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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  December 26, 2017 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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camilleri is being escorted back to where he lived with his family. he was killed on christmas eve when he was on the lookout for dangerous drivers on the side of 880. one of those drivers sbloomd list suv. the people came to pay their respect as the hearse passed by. >> it was heart breaking to hear about the news on christmas morning. i wanted to bring my daughter out and wave the flag and pay my almosts as he passed by. >> my son looks up to these guys every day. we must honor them when they do die. >> sky 7 there, you can see the flags actually, you can see there the procession ending at fry memorial chapel in tracy. you see all the officers with their lights on now. >> you can see, they lowered their flag.
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the flags were flying half-staff at the state offices. these pictures from sky 7. the procession is arriving in tracy now which is where officer andrew camilleri was from. >> now we are still waiting to hear from the california highway patrol for information on donations to the camilleri family. the chp say they have gotten many inquiries and they are looking to set up an official fund through the credit union. the goal was to get it set up today. as soon as we get it, we will pass that on to you. >> as people express not dolenses, we've created this badge. >> we want to up to up to up to
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driver who crashed into andrew camilleri. he is a 22-year-old from hay ward. his name has not been release police posted photos of laptop thieves they arrested last friday. officers were conducting surveillance when they discovered this. the juvenile suspects crashed on key and cutting boulevard and tried to run away. officers were able to arrest the two suspects and return the laptop to the victim. a san francisco lawyer is under arrest and faces child pornography charges tonight. 66-year-old michael connell was taken into custody late last week. he is accused of uploading and trading child pornography through a messaging app.
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police found messages and video stored on it. he practiced law out of his home. a big fire damaged a business this morning. it broke out at 8:35 on alma court. witnesses reported seeing the business windows explode see about the parking lot with heavy smoke and flames. the firefighters were able to knock down the flame by 9:00 a.m. about, 25 minutes after it started. fortunately, no one was hurt and the employees weren't there. arson is not suspected in this case. happening right now, it is another spare the air day. you can see there, just a little haze in the atmosphere. compared to previous days, this is actually an improvement. spare the air does mean you can not start a fire in the fireplace. you will need some other source of heat to keep warm.
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>> you can see improving air quality. although it was a spare the air day, we are trending toward a fresher atmosphere overhead. wood burning is banned all day. temperaturewise, we were in the 60s in our warmest spots. out there now, the sun is setting. the temperatures are falling into the 50s. 53, san francisco. 55, the current number in san jose. future weather, the fog will be developing as numbers drop into the 40s. we are tracking the potential for a storm.
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a sin bus line moves into its -- a single bus moves in. >> the doors are open on a corner of the center. >> a lot of people are off for the holiday week and we didn't want to inconvenience people as we get our bearings. >> reporter: for many, it is an opportunity. >> how was your christmas? >> really nice. >> reporter: to work out the bugs -- >> since december 6th, we've been out here test go our different sized buss to make sure they can make the appropriate turns. >> reporter: now the first paying passengers will be able to board the 5 fulton. here on the gleaming new pavement. >> by june, most of them will be out of here. >> reporter: it might take? by surprise but you can see the map. we're a block and a half from where the bus used to stop at the temporary transbay terminal.
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this is a glimpse of the future. >> i think it will be cool to have fancy brand new terminals rght here in san francisco. >> it is a long time coming. this shows a park on the top and trains below. >> with all the construction. i think it will be best when it is open. >> reporter: when they move in, it will help keep passengers out. rain though muni's biggest haters are still going to hateful. >> some bus drivers are nice but it is an fun ride for anybody. >> reporter: abc7 news. >> here's something to think about if you are a commuter who depends on b.a.r.t. you might want to get a clipper card. there will be a 60 cent surcharge for paper tickets.
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they can frequently jam the fair gates. besides the paper fares are going up for everyone. this area will be closed every day through new years day. bridge officials say the holidays are a particularly busy time and traffic can back up as visitors wait to get a parking spot. the only way to get through this week will be private bus or public transportation. next, jimmy g is in high demand. how long you might have to pay for a jersey for the starting quarterback.
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a trash trend. the new way all of those empty card
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one police officer received the perfect gift. >> congratulations, happy birthday! this beautiful german shepherd puppy is all yours! >> the 49ers tweeted out this video of woodland police officer juan barrera getting a surprise. a german shepherd puppy. fans directed him with cheers and boos as he made his way to the package. his canine was hit by a car last week. pedro he passed away last month.
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not only was this his christmas gift but also, his birthday present, too. >> nice to see all those smiles. >> as the nfl's regular season comes the a close, it is hard not to get swept away by what the future could have in store for the 49ers. >> fans are ecstatic with jimmy garoppolo but showing off that team pride is easier said than done. >> they're the talk of the town for all the right reasons. >> i feel like that's what everyone is talking about. all my family, all my friends. we can't get enough. >> following a late season surge, the san francisco 49ers providing more than just hope for their hopele fan base. >> in the stadium, every one is high fiving each other. there are number ten jerseys all over the place. it's awesome. >> many people are now on the hunt for that hot commodity. the number 10 garoppolo jersey that is nowhere to be found.
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in san jose, employees at spoirts fever say they receive multiple calls a day from fans asking for that money. >> san francisco fans have something to look forward to. we can't keep them in stock. >> the same goes here in campbell. the store hopes jerseys. >> he is the reason why they're winning. >> reporter: even the stores at levi stadium are sold out. if you can't find the jersey now, you might not get one until training camp next year. that's because manufacturers will be focused on making baseball and basketball abc7 news. we go back to the procession
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for the fallen chp officer. officer camilleri was killed by a driver believed to be under the influence. officers saluted as they traveled to the coroner afs office. now, those who knew officer camilleri best say becoming a chp officer was a life calling for him. he impacted many lives through a church in tracy where he ministered. >> chp officer. he turned base guitar to the worship team. >> faith was the most important thing. >> reporter: in the more than seven years, he and his wife attended church here. they say he had a calling they couldn't ignore, eventually leaving his job in pest control
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to follow his passion. >> he really followed his dream to become a chp officer. it was more than a career. it was a calling for him. he truly wanted to make a difference and really gave his life to that cause. out there serving and protecting us. >> it was choice that came with sacrifice, including time away from his family. >> i think that's what embodies andrew. when he felt something in life, when he saw something worth pursuing, he did it without any reservation. >> the pastor has no doubt that he gave his life doing something he loved. >> that's what made him so special. he had a passion for life. >> the chp have not released the name who slammed boo officer camilleri under the influence of alcohol and marijuana. he was looking for those tunneled influence. friends of the driver tell abc7
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news, he is married and recently had a baby. >> my heart goes out to him. >> while words are hard to come by, they say faith is hard to come by. abc7 news. starting today, even before people discard their christmas trees at the curb, something else is being left out for the recycling. all those cardboard boxes from online shopping deliveries. we look at a growing phenomenon i know what a way to reuse those boxes for donations. >> thanks to fast and free shipping, millions and millions of boxes are delivered. where do they ends up? the answer is inside
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>> we have enough boxes the wrap several christmas seasons of presents right now. it does seem to grow exponentially. >> he works for the green team in san jose. he expects the number of boxes to double. >> we usually do a load and a half. today it will be three loads. >> a lot of cardboard. >> yes. >> here's an example. someone tryinged the the right thing. ? most recyclers require the box to be cut into small >> he has to reled to cardboard into the cart to tip the cart into the top of the truck. so it has to fit inside the cart to be able to be recycled. >> there is another alternative which amazon and other online retailers support. it is called give back box.
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fill empty box donated goods is the charity will cover the shipping costs. they expect there will be even more this year. david louie, >> to a different type of recycling, fish and christmas trees. a number of people are donating their trees to the east park district. they get turned into artificial reefs like this one. the reefs provide protection for the fish. algae grows and then fish teeth algae. the reefs create he thi think. a tough new law is taking effect january first to help combat a problem. the glf says as many as 35,000
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parking placards currently if rus registered to people who died years ago. >> those are the people we really want to go after and say, we're not going to put up with this. any time you take that spot illegally, you're preventing somebody as well as limited mobility from use go that spot. >> under the law, applicants must provide their name and date of birth. the number of placard will go down to four instead of being unlimited and permanent placard holders will be required to renew them every six years. all right. let's take a look at what the weather situation holds for us. >> the temperatures responded nicely in the 60s and we're in
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store for some mild days ahead. live doppler 7. we have a dry time ahead. a live look outside. some clouds giving us a gorgeous sunset. about 20 minutes ago. earlier this evening. and you look at the accuweather highlights. we'll track overnight. not only cold temperatures but fog developing in the next 12 hours. we are tracking some wild air working in especially thursday and friday. and then all eyes are on the holiday. new years eve. there's now a chance for a potential storm to move in. we'll detail that. the current temperatures. you look at the numbers. we're falling into the 50s. 60s in our warmest spots. right now you're back to 58. 53 in san francisco. the same number in napa. right now, half moon bay checking out the temperatures.
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here's the call. we'll call it a blend of stars and clouds. we'll notice, mainly after midnight. the follow developing near delta and spilling into the bay. we will see some of the fog first thing tomorrow morning. so your 12-hour planner. early on, here's the pockets of fog. the temperatures in the 30s and 40s. once that fog dissipates, it is a lot of sunshine by the afternoon. the sunshine will be really affected at warming us up. so most spots headed into the 60s. it will be a comfortable high. 63, the high for livermore. about 62 in rafael. the same in san mateo. new years eve does feature a change in the forecast.
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we are dry. now we are seeing the potential for a storm to move in. we look at two major weather models and they're giving us two different pictures. first, the european model sunday into monday. it is giving us a soaking rain across the wreeg our highest amount. well over an inch from the north bay. however, you look at the american model. it is a vastly different forecast. not a drop of rain with that model headed our way. just know, rain can return from new years eve. mostly sunny on wednesday. mild temperatures thursday and friday. there's a chance of some showers popping swa the forecast monday. of course, you can download the accuweather forecast. that could have a big impact on
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a lot of people's plans. if you're looking for a deal car assurance, michael finney joins us. the news at 5:30. coming up, record setting snow. plus, a couple killed in cold blood. did their daughter's boyfriend that you will the trigger? and fire in the sky. the chaos it covered. the
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>> can you believe how much money we spend on cars? >> it is amaze go. especially if you have young drivers. if you've got a car, chances are your car insurance eats up a chunk of your budget. this is for families with multiple drivers. people with poor credit and drivers with imperfect he traffic records. if you do some homework, there are ways to lower your costs. are high premiums driving you nuts? there are ways to cover your premiums. start by picking a top rated insurer. >> don't be short sighted. you want to make sure you get a company that will pay your claim in a reasonable amount of time and gives you good service. >> then be sure to set the right deductible. a higher deductible reduces your premium but you'll pay more out of pocket. >> it is a good bet. make sure you have the money to
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pay it. >> if you have low risk behaviors, you can ask to lower your discounts for things like drivers who don't use their car for long commutes. students with good grades. teen drivers who take driver training or mature drivers who take a defensive driving course. having a good credit score can save you a few bucks. and consider bundling your policies. buying auto and home insurance from the same company could lead to a hefty discount. gall strategies to help you drive down your auto insurance costs. okay. people think that by staying with the same insurance companies for many years, they'll get a loyalty discount. that's true, kind of sort of maybe. consumer reports suggests shopping around often, you may find significant savings. now, look, i've reported on this many, many times. often the loyalty discount is
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not as good as just going to another company because they want you to move over to them. >> i think i need to make some phone calls after this newscast. >> what better way to spend the day after christmas than enjoying the outdoors? >> some
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the sale of cannabis becomes legal in one week. once it changes, we'll tell what you will change and what won't. plus, find out what's behind the string of empty store fronts in one of the most popular shopping areas. >> and your christmas gifts may come with something you didn't see in the box. the toys and gadgets that may be tracking you. finally, it was a great day
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to be out fishing with dad. >> we caught up family. >> on a warm december day, this is one of their favorite fishing holes. >> just hanging out, we're going teaching him to fish. it's pretty awesome. he caught his first fish today. >> a coyote is attracting a lot of attention here. >> one hiker said he was started when a coyote ran right past him on a park trail while in hot pursuit of a turkey. >> interesting. gorgeous weather around here. why not enjoy it? have fun. from all of us here, we appreciate your time. we'll see you in half an hour.
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tonight, the deadly winter whiteout. snow falling from coast to coast. records shattering. up to five feet in some spots. plus, bone-chilling temperatures and dangerous holiday travel, with spinouts on the roads. four dead in one highway crash. and a passenger plane skidding off a taxiway. president trump, away from the white house, but not off twitter. taking aim at the russia investigation and the fbi. retail roars back. holiday sales up, both in stores and online. but what about those returns? plus, the deals to cash in on right now. the shocking double murder. a couple fatally shot inside of their suburban home. family members say the daughter's teenage boyfriend is behind the crime. did the parents warn her to stay away from him?


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