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tv   ABC World News Tonight With David Muir  ABC  December 18, 2017 5:30pm-6:00pm PST

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>> "world news tonight" with david muir is next. >> we tonight, new reporting as we come on the air here in the west. the deadly train derailment. we're on the scene at this hour. the amtrak train veering off the tracks. hanging from an overpass. part of the train landing on the interstate. several passengers killed. dozens injured. >> oh, my god. >> tonight, what investigators said just a short time ago. and my interview with the passenger who crawled out through a window and then plunged into the woods below. also tonight, the chaos at america's busiest airport. the crippling 11-hour blackout. hundreds of flights canceled. passengers traveling for the holidays told to leave their luggage at the airport. thousands still waiting tonight. we're tracking two systems moving across the country. blinding rain from texas to the carolinas. the second storm will sweep into the northeast. ginger with the latest track. your money, your taxes tonight. the president on the verge of
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victory. and who wins? tonight, the new numbers just in that show the top 65% of tax benefits in the first year will go to the top 20%. and tonight, the last minute holiday deals. and the list. who delivers on christmas day? good evening. it's great to have you with us to start another week. and as we come on the air in the west tonight, that horror playing out for americans on their way to work today, when the train they were on began leaning, buckling and then veering off the tracks in washington state. it's believed there are several dead. this was the first time they were trying out the train on this route. 13 cars derailing just after a curve in the tracks. several of them falling onto interstate 5 below. triggering a scramble to get everyone out. passengers stumbling from the wreckage. many injured and trapped. and authorities revealing what they've learned not long ago. abc's clayton sandell is on the scene in dupont, washington, tonight. >> oh, my god.
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>> reporter: what was supposed to be a celebration, the first run of newer, faster train service, tonight is a tragedy of twisted metal, with multiple passengers dead. >> oh, my god. that train is derailed. >> train derailment over the freeway. multiple patients. >> reporter: amtrak train 501 left seattle just after 6:00 a.m., heading toward portland. 86 passengers and crew on board. at 7:30, passenger chris karnes tweeting, "wow, this train is fast. we are passing up traffic on i-5." minutes later, at 7:33 a.m., a lock motive and 12 cars careen off both sides of the overpass, down onto interstate 5, crushing vehicles below. >> amtrak 501. emergency. emergency. emergency. we are on the ground. >> reporter: the conductor radioing for help. >> hey guys, what happened? >> we were coming around the corner to take the bridge over i-5 there right north of nisqually and we went on the ground. >> is everybody okay? >> i'm still figuring that out. we got cars everywhere and down onto the highway. as soon as i know exactly where all my train is, i'll let you
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know. >> reporter: drivers on the interstate below were injured as the train came crashing down, but none killed. dan konzelman jumped out of his car in snarled traffic and onto the train to help. >> we climbed underneath the train as best we could, and there was people, like, with half their bodies pinned who couldn't move and were in a lot of pain. a lot of them were screaming and moaning, but there was nothing we could do to help them really, so we just stayed with them. >> they're requesting all possible units. there's bodies on the freeway. >> when we got to the scene, it was obvious that there were some fatalities and there were a lot of injuries. >> reporter: chris karnes, who had been tweeting earlier, survived. >> the train started to wobble for a moment and then we were catapulted at the seats in front of us. and the next thing we knew, our car had crumpled. >> when i stepped out, i didn't really realize i was standing on another train car. >> reporter: the passengers were the first paying customers on a new route for amtrak's cascade service.
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what is not clear yet is why the train derailed, or how fast it was going. a national transportation safety board team is headed to the crash scene. >> and clayton sandell with us live tonight from washington. clayton, as you just reported there a moment ago, this was a brand new route using these tracks for passengers for the first time. officials had expressed concern about it before they launched it? >> reporter: that's right, david. long before today's crash, a local mayor in this area said he was concerned about high speed trains in this area, saying that he thought a potential fatal accident was almost inevitable. now, one of the reasons they haven't been able to lock down the number of fatalities is, the train cars you see behind me here are unstable. they have to go inside and shore them up before they can go in and see if there are anymore victims. david? >> clayton sandell leading us off tonight. clayton, thank you. and just a short time ago here, i spoke with a passenger, scott claggett, who describes the horror inside. and when he crawled out the window, not realizing his train car was in the woods, suspended in the air.
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scott, thanks so much for joining us. i know it's just been a horrific day for you. you were on the train to portland for a business meeting. and you said the train began to lean, that was your first sign something was wrong? >> yes. i was in the back as the train was moving, and we started to lean to my left. i thought, you know, nothing of it, until it kept leaning, and then i realized, once the windows started shattering and people started flying, that this was a crash. people were flying in the air, there are no seat belts. as that was happening, i just crawled into a ball and was just waiting and hoping and praying that the train would stop. once the train did stop, it was completely pitch black. i was able to clench onto my cell phone, that was about all i could hold onto. i had a flashlight that i remembered that i could bring up on my phone to try to see if i could help others that were, you
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know, nearby. some were unresponsive and some were responsive. >> how did you get out of the train? >> i don't know how the window, if it was already open or someone opened it or broke it open, i just know that it was open and i decided to jump out of it, not knowing that my car has now entered the woods and i'm about a story and a half up. once i jumped out of the train, i realized how high i was and i landed on the ground. still hearing screams. there's nothing more that i can do, which is pretty painful to want to help somebody, but you can't, because, you know, i'm so far below. >> you mentioned the cell phone, the light on the phone that you used to get out through that window. and you made a call when you got off that train? >> yes, i made a phone call to my parents and then to a really good friend of mine, none of which picked up the phone, but those are the two phone calls that i made. >> i'm sure they're glad, whether they picked up the phone or not, that you're okay tonight. and we are, too. i'm sorry about what you witnessed today and we're glad you're okay. >> thank you.
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>> scott claggett and his harrowing story from inside that train tonight. we do move on here to the other news on this monday evening, and to the nightmare at the world's busiest airport in atlanta, after that massive power failure. customers, many traveling for the holiday, told to leave their luggage behind yesterday while they wait for new flights today. it was a fire that knocked out power. the airport brought to a standstill for several hours. and tonight, thousands of passengers are still waiting for flights, and the piles of luggage are still there. abc's marcus moore from atlanta. >> reporter: tonight, thousands of passengers at hartsfield-jackson international, scrambling to get out of atlanta. amid a sea of luggage, and pure frustration for robert dziudan and his wife, terri, trying to get home to detroit. what are they telling you about when you might be able to fly out? >> thursday. i'm missing work. it will be several days of work. she's already missed a day's worth of work. >> reporter: after getting stranded on a plane for three hours, paige asgari now struggling to trying to find her bags. >> all my personal items, christmas gifts.
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everything is in there. it's madness. it's chaotic in here. i just want my bags. >> reporter: more than 1,500 flights cancelled since that power outage crippled the world's busiest airport. 390 on delta alone. yesterday, just after noon, some 30,000 passengers plunged into darkness for nearly 11 hours. >> an emergency has been reported in the building. >> reporter: a fire underground taking out the power system, along with its backup. crews working through the night to fix the charred system. >> it's a nightmare. we have to go through the tunnels that are pitch black. >> reporter: passengers walking through hazy terminals. >> atlanta airport, no power. no lights. >> i just want to get home. >> just waiting. >> this is absurd. >> reporter: airport workers and passengers helping the elderly and disabled. this man finding the only way down a stalled escalator. outside, dozens of planes halted. >> so, we've been waiting, like she said, we were on the plane for seven hours. >> reporter: evacuated passengers using blankets to keep warm. others finding anywhere they could to rest. >> people are sleeping on the
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floor like homeless people. i've never seen anything like it. >> reporter: and that power fully restored just before midnight. today, georgia power apologizing for the fire which they say started in a service tunnel. >> and marcus moore with us tonight from hartsfield international, where so many people are still trying to connect with their luggage. a lot of the luggage right there behind you, marcus. and they're still waiting on flights? >> reporter: yeah, that's right, david. we see rows and rows of luggage here, literally covering the floor, waiting to be claimed. certainly a frustrating time for passengers, but things are slowly but surely getting back to normal. at the same time, though, some passengers, david, are being told they may not be able to get on a plane until thursday and some have told me, they're going to go ahead and rent a car to get to their destination, but even that is proving to be a challenge tonight here in atlanta. david? >> that is a true nightmare, with just days before christmas. marcus, thank you, again tonight. and making it even harder for atlanta to get flights back into the air today, the heavy fog. look at this. you can see it surrounding one
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of the passenger jets right there this morning in atlanta. just one of two systems that we're tracking, with millions of course traveling this week to get there in time for christmas. so, let's get right to chief meteorologist ginger zee. she's tracking it all tonight. hey, ginger. >> reporter: hey there, david. a lot of folks that saw dense fog this morning will do it again tomorrow. especially along the gulf coast. on top of that, you've got this warm air coming in, along this warm front. so, heavy rans, flash flooding, even severe storms, thuz through early wednesday morning. something to watch for, again, from dallas to atlanta. next storm to watch, this one, dropping up to 36 inches of snow in the cascades overnight tonight. then, if you're traveling i-80 or i-70 in the northern plains, a base two to four inches of snow, some places up to a foot. it becomes all rain, but certainly impact as so many folks hit the road and skies this friday, saturday and sunday on the east coast. >> rain can be just as dangerous as the snow. all right, ginger, thanks. you'll be tracking it all week long for us. in the meantime, california's thomas fire now in its third week. it is now the third-largest wildfire in state history there. it could soon be the largest ever.
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8,500 firefighters on the fire lines still tonight after a weekend that saw those santa ana winds return. three more homes lost in santa barbara county, but hundreds of others were saved, thanks to those firefighters. those winds are expected to return midweek. the threat not expected to be over until after the new year. next here tonight, to your money, your taxes. president trump on the verge of victory tonight. congress set to take the first votes tomorrow, so, who wins, who loses? the tax cuts on corporate america are set to be permanent. the cuts for individuals and those that benefit the middle class have expiration dates. and a new analysis just out tonight finding that next year, 65% of the tax benefit in the first year will go to the top 20%. and after the first decade, the top 20% will get nearly all of the benefit while the bottom 40% will actually get a tax increase, according to that new study. abc's mary bruce, back on the hill tonight. >> reporter: with a victory on tax reform in sight, president trump tonight is promising americans big results. >> it will be the biggest tax
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cut and tax reform in the history of our country. >> reporter: but on capitol hill, protesters are urging congress not to pass this bill. >> this is what democracy looks like! >> reporter: so, who really wins and who loses? the president has insisted he will not benefit. >> and it's not good for me, believe me. >> reporter: but the wealthy do get a big tax cut, from more that 39% down to 37%. and certain business owners, including those of commercial real estate like the trump family, get a 20% deduction. the bill is a big win for big business. corporations see their tax rate slashed permanently, from 35% down to just 21%. but republicans insist this bill is aimed at the middle class. on the campaign trail, candidate trump promised relief. >> our campaign is about giving voice to the voiceless. it's about representing the forgotten men and women of this country, and they have been
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forgotten. >> reporter: but in the new bill, the individual tax cuts expire after eight years. and tonight, that new analysis finds in a decade, 70% of middle income americans would face a tax increase. while 76% of the wealthiest would receive a tax cut. are you just giving yourself a big tax cut here? >> ah, no. we'll be judged not by how y'all report the tax cuts, how people feel it. >> reporter: if you live in a state with high property and income taxes, you could also lose out. the bill caps state and local property and income tax deductions at $10,000. the bill repeals the obamacare individual mandate that all americans have insurance, which could leave 13 million more americans uninsured and leave premiums skyrocketing. >> and mary bruce with us live on the hill tonight. and mary, we know that senator john mccain is returning home to arizona to recuperate from treatment related to those side effects of his cancer therapy. we'll told he's responding well. that's good news tonight. he won't be able to vote on the tax bill, but republicans you're talking to, mary, say they still have the votes?
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>> reporter: david, they think they do. a short while ago, moderate republican susan collins announced she is a "yes." which means tonight in the senate, there is not a single republican "no" vote. the president hopes to sign this bill into law before the end of the week. david? >> mary bruce live on the hill. thanks, mary. president trump outlining his national security strategy today, a, quote, america first approach. focused on two global rivals, including russia. but he did not mention meddling in the election. >> we also face rival powers, russia and china, that seek to challenge american influence, values and wealth. we will attempt to build a great partnership with those and other countries, but in a manner that always protects our national interest. >> and while the president didn't mention russian meddling, the administration's national security document did mention russia's cyber campaign to, quote, undermine the legitimacy of democracies. meantime tonight, in the russia investigation, president trump's
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lawyers turning up the heat on the special counsel about how robert mueller's team obtained those e-mails from the transition. and tonight, mueller's office with a rare response. here's abc's senior white house correspondent cecilia vega. >> reporter: the russia investigation may be closing in, but president trump insists he has no plans to fire the man leading the charge, special counsel robert mueller. >> are you still considering firing robert mueller? >> no, i'm not. no. what else? what, are you surprised? >> reporter: his lawyers, however, launched a new attack. in a seven-page letter to congressional investigators, president trump's transition legal team accuses mueller of wrongfully obtaining "tens of thousands" of e-mails from the president's inner circle in the weeks before he took office, including, they say, "a very significant volume of privileged material." they say career government workers broke the law by giving
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mueller's team those "e-mails, plus laptops, cell foens and other materials." >> not looking good. not looking good. it's quite sad to see that. so, my people were very upset about it. i can't imagine there's anything on them, frankly, because as we said, there's no collusion, there's no collusion whatsoever. >> reporter: the charge from the president's attorneys prompting a rare public rebuttal from the usually secretive special counsel. in a statement, a spokesman says the e-mails were obtained with quote, either the account owner's consent or appropriate criminal process. >> and cecilia vega with us on a monday night. and cecilia, president trump's lawyers are now expected to actually sit down with special counsel robert mueller, in fact, as early as later this week? >> reporter: yeah, david. these are the president's personal lawyers that we're talking about. they want to get a sense where this case stands and likely whether the president himself is under investigation. but david, mueller's team is under no obligation to show its hand here. >> all right, cecilia vega, our thanks to you. there is still much more ahead on "world news tonight" this monday. the new health headline about your cell phone, your smartphone and where you put it at night while sleeping. how close is it to you?
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also, the billionaire murder mystery tonight. the husband and wife found dead in their home. the cause of death now revealed. the apartment building fire. several homes damaged. a child's toy partly to blame tonight. and your money, those last minute deals tonight before christmas. we run down the list. and this question -- who delivers on christmas day? the markets change... at t. rowe price... our disciplined approach remains. global markets may be uncertain... but you can feel confident in our investment experience
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but not really, though. there's like a week. >> reporter: and there may be a week until christmas, but wait another day and it might cost you a lot more. >> it costs to wait until the last minute. >> reporter: drop your package at the post office friday, pay a $12.50 surcharge for priority mail express and you can still get your package delivered by christmas day. and a number of the big retailers are still offering free shipping with delivery by christmas. for example, you have until wednesday to place your orders at target, best buy and walmart. wherever you decide to shop, be sure to check those websites carefully, david. >> all right, rebecca, thank you. when we come back, the health headline tonight. concerns over cell phone radiation and possible cancer and other health risks. and the billionaire couple found dead in their home. what police are now revealing about what they discovered inside. on your mind. thinking about what to avoid, where to go,
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honey sherman died from ligature neck compression. their bodies reportedly found near the indoor pool. police say there are no signs of forced entry and no word tonight on possible suspects. the apartment building fire in indianapolis, blamed on a lithium battery now. investigators believe the battery inside a child's toy overheated, sparking the fire that damaged several apartments. fire officials say the unidentified toy was stored in the furnace room. no one was hurt. and the new warning about your cell phone. california's department of health issuing guidelines to reduce radiation exposure it says may be harmful to your health. the agency suggests using hands-free or speakerphone options. do not sleep with your phone near your head, they say. keep your phone out of direct contact with your body when walking around. and reducing phone use when the signal is weak, because the radio frequency energy is actually the strongest. the fda previously saying, quote, scientific evidence has not linked cell phones with any health problems. when we come back, our made in america christmas is back. your ideas pouring in. and is there finally a solution to wet gloves and mittens when you come inside?
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for any sort of discomfort in yours. preparation h. get comfortable with it. our made in america christmas is back. and your ideas pouring in. christmas, one week away. and you've been sending us your ideas, your one thing. >> hi, david, i'm mike lindbergh. >> reporter: your ideas made in america. under the christmas tree. >> hi, david. >> reporter: beth from ohio holding up her gift, nalgene water bottles. >> they come in so many fun different colors and sizes that you can find the perfect one for that special person on your list. >> reporter: victoria from tennessee. >> popcorn from ocala, florida. great popcorn, great company. >> reporter: christina from
5:58 pm
delaware. my hand-forged wendell august christmas ornament. i started this tradition of buying these each year for my daughters. >> reporter: phoebe and page, growing up fast. and every year, a new ornament for each of them. and just like "shark tank," many of you pitching your own american inventions this christmas. >> hi, david, we're the smoots family from michigan. and we invented the green glove dryer. >> reporter: that's right. they call it the green glove dryer. they say it solves that age-old problem -- what to do with those wet gloves when the kids come inside from the snow. 30,000 glove dryers sold since they started just three years ago. those plastic arms, even the packaging, they say, all made in vicksburg, michigan. >> thanks, david. we're proud to be made in america! >> we are, too. still time to send us your ideas. i hope to see you right back here tomorrow night. dall a new train route turns deadly in washington state. we're going to have the latest
5:59 pm
on the investigation and the survivors. >> tonight a federal appeals court judge has resigned amid accusations of sexual misconduct. we'll take a look at the broader political impact. >> i am strongly considering it and i will be making a decision shortly. >> now that san francisco needs a new mayor, see who is making it official, but they want a shot at getting the job. >> announcer: live where you live, this is abc7 news. >> so we send a message to everyone that this conduct is deplorable and we won't tolerate it. >> caught up in the wave of sexual misconduct allegations is a federal appeals court judge based right here in save. hi there, i'm dee ann in for alma daetz. >> and i'm dan ashley. what started with harvey weinstein affects dozens of men in different fields. >> federal appeals court judge alex kaszynski is based in san francisco and resigned after 15 women came forward with claims he inappropriately touched them or made lewd comments.
6:00 pm
>> abc7 news reporter carolyn tyler is in the newsroom with a look at this case. carol? >> well, judge kaszynski was already the subject of a judicial investigation that began last week into these claims against him. today in a statement, the judge says family and friends urged him to stay and fight, but instead he retired. it is an abrupt ending to a high profile career. just last week judge alex kaszynski was hearing a case at the u.s. appeals court in san francisco. now, after 32 years serving on the 9th circuit, he stepped down today, following allegations of sexual harassment by multiple women, including emily murphy, now a professor at u.c. hastings college of the law. she was a clerk for another judge when she says kaszynski suggested she exercise in the nude. michelle dauber is a stanford law professor. >> when tt


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