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tv   Good Morning America Weekend Edition  ABC  November 19, 2017 7:00am-8:00am PST

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good morning, america. this morning, hazardous weather. strong winds lashing the midwest. the damage left behind. now moving east. the alerts from georgia to maine. and heavy rains for the west. our weather team tracking it all for the start of this busy travel week. breaking overnight. signs of hope. signals which may be from a missing argentine submarine just detected in the search to find the vanished vessel. the u.s. navy's most sophisticated rescue system now deployed to fight this race against time. pastors and politics. the group opposing alabama senate candidate roy moore. >> there is nothing christian about the policies moore has supported. >> pointing to what they call his extremist values and those
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accusations of sexual misconduct. how his campaign coffers have grown since the scandal broke. hollywood star under fire. lena dunham taking heat for defending writer murray miller, who is accused of sexual assault by actress aurora perrineau. overnight, dunham's change of heart and her apology. and good morning, america. happy sunday. we're so glad you could join us. we want to get to the top story. the nasty weather impacting the east coast right at the beginning of this busy travel week. >> a look at the map. the storm stretching from georgia to maine. already 72 wind damage reports. across eight states. one confirmed tornado in indiana, where the storm knocked out power for thousands and closed down local businesses. >> speaking of indiana, we want to show you some pictures out of that great state. a giant tractor trailer toppled over here.
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and a steeple leaning sideways on top of a church. as the storm marches eastward, questions about the impact on thanksgiving travel. here you see a live shot of a rainy philadelphia international airport. >> i believe the technical weather term for that is gross. let's check that out with rob marciano -- >> gross. >> -- our actual meteorologist, who is tracking the storm. >> i concur. it's gross. you saw the camera at the philly airport shaking. the winds are making it feel that much more gross out there. the weather map certainly shows that. yesterday, flat out nasty with damaging wids as we've been mentioning. this stuff out of tennessee, out of nashville. winds gusting to 50 miles an hour. knocking down trees, power lines. structural damage, as well. that's just the tennessee valley. you go back in through indiana. we had the ef-0 tornado come through with 75 mile an hour winds. thousands of people without power there. and a little calmer today. but, it's going to be much, much colder.
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we're starting to see the snow filter in here, the wind alerts, flood warnings across parts of ohio are scattered across the northeast. between the wind, snow, and rain, it's difficult travel both on land and in the air. >> robert, thank you. we'll come back to you. as we said this weather arrives as the thanksgiving travel rush is well under way. >> abc's erielle reshef is at the newark international airport to tell us how things are looking so what is your perspective so far? >> reporter: hey, good morning, paula and dan. travel is starting to quickly ramp up. here at newark airport, so far, so good, safe to say. as rob mentioned, the severe weather across the country. you're going to want to check with your carriers before heading to the airport. the tech company air help says an estimated 28.5 million people are expected to take to the skies over the 12-day thanksgiving holiday period. the busiest day for travel in the air is the sunday after thanksgiving. as for the tens of millions hitting the roads the navigation
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site wa z e predicts this tuesday from 4:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. and wednesday 3:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. are the worst times to be on the roads. the busiest time to flee the family after the holiday is november 27th between 7:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. waze says they always see a significant spike for grocery stores at 11:00 a.m. on thanksgiving day. if you forget the cranberry sauce, you'll have some company on the roads. i'm just saying. >> i might forget more than the cranberry sauce. thank you for reminding thank you, erielle. >> that, and to flee the family. >> we're already talking about fleeing the family. >> thank you, again, to erielle reshef. now, to what could be new signs of hope in the hunt for a submarine that disappeared off the coast of argentina on wednesday with 44 people aboard. >> emergency signals have reportedly been detected now. this as the u.s. navy sends in its most sophisticated rescue systems.
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and abc's stephanie ramos is on the story in our washington bureau. stephanie, good morning to you. >> reporter: dan and paula, good morning. it has been four days since the naval submarine "ara san juan" first went missing. while there's been no visible sign of the crew, it looks as though they may be trying to reach out for help. this morning, there are new signs of hope as authorities desperately search for 44 crew members on board a missing argentinian submarine. seen here, before it vanished. emergency signals believed to have come from the submarine have been detected. argentine officials say seven failed satellite calls were picked up. this, as one of the u.s. navy's most sophisticated underwater rescue systems travels to argentina to help look for the sub. >> the problem here, although the navy is sending its best rescue gear, if you don't know where the submarine is, you can't effect that rescue. >> reporter: one system can save up to six people at a time.
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and reach a sunken submarine at depths of 850 feet. no one appears to know exactly where the submarine is. it's been missing since wednesday. the argentine navy says it lost contact with the decades old sub while it was on a routine trip from a base in ushuaia on the southern tip of the continent to its home base. one theory is that a fire may have knocked out power, cutting off their communication system. this is not the first submarine to go missing. august 2000, the russian nuclear submarine "kursk" sank after an accident during a military exercise killing all 188 sailors. it happened to one of ours 1968. the "uss scorpion" sank beneath the atlantic ocean with 99 crew men and two nuclear
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torpedos. why it went down is still unknown. with the u.s. navy's two undersea rescue systems on the way to argentina to look for the submarine, everyone involved is hoping for a different and positive outcome. dan and paula? >> stephanie, thank you. for more on this let's bring in retired marine colonel ganyard. he's an abc news analyst. you saw him in stephanie's piece. we have more questions for you, steve. good morning, thanks for coming in. do you think these reported satellite communications could really be from the missing sub? to you, is this an optimistic sign? >> i don't know, dan. i'm a little bit suspect. when did they come in? did they come in right after the sub was reported missing? did they come in yesterday? if this submarine tried multiple times and tried different bases, did nobody pick up the phone? how could that be? in a lot of ways this reminds me of malaysian air flight 370. you remember back then there was lots of rumor, in knew do and unfortunately incompetence. in a lot of ways, unfortunately,
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this rescue mission mirrors that. >> we're going on four days. realistically, how long could people survive on a submarine once it's been distressed or disabled underwater? >> that's a two-part idea. if it's underwater. this is what's called a diesel electric submarine. so it's an older design. the diesel engine recharges the batteries. they can only stay underwater with those batteries for about 36 hours. if that submarine is still underwater, there is not much hope left for this crew. >> if, though, the sub has surfaced. unquestionably, they'll deal with extreme weather conditions. if the sub has somehow surfaced, is it possible it hasn't been detected yet? >> it is possible. if they are on the surface, they would be quite uncomfortable, as you note, the weather is very bad. the seas are high. they would be uncomfortable, but they could survive. they have enough food and water. as long as they have oxygen, they can bob around and wait for a rescue. the p-8 airplanes that the u.s. navy has sent have very
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sophisticated radars. they're designed to pick up submarines on the surface. with those p-8s in action, i think we have the best shot today to find the submarine, if it's on the surface. >> we're holding out hope that the 44 members of that crew will be found alive. steve, thank you for your analysis t we want to move to the latest on the sexual misconduct allegations that are rocking the senate race in alabama. >> this weekend, faith leaders gathering in birmingham to condemn the republican candidate, roy moore. who, as you know, has been accused of having sexual conduct with a 14-year-old among other allegations. david wright is covering the story from the white house this morning. david, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, dan and paula. the outcome of this open senate seat smack in the middle of the bible belt matters to the white house. it comes at a time when institutions across the country are grappling with the abuse of the patriarchy. one liberal pastor is calling this contest a battle for the soul of the nation. in alabama, plenty of religious
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conservatives still have faith in judge roy moore. even after at least eight women have accused him of inappropriate behavior including allegations of sexual assault. most say they were teenagers at the time. moore vehemently denies he's guilty of any such thing. >> they're not only untrue, but they have no evidence to support them. >> reporter: a growing number of liberal preachers are calling the republican senate candidate out. more than 50 alabama pastors have now signed a letter declaring him unfit for office. >> what is happening right now in alabama matters for the soul of the nation. just like the march cross the edmund pettis bridge mattered. >> reporter: on saturday, the former head of the north carolina naacp, addressed an anti-moore rally in birmingham. >> he's been empowered by folks like steve bannon and white nationalists and white supremacists. >> reporter: moore's campaign is
7:11 am
raising big bucks off the controversy. reportedly collecting more campaign donations since the scandal broke than in the six weeks since moore won the republican primary. the white house is very interested in the race. we're told they're keeping close tabs on it through intermediaries. of course steve bannon the president's chief strategist is one of roy moore's biggest supporters. paula? >> in that race, the election just around the corner. the 12th of december. david, before we let you go, one more question. we learned that the president's son don jr. had an encounter with a russian banker in may at an nra dinner. what can you tell us about that exchange? >> reporter: we can confirm the meeting took place. we're told they had a brief conversation at the dinner and went back to their separate tables. why this matters is that investigators are trying to piece together what contact high-level trump associates may have had with russians during the campaign.
7:12 am
this banker is someone that has been reported to be one of the people trying to set up a direct meeting between putin and trump. dan and paula? >> all right, david, thank you very much. >> david wright at the white house. let's bring in george stephanopoulos, who hosts "this week" later this morning. good morning. >> good morning, guys. >> let's talk about roy moore. the front page of "the birmingham news" says stand for decency, reject roy moore. it goes on to endorse the democratic rival. doug jones. so given all of the pressure roy moore is facing here, there's quite a lot of pressure, could he still pull out a win? >> well, alabama is still a very republican state. there's still a chance. roy moore's core supporters stand in defiance of the establishment. you're seeing the establishment speak out against roy moore there. you have the major newspapers. you've got all the republican leadership in the senate right now saying they can't work with roy moore. the president is a bit of a question mark. he has said that roy moore should step aside if the allegations are true.
7:13 am
he and the white house have not come down one way or the other on if the allegations are true. seven different women have come forward now. even the attorney general says the allegations are credible. the president hasn't yet taken a stand on that right now. the latest polling, one poll shows doug jones, the democrat, does have a lead. but i think that's just one piece of the evidence. the election is still 3, 3 1/2 weeks away. anything can happen there. >> they seem to be getting a record number of donations since the scandal broke. the republicans desperately looking for the first legislative win of the year. we know the house passed its tax bill this week. now they handed the baton to the senate. on today's show you have senator susan collins on the show who realistically could kill the bill. what are the odds of passage? >> they can only lose two senators. senator collins says she has a lot of problems with the bill. she doesn't like that they have
7:14 am
included the repeal of the obamacare mandate in the bill. she doesn't like the estate tax. she doesn't like the fact that this could cause medicare cuts in the future. will that be enough for her to say no to the bill? that's one of the questions i'm going to ask her this morning. she's not the only one with real questions out there right now. you have senator john mccain. senator bob corker, both concerned about the process and the deficit. another senator, ron johnson, of wisconsin, says he doesn't like the way the tax cuts for small businesses are structured. you lose three senators, the bill doesn't go anywhere right now. one of the big, big problems -- couple problems for the bill is that as it stands it's tremendously up popular. this would be the most unpopular tax bill ever put before the congress right now. that's a huge problem. number two would be in their attempt to try to keep the deficit numbers down, they have made the corporate tax cuts permanent but the individual tax cuts temporary. that's drawing the fire of people like senator collins as well. weighed against that, republicans need a win. they need a win going into the midterms. there's a lot of pressure for the entire party to hold together. >> really high stakes here for everybody.
7:15 am
thank you, george. >> thanks, george. >> thank you guys. >> i want to remind everybody, george has a big show this morning. as mentioned heal speak with maine senator susan collins who could be one of the deciding votes on the republican's tax plan. he'll have more on the debate over sexual harassment now rocking washington. all coming up on "this week." right here on abc. >> thanks again, george. time to check in with ron claiborne. >> i'm wearing my glasses as an homage to you. >> well, thank you. maybe i'm wearing mine as an homage to you. you started it. >> dan? >> i pay homage to no one. >> good morning, everyone. we begin in pennsylvania. new kensington police are releasing a photo of a suspect wanted for killing a police officer friday night. police say 29-year-old rahmael holt shot officer brian shaw during a traffic stop just outside of pittsburgh. police also say they have found what they believe is the vehicle involved in that shooting. a warrant has been issued for his arrest. police warn he is considered armed and dangerous. and in zimbabwe, a short
7:16 am
time ago, an official announcing that the long-time ruler, robert mugabe, will be removed from office. he'll be replaced with the vice president that he, mugabe, had fired. this as thousands gathered in the street demanding that he leave office over the weekend. the 93-year-old led the country since its independence in 1980. and speaking at a forum in canada, the top u.s. general in charge of the strategic air command said he could deny an order by president trump to launch nuclear weapons if it's deemed to be illegal. he told the crowd in that instance he would respond by coming up with strike options that are legal and the command would control u.s. nuclear weapons. in florida, news that david cassidy the former "par trij family" tv star is in critical condition. hospitalized with multiple organ failure. the 67-year-old former teen idol was taken to a ft. lauderdale area hospital last wednesday. his family is at his bedside.
7:17 am
earlier this year, he revealed he's battling dementia. and in massachusetts, watch as a car goes barrelling through a convenience store. look at that. slamming through the shelves. knocking down everything in its way before finally coming to a stop inside that store. amazingly no one was injured. some twinkies were hurt. >> twinkies are invincible. >> the driver was cited for negligent driving. >> the one way to destroy a twinkie. finally, in toledo, ohio, drivers had to do a double take. they didn't have to, but may have when they saw the traffic was blocked friday afternoon. check it out. this was scooby. a 1-year-old camel who escaped from his fenced-in home and went for a walk around the neighborhood. the animal was roaming for an hour and a half before someone alerted the owner, who led scooby back home. >> scooby, scooby-doo, where are you? >> that's a camel, not a dromedary, right? dan, you're the expert. >> a dromedary? >> a dromedary has one hump or two? >> i don't know.
7:18 am
you're testing the limits. >> look at you. >> a camel or a dromedary? >> i believe it's a camel. >> let's call it a camel. >> i believe it's a camel, but i'm no dromedary expert. >> here he is, the dromedary expert. >> i'm waiting for a strange guy to pop out of the bushes. you meddling kids. >> from a meteorological perspective, do you have anything to say about the camel? >> or the dromedary. >> or the dromedary. >> i don't. >> but you something to say about the weather. >> completely unrelated to weather, lease go meet right. check it out. fireball in the sky. >> look at that. >> yeah. lapland, finland. >> is that real? >> yeah. that's real. happened thursday. this is the height of the leonid meteor showers. this time of year. we think this got to the ground, created a boom that was felt, and in some cases, heard into norway and russia. experts think it was 200 pounds that made it all the way to the ground. it lit up the sky. some would say the same brightness is 100 full moons. you get that, the northern lights, it's a show up there.
7:19 am
but rather dark. all right, we're rather wet right now across the northeast. that will end quickly. some white filtering in. the winds pour through tomorrow morning. it will be dry in most spots. we'll see lake-effect snows in some spots that will pile up six inches or more in some spots east of on tar i don't and ery as the cold air
7:20 am
[ imitating cartoon character ] >> rello, reorge. that would be george jetson. i just -- >> george jetson. >> we were talking about scooby. scooby the camel. >> either that or i i were having some kind of -- >> yes. >> just quickly. want to correct the record. a dromedary is a one-humped kind of camel. just so you know. >> save us. i have something touching for you. you're going to love this one. tens of thousands of kids age out of foster care without finding their forever home. one young man is proving it's never too late for family. >> all i know is she'll always be there for me. >> reporter: a normal school day in beaumont, texas, changed bennie and anthony's lives forever. once teacher and student. >> he was an ideal student. a model student. >> reporter: now officially a mother and son. >> not many kids my age get adopted nowadays. >> reporter: it's a big
7:21 am
commitment. a decision bennie is confident of. >> i have a son. i'm more than elated. i have a son for the rest of my life. >> reporter: the 16-year-old had decided he didn't want to be adopted. >> life is like a box of chocolates. you never know what you might get. >> reporter: until he met his english teacher last november, bennie berry. after the adoption ceremony, the two explained how it happened. anthony asked if bennie would be his mom in january. she decided to make a deal. >> finish your assignment and then you can show me the website there later. i found out that it was really an option to adopt him so we pushed forward. >> reporter: anthony who was in foster care since he was 9 years old was skeptical at first. >> i was like, oh, yeah, she's just saying it. >> reporter: now overcome with emotion after thinking this day might never come -- >> i couldn't sleep last night. i told moms, i don't think i can sleep. she said, i don't think i am, either. >> reporter: -- with one thing left to say. >> i love you, anthony. >> i love you, too, mama. >> reporter: and this is bennie's first time being a mom. a priceless gift.
7:22 am
so christmas comes a little early in beaumont, texas. >> beautiful story. >> we love that one. >> they found one another. i love that. >> it's never too late. >> it is never too late. adrienne, thank you for that great story. coming up on "gma," actress lena dunham under fire for defending her friend, a writer on her show "girls" accused with sexual assault. what dunham is now saying. not too late to plan a thanksgiving getaway. we'll tell you the best day to travel to save the most money and avoid the krouncrowds. keep it here. and re-harden that tooth surface, the whiter their patients' teeth are going to be. dentists are going to really want to recommend pronamel strong and bright. it helps to strengthen and re-harden the enamel. it also has stain lifting action. it's going to give their patients the protection that they need and the whiter teeth that they want. ♪
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good morning. happening today, the san francisco symphony will perform a benefit for wildfire victims. the concert tonight is sold out. it will perform music by tchaikovsky and beethoven. all proceeds will be donated to
7:28 am
the fire relief fund and the sonoma county resilience fund. let's get a check of the forecast. here is lisa. >> good morning to you. partly here. it's cold, 49 in the city, 38 in gilroy. keep the clouds around through the afternoon. the temperatures will climb. 34 by the delta. 35 in santa rosa. 61 today in oakland, 62 i pro mont. >> thank you. the
7:29 am
7:30 am
and we do want to welcome you back to "gma." happening right now. signs of hope. reports of emergency signals believed to have come from the missing argentine submarine with 44 crew members on board. the u.s. this morning is stepping up efforts to help find the sub, as are several other countries. they're using sophisticated underwater rescue equipment to help scour the ocean. also happening this sunday, honda is recalling some 900,000 odyssey minivans because the second row seats can tip forward if not properly latched. the company says it has received 46 reports of injuries. the model years being recalled are from 2011 to 2017. and buckingham palace released a new photograph of queen elizabeth and her husband, prince philip, on the eve of their 70th wedding anniversary. >> wow.
7:31 am
>> the couple is expected to celebrate the platinum anniversary. i didn't know there was such a thing. >> yes. >> they're going to have a private dinner with their children and grandchildren at windsor castle. >> i love the royals. and i love the romance of the royals. i love that they've been married for so long. >> it's a long time. >> how many years do you have to go to get to platinum? >> i think this is like airline status. 61 years to go. >> you're almost there, dan. >> yeah. really close. first, how actress lena dunham is trying to backtrack. >> best known for creating the hit show "girls" has spoken out against harvey weinstein, but now she's facing criticism for defending one of her show's writers accused of sexual assault. abc's eva pilgrim in studio with more. eva, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning. another hollywood power player facing accusations. this morning, it's the woman who for a moment defended him making headlines. "girls" star and self-proclaimed feminist lena dunham slammed for defending a man accused of
7:32 am
sexual assault. now apologizing. >> i think that i may be the voice of my generation. >> reporter: she's been one of the most vocal in support of women coming forward with allegations of sexual misconduct. until this week. "equals" and "passengers" actress aurora perrineau telling "the wrap" friday after filing a police report that she was attacked by murray miller in 2012, when she was 17. after a night of drinking. saying, at some point, i woke up in murray's bed naked. he was on top of me having sexual intercourse with me. at no time did i consent to any sexual contact with murray. >> it's not totally clear why the report came out now. we do know that this was something she's been thinking about for awhile. >> reporter: murray miller worked on "king of the hill." and "american dad." he's one of the writers on dunham's hbo show. the actress originally standing by miller, issuing a statement with co-show runner jenny connor, saying -- while our first instinct is to listen to
7:33 am
every woman's story, our insider knowledge of murray's situation makes us confident that sadly, this accusation is one of the 3% of assault cases that are misreported every year. dunham, immediately seeing backlash online. women like asia argento, one of the first women to come forward with allegations about harvey weinstein tweeting you wrote me an e-mail of support a few weeks ago and now you're defending a rapist? >> she's been very outspoken before with believing victims. now in a case that involves her friend, she's saying we shouldn't take the victim at her word. >> reporter: dunham doing an about face. reversing course, issuing an apology for her initial support of miller. tweeting, i naively believed it was important to share my perspective on my friend's situation. we regret this decision with every fiber of our being. every woman who comes forward deserves to be heard, fully and completely. and our relationship to the accused should not be a part of
7:34 am
the calculation anyone makes when examining her case. i believe you is essential. meanwhile, miller's attorney denies the allegations. against the "girls" writer, saying he looks forward to sharing all evidence and information with any and all authorities seeking the truth in this matter. and, an important conversation to have this morning. >> we said it before. we're in an important, complex moment in our culture. thank you. >> thanks, eva. back to rob for the weather. hey, man. >> hey, guys. an important weekend and week for ski resorts. mt. hood meadows opening up its lifts, today. yesterday, actually. more snow on the way as the system comes on board. a little bit of wind with it as well. elevations for the snow on the high side. it will build the base there. locally, four-plus inches of rainfall. the rest of the country, fairly tran quill conditions especially the mid section. 55 in albuquerque. 55 in wichita. much dryer across the tennessee valley. looking to turkey day. turkey, texas, 70.
7:35 am
pie town, new mexico, 60. there's our turkey. he does a better job than i do. and spuds, florida. some baked potatoes if not sweet >> this weather report is brought to you by bush's beans. >> i'm just hungry now, dude. >> can we point out that rob is wearing his brown suit for like the eighth day in a row after getting teased for it? by the way, he likes it because if he spills gravy on it on thanksgiving, no stain. >> he has four of the same suit. >> nope, same one. yet to be dry-cleaned. it really needs it at this point. >> i think you should stop harassing him.
7:36 am
>> thank you, paula. >> i'm saluting him for his sartorial bravery. >> that was harassment. >> consistency, too. >> gentle ribbing. because i love the man. >> you look great, rob. >> always, always. he could wear anything. a viking suit. coming up, high-flying acts, scaling a high-rise for the performance at the amas can she pull this off tonight? >> i just want to know, rob. never mind. i'm not going to go there. never mind. the unique formula with nourishing almond oil leaves skin smoother moisturized for 24 hours. enjoy smoother skin and now try new oil infused lotions
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we're just hours away now from one of the biggest nights in music. >> the american music awards air right here on abc. there's a star-studded list of performers and presenters. and we're going to throw in a couple of surprises for you. marci gonzalez joins us with more from los angeles. good morning to you, >> reporter: good morning. so much to look forward to from the performances to the hosts. one of the hilarious stars of "black-ish." she's promising some nostalgic wardrobe changes in honor of a very meaningful music icon. host tracey ellis ross helping roll out the red carpet for the night. her mother, diana ross, getting a lifetime achievement award. making the show a family affair.
7:41 am
>> to experience that and let -- just take in that moment of my mom and her extraordinary career being celebrated and honored. and then, the fact that i'm hosting kind of takes that to another level. >> reporter: pink and kelly clarkson opening the show in a highly anticipated performance. >> the pink performance seems impossible, that she would top anything she's done before. i do believe this year that will happen. >> reporter: pink planning to scale a skyscraper. >> this is, by far, the craziest, most insane thing i have ever attempted to do. >> reporter: giving fans a sneak preview in her rehearsal friday night. >> pretty amazing. she's up there dancing on the side of the building. ♪ i've been running through the jungle ♪ >> reporter: selena gomez, another performance to watch for. her first since undergoing a kidney transplant. >> i think people will be there rooting for her. i will be. this is the first big performance since getting back with justin bieber. who knows if he'll be in the audience cheering for her. hopefully. >> reporter: and vocal powerhouse christina aguilera singing a tribute to whitney houston. for the 25th anniversary of the film, "the bodyguard."
7:42 am
as for the awards themselves, bruno mars leading the pack with eight nominations. >> bruno mars is inescapable. i think he'll come home with the prize. >> reporter: competing for the top prize of artist of the year with ed sheeran, kendrick lamar, and the chainsmokers. all of those artists along the drake and the weeknd the second most nominations with five each. the list of performers goes on and on. lady gaga, nick jonas, and imagine dragons are performing. >> the consensus on the desk is that bruno mars is generating the most exciting -- >> he's so compelling. >> he is so good. >> remember the super bowl from a couple of years ago? >> thank you, marci. she's sitting there waiting for us to shut up. >> she's like stop talking, please. >> she's listening. captivated. >> that's what they're saying in the control room. as a reminder, catch the american music awards here on abc at 8:00 eastern.
7:43 am
coming up, the advice for last-minute holiday travel. and the best day to travel home to the family. that's straight ahead in our "weekend download." family. that's straight ahead in our weekend download. el. (cough) it's just a cough. if you could see your cough, you'd see just how far it can spread. robitussin soothes in seconds
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♪ ♪ in today's "weekend download" we're going to make a gross assumption and assume you want to go home and see your family for the holidays. so we brought in our lifestyle and travel editor to help us with last minute travel deals. genevieve shaw brown. genevieve, good morning to you. >> good morning. >> if you haven't booked, what should you do? >> you need to book immediately. there's no reason to think the prices will go down closer to thanksgiving or any other holiday for that matter. the demand is there.
7:47 am
prices reflect that. prices should go up about $10 a day between now and thanksgiving. go ahead and book today. >> so let's say you're traveling with your family. maybe a family of four, three, five. strategically, how to you book it? >> price out seats together and separately because of the way airlines charge for tickets. you may find cheap seats scattered throughout the plane. now, buyer beware. the gate agent may not be able to seat you together. only you know if the members of your party could be seated alone. >> i would be so bummed if i couldn't sit with my children. >> i know. such a bummer, right? >> such a bummer. are some days of the week better to travel? especially right now. >> the days you want to avoid for thanksgiving are the wednesday before and the sunday following. the day you want to fly is thanksgiving day. you're going to find cheap seats, fewer crowds, short lines. really, usually a stress-free day to travel. >> oh, thank you very much, genevieve. great advice. i hope you have a great thanksgiving with your family. >> same to you, paula. >> we're getting a jump on it. we'll be right back with "pop news." we'll be right back with "pop news."
7:48 am
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♪ hey, time for "pop news." we were just chatting he ♪ hey, time for "pop news." we were just chatting here. >> hey. >> put my glasses back on. put the newspaper down. >> here we are. >> wake up. >> what's happening? >> first of all, i have got to see this movie. you've got see this movie. we've all got to see this movie. excitement building for "the last jedi." the episode eight premiering less than a month from now. "entertainment weekly" with four collectors covers of its magazine of we have the exclusive reveal. here you go. the main one for news stands shows daisy ridley and adam driver together. the cover with mark hamill and carrie fisher will be on sale exclusively at barns and noble.
7:53 am
episode eight will be the longest "star wars" film ever. >> cool. >> director ryan johnson confirming that the movie will clock in at two hours and 30 minutes. >> nice. awesome. >> think about how much popcorn you can consume. >> it's a great cast. john boyega is amazing. >> i'm really excited about this. >> me, too. >> you know what else is exciting? look what you made taylor swift do or what he made us do. fans buying up her album. "reputation" sold over 1 million copies in four days. it makes it the year's biggest selling album. she's done it before. in fact, she's the first artist in history with four albums debuting with more than 1 million copies sold. >> in the history of the world? >> in the history of the earth. >> that's amazing. >> those early gregorian chant albums didn't do so well. >> in recorded history. >> that means a lot of people will be rocking around the christmas tree with taylor swift this year. every pet is a star. we all love our animal friends.
7:54 am
i got the chance to meet some of the most famous animals in the world at petcon. the event that brings together the world's most influential and social savvy pets. and you can bet some of these dogs and cats have more followers than many small cities. >> reporter: you wanna talk too? ♪ >> this is the first ever official petcon. we have over 30 celebrity pets. that flew in from all over the u.s. and canada to attend. >> she needs to be loving all the time. >> reporter: she's become so famous, she has fans that stop you on the streets? >> every single walk. when people visit new york city, besides seeing the statue of liberty they want to see her. >> we have hamlet. he flew in from l.a. new york does not allow pigs as pets to enter the city. we had to go ahead and work some magic. >> reporter: it gives new meaning to the term, when pigs fly. >> yes. >> reporter: goodness, gracious. look at this face. tell me the story of oscar and
7:55 am
him being blind. >> some genetic factors led to that. his videos on youtube have been viewed tens of millions of times now. it's fun to share the fact that a blind animal can be a perfect pet, as well. >> reporter: would you say your dogs are superheroes? >> they're going to be. in a year, they're going to be able to sniff for cancer. >> reporter: if cats have nine lives, how many lives do these dogs have? >> oh, my gosh, about a thousand. >> you think about all the pets i met. louboutina is the hugging dog of new york. people come from other countries to come see her. >> that's really cool. >> it's insane. some pets have, like, 2 million followers. >> and the owners make a lot of money from the social following. >> that's why people go to petcon. day two is today. find out how to make your pet famous. >> i have an overweight cat named steve. i'm going to try to make him famous. >> let's talk about the ice cream, dan. >> really fast. we have lots to look forward to for thanks givering. salt and straw providing us
7:56 am
their pints. we have sweet potato casserole ice cream. salted carmel turkey. it has candied turkey skins. >> which one is that? >> spiced goat -- >> spiced goat cheese pumpkin pie is amazing. >> really? >> salt and straw. >> i'll take your word for it. see you next weekend. thank you. great pop news. good morning, everyone. it's the final day of the north face endurance challenge in the bay area. this is a live look through our golden gate bridge camera. the west sidewalk of the bridge will be closed for several races today. there's a half marathon, 10k, 5k and kids run. the half starts in just a few
7:57 am
minutes at 8:00. the 10k and 5k begin in an hour with runners starting at chrissy field. a kids run at 11:00. the holiday spirit comes to pier 39. hang out at the pier during the tree lighting celebration and you can meet special friends from disneyland resort. starting at noon, meet your favorite character, write letters to santa, create holiday crafts. the tree lights up atwatchingwai year's celebration. disney, uas you may know, is th parent company of abc 7 news. let's check with lisa for the forecast. >> i see the sun behind you. but it's cold out there. we have the high clouds, a pretty picture. 40s here. 38 in gilroy. heard from a lot of you with temperatures near freezing. we will warm up. it's going to take a while.
7:58 am
34 by the delta. in the 40s concord and livermore. 36 in novato. partly cloudy skies. mid 60s south. the high clouds and mid level clouds tonight will lead to a warmer evening and some rain in the north bay. a one on our storm impact scale. this is monday morning but warmer throughout the week. >> thank you. thank you for joining us.
7:59 am
8:00 am
"this week" with george stephanopoulos starts right now. explosive allegations. the campaign against sexual harassment has swept from hollywood to capitol hill. >> the forced kiss, he stuck his tongue in my mouth. >> democratic senator al franken the latest target. more women confront roy moore. >> he raced over and began groping me. >> and president trump. >> when you're a star, they let you do it. >> and former president clinton. >> i did not have sexual relations with that woman. >> -- called out for their misconduct. the movement shows no signs of slowing down. is this a watershed moment? what will it mean for politics, culture, and the work place? first step to pass the tax bill, the house. >> the motion is laid upon the stable. >> now a tough fight in the senate. >> this tax cut is not for the middle class. it's for the rich.


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