterman. i'd have to go along with both of those. [ applause ] >> i don't agree with either of them, mr. letterman. there were mean tweets from stephen colbert, kim kardashian west and jennifer lawrence all aimed right at the birthday boy and taken with good humor by that old guy. >> young guy. >> absolutely. absolutely. happy birthday, jimmy.
8:13 am
also in "pop news" this morning we have a new host, the 2017 american music awards, everybody, "black-ish" star tracee ellis ross. [ applause ] i knew you'd be happy about that. she is so funny. robin, between her, her characters she creates, her love of fashion i think we'll have a lot of eye candy and laughs. >> perfect. >> and it will be a real family affair because her mom diana ross will also be there. just got chills. she's being honored at the event with a lifetime achievement award and according to the ama, folk, thanks for giving us the tip she will take the stage for a very rare appearance, performance, so looking forward to that and if that's not enough, christina aguilera also showing off that amazing voice, the tribute to whitney houston in honor of "the bodyguard's" 25th anniversary, a movie you need to see again real soon. [ applause ] good show, right? those are just two of the
8:14 am
moments not to be missed. i didn't have time to give you more, but trust me it's good stuff. 2017 amas sunday night, 8:00, 7:00 central on abc. >> must see tv. >> right. i love a little sunday night viewing. here's one for you if you like seconds on thanksgiving and i know we all do. a very special pair of pants that our producers found for you that make the binge even more enjoyable and they're real. stove top, yes, america's favorite stuffing company has created these. they're called thanksgiving dinner pants. i'm not lying. they're unisex, maroon and they're beauties. they have an elastic waistband that doubles in size if needed and it's also extra wide. embellished with a band of life-like stuffing imagery there to feel really beautiful. your family party and they have extra large pockets which you may have seen in the video earlier to hold leftovers. the thanksgiving dinner pants
8:15 am
again they're real, $19.98 and stove top will donate $10,000 in proceeds to feeding -- >> there is a reason to get them >> that's why i did the story. >> you did it. >> i know. sometimes you got to bury the lead, robin. there you go. so buy, enjoy and donate. >> okay, now we will. all right, lara, thank you. to that important health alert about high blood pressure. the american heart association changing the guidelines meaning almost half of american adults could now be living with what's called the silent killer affecting men and women and our chief medical contributor, dr. jen ashton is here to talk about that. [ applause ] and you checked jennifer's numbers? >> i did. i checked jennifer's numbers. she gave me permission to share them. it was a little bit high. we did check it twice. >> she's on national tv. she's under the lights. >> that's right. we'll cut her some slack. her heart rate was elevated. 154 over 100, jen. we did suggest she get it checked again. this is medical news that
8:16 am
could potentially affect half the country. >> what do we need to know? >> new guidelines. old guidelines if you had a number of 140 over 90 you were classified as having hypertension. now that dropped to 130 over 80 reflecting the fact we know damage can occur at lower numbers so, again, very important for people to know these numbers and it will affect a lot more people. it will double the number of women under the age of 45 who meet criteria for having hypertension, a lot more people involved. >> will this be a lot more people on medication? >> actually it won't. the key here this should be managed with lifestyle modification. only expected to increase the number of people on medication by 2% but you have to take a look at these changes because these can make a big difference. eating the right diet, the dash diet is the gold standard, fitness, cardio and weights. lowering sodium in your diet and increasing potassium with things like avocado, bananas and salmon and limiting alcohol, no more than two drinks a day for men,
8:17 am
one for women can lower those numbers by anywhere from 4 to 11 points and every point matters. >> you want to show us what high blood pressure does to the body. >> i think we hear it as the silent killer. you have to understand that high blood pressure affects organs like the kidney, the eyes, the heart, the blood vessels but i want you to look at this demonstration. if you imagine this pump as the heart and this as your blood vessels. your vascular system, with normal blood pressure it's easy to pump. it can pump that blood all over the body. once you have high blood pressure you have increased resistance in these blood vessels, that pump has to work harder todcuir cla over time th damage. >> so what should people do right now? >> i think the key thing is you need to know your numbers and we've heard about white coat hypertension. people go to the doctor and blood pressure gets elevated but get one of these home kits. check your blood pressure at home. make sure you're doing it on a bare arm. if you have larger arms you need
8:18 am
to use a larger cuff. >> good. all good advice there. jen, thanks very much. ginger. robin, what's happening in our studio this morning, this is andrew and colleen. they came in this morning. i've known andrew for a long time to make a pregnancy announcement because she's due in june but that's not all. check out what happened next. >> i know you're getting engaged. >> no, i'll see you later. >> is that asking too much? >> how about right now? [ cheers and applause ] >> ah, and you know what, down on the knee he goes. we are so happy for you guys. a pregnancy announcement and engagement. you can't get much more than good morning. i'm abc7 news meteorologist mike nicco. drier air and becoming brighter this afternoon. tonight, gray again with light rain across the north bay and
8:19 am
two moderate storms, yeah, number 2 on our storm impact scale. today we boole in the upper 50s to near 60 along the coast, about 60 to 65 for the rest of us. tonight's temperatures, mid-40s to mid-50s. you can see that rain up in the north bay. it's going to be moderate to heavy tomorrow so, expect downpours with tha all right, time to go into our twin test lab. two identical sisters who live nearly identical lives trying out two different diets. take a look. ♪ >> reporter: two twins, lauren and leila. two trendy diet, whole 30 versus counting macros. we set out to see which works better on these two moms. we began at st. luke's mt. sinai to figure out their starting numbers and put them in a bod pod. >> it can show you how much fat you have on the body. the scale is not an indicator.
8:20 am
it's the fat in your body. >> reporter: experts suggest 30% body fat or less for women to obtain good health. >> percent body fat is at 37.9. >> that's not good. that's not good. >> reporter: lauren's starting weight, 152.3. body fat, 41.2 and leila's weight, 133.8 and body fat 37.9. lauren is taking on the whole 30. coaching her through is whole 30 co-creator melissa hartwig. >> the whole 30 is totally different and look at it as a reset. pushing it with your health, your habits and relationship with food. >> for 30 days of whole food, meats and vegetables, no sugar, no alcohol, no grains, legume, soy or dairy. >> so what we do is pull them out for 30 days and it's a pretty strict pullout. you do have to stick with it.
8:21 am
>> reporter: for leila, referred to as counting macros. it's the new school way of counting calories. >> there's three macro category, proteins, carbs and fat and have the correct amount is the thing. >> reporter: she's being coached by this couple. >> preparation is huge. >> reporter: leila can fit whatever she wants as long as it fits into her pie graph. of carbs, proteins and fats. >> we recommend 80% of your day is nutrient dense foods. your fruits, veggies, complex carbs, lean meats and that leaves 20% to be anything that you want. >> ice cream. >> reporter: both twins tackling their first week stocked with food for their diet. for 30 days leila weighing everything she eats and checking the macros and making sure to stay in her numbers. >> and lauren cooking everything, making sure to stick with the foods allowed on the whole 30. and today it's been 30 long hard days. but was it all worth it? it is time for the results.
8:22 am
>> all right. so we have lauren, we have leila an tie dietician, maya feller here. so, lauren and leila. we want to see results. please step on up and start with lauren. you started at 152 pounds and leila you were 133 so let's see where you are. drum roll, please. [ drum roll ] >> all right. here we go. wow. congratulations you guys. >> can we look? >> what is it? >> so, lauren you lost over ten pounds. >> i did? >> 7% of your body weight. >> oh, yay. >> congrats and, leila, you're down -- so cute -- more than 6 pounds, 5% of your body weight but she's started at less weight so let's see what happened to body fat percentage. but she started at less weight. >> oh, lord. >> drum roll, please. thank you, audience. very nice, very nice. >> all right.
8:23 am
so this is amazing. lauren, you lost 5.1% of your body fat. [ applause ] >> leila, you lost 4.6. >> oh, yeah, good. >> congratulations. come on down so those are remarkable and i'll ask maya how scientifically accurate is our twin test? >> this is completely anecdotal based on these two girls. not something we can generalize. lots of variables and factors. their age, their initial weight, hormones that play into how they lost weight, right. >> doing it with identical twins, doesn't that help us see which diet works better? >> not necessarily. as i said there are different variables so you would see, you know, for one of them they had different outcomes versus the other one. >> okay, so i'm going to ask. lauren, how did you feel about the whole 30 diet? would you recommend it? >> i would recommend it. only thing it was a little difficult at the beginning because i had to take out dairy and sugar but after -- i know it was a little tough. after the first two weeks it was pretty simple. >> you sort of get used to it.
8:24 am
>> yeah. >> leila, you did counting macros. doing research on it it sounds like it's a lot of work. >> well, the counting macros was great but the work was me like weighing my food and having to log everything that i ate every day. that was the most challenging part. >> take away for our viewers, would you recommend it? >> i'm still doing it and recommend it because it's flexible. >> sticking with it. >> yes, love it. >> i got to thank you, maya. we'll keep doing these experiments. keep up the great work. >> thank you. >> i'm just figuring out who is who. we'll head right over to michael strahan. >> thank you, lara. we're just a week away from the "dancing with the stars" finale and last night, there was a shocker in the ballroom. victoria arlen and val were sent home but you know what, we're on the lucky side of that because they're here now to talk to us about the competition. [ applause ] you know, you guys -- thank you for coming in this morning. it's a tiring long trip to get here. you were really incredible. victoria, you had your first two 10s dancing the charleston. how tough is it to go home after that? >> it was devastating.
8:25 am
i mean, we -- our two dances last night were probably the best we had all season. you just felt so good with them and that charleston freaked me out. i think i was doing that in my sleep to prepare for it. so i was really excited. i mean last night couldn't have gone greater until the end but i'm really proud of what we achieved and the fact we did get those 10s. >> you should be proud of that. because you were paralyzed -- you were paralyzed for ten years because of a childhood illness an you just really starteds walking only a year ago. what was your challenge, val, to get her to do these things. >> there was a couple of challenges here and there but, you know, with every challenge is a great opportunity, i'm so grateful that the show trusted me with this incredible young woman and i got to tell her story and it's not every day that a dancer gets to fulfill himself through, you know, embracing family and just like i said her story was so inspiring. i'm just really proud to be a part of it. >> speaking of family when you were 10 you told your mom you
8:26 am
wanted to be on "dancing with the stars" and she has a little message for you. >> oh. >> victoria, when you left to come to "dancing with the stars" you said you wanted to impact the world in a positive way through your dance. and you did that after your first dance, victoria, we are so proud of you. the fact that you are even walking let alone dancing, we couldn't be more proud and we love you so, so much. [ applause ] >> ah. man. >> we got to say we're proud of both of you. we love having you here. very proud of both of you and you know what, do not miss the two-night "dancing" finale starting monday at 8:00, 7:00 central. right here on abc. we'll be right back. your "gma" moment brought to you by the frame from samsung. the most beautiful tv you've never seen. ♪
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hi. good morning. i'm jessica castro from "abc7 mornings." sue hall has quick look at traffic. hi, sue. >> good morning, everyone. we have a couple of late-breaking accidents. let's go to walnut creek southbound near north main, the fire department blocking one lane of traffic so you are stacking up into pleasant hill. a couple of earlier problems we had accidents northbound 101 near millbrae avenue. that is blocking a lane of traffic and a sigalert just issued for this accident westbound near love ridge, several lanes of traffic blocked there with an overturn. sue, thank you. [drumming] one time, in new orleans, well, before it was even founded, a french teenager, bienville, scared away a british warship with just a story. and great stories kept coming.
8:28 am
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let's take a look at your current conditions, mid-40s to mid-50s. not budging because of all that fog but to in the next hour or so that will start lifting. you can see how thick it is in places like san rafael. lower visibility on the roads this afternoon, lower humidity if you'll be outside but that patchy dense fog hangs around through the morning. soaking rain coming tomorrow. getter get those umbrellas ready. we'll have another abc7 news update in about 30 minutes and always on our news app and
8:30 am
♪ i've got the heart of a hero welcome whack to "gma." welcome back to our audience this morning. welcome back to robin and michael. >> good to be back, george. [ applause ] >> yes. i don't know about you but after being on the road for four days especially puerto rico and the virgin islands and to be back here in the city you just have a real perspective of what they're going through being in the hurricane zone like that. and when i was there, rob was in the florida key, michael, you were in your hometown of houston. >> of houston, i was there hanging out with my peep, robin. you know, so many incredible volunteers were there helping the neighbors, helping them get back on their feet. but you got to see there's still so much work to be done. still so much needed. >> progress has been made but so much need, so much need is still
8:31 am
there and there are millions that are still strugglinging for basic needs weeks after the storms hit but we saw resilience. >> oh, yeah. >> we saw people hard at work to rebuild and here are a few more of the inspiring people that i had a chance to meet on the road to recovery. ♪ >> reporter: by air. you could see the number of downed power lines. >> reporter: water. >> feels so beautiful. >> the virgin islands and i'm witnessing #vistrong. >> reporter: and on land. >> do you think people will come back. >> oh, absolutely. >> good. so they just -- this is their territory. >> this is their home, yep. donkeys all over the place. >> reporter: our "gma" team traveled over 3300 miles from new york to the u.s. virgin islands across puerto rico and back again. we just arrived in san juan from the virgin islands and it's day three on the road to recovery. the destruction left behind from hurricanes irma and maria
8:32 am
staggering. and the cleanup effort is ongoing. hundreds of linemen have been using chinook heavy lift helicopters and truck-based cranes to restore the toppled steel towers and high voltage power lines 30 miles across puerto rico's mountainous terrain. among all the devastation we also witnessed the unwavering resilience that remains in the spirit of those lives that were drastically changed. like the phillips family we introduced you on st. thomas. >> all: good morning, america. >> reporter: out of their severely damaged home they're using their working generator to cook nearly 250 meals per day. >> i washed dishes for three hours straight. she took our china -- she took the china i purchased for her and that's what we was using to feed the people. >> tell people why you did that. >> to give back a little bit. >> a little hope. >> reporter: that hope striking a chord with you at home.
8:33 am
over 12,000 of you signing up to aid the adopt a family care package initiative in one day alone. and an overwhelming response at a time when the hurricane victims need it most. >> we wish you all the best from our family to yours. >> my daughter opened this box. and it was fascinating because somebody actually took the time -- >> a lot of time in yes, look at this. >> to do this. strength, love, hope. >> be strong. courageous. so somebody instead of just putting something in a box spent time. look at this. >> a lot of time. >> look at this. the lord your god is with you wherever you are. do not be afraid or discouraged. wow. [ applause ] i don't know about you, my family, we already had a discussion and know what we're doing for the holidays. the adopt a family and heard
8:34 am
from a lot who are going to do it. i want to thank the border protection and air and customs. they took me up overhead to see and like so many people there's less than half of the country in puerto rico has power right now. >> still. >> less than -- i shouldn't call it a country. it's part of the united states but has less than -- that area has -- when you're up in the air like that you can see the mountainous trenderous terrain that they have to go to to restore the power and i saw a new york city firefighter and he was saying, new york brave -- i saw him in the airport and he said please let people know about the terrain that we're working as hard as we can. we want to get power back to people as fast as we can but it's a very difficult tank. yeah. >> all right. thank you for doing that. >> thank you for doing that. >> and rob too. [ applause ]
8:35 am
>> we want to go back and report some more progress. i'd love checking in with the gentleman with the mattresses. >> mattress mack. >> mattress mack. >> but i love these inspirational stories. we got another one for you. >> yeah. >> this is of a smaller variety. a 9-year-old 4'6" pint-size point guard who moves on the basketball court already catching the eye of colleges across the country. joining us from winchester thur ton high school in pittsburgh, pennsylvania, please give a warm welcome to karis thomas, her dad and jamal woodson. >> how is it going. >> coach, i'll start with you. how did you learn about karis' amazing basketball skills? >> you know, it's an interesting story. slam basketball is pennsylvania's number one aau basketball program and we hold tons of clinicing and we were holding a very competitive clinic for high school athletes
8:36 am
and in comes in this 4'nothing with her dad barging in trying to get in and i tried to stop them. her dad was not having it. he was like, let me daughter just play for a little bit. i did not want to do it but he insisted. i dit and as soon as she stepped foot on the court she outshined the entire clinic of about 75 people. [ applause ] >> randy, i can see that calm proud look on your face. you knew it all along. >> i mean, she makes me so proud. i mean she works so hard. that's my best friend. i love her to death. >> ah. >> hey, karis, what do you love so much about basketball? what is it about that great sport? >> well, one of my favorite players is lebron james and he's a great sport and athlete and dunks real crazy which i love and he works as hard as me. and, yeah, i want to meet him one day actually. >> oh. that's going to happen, i have a feeling.
8:37 am
>> i think lebron will be reassured to know he works as hard as you. >> you heard that too. [ applause ] >> so, you heard us mention already there's interest in you from big colleges at this young age. they're looking at you. love to hear where you're looking. are you already thinking about playing ball in college? >> yeah. [ laughter ] where sfwl whedo you want to pl? >> what school? >> i want to go to uconn or duquesne because they win a lot and i just like winning. >> you like winning. >> geno will be happy to have her. geno auriemma. >> scholarships coming by the end of the segment. karis, can you show us your moves right now? show us some moves? >> yeah. >> let's show them what we got. you ready? you ready. what do we have?
8:38 am
let's go for two balls and tart with two balls. all the way up. all the way up. great, great. all the way back. all the way back. switch it up. switch it up. here woo o we go. chest pass. great job, great job. let's go behind your back now, three-point line, all the way up. all the way up. all the way up. hey, karis, let show them what we do. show lebron james what we do. hey. let's get this money, girl. all right. good job. great job. that's what she does. that's the best 9-year-old girl in the had is tri of life. >> mad skills you have there. well, you know, you caught the attention of a lot of people, karis. i think we have a special guest that's going to come out. come on, come on out from the harlem globetrotters. >> hey. >> what's going on? how are you? i saw you got some amazing basketball skills. >> thanks. >> nice job. hey, actually i have something
8:39 am
very special. i want karis to come out to our basketball game kicking off our season right here in pittsburgh on disease 26th our 2018 world tour and i want to have you come out and join the team. what do you think about that. >> oh, yeah. >> oh, yeah. >> you got to earn this, karis, can you hold your finger in the hair. make it really strong. >> okay, zeus. there you go. >> nice. >> how does that look? bam! >> good job, karis. >> nice. >> hey, thank you, zeus. just like robin now. we got to say thank you to zeus. you're only like ten people in the honorary member. >> she could be the real deal. i'm honorary. >> ten members. robin. we got to say thank you to karis and coach? mall and randy for sharing the story with us. we got to say a big thank you to the harlem globetrotters for being there, as well. really appreciate that.
8:40 am
[ applause ] everybody, coming up, josh hutcherson is here live.
8:41 am
8:42 am
back now on "good morning america" i'm lucky to be joined by 20-year-old daniel davila. a special olympics athlete partnering with voya financial and helping them plan for their
8:43 am
financial future. daniel, we're so happy you're here. yes, yes, we have gold and silver in floor hockey, soccer, volleyball. pretty much -- so many sports have you listed here. the special olympics must mean everything to you. >> yes, it does. >> yes, so much to you but your goals go well beyond sports. tell us about that. >> well, my future goal is to continue my education because i want to own my own business and i hopefully in the near future i want to be the ambassador of special olympics and help young youth athletes to fulfill their dreams. >> that is a great goal. we love to hear that and we're so happy you're here to do that with us. like daniel, there are so many inspiring stories of special olympics athletes beyond sports so voya is encouraging you to share those stories using the #investinsomethingspecial. for every comment, share or like voya will donate $1 up to
8:44 am
$500,000. daniel, thank you for sharing your story and your good morning. i'm meteorologist mike nicco. watch out for patchy dense fog through 9:00, then increasing sunshine with temperatures in the upper 50s at the coast, low to mid-60s for the res of us. we're going to have moderate so make sure you share those stories using that hashtag invest in something special. we'll go over to michael and lara. >> thank you, ginger. josh hutcherson took over the big screen in "the hunger ga games." now he's in "future man." welcome, josh. what's up? [ applause ] we're heading into the holiday season. i know you're heading home to kentucky to celebrate with your family. no turkey for you this year. >> it's really -- i started like
8:45 am
trying to eat a plant-based diet this year and turkey does not fit into that category. so being vegan for this holiday season might be tough. however, i'm going to be like the turkey only ate grass or, you know what i mean so -- >> we can -- >> we don't eat grass -- >> close enough for me. >> there is tofurkey. >> tofurkey. >> tofurkey. >> that sounds like a real word. >> there you go. very funny on "kimmel" talking about christmas and the holidays. your great grandmother. we always do an ugly christmas sweater contest and take it seriously. we have a little picture of it. and, yeah, we take it up a notch as you can see but i want to show everybody your great grandmother because she not only wears it she makes it and takes it to a whole new level. jimmy will show a picture of it here. she knitted like nude men. >> yeah. >> in --
8:46 am
>> i want to you picture that woman sitting next to a roaring fireplace watching "murder she wrote" knitting the groin region of the man on the sweater. >> i tell you what, she's good. >> she doesn't mess around. she doesn't mess around, yeah. she's the best. >> what is this we hear you're now an kentucky colonel. >> yeah, kentucky colonel. i don't know what that means exactly but i have a plaque that says i'm a kentucky colonel. i don't know if it's good for kfc buckets or -- i haven't tried to wield its power yet. >> i tell you, i think it means they're proud of you in the state of kentucky where you're from. your tv show "future man." on hulu. >> yes. [ applause ] >> and you play this -- you play a janitor who still lives at home with his family and all you do is play video gape there is yes. >> but your video gape stikills are so good you're recruited to the future to save humanity.
8:47 am
>> before this how were they. >> very good. i'm an actor. >> i want to show everybody the clip. in the show two time travelers come back from the future to recruit you to help stop the man who ends up destroying municipalitity. did i set it up right? >> yes. >> did you guys ever think that i'd be doing something more with my life. >> what are you talking about, joshy. you work for one of the top sexual disease centers in the country. every day you walk into work you're curing disease. >> i'm not curing disease. >> but you're cleaning up after the people who are. >> and literally anybody could do that job. [ applause ] >> that's funny. >> that's beginning of where it guess a lot of places. >> this show was basically like the last star fighter from the '80s borrows a lot from old movies. it's okay to borrow. >> it is as long as you like
8:48 am
admit it in the show becauser woo's like, oh, that's exactly "last star fighter." if you talk about it it's okay to plagiarize. >> it's called honoring. >> turkeys don't eat grass and plagiarism is not okay. >> and know josh is a colonel. >> great to see you back. so happy you came back here. all episodes of "future man" are premiering on hulu. checkout josh and carrie fisher's sister joe
8:49 am
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really? really? really? really? really? see zero in a whole new way. get zero down, zero deposit, zero first month's payment, and zero due at signing on select volkswagen models. now with the people first warranty. we are back with joely fisher, actress, comedian. half scissor of the late carrie fisher out with a new memoir to reveal what it was like growing up fisher and being part of hollywood's famous family. it's been nearly a year since the passing of your sister
8:51 am
carrie and your own mother had a stroke as well. how are you doing? how is the family doing. >> i think we're moving through it with grace. i think that every day is a reminder, you know, carrie and debbie's images are everywhere and waiting for another new movie but what i tried to do with the year was sort of excavate what my life was about and really try to put my soul into the pages of this book in honor of them and in honor of my own mother and i feel like i did that. >> you dedicated the book to girl power basically to your mom, your daughter, your sisters and the women of the world. why is this for them. >> it's almost like i don't like boys. [ laughter ] and i do. you know, i didn't realize as i was writing it so the dedication came later, but i really feel like a lot of the stories that i tell and we run the gamut in the book, it's little treasure, little, you know, consume them
8:52 am
however you like one at a time however you like. i realized it was about rising above anything that life throws you. i have, you know, the anomaly of having a 21-year marriage in this industry. >> that's incredible. congratulations. [ applause ] and, you know, you write about growing up in a fish bowl literally. your mom, you write had an affair with -- i mean excuse me, yeah, had an affair with elvis presley. your sister was princess leia. how did you emerges from a family like that -- i can't even imagine what that would have been like. >> i call it the fish bowl because it literally was like onlooker tapping at the glass to see, are they dead, are they -- how do they swim? ooh, that one is really pretty and literally was like we crafted a stroke so that y'all would be like, oh, she's cute. or not. or, you know -- >> or funny to distinguish yourself. >> yes, or you're watching us fail at things too. or watch us grieve or watch us,
8:53 am
you know, go up and down ain weight or anything. to do all of that in the public eye is a trip. >> i know. well, i was lucky enough to interview carrie right before her passing. she brought gary the dog with her and was quite the comedic relief. >> i posted that interview by the way, it was a pastor class. >> how is gary doing, by the way? >> you know what, gary is making appearances at comic-con still. i mean literally is living with carrie's assistant and doing well. >> joely fisher, thank you very much. the book is a very powerful incredible read, "growing up fisher" is out right now. go get it. and we w
8:54 am
8:55 am
♪ ♪ it feels good to be back. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
8:56 am
okay, the six seconds is all yours. >> have a great day, america. [ cheers and applause ] >> you nailed it.
8:57 am
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hi and good morning. i'm jessica castro from "abc7 mornings." let's which can in with meteorologist mike nicco. mike, it's foggy and kind of cold. >> it definitely is and it will start lifting as we head deeper into the forecast. by 9:00 we'll start to see us transition over the high clouds and sunshine, then the big storm hits tomorrow. it's a 2 on the impact scale. that means you're going to have downpours, possible flooding on some roadways and some gusty, dangerous winds. sue? >> it will be busy. it still is busy out there and tomorrow morning of course with the rain coming we'll be following that for you. couple of problems. we have a sigalert issued west bound 4 near leverage. the right lanes remain closed, the other lanes are getting by and an accident cleared out of the roadway near baker but backup remains. >> certainly busy on the roads.
9:00 am
please drive carefully. we'll be back for the abc7 midday news. >> announcer: it's "live with kelly and ryan!" today, from the new film "future man," josh hutcherson. andy, michael and jamie gelman hit the kitchen as we continue our "that's my baby" thanksgiving cooking week. all next on "live!" ♪ [cheers and applause] and now, here are kelly ripa and ryan seacrest! [cheers and applause] ♪ >> ryan: himac, guys. how are you? how are you doing?


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