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tv   Good Morning America Weekend Edition  ABC  November 25, 2017 7:00am-8:00am PST

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good morning, america. this morning, the bargain battles. shoppers storming the stores counting on deals. >> there's a lot of 50% off. >> customers frustrated when systems go down at macy's while walmart takes heat for running out of popular products online. where the deals are this morning. mosque massacre. retaliation overnight with air strikes hunting down the militants who set off explosives in egypt during friday prayers. they blocked exits and gunned down men, women and children. who is suspected of carrying out this horrifying assault? "time" out. president trump claiming that he turned down a potential offer to be "time" magazine's person of the year. the magazine telling a very different story this morning in
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this cover controversy. and miami loses to pittsburgh. the unranked panthers winning at home against the number two team in the country with a perfect 10-0 record. the stakes now raised for miami's next win. hey, good morning, and happy small business saturday. another landmark day in the kickoff to america's annual holiday shopping fever. >> as if you needed one more reason to shop, today it is. small local businesses, they will get their day in the sun today, but we are tallying up the numbers from yesterday from black friday where shoppers descended upon big box stores. they were scooping up the best deals but also dealing with some pretty tough crowds and technical glitches. >> we've got it all covered for you this morning including a look at the deepest discounts out there both online and in the store. >> but we're going to start
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with abc's erielle reshef who is in new york with a look at some of the black friday mayhem. erielle, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, paula and dan. it's always a mad dash for deals, but a bit of a black eye on one of the busiest shopping days of the year. black friday in some places turning to chaos. the black friday rush busy and frantic as ever. >> i've been burning up calories for the last three hours. >> there's a lot of 50% offs. >> we're not done. >> reporter: hordes of eager shoppers storming stores. >> i saved 300. that's a pretty good deal. >> reporter: in some cases the crowds turning violent. in houston one person shot, one stabbed outside the willowbrook mall. the galleria in a st. louis suburb forced to close after protesters clashed with police. seven people arrested. and a host of mishaps for retailers. customers claiming they waited hours in line at macy's as credit card payment systems went down. one incensed shopper tweeting, hey, macy's, just left $300 of
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items on counter because your credit card machines are down at state street chicago. can't even look up macy's account. what a joke. macy's says that glitch now resolved. as consumers clamored for the latest gadgets -- >> we got the tvs. >> reporter: -- smart tvs and voice technology devices the biggest sellers. walmart taking heat for quickly selling out of popular products online. and a lot of people opting not to come out to the stores to shop. $3 billion spent online on thanksgiving alone and, guys, cyber monday expected to be even bigger. >> all right, erielle, thank you. just outside macy's here in new york city. okay, so how big has the shopping season been so far, and what are some of the big deals that are still coming up? >> let's survey the landscape with our resident holiday shopping maestro abc's becky worley who's in san francisco. becky, good morning, and let's start with black friday stats. what do we know? >> reporter: dan, the numbers are up, way up as erielle just mentioned.
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and according to adobe, over $3 billion spent online as of 8:00 p.m. eastern on black friday. that's a 15% growth from 2016's black friday online. amazon also reporting growth. sales 50% higher on thanksgiving 2017 compared to 2016. that is a monster bump. >> it is a big bump. okay, so, becky, what about the hot products? are there any that really caught your eye? >> i looked up the top seller reports, paula, from ebay, amazon, a few independent sites that track these sales online. streaming tv devices, big, amazon firestick, google chrome cast. last year's gaming console, specifically the xbox, has been discounted to about $189 and that was a big hit, and as erielle mentioned, we expected home voice assistants like the echo from amazon and google to be popular, but i was really surprised to see them selling out on some of the biggest websites online. >> so we've got -- you just
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talked about websites. we've got cyber monday coming up soon. does that mean now is not a good time to shop online because retailers may be holding back their best deals for monday? >> well, the door buster prices of thanksgiving and in some cases black friday are definitely done. but the last chance for deals on cyber monday, that motivates the procrastinators. and if you think the volume of shopping is slowing down, hold on to your credit card, guys. amazon has deals live over the whole weekend, and get this, last year on cyber monday amazon customers ordered more than 64 million items. a record-breaking 740 items per second. >> wow. >> insane. >> we even broke it down to the second. >> becky, becky leaves no stone unturned, and speaking of becky we're going to get back to you in our next half hour to look at some specific deals that are still out there. we do have to turn now though to our other top story this morning.
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the egyptian military striking back overnight against the people they believe were behind a horrifying, a truly horrifying terror attack, one of the worst in that country's history. >> yeah, it's awful. the death toll is now upwards of 300 people including many children after an attack on a mosque where worshippers were in the midst of friday prayers. abc's jennifer eccleston is covering the story for us from london this morning. hi, jennifer. >> reporter: good morning, dan and paula. that's right, the death toll from friday's massive coordinated terror attack rising. potential suspects now located and egypt's president making good on a promise to respond with brute force. this morning, retaliation from egypt's air force. air strikes on militants the government blames for the massacre at a mosque, the deadliest attack in egypt in modern history. on friday afternoon at least 300 people were killed, more than 100 injured when dozens of islamic militants carrying isis flags ambushed a mosque 125 miles northeast of cairo.
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witnesses reporting explosions from inside the holy site. as worshippers attempted to flee, outside masked gunmen opening fire shooting into the mosque and setting fire to cars cutting off escape routes. even ambulances rushing to the scene facing gunfire. most of the aftermath too gruesome to show. rows of victims including 27 children. no group has claimed responsibility, but islamic state is suspected. those worshiping may have followed a mystical form of islam called sufism, which isis says is heresy. overnight a show of solidarity for egypt, the colors of the egyptian flag illuminating landmarks and government buildings in israel, toronto and birmingham, england. egypt is observing three days of mourning, and christian churches across cairo are ringing their bells in memory of the victims, especially the more than two
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dozen children. dan and paula. >> yeah, it's hard to hear about all those kids. thank you very much, jennifer, for your reporting. we want to turn now to politics and president trump condemning the, quote, horrible and cowardly terror attack in egypt. the president spending his holiday weekend in west palm beach, which is where we find our lana zak. lana, good morning to you, and i want to ask you, trump called the president of egypt, abdel el sisi after the massacre. can you tell us what was discussed? >> reporter: good morning, paula and dan. great to be with you as well. you know, the president offered his condolences following that horrific attack, and he promised that the united states would stand together with egypt in the face of terrorism. >> meanwhile, the president now appears to be in a twitter war with "time" magazine. what's going on there, lana? >> reporter: the president said that he was basically offered "time's" person of the year saying that he would have to -- he would have to consent to a photo shoot and an interview, that he was, though, probably
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going to get it, but the president tweeted out, i said probably is no good and took a pass, thanks anyway. "time" magazine is firing back that that's not how it happened and they wrote, the president is incorrect about how we choose person of the year. "time" magazine does not comment on our selection until publication which isn't until december 6th, and you'll remember, dan and paula, that just a little bit ago the president sort of got called out for having a fake "time" magazine cover hanging up on display in many of his clubs including right here at mar-a-lago, but after that was pointed out to be a fake, it's disappeared, and i can tell you there's no sign of it here anymore. >> i can only imagine. one last question before we let you go, lana, does the president seem distracted that his former national security adviser mike flynn might be cooperating with prosecutors from the russian investigation? >> reporter: well, the white house insists that they are not concerned about the change in flynn's legal strategy separating himself from the president, and almost as to underscore that, the president
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hit the links yesterday with pro golfer dustin johnson and tiger woods, so seeming to indicate that they feel like they are still in the right and not at all concerned about the mueller special counsel investigation. dan, paula. >> lana zak reporting in from florida this morning. lana, thank you. let's bring in abc news political analyst kristen soltis anderson who is in washington. kristen, let's talk about this news about michael flynn. it came out a day or so ago that he is no longer -- his legal team is no longer in communication with the trump legal team over the russia investigation. a lot of people are reading this as a sign that he may be cooperating with bob mueller. how worried should the president be about this in your view? >> well, whether you're the president or you're mike flynn, i think the worry for both of these men is about their sons or son-in-laws. you have -- on the one hand you have jared kushner, you have donald trump jr. who was involved in that meeting between folks affiliated with the russian government and the trump campaign that happened last summer.
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but mike flynn's own son is also sort of implicated in being caught up in some of this because of his ties to russia, his involvement with the campaign, so in both cases it may be that mike flynn is trying to work more with bob mueller, work more with the investigation as a way to protect his own son. the downside of this for trump could be, is this leading to information that could implicate someone like kushner or donald trump jr. in a bigger piece of this investigation? >> as is the case with the russia investigation. to be continued. congress returning from the thanksgiving break with a lot on their plate, not turkey dinner but a lot that has to get done fast. they have to pass the tax bill. they have to avoid a government shutdown. they're on the clock, kristen. will they be able to put aside their differences and get this done? >> when it comes to the government shutdown, my expectation and my hope is that at a minimum congress will be able to kick the can down the road, that i think by december 8th they have to come up with at least some kind of a short-term fix to government funding. the threat here is that
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democrats in congress have signaled they may want to hold this up in exchange for getting republicans to push something about the d.r.e.a.m.ers, daca, making sure that those folks who were brought here as children have some kind of status that would prevent them from being deported, so the question is do republicans give on that or do they come up with something that just focuses on solving the budget issue? on taxes, there's still a lot of things to be hammered out between the house and senate bill. do they include provisions that would repeal pieces of obamacare? that stuff is still being discussed. i think they may have a little bit of a longer way to go on the tax bill. >> yeah, expect a flurry of activity before the big holiday. kristen, thank you, from washington this morning. we do want to move now to a story that broke overnight, the end of the manhunt for a teenager from florida who's being called a person of interest in the death of his grandmother. >> he was arrested thousands of miles away from his home allegedly trying to cross the
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border into canada, and abc's janai norman is in studio with more. janai, good morning to you. >> good morning. he is just 15 years old. the son of a sheriff's office lieutenant now being investigated for murder. overnight a teenager suspected of killing his 53-year-old grandmother in his father's jacksonville home was caught. seen here in this recent photo shared by jacksonville officials with a newly shaved head. >> we need to interview him to discuss what happened at the home. >> reporter: jacksonville sheriff's office confirming that wanted 15-year-old logan mott is now in custody detained by customs and border protection trying to enter canada in his grandmother's dodge dart. mott had traveled over a thousand miles from neptune beach, florida, to buffalo, new york, where he tried to cross the canadian border and was eventually stopped by customs. authorities had warned mott was believed to be armed and dangerous. >> firearms were taken from the home on seagate, so extreme caution should be taken. >> reporter: now police seeking answers from logan, a person of interest in the death of his grandmother, kristina french. the two were supposed to pick up his father from the airport wednesday, but they never showed
7:14 am
up. eric mott, a lieutenant with the jacksonville sheriff's office, returned to a ransacked home, firearms missing and no sign of his son or his mother. police making a gruesome discovery as they searched the home for clues. >> the processing of the home on thursday revealed evidence of foul play and potential criminal violence inside and then late in the day a potential grave site outside. >> reporter: the body believed to be grandmother kristina french. logan's mother carrie campbell-mott telling abc news in a statement that no matter what, logan is our child, and we love him and are standing by him to help in any way. and mott and his grandmother kristina french were first reported missing when logan didn't show up to school on monday. and at this point a positive identification is still pending until a full autopsy is complete. >> sad story all around, janai, thank you very much. a lot of other news overnight and for that we get it over to ron. good morning, sir. >> doctor. >> dr. ron claiborne. >> oh, dr. ron. >> i forgot the honor. i apologize. >> good morning to you, dan, paula, robert.
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good morning, everyone. we're going to begin overseas with a deadly fire in the nation of georgia where at least 11 people were killed and more than 20 others injured. the 22-story luxury hotel, the leogrand in the city of batumi was set to host the miss georgia pageant on sunday, this coming sunday. the 20 participants were among those who escaped the deadly fire fleeing down a ladder. and in london police have released the image of two men subway station triggered panic during the height of black friday shopping. several people were injured in the stampede caused by what some thought were gunshots being fired. the situation was initially treated as a terrorist incident. police though say that after evacuating two underground stations, they found no evidence that gunshots had actually been fired. in texas, memorial services will be held this afternoon for rogelio martinez, the border patrol officer who was found dead at the bottom of a ravine along the u.s./mexican border while on duty last sunday. among those attending will be attorney general jeff sessions.
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martinez's death remains unsolved. he suffered a traumatic head injury. there is a $25,000 reward for information leading to an arrest in that case. arizona state university is rescinding its award for excellence in journalism given to charlie rose in 2015 following allegations of sexual misconduct by the veteran journalist. in a statement the dean of the walter cronkite school of journalism called rose's alleged actions, quote, so egregious that they demand nothing less than a reversal of history. the university of kansas also revoking an award it gave to rose earlier this year. a major upset in college football. number two ranked an undefeated miami hurricanes, well, no longer undefeated. the hurricanes losing to unranked pittsburgh. this is the second year in a row actually the pitt panthers have knocked off the second ranked team in the country. clemson i think it was last year. the loss ending miami's 15-game impressive win streak there. pitt breaking out to a first half lead and never giving it up winning.
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final score, 24-14. and finally a rare sight even in canada. check this out. it's a moose on the loose in ontario. the moose tracked by cell phone cameras, helicopters, even drones. >> not even -- it's not in a hurry, that's for sure. >> yeah, i was going to say his movements were tracked, but i don't want to say that. the moose was tracked as it made its way across backyards and busy highways. the moose is believed to be about 2 years old according to -- >> whoa. >> oh, nice. an older moose can't do that. >> oh, my goodness. >> check that out. it is -- an older moose can't do that? >> he's got moves. >> where you getting that, man? okay. >> were you trying to say moosements? like movements but moosements? >> movements were tracked but i didn't want to go there. >> moose tracks. >> by the way, it's still on the loose. haven't caught up to it yet. >> moose is on the loose. if there were two moose, would it be meese? >> goose can be geese but moose
7:18 am
can't be meese which i think is -- >> you guys all sound like a dr. seuss book right now. >> i love it. it's that time of year, isn't it? >> do you think the weather cams have picked up the moose on the loose? >> i'll check on that. dr. ron, you're needed in surgery. i've got it from here. >> take it away. >> pacific northwest -- >> two-hour show. >> we go to the pacific northwest. unfortunately, here's the skagit river that's been flooding the past couple days and heavy rain up there cutting into this hillside. there are homes there that are on the brink and downtown areas also getting flooded there. highest level in 11 years is beginning to recede, but the infrastructure is threatened. we're dry right now across the pacific northwest but we've got another couple systems coming in. tonight it'll be rainy, the beginning of football. wazzu at the huskies in seattle. i think it will be wet there and then another system coming in during the day tomorrow. colder, gets into california. that will bring in a little more in the way of snow, 1 to 3 inches up here. record-breaking heat meanwhile, down across the southwest. actually yesterday we had it from yuma, arizona, all the way to minneapolis, des moines, iowa, in there as well and salina, kansas, 87 degrees there so the record heat will continue today, especially across the
7:19 am
southwest. 88 degrees in palm springs, vegas getting close to 80 degrees and other than that traveling tomorrow, if you're heading home or back to work, not too shabby. we'll talk more about the lake-effect snow in just a bit. that's a quick check. good saturday morning. i'm lisa argen. a beautiful shot from our east bay hills camera. we have some gusty winds in the upper elevations from mt. diablo, mt. tam. another dry day today, a mix of sun and clouds. wet and windy weather. stormier in the hills of the north bay, then the rain tapering by monday morning. 72 today in fremont. partly to mostly cloudy skies. a 2 on our storm impact scale on sunday, tapering off on monday. >> ohio state in the big house among other big games today. it's rivalry weekend. got to love it. might be some more upsets. it seems to be the year for it. >> i hope so. the whole rivalry between
7:20 am
oy state and michigan is just depressing for fans. >> she's a michigander. you're going to love this spirit. as a baby this child was given only a 25% chance of survival. now a seventh grader who studied the organ at college level and a piano phenom preparing to perform on one of the biggest stages in the world. ♪ >> reporter: the age old question, how do you get to carnegie hall? ♪ 12-year-old daniel colaner's answer, practice, practice, practice. >> i probably practice about two hours a day. [ applause ] >> reporter: tomorrow daniel will take the stage at carnegie hall in the american protege international piano competition. ♪ not just a prodigy, daniel is also a survivor diagnosed at 6 months old with stage 4 neuroblastoma. a rare deadly cancer. doctors warning of possible cognitive delays after chemotherapy, but music lessons helped him along and uncovered his stunning talent.
7:21 am
♪ >> my parents, they thought that to exercise my mind, they thought that the piano and music in general would be a good thing. i never thought of even getting to watch a concert at carnegie hall. like i'm so thankful, and it makes me want to work harder towards other goals. ♪ >> how many 12-year-olds have goals of playing at carnegie hall? he'll be playing chopin's "fantasie impromptu, opus 66" and says he's considering -- >> i know that one. >> -- wearing a tuxedo. one of his teachers also arranged for him to play the organ at st. patrick's cathedral while he's here in new york. >> i mean, why not. as one does. >> get your guy in music. i will like to say i enrolled my kids in piano lessons last year, and i don't think they'll be playing at carnegie hall any time soon. >> let's not get into the comparison game.
7:22 am
thank you, adrienne. appreciate it. >> thanks, adrienne. coming up on "gma" this saturday morning, a new twist in the murder case of a woman accused of killing her twin sister by driving a car off a cliff with both inside. why her attorney says the murder charges should be thrown out for a second time. plus, it's small business saturday, and we are showing you how to get the best deals while supporting your local mom and pop shops. also behind the scenes of "ant-man 2" and the new spot for hollywood movies. "good morning america" is brought to you by walmart. rock this christmas with walmart. rock this christmas with walmart. ♪ ♪
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on "a" street. there will be children's activities like face painting and carnival rides. here's meteorologist lisa argen. >> hi, chris. a little too many 60s in san rafael for that snow. 54 in san jose, 57 in the city. santa cruz will see another day in the 70s. 49 in fairfield, 61 in concord. upper 60s north bay, heavy rain arrives this time overnight into the day tomorrow, chris. >> thanks so much for
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for stelara®. welcome back to "gma" on a saturday morning. happening right now, the egyptian military striking back at forces believed to be behind a massacre at a mosque now being called one of the worst terror attacks in that country's history. the death toll rising now upwards of 300 people. >> so sad. also right now, it is small business saturday. local mom and pop shops are gearing up for a big day online as well as in their stores. the day has garnered more than $30 billion in revenue for small businesses over the last couple of years. and speaking of billions, amazon founder jeff bezos' fortune is now valued, drum roll, please, over $100 billion after black friday. >> whoo! >> making him the first billionaire to reach a 12-figure net worth since the bill gates.
7:31 am
as my co-anchor just said, quote, homey's got a lot of money. >> hashtag fact. that is indisputable. >> and you had an interesting stat. $100 billion. he could lose how much each year? >> he could lose 100 million for a thousand years before he runs out of money. >> or a billion over a hundred years. >> that's a lot of money. >> as he said, homey's got a lot of money. >> so many zeros. >> yeah. >> so many zeros. i'll suppress my jealousy on a saturday morning. all right. enough on bezos. we're going to start here this half hour with a new twist in the case against a woman who is accused of murdering her twin sister. >> well, her attorney is now saying the charges should be thrown out for a second time, and ron is back with the story. >> the reason that lawyers for alexandria duval say that the murder charge against her should be tossed out, they are now claiming that prosecutors in hawaii misled the grand jury that indicted her in the death of her sister anastasia last year. this morning alexandria duval is fighting to dismiss the second degree murder charge against her again. duval is accused of intentionally driving her twin sister and herself off a 200-foot cliff in maui back in
7:32 am
2016. the crash killing her sister. according to the defense motion, the prosecution misled the grand jury with incorrect evidence and failed to present evidence which clearly negated defendant's guilt. at the center of this new filing is the grand jury testimony of the detective in the case. >> isn't it true that they recovered hair clumps from anastasia duval's hand? >> it wasn't clumps but, yes, hair. >> reporter: during grand jury proceedings that detective testified that an eyewitness saw the sisters arguing. the passenger pulling the driver's hair. but that the hair pulling stopped moments before the crash. the defense now arguing the detective's account was incorrect claiming the eyewitness actually said the hair pulling never stopped right up until the suv went over the edge. but that is something the prosecution says actually strengthens their argument. that any hair pulling would have had nothing to do with the suv
7:33 am
going over the cliff, and it would have had to have been an intentional act by defendant. >> the court has concluded that the evidence fails to support a finding of probable cause for the charge of murder in the second degree. >> reporter: a judge threw out the charges in june of 2016. but alexandria duval was rearrested five months later in upstate new york. also at issue is the prosecution's claim that alexandria duval accelerated never even attempting to brake during the ordeal. >> that speed gradually increased over the five-second period of time of the air bag deployment to around 40 to 48 miles per hour. >> reporter: but according to a new expert hired by the defense, alexandria most probably did not push and hold the throttle to the floor and make a hard left toward the wall as stated in the grand jury testimony, adding the pulling of her hair could have caused some erratic driving.
7:34 am
and the defense is claiming that they discovered that the detective misrepresented what a key witness said when they interviewed that same witness. the next hearing in this case on that motion to dismiss coming up this coming tuesday. >> all right, thanks for ironing all that out for us, ron. appreciate it. >> you're welcome. >> should we check in with rob or no? >> maybe. >> possibly? >> okay, fine. begrudgingly. >> thank you, dan. >> love you. >> he always takes a little convincing. >> traverse city. you got traverse city and grand rapids on the map, i just want to shout out. sorry. >> always go to the hand, don't you? >> i do. the mitt. >> lower -- by the thumb, the knuckle thumb there, ann arbor today may be some showers turning to flurries, kind of chilly there for the big game. also in minnesota the badgers undefeated. they may have some trouble with some chilly air. this cool front comes through the northeast eventually today after a warm shot and then some lake-effect snow showers after that. take a look at these record high temperature -- we did that last half hour. these temperatures will be records likely in denver and
7:35 am
kansas, lawrence, kansas, 68 degrees, shoutout to the jayhawks there. good luck at oklahoma state. that's a quick check at the national headlines. by the way, it's going to stay warm the next six to ten days eastern half. good saturday morning, i'm lisa argen. a beautiful sight here from mt. tam, mild numbers, 50s and 60s. by this afternoon, mid- and upper 60s, partly cloudy skies. then by 4:00, w >> this weather report is brought to you by united health care. i may need some after the badgering from the wolverine fan over here. >> could you put jackson on the map next time, my hometown, please? >> no, no, i can't. >> s'il vous plais. >> ask dan. he'll give you a maybe and then potentially we'll -- >> you have to talk to his people. i'm his people. thank you, robert. appreciate it. coming up on "gma," becky worley has got a look at the best deals this weekend as america hurdles into another holiday shopping season. what to buy right now. keep it here. as america hurdles into another holiday shopping season. what to buy right now. keep it here. i've been trying to find hi, i need your he.
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with cyber monday still two days away, today may be the day to get off that couch and hit -- don't get off the couch until the end of the show, though. >> abc's becky worley who is number one, by the way, she is back with how to score a bargain.
7:40 am
>> you should explain what this noise is. >> i have a fingerling, just one. >> that's not where the noise is coming from. i think rob is making the noise. >> we're all making noise. becky, so you're saying the deals today aren't necessarily online. they're actually in the stores, correct? >> paula, step away from the keyboard and maybe the fingerling. today is the day. if you're going to shop, go out, go shopping. why? well, clothing sales, let's start with that before we get to the toys. athleta, 20% off the whole store. levi's, 40% off everything. the gap, 50% off. i mean, clothes, you kind of need to try them on, right? >> i think so. sorry. we're so distracted by the tiger over here. the crouching tiger hidden dragon over here. >> i don't know how to stop it. >> the producers should never give toys to my colleagues. so, you talked about wanting to try clothes on. another category of gift many like to see in person is toys and we have a bunch here on the desk. apparently there's conflicting advice about whether to wait until the last minute to get a toy deal. sorry. that's adrienne. >> as i can see that you guys are so enamored with all these toys, i have to give you a
7:41 am
warning, a lot of them are sold out. i mean unless the big chains are saving stock for black friday, those little cuties you've got on your finger, they are sold out online and selling for triple the price on ebay right now. i saw one for 80 bucks. same with hatchimals, lol, surprise, some of the fur real friends, you may only find these in your local stores right now. i'm sensing a cabbage patch situation coming on, guys. >> oh, cabbage patch dolls. >> remember that? >> we went there. >> mayhem. >> they didn't go away. another great reason to get out and shop today, it is small business saturday, becky. so are independent stores offering discounts, as well? >> yes, discounts. >> i have to turn this one off. >> they have entertainment, free parking. they're basically screaming out for the love of all that's good, please come shopping in our local stores. seriously, though, go shop downtown if you still have a downtown. your community depends on it. i'm going to plug my favorite local store from my hometown.
7:42 am
it's the pet shop in kahului, maui. so, guys, you know, just go think of your favorite shop and go shop there. >> that's awesome. we agree. go support those mom and pop stores. thank you very much. >> bye, becky. >> sorry about all the noise rob was making. coming up on "gma," behind the scenes of "ant-man 2" and stars paul rudd and michael douglas spilling secrets. >> where is the off switch? >> you need a screwdriver for the off switch. the off switch. is the off switch? >> you need a screwdriver for the off switch. ♪ ♪ la vie est belle l'eclat the new fragrance lancôme now available at macy's, your fragrance destination. as our ocean spray cranberries, which is why we're declaring it "the unofficial official fruit of the holidays." -the fig's gonna be so bummed. -[ chuckles ] for holiday tips and recipes, go to
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7:46 am
to uncover secrets from their past. but the production team is heading south, y'all, to make the film in a popular spot for lights, camera and action. call it the hollywood of the southeast. the ever popular amc show "the walking dead." >> don't come any closer. >> reporter: netflix's "stranger things." and "captain america: civil war" all filmed in the state of georgia. the state bringing in more and more film and television production over the last decade. georgia's governor announcing production spurred $2.7 billion in direct spending in 2017 alone and while california still has a strong presence when it comes to production, more than 300 movies and tv shows opting to film in the peach state over the past year. not only for the varied landscapes and space, but the state providing huge incentives, up to 30% in tax credits in some cases for productions with a budget of at least a half a million.
7:47 am
>> we filmed eight movies here so far, marvel has in georgia from "ant-man" and "guardians 2." "avengers 3 and 4" which are filming right now. >> reporter: as well as the highly anticipated sequel "ant-man and the wasp." >> in the interim, i did get to go off and fight with captain america. hank was not very happy. he didn't like that. >> took my suit. >> yeah. so we start the movie a little bit at odds. and then something happens where we might all need to get the band back together and try and accomplish this rescue mission with michelle pfeiffer. >> arguably evangeline lilly and i helped you too. >> that's right. that's right. it wasn't just me. did it sound like that? >> no, no. >> i apologize if it did. >> reporter: evangeline lilly suiting up this time around as the wasp, the first marvel studio's film named after its heroine. >> i know when i was little, i loved spider-man, and it wasn't just wonder woman for me. i thought batman was super cool
7:48 am
and i think for little boys to have a myriad of options that are also female is very, very powerful. >> reporter: but the question on everybody's mind, any more to that kiss shared by paul ruud and lilly's characters? >> i'm wondering that too. >> you're wondering that too? >> are you going to be my son-in-law? are you going to, you know -- >> michael, and i tell you -- i give you the same answer every day. you have to read the script. >> this week? >> promise to me you'll get to it this week. we're nearly halfway through shooting. >> okay. >> he's michael douglas. he doesn't have to read the script. come on. >> he just shows up. >> the read is good. "ant man and the wasp" hits theaters this summer, july 6th, 2018. >> looking forward to it. and when i lived in atlanta, you couldn't go a few miles without seeing some sort of production going on so it's really ramping up there and it's a great spot to be for hollywood. >> great people. >> yeah. >> great food. >> they'll take all the business, y'all. they'll take all the business, y'all.
7:49 am
>> grits. >> oh, yeah. >> i went to the set of "walking dead." it was awesome. it was really awesome. great show. great state. >> i haven't watched that or "stranger things" but need to get into both of them. okay, we'll move on. coming up on "good morning america," celebrating aladdin's anniversary ahead in "pop news." ws." at thead in "pop news." take a moment. to unwrap, and unwind... with lindor. a hard chocolate shell, with a smooth, melting, center. crafted by the lindt master chocolatiers. whenever. wherever. lindor, from lindt. life's too short for ordinary chocolate. is now extended through monday! stop in and save 30 to 50 percent off everything, plus save on our amazing black friday specials like this 1 carat diamond ring. 'tis the season for diamonds at zales. the diamond store.
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"good morning america" is "good morning america" is brought to you by pronamel toothpaste. protect your enamel against the effects of everyday acids. time for "pop." adrienne is here. here's my question. do you think she's going to sing this morning? i think she'll sing. >> of course. >> money's on it. smart money is on it. >> i hope so. >> well, the engagement rumors first let's get to the royal news between prince harry and meghan markle stronger than ever, in fact, there's speculation harry has already proposed to the "suits" actress and we're all just waiting for the announcement from buckingham palace to make it official. british bookies actually decided to pull all bets on when the engagement will take place
7:54 am
because of the rampant rumors that the official word is so near, the couple has been dating since last summer and meghan has been spotted in london in recent days shopping with reports that she's quit "suits" and moved to london to be closer to her love. >> dan would like to tell you what her title would be. >> yeah, her title would be hrh -- >> her royal highness. >> her royal highness princess henry of wales. did i get it right? yes? >> i think that's right. he is smart. >> i'd take that title. >> all right. miley cyrus is addressing rumors she's pregnant. she tweeted a photo ahead of her birthday and lots of fans swore she was showing off her baby bump. in fact -- >> it looks like a baby bump. >> she's wearing a big t-shirt. we all look pregnant when we're wearing big t-shirts. >> but it's the post. >> it's the pose. miley felt it was necessary to set the record straight shortly afterward with this posting, rude, not pregnant. just eating a lot of turkey, tufurkey. vegan turkey so apparently just a food bump. and she just turned 25. she's engaged to actor liam hemsworth. beyonce -- i can say this, liam hemsworth to beyonce. >> you got it.
7:55 am
>> all these pronunciations. >> just start singing. ♪ crazy in love >> there it is. [ applause ] >> i knew it was coming? that's just a sample. a line of holiday gifts from beyonce. take a look. you can get a yonce adult onesie in three different colors for about $85, sweatshirts, t-shirts, ornaments. she knows a thing or two about business. "forbes" saying she is the highest paid woman in music topping taylor swift and adele. >> i believe it was her husband who said i'm not a businessman, i'm a business, man. >> i'm a business, man. >> comma, man. >> and happy birthday, "aladdin." ♪ a whole new world ♪ a dazzling place i've never -- >> the movie was released 25 years ago, and we've all been belting out -- ♪ a whole new world >> i can't even hit the note. >> that's a high note. ♪ a whole new world >> oh, wow. >> let's pretend. it became the number one film of 1992, and that song earned the oscar for best song. i literally don't care how bad i sound when i sing that song.
7:56 am
it just reminds me of good days. >> you sound really good, i have to say. >> not right there, i didn't but -- >> pretty good. >> i love y'all. >> thank you. we'll see you tomorrow, everybody. good morning, everyone, i'm chris nguyen. get your holiday shopping done through etsy offline. bay area crafters are selling homemade goods at the etsy holiday emporium today. abc 7 news was at last year's fair. shoppers can find everything from clothing to home decor. today's emporium is at pier 35 on the embarcadero.
7:57 am
if you can't make it today, you'll have another chance to go tomorrow. also happening in san francisco, winter walk sf returns to union square. a two-block section on stockton street between geary and ellis turns into a holiday pop-up plaza today. there will be food trucks, beer and wine gardens and carolers among other activities. it runs through december 31st. in the south bay, pick your strongest pokemon for battle. it's just about to get started at the san jose consequential center. this is the world championships in san francisco last year. players compete for $50,000 in prize money, scholarships and gift cards. competitors are hoping to collect enough points at the regional event to earn an invitation to the world championships. turning to weather now in the bay area forget with our meteorologist lisa argen. hi, lisa. >> hey, chris, good morning to you. hi, everyone. pretty views starting out from
7:58 am
our sutro tower camera. you can see the sunshine here. numbers are mild in the city, 57 here and in oakland, 50 in gilroy. numbers are coming down around half moon bay. we were at 64 but stull a northeast wind keeping it mild this morning. east bay hills camera shaking a bit. 49 by the delta. 62 in concord. winds are up in the hills from 20 to 30 miles an hour. and we'll look for very mild temperatures today. rain arrives tomorrow. up next, a shark attack in monterey county. what may have saved the diver's life. and a tree lighting like never before at christmas in the park in san jose.
7:59 am
8:00 am
>> announcer: good morning bay area. let's get up and get going. this is "abc 7 mornings." it's saturday, november 25th. good morning and thanks so much for joining us. i'm chris nguyen. let's let's start with a first look at the forecast with meteorologist lisa argen. >> good morning, chris. we have clouds and sun around the bay. an incoming weather system that will bring brief, heavy downpours and gusty winds this time tomorrow. a live look outside from mt. tam, looks nice out there with 57 in san francisco, 54 in san jose. sfo, no delays now. tomorrow, i have a feeling they'll stack up early, 53 by the delta with 62 in concord. low 50s in


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