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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  November 21, 2017 1:42am-2:13am PST

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>> this can get sketchy out there on the roads. check the first video out from hong kong in october. the black vehicle drifts over, makes contact, ooh! >> what are you doing? >> looks like everything's fine but no, what's this? >> oh my! oh no! >> holy macaronis. >> there's no explanation as to why, everyone is just driving on the highway and we see this car drift over, like it's lost concentration. makes a light contact and recovers but when it goes back i think it hits the truck at the front, pushes it over, now it jack knifes hard to the right, almost crushing that car and makes a serious impact against the concrete on the right-hand side. >> so how are they? >> funny enough, that impact you see how serious it is. the driver was sent to hospital with a sprained foot. >> that's it? >> yes, that is it. that was a lucky escape for that driver. now we're going to head over to croatia for a bit of stunt driving because as we start going over this part it suddenly opens up on the left and the
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right and watch this. wobbling, starts up. whoa, on to the left, it's struggling to stay on the road -- whoa! on the back right wheel, keeps popping up. it's about to get crazier because one big gust rocks it right here. all the way over and eventually drops back down on all four. >> pay that man big. because it's crazy. >> toward the end of it, that gust picks up, lifts it up on the narrow tires and manages to hold onto it, get it back down and continue on his drive. legend. >> that is unbelievable. oli, put on your best scottish accent. you're going to want to say this. >> golly good, look at that, that's eagle. is that scotland there? >> that say white tailed sea eagle. it's been outfitted with a head cam and there you see it over the or kiddy cliff in scotland. it's gorgeous.
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>> who needs drones. you don't have to charge the batteries. >> you can stay up all day. >> somebody is saying why don't the eagle get out of the way? the camera is attached to the eagle on purpose. the thing has gone viral but roxanne peggy says she was surprised when she posted the video. no big deal. this is something we've done before but people are taking a look at this and saying wow, that's incredible and for those people who have never been to scotland and say i want to go, it looks exactly like this if you go to some of the cliffs, so go. >> is this thing a wifi controled, rc, like how do you launch, how do you land it? is there an app? >> yes. there's an app, called falcon ring, and you can see it coming in for a landing. there's roxanne's arm. download the falconry app. you can do this, too. just go buy the eagle. >> that is awesome. it's been a while since we've seen shea carl show up on
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youtube but he is back with a very emotional video. >> i've been wanting to make this video for a long time and i have really lacked the courage. i've been terrified. i've been so ashamed. embarrassed. disgusted. and just scared. >> simply i'm sorry. >> i want to say i'm sorry to my wife, my kids, my family and i want to say sorry to all of you. >> if you follow them, you already know that a few months ago, he was fighting with alcoholism. it also turned out that he was having at least a cyber exchange with a cam model. back in february, when all of this first happened he released a statement on twitter where he talks about the situation. he released that statement after the cam model released screen
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shots of their exchanges, and they are pretty racy and that affected not just his marriage but also his family life. shea carl crew has an almost picture perfect family of the internet. some people have even called them the first family of youtube, and one of the things he's known quote a bit "happiness is a choice" which is why people were so shocked at the things that started popping up. >> people think they are. ic tour perfect but that's social media. >> i'm not asking for forgiveness. i don't know if god's forgiven me, i don't even think my wife's been able to forgive me yet, but i have to forgive myself or i will destroy myself. i hate myself for the pain that i caused my angel of a wife, the embarrassment, the public humiliation. >> it's a face of regret and he's letting it out. honestly, you do have to let it
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out and admit what you've done wrong. the only way you can move forward. step one of a very, very long road. >> all his wife probably needs is some time. >> as far as we know the marriage is still together. ko colette released her own video, she had this dream being this perfect family that she now has to let go of. >> life isn't perfect and hasn't been perfect and it's been messy. shea and i's relationship has been messy and it's been hard and i have had my heart broken and we both have, really. >> truth is, everybody is still human, right, and you're going to make mistakes and we love second chances so maybe this is an opportunity for them to try again. >> it's a daily battle to overcome the worst parts of me. i won't quit. it's time to give away another ipad mini. >> to enter, you need monday's buzzword, be at least 21 years old and a legal resident of the u.s. or canada. >> the "rtm" buzzword is coming up in a little bit. >> stand by everybody for the
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ipad mini giveaway. oli, you and i have to be concerned about the milk mustache. >> so do i sometimes. >> joseph here, too, is a little concerned. normally he works alone but this time partnered with tomaleche to help him out with the milk mustache. >> it's my first completely wearable machine. >> gulp, gulp, gulp, that tips off the machine, which begins to work. switches and levers and ropes, dogs. >> so convenient! >> it's perfect. >> it's portable. >> you could be wearing that in a coffee shop or tea shop, drinking your milkshake, wear it in the theater. no one will be bothered by that. >> this is the youtube channel of joseph's machines and he
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likes to build these rube goldberg type devices. i think my favorite part is the dog. >> it's the look. >> it's like, i did it. it works. >> you know why i just did that. >> and i'm fabulous. keeping a house clean, when you have kids, isn't easy. >> children love to craft. and when they craft, they love to use lots and lots and lots and lots of glitter. >> see the hack that will help you solve more than just glitter problems. >> that was pretty clever as well. and a burst pipe up the hill. >> pop, and this was what ended up happening. >> a look at the unfortunate incident. colgate optic white high impact white is different. it has hydrogen peroxide to whiten four shades for a visibly whiter smile. trust your smile to colgate optic white. broth, i'm making my stuffing. run, who needs what? tin foil, i'm makin' yams.
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closed captioning provided by -- new gold bond radiance renewal exfoliates then our triple blend of moisturizers helps prevent dry skin. gold bond. waterfalls, they're stunning, beautiful, majestic even, except when they're coming at your house. >> is that how it was supposeded to happen? >> no, it isn't but in brazil that's exactly what's happening. look at the window. you see the level of the water right there. >> oh my gosh. >> all just flying out the front and going down this alleyway, just a torrential downpour, but it wasn't from rain, and it wasn't from a mudslide or anything like that. burst pipe up the hill popped,
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and this was what ended up happening. the residents there of course had no real warning, not expecting it and suddenly your houses are filled with water. >> it's just that house? >> no, it was a few houses, a few people were affected by what happened here. it's a sort of water/sewage treatment pipe. so not quite sure what type of water exactly is going through, but there were no injuries despite the fact people were rather panicked as it happened and no structural damage to the houses. this he will survive. >> get out of here. how is that possible? this thing is like a sieve. >> pretty incredible. i imagine there will be a lot of cleanup afterwards. you can see here the size of the hole that was left behind. >> i think the upside a lot of the homes in brazil sit on steep hills so the water can run down and won't sit. this is just terrible. parents everywhere, listen up o o o or just really messy p. >> welcome to my life suckers parenting hacks.
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i'm dva del porto. children love to craft and when they craft they love to use lots and lots and lots and lots of glitter >> sometimes just adults do it, too. >> woo! woo! >> well you could have just used this trick to clean up. >> for this hack you need two simple things. roll of duct tape and some scissors. >> use the duct tape to secure the children down so they can't touch the glitter and your house doesn't get tirtdirty? >> that's not the hack. >> wrap the piece of tape around your hand and take your duct taped hand and place it on the spot with the glitter and voila. >> you know i used to do that for lint. >> a great idea for so many things, even for the legos on the ground that you're going to step on anyway. >> wrap the duct tape around your foot and use it to pick up
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legos. have your kid wrap you from ankle to neck and roll through your messy house picking up everything in your way. >> problem solved! >> i'm going to wrap my dog's paws with that and let him pick up the christmas needles after christmas. >> that will work. >> i think it might. >> bye! she's attempting to break his speed record behind a car but traveling at high speeds, things can get unsteady. >> oh! plus don't pick up that remote. the buzzword for your shot to win an ipad mini is next. introducing megared advanced triple absorption it supports your heart, joints, brain, and eyes. and is absorbed by your body three times better. so one megared has more omega-3 power than three standard fish oil pills.
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black friday doorbusters. doors open 6pm thursday. only at target. promotional considerations provided by -- leep 33% faster and get all the benefits of a good night's rest. take control of your sleep with unisom. psoriasis relief. salicylic acid controls recurrence of psoriasis symptoms. plus intensive moisturizers. new gold bond psoriasis relief. in the lotion aisle. the early bird gets the -- >> worm? >> no, best conditions on the ski slopes. get there early before somebody else rips it up and kicks the good snow off to the side. josh and justin are hitting the slopes. josh on the skis, justin on the snowboard. they have some experience. straight for the free style area of the park. >> oh. >> and they seem to have the whole thing to themselves so
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they keep pushing the limits. continue to film each other. >> until, i'm waiting for the until. >> me, too. >> dot dot dot. >> of course there's an until. bam! >> wow, did he leave the skis? just bing! >> just get booted right out of his skis. looks like he flat topped the jump there. >> ooh, man. >> justin follows up with a basically sticking his tailbone into the snow as deep as he possibly can. austin has the same can-do attitude. can he break his speed record for skitching behind a car, until -- >> bam! >> oh! that was an until i didn't want to see. that was nasty. >> that was bad. that was really, really bad. austin did break his 47-mile-per-hour speed record. >> and what else? >> this collarbone and seven staples in his head, busted his
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noggin as well. hold it. also goes on to say, save the "i told you sos, it was worth it for the times i came out unscathed." >> i still told you so. >> get well, austin. don't do this again. if you got senior parents, you know the feeling. >> um-hum. >> i think the scariest moment is when your mama don't answer the phone. >> the world stops and your mind just goes everywhere. >> every day. sometimes i've gone on to facebook, somebody in my immediate family, go see if mom's okay. >> even if she's been calling all day and you haven't answered her call, when you call back that one time and she don't answer, it's like -- >> almost like the tables have suddenly turned, because they call us and we get in trouble back in the day for not answering. they don't answer, i've driven to my mama's house 30 minutes away. >> who is murdering you, mom? who is holding you hostage or
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taking advantage of you? >> when i speak to my mom every four weeks or so -- >> every four weeks? >> hey, man, she lives in thailand. she calls me up every month, makes sure i'm still alive and hangs up. >> you have a special case, baby. >> i call my parents every day from australia. >> oh, good for you. >> yes, good for me and i'm still in the will. >> you're my mother. i need to know where you are, who is with you. >> yeah. >> what are you guys doing? >> um-hum, that's how they do us. they call you, then they don't pick up the phone. when do you call and they do pick up the phone, they say what's wrong, baby? you're like, nothing. >> we tell my mom exactly what's wrong. >> both of my parents do that. don't do that. answer my call. >> keep doing it. it's funny. >> no, it's not. it's time to give away another ipad mini. >> to enter you need the buzzword, be at least 21 years old and a legal resident of the u.s. or canada. >> head over to, click on
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win ipad. >> enter on facebook, twitter or both. enter each every day. >> monday's buzzword it is welcome. >> get over to, click on the win ipad button and enter monday's buzzword welcome. >> good luck, everybody. it's time for real or fake, getting it started with a rigged bike. oh. >> yes! >> then an impressive golf shot. >> sweet. >> and can someone actually separate from their shadow? >> i'm going to call video trickery. >> you be the
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over to and check it out on our mobile app. monday, the day where fun went to die. at least it used to be like until we invented real or fake with max dreidel. >> that's right, that's right, that faithful day. years back, we created this. is that clip real? is that clip fake? i don't know. that's what we got you guys for, real or fake. roll the clip, baby
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>> boom! clip number one from juken. >> oh! >> yes! >> is that technically like a seesaw? >> i want to say it's real. >> is it actually possible? if it is how do we get our hands on one without losing fingers in. >> i think this is nick in the future. >> i don't see why you wouldn't mount a saw blade in place of a wheel. >> looks like we're across the board saying this is real. >> yep. >> really, really, real. >> i'm with you. they rigged up this bike to have a saw that cuts wood. i'm with the panel 100% real. >> sweet. video number two. >> oh! >> one iron onto another iron held in someone's hand. >> it's weird, right as it approaches the hole it vanishes for the last two inches. they have music playing which means we can't hear the hit, the
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impact or the glug, glug, glug. >> their reactions look genuine and real, i say real. >> i'm going with that because of their reactions. >> we were doubtful but all going real. >> i agree with you here. looks like the ball drops out at the last couple frames, usually you're going to see the ball rattle around. the camera is on a tripod so they could easily replace that bottom in post production. i'm going 100% fake on this clip. >> wow. i still see real though. >> i reject your fake. >> not happening guy, come on. look closer. i broke it down for you, i slowed it down. fake video. come on. >> okay. video number three from morgan strebler, the celebrity ment mentali mentalityist. >> keep your eye on the shadow. >> whoa. yeah, on this one i'm going to call video trickery. >> i'm not going to say video tricker ye but i think there's a giveaway. can you spot it? >> somebody else? >> it's got to be the fingers are the wrong way.
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>> that's a left hand on the shadow. well placed camera and i think the person he's doing the trick on is the person mirroring his movements. >> we're really trying to determine if somebody could separate from their shadow, which of course they cannot. >> okay so we're all going to say fake but a really good one. >> yeah, definitely looks like they played with the lighting here. this is pretty sweet. good illusion but i'm going with fake with the rest of the crew here. >> all right, max, thank you very much. >> thank you, max. >> take it easy. that's our show. be sure to enter your buzzword at and check out more fun videos and catch us on the all new "rtm."
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