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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  November 23, 2017 7:00am-9:00am PST

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good morning, america. holiday on high alert. security tighter than ever at the macy's thanksgiving day parade. 3.5 million people expected to line the streets weeks after that terror attack in manhattan. sand-filled sanitation trucks becoming barriers. thousands of officers and bomb-sniffing dogs in place. new sexual assault allegations sweeping washington. the members of congress accused and refusing to resign as president trump celebrates his first thanksgiving in office with his family at mar-a-lago. what's on the president's agenda that he hopes to accomplish before christmas? paying it forward. homeless hero. the veteran who spent his last $20 to help a young woman get home safely. how that random act of kindness transformed into over $100,000. >> that changes my life right there.
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>> on this thankful thursday. ♪ rescue me and "gma" to the rescue. we're helping you find the best black friday bargains early. nearly 165 million americans planning to cross items off their list this weekend. when you should buy online. what you should wait for plus our turkey 911 team is here to help save your holiday. what we're cooking up on this thanksgiving morning. ♪ i need you by my side can't you see that i'm lonely ♪ ♪ rescue me and good morning, america. happy thanksgiving, everyone. let's take a look at the macy's thanksgiving day parade right here in new york city. we are going to be live along that famous route, ginger is with the crowds on this very chilly morning looking beautiful and lara is in philadelphia with all the excitement at that parade as well. hi, lara. >> if you're gearing up to host a thanksgiving feast this morning -- and i know amy is doing this -- don't stress.
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we've got three expert chefs here in times square answering all your last-minute questions about turkey day. one piece of advice, don't try to shove the whole thing, the turkey that is, into the microwave. >> never put a turkey in a microwave. >> that's why i'm giving advice. >> america thanks you for that. >> i'll be here all morning. all right. let's go straight now to ginger along the macy's parade route. ginger, good morning to you. >> hey, good morning, you guys. happy thanksgiving, everyone. what a gorgeous morning here on the upper west side of manhattan. we're looking at some of the floats of the 26 floats that will make their way through the 91st annual macy's thanksgiving day parade. but, guys, the balloons are always the biggest hit and this year, olaf is part of the parade. that's right. our friend, olaf, from "frozen" is going to go up, blow up and be one of those many, many. they have 17 standard floats that come along and new ones, "paw patrol worth is one of them and windchill here is the same as the temperature so actually nice.
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32 degrees, seasonably cool. the southwest is nice and toasty hot and could see record highs from l.a. to phoenix, and overall, we have a decent thanksgiving. i can't remember the last time we could celebrate the holiday without the weather interrupting. so i'm pretty happy. we're gonna have some fun. we'll have clowns and cheer leaders. you'll see it all. >> clowns and cheerleaders, always a nice mix. thank you, ginger. to lara now in philadelphia where they're getting ready for their parade. hey, lara, good morning. >> hi, you guys. good morning, sorry a little hard to hear you here because we are pom-pomming with the philadelphia cheerleaders who wanted me to let you know they're proud of their season. go, eagles, right? but today it's all about the thanksgiving day parade. the 98th thanksgiving day parade here in philadelphia. very proud to be here. i have always been in new york. this is the oldest thanksgiving day parade in the country and right behind me, you can see
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they are ready to go. kicks off in just about an hour. we are at the start of the parade route, the best spot to be in. you want to stay with us all morning long. it goes about a mile and a half. 17 balloons. you guys know near and dear to my heart rescuing animals, rescuing dogs. clifford is all about that. he represents the handlers for clifford are all about adoption so you'll find me probably hanging out over there with the clifford gang. these guys have been working since 4:30 in the morning. you guys have been out here a long time, right? >> yeah. >> so i have got great company with the eagles cheerleaders. so excited and be here all morning long and i know you're covering the big guy, the new york parade as well, so i believe, america, we have got you covered on this chilly but beautiful thanksgiving morning. back to you guys. >> that's right, lara. thank you and happy thanksgiving to you. the macy's thanksgiving day parade as lara was just mentioning, is obviously on high alert right here in new york city, the nypd enforcing tight security along the route just weeks after that deadly terror attack in downtown manhattan. and abc's erielle reshef is at
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the parade route right now for all of those details. good morning, erielle. >> reporter: good morning, amy. this is one of the most watched parades in the world and security has never been tighter. going to show you here, there are thousands of officers swarming the streets. the entire area cordoned off. new york city police say there is no credible threat to this parade, but authorities are on high alert in the wake of that bike path terror rampage that killed eight people in lower manhattan on halloween so they're deploying what they're calling their strongest show of force ever. 80 sanitation trucks filled with sand will block traffic along the 2 1/2-mile route and officers with portable radiation detecters and assault weapons will walk the crowds, and bomb-sniffing dogs and canines that will catch the scent of explosives in the air and snipers will keep a watchful eye on the 3.5 million people
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expected to pour into the streets and officers on every single block. police say they are ready. >> erielle, we know they are, but they are also asking for help from the paradegoers themselves and want them to also be keeping that watchful eye out. >> reporter: that's absolutely right, amy. police are saying they want everyone to be vigilant. they want to know if you see anything suspicious but they're saying this is going to be the safest parade ever so they're encouraging everybody to come out and enjoy it. amy. >> all right, erielle reshef, thanks so much. dan. let's talk politics now. president trump, this is his first thanksgiving in office. he'll be at mar-a-lago in florida with his family. meanwhile though, back in washington, more members of congress facing allegations of sexual misconduct. senior white house correspondent cecilia vega is on the north lawn with the latest. cecilia, good morning. let's start with the republican congressman, joe barton. yesterday, he apologized for a lewd picture of him that was circulating online, and then overnight he was accused of threatening a woman with whom he shared sexually explicit materials. tell us about that. >> reporter: yeah, dan, well, frankly this photo is so lewd we can't even show it to our viewers. it is important, though, to
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point out that both sides in this say that this was a consensual relationship. "the washington post" is reporting that they've reviewed recordings that show the texas congressman telling this woman that he would report her to capitol police after he says she threatened to make these photos and their exchanges public. now i want to show you a statement we received from joe barton says, when i ended that relationship she threatened to publicly share my private photographs and intimate correspondence in retaliation. as the transcript reflects, i offered to take the matter to capitol police to open an investigation. capitol police say they will investigate. dan, barton's office tells us that he has no plans to resign. >> there's news on two other members. senator al franken and representative john conyers, both democrats. what's the latest there? >> reporter: yeah. it has been quite a week here on this front here in washington. in franken's case two more women have come forward to accuse him of wrongdoing bringing the total number of misconduct allegations
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that he now faces to four. the latest two telling "the huffington post" that he grabbed their backsides in two separate incidents. franken tells "the huffington post" it is difficult to respond to anonymous accusations and doesn't remember the incidents in question. conyers, a third woman has accused him of wrongdoing and tells "the washington post" he verbally abused her and that she once went to his office where he was in his underwear. dan, a lawyer for conyers denies these allegations. >> finally, let's talk about the president. he is as we said, spending thanksgiving at mar-a-lago. his staff is insisting this is a working vacation. >> reporter: yeah, and they are very concerned about the perception that he is not working. after aides told a group of reporters traveling with him that it would be low key yesterday, they put this out saying it was going to be a low key, and they had to quickly change that. aides wanting people to know it was going to be low key for the reporters, but not for the president. they said he would be making phone calls and spent five hours
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at the golf course yesterday. dan, today, he has one thing on his public schedule. he is making a call to thank the military. he is also tweeting with one tweet that just said, make america great again. so that's the message this thanksgiving. he also said happy thanksgiving. >> cecilia vega at the white house this morning. cecilia, thank you. amy, back to you. turing to black friday bargain hunters 32 million say they plan to start buying today and are not just getting an early start online. stores like kmart, target, jcpenney and best buy all open for door busters this morning. abc's alex perez is in chicago with those trying to get an early start. alex, good morning. >> reporter: hey, that's right, good morning, amy. this kmart store is already open. 10% to 50% off a lot of things inside the store. they're doing whatever they can to get people off their computers, off their phones and into the store. it's already happening this morning. >> i was here monday night. >> i'm number one. if you're not first, you're last.
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>> reporter: shoppers camped out for days in front of stores to get first dibs on the deepest black friday discounts. >> i have a portable propane heater and two sleeping bags, a bunch of blankets and things to keep me occupied. >> reporter: but what has basically become holiday tradition could soon be a thing of the past. according to the national retail federation, the number of in-store shoppers on black friday decreased by 3 million people last year. retailers are taking notice. in 2016, just 10% of all black friday doorbuster deals were offered as in-store only options. this year, that number cut in half down to just 5%. >> because of amazon, most of the stores can't offer the door busters that they used to. they have to compete online. i don't think black friday deals are going to go away and will probably be equal so that they give the consumer the choice to go either way. >> reporter: with more than
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6,000 brick and mortar stores shuttering their doors this year alone, some retailers are going to extremes. fighting to get those shoppers who want to feel and see the deals with their own hands into their stores. >> the holidays are very personal, so people kind of want to touch and feel things, as well. make sure it's the right gift. >> reporter: retailers turning to in-store only deals with deep discounts. like best buy offering this 50-inch sharp smart tv, 179 bucks. that's a $320 discount for going into the store. and one in-store deal that a lot of people don't think about, buying a new car. many dealerships right now offering big incentives right now to get people inside the door, amy. >> i know, but, alex, a lot of stores decided not to open today, which ones are they and why? >> reporter: yeah, that's right. you know they're being called black friday purists, these stores that believe the customer really just wants to come in and feel that holiday tradition of shopping on black friday. stores like t.j. maxx,
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nordstrom, staples, home depot, costco, sam's club, all those places closed on thanksgiving. >> i'm sure their employees are happy about that decision. alex, thank you. >> that's a really important point, actually. alex, thank you. holiday shopping already setting records on-line up 18% from last year and thanksgiving is the single biggest day for discounts. abc's becky worley is in san francisco with all that, becky. good morning, happy thanksgiving. >> reporter: same to you, dan. most folks haven't set the thanksgiving table or even fired up any football games yet, but virtual door buster sales are happening online as we speak. overnight, the websites for walmart, office depot and kohl's going live with their sales at midnight eastern. this iphone 6, prepaid for just $129 at walmart. $70 off. at kohl's a samsung 55-inch tv that comes in at $350 and this laptop at office depot for $299 down $200.
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but beware with big online deal come big online scams. this holiday weekend online thieves creating spoofed websites and phishing e-mails posing as trusted, big name retailers and brands. a recent study revealing 40% of u.s. consumers have fallen victim to these online attacks. now, the hunt for discounts happening now. predawn eastern time this morning with their deals. they have ipads for $249. that's $80 off. amazon live now with discounts on almost all of their fire and alexa products. they also have a ninja blender for 67 bucks, that's $52 off -- the lowest price we've ever seen, dan, so for your morning smoothie routine we have a deal. >> i like it. cheap smoothies. we should mention a lot of these specific deals are limited quantities, so any big picture for finding deals today and
7:14 am
through the weekend? >> reporter: right. if that online door buster is old out, here are some guides. we're seeing cross the board deals on 4ktvs, $50 than the ones we saw last year, lots of models out there. not just door busters. small kitchen appliance prices are being slashed. we're talking toasters, coffeemakers, some as low as $5 each and it's not just electronics. think sports and outdoor stores too. lots of things as low as $10. >> becky worley, thank you so much. we'll talk to you throughout the holiday shopping season. now to amy. dan, thank you. the retail industry changing so rapidly, so for more let's turn to the ceo of old navy, sonia syngal joining us from emeryville, california. sonya, as i know you're well aware more and more people are shopping on-line. your roots however, are in brick and mortar, so how are you adapting? >> we opened our newest store next to you in times square. well, talking about our business in terms of digital, i'm thrilled to say we've been in
7:15 am
the digital business for almost 20 years and with our thousand stores and our digital presence, what we're hoping to do is let the customer shop with us in any way she or he wants. our customers often preshop online, and they join us in our store to try things on, and they go back and forth, and that's what we aim to do is meet our customers where they are. >> you said preshop and speaking to that, black friday actually happened on wednesday. do days of the week even matter anymore? >> every day is really big this time of year and our black friday sales did start yesterday and for three days, we are offering the best deals of the year at 50% off. both online and in stores and so we're super excited. >> all right, sonya, i know you guys are dealing with this every day. how do you stay -- how does old navy stay competitive with amazon and all those other online retailers? >> we are pleased with our momentum. this is our sixth year in a row of positive sales growth and the way we continue to win is by staying focused on what our customers want.
7:16 am
it's about -- it starts and ends with amazing products. old navy is all about fun, family, value and fashion. that's what we aim to do every day. >> hottest sale item of the year? >> we are crushing it with jeans right now. with denim for the whole family. we've got so much amazing innovation with sculpt and flex denim for men and for the kids as well. >> well, happy thanksgiving. sonya syngal, thanks so much for joining us. >> thanks, amy. all right. time now for our turkey 911. our thanksgiving dream team of experts chefs, rocco dispirito, right here, sandra lee and eddie jackson to my left. they're all here to answer our last-minute questions. amy doesn't need this help. she is an expert. we should just say that on the record. rocco, our first question is from samantha who on twitter says, help, i forgot to take my turkey out and it's still frozen. what do i do? >> put your hands on your face and call boston market.
7:17 am
see what time they close today. no, i'm just kidding. you put your turkey in a large pot of warm water, you allow warm water to run over it until it defrosts then break it into pieces or spatchcock it like i'll do later. it will cook in an hour versus four hours. >> oh, those are good tips. sandra, troy on facebook is asking, what do i do if i oversalt the turkey? >> there are a couple of things you can do. citrus would be my number one go to. now, you can rinse it off or you can just cut a lemon in half and squeeze it over and that will cut that salty flavor. but also i would not put so much salt maybe in the potatoes and gravy and eat it all in one bite. >> that's a great idea. >> there you go. >> serve it with tequila and lime maybe. >> i like the way you roll. eddie, tonya asks on twitter what's your favorite way to flavorize a turkey in a nontraditional way? >> i like to do ethnic flavors
7:18 am
like a caribbean jerk or a five-spice butter. it adds a lot of flavor to turkey. keep it simple but spices it up a little. >> awesome. thank you very much. >> easy peasy. >> easy peasy for you. stay tuned for more turkey 911. we'll take your viewer questions all morning. however, let's go to ginger back at the macy's parade route. hey, ginger. hey, you guys. it is so good to be out here. macy's thanksgiving day parade and guess what, the cold never bothered us anyway. i got to tell you all the olaf folks and volunteers are getting pumped up. we can't wait. but i'll tell you who is not cold. that would be the southwest. los angeles could see 90 degrees today. let's get to the sunny cities now brought to you by petsmart.
7:19 am
happy thanksgiving. isn't this a glorious sun rise with a mixture of clouds and sun and we'll see more clouds in the north bay, a possible sprinkle there but dry for the rest of us and for black friday shoppers. also looking at rain moving in late saturday into sunday. so a portion of your week does look wet. 69 in oakland. 72 in fremont. palo alto, 73 in san josose a coming up next, the story of a homeless hero who used his last $20 to save a young woman stuck on the side of the road. how she's paying it forward. side of the road. how she's paying it forward.
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s' thanksgiving. >> this dude is so excited.
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welcome back to "gma" welcome back to "gma" on this thanksgiving morning. you're looking at a beautiful day in philadelphia. lara who is also, of course, beautiful is out there enjoying the longest running thanksgiving day parade in america celebrating its 98th year. >> she's jumping up and down because she's excited but also it's kind of cold out there. we're also live from the macy's thanksgiving day parade. we'll check in with senior meteorologist rob marciano along the route in new york city on this -- yes, it's a chilly morning, rob, but you're dressed properly. >> it is. that's right. as long as you're dressed for it, you're good to go. you guys may be the only people not wearing a hat here. we're 20 deep and excited to be here. no doubt about that. we are lined here about a mile into the parade route, folks are psyched. are you not psyched for today's thanksgiving day parade? look at these two.
7:31 am
these kids are really psyched. hey, guys. how is it going? oh, yeah. about the same reaction i get from my kids. all right. whatever you got to do to keep them busy, and forget about the cold, and when the parade comes, i'm sure they will put the ipad away. >> i'm sure they will. >> it's a beautiful, chilly day. happy thanksgiving from the two cute kids. back to you. >> the two cute distracted kids. >> yes. mine would never do that. just kidding. >> no, no, never. also right now at the macy's thanksgiving day parade, security is tighter than ever. 80 sanitation trucks filled with sand will block traffic along the two-mile -- 2.5-mile route. thousands of officers are in place to protect the massive crowd and president trump celebrating his first thanksgiving in office with his family in mar-a-lago in florida. a working vacation and the president hoping to push that tax reform before christmas. but we begin this half hour with the former usa gymnastics team doctor appearing in court on wednesday, admitting to using his position to abuse underage girls.
7:32 am
among his accusers are some of the top olympians in that sport, and abc's paula faris joins us with details. paula, good morning. >> good morning to you and happy thanksgiving to both of you. larry nassar will most likely spend the rest of his life in prison. in this criminal case, three of the girls he admitted to abusing were under the age of 13. >> reporter: former u.s. gymnastics doctor for the doctoe larry nassar, appearing in a michigan courtroom on wednesday, pleading guilty to seven counts of first degree criminal sexual conduct involving young girls that he was treating for athletic injuries. the former doctor who's now facing a minimum prison sentence of 25 years behind bars whispering his plea in court. >> how do you plead? >> guilty. >> reporter: nassar admitting that his medical actions had no medical purpose, and lost his medical license back in may. >> i think this is important that what i've done today to help move a community forward and away from the hurting and let the healing start. >> reporter: some of his accusers facing him in court,
7:33 am
crying in the gallery. speaking out after the hearing. >> today i am grateful for the army of women that has stopped a pedophile. today we heard the truth from larry. >> reporter: the disgraced doctor also facing 14 civil lawsuits involving over 100 additional accusers, mostly gymnasts. and separately, some of the sport's biggest stars publicly saying nassar abused them as well, including olympic gold medalist mckayla maroney and six-time olympic medalist aly raisman. >> you don't want to let yourself believe that, you know, i am -- i am a victim of sexual abuse. >> reporter: just this week olympian gabby douglas coming forward with her own accusation against nassar saying, i didn't publicly share my experiences because for years we were conditioned to stay silent. now, larry nassar will be sentenced january 12th. the judge is permitting his accusers -- and keep in mind there are over 100 of them -- to make statements at the sentencing. in fact, it's not going to end until all of them have had the opportunity to speak even if that means extending sentencing one more day. >> giving those victims a voice that they so deserve, paula,
7:34 am
thank you very much. dan. >> thank you, paula. turning now to a safety alert for the holiday season. should a fire break out in the middle of the night abc's gio benitez is here with the simple step that could save lives. gio, good morning. happy thanksgiving. >> reporter: hey, dan. happy thanksgiving to you. what you are about to see is something so many people have never even heard of. something as simple as closing a door can mean the difference between life and death. i'll admit i was amazed when ul put this to the test. this is not a normal house fire. we're with ul which helps set safety standards for a slew of industries and now the company is creating a controlled fire to show the importance of closing a bedroom door before you go to sleep. >> when you can't get out the most important thing you can do is close the door between you and the fire can save your life. >> reporter: alexis king survived the house fire that killed her parents and brother when she was just 10. the home smoke alarm battery wasn't working. she believes closing her bedroom door saved her life. >> the door helped me to still
7:35 am
have clean air and to really figure out a way to get out. >> reporter: ul relaunching a safety campaign close before you doze. how much of a difference can it make? we're about to find out. ul built this home to serve as a test facility. >> you're going to light the house on fire. >> for safety. >> for safety. >> reporter: it's wired with cameras and sensors to track temperature and gas levels. all the info being fed to this control center so ul can monitor the fire. two bedrooms will have the doors closed, but the other -- >> we'll leave that one open so we get to see the difference. >> reporter: with the philadelphia fire department standing by, i start a fire with a candle on the living room sofa. let's get out. we return to the control center. >> we got our fire going in the living room. you can see how -- >> you can already see the smoke. >> reporter: take a look at the bedroom with the open door. >> see the smoke beginning to -- >> yeah, yeah, yeah. >> 275 degrees. >> absolutely. not survivable. >> reporter: but check out the rooms with the doors closed. the temperatures are much lower. >> you've got 97 degrees in one.
7:36 am
69 in the other. these are the closed door rooms. >> very survivable. so there you go, the top of the window came out. >> reporter: after ten minutes ul puts the fire out and we look at the aftermath. here is the room with the open door. look at this. we've got the tv melted. temperatures in that room with the open door reached 500 degrees. the carbon monoxide readings 6,000 parts per million. an industry standard carbon monoxide alarm would go off at 70. but what a difference in the bedrooms with the doors closed. >> stuffed animals are just fine. >> bed is clear. >> i mean, what's incredible is that this door sort of acted like a shield. >> exactly what it did. >> reporter: temperatures only got up to 100 and carbon monoxide levels were ten times lower than the open room. >> every day i wish that my brother would have closed his door and i hope other people know that they really do need to. >> reporter: and listen, so many of us like to close doors at night without even realizing
7:37 am
it's a life saver. my grandparents had a fire, big fire a few years ago, but they always slept with their doors closed and that's why they were able to get out and survive that fire. >> wow. >> that's incredible. >> what else do experts recommend to safeguard the home? >> listen. this only works if you have a working smoke alarm, too. to know there is a fire in the first place. couple that with an escape plan and you've got something to be thankful for. >> all right. >> like how you tied it into the day there. thank you, gio. coming up on this thankful thursday, how a homeless hero rescued a young woman stuck on the side of the road and now she is paying it forward in a very big way. you will want to stay tuned for this story. 6 at t-mobile, when you holiday together, great things come in twos. like t-mobile and netflix. right now when you get an unlimited family plan, netflix is included. ho ho ho! t-mobile covers your netflix subscription... best christmas gift ever! you can binge watch all year long. now you're thinking christmas! and now when you buy any of this season's hot new samsung galaxy phones,
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[alarm] you have 3 minutes to exit. what if it gave you time, and what you really need from home security. a sense of security. ♪ we are back now on this we are back now on this thanksgiving with the story of a homeless hero, johnny, a veteran who used his very last $20 to save a young woman who was stuck on the side of the road and abc's diane macedo is here now with how she is paying it forward in such a remarkable way, diane. >> amy, this act of kindness set off a domino effect. this woman kate was so moved by johnny's help that rather just reimburse him she got creative. now johnny's $20 sacrifice could bring him thousands in return. >> reporter: just as she approached philadelphia on interstate 95, kate mcclure realized her car was running out of gas. so she pulled off onto an exit ramp. it was 11:00 p.m. she was out of cash and all alone. >> i was, you know, a little nervous.
7:42 am
>> reporter: suddenly, a shadowy figure emerged from the darkness and told her to lock her doors and sit tight because he was going to help her and that's how kate met johnny, a homeless man who can usually be found sitting on a guardrail reading a book. johnny only had $20 to his name but that night, he used it all to buy kate gas a few nights away. >> he said don't worry about it. i got you. and then he came back with a gas can and put gas in my tank. >> reporter: thanks to johnny kate made it to her destination. but to show her gratitude, she returned several times, bringing johnny gifts and learning more about him, like how he is a veteran and a former firefighter and paramedic. eventually she decided she had had to do more and started a go fund me page. her goal, $10,000 to help johnny get back on his feet. as of this morning, it's over $100,000 and counting. >> y'all did all that? that is awesome. that changes my life. >> it's unbelievable.
7:43 am
it's crazy how many people have seen it and shared it. we were so excited when it hit $200 and now we're looking -- he's going to have a future like a real, actual future. i really hope to keep in touch with him. he's just the kind of guy who you want to be friends with so i could see us being friends for -- hopefully forever. >> and you heard johnny say that's a life-changing amount. that was when he thought they were up to $1,700. >> what? >> when i checked a little while ago, they were up to $115,000, and johnny now says he wants to pay it forward and give some of that money to help more people in the homeless community. so this domino effect continues. >> what an amazing story. >> tell us a little -- how did he enter into situation of homelessness in the first place. >> i don't know all the details but he moved to philadelphia with a job lined up. somehow that job fell through. he had an apartment lined up but without the job the apartment fell through and essentially then something happened to his veterans affairs paperwork and
7:44 am
he lost that. so his attempt to try to get back on his feet didn't work without the paper. so he thought one night on the street turned into a week turned into about a year. they got him a hotel for the holidays and they are helping him get a place, vouching for his character to landlords, and have the money to help out, but planning to get a job and hoping to retrain as a paramedic in philadelphia and new jersey. >> he could buy a house with that money. >> absolutely. >> it's incredible. >> too many of our veterans end up like this. >> a lot of the donations came from vets. >> thank you diane. it's a great story. coming on "gma" turkey 911. our pros are standing by to save your holiday. get ready to make your thanksgiving meal a hit. story zblfrmg. coming on "gma" turkey our pros are standing by to save your holiday. get ready to make your thanksgiving meal. a hit.
7:45 am
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we're back with our thanksgiving brain trust, rocco dispirito, sandra lee and eddie jackson. viewers have been tweeting and posting cooking questions to "gma's" facebook and our chefs are here to answer. eddie, let me start with you. lisa from facebook wants to know what is your best green vegetable side dish? >> i love doing mushroom glazed brussels sprouts so what i do is take some soy sauce, and i cook it down with a little easy peasy, right? i love the way it smells. sugar, a little garlic. >> sugar. >> just to sweeten it up. cook it down. strain it so we have just a glaze. then i pour it over my brussels sprouts that i cooked off with some onions. >> nice. >> love them. [ applause ]
7:49 am
>> thank you. >> everybody, we just learned how to make brussels sprouts unhealthy. [ laughter and applause ] >> how do you fry them? >> sandra, robin on facebook says i'm tired of the usual pumpkin and apple pies. what's an alternative? >> everyone has great cakes around the house. i'll take a carrot cake and maybe some apples and walnuts just what you have in the kitchen and it could be any kind of cake really. and then -- then it gets better. ooh. then a little bit of pudding, now, this is butterscotch, vanilla, whatever you like and put some milk in there, and just a whisk and then let that thicken up a little bit. pour that all over. >> wow. >> now, think about it, i like to use a frozen cake so anything in the freezer.
7:50 am
you buy one, store bought. i mean, i am sandra lee, and bake that off into the oven, but you could do doughnuts, anything frozen would be good. >> that's almost as unhealthy as his brussels sprouts. >> here you go. [ applause ] >> all right. we'll talk about cranberries in just a bit, rocco. sorry, we have to move on. much more of our turkey 911 still ahead. plus big holiday "deals & steals" up to 75% off to help you with your shopping list. we'll be right back. now this is the "gma" set. ♪ make walmart your first and only stop.
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we're back with our and welcome back to "good morning america." here we are on top of the ocean spray float. i'm surrounded by the birthday clowns. that's right. they are wishing everybody on this thanksgiving day that happens to have a birthday, a very happy birthday, and guess what? they gave me confetti. are you guys ready to sing? let's do it. ♪ happy birthday to you hey. some people have to share those things together. we are loving
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♪ are you ready for it good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. happy thanksgiving. it's time for turkey and deals. black friday getting under way, and we have all the biggest bargains online and in stores. plus special "deals & steals" right here on "gma." up to 75% off as you kick off your holiday shopping. parenting alert. youtube's new policy to protect kids. how the company is cracking down on inappropriate content and what it means for your family. thanksgiving pre-talks. the secrets to a stress-free turkey dinner. tricky topics to avoid and last-minute tips before the family gets together. ♪ hungry like the wolf thanksgiving 911. making sure your turkey is done right. from turkey to desserts, our holiday dream team is here live
8:01 am
to tackle your turkey troubles. sandra, eddie and rocco all here live saying -- >> all: good morning, america. >> happy thanksgiving. >> happy thanksgiving, everybody. ♪ a little duran duran. all right. good morning, america. happy thanksgiving. so happy to have you joining us this morning. on the busy holiday. >> yes, many people are hungry like a wolf this morn. our team covering the big parades. out there, lara is in philadelphia, the country's longest running parade, 98 years. plus ginger and rob along the route height here in new york city for the macy's thanksgiving day parade. >> ginger is very happy right now. we'll have a little more from them in just a bit. let's begin with the other thanksgiving tradition which is, of course, shopping, dan. americans hunting for bargains both online and in line. for today's deals, our alex perez is back with us from chicago. good morning, alex. >> reporter: good morning, amy. this kmart store has been open
8:02 am
since 6:00 a.m. they are not waiting until tomorrow. they have deals 10% to 50% off. brick and mortar stores are facing a lot of competition, but many retailers are offering in-store only deals. even with those offers the number of in-store black friday shoppers dropped by 3 million people last year and even those famous black friday door busters are down. last year, 10% of those deals were offered as in-store only options. this year, half of that, just 5%. but retailers are not giving up. they are counting on those customers that have to come in and touch and feel those teadea to see them for themselves. they're counting on those people to walk in the door. amy. >> all right, alex, looks like a lot are staying at home at this point. >> absolutely. given the lack of crowd behind him. now to a crackdown by youtube on what it calls videos that contain, quote, child endangerment. they are blocking everything from parodies to those with
8:03 am
actual disturbing content, many of which have millions of views. in a statement, youtube said, quote, we have expanded our enforcement guidelines around removing content featuring minors that may be endangering a child. the site implemented an age restricting feature to prevent minors from viewing videos with adult themes. politics now, president trump's first thanksgiving in office. he is spending it with the first family at his mar-a-lago estate down in florida. abc's cecilia vega back with us from washington. cecilia, good morning. >> reporter: happy thanksgiving to you, my friend. president trump is back at what he calls the winter white house. he says this is a working vacation. he will be working the phones, having meetings. he did yesterday spend about five hours at the golf course. today, he is up early and tweeting saying, happy thanksgiving. your country is starting to do really well. he then went on to mention the stock market, the military, the supreme court. he is still promising to build that wall. the first family is right there with him in florida, but a
8:04 am
number of top aides who typically travel with the president did not take this trip. among them chief of staff john kelly. he stayed behind here in washington. on the president's schedule today, he is calling members of the military to thank them for their service. when he comes back here to washington next week, dan, a very busy schedule. at the top of that list tax reform. >> trying to get that done before christmas. cecilia, thank you. you may think thanksgiving is all about turkeys. in america that's true but in china it's all about pandas. take a look at this guy being released into a forest ready to go. his fellow 2-year-old needs a moment to take a sniff then also speeds away, but take a look at this. to help the pandas get used to the forest, workers dress up in panda costumes. that looks like something out of a horror show. i'm just saying. >> not a convincing panda. apparently convincing to pandas. >> not scaring them away. our panel of chefs here to solve your turkey troubles plus
8:05 am
tory has big holiday "deals & steals." and we're live at the macy's thanksgiving day parade in new york city. rob and ginger along the route and lara at the philly parade. how is it going down there? >> hi, you guys. i'm having the best time. you know i like bragging. this is the oldest thanksgiving day parade in the country. so grateful that they invited me to come. and they also invited these beautiful ladies, the texas strutters. all the way from texas state university. will you show everybody that incredible noise that you guys make? go ahead. get it to me, one, two, three. they have taught me how to do it. i will spare you but it's miraculous. they are going to perform 100 strong. so many great performers. we've got balloons and floats and we have got santa here in philadelphia. ♪ ♪ etter than a manual. and my hygienist says it does but they're not all the same. who knew? i had no idea. so she said, look for one that's shaped like a dental tool with a
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[ applause ] welcome back to "good morning america." happy thanksgiving to everyone. we have an awesome audience here this morning, and we're very thankful for that. >> they were going to shopping got tricked to coming in here. >> it's warmer in here. we have to welcome adrienne bankert here for "pop news." we're feeling nostalgic, and we helped britney kick off her residency in vegas. that was four years ago, and now
8:11 am
she sent us this. >> good morning, america. it's been a great day in vegas, and i'm about to go on stage tonight. >> that was right before one of her last performances. she was very succinct. "gma," here's what's going down. the last show will be on new year's eve. we're going to miss her in vegas. we can't wait to see what she does next. somebody raised during the time her music was becoming more popular. i'm thinking about my childhood, teenage years. glad those are over. up next, we're celebrating the release of "coco" with the music video, peaching miguel and natalia. take a look. ♪ >> featuring the dancers and
8:12 am
singing paying homage to their relatives. these folks gave us another tune you might be familiar with. "let it go" from "frozen." you can see that in theaters right now. >> that is a great song. i love that. >> you want to let it go. >> well, i can let go of "let it go" at this point. i really like this new song. i'm excited. >> you can work out to it. you can serenade your husband to it. >> yeah. so many possibilities. >> a little romance. finally, lara is at the thanksgiving day parade in philadelphia. of course, we have to do a "pop news" pop-in with lara. [ applause ] >> hey, guys. thank you so much. having a great morning here at the philadelphia thanksgiving day parade. as i mentioned, the oldest parade in the country. we thought it would be nice to round out your thanksgiving day pop. i have a fun fact situation for you with the help of the high school marching band from indiana. and gentlemen and ladies, a drum roll please.
8:13 am
[ drum roll ] this is very official. and thank you. that is the magic that's happening here in philadelphia. wow. i really got into that, didn't i? the parade will reach 3 million people. 500,000 of them will be standing along the parade route. another 2.5 million will be home and warm and hopefully cooking some delicious food. fun fact number two. 6,000 people are part of this year's thanksgiving day celebration right here. that ranges from the folks holding the balloons to santa, who i will be interviewing in a moment. it's a big exclusive. he by the way, joined the parade for the first time in 2015 because he was busy. and finally, one more drum roll please. [ drum roll ] thank you. this one is actually for you guys. i think i just pulled a muscle doing that. we have participants, our marching band members.
8:14 am
2,531 performers marching along this route, instruments in hand, warmth in their heart. they are not very warm, but they have smiles on their faces. we're having a ball out leer. thank you, guys. great job. the parade is about to start. back to you all. >> all right, lara. making our audience laugh all the way from philly. i love it. >> i don't think she pulled a muscle. she is limber. speaking of parades, we have a big one here in new york city. let's check in with ginger who is at the macy's day parade. >> hey. check this out, you guys. the springtime surrounding me. i have one of their hoops and i'm feeling festive here. the balloons have started to go up, and the parade is coming together. we are at the staging area. so this is where everybody comes together. is this not the best morning ever for the macy's thanksgiving day parade? the 91st annual. this has been going on, and so
8:15 am
many people wake up and watch this parade. 50 million of them actually at this point. when it started, back in 1921, they used to use central park zoo animals and obviously, they have changed that. now we have the balloons. they have the 26 float that is line this parade route, and all of the springtime flower clubs. this group is just one of so many. we were with a band from south carolina before. we saw sesame street before, and patly labelle is here to perform. gwen stefani, and 98 degrees among the names you will be hearing. my buddy, rob marciano is on the parade route too. what's going on by you? >> hey. good morning, ginger. about a mile south from you. back home, it's also about 30 degrees, right? >> yes. celsius. >> they are freezing. >> you said this praarade bette be worth it, right? welcome from down under.
8:16 am
it's a beautiful day. they have turkeys down there. >> christmas. >> christmas thing. in some parts of the world, they have the dogs chase the turkeys around, and in this video, we found they are all shapes, sizes, colors and this dog is -- go get him. sick him, boy. get that turkey dinner. it's an american tradition, everybody. as is the parade. that's a quick check of what's going happy thanksgiving. isn't this a glorious sun rise with a mixture of clouds and sun and we'll see more clouds in the north bay, a possible sprinkle there but dry for the rest of us and for black friday shoppers. also looking at rain moving in late saturday into sunday. so a portion of your week does look wet. 69 in oakland. 72 in fremont. palo alto, 73 in san jose a [ applause ]3 in san jose a remember when you did
8:17 am
thanksgiving, turkey on thursday then black friday shopping on friday. well, not anymore. abc's becky worley joins us from san francisco with the big discounts live online right now and hitting stores in just a few hours, remember when you did thanksgiving, turkey on thursday then black friday shopping on friday. well, not anymore. abc's becky worley joins us from san francisco with the big discounts live online right now and hitting stores in just a few hours, so, becky, good morning to you. happy thanksgiving and we have so many things to talk about in terms of shopping because we know that people usually wait until tomorrow but that is no longer the case and thanksgiving now itself is typically the best day to get those sales online. we talked to our alex perez earlier who is also showing us certain stores like walmart and best buy open today as early as 6:00 a.m. so people can start hitting the stores before they even sit down for their big turkey meals so is it true, becky, thanksgiving is the best day to shop? >> yes, i say unfortunately yes. some people like they're shopping on thanksgiving and some people hate it. there will be deals all weekend long, but predictions are that today, amy, will have the deepest price cuts.
8:18 am
>> so this is one of the only times of the year to get discounts on popular smartphones? >> today and tomorrow, best times, summer is tied to cell phone plans and activation so read the fine print. you may have to go down to the store. the samsung s8 is $300 off at best buy, and even get an 8 8 8 8x. get $300 gift card with your purchase. the apple watch is $179. that's $70 off. this is the apple watch 1 and the bose 25 headphones $179 at the dell home store. that's $100 off and these things rarely go on sale. great presents. >> yeah, that's incredible. those are great prices and speaking of great prices, television sets going very low over the next couple of days. >> always huge this time of year. there is a door buster samsung 55-inch 4k smart tv at kohl's
8:19 am
for 499 bucks, plus you get a $150 gift card back. so that's a great price. at best buy it's not the top of the line brand but a killer price on a 50-inch sharp roku, $179. that's the lowest price we have ever seen for a 50-inch tv. >> any other big discounts? >> a couple gift ideas. there's a kitchenaid stand mixer for $149 at meijer. $50 gift card back. that's a good price, right? this is the smallest of these, i call them the ferraris of domesticity. 99 bucks. >> that's great. >> $150 off. get cozy, amy. $60 off family pajama sets at macy's so you and the hubby and your daughters can be like the pajama family. >> a good look. >> you make that work.
8:20 am
kmart has a great set of gifts for under 10 bucks. we're talking about $9 for kitchen appliances. 5 bucks for board games and 2 bucks for a barbie. pretty impressive. >> all right, becky, those are great ideas and i think you should invest in that family pajama -- >> tory johnson got my wife and i onesies a few years ago and we wear them. we do wear them. >> can i get a picture of that please? >> you will never get a picture. there will never be pictures and we'll never discuss this again. let's talk turkey, though. the countdown to thanksgiving dinner is on and have been getting your questions all week, so we have assembled a brain trust if you will, to take on turkey 911 calls. first up our turkey talker, the author of "rocco's healthy and delicious cookbook," rocco dispirito. bring it on in, man. there he is. [ applause ] >> those are the best pants. >> talk to me. [ applause ]
8:21 am
>> we love your pant, rocco. we love your pants. up next we have our dessert daredevil. >> the bottom part of the pajamas. >> that you'll be wearing with your family. i'll call her our dessert diva on the cover of "modern luxury" this month, known for her spectacular sweets. sandra lee, get out here. [ applause ] >> there she is. ♪ the final countdown >> an finally for our sizzling side, sandra, welcome, for our sizzling sides, there she is. there she is. >> mwah. >> giving out kisses. what am i? chopped liver. >> sorry. thank you. mwah. okay. >> now i feel better. for our sizzling sides, made by none other than former nfl star and current host of food network's christmas cookie challenge, eddie jackson. come on out here, eddie.
8:22 am
[ applause ] ♪ the final countdown >> yeah. picking teams. so let's get over here and spin our thanksgiving wheel to see who's up first. ♪ final countdown >> and it's spinning and rocco, that's you. >> who's that? my bar mitzvah picture. >> looking sharp. let's see. here's the question. >> i got a lot of questions, by the way. >> it's from maggie on twitter and says, i'm making thanksgiving for the first time. any turkey recipes you recommend? >> yes, yes, i have a great idea. making it for the first time you'll probably run out of time. so spatchcock. come, let me show you what that is. >> i'm a little afraid. >> don't be afraid. only the turkey feels it. not you. you take a whole turkey that would normally cook in four or five hours, and you remove the
8:23 am
backbone. once you remove the back bone you turn it on its side and press until it flattens and you end up with a bird like that. >> wow. >> so this bird goes -- [ applause ] goes in a roasting pan, and it goes flat. and because it goes in a roastiroas roasting pan, it cooks flat. and will take about an hour. save three hours and cover it with salt and pepper and herbs and all those delicious things. [ applause ] >> that's beautiful. >> and this is what it looks like when it's done. carve it the way you would normally a bird. if the breast gets done early you can take the rest off and keep the legs cooking. >> maggie, there you go, spatchcocking. is that how you pronounce it? >> spachcock. >> try to use that word in a sentence, ladies and gentlemen. all right. over to sides. >> we got a spin on the wheel. >> yeah. >> let's spin the wheel. let's see where we're going to go next. [ applause ]
8:24 am
oh, yes. we have sandra, our dessert diva and renamed you. we have an audience question. willie, where are you? all right, willie. [ applause ] >> good morning, sandra. how are you doing? >> i'm doing well. how are you doing? >> can you tell me what is your trick to making sure baked desserts don't stick to the pan? i have a problem with that. >> i like to use butter but everything tastes better with butter. right? [ applause ] butter -- that's not the tip yet. so butter -- grease the bottom of the pan with butter and flour on top of that and you're good to go. >> that's simple. my grandmother used to always say that and i wholly agree. >> let's spin the wheel and ready for another spin. >> i wonder who it could be. >> who could it be? >> i like to eat my dessert before dinner anyway. we have a question for our sizzling side master, eddie, ashley on twitter is asking about your best mac and cheese
8:25 am
recipe and i'm going to brace myself because it's my favorite food ever. >> absolutely. >> ever. >> so this combines two thanksgiving favorites all in one. this will be dressing and macaroni and cheese together. >> okay. >> so basically i've taken a cajun twist on it with andouille sausage that i'll put inside the cornbread with bell peppers and onions. you like that, right? you like that. >> stop the madness. keep talking. keep talking. okay. >> so mix it up. put it inside of a springform pan and on top of that we'll top it with macaroni and cheese, say ooh. >> all: ooh! >> yeah, top it, right then all we do is pop it in the oven. top it with a little bit of cheese, get a little crust on it. and there you have it. voila. >> oh, my goodness. you have got to be kidding me. this is the finished product. it looks beautiful. my mouth is watering right now. >> rocco tells me that dish comes with a defibrillator. >> actually comes with a treadmill. >> he's a personal trainer too. >> one more spin on the turkey wheel, here we go. quick spin.
8:26 am
we've got turkeys backstage making that noise. sandra, one more. another dessert question for you. patrick on twitter says, i have never made a pie. only store bought. what's a good recipe for my first pie? >> store bought you did make a pie. you made it with your wallet. happy thanksgiving to those out there that are going to do that trick but i like to do something a little bit different like how about a pumpkin -- >> we'll hit a break and talk about it in a second. >> okay. ♪ your "gma" moment brought to you by the frame from samsung. the most beautiful tv you've never seen. ♪ the final countdown ♪ the final countdown
8:27 am
8:28 am
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♪ it's the final countdown ♪ it's the final countdown welcome back to "gma." happy thanksgiving to everyone. we have an amazing audience here and we have these rock star chefs with us helping us with our thanksgiving woes as we're getting everything together. sandra, you were so rudely interrupted as we went to break. dan's fault. >> no, it was dan. >> we were going to get pie help for first-time pie makers? tell us what you're doing. >> super easy. this is a pie that doesn't even need to be baked. well, it bakes for eight minutes in the oven. okay, so this is going to be pumpkin, gingersnap, chiffon pie. >> yum. >> easy. all right. you'll take your gingersnap cookies and put them in a food processor, melted butter. sugar, pound that down in your baking dish. bake it eight minutes 350 easy. okay.
8:31 am
take it out let it cool then in this bowl what i have is cream cheese, pumpkin pie spice and pumpkin. >> okay. >> you whisk that together. >> canned pumpkin? >> canned pumpkin. >> perfect. >> this this bowl you're going to have evaporated milk, a little warmed. a little heated. a little warmed. some sugar. it is 4:00 a.m. a little sugar and some pumpkin pie spice and go in there and stir that together and combine the two. put it back into your gingersnap crust and all you do -- >> smells so good. >> like the holiday. >> like thanksgiving. >> it's the holiday season. [ applause ] >> great. >> that goes into your pie crust and into the fridge, 30 minutes, you're done. >> put it in the fridge. >> yep. >> the only thing you have to back is the crust? >> yes. >> perfect. i love it. and the most beautiful smells. >> oh, my gosh, i can do that. >> everyone can do that. let's take another spin on the wheel to see what else we'll find. spin, wheel, spin.
8:32 am
>> all right. eddie, chris on facebook wanting a different way to make a green bean casserole as we do not like mushrooms. >> all right, all right, i'll make you a believer in this. we have a little mushroom going on but we'll jazz it up with some feta. i'm going to make a bechamel to give it that creaminess and take some french green beans, store bought as sandra would say. >> semi home made. >> i'll give you more room to cook. >> and add that to it. >> wow. that looks good. >> way better -- >> that does look good. >> and top it with some shredded sweet potato and bake it off until it's nice and crispy, 25 minutes at 375. there you have it. >> shredded sweet potato. >> that's great. >> you had me at shredded sweet potato. >> you like that. >> eddie, you're an evil genius. our final spin, let's go for it. let's do the spin. [ gobble gobble ]
8:33 am
>> and it lands on rocco. all right. we got another turkey question. i'm only cooking for a few people, actually, no, this is coming from somebody in our audience, i apologize. sydney right there. >> hey, sydney. how are you? >> hi, hi, rocco. me and my sister are only cooking for a few family members this year so we didn't buy a whole turkey. is it too late for us to get one? no, it's not too late. you could cook a turkey breast. most like light meat or breast meat so make turkey breast and stuffing in the same pan. here's how i do it. i use sweet italian sausage and chop up the acorn squash. don't use bread or corn bread or any empty calories. chestnuts. apples, apple cider and chicken stock, coconut milk and salt, pepper and herbs. mix that all together. take your turkey breast and lay it right on top. just lay it right on top.
8:34 am
cook for 45 minutes or so and you're done. this is what you end up with. >> wow, it's beautiful. >> very nice. >> if you didn't have time to make a gravy you could cook a sweet potato with it. put a sweet potato in the blender with the drippings and make an instant gravy. dan, you are smart. >> stepping back. stepping back. >> there you go. >> yeah. >> instant gravy. >> there you go. >> beautiful. >> oh, wow. >> look at that. >> we have to try this. [ applause ] >> yes. >> thank you. >> thank you all of our 911 experts. we're in such good hands, everybody. >> while you're eating these leftovers because you best believe we'll eat this mac and cheese but starting this weekend when you make turkey sandwiches with the cranberry sauce, oh, my goodness watch this holiday movie this weekend starring jason biggs. he says it's going to be a classic. take a look. >> aaagh.
8:35 am
>> they are the movies that spread holiday cheer. >> take it, russ. ♪ fa la la la la la la la la >> year after year -- >> ahhhhhhhhh! >> now freeform is adding a new movie to the 25 days of christmas lineup. >> this is heaven? >> no, oh, no, no, no. >> reporter: "angry angel" starring brenda song as an angel that needs help getting into heaven. her ethereal mentor played by jason biggs. >> i'm ready. >> oh. you're cute. no, we're not -- you're not ready right now. you're not. you don't actually get to go there, not yet. >> i play jason biggs, the catch is i'm actually a 92-year-old ukrainian man who died of natural causes and -- >> really? >> and he chose the body of tv and film star, star of stage
8:36 am
and screen, yours truly, you know him and love him -- >> jason biggs. >> you lived a good life, bud. not that good. the universe still thinks you have some work to do. so, chop, chop. >> i'm sure there's lots of people that would say jason biggs is an angel. >> yeah, i'm sure. >> your momma. your wife. >> maybe not my wife. definitely my momma. i would say at least one of my two sons would say that. ♪ >> this is the lightning round. >> okay. >> holiday style. >> okay? ready? >> favorite holiday. >> christmas. >> favorite holiday song? ♪ grandma got run over by a reindeer ♪ >> hot chocolate or eggnog? >> used to be eggnog. now it's hot chocolate. >> favorite holiday movie. >> "angry angel." >> great answer. >> do you really think i could do it? >> i really don't. gotta go. [ applause ] >> he's a funny, funny man. almost as funny as this guy, biggs is now a daddy to two boys and says having children and working on the movie put him in the holiday spirit. "angry angel" premieres
8:37 am
monday at 9:00 p.m. eastern on free form. i know we have a book from rocco, correct? >> yes, we'll talk about it later in the show. >> and we have "steals & deals" -- not steals. "deals & steals" and tory johnson. we might steal a deal. >> yes. [ applause ] hnson.
8:38 am
really? really? really?
8:39 am
really? really? see zero in a whole new way. get zero down, zero deposit, zero first month's payment, and zero due at signing on select volkswagen models. now with the people first warranty. we are back on a special "gma" thanksgiving so let's head straight to lara at the philadelphia parade and she is there with some very special
8:40 am
guests. lara, look who you have. >> do you see how well i'm behaving, amy? i'm on best behavior because i'm with the one and only mr. santa claus and mrs. claus. so good to see you. great you made time to get to philadelphia. >> absolutely. one of the oldest parades in america. >> the oldest parade. >> and we wouldn't be anywhere else. >> i understand you've been coming here since 2015. how do you squeeze it in? this is getting to be the season where you guys are working nonstop. >> we have lots of helpers. lots of elves. we have things managed and we can't wait. >> there is a special tradition that i was thrilled to learn about here at the philadelphia thanksgiving day parade with kids and their letters. will you share that, santa with our viewers. >> absolutely. so we collect letters along the way and have a bunch of elves that help collect them and we get them to the u.s. postal service and they come right to us and take them back to the north pole and read every single one.
8:41 am
>> it's really sweet so, guys, what happens, kids instead of mailing their letter come down to the parade and they're like, please make sure santa gets this. it's a really sweet tradition and every one of those letters gets a response from the big guy who makes time. so, guys, i want to ask you this, the naughty list, did you happen to see anybody whose name rhymes with mara on it? >> we did not. >> we did not. >> not this year. >> good. not this year? i know, i know. i had that one year. but things are looking up. >> i want to welcome you to philadelphia and have a little gift for you. >> so i guess i'm not on the naughty list. >> from santa and i. >> thank you. you guys will be -- thank you, mrs. claus. thank you, santa. thank you, elves. they have to get on their float and have a lot of letters to collect. we had a great time in philadelphia and want to head to ginger in new york. >> yes, here we are. macy's thanksgiving day parade and i'm not alone this time. i'm standing in the sun with common and andra day.
8:42 am
look who we found along the parade route. what a gorgeous day. >> yes. good morning. >> you're performing "stand up for something," and it fits. tell me about the message. >> i mean the song for us is really, it's just -- it means what it says, stand up for something. letting everybody know, you know, whether on the macro or micro if you see something and moved in your heart about it. stand up for it. our voices are powerful when we come together and we, you know, decide we want to see change, we can make it happen and, yeah. >> these two voices are powerful. you said you're also on the girl scouts float? >> we're on the girl scouts vote and they have a campaign called a girl agenda empowering young ladies to use their voices toward civil action so we're excited to be like we're doing "stand up for something," and it's empowering the young ladies. we're in alignment. >> yeah, exactly. >> feels good. especially with what's going on in the world we want young ladies to feel like they are loved, empowered and have the
8:43 am
power to be the leaders that they were created to be. >> we are so happy that you two are here. can't wait to see you perform. we'll have >> i'm going to have to get my voice warmed up with you all to "stand up for something." i want to show you real quick. one band here, amy, of the 12 and my high school band happens to be 1 of the 12 this year. i'm so, so pumped. so we've got a whole macy's thanksgiving day parade coming at you but we'll be here for now and head back to you in the studio? >> that's so awesome. i love that, ginger. thank you. [ applause ] >> you know what else everybody has been waiting for, "deals & steals" and tory johnson is here to jump-start your holidays with 75% off.
8:44 am
way to go. >> yeah. what i'm most excited all of these are small or independently owned businesses so it's also a way to support your local communities and small businesses in the process. so first up, l.a. trading company. so these are the most plush robes. we have two mannequins over there. >> ooh. they are soft. >> super soft. >> the good life. mrs. fabulous. boss lady. a variety of sayings and soft cozy comfy you can lounge in and big assortment of eye masks and pouches. we were laughing. >> dress like coco, laugh like lucy, you got it all in a pouch. live like jackie. >> normally $15 to $95 all slashed more than in half so everything ranges from $6 to $38. >> wow. that's so great. okay. so this is a chicago based company that's all about just inspiring people to be happy. so they make these little heart
8:45 am
bowls, food safe so you can use it for candy, condiments or rings, trinkets that kind of thing and come with a little heart serving spoon which is adorable. each fit into their wood carving board. so you can do just these or carving board serving dish. a huge assortment online. not just these but everything is about happy, smiling, feeling good for everyday use. >> i love that. that's so nice. >> normally they range $30 to $60, everything slashed in half, 15 to $30. >> wow, a great gift. >> even less expensive options online. >> one of my favorites. we made this for dan with his little sweet baby. this one i took a photo from your instagram. what's great about these, you can take a single photo and add text. you can make it a full size. these are $10. i have to jump to the deal on these. $10, so cute. >> enzo strahan.
8:46 am
super soft, sherpa blanket. do a single photo or big collage of photos. everything from this company is terrific. and this kind of stuff just also makes people smile. it's personalized. normally $40 to $110. everything is slashed way more than half up to 75%. $10 to $48 and free shipping from collage. free shipping. >> so soft. >> $10 stockings are my favorite. >> so cute, pink house jewelry. everything from this is fun, affordable. the set of six. you get six different bracelets. all kinds of beaded, resin, metal. plus a variety of different cuffs to be able to choose from. everything comes in great sets and fabulous colors, brand-new colors that we're offering for the first time today so depending on the set you choose, sets run from $16 to $90. all of these are slashed by 53 to 73% so $7 to $24 and free shipping. from pink house as well. >> you can put these in those stockings. >> there you go.
8:47 am
put me in the story. really great books where your child stars in the story. so you can add somebody's name. photo, a little dedication to them. they're even making books for dog lovers. people have requested -- can i make a book personalized for my dog? yes, you can. all of the best-selling characters your kids will recognize but most of all it inspires the love of learning and see themselves. $20 to $36, normally all slashed in half, $10 to $17.50. paperback. >> such a great idea. >> that one is for adrian. >> yes. >> then finally basic outfitters . this company was on "shark tank," husband and wife team to create affordable basics like this four pairs of shark socks. really fun. $10 for the set but tees, joggers, underwear, kind of all the basics that guys need, 20 to $30 regularly, everything
8:48 am
slashed in half, $10 to $15 and that's for sets. sets of things. so very affordable from basic outfitters. >> that is fantastic. guess what, everyone in the audience is going home with bracelets from pink house style. >> yeah. >> we partnered with all these companies on all these great deals and you can get all the details on our website, so you're welcome. happy thanksgiving. coming up next, how to have a stress-free holiday. "gma's" "deals & steals" brought to you by target. black friday door busters are here at target. save on an xbox bundle. westinghouse 55-inch tv, irobot roomba and more.
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8:50 am
back now on this thanksgiving morning we all love the holidays but for many of us the pressure of juggling work and travel, family, plus high expectations can result in anxiety. author sarah knight pulls no
8:51 am
punches and says during the holidays do you. ♪ >> everyone all around at the same time and cooking and craziness and like seeing in-laws. >> reporter: author and anti-guru sarah knight has a no nonsense approach to getting through the holidays. >> we are at the happiest time of the year when most of us are encountering our family and maybe having to meld some personalities that we wouldn't normally do throughout the rest of the year. >> reporter: in "you do you" she advised holiday hosts to check into perfectionist rehab. >> cross two things off your to do list and your life will be easier. >> set aside me time. >> plan some time for yourself. to know that you can kind of relax a little bit somewhere during your trip. >> your mom doesn't take care of herself. >> she takes a run every morning. >> after all of this holiday time an travel is over do you have a foot massage scheduled?
8:52 am
>> i do those every once in a while anyway. >> reporter: and plan a good offense. >> you walk right up to your aunt janet and instead of letting her ask why you're still single or when you're going to have babies, you say, i just ran the new york city marathon. >> you have a play-by-play for conversation. >> it puts you in a better head space to enjoy your time around family and feel good about doing you. [ applause ] >> dan, you're saying amen. >> yeah, i like that idea of playing offense. i'll tackle my difficult -- anyway -- >> good for any interaction with anybody, whether family or at work. you kind of plan your moment. plan your conversation. >> i like it. >> one couple we spoke to said we don't stress because we love and accept each other for who we are. that's the secret. sarah's book "you do you" is available in stores and online. >> perfect timing.
8:53 am
weaving your own shoes... by out of flax. or simply adjust your thermostat. do your thing, with energy upgrade california.
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>> announcer: what's better than the perfect christmas cookie and perfect ugly sweater. "gma" is on the lookout for both. >> those are for set, please. >> look over there, fonsi. >> announcer: so show us your ultimate christmas cookie and your tackiest, wackiest ugly sweater too. >> oh, my, god. >> go to to find out how to enter and you could end up on "gma" this holiday season. >> that's a good christmas cookie. [ applause ] >> all right. >> announcer: what's better than the perfect christmas cookie and perfect ugly sweater. "gma" is on the lookout for both. >> those are for set, please. >> look over there, fonsi. >> announcer: so show us your ultimate christmas cookie and your tackiest, wackiest ugly
8:56 am
sweater too. >> oh, my, god. >> go to to find out how to enter and you could end up on "gma" this holiday season. >> that's a good christmas cookie. [ applause ] >> all right. ugly sweaters are our favorite time of year. can't wait to get to that also we want to make sure you tweet us your best ugly sweater photo or you can submit them on our website. rocco, you going to put one in. >> i got plenty. >> you already got the ugly pants. >> speaking of rocco, everybody in the audience today is going to get rocco's excellent new book. "rocco's healthy and delicious cookbook." i've taken a look at it and it's great and sandra is on the cover of "modern luxury" magazine. of "modern luxury" magazine.
8:57 am
even if no one in your home smokes, secondhand smoke can be closer than you think. secondhand smoke from a neighbor's apartment can enter your home through air vents, through light fixtures
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. good morning and happy thanksgiving to you. it's 8:59. lease a, it is going to feel more like labor day than thanks giving. >> we do have some rain around lake port and clover dale, we're left with mostly cloudy skies and a few sbrprinkles. 60s and 70s today, rainainainain s saturada into sunday. >> it's been dead, there's no commute on this thanksgiving. traffic flowing smoothly, so if you have somewhere to go, don't worry about it.
9:00 am
our news always continues on >> announcer: it's "live with kelly & ryan." today, host of "the daily show," emmy winner, trevor noah, and from the "pitch perfect" films and the broadway play "time and the conways," anna camp. plus, we're sketching with the stars as we continue our birthday games week. all next on "live." [upbeat music] ♪ and now, here are kelly ripa and ryan seacrest. [charlie puth's "attention"] [cheers and applause] >> ryan: how are you? good morning. good morning. ♪ >> ryan: all right. ♪ >> kelly: hi. oh, hi! [cheers and applause]


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