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tv   2020  ABC  December 1, 2017 10:01pm-11:00pm PST

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royal engagement, heard around the world. >> i was like can i -- can i give you the ring? >> he got on one knee. >> reporter: so tonight, on "20/20," meghan markle, the making of the most unlikely "american royal" ever. >> he's marrying a divorced american actress who's 3 years older than him. >> and byracial. >> tonight that life you have never seen before. >> my name is meghan markle. >> already with a social conscience. >> sexist like men and women are unequal. i was furious. >> reporter: stories from her childhood friends. >> mommy knows a princess. >> reporter: and the little girl she inspires.
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>> we can be like her. >> reporter: the woman who has walked the walk before walking the world stage. >> any opportunity to help people that have less than you will change how you move in the world without question. >> reporter: from finding her voice. >> rachel enters wearing a towel. i said no. not doing it. >> reporter: to activist speaking her heart. now capturing prince harrys. >> this beautiful woman trip and fell into my life. >> this is "20/20." >> reporter: it's not a palace, it's not a mansion. in fact it's just an apartment above a garage, but for the very uncommon commoner born rachel meghan markle, this was home. >> and if you follow the driveway back that's where the
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yard is and meghan lived in the back upstairs. >> meghan markle grew up here in los angeles. her father worked on various tv series here in town. her mother got a masters in social work from the university of southern california, usc. and she describes her as a free-spirited clinical therapist. >> reporter: like so many children, including the one who would become her fiance, early in life megan had to endure the divorce of her parents. >> they may have separated when she was around 2. divorced when she was around 6. starting at age two until around six megan lived with her mom doria, seen here on her instagram in that garage apartment in the ethnically diverse middle-class miracle mile neighborhood according to nantille charbonnet, their former landlord. >> she was gentle, she was soft, and perceptive. she was always listening and paying attention. >> reporter: by all accounts her parents remained amicable and
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she caught the showbiz bug through her father's job as a director of photography for the bawdy 90's sitcom married with children. >> i need a vacation. >> peg if you want to visit some place new, try the kitchen. >> reporter: her parents divorced when she was quite young. >> her father worked on married with children. so from married with children to the windsor clan. that's -- that's -- a neat arc. >> reporter: huge arc. yes, the girl who will be marrying into the house of windsor grew up in the house of bundy. here she is with members of the cast. >> on the set every day for ten years i was there. it's a very perverse place for a little girl to grow up and then the guests -- >> the first ten years of meghan markle's life in no way, shape, or form compare to or match up to the first ten years of any other princess's life ever.
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ever. >> reporter: with an african american mother and a white father, there is something else meghan grapples with that sets her far apart from other royals. >> i think we can safely say that dealing with profound issues of racism and inequality have not factored into any current princess's life. >> reporter: the question of race and identity becomes a theme throughout meghan's life. she's been outspoken about the topic here she is at a usa network event. >> i'm biracial. most people can't really tell what i'm mixed with, so, much of my life has felt like being a fly on the wall. and so some of the slurs that i've heard, the really offensive jokes, or the names, it's just hit me in a really strong way. but it's not only issues of race she's tackling early on in life. meghan was also confronting
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gender inequality in advertising. don't believe it? see for yourself on this nick news segment. >> my name is meghan markle and i'm 12 years old. >> it's always mom does this and mom does that. >> reporter: as the story goes, this all came about after young meghan saw this commercial during a class. >> women are fighting greasy pots and pans -- >> i was furious. and i said i think i'll write a letter. the president of proctor and gamble proctor and gamble companies. i was wondering if you would be able to change your commercial to people all over america. three months after meghan wrote to the president of the company proctor and gamble changed the commercial. people are fighting greasy pots and pans with ivory clear. >> she had a lot of inner strength. she was spunky. she was feisty. >> she took our social justice teaching very seriously. >> reporter: christine knudsen and maria polia both taught meghan theology at the all girls school immaculate heart. >> i taught meghan in this very
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classroom when she was a junior. >> here we have a lot of girls who are multiracial multiethnic, and it makes life really interesting and it makes our classes really interesting. >> reporter: these days, this photo of meghan on the wall of has become the student body's star of fame. >> and she's one of our sisters. 'cause like everyone that comes here is like, we're all so technically we could probably be part of the royal family too. >> she's so pretty. >> she's definitely really inspiring, and she knows what she's saying. we're like following her footsteps in a way. >> yeah. she's definitely not afraid to say what she needs to say and stand up for whatever's right. >> so, three words i would use to describe meghan would be kind, generous and enthusiastic. >> reporter: catherine knight first met meghan in middle school. . >> i was in seventh grade. she was an eighth grader. and i just remember being so taken with her, i remember kind of running into her coming out of the bathroom one day.
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like, bumping into her and thinking, "oh, no." but -- and she was so nice. she's, like, "oh, hi, how are you?" and, "oh, i -- i loved your dance at -- at culture day," and it was one of those things where i was, like, "oh, she knows who i am." >> reporter: she still has the old yearbooks with meghan's notes to her. >> it says, "dear catherine, hey, beautiful. how are you? i hope you've had as much fun getting to know me as i've had getting to know you. meghan's middle and high school years were full of typical teenage fun roller skate partie and plenty of school dances. she even got the opportunity to see a bit of the world here she is, age 15, taking in the sites at her future in-laws house, buckingham palace. >> reporter: but most of all, it was on the stage in the school auditorium where her talent began to bloom. >> she was the star of damn yankees. and she was very good. and i just remember thinking, "oh my gosh, this girl has talent." >> she performed a song from a
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chorus line, the song, nothing. and i remember standing in the wings kind of watching the performance and thinking, like, "wow." you know, it didn't feel like you were watching a high school performance. >> reporter: but charisse mordeno tran remembers megan for a much braver performance, the moment when megan stepped in to protect her from some bullying seniors. >> she interrupted what they were saying, and she said, "we don't do that here." i was like, "oh, my gosh. she stood up to these high schoolers. and -- and, you know, she doesn't even know who i am. and she's an 8th-grader, and i'm a 7th-grader." this is someone who is not going to stand for someone who's not being treated fairly or right. i don't even know if she even remembers that this happened, but i do, because it happened to me. and she was the one that came to my rescue. >> reporter: by graduation day, maria pollia says meghan is determined to make it big. >> she wanted to be the best that she could be on stage or wherever that career led her. it was not at all frivolous.
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"oh i want to be a movie star." it was -- it was a very serious pursuit of the craft of acting. >> reporter: that pursuit brings megan to prestigious northwestern university in chicago. at the time she is the first member of her family to attend college. >> i remember her being very positive she had a very strong persona. >> reporter: at northwestern meghan joins the kappa kappa gamma sorority. here she is with her sisters and pursues degrees in theatre and international studies. >> my lasting memory of megan is her profound sense of self, as she knew who she was, it's that perspective, that i suspected would prepare her well for the world outside. >> reporter: the future looks bright but even her elite education can't prepare her for hollywood's school of hard knocks. >> this is a ruthless, cruel place. >> reporter: stay with us.
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with american royal. >> make it quick! >> reporter: quick indeed if you blink you'll miss meghan markle's professional acting debut. >> what's going on here? >> reporter: hidden in the background nurse jill on the legendary soap "general hospital". a part so small they have a name for it, an 'under five.' >> which is a role that is five lines or less. >> reporter: but when casting director mark teschner took a chance on unknown meghan in the summer of 2001. >> do you know if khloe has any visitor with her? >> i have his chart and don't see the notation anywhere. >> the five lines were enough to
10:15 pm
launch her career. >> we read geman and liked her enough which were not easy to get either. >> reporter: talk about a cinderella story. soap actress becoming royalty! except there was a lot in between first returning to college, finishing her dual degrees in theater and along with an internship at the us embassy in buenos aires described by her half sister samantha in the itv documentary "prince harry and meghan truly madly deeply." >> she went to l.a. and she worked like many working actors do. >> reporter: translation one cattle call after another wondering will i ever get a part again. >> getting a job is a big big bg and not getting a job as any actor will tell you is hearing no a lot. >> reporter: meghan explained how she made ends meet back then on the aol build series. >> when i was an auditioning actress to pay the bills i did so much calligraphy, because i
10:16 pm
could do it in my free time and its actually quite lucrative! >> you are a calligrapher? >> i used to be yes. he once demonstrated that unusual talent to larry king. >> ooh that's beautiful >> oh do tell. >> reporter: she would later blog about this time a very unprincess like diary. >> "my 20's were brutal-- a constant battle with myself, judging my weight, my style, my desire to be as cool/as hip/as smart/as 'whatever' as everyone else." >> reporter: her self esteem and job prospects also complicated by the nagging question of race. >> on some auditions they thought she was too white on some they thought she was too black. markle would later despair about that in elle magazine calling herself "the ethnic chameleon who couldn't book a job." still with those looks you can only be ignored for so long. >> what's the first role you auditioned for?
10:17 pm
meghan hot girl #1 in "a lot like love" with ashton kutcher. >> did you get it? >> yes! >> hi. >> hi. >> reporter: "hot girl number one" sizzled on to more steamy roles a lingerie wearing maid in csi new york. >> why did greg jordan fire you? >> i don't know. it seemed like nothing i did was good enough. >> reporter: a fetching fed ex worker in horrible bosses. >> you're way too cute. >> a sultry suitcase girl on deal or no deal. >> reporter: she did what a lot of beautiful young actresses in los angeles do which is jump from show to show, one episode at a time never really making a huge impact in any one show. but there might never have been any royal connection if not for what eventually happened in the former british dominion north of
10:18 pm
the border, canada. >> it was definitely part of the lore in toronto in canada because. because it was shot there. >> reporter: toronto star reporter shinan govani would come to know meghan markle personally thanks to a tv show called suits. >> hi. i'm rachel zane. >> reporter: once meghan markle got cast as rachel zane. nothing was the same. >> wow you're pretty. >> i am not interested. >> she definitely had like a spark and was a fan favorite. >> we're going to look at privacy and harassment law and see if we can find a combination of cases. >> she plays a paralegal who goes far beyond the limits of her job and has that sort of glint in her eye that lets you know that this is no simple assistant you know who should be trifled with that shes not someone to underestimate at all. >> reporter: the role was almost tailor made for her a glamorous and brainy biracial woman.
10:19 pm
suits definitely changed meghan markle's career and then her life. is it a hit show? >> i think it has more of a following among millennials. they're quite into her and the show! >> reporter: the show embraced her looks so much. her embraces became must see tv. >> it has been necessary for her to have love scenes shes certainly had quite a few on suits its you know nothing really that shocking if you take it out of the context of who she's marrying. it doesn't matter if she was wearing lingerie or something like that! she had a freaking job! rock on meghan! >> reporter: at the one young world summit in dublin she seemed to say she'd had enough >> this season every script seemed to begin with rachel enters wearing a towel and i said nope, not doing it. >> reporter: all that exposure allowed her to revive dreams of working internationally and volunteered in multiple countries as filmed by world
10:20 pm
vision going from the slums of rwanda. >> this clean water source has changed the entire community. it's cool to see. >> reporter: to a clinic in india. she helped out and raised awareness advocating for women's rights at the united nation's women's conference. >> distinguish ladies and gentlemen i am tremendously honored to be a women's advocate for political participation and leadership. >> reporter: her stature only grew. >> you can tell when people are committed because when you're not you're standing on your pedestal and this person was not that person, not at all. >> doesn't matter what you're doing. i think just any opportunity to help people that have less than you will change how you move in the world without question. i think everyone should do it. >> reporter: as she sat on the stage meghan markle seemed to have it all, fulfillment, success, a career on the rise, everything except one thing, a
10:21 pm
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charming, meghan markle finds herself during a canadian interview playing a lightheaded round of 20 questions. listen to this one. >> prince william or prince harry? >> i don't know. harry. >> harry? sure. >> but before there was harry, there was trevor. the long-term boyfriend meghan married in 2011. >> she married in a wedding in jamaica that was later described as just one great big party but it was a marriage that ultimately really wasn't destined to last. >> i want to get married. >> she landed a job that took her to canada while her husband's career was solidly based in los angeles. distance and differing priorities really spelled an end to the marriage.
10:26 pm
>> now single in toronto she meets celebrity chef cory. >> people on the social scene in toronto know cory and that relationship was for a few years but was not the one. >> then in the summer of 2016 she jets to london. a mutual friend sets her up on a blind date with a visible bachelor. >> they had to be so gratified to hear prince harry and meghan markle met on a blind date. >> yes. yeah. well, there are blind dates and there are blind dates. >> yes, it was definitely a set-up, it was a blind date. >> it was a blind date for sure. >> because i'm from the states you don't grow up with the same understanding of the royal family. i didn't know much him. >> reporter: she's received a little side-eyed skepticism for that sound bite after all, meghan must have been the only woman on the planet who didn't "know much" about this red-headed royal. we have all watched him grow from the fun-loving boy romping
10:27 pm
around with his mother -- to a 12 year-old shattered by grief. >> diana was on the cusp of leaving public life. and then to a royal renegade whose public fobiles were so often documented for the world to see. >> there's always been two sides to harry. you got the wild child. he was also the harry who was an active member of the military. >> reporter: it is his commitment to wounded warriors which he told us about that steadily changes the public's perception of the prince. >> at the end of the day you're in a war zone and you're responsible. >> prince harry is much more mature. it took him some time but established his role and the core has really been his military life. >> reporter:s the the more
10:28 pm
mature harry that meets meghan on the blind date. >> we met for a drink and very quickly into that we said what are we doing tomorrow? we should meet again. >> one of their first topics of conversation i think was their social work. because for each of them, it has been an elevating thing, a thing that they are proud of. >> time to build some wells and make things a lot better than what we're seeing here. >> reporter: after two dates prince harry convinces a smitten meghan to join him on an adventure a little further from home. >> i managed to persuade her to come and join me in botswana. we camped out with each other under the stars, we spent she came and joined me for five days out there, which was absolutely fantastic. >> given that i didn't know a lot about him everything that i've learnt about him i learnt through him as opposed having grown up around different news stories, or tabloids or whatever else. >> reporter: the couple are able to keep their budding romance from preying eyes for nearly six months. >> their secret romance is one
10:29 pm
of the parts i love so much and they were so secretive and so protective of that budding romance that they snuck around for months. prince harry made several secret visits to be with his girl friend. >> reporter: but the secret gets out. >> royal rumor mill is going crazy. >> the latest on prince harry's romance. >> the engagement speculation began immediately like all royal engagements everyone is so excited and longing for it to happen. >> when you witness them together he looks like the guy who can't believe he got her. >> she didn't land the prince. he landed meghan markle. >> but the reaction to their new would-be american princess is decidedly chilly. the headline from a british tabloid got a strong rebuke from the prince, a sharply worded statement from his pr team saying in part. meghan markle has been subject
10:30 pm
to a wave of abusive and harassment. this is not a game. it is her life and his. >> the statement was unprecedented. it was so strongly worded. so bold. you could feel his passion and his anger. >> reporter: that statement, the most significant sign yet that she may be the one. >> when i realized that i know i'm in love with this girl, i still have to have pretty frank conversations with her to say what you're letting yourself in for, it's a big deal. it's not easy for anybody. >> reporter: by september, mae gunm meghan graces the cover of vanity fair and the couple make their first official appearance at the invictus games. harry's signature event for wounded warriors. even meghan's mother tags along. >> when she made her first public appearance she wore a shirt called the husband shirt. now we know why. >> reporter: when the big moment finally arrives it is far from
10:31 pm
the glare of blinding flash bulbs. >> standard typical night for us. >> cozy night. we were just roasting chicken. >> trying to roast the chicken. >> and it just -- just an amazing surprise. it was so sweet and natural and very romantic. he got on one knee. >> of course. >> is this an instant yes from you? >> yes. as a matter of fact, i could barely let you finish proposing. i said can you let me say yes now. >> reporter: their courtship more conventional than his parents who met 13 times before prince charles popped the question. this marriage signals a shift for england's church and for its sovereign. >> this is not the 19-year-old kindergarten teacher like his mother was. harry is married an american divorced actress who is three years older than he is.
10:32 pm
is there still a rebellious streak to harry? you tell me. >> it would get you kicked off the throne. ask edward, viii. >> queen elisabeth's uncle abdicated the thrown to marry his girlfriend. >> i love her with all my heart. >> he would have stayed edward the freakin' viii. >> this week there was nothing but well wishes for the happy couple. >> i hope they'll be very happy indeed. >> william and i are thrilled. >> for me personally -- >> there is of course, one note of congratulations that will always be missing. >> what do you think your mother would have thought of meghan?
10:33 pm
>> she would be over the moon jumping up and down, you know, so excited for me but then -- it is days like today when i really miss having her around and miss being able to share the happy news but i'm sure she's with us. >> she's with us. >> jumping up and down somewhere else. >> reporter: next, the hollywood actress prepares for a new role. >> it's another world. >> she's going to give up a lot of what she's enjoyed about her life. but some people still like cable. just like some people like wet grocery bags. getting a bad haircut. overcrowded trains. turnstiles that don't turn. and spilling coffee on themselves. but for everyone else, there's directv. for #1 rated customer satisfaction over cable, switch to directv. and for a limited time get a $100 reward card. call 1-800-directv
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and our business model is... delicious. ♪ grocery outlet bargain market ♪ >> announcer: "20/20" continues with american royal. >> reporter: today day one of official duties and meghan markle was all smiles but royal watchers say she should brace herself. >> it's not just riding in
10:38 pm
carriages and in castles, waving from balconies. it's having your life subjected to constant press scrutiny. >> the challenge they face is they have to be in love and also a member of the british royal family. >> her life is going to be really laid out in a way it wasn't before. >> we feel like anyone who has wanted to marry into the british royal family has had their eye on the crown, the towers, the wealth, the riches. you really don't get that vibe from meghan. as meghan wrote, i am less interested in glass slipper and more interested in breaking the glass ceiling. >> but others before her have seen their glass slippers shatter under the strain. >> diana never had a serious boyfriend, barely ever been kissed and now she's going to be the queen of england? >> princess diana in a interview with 1996 talked about the pressure.
10:39 pm
>> if i tripped up, which i did because i was new at the game, a ton of bricks came down on me. >> then came sara ferguson the duchess of new yoyork. >> why did i not understand what the monarchy is all about? acknowledgment and approval. what could be better than in front of billions of peoplescrec and clapping. i'm sure it went to my head and i sort of lost my way. >> to avoid the pit falls of the past meghan will be carefully coached. >> when diana married into the family it was difficult for her and part was because she didn't really have much advice, as much support. >> it's a unique repetitive set of skills that may at first seem foreign especially for an american. >> it's another world. it's a medieval court.
10:40 pm
there's the precedence of who walks through the door first and how many kisses to give on each cheek. i'm sure harry has taught her to to curtsy. that would be funny to witness. the other thing is knowing when to curtsy. who you don't curtsy to. the table manners. the english hold their fork in one hand and the knife in the other. americans will cut the food with their knife first and eat it with their fork. it's a mind field. i'm sure she will embrace it very, very well because after all, she is an actress. she will be able to learn it like she's learning a part and really it is almost a part in a play. >> all of this training so that royal engagements like this and this go off without a hitch. like her future sister-in-law kate, meghan will too have a constant companion on the rope line, not her prince, but her protection officer. >> meghan will be given round the clock protection. that's a interesting experience to be constantly surrounded by
10:41 pm
and followed everywhere she goes by royal bodyguards. >> going to be no walking down the street with a cup of coffee which everybody does in america. >> she's giving up a lot but let's not cue the string section too much. she's in love with a guy with unlimited resources. that tends to not be a bad situation. >> the new regal role comes with some rewards. >> meghan will be able to borrow some of the queen's jewelry as kate has done. >> how about that $2 million tiara? let's take that out of the vault. >> given cars, clothes. >> there are motion making sure there's not a hair out of place, not a shirt that goes untucked. >> there will be a new title. royal watchers say that is at the discretion of the queen. >> we think she will designate her a duchess but will not be princess meghan because she's not of royal blood. >> there is the change in address. kensington palace, where the princes group up and kate and william now live.
10:42 pm
meghan and harry will make their home only a stone's throw away. >> it's part of the kensington palace complex. it's quite small by royal standards. i mean, it's got beautiful paintings on the walls and the royal collection, an open fireplace. meghan has made it very cozy. >> while the royal family is gaining a new member, meghan is becoming a new citizen. >> the british will also claim her as their own as is their right but i think what you will see is that every moment in which she dazzles. every moment in which she comforts someone we'll be feeling pride on both sides of the pond. >> next, setting a style. >> i think we are riding the very beginning wave of what that markle sparkle is. >> still that california girl relaxed but always an effortless quality being from l.a. >> stay with us.
10:43 pm
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10:47 pm
meghan markle is already redefining royal style. the stone pathway of that kensington palace garden was really a global runway. leading her into fashion history and 'tis tier and hysteria. the winter white coat from the canadian company line the label and green dress crashed websites and sold out within minutes. >> everything meghan markle wears from hereon out will sell out. >> both coat and dress reissued with a new name. the meghan. >> oh, there's definitely a markle sparkle.
10:48 pm
if that isn't hashtaged it will be soon. we are riding the beginning wave of what that markle sparkle is. >> the markle sparkle may be knew but her fashion status is not. her signature style on the hit tv show "suits" first got her noticed. >> rachel owned the idea of a pencil skirt and great pump. it was iconic to her but she made a paralegal look so stylish. >> celebrity stylist joe z is a friend of markle's and remembers their first get-together. >> am i revealing something about a future duchess i shouldn't be? she was so nice. when meghan was speaking to you that you were the only person in that room. >> on yahoo style she defined her personal style. >> still that california girl relaxed. i like to look polished and put
10:49 pm
together but an effortless quality just being from l.a. >> it looks so comfortable and stylish at the same time. a youthful spirit about that. it's very authentic where there is that laid back girl about her. >> jessica mullrone is part of her inner circle. >> they're very good friends and you can see jessica's influence on mae gunmen. ♪ >> so stylish. >> ladies -- >> meghan's style and fashion sense inspired the canadian brand to ask her to design her own collection, all the dresses for under $100. >> i think people will really enjoy them. i hope. >> in 2016 royal fan christine ross noticed the fashion frenzy about that new girl prince harry
10:50 pm
was dating and with a friend created meghan's mirror in her honor. >> anything you have seen her wear in public, in photographs, we have located those items and made them available to people. >> and those items became a hot ticket, even in the early days of her relationship with prince harry. >> she would carry a bag or wear a coat and immediately everyone would want to buy it and it would sell out. >> that is what's called the meghan effect. some style experts believe her impact could be greater than kate's. >> meghan is more approachable and has a relatability to the way she dresses. >> she will bring an injection of sexiness frankly because for all of princess kate's attrib e attributes i don't think sexiness gets attributed to kate all that often. >> sexiness is the message
10:51 pm
they're going for there. >> that doesn't mean kate will need to step up her game. >> i don't know that kate and meghan are going who is going to look better today? >> i think kate and meghan are confident as to who they are that they're their own people. >> meghan's style choices break the rules in the royal etiquette handbook. >> when you look at kate's own engagement interview with prince william, she was wearing a sleeve dress where meghan wore sleeveless. >> they're talking about the fact that meghan did her interview bare armed. here's meghan just sun's out, guns out. there she is. >> she chose that without panty hose. that is a big deal and i think that is a very modern take for someone who is going to be stepping into the royal family. >> but some royal traditions are hard to avoid. >> do i believe she's marry harry and trade those baseball caps in, yes. >> she's going to go to town with the fascinators.
10:52 pm
i can't wait to see it. >> what might not be so fun for her is saying goodbye to the shorter sexier looks. >> i think the royal family might expect her to lose those short short dresses because you have got to get in and out of a lot of cars and don't want to flash a huge amount of thigh. >> meghan is not the first to make that transition to real-life princess. >> she's like our modern day grace kelly. they're both american actresses marrying into these storied royal families. >> meghan has had multiple dress rehearsals for the special day. you may have seen her in the tv movie "when sparks fly" or as the bride in this scene on "suits". >> you can't see me in my dress. >> come with me for a sneak peek. >> she gave hello magazine a tour when picking that wedding dress. >> if a girl can dream, this is where you want to begin. >> this is her princess moment. >> absolutely.
10:53 pm
>> at her first real life-wedding to trevor engleson. she wore simple chic. >> doesn't feel over the top. i feel like that's who meghan is but i think for this particular union we're going to see something that's just a tad more fanciful. i think they want an element of fantasy. >> the fantasy was born with princess diana's fairytale dress, puffed sleeves, tafita and a 25 foot train. >> wedding gowns are a reflection in which the time they were made. when we look at princess diana's wedding gown, we wouldn't see that today in 2017. >> kate's slim tailored alexander mcqueen was a sleeker fairytale dress made for a modern millennial princess and for meghan? >> stop fantasizing about the
10:54 pm
strapless gown she's going to wear. meghan markle has to cover up her shoulders. that is the one thing i can guarantee you. >> meghan's walk down the aisle will be the biggest catwalk of all. we all know who the prince will be but who will be the lucky designer. >> i want to put my money on stella mccartney. she is british royalty and young and fun. i think can make that perfect wedding dress. for meghan. >> no matter who the designer is next may at windsor castle meghan will step out in that dress and step into history. next, prince harry and meghan meet their adoring fans.
10:55 pm
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10:58 pm
day. >> it's significant that the first public appearance that meghan and harry make together is to a charity that was incredibly close to princess diana's heart. >> this work seems like it might be close to meghan's heart as well. >> you can say you have a heart for charity. and i'm sure that that is something that any number of women on a first date with prince harry would have gone out of their way to say but few people probably would have been able to do what meghan markle did which was to say i've been to rwanda and afghanistan and india. she had the credentials to back it up. >> it will be interesting to see how her rise changes now there's so much more she can do. >> she started here and she became this amazing person. >> so inspiring. we can be like her. >> with that track record of
10:59 pm
humanitarian work and now with the unlimited resources in terms of attention and money that she has, what could she do? what will she dedicate herself to do? and how will she make the biggest difference she can? that will be fun to watch. >> for everyone, the world will be watching to see how their story unfolds. and suffice it to say we'll be watching more of those two as wedding bells get closer. that's our story for tonight. i'm eliz vargas. >> thanks for watching. have a good evening and a great weekend. we're following breaking
11:00 pm
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