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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  November 24, 2017 7:00am-8:59am PST

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morning america" and have a good morning, america. black friday frenzy. the holiday shopping spree unleashed overnight. >> there you go. have a good holiday. >> door busters, fighting for those blockbuster deals. this morning an exclusive look at some of the best bargains out there only on "gma." new this morning, has michael flynn flipped? the former national security adviser reportedly splitting from president trump a sign he may be cooperating with special counsel robert mueller's russia investigation. uma thurman breaking her silence on harvey weinstein. the actress' bombshell instagram post on the movie mogul's sexual assault allegations.
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the "kill bill" star's angry me too message telling all to stay tuned this morning. thanksgiving miracle. the 2-year-old in desperate need of a kidney transplant to survive. why the life-saving operation was postponed and the hero who came to the family's rescue with a priceless holiday gift. and good morning, america. we are so happy to have you on this black friday morning. you know, it is the super bowl of shopping for some. opening day shopping frenzy has begun but not every store is giving those frantic and crazy crowds like they used to. >> take a look at this video. a news crew set up inside a store ready to capture the mad rush. the doors open and it's just one guy. that's it. >> just that dude with the red backpack. >> it could be a sign of the times in this age of online shopping. we should say this happened over in london but they are apparently into black friday over there. >> back here at home we're going
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to begin with the black friday shopping. some stores opening their doors at midnight and abc's alex perez is in chicago this morning with where americans are lining up for the best holiday bargains. alex, good morning to you. >> reporter: hey, good morning, paula. take a look behind me. the doors just opened up. a big crowd of people coming on inside the store right now. this is the big day, retailers and shoppers have been waiting for it all year. it's a frenzy on full display. >> $475. >> $189.99. >> more than half off. >> reporter: from tvs to footwear to the season's hottes. the experience is way overrated. >> reporter: so how do you tell a deal from a dud? one tip to keep in mind, you should always look for about 30% off the original price. paula. >> i liked what that one consumer said. he was getting 80% off. that's what we like to hear. for those that didn't brave the wealth and didn't forgo the sleep or our thanksgiving meals as we heard from some in your
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piece, are we out of luck to get the best in-store deals? >> reporter: well, here's the good news. the answer is no. stores these days are stretching their hours, stretching those deals, so black friday really is a lot more than just one day now. >> all right, alex perez reporting from chicago. alex, thank you very much. dan. >> so thanksgiving was a huge day for online shopping but black friday is slated to be the busiest day. the national retail federation says 115 million people will buy something today, and becky worley joins us from san francisco with the best bargains. hey, becky, good morning. >> good morning, dan. you're right. thanksgiving spending was big. deals today, though, sparking even more buying. data coming in from adobe saying as of 5:00 p.m. eastern on thanksgiving $1.5 billion they tallied online. that's 17% more than was spent last thanksgiving online. amazon reporting their thanksgiving sales this year, 50% larger than last year. analysts predicting though today will produce even bigger sales numbers so let's get to the deals.
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today the best day for discounts on clothing, cell phones and toys, dan. >> so what are some of the better deals you're seeing out there today? >> today i think gift cards. they're the number one gift request. they are on sale. it's kind of like free money. so itunes gift cards, it's a bogo on -- 30% off the second card for you deal hunters, buy one get one so it's 15% off on itunes gift cards at best buy. google play cards are 17% off at costco. another deal, the dyson v6 vacuum, $249 at target. 50 bucks off the regular price, plus today at target, buy anything, spend 50 bucks and you get a 20% off coupon on your entire next purchase. that is huge. let's talk toys. if it's popular, i have this guy, the incredible porg. he likes to talk to you but now
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if you see even a small discount on something popular like this, he's been marked down about $12, $13 at jcpenney. get them while you can. they're selling out like hot cakes. hatchimals and fingerlings, they're also popular toys this year. >> i have a 3-year-old and don't want to hear that noise all the time so hoping he's not watching this. >> i'll send it to you, bud. >> i appreciate that. by the way you know you're spending too much time shopping when you use terms like bogo. let me just ask you about -- we saw alex perez in the store in chicago. a lot of people will be hitting stores today. but where are the better deals, online or in stores? >> you know, i think we're seeing deals in both. it may be about inventory. one surprise from data that we're getting from both the national retail federation and adobe, almost half of online shopping is being done from mobile devices, not computers, dan. >> becky worley, our expert will be talking to us throughout the morning.
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paula, over to you. >> dan and becky, thank you. for more online black friday deals, we are joined by amazon's senior pr manager, lori torgerson. lori joining us from seattle this morning. hi, lori. >> hi. how are you? >> so it's going to be a pretty big day for amazon. we're seeing that traditional brick and mortar stores are trying to get everybody to come in the store. but why is online better? >> nothing beats the convenience of shopping from the comfort of your own home and amazon is offering incredible deals all throughout the holiday season and particularly during what we call the turkey five so popular shopping days kicked off yesterday on thanksgiving, running all the way through cyber monday. you're going to find some of the best deals of the year at amazon. >> the turkey five. i've only heard that for the first time this morning. i want you to tell us about some of your best deals. i have a bunch of things in my cart waiting to check out. what are some of the best deals right now? >> you'll find more than 30 deals of the day and thousands of lightning deals across toys, electronics, kitchen gadgets and that
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includes deals from small businesses and entrepreneurs all across the country. and so today we're offering up to 40% off select underarmour apparel and offering almost half off a nespresso machine and off melissa and doug toys and furniture and 30% off a segway minipro. that's a sampling of some of the deals you'll find. >> what are some of your biggest sellers right now? >> so coming off big shopping day on thanksgiving, we saw alexa-enabled devices were among the best-seller list and also saw the keurig was wildly popular among amazon customers and that's what we're seeing so far. we'll see what happens today for black friday. >> i want to talk about cyber monday. you mentioned the turkey five. cyber monday is just around the corner. with all these deals, does it mean anything anymore? >> absolutely. last year on cyber monday amazon customers ordered more than 64 million items worldwide which is a record-breaking 740 items per second.
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so if that's any indication of how popular cyber monday shopping is, i think we're in for quite a busy day monday. >> you're probably going to be shipping hundreds of millions of packages this holiday season. are they going to arrive in time for christmas? >> absolutely. so i know that that is of the utmost importance to amazon customers all throughout the year and especially during the busy holiday season. rest assured we are working with our carrier partners across the country. we've also increased our delivery capacity with our own fleet of cargo trucks and planes to make sure your packages arrive on your door step on time. >> one more sign that amazon is taking over. lori torgerson joining us from seattle this morning, lori, thank you so much. and happy black friday. >> thank you, happy black friday to you as well. >> that on-time delivery is such a major issue. >> see all those toys we can buy for your son. >> yes, i did. as long as they don't make too much noise. we move on to politics though and what could be a truly troubling development for the white house. news broke overnight involving michael flynn, the national security adviser who was fired
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by president trump as first reported by "the new york times" and now confirmed by abc news, flynn's lawyers have told the president's legal team that they can no longer discuss the russia investigation with him and abc's cecilia vega is at the white house. cecelia, good morning. can you break this down for us? >> reporter: essentially a break in talks could be a sign that michael flynn is now cooperating with robert mueller's investigation. remember flynn, of course, was the president's short-lived national security adviser. he's a key target of mueller's probe into whether there was collusion between the russians and the trump team during the campaign. if he is cooperating, he'd really be able to pull back the curtain essentially on the early days of this administration. on the campaign. so the big question this morning, is the trump team, the white house nervous about this? a lawyer for the president says, this wasn't entirely unexpected. no one should draw any conclusions that this means that flynn is now working against president trump, but dan,
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as you know, certainly those are the conclusions that are being drawn this morning. >> absolutely. potentially a major development in this investigation, cecilia, while i have you, let me ask you about another piece of news this morning. a new apology from democratic senator al franken who has now been accused of groping four women. what is he saying? >> reporter: yeah, well, two women came forward to accuse them -- to accuse him, rather, of grabbing their backsides during political events when he was running for senate the first time. overnight he released a lengthy statement and says basically he's met thousands of people and takes photos at chaotic events. and then says this, quote, i'm a warm person. i hug people. some women have found my greetings or embraces for a hug or photo inappropriate and i respect their feelings about that. i feel terribly that i've made some women feel badly and for that i am so sorry, and i want to make sure that never happens again. he also apologized, dan, to minnesotans and says he is committed to regaining their trust. we have not heard from him on camera since this scandal broke. >> cecilia vega at the white house for us this morning.
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cecilia, thank you. paula, over to you. breaking news now for our viewers in the west. at least 180 people are dead and more than 120 injured in a bombing and shooting in a mosque in northern egypt. it is believed to be one of the deadliest terror incidents in that country in recent years. now no claim of responsibility yet but the attack appears to have been carried out by the area's local islamic state affiliate. an eye witness tells abc news that militants in four pick-up trucks fired on the mosque and attacked ambulances that were on the scene there. we want to turn to uma thurman's bombshell me too message to harvey weinstein. the "kill bill" star breaking her silence on the sexual assault allegations against the movie mogul and abc's erielle reshef has more. erielle, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, paula. it wasn't the joyful thanksgiving post her fans may have been expecting. actress uma thurman taking aim at harvey weinstein on instagram and telling her followers to stay tuned. this morning, uma thurman with strong words.
7:12 am
>> i roared and i rampaged and i got bloody satisfaction. >> reporter: the "kill bill" actress taking a page out of her own movie and delivering a cryptic but clear message to disgraced movie mogul harvey weinstein. posting this photo from that movie he executive produced and writing, happy thanksgiving, everyone, except you, harvey and all your wicked conspirators. i'm glad it's going slowly. you don't deserve a bullet. the candid post coming just weeks after thurman became emotional on the red carpet when asked about the me too movement. >> because i have learned -- i am not a child and i have learned that when i've spoken in anger, i usually regret the way i express myself. >> reporter: but did not elaborate any further. >> when i'm ready, i'll say what i have to say.
7:13 am
>> reporter: thurman has worked with weinstein on some of her biggest hits including the cult classic "pulp fiction." ♪ but has remained silent as dozens of women have come out with claims that the embattled producer sexually harassed them. now the oscar winner hinting she is ready to tell her story. and thurman added in her instagram post i said i was angry recently and i have a few reasons, #metoo. in case you couldn't tell by the look on my face stay tuned. we have reached out to her representatives for additional comment. soha not heard back. >> just from the tone of her voice sounds like she is ready. >> she sounds angry. >> forceful. forceful. erielle, thank you very much. we'll switch gears to an amazing thanksgiving story. it involves a 2-year-old boy who received a life-saving kidney transplant a month after it was postponed due to his father's parole but an anonymous donor came to the family's rescue and linsey davis is here with that. good morning. >> good morning to you, dan. you know, this story is about a kidney but where you feel it is all in your heart. in a controversial move last
7:14 am
month little a.j. burgess was denied his father's kidney but this morning the 2-year-old is in the hospital recovering after life-saving surgery. >> reporter: this morning one family has even more to be thankful for after receiving a priceless gift from a stranger. 2-year-old a.j. burgess had been born prematurely without kidneys and needed a transplant to survive. his father anthony was a perfect match. >> i want to give him a kidney. i'd go to the hospital right now and lay on the bed and give him my kidney. >> but anthony who had previously been jailed for theft was arrested again in september for violating parole right before he was scheduled to donate his kidney to his son. emory health care postponed the life-saving operation saying in a letter the surgery would be put on hold until he could show evidence of compliance from his parole officer for the next three months. >> i don't understand what him being on parole has to do with him giving our son a kidney. >> this is a child's life we're
7:15 am
talking about. >> reporter: protests erupted in atlanta outside the children's hospital demanding that emory health reverse their decision. but this morning, baby a.j. is recovering having received a new kidney wednesday from an unknown donor. the family's attorney says the surgery so far was a success. >> the family has had an unbelievable feeling today of gratitude and it's just been an overwhelming 24 hours for them. >> reporter: a.j.'s family spent thanksgiving at the hospital. but their thoughts are with that anonymous donor's family. >> this is for them an unexpected thanksgiving miracle. >> reporter: a.j.'s expected to be in the hospital for about a week. his mother posted on facebook not posting what's wrong on here but please keep him in your prayers. actor and filmmaker tyler perry who recently gave the family a car to drive back and forth to dialysis three times a week is also asking people to pray for a.j. makes it all the more special it happened on the eve of
7:16 am
thanksgiving. >> what a precious little boy and god bless that anonymous donor. >> beautiful baby. great story. hey, rob. time to check the weather. let's get it over to rob. >> while many bundled up for the parades or chilliness across the area for thanksgiving this one in southern california, huntington beach down the boardwalk, walking the dog, even needed the shade it got so hot there. another record for parts of san diego and los angeles. the hottest thanksgiving on record there. 91 degrees and the record heat is going to be spreading out toward the east. maybe cooler in l.a. 84 and folks will take it. phoenix, 85 degrees. las vegas may see a record and some of these temperatures spread into the record territory across parts of oklahoma and kansas too. looking ahead towards the travel on sunday now, i mean for a holiday weekend, really the weather is not too shabby here. maybe a couple of lake-effect snow showers across 90 and the pacific northwest but other than that, looking dry and rather lovely actually. all right.
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time now for your weekend get away brought to you by walgreens. good morning. i'm abc7 news meteorologist mike nicco. partly sunny, warmer than average today, mostly cloudy, patchy fog tonight, just like we're dealing with this morning and getting wet saturday night through monday morning. highs today about 66 to 69 for the coast and bay. about 70 to 73 in the east bay and south bay. tonight, about 47 to 55. so another kind of mild night. by accuweather seven-day forecast, we return to fall-like
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temperat coming up, the mysterious murder of the single mother that put an entire town under suspicion. >> that's an incredible story. and the warning about scammers. what you need to watch out for. millions of fake apps this time of year. it's a "gma" investigation. we'll be right back on this black friday with much more "gma." keep it here. ♪ ♪ this holiday, the best gift you can give, is your time. volunteer at
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good morning. i'm jessica castro from abc7 news. and we have developing abc7 news r news in san jose, new vid you from overnight of a crash on tulley road near nure court. a car truck a tree and rolled on to its side. firefighters cut through the wreckage to rescue the driver who was trapped inside and conscious and able to speak as he was strapped into a stretcher and loaded into an balance. no word on the cause of the crash. let's check your roadways out there right now. we want to emphasize that there's a holiday commute today. muni is on a regular weekday schedule but b.a.r.t. has a modified schedule and there are no ace trains running today. also, there was a heavy fog advisory on the golden gate bridge, but you can see it is clear now.
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hey, good morning on this black friday. fog is continuing to be a big issue as it's spreading throughout the north bay along the coast, through the bay and also into the south bay right now. visibility two miles in san jose, not bad, but quarter in half moon bay and also up towards napa and santa rosa, 2 in petaluma, about a half-mile in oakland. this is going to continue spreading through 9:00 and start to fade back to just some haze. temperatures pretty mild this morning 50shgs napa, clear lake, san jose to about 59 degrees. another gorgeous sunrise this morning. if you have to commute, foggy areas, cool to warm mass transit, on the bay, hazy sunshine. we have rain sunday and monday, 1, light on the storm impact scale. jessica? mike, thank you. we'll have another news update in about 30 minutes and always on our news app and really? really?
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welcome back to "gma." millions and millions of black friday shoppers getting a jump start on their holiday list this year. nearly 165 million people are expected to shop this weekend, going after electronics. some stores like macy's are giving things away for free to entice people to come into the stores but i read a survey this morning for the first time ever people will be spending more online than in the stores. >> makes sense. it's easier. i'm done with my shopping. >> you're all about the easy. >> very much. i have an audience of one, my wife, and the gift has been bought, done. >> you're a good husband. >> no door busters for me. a little bit of news happening right now. former national security adviser michael flynn reportedly splitting from trump, a sign that he might be cooperating with robert mueller's investigation. an update on an amazing story we told you about yesterday about paying it
7:30 am
forward. kate mcclure launched a go fund me case for a veteran by the name of johnny bobbitt. when she ran out of gas he gave her his last 20 bucks. she decided to pay him back. her initial goal was to raise $20,000. johnny said that was life changing. this morning it has reached $290,000 for the homeless here. it is incredible. and he says that he's going to pay that forward yet again and give it away to other people. >> his first instinct is to think outside of himself. even when that number reached i think $1700 he said that was going to be life changing. now look at the donations pouring in, $290,000. >> it's going to help many people. >> god bless him. we begin to a murder that rocked a beautiful seaside town. 15 years ago a single mother found stabbed to death in her home. her younger daughter was left unharmed by her side. sunny hostin has the story.
7:31 am
this was the first murder in 30 years to rock this small new england town, followed by a lengthy investigation with the entire town under suspicion. today serious questions remain about how police handled the case and if they got the right man. >> she was stabbed through the chest. >> her 2-year-old daughter was found unharmed. >> there was evidence that she had taken her sippy cup and was trying to feed her mother and wake her mother up. >> the cape had never seen or witnessed an event like this ever. >> reporter: the worthington family goes back generations here. kristen inherited her father's cottage. >> her father was an educated lawyer. it was a privileged upbringing. she went to vaser. she was a bureau chief in paris
7:32 am
for women's wear daily. she wrote for cosmo, "harper's bazaar." >> there was nothing to indicate who it might have been. the house is isolated. >> i couldn't imagine who could have killed her. i couldn't even think of it. >> they have problems here because this crime scene was managed very poorly. >> the police here have not had to deal with a murder in maybe a generation, two generations, three generations, who knows. these people are not trained to handle a murder scene. >> a blanket was thrown over the victim. that contaminated the body. >> while the crime scene was not pristine, they found critical evidence, dna. >> we believe that krista worthington was involved in an intimate relationship with a person prior to or contemporaneous with her death. >> the police and the district attorney were desperate. they had not solved this case. so they decided to do a very
7:33 am
unusual thing. >> reporter: investigators took the controversial step of launching what's called a dna dragnet. they asked all of the roughly 800 male residents to voluntarily give dna samples. >> who did the police question? everybody. and they did so indiscrimina indiscriminately. literally hundreds of people, myself included. >> almost every in town was a suspect. >> reporter: after three years of investigation, the police finally get this dna break and they make an arrest but they arrest someone that no one would have expected. >> so it turns out that the dna dragnet did not find them their killer. the dna they got a hit on, they had had for maybe over a year. >> the big question remains has the wrong man been in jail for 11 years? >> i know you're trying to get to the bottom of that, and sunny, we saw it in the piece that the police there had rarely investigated murders and there are questions of possible
7:34 am
contamination at the crime scene. i want to read what the da said to abc news about possible contamination. obviously initially responding police and emergency medical technicians have to enter a scene to assess the threat and treat the injured. no crime scene is pristine. this was better than many. how problematic is how this situation -- how it was handled? >> extremely problematic. if you think about it, a murder had not been investigated in this town for 30 years and they just didn't know what to do. when you take a blanket and throw it over the body, you are contaminating the entire crime scene. i think there are real problems because of the way it was handled. >> christopher mccown has been behind bars over a decade, had three motions denied as well as an appeal. you spoke to him. can you tell us about that conversation? >> i wanted to see him in prison. they wouldn't allow us to do that. they said it was for his protection which didn't make a lot of sense. i spoke to him over an hour on the phone. he has always maintained his
7:35 am
innocence, paula, and it was fascinating to me how believable, forthcoming and honest he was. he said i had a consensual sexual relationship with this woman and i know people don't believe that but that is happened. >> do you think it's important to re-open this case? >> it's very important. we want justice, we want the truth and if this man has been in prison, wrongfully in prison for 11 years, don't we want to free him? >> sunny, thanks for your st extraordinary reporting. you can see the two-hour "20/20" documentary "a killing on the cape" at 9:00 p.m. eastern right here on abc. >> sounds like a great two hours of television. >> it's really well done, if i do say so myself. >> you're allowed to say it. anything you do is well done. coming up here on "gma," a warning about fake apps that could take over your phone. there are millions of them apparently. wait until you see our eye-opening experiment.
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okay, we're back with a "gma" investigation about scammers possibly targeting holiday shoppers. a recent study says 40% of americans have been victims of what's called online phishing and that's not all you need to worry about as shopping continues to go high tech these days. abc's gio benitez is here with the story. hey, gio. >> reporter: good morning. adobe analytics estimates that 54% of all visits to shopping sites will come from smartphones and tablets. that's why our warning about fake malicious apps is so
7:40 am
important to revisit. there are nearly 3.5 million at any time hackers can use to see what you're doing on your phone. as you're about to see, the risk is very real. we're inside a coffee shop in washington, d.c. with a group of young people who have no idea that some of them are about to be hacked. >> here we go. >> here's why. just this september, a massive breach made headlines. >> one of the biggest outbreaks ever. >> reporter: hackers somehow introduced 50 malicious apps also known as doppelgangers, fake apps that mirror the real thing into the google play store and millions of unsuspecting android users downloaded the bad app, a total of 4.2 million times. one of those disguised as a seemingly simple app called lovely wallpaper. you don't realize it's a fake. >> so if you download a nasty version of minecraft, for example, you actually seem to get minecraft and it seems to work but in the background the attackers are able to access your information. >> reporter: james lyne is a
7:41 am
security adviser at sophos and has given android phones to all five of our volunteers as part of our demonstration. we told them to use the phones as they normally would. what they don't know, james already installed a malicious app on the phones. now watch with the group sitting in another part of the coffee shop. >> we can retrieve their text messages. >> there it is. say, it's me. stunning. there's a little emoji. next james triggers one of their cameras. >> he's going to have no idea the camera is just activated and there's a photo of one of our users. >> hi, guys. it turns out every one of our volunteers had signed in to their social media accounts. did anyone notice anything strange happening on your phones? not realizing james had stolen all of their passwords. the person who should have noticed something going on was you. >> oh, did you take that of me while i was on my phone? >> while you were on the phone.
7:42 am
>> that's terrifying. >> this is the selfie cam. >> that's scary. >> reporter: we decided to up the ante with one of the students taking him outside. he had no idea that inside the coffee shop -- >> i'm tracking him now and can see where he is. >> reporter: -- james was live streaming his camera and pinpointing his location. >> he has access right now to this. >> reporter: james can even control his text messages. what is this? hey, can you send me your password? >> i didn't text that. >> you didn't? >> no. >> but it says you did. james says someone doesn't even have to be on their phone to be hacked. even when you weren't using the phone we still got a picture of you. >> oh, what? how? >> so the phone was just sitting there on the table looking right up at you. >> reporter: experts say the danger is far greater than just a stolen selfie. >> once the cybercriminal is into your phone they can access your user names and passwords, credit cards. basically to be able to profit from your device without you
7:43 am
knowing. >> unbelievable. google tells us it's been tracking this malware for months and constantly removing bad apps from the play store and added to its review procedures but the company says it relies on the community of users and developers to catch these bad apps. >> anthony: >> i'm almost speechless. by the way, let me turn i know we've traumatized paula. >> i'm almost speechless. by the way, let me turn your camera down. wait. wait. there we go. >> next time i send a dumb text to my wife i'm going to say i got hacked. let me ask what can we do to protect ourselves change your password? >> that's important but not enough. if you've been hacked you need to delete the app. you need to restore your phone. you need to just wipe it entirely and you really need to look for who these developers are. research them and make sure you're downloading from a trusted developer. >> gio, thanks for the wake-up call. we appreciate it. >> just a little disturbing on this black friday, gio. thanks for the warning. coming up, a little turn. revenge of the turkeys. the california neighborhood being overrun by these angry birds that obviously didn't make
7:44 am
it to the thanksgiving table. >> they got hacked. >> not literally. they didn't get hacked. >> they got hacked. >> not literally. they didn't get hacked. i want to talk about years. treatments have gotten better, so... i'm hoping for good years ahead. that's thanks to research funded by the american cancer society. the same folks giving me free rides to treatments, insurance advice, and a place to stay during chemo. i need that stuff like you don't know. and now that you do, please give at
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here's a story for you back on this black friday. as many of you will enjoy those turkey day leftovers we have quite the turkey's revenge tale and nick watt joins us from l.a. with the story. hey there, nick. >> reporter: good morning, paula. well, listen, we just ate around 50 million turkeys between us.
7:48 am
are their wild cousins wreaking revenge? we're getting reports of wild turkeys stopping traffic and even attacking a mailman. this story might make me believe in karma. they're strutting all over the fairway, trotting through town, squatting in the suburbs. >> they're just in everybody's yard and just everywhere. we're in turkey country. >> reporter: they scratch, they poop a lot. roost in roofs and occasionally take flight. >> to have a turkey flying at you, like a 30-pound bird, you know, it's kind of scary. >> reporter: what is going on? well, apparently the feathered felons came down from the hills during that long california drought looking for food. and stayed. but this isn't just a california problem. le bridgewater, mass, a guy called bob smith filmed himself being attacked. a gang of them chased a local police cruiser but the cops
7:49 am
claim the law is on the turkey's side tweeting, state law doesn't allow the police to remove them. one solution, get a dog. now, part of the problem is that turkeys are attracted to shiny things, cars, patio doors and love to peck and scratch. frankly, i don't see a solution here. turkeygeddon is only going to get worse. >> turkeygeddon, revenge of the thanks for your reporting and everybody get a dog if you want them to go away, a small one. >> don't shine your shoes. >> yes, exactly. the best black friday bargains to look for. the rush for in-store deals versus online shopping secrets. we're right back. online shopping secrets. we're right back.
7:50 am
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7:54 am
some are tales told around crowded tables.... [streetcar rumble] and others are performances fit for the stage. stella! cause for three hundred years, great stories have started the same way. one time, in new orleans. [crowd applause] good morning.
7:55 am
i'm jessica castro from "abc7 mornings" and many people are heading outside for some black friday shopping today. meteorologist mike nicco is here with that forecast. hi, mike. >> hi, jessica. other than the fog this morning it will start lifting around 10:00, a great day. comfy temperatures. get the yard ready for the holiday deck raxs, dry all day and light breezes if you're going tock out at the beaches. today 66 at the coast, 68 to 73 for the rest of you was. fall returns temperature-wise sunday with a chance of rain. beautiful today and beautiful on the roadways as well if you are heading out to do some shopping. still a little bit of fog lingering over the bay bridge right now. a little hard to see so, be careful there. but a lot of the fog has lifted that the hour. have a safe drive, everyone. we'll have another abc7 news update in about 30 minutes and always on our news app and
7:56 am
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♪ are you ready for it good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m.
7:59 am
black friday blow-out. millions of shoppers on the hunt for the best bargains. where to save money this morning. what to buy later and how to make sure you're getting the lowest prices. ♪ i need some good news getting down to business. secrets from the newest shark. rohan oza joins us live. how to build your brand and turn your idea into the next big thing. ♪ 24 karat magic wedding dress revamp. three design teams and one ultimate challenge. how they're transforming this traditional wedding gown to wear again after walking down the aisle. all of that as we say good morning, america. ♪ ♪ 24 karat magic in the air >> good morning, america. thanks for joining us on this black friday. we're sure many of you have a lot of shopping to do today. >> just a little -- am i going to hit the stars? if this is the store, yes. i'll do a little online shopping.
8:00 am
>> my kind of lazy shopping. >> i may have done a little already this morning. >> during the commercial break? >> of course during the commercial breaks. we have toys on your toy list and you're in luck. we have some tough judges here this morning. they are fierce and they will be choosing the best of the bunch and yes, the judges are those little wee ones. >> that's great. they're the experts. black friday door buster sales. millions expected to shop today and they got started early. abc's alex perez is at a target in chicago with the story. alex, good morning to you. >> reporter: hey, good morning, dan. the big day is finally here and retailers are pulling out all the stops to try to get shoppers in the door. now, take a look at the scene at this target store, just about an hour ago, a mob of shoppers scrambling to get in and find those deals. scenes like this playing out across the country. shoppers are expected to spend an average of $967 this season. so retailers are clamoring for those holiday dollars. expect to see a lot of in-store
8:01 am
only deals, do busters and a lot of sales on electronics and cool gadgets that stores are hoping will lure those shoppers in. if you did not get up early and stand in line, i wouldn't worry about it too much as stores are extending their hours, stretching out their sales, so black friday is really more of a season now than just a day. dan. >> it never ends. alex, thank you. becky worley will be back with more bargains later in this hour. >> can i just say i'm really jealous that alex is at target and i'm not this morning. but it's for all of our benefit, right. now to washington. a new report likely causing concern at the white house. former national security adviser michael flynn, he might be cooperating with the russia investigation. cecilia vega is back with us from the white house for us this morning. hi there, cecilia. >> reporter: hey, paula, good morning to you. michael flynn's lawyers have stopped sharing information with the president's legal team. as you say that could be a sign that flynn is now cooperating with special counsel robert mueller's investigation. now, a lawyer for president
8:02 am
trump says this isn't unexpected and that no one should draw any conclusions that flynn is now working against the president but certainly the move indicates that flynn may have been flipped as a witness. he was, of course, the short-lived national security adviser. he would be able to shed light on the early days of this administration and the campaign so the big question, is president trump nervous? well, paula, his first tweet this morning was about the nfl and kneeling. >> cecilia, a great segue way for us, a great transition. speaking of the nfl, we have a story for you. thanksgiving was a big day for minnesota vikings defensive end everson griffen. he had a big game. he collected two sacks but even bigger, he had his third son right before the game, or should we say his wife did, and watched the birth via facetime from the locker room. and look how he celebrated on the field. he wrote on his uni a special
8:03 am
message on his shirt, i just had a baby boy, what should we name him? not sure how -- what his wife tiffany will think about this but their other sons are named the grayson and ellis. it seems he's giving fans the opportunity to -- here's the picture of the little unnamed child at this point. but what would you -- i don't know how i would feel about that if my husband said, hey, fans, i want you to determine the name. >> it's like giving naming rights to a corporation. could be the right economic move. >> i remember when i was pregnant with my third and we asked caroline what we should name our little boy and she said dan harris. >> i like how she rolls. smart kid. 6 >> we didn't. clearly. >> coming up we're going to break down black friday bargains so you can save big money for the holidays. plus, "shark tank's" rohan oza with how you can make money this holiday season. the three secrets to building your own business and, yes, there are three of them. >> sia has a new christmas song you will never guess all the stars popping up in her music video. ♪ singing to the spirit above sing your heart out ♪ ♪ the spirit above sing your heart out ♪ ♪
8:04 am
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[ cheers and applause ] ♪ and welcome back to "gma" on this black friday. good morning, everybody, in the audience. thank you for being with us. time for "pop news." a.b., adrienne bankert. >> what is your favorite, favorite holiday song? go. >> "rudolph the red nose reindeer." >> very good, okay. >> "dominic the donkey." >> what? >> we'll talk later. >> "dominic the donkey"? who let the weatherman on the set? >> "sleigh bells ring, are you listening." time for "pop news." since they are so starstruck over rob being here at the desk, let's all turn up our holiday tunes, time for christmas music. if you haven't been getting into the holiday spirit, celebrities
8:09 am
like sia are belting out new music for her new song "santa's coming for us." listen. ♪ sing it yeah it to the spirit sing your heart out with all of your love ♪ ♪ santa's coming for us >> you probably recognize the people in that video. >> the fonz is there. >> henry winkler is the daddy. kristen bell, dak shepherd are hosting the party and susan lucci. kayla mclaughlin from "stranger things" and jb smoove plays santa claus. it's funny. a funny video. kind of plays on all of our nostalgic wonder around this time of year. >> dan never told us our favorite song. >> yeah, i couldn't think of -- "grandma got run over by the reindeer." >> we should have guessed that. >> apologies to your
8:10 am
grandmother. >> you don't want to hear me sing. i did you a favor. let's talk about the spirit, the heart of the holidays. neighbors in goshen, indiana counting their blessings thanks to one woman's kindness. linda salisbury set up a blessings fence helping neighbors in need by placing coats, hats, scarves, even boots on her fence with a sign, take what you need, leave the rest. may you always feel warm, cozy and blessed and started it four years ago and people can check which items have been donated, what needs to be given and you can receive donation boxes or rather you can receive donations by picking them off the fence. no questions asked and they're receiving donations as far away as texas, tennessee, and south carolina. >> that's incredible. >> great. >> that's our feel-good story in "pop news." >> leave it to a.b. to find that feel-good story. >> you gotta have feel-good stories. now we're really going to feel good. we're put you in holiday cheer literally. >> eggnog? spiked eggnog? >> almost. almost as good. >> don't give paula options.
8:11 am
>> we're talking about the romp him movement. it's a fashion statement of men's rompers. you might have seen something like this on kick starter, but the trend now is the holiday romp for him. we have some folks -- dan, i got this for you. >> oh, really. >> yes. this is your size, i think. maybe -- i don't know. >> ooh. >> ah. we have -- >> odds of me wearing this approaching zero. >> wait till you see it on. we have audience members. getonfleek is the company. [ applause ] >> yeah. >> we have the elf romper. the one in the middle and -- it's lit romper. santa romper on the young man and we have a hanukkah romper. >> yeah. >> the best is the hanukkah romper saying it's lit. >> it's lit. >> it's nice. this company has sold over
8:12 am
50,000 of these rompers. and they're on sale until black friday so -- >> come on, marciano. >> merry christmas and happy hanukkah. >> you guys look stunning. >> i have one here. here, rob marciano. you can wear this one. you can be santa claus. you're welcome. >> we'll see these tomorrow on "gma." >> that's fantastic. >> i don't like where this is going. rob, you actually could pull off a romp him. while many of you may be hitting the stores -- by the way, great "pop news." >> no problem. while many are hitting the stores buying romphims or rompers, there is a brand-new match of bargains for black friday and as always we turn for that to our expert, our maestro, becky worley in san francisco with the details on the best discounts. take a bow, becky, good morning. >> good morning. my super bowl sadly. no romphim deals. sorry, dan. >> so what is the deal you're talking about this morning? i understand you've got deals on something like amazon echo and things like that. >> we have deals aplenty.
8:13 am
i'm going to start you out with the best deal of the day. spend $50 at target on anything, online or in store and then you get a 20% off coupon to be used storewide later on an entire purchase. i mean, what can't you buy at target? 20% storewide is major. >> and so i was talking about the amazon echo and the google home mini. we've got some here in studio. there are deals on these, as well. >> sales are predicted to triple on these this holiday season. the echo dot is $20 off at amazon. the google home mini is selling out fast because it's $29 at walmart and you get a $25 gift card. that's a net price of 4 bucks on these voice assistants. very good deal. >> very cool. we also have a new console, the xbox with us in studio and apparently there were deals on these as well. tell us more. >> right, so the xbox one x.
8:14 am
every three or four years there is a new console released that causes a lot of opportunities to get deals. this year, the one x is new. not a lot of deals, $499 every single place i checked online but the older xbox one, the "s" as in sam's club is 189 bucks, that's at sam's club. that's 90 bucks off the list price. same at toys "r" us and if you buy it at the microsoft store it's 10 bucks cheaper and you get a free game thrown in. the ps4 slim is trying to stay competitive. one terabyte is $189 at bjs. that's $100 off. and kohl's $199 but throw in a $60 gift card. that's a pretty good deal. yeah, great for gaming. gaming consoles are good gifts, right? one thing that's new we're seeing deals on virtual reality bundles. for pc gamers the oculus rift
8:15 am
plus the vr touch controller is $349 at best buy, the best price we've seen by $50 so far so get your vr on. everybody wants that for christmas this year. >> let's get our vr on. we have an oculus rift in studio and one of our lucky audience members will be able to take this one home. let's do a little lottery and spin. it's not you, adrienne, sorry. number 25, come on up. where are you, 25? [ cheers and applause ] whoa! you got -- what's your name? >> jack. >> jack. >> yeah. >> you got a hanukkah romphim. >> yeah. >> and that. >> wow, that's crazy. thank you. >> merry christmas. happy black friday to you. >> paula, over to you. >> i don't know how i'm going to follow that up but congratulations, kid that has the it's lit mansuit on. turning now to "gma
8:16 am
investigates." a warning about fires in the o.r. even during the most routine surgeries. abc's gio benitez joins us with more on the important questions you need to ask before you go under. hi there, gio. >> reporter: hey there. something as minor as a mole removal surgery could lead to a scary disaster. fire on the operating table and right now we're getting a firsthand look at the shocking error. this morning "gma investigates." we've heard the operating room horror stories, instruments left in patients, the wrong body part being operated on. but there's one medical error you may have never heard of that's instant and devastating, surgical fire. >> fire. fire. >> that's when a patient undergoing surgery catches on fire on the operating table. >> reporter: katherine reuter's mother was injured after going in for minor surgery in 20022. >> my mother was burned on her face, neck, shoulder, eyes and ear. >> reporter: according to the
8:17 am
hospital vapors from an alcohol based skin prep that was still wet on her skin ignited on her face. >> i couldn't believe in the u.s. we could set a patient on fire during surgery. >> reporter: reuter now uses her story to educate others through a website dedicated to prevention. >> this hazard has to stop. we know how to prevent it and we know what causes it. >> reporter: mark bruly who has been studying surgical fires for more than 40 years says that most are sparked when oxygen pump to the patient meets an ignition source like a laser and some kind of fuel like fabric but points to a problem saying some patients don't even need this added oxygen and those who do are often pumped with higher concentrations than necessary. >> so here we're simulating with a mannequin. >> reporter: "gma investigates" at qi lab with this fiery demonstration. he uses a material that acts like hewlett skin over the surgical area. oxygen flows to the mannequin through a nonflammable tube and once the oxygen builds up, watch what happens when the tool hits
8:18 am
the skin. >> whoa. >> oxygen off, please. what we have is damage to the patient's skin. the fire also burned underneath and scorched other areas along the upper chest. >> wow. >> and depending on the amount of oxygen, you could also wind up with burns to the cheek, the eyes, the chin, the nose. >> reporter: though there has been a nearly 65% decline in surgical fires over the last ten years, bruley warns even one preventible accident in the operating room is too many. to who who say, you know what, all of these accidents are down dramatically what do you say? >> certainly they're down. but the 20 or 30 patients a year who wind up with severely facial disfiguring injuries or the one or two patients a year who die, that is not unimportant to them. >> reporter: the council on surgical and perioperative
8:19 am
safety tells abc it does not think oxygen during surgery should be regulated, that every patient who comes to the o.r. is different and this issue should not be taken away from well trained doctors and nurses. a few simple questions might make the difference. >> you as a patient could ask are you going to give me oxygen on my face? do i really need it or can you get by with air? that is part of the process for eliminating this hazard. >> and the american society of anesthesiologists has been recognized for its efforts to educate the health care community about surgical fires and tell us that, while anesthesia is safer than ever it continues as a top priority so patients really should ask whether that facility has a protocol or plan in place to identify and prevent these fires. >> arm yourself with this information. gio, thanks again for bringing that to our attention. let's send things over to rob. hi there, rob. >> hi again, guys. it is, you know, it's getting colder now in the height of football season and people spending more time on the touch. here is your "gma" moment. that includes the dogs.
8:20 am
everybody on the couch. oh! the little guy didn't quite make it up there. poor short fella. vertically challenged. boom! i want to stress that none of those dogs were hurt including the one that got bonked in the video, nor was the zebra or faux zebra blanket on the couch. that came from college station, texas. good morning. i'm abc7 news meteorologist mike nicco. partly sunny, warmer than average today, mostly cloudy, patchy fog tonight, just like we're dealing with this morning and getting wet saturday night through monday morning. highs today about 66 to 69 for the coast and bay. about 70 to 73 in the east bay and south bay. tonight, about 47 to 55. so another kind of mild night. by accuweather seven-day forecast, we return to fall-like i just want to say my cats e would never make that mistake.
8:21 am
>> your cats are smart. smarter than most. >> not that smart. now if you want to make money this holiday season our next guest has some great advice. >> you may have heard of pop chips and vitamin water. well, he is the marketing genius behind them and now he is a guest shark on "shark tank." please welcome rohan oza joining us from l.a. rohan, good morning to you. this is your first season swimming with the sharks on the show. we have to know your personality. what kind of shark are you going to be? >> you know, i probably say i'd be a great white. i googled great brown. i couldn't find it so i'd probably be a great white, but, you know, i'm an immigrant living the american dream and what's great about "shark tank," what makes it one of the best shows on tv is we can pay that forward. we can find an entrepreneur who has a dream, a vision, fund them to live their american dream and so a lot of families i feel across the country tune in because it's an aspirational show and people want to be entrepreneur.
8:22 am
>> if people want to be entrepreneurs, what are the three steps? you call them the three p.s to building a business. >> that's true. yes, so it's very simple. the three things, a product, package, and personality. it all starts with a great product. one of the phrases i like to use is permissible guilt. what does that mean? it means when a product is almost too good to be true. as a nation we love to have our cake and eat it too so when you have a product that tastes good and is better for you and has functional benefits right there you're already halfway to winning and then you build on to that amazing packaging. packaging is your best marketing friend. in the absence of big media budgets and big marketing dollars you have an amazing packaging, you can break through on shelves and don't be concerned about putting your ingredients on the front or your story on the front. a lot of products that are not good for you usually have bad ingredients. we know which ones they are and put them on the back. when you have high protein, high fiber, probiotics, slam it on the front so in the shopping
8:23 am
cart and got four seconds to make a decision, i look at the shelf, oh, that's a great package. it's got all those things in it, boom, it's into my cart. finally, have a personality. and that's just not the brand but your culture and the company. create a culture that people will thrive in and then have a brand personality that people bond with whether it's funny or smart or engaging. people want to bond with the brands they carry. >> and, rohan, i'm not sure if you can see our studio audience but we want to take a survey right now, unofficial. how many of you in our studio audience when thinking about building a brand would go to an expert? could you raise your hand? how many of you would go to an expert? i would say 20%. >> you said most. >> half. about half. >> my math skills are bad. >> i said 20%. he said 50%. so -- >> that's an entirely different window. >> half of our audience members say they would go to an expert but from your perspective go to an expert or go it alone? >> you know, i actually -- i
8:24 am
would like to defy the experts. surround yourself with smart people but defy the experts because if you're an entrepreneur with a new idea and a new product or a new brand that's breakthrough and different, there technically are no experts. >> there's a lot of talking heads. they're great by the way. they like to report the news. they don't actually make the news. if you're an entrepreneur making the news and making something different go with your gut because the talking heads always like to say that's a great new niche idea and guess what, everything is niche until it's not. facebook was niche. uber was niche. smart wars was niche. so today's niche brands are tomorrow's billion dollar brands. >> i take that personally, the talking heads, rohan. >> i apologize for that. i'll put money in the kitty jar. >> no apology needed. thank you. >> rohan, see him on a new episode of "shark tank" this sunday at 9:00. coming up, who knows which toys are best? your kids. your "gma" moment brought to you by the frame from samsung,
8:25 am
the most beautiful tv you've never seen. ♪
8:26 am
good morning. i'm reggie aqui from "abc7 mornings." developing news out of san jose, new video of a crash on tulley vly road. a cash struck a tree and rolled onto its side. firefighters cut through wreckage to rescue the driver bhofgs tr who was trapped in there. he appeared conscious and was able to speak as he was strapped onto the stretcher and loaded into the balance. no word on the cause of the crash. there is a two-vehicle collision at the intersection at northbound lawrence expressway at homestead road. all the northbound lanes have been shut down because of an oil spill on the roadway. we e understand that should be reopened in just the next few minutes. here's a live look at san jose through 280, p
8:27 am
♪ on the only bed that adjusts on both sides to ultiyour ideal comfortweek your sleep number setting. and snoring? does your bed do that? it's the final days of ultimate sleep number week. save 50% on the ultimate limited edition bed with adjustable comfort on both sides. ends monday.
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visit for a store near you. startsing off with a lot of fog. zero visibility many half moon bay and oakland so, be careful. temperatures in the low to upper 50s. we'll be have record war recordd tomorrow. rain sunday, monday. we'll have another abc7 news update in about 30 minutes and always ♪
8:29 am
welcome back to "gma." big thank you to our wonderful audience being here on this busy black friday. big day for bargain hunters. somebody is crying over there. >> because bargain hunting can be so sad. it can be frustrating. >> it can be painful. >> again, that baby is going to help drool test some of these toys for us in a moment. speaking of that a look at some gifts for little ones you might want to add to your list. >> speaking of little ones, if you're not sure what to buy your children, we have you covered so come on over. our sponsor walmart put a couple of experts to the test. they wanted to find out which toys are top rated by the wee ones. we have a group of our own experts right here in times square. you guys are doing a great job. [ applause ] along with parenting expert ericka souter, the editor of and mom of this little one just crying. how are you doing, beautiful? >> this is aidan. >> aiden. so let's start right here. aidan, well, first of all, what should we look for in a toy for our kids? >> you want to look for something age appropriate, of course and you want to find
8:30 am
something to teach them the a, b, cs or keep them occupied for hours and have a goal in mind when shopping. >> aiden clearly loves this first toy which is called the zoom and crawl monster. >> you can either sit or when they start crawling it can move around and follow it and crawl with it. parents love it because there's longevity there. >> h it follows them through two stages, that's sitting and crawling, and it's just a really fun toy. >> here's paw patrol. ♪ paw patrol paw patrol be there on the double ♪ right? every parent has that jingle in their head. this is a life size lookout tower. >> it is life size and really fun. nothing kids like better than bringing their favorite characters to life and this does that. lots of bells and whistles and lots of things you can play with. a slide, there's the real sounds from the show. so kids really love it. it keeps them occupied for hours and -- >> aidan is tracking his momma
8:31 am
by the way. >> i know. >> this is doc mcstuffins, baby all in one nursery. >> yes, doc mcstuffins is such a great toy. if you have one in your house she will go crazy. it's got so many fun things. it's got this for the baby. the scale, a stethoscope. heartbeat sounds. real like -- >> i want to play with this. >> parents say the unintended effect/benefit it makes their kids more comfortable with going to the pediatrician's office. it's just a really great one. >> you can pick up aidan if you want. >> i am going to pick up aidan. >> love you little boy. i thought i heard something. remote controlled cars and this one is the tumblebee from new bright. >> all kids love remote controlled cars and this is cool because of all the stunts it can do. it can do amazing spins or crash
8:32 am
it into something. parents say when they bought two and kids can raise, that was even better. >> 180 over and over. i'm getting a little dizzy. last but not least older son on the huffy green machine. can you show us on the huffy green machine. what is his name? >> this is caleb on the huffy green machine. [ applause ] >> so we have -- we played on this yesterday and -- whoo, be careful. battery powered so there are lots of amazing tricks you can do including 180-degree spins and it took him a minute to figure out how to spin it. he loved it and so much fun and grown-ups can fit on it and holds up to 180 pounds, something the whole family can enjoy. >> fun for mom, dad and children. caleb, you give it a thumbs up? buddy, do you like it? kiddos, do you like it? you did a great job. thank you very much. happy holidays to the kids. we'll be right back. coming up first the ultimate wedding dress challenge. how one wedding gown was totally transformed into something you can wear after the big day.
8:33 am
aidan, you did so good, buddy. aidan, you did so good, buddy. what if home security was different? what if it looked different? what if the measure of working,
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back now in the "gma" green room with tom cullen. if you're a "downton abbey" fan, you know who he is. now starring in a new series "knight fall" about the search for the holy grail. have a look. >> you're on. balance.
8:36 am
>> it is higher. >> higher, otherwise -- >> man, nice work with the sword there. >> thanks, man. >> this isn't your monty python type of holy grail adventure. it looks pretty heavy. >> yeah, it's pretty serious. much morseouthan monty python. >> you had to do some research and dig into the history of it. >> when you're doing an historical piece you have to bathe yourself in as much literature as possible. >> was it fun or work for you? >> it was surprisingly fun. yeah, i think you just owe it to that part of the history, you know, to those men to know everything you can so when you get there it's just done and you can have fun. >> i'm fascinated by these fighting sword scenes. was that fun to you or a lot of work? >> it's like a boy's dream. me and my mates when we were kids we used to go to a castle near my house and we used to play there and it's just an extension of that.
8:37 am
it's the best fun ever. you know, you train for about 3 1/2 weeks in sword fighting and horseplay. >> you're ready to be a knight sort of. >> kind of. >> speaking of knights, a good pal of yours, kit harrington or like i like to say, jon sdmnow, you're working alongside him and have known him for a long time. how is that in difficult, really because he's such an ugly guy. every time i see him i get queasy so it's been tough. >> look, i'm sure you do very well yourself. any trouble on the set with him? >> no, kit is one of the good guys. we have another great fight scene in gunpowder which is this huge bar brawl we shot over two days and it was so much fun and kit is incredible in the show. he's a dude. he's a real dude. >> looking forward to that and all these period pieces you're becoming kind of typecast but i like that you're very regal. tom cullen, the name of the show is "knightfall" on the history channel, a new drama wednesday, december 6th at 10:00 p.m.
8:38 am
eastern time. so good to meet you. good morning. i'm meteorologist mike nicco. check out the fog that's going to be around through at least 10:00. then high clouds and sunshine and temperatures in the mid to upper 60s for most of the afternoon hour, a few 70s this weather report is brought to you by american express. the holy grail for weather is being in the eye of a hurricane so we'll get you into one of those soon. >> that would be great. >> tom cullen, everybody. paula, adrienne, back to you. >> they're talking swords and we're talking wedding gowns and weddings. >> very appropriate. >> our and every year thousands say yes to a dress that's usually white and that they are planning to wear only once. >> yeah, so we did this to increase the life span of that dress you probably have in storage. we challenged three design schools to take this exact wedding gown and completely transform it into something you could wear again. lara spencer and i were outside our studio for the big reveal when the weather was a little bit warmer.
8:39 am
take a look. >> leanne marshall is winning rave reviews for her 2018 spring/summer collection. the "project runway" winner is creating custom bridal and celebrity red carpet gowns, many from leftover fabric. >> we can always reuse materials, always. >> reporter: we invited leanne to mendel goldberg fabrics for a challenge from marist college, thomas jefferson university in philadelphia, and montclair state university in new jersey. the goal, recycle as much of the dress as possible. let's do the honors. three, two, one. three identical wedding dress, one for each team to remake into a new garment. the judging based on the amount of dress they use, creativity and technical skill. the budget, just $50. >> my first thought was how to make it as wild as possible. >> wild? >> kind of like an avant-garde style. >> i'm inspired by my girl being
8:40 am
comfortable. >> she is going to feel empowered and feel regal. >> i value like craftsmanship and a lot of handwork. >> me and tommy could be a great team because we share a lot of those qualities. >> one is make these rosettes. >> three pieces and they could be mixed and matched with other things. >> only half a coat right now but you're seeing is essentially that. the final look will be magic. >> i think that we really succeeded with this challenge. >> i'm proud we're making this look luxurious. >> i definitely like fell in love with what we made. >> reporter: with just finishing touches left time to weigh each team's leftover fabric. thomas jefferson university, 7 1/4 ounces, monthclair, 7 3/4 and marist just under 2 ounces. take a look at how efficient marist college was in using as much of this dress as possible. this is all that's left over from the original putting them in the lead of that category of competition. lara, take it away. >> this was quite the challenge, leanne, you are a wedding dress
8:41 am
designer yourself. you designed the challenge. what is your reaction so far? >> i'm completely blown away by what our student designers were able to come up with. three completely different looks, cannot even tell they were once wedding dresses. >> i might have taken a peek and wow is what i can say. meet our judges, fashion expert, mr. joe zee in the house. >> ah. >> and "marie claire" editor in chief, anne fulenwider. welcome to you guys. you had a lot to think about because you're going to be judging the students on creativity, technical skill and the amount of the original dress used as you just heard. marist college looking good. are you guys ready to see the final looks? >> yes. >> come on out, models. >> wow! >> wow. >> there is our first look. montclair state university. unbelievable. our second look now marist college, looking good.
8:42 am
>> i love that color. >> look at that. >> and finally thomas jefferson university, also with a three-piece. that was not a wedding dress in its former life. wow! that's all i can say. our judges are about to reveal the winner of our frugal fashionista wedding dress revamp competition. we want to hear from the designers themselves first. we start with john and gisele from montclair university. how did you come up with this look? >> we took our strengths which was more so on like the creative wild side. we wanted to go within avant-garde look and just tackled it head on. >> great neckline too. great job. congratulations. we move on to the ladies from marist who used nearly every bit of the wedding dress. welcome to gabrielle and katie. let me ask you, your biggest challenge in creating this three-piece look. >> we focused on using organic dyes which is hard to do with 100% polyester fabric so used turmeric root to get that and rubbing roses to get that
8:43 am
beautiful purple color. >> great job. finally to thomas jefferson university. karen and tommy. tommy, talk to me about your idea for turning a wedding dress into a beach, fun party look. >> we wanted to make the wedding dress look not like wedding dress lace and turned it stuffed it places sewed it and made it into fun motifs. >> your thoughts first on montclair university. >> first of all, i think your dress is probably the most closest resembling the original wedding dress. i have to be honest i think it's almost a little bit too costumy, maybe a little too "game of thrones" but look at the success of "game of thrones." maybe it's a good thing. >> i'm going to ask you about the marist team. show everybody how that jacket comes off and then you've got the shirt, you've got the little cute shorts. >> i think that's a really fun vest and you made a handbag. >> i was so surprised you use the most wedding dress because you really hid it.
8:44 am
there must be so much depth and i'm really impressed with your technical skill. >> you heard it there and finally thomas jefferson university, this chic, lean look. >> oh, my gosh. well, first of all, there's nothing that resembles a wedding dress. i love how much you sort of repurposed that in a way that's completely done. that coat, that embroidery, i mean, anne and i got to thousands of fashion shows like that could be on a runway. >> it is my pleasure to announce the winner of our frugal fashionista wedding dress revamp and that winner is thomas jefferson university! [ cheers and applause ] we present you with not an oscar, our own very -- our version. well deserved. all of you guys are winners in our mind. thank you so much. [ cheers and applause ] >> yes. >> congratulations to all our design teams. coming up we're just -- the ♪ just kicking it
8:45 am
8:46 am
8:47 am
we're back now with the '90s r&b sensation after a 20-year sensation they are back to a return to the stage, a new tour and a four-part docu-series called "xscape: still kicking it." good morning. >> good morning. >> this bravo series is a hit. you guys know what it's like to share a stage together. what is it like to be on screen together with all the drama playing out? >> it's scary. real scary. >> it's interesting. i mean, you know, we knew that it was going to be a little drama because we hadn't been around each other in so long but we were able to mend things and you get to see the good, you know, along with the drama so it works out. >> nothing out of the realm of possibilities and we are that possibility right now. >> i'm picking up a vibe of some table flipping on this show maybe. so you're going to perform your -- a song for us, is that right? >> yeah. >> all right.
8:48 am
here we go. you can catch the finale of "xscape: still kicking it" and here they are with their single "just kickin' it." nice to meet you guys. ♪ >> put your hands in the air and party with us this morning. xscape is back. yes. ♪ midnight sweet loving come the morning light keep it going ♪ ♪ don't you worry about nothing ♪ just giving just giving good love ♪ ♪ laid back and enjoy the ride every man wants a woman ♪ him and her can just go hang ♪
8:49 am
♪ just the two of them along kick back doing their own thing ♪ ♪ doing their own thing and every man wants a woman ♪ ♪ that can always keep him in the mood and i'm that kind of girl ♪ ♪ so this is what i tell my dude ♪ ♪ i tell him to kick off your shoes and relax your feet ♪ ♪ oh baby ♪ party on down to the xscape beat ♪ ♪ just kick it just kick it ♪ just kick it just kick it ♪ i tell him to kick off your shoes and relax your feet ♪ ♪ whoa whoa ♪ party on down to the xscape beat ♪ ♪ just kick it just kick it ♪ just kick it just kick it ♪ every man wants a woman that can cook him up a good meal ♪ ♪ a woman he can treat like his homey and take her out on the avenue and just chill ♪ ♪ yes
8:50 am
♪ every man wants a woman that ain't good for just laying on her back ♪ ♪ and i'm that kind of woman ♪ yes i am ♪ so before me and my man get in the sack ♪ ♪ i tell him to kick off your shoes and relax your feet ♪ ♪ and party on down to the xscape beat just kick it ♪ ♪ just kick it just kick it ♪ just kick it just kick it ♪ kick off your shoes and relax your feet ♪ ♪ party on down to the xscape beat just kick it ♪ ♪ just kick it just kick it ♪ kick off your shoes and relax your feet ♪ ♪ and party on down to the xscape beat just kick it ♪ ♪ party on down baby ♪ just kick it just kick it ♪ kick off your shoes and relax your feet ♪ ♪ party on down to the xscape beat ♪ ♪ just kick it just kick it ♪ kick it up kick it up kick it up ♪ ♪ groove with me and you will see everything is going to be all right ♪ ♪ groove with me and you will see everything is gonna be all
8:51 am
right ♪ ♪ groove with me and you will see everything's going to be all right ♪ ♪ groove with me and you will see everything's gonna be all right ♪ ♪ kick off your shoes and relax your feet ♪ ♪ and party on down to the xscape beat just kick it ♪ ♪ party on down baby ♪ just kick it just kick it ♪ kick off your shoes and relax your feet ♪ ♪ party on down to the xscape beat ♪ ♪ party on down ♪ just kick it just kick it ♪ yeah yeah yeah ♪ just kick it >> thank you. we love you. [ applause ]
8:52 am
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>> announcer: what's better than the perfect christm >> announcer: what's better than the perfect christmas cookie and the perfect ugly holiday sweater. >> those are for set. >> look over there, fonsi. >> announcer: so show us your ultimate christmas cookie and tackiest wackiest ugly sweater too. >> oh, my god. >> go to now to find out how to enter and you could end up on "gma" this holiday season. >> that's a good christmas cookie. >> "good morning america" is brought to you by kohl's. give joy, get joy.
8:55 am
>> that time of year time for our annual ugly holiday sweater contest. >> tweet us your best ugly sweater photos. thanks to xscape. you ladies were amazing. see you tomorrow on "gma."
8:56 am
8:57 am
good morning. it's 8:359 on this friday. i'm reggie aqui from "abc7
8:58 am
mornings." meteorologist mike nicco has a look at your weekend. hi, mike. >> hi, reggie. hi, everybody. fog has been the big issue all morning. less than a quarter mile, eighth mile, almost zero in napa, quarter mile santa rosa, less than an a mile in san jose. it will lift but not until 11:00 till we get out of it pap gorgeous day coming at us. new record highs tomorrow before autumn returns and a chance of rain sunday and monday. traffic right now, the roadways are doing pretty well. that's what you would expect on this black friday. westbound, eastbound 80 clear on macarthur maze. we don't get to say that a whole lot around here. time for college football. see you at 4:00 for abc7 news.
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