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tv   ABC7 News 800AM  ABC  December 30, 2017 8:00am-8:59am PST

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andrew camilleri. camilleri died on christmas eve while he and his partner were on patrol in hayward. a car hit the back of their suv as they were on the side of the road on interstate 880 near highway 92. >> his life was taken too short. he leaves behind a 12-year-old daughter and a 6 and 2-year-old son and a grieving wife. please, everybody, just you've been make a decision not to drink or do drugs and drive. >> the service is scheduled to %-p the memorial. we will live stream the event through our abc 7 news app as well our website and facebook page. investigators say the suspect driving the car that killed camilleri was under the influence of drugs and alcohol. abc 7 news was in burlingame last night on a ride-along with the police department's dui enforcement team.
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they'll be patrolling the peninsula, ready to stop and arrest alcohol and drug impaired drivers. >> we refer to it as dui saturation patrol, putting officers to look for impaired drivers on the roadways and if they were to be impaired, to remove them from the roadways. >> the chp is enacting an maximum enforcement period to help keep motorists safe. the operation will last through new year's day. a mother from the east bay says her teenaged son was trying to buy christmas presents at whole foods market when employees think he was doing something else. the mother believes her boy was targeted because of the color of his skin. she's now demanding an apology. abc 7 news reporter elissa harrington has the story. >> my children were born and raised in this community. they should be able to shop safely at the local health food store. >> reporter: but marlena henderson says employees at the whole foods in oakland racially
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profiled teller her teenaged son, kicked him out of the store, and defended their actions by saying he was aggressive and other terms that stereotype young black boys. this happened back on december 21st. the 13-year-old stopped into the whole foods near lake merritt to buy his mother christmas gifts. she says he made the honest mistake of taking his basket into the restroom. >> two men in polo shirts came after him, yelled at him, accused him of stealing. i was horrified because he was just -- he was trying to be independent, he was trying to be responsible. he was shopping for gifts. he was trying to be generous. >> reporter: marlena posted this detailed account of the incident on social media which has now been shared hundreds of times. some people are threatening to boycott whole foods. she hopes this leads to change. >> they need to apologize to my son. they also need some sort of training with their management. >> reporter: whole foods released a statement saying the company has zero tolerance for discrimination. it also says, "we conducted a full investigation of the
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situation, including the review of surveillance video, interviews with loss prevention and accounts from other individuals who witnessed the event. while we cannot share specifics as the customer is a minor, what has been described on social media does not coincide with our findings." in oakland, elissa harrington, abc 7 news. a los angeles police department officer is in stable condition after she was shot during an ambush. the shooting happened last night just before 10:00 after police had conducted a pedestrian stop. multiple shots were fired in the officer's direction. again, investigators have determined that it was an ambush. the officer suffered a gunshot wound to her thigh. police have one suspect in custody and have recovered a firearm. now to a prank call which investigators believe led to the death of an innocent man in wichita, kansas.
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abc news reporter erielle reshef has more. >> reporter: in labored voice, a prankster told 911 that he had shot his father. officers rushed to the wichita, kansas address given by the caller thursday night. when they arrived, a 28-year-old identified by his family, andrew finch, appeared in the screen door. >> show your hands! walk this way. >> reporter: police body cameras rolling as officers instructed finch to raise his hands and walk toward them. they say at first he complied but then moved his hands to his waist. an officer opening fire. he feared that he had pulled a
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weapon from his waistband and fired one round. >> the victim's family watched in horror. >> that cop murdered my son. >> reporter: police confirm finch was unarmed and was not the one who made the fateful call. >> last evening's officer-involved shooting is a tragic and senseless act. >> reporter: erielle reshef, abc news, new york. closing in on the end of his first year in office, president trump is focusing on what he wants in 2018. a reshuffling of his west wing political team and funding for one of his primary campaign promises, the border wall with mexico. the president is spending the weekend at his mar-a-lago resort in florida. he said if the democrats want to deal on daca, the program granting legal status on immigrants brought to the u.s. as youngsters, funding for the wall must be included. >> if he describes the wall as a fence, he's probably much more likely to get it done.
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but if he keeps pushing the wall as the wall he talked about in the campaign, i think it's very difficult for him to travers that way. >> as a candidate, the president promised several times that he would make mexico pay for the wall. there is outrage in the lgbt community this morning after the trump administration decided to cut every member of an important advisory committee. one activist calls the decision a war on people with h ichlhiv aids. abc news reporter carlos salcedo has more. >> reporter: cecilia chung is an transgender hiv activist who has been living with hiv for almost 25 years. >> i would like president trump to remember what hiv has done to the lgbt community and the entire country. >> reporter: president obama appointed chung to the advisory council on hiv/aids.
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once her term expired in august, she had the option to stay in a trump presidency but left after three members resigned this past summer. >> we requested meetings to discuss what the directions that the administration wants to take. but most of these requests fell on deaf ears. >> reporter: the administration this week terminated the remaining members, which doesn't come as a surprise, as new administrations typically appoint new people. now attention turns to who will be appointed to the board. >> quite honestly i would personally be surprised if he does even replace these individuals with his own people. >> reporter: he says he was discouraged with the world aids day proclamation. >> he erased the lgbt community entirely. he didn't even mention it. >> reporter: the council has advised the white house on hiv/aids policy since 1995. there have been great strides in aids research since the epidemic broke in the 1980s. now only time will tell who the president's pick will be to
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continue the fight against hiv/aids. in san francisco, carlos salcedo, abc 7 news. meteorologist lisa argen is tracking the accuweather forecast for us. lisa, some parts of the bay area are off to a hazy start. >> that's right, we have partly cloudy skies, a little patchy fog. the spare the air alert is in effect for today. you see it here from mt. tam, the haze. but my goodness, it's cold out there. 48 downtown, only 34 in san ramon. yes, we definitely have some patchy fost here. a mild afternoon, and rain is coming into play for the new year. i'll have a look at my accuweather seven-day forecast, next. >> lisa, thank you. the winter freeze on the east coast continues through tomorrow. a look at what's shaping up to be the coldest new year's eve in 50 years. and there's plenty to do in the bay area over the holiday weekend. some new year's traditions
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here's a live look this morning outside the christian life center in stockton. that's where the memorial for fallen chp officer andrew camilleri will begin in approximately 20 minutes. officer camilleri leaves behind a wife and three children. we'll be live streaming the
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memorial service on the abc 7 news app as well as our website and on facebook. two people are dead including the suspect after a workplace shooting in long beach. police swarmed the office building just after 2:00 yesterday afternoon. another man was wounded in the attack but was able it drive himself to the hospital. authorities say the suspect appears to have taken his own life. he and the victim seem to have been employees at the law firm. a massive fire destroyed part of the an elementary school in modesto yesterday. the modesto bee is reporting the flames burned through at least three classrooms and a computer lab at the school. other rooms were damaged by the heat. no word yet on how it started. freezing weather is forecasted for "new year's rockin' eve" tomorrow night. it could be the coldest new year's eve on the east coast in 50 years. on top of the frigid temperatures, there's snow as well. abc's rob marciano has the story.
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>> reporter: overnight heavy snow and ice blasting the midwest into the northeast, with windchills dropping well below zero. >> this is something else. i haven't seen this in a long time. >> rhese temperatures can cause frostbite, hypothermia already claiming lives in illinois and kentucky. >> sometimes we see people who lose fingers and toes from hypothetic hypothermia. >> reporter: these falls in minnesota frozen over in the subzero temperatures. on the border of michigan, the u.s. coast guard had to cut through the ice to free stranded ships. >> it's coming faster than we can keep up with it. >> reporter: winter weather alerts in several states, show and ice creating dangerous driving conditions. in iowa, 20 cars ended up on the side of the road. in michigan, 40 vehicles involved in this pileup. one person killed in a head-on collision in indiana. and on the idaho/wyoming border, a community came together to rescue a dozen elk from the freezing water.
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>> good work! >> reporter: erie, pennsylvania crushed with snow this week. volunteer emergency response teams having to dig some residents out of the historic snow. >> the neighbor called in and asked us please, please come help me, nobody will help me. we went over and took care of her. >> reporter: rob marciano, abc news, new york. been there and done that. good morning, everyone. here we are with a little bit of fog and haze this morning. live doppler 7 is beginning to clear up. boy, temperatures will take a while to warm up. quarter mile visibility, you still have the fog in petaluma. it's better on the peninsula. no delays at sfo. you can see how hazy it is here. temperatures will be mild later this afternoon. 48 in the city, 38 in oakland, low 40s mountain view, san jose. 35 in gilroy. on the coast, 41. if you want to go to the beach today, a light jacket or sweatshirt. in the 60s in santa cruz.
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along the central coast, they were in the 80s yesterday. so it has been unusually mild. enjoy it, i guess, because things are going to change in the middle of next week, the new year. 35 in napa, 30 in santa rosa. 36 in livermore. look how little snow there is, this is up above 8,000 feet. and they're still running the lifts, of course. folks will be heading out. but boy, they need some snow. this next system, it's going to be a warm one. we'll talk about it in just a minute. hazy and mild for the weekend drive for your new year's eve celebrations. the rainy pattern for the middle of next week, 26 dry days and counting. it will be 27 tomorro. here is the way the calendar looks, with just a couple of days of rain. we're hoping to start the new year dry, but then several days of rain coming our way. it will be a 1 on our storm impact scale. we'll see the first drops on wednesday. also on thursday into friday, on and off rain, breezy at times.
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as we show you this forecast animation, it starts midday wednesday, but then by the afternoon it gets going. move you will see rain bit dy t dinner hour. by thursday morning, a bit of a break. here's friday, we get into another system. it all heads up to the sierra nevada. that's looking rather mild. we could see a rain/snow mix, maybe 8,000 feet looking at some snow. it's a little too early to say. this too will change by the time we get closer to the event. but at this point, it's looking like more of the rain coming in along the peninsula and the south bay as it moves up from the south. but still looking at anywhere from a half inch to an half incn this system. 59 today in san francisco with hazy afternoon sun. a spare the air alert. 62 in livermore. 64 in san jose. tonight, once again 30s and 40s. clouds and fog along the coast
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and inland valleys. download our accuweather app and you notice how mild it will be through the period. what changes is the cloud cover. today we have the hazy afternoon sun. high clouds, mid-level clouds tomorrow, new year's eve, new year's day, into tuesday, the earliest raindrops could fall late on tuesday, and then wednesday, thursday, and friday, hoping for that rain. it's going to come, it's just hard to pinpoint how much and where at this point. check back with us. >> as for new year's eve, we'll see if the weather cooperates for all the fireworks. >> it looks like it should. >> great, lisa, thank you. if you're still looking for plans for new year's eve, we've got you covered. jessica castro from "abc 7 mornings" has some ideas from our partners at hoodline. >> out with the old, in with the new. there's plenty going on in the bay area, including a beautiful japanese tradition to purge you of all sins from 2017. [ gong ringing ] take a swing at a 2,100-pound
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16th century temple bell. the japanese bell ringing ceremony will be held 11:00 a.m. sunday at the asian art museum at the civic center. it's a purification ritual. the bell will be struck 108 times to usher in the new year and get rid of the 108 mortal desires that, according to the buddhist belief, torment humankind. [ gong ringing ] >> i think everyone can relate to this idea of wanting to have a clean, fresh start and wanting to kick off the new year with a sense of renewed purpose. >> and it's something for the whole family. it's free with your admission to the museum. or dive into 2018 at the seventh annual polar bear plunge, monday, january 1st, at 10:00 a.m. at ocean beach, and free to attend for all ages. make sure to bring a blanket to warm up afterwards or maybe some dry clothes. if you don't want to take the plunge and instead stay on
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top of the ice, try this cool new year's tradition. the polar bear skate will be held on the 1st at the ice rink in san francisco's union square. it goes from 2:00 until 3:30 p.m. skater to come in their favorite bathing suit or beach wear. it costs 15 bucks and there are plenty of prizes including one for best costume. for more details and ideas, go to and click on the hoodline section. i'm jessica castro, abc 7 news. have a great weekend and see you in the new year. just ahead, the effects the new federal tax law could have on the bay area housing market. why realtors say it's bad for business in the long run.
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new this morning, $142,000. that's the amount valero will have to pay the bay area air quality management district to settle violations at its t its refinery. the violations include emission limits, minor hydrocarbon leaks from storage tanks, and also some related to administration. as people rush to pay their property taxes by the end of the year, new alarms are being sounded in the bay area about the potentially damaging effects
8:23 am
on the bay area housing market. abc 7 news reporter laura anthony has the story. >> those factors will hit heavily. >> reporter: realtor mark ross says new federal limits on mortgage interest deductions and tax writeoffs could deal a big blow to the bay area housing market. >> this will make people think twice about selling. they might remodel instead of selling. that might have an overreaching effect on the supply. when the supply is constrained, the prices continue to go up. >> reporter: the new law only allows interest to be deducted on new mortgages up to $750,000, down from $1 million. and federal deductions for state and local taxes including property taxes will be limited to $10,000. >> we're all very badly damaged by this new tax law. >> reporter: realtor chuck lamm says there may be some relief for seniors in the new year in the form of a possible ballot measure. >> to let people who are seniors
8:24 am
or handicapped keep their tax base and move up or down as many times as they find prudent in their lives. >> we're not quite sure what the effect is going to be yet. >> reporter: some say the overall strength of the bay area market will offset any negative impacts from the new federal tax law. >> we'll wait and see what the effect on the market will be. but i don't think we're going to see an immediate effect. 2018 will be as strong a year as 2017 for the real estate market in the bay market. >> reporter: laura anthony, abc 7 news news. today is the last day for an historic shop in san jose's japan town. san jose tofu has been making handmade tofu since 1946. customers prize it for its taste and texture. the shop has been owned and operated by three generations of the nozaki family. but the owners say it's time for them to retire. the physical effort of lifting 100-pound trace ays and startin work at 2:00 in the morning has taken its toll.
8:25 am
>> inside i feel like i'm falling apart, i feel like i'm 97 years old. >> so tired every day, soaking in cold water all day long, causing arthritis. >> they're iconic, so much a part of japan town, our history, the culture, everything. >> for those people yesterday it was like winning the lottery. people waited patiently to get one last taste of handmade tofu before the shop closes after 71 years in business. still to come on "abc 7 mornings," remembering a fallen hero. the memorial service for chp officer andrew camilleri is expected to begin in just a few minutes. also ahead, safety concerns in san francisco. what police are doing to protect thos really? really? really?
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>> announcer: good morning north bay. let's get up and get going. this is "abc 7 mornings." good saturday morning to you. thanks so much for being with us. i'm chris nguyen. we're starting this half hour with a quick look at the weather. meteorologist lisa argen is tracking conditions where you live. hi, lisa. >> hey, chris, good morning to you. we're not going to shake things up too much for the holiday weekend. 48 in the city, 36 in gilroy. east bay hills camera, some clouds, fog, and haze, with 30 by the delta.
8:29 am
36 in livermore. visibility is better in the east bay and south bay but still not great, three miles. half mile in petaluma. you saw the sky there, a spare the air alert today and tomorrow. air quality is poor, better in the south bay. it will take another several days to clean things out. and then we're going to be looking at some rain. today, mid- and upper 50s by noontime. stays mild with high to mid-level clouds today. we'll track those rain shower chances coming up, chris. >> lisa, thank you. this morning is the memorial service for chp officer andrew camilleri. we're taking a live look from outside the christian life center in stockton where the procession just arrived moments ago. the memorial service is expected to get under way within the half hour. hundreds of law enforcement officers are in attendance, as is lieutenant governor gavin newsom. camilleri died christmas eve while on patrol. he and his partner were pulled over on the side of the road
8:30 am
when their suv was hit from behind by a car driven by a man suspected of dui. >> with marijuana coming on board january 1st, we hope people take heed not to take drugs or drink and drive. it's very important. >> law enforcement agencies will conduct checkpoints this weekend in honor of officer camilleri. the officer's memorial service is open to the public. you can watch by downloading the abc 7 news app. we're live streaming the service there as well as our facebook page and if san francisco is your destination for new year's eve, be prepared for fireworks, street parties, huge crowds, and extra police officers on duty. this year's celebration comings just days after the fbi thwarted a terror plot targeting the city. abc 7 news reporter cornell barnard explains how the city has it covered. >> reporter: police presence around san francisco landmarks is ramping up.
8:31 am
we found department of homeland security officers patrolling around the ferry building. sfpd k9 units as as as >> people will be everywhere in this city bringing in the new year. what is most important to us is that we make sure that everyone is safe. >> reporter: acting mayor breed joined police chief william scott in a news conference to assure revellers the city has your back. >> there are no known credible threats to the city. however, we know any time there's large events with a large amount of people, we always have to provide additional police support. >> reporter: every available officer will be on duty, some patrolling around pier 39, the target of a foiled isis-inspired christmas day terror plot by 26-year-old former marine everitt aaron jameson of modesto. the chief admits he had little knowledge of the plot until jameson's arrest by the fbi. >> we were notified. but we didn't have a whole lot
8:32 am
of details really until almost the media had it. >> reporter: he says the department will be working with the fbi on new year's eve, sharing information and resources to ensure that the last night of 2017 is fun and festive. >> we used to live in new york, we're used to the police presence. >> i don't know if the extra police presence is necessary. >> reporter: a new year's eve tradition many say they never miss. in san francisco, cornell barnard, abc 7 news. bay area transit areas will help people celebrate new year's eve safely. b.a.r.t. will run extra trains until 3:00 a.m. some stations will be skipped because of crowding. caltrain, ac transit, samtrans and muni are all offering extra trains. city officials will be cracking down on the use of
8:33 am
illegal fireworks. banners are up through the holidays warning people of $500 fines if they're caught using illegal fireworks. the city has set up a hotline and a website to report incidents. officials are worried the dry winter and the use of fireworks could possibly cause spot fires that grow out of control. you can celebrate 2018 with abc 7 and "dick clark's rockin' eve with ryan seacrest." join us for abc 7 news at 11:00, and then at 11:30 to midnight. several area state parks will offer a way to ring in 2018 with a series of special hikes on new year's day. docents, rangers, and volunteers will lead the hikes as part of the seventh annual first day hikes across california, including mt. diablo, angel island, mt. tam, and big basin red woods state park.
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find more information on still ahead on "abc 7 mornings," flu season has arrived, and it's deadlier this year than it was in the past. doctors explain why less people are getting the flu shot.
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thanks for joining us on "abc 7 mornings." this is a live picture of the memorial service for fallen chp officer andrew camilleri. it will begin any minute inside the christian life center in stockton. we're live streaming the entire service on our abc 7 news news app,, as well as facebook live. the nigerian prince who told people they were named as a beneficiary in a will, then stole money from them in an e-mail scheme, has been uncovered. he is neither a prince nor a nigerian. 67-year-old michael nu of louisiana was arrested after an 18-month-long investigation. he's charged with wire fraud and money laundering. investigators say he acted as a go-between with an international team of scammers, some of whom
8:38 am
live in nigeria refuse victims were told to give bank account numbers to expedite the process. there have been an increase in flu-related hospital admissions in california this year. one east bay doctor says false reports about the effectiveness of this year's flu vaccine are partly to blame. as of december 16th, ten people under the age of 65 have died as a result of flu-related illnesses in the golden state. the average is two people a year. dr. jeffrey silvers says he checked to see how many patients in eight northern california hospitals had received the flu vaccine. >> 75% of the patients admitted to the hospital never received a flu vaccine. they're three times more likely to be admitted to the hospital if they were not vaccinated than if they were. >> silvers says reports of the vaccine being only 10% effective are false, adding that often makes people more hesitant to get it.
8:39 am
lisa is here tracking the forecast for us. >> it's been a little hazy out there. we're looking at very little snow in the sierra nevada. 20 to 30% of the entire mountain range. we'll be looking at the forecast. >> lisa, thank you.
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here's a live look from stockton this morning. we're watching the memorial for fallen chp officer andrew camilleri. the procession arrived moments ago and the officer's casket has been brought inside. thi is happening right now at the christian life center in stockton. if you're just joining us, we're live streaming the entire service on our abc 7 news app,, as well as facebook live. turning now to sports, warrior super stars in sports, warrior superstar steph curry has been cleared to return to tonight's game after he missed 11 games with an ankle injury. tonight golden state takes on memphis. last night the hornets were in town hoping to win their third home game of the season. here's anthony flores with the details in this morning's sports report. good morning, everyone. charlotte was the first game steph curry missed after sprang
8:43 am
-- straining his ankle and it will be his last. the warriors came in with a 9-1 record without curry on the court. a fast start by klay thompson, had 13 points in the first, 20 for the half. finished with 24. dwight howard doing damage for the hornets and the paint. he had 30 before the break, tied at 53 before recess. kevin durant rolled his ankle but stayed in and looked all right here. he had 27 points. the dubs couldn't turn on the j. nice pass from marvin williams to howard. howard finished with 29. and turnovers, well, those were the dubs' achilles heel again. charlotte with 32 points, off 18. dubs give away. the dubs lose it 111-100. curry back on the court later tonight. women's hoops. van did he -- vandevere opening
8:44 am
for stanford. pac-12 play against ucla. brittany mcfee led. all scorers with 26 points as the cardinal pulled away. dekalb women won. as for the men, they're at stanford tonight. usc taking on ohio state at the cotton bowl. rough start for trojans quarterback sam darnold. he tosses the pick six to damon webb. the route is on. ohio state on offense. j.t. barrett calling his own number. it's the right call. he races 28 yards for the touchdown. it was 24-0 buckeyes at one point. frustration begins to boil over late for usc as the buckeyes snap a seven-game losing streak to the trojans. 24-7 the final. the 49ers will try to make it five in a row when they head to l.a. in the season finale on sunday. last night for the 30th straight year, the offensive linemen got together to celebrate their season. abc 7 news was at the house of prime rib as they ate like kings, like they have done every season since 1987. look at the prime.
8:45 am
center daniel kilgore is always honored to be a part of the feast. >> this is my seventh year being part of this dinner. it's such a great dinner, it celebrates the offensive line, towards the end of the year. it's a dinner for everybody to go out, ending a great year. >> and we had some of that prime rib here at the station. i have to tell you, it was some great eats. that's a look at your morning sports. have a great weekend and a happy new year. good morning to you. ending the year dry, not adding to the snowpack or our reservoirs. look at this picture. we not only have a dry forecast, but we have some hazy and poor air quality today and tomorrow. so we're looking for a mt. tam, that's the band news. the good news is the new year will bring in some rain. we'll have to wait a couple of days. by wednesday, thursday, and friday, a 1 on our storm impact scale.
8:46 am
we're going to get some on and off rain here. and that will displace this dominant ridge of high pressure that has been keeping us dry and the air quality poor. and we've been locked in for a good month here at the exploratorium camera, you can see high clouds are drifting by. and we'll have those throughout the day today. we're also looking at the visibility improving on the peninsula. there's no delays at sfo and petaluma now, you're up at six miles. from that picture in mt. tam, we're looking at numbers from the upper 30s from gilroy, 41 for you in half moon bay, 42 in mountain view. it's cold in oakland at 40. here is the east bay hills camera, high clouds from above. the low clouds. and you can see that we're looking at that cap on the atmosphere, just trapping the pollutants and allowing very little change, very little mixing of the air. 30 santa rosa as well as fairfield. 36 in livermore. napa at 35. finally, san francisco, hazy sunshine today for all of us with a dry new year's eve and a
8:47 am
dry new year's day. but then the pattern does change by the middle of next week. we bring in our storm impact scale. we talked about the 1's that are coming. they'll be weak and mild systems. so the snow levels will be very high, and the temperatures are going to remain above average here. so 2:00 in the afternoon, the rain begins. it could begin as early as tuesday night. this will change as we go through the next four to five days. it looks like a rainy wednesday. scattered showers on thursday. and then another impulse coming in on friday, ending by friday evening. so you add up the rain totals around the bay area, and it's a subtropical system, it should bring in more rainfall along the coast here. these are changing with each run. we get several runs a day. so anywhere from a half inch to an inch perhaps in san francisco. and in the south bay, that model is painting 6/10ths. we'll have to see if that verifies. 65 in monterey today, it was 89 in los angeles.
8:48 am
dry and mild, while they are freezing. chicago in the single digits. this isn't going to change tomorrow. so new year's eve plans across the nation will be frigid while back home, this isn't likely to change much, with hazy afternoon sun, low to mid-60s today. more clouds tomorrow and monday. and then a chance late tuesday. download our accuweather app. you can time out and keep track of the rain is live doppler 7. >> good to see some rain finally in the forecast, about time. lisa, thank you. the u.s. figure skating championships have arrived in san jose. it's the final step in choosing who represents team usa at the winter olympics. yesterday it was america's future skating stars who took their turn at center ice. >> reporter: on their biggest stage yet, these athletes soak up their moment in the spotlight. >> we practice really hard for like this day, especially since it's in the bay. >> reporter: at the u.s. figure skating championships in san jose, peninsula pairs team alison kim and ethan musladen are making their debut at the
8:49 am
national level. >> we're pretty nervous too. it's kind of a combination of nervous and excitement. >> reporter: this weekend, it's the lower level competitors who are hitting the ice at solar for america, one of the largest ice rink facilities in the country. senior level skaters will compete at the s.a.p. center next week to determine the olympic team. there are nearly 400 athletes competing at these championships, the culmination of hours of hard work and perseverance. san jose stands to benefit. the city previously hosted nationals back in 2012. tourism officials say the event generated more than $23 million in economic impact that year, and they expect the numbers to be even higher this time around. >> this is typically a slow time for san jose hotels. and to have a big event coming at this time of year, it really helps the local economy, downtown hotels, and brings more people into the area that would not normally be here. >> reporter: bay area coach and former champion derrick dellmore says it's gate to have the
8:50 am
competition close to home. >> it's nice to see not just for hockey, not just the sharks, but huge support for the past champions and future champions being created this weekend. >> reporter: a chance to impress among the very best, even if these two don't always get along. >> do you guys get along? do you like each other? >> no. >> no, not really. >> reporter: that's okay. the audience thought they were great. >> those kids keeping it real. tickets are still available for the senior level competitions. for more information head over to our website, coming up, thousands of artists have created these frozen works of art at the world's largest ice festival. where tourists are braving
8:51 am
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8:54 am
the 2018 international ice and snow sculpture festival features national landmarks, frozen palaces, and ice slides lit up with l.e.d. lights. 10,000 artists were involved in constructing the exhibit. although organizers admit large machinery has replaced much of the manual labor. if you want to see the sculptures, you still have time to make the trip. it runs through the end of february in the northeast chinese province. you can take advantage of the nice weather in san francisco to enjoy silent disco yoga. the event at baker beach allows you to heal the soul and recharge from busy city life. bring headphones, like you see here. the headphones let you listen to your own music while practicing yoga at the same time. class begins at noon. the first elephant pups of the season have arrived. can you spot them?
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there are three hanging out with the rest of the family. many more pups are expected to be born this month. wild life officials want to remind the public to stay at least 50 feet away from the mammals. a final weather check with lisa. >> with all our dry weather, the beach has been very popular. today hazy sunshine, a spare the air alert. 58 in richmond, 54 in san jose, mid-60s along the central coast. we're bringing in more clouds but keep it dry for new year's eve, new year's day. tuesday is cloud, and the new year offering several chances of rain, wednesday, thursday, friday. 1 on our storm impact scale. they will be mild systems, not cold enough for a lot of snow in the mountains, but hey, it's a start. >> lisa, thank you. and thanks for joining us on "abc 7 mornings." i'm chris nguyen alongside lisa argen. the news continues online, twitter, facebook, and instagram. abc 7 news continues at 5:00 p.m. until then we'll leave you for now with a live look from stockton, inside the memorial
8:56 am
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