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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  December 30, 2017 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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select volkswagen models. now with the people first warranty. witnesses asa bank robbery this afternoon took a deadly turn when police on peninsula fired several shots. right away let's get to the abc news. tiffany wilson joins us live in redwood city to tell us what led up to this officer-involved shooting. what can you tell us? >> reporter: hi. i just spoke to the police chief. he said while it just took place outside a wells fargo bank it
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was not bank robbery. a woman droeb up to use the atm outside of the wells fargo behind me and she saw a man pacing, acting very agitated with a gun clearly visible. she calls 911 and that's when officers responded. the officers recognized the man. they say he was well known in the redwood city area, they had been ware of him since he was 8 years old, so they started engaging him in conversation, talking to hum, trying to get him to drop the gun but he refused and after multiple minutes witnesses say this happened next. >> the gentleman wasn't complying with the officers demand, so it seemed to me he pulled something out of his sweater at which point the officers started firing their weapons and wounding the gentleman. he fell to the ground. >> reporter: and the interim police chief say he didn't just
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pull the gun out of his sweater. h fired in the officers' direction. none of the officers were hit. the suspect is a 30-year-old hispanic man who lived in redwood city. he had been in and out of jail multiple time, the interim police chief told me. right now the district attorney's office is sending investigators to conduct an investigation. again, multiple blocks are blocked off at this point. so i would avoid this area if you're coming to redwood city this evening. >> good job out there. what a scary sweituation. a grieving law enforcement officer saved good-bye. he lost his life when a suspected impaired driver his his patrol car in hayward. we have the story. >> reporter: music and memories
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filled the christian life center where hundreds of officers some as far away as colorado and texas came to honor fallen chp officer cammalleri, a man who loved his job. >> he enjoyed because he got to drive fast. >> reporter: his casket was carried by fellow chp officers. he died in the line of duty on christmas eve in hayward when his patrol car was struck by a drunk driver. cammalle cammalleri's partner jonathan va valazquez was injured. >> andrew, i know you can hear me. i love you, buddy. and it was an honor being your partner. rest in peace, brother. >> andrew was a family man and
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loved nothing more than with red soxoxie and his wife. they met when they both worked at mcdonald's. they have three young children. >> elizabeth, i know you miss your dad and he's not here, but he'll always watch over you. >> reporter: act i chp commissioner presented rosanna cammalleri with her husband's badge. he'll be laid to rest. in stockton i'm cornell barnard. >> he will be missed. six people were hurt including two children after a violent crash. that crash happened near golden gate park. witnesses say a speeding silver mercedes t-boned a car. two children and four adults
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were hurt but are expected to be okay. a witness described what happened. >> he was flying at least between probably 90 to 100 miles an hour. i immediately looked over because of how quickly he was going. he smashed directly into the other vehicle full speed. >> police handcuffed the people inside the mercedes. the interception was closed for hours. a t23-year-old man was arrested after leading a chase. during that chase, deputies say the driver somehow lost his left front wheel. they managed to detain the guy identified as raymond martinez near montegut expressway. investigators say he was driving under the influence. happening right now, crews are busy setting up for the new year's eve fireworks show. tomorrow's fireworks coming
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during a spare the air day. you can clearly see the haze from our sue trow camera there. some cities have banned fireworks due to air pollution concerns. >> reporter: it takes a team and a two-day setup for a team to set up fireworks and music over the san francisco bay. >> a little bit of mystery behind them and mystique. that e're beautiful. gorgeous. it's a fun way to celebrate just about anything. >> some are concerned. they say ringing in 2018 with a fireworks show isn't exactly the best thing for air that's already polluted in the bay airy. >> air quality is currently unhealthy in many part os the bay area right now, and the fireworks are not going to help improve the air quality situation. >> reporter: the dry winter weather has caused more air pollution, air district officials issued a spare the air alert for the next couple of
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days. >> they linger in the air for quite some time. calm conditions, cool temperatures. that means that air pollution is just lingering in the air. >> reporter: tom flanigan says people sensitive to poor air quality should be mindful of the bad air. >> i do encourage in these conditions to carry their inhaler with them, also consider not going to where the fire works are being launched. >> later on this afternoon we'll begin the actual loading of the product and get it ready to shoot. >> reporter: those fireworks will be launched from a barge 1,000 feet off shore from pier 14 in embarcadero. they're looking to cesee their hard work light up the sky. >> speaking of 2018, all eyes on
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a hopefully dry new year's eve. we have our meteorologist standing by with the answer fingers crossed. >> fog not in the forecast. during the day it's a hazy sky. as go into the evening hour, we'll call it partly cloudy. you need the jacket. by midnight, temperatures in the 40s to low 50s across the board. we should be able to get those fireworks a-okay. as we welcome the new year, we welcome a new pattern. this is very good news in terms of our forecast. in the next seven days you see our rain chances stay with us. we're going to detail that and how much you can expect in a few minutes. >> thanks. >> reporter: many bay area trance agencies are providing free rides.
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all of them are offering free rides on new year's eve. it will start at 8:00 p.m. and last until the early hours of the morning and as part of a new year's tradition, b.a.r.t. will run extra trains until 3:00 a.m. monday morning. they'll run every 20 minutes but a good reminder some stations will be skipped because of overcrowding, so people are asked to plan ahead. don't forget, you can join the nationwide sep bracing with abc 7 and dick clark's new year's rockin' eve with ryan seacrest. all of that begins right here tomorrow night on abc 7. don't forget to join us and then at 11:30, the countdown to midnight as new year's rocken eve continues. extremely cold weather made a road in michigan like a collision course and a driver caught the tense moments. >> there was a car that was up against my bumper and somebody took out that car. there's another one. coming up, a look at the end
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result of the pileup and the state's feeling the arctic feel. and gaming that led
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leashing a man dead, the man blow, whoa, right in front of us. down in the ditch. whoa, whoa. there's another one. whoa, another one going in. >> what a mess. a crash involving 40 cars closed a stretch of highway for seven hours yesterday in whitehall, michigan, west of grand rapids. the good news, no one seriously
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hurtet one driver who was stuck in the ditch took video of the incident. speed was a factor in the chain reaction crash that happened in another zero visibility. well, michigan is just one of many states gripped by brutally cold weather right now. new york city health officials say times square will be around 11 degrees with a windchill that will feel like zero. in the meantime erie, pennsylvania, digging out from 5 fweet of snow is expecting 18 more inches. chicago, you see there completely frozen with a high today of 6 degrees. officials here tonight are concerned about the homeless. new details in the hoax emergency call that resulted in a police officer killing a man in kansas. los angeles police arrested this guy, 25-year-old tyler barrise. two people reported a shooting and hostage situation on thursday. officers then swarmed the address. police fatally shot a man at the home when they thought he was reaching for a gun.
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it started with an online argument over a small wage never a call of duty game. barrise reportedly believed a person involved lived that address. police don't believe the man that was killed was the intended target. a final farewell today for a shop in san jose that took a personal approach to creating a stap personal approach in asian cuisine. and a well known tennis player gets back on the courts. what serena is saying about getting back on the course. and meteorologist drew tuma. we'll talk about a
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there she is. today serena williams lost her first post-baby match. she lost in an exhibition match in dwru nighted emirates. williams took almost a year off after giving birth. she said after today's match she had a good time getting back on the court. well, here at home a historic shop in southeast's japantown closed this afternoon. san jose's toe few sold it last hand mate tofu this morning. it's been owned and operated by three generations of the nozaki family who have been making toe few for 71 years. the owners say they're getting oweder and it's getting to be too much work. they say they do plan to slow down and join a vacation in hawaii.
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and in accuweather it's a quiet start to the holiday weekend, the sun battling a lot of cloud cover earlier today. showing you that active sweep across the region, still coming up dry. we still have those high clouds overhead, but live doppler 7 is going to be tracking rain in the new week ahead. showing you those high clouds stillover head at this hour and we're entering the twilight hours. air quality will be poor along the north bay. another spare the air day is in effect. but with the pattern changing with the rain in the forecast, it will improve as we go into the days ahead. 57 right now in san francisco. we're at 60 in vallejo. so here's the call from accuweather. overnight tonight will drop into the 30s in our coldest spots. do remain dry and we'll have fog
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developing after midnight tonight. sunday it's going a partly sunny day. we'll have that haze in our atmosphere and temperatures pretty spot on where they should be. a high of 58 in san francisco. the same in oakland. about 61 in san jose, 63 the high in cloverday and 62 in concord. we're going to take it to the later night hours. tomorrow night, a blend of stars and clouts out there. jackets will be needed as we ring in the new year and by 2:00 we'll start to see temperatures drop into the upper 30s and lower 40s. december has just been absolutely dry across the region. take a look at this. last 30 days this month, san francisco has barely seen a tenth of an inch of rain. we should normally see 4 inches of rain. this is going to go down as the fourth driest december on record and those records go back to the 1800s.
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we do track some showers. the storm impact scale brings us back wednesday into thursday morning. there will be light showers. rainfall estimates right now, it's not a lot of rain, but it's good to see the pattern change. the future weather will get you into next week. wednesday afternoon into the evening hours, likely on and off light showers that will taper early thursday morning. that's not the only storm we're tracking. we'll spend the next seven days for you. partly sunny skies. we briring in the new year unde partly sunny skies. tapers thursday morning and then another one on friday. it's not going to be heavy rain, but, still, it's nice to see we're seeing a pattern. >> a lot of meteorologists and regular people are pumped too. >> i think so. >> drew, thank you. >> not me. >> you have the next few days.
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>> okay. i'll get a couple. i'm back and he's back. steph curry returns after messes 11 games with a
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warriors played 11 games during christmas without their mvp steph curry, but on the 12th game of christmas curry returned. he was warmed up. 5:40 tip-off.
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the dubs went 9-2. his sprained right ankle took on a life of its own but seemed okay. >> i think he's done everything possible to get himself ready for tonight, but o substitute for game action. my plan is to play him in six-, seven-minute bursts. but this is not an exact science. >> all right. byu led by eight in the second half. childs, 29 for the cougs. there was a forced overtime. it was all st. mary's in overtime. 2-0 conference after 574-64 win4 well, the pac-12, an abysmal
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session. if they finish with just one win, woit buld the worst every bowl win for a power five conference. last chance for victory. washington took on the fight tuomas. sunny glendale desert. saquon barkley saidset a record with his 92-yard touchdown run. barkley finished with 137 yards and two scores. but the huskies made a game of it. third quarter. jake browning with a pinpoint pass to aaron fuller. huskies down just seven, 28-21. too many tuomas. trace mcsorley floats it to hamill tob. it's 25-21, nittany lions. they go on to win. pac-12 finishes the bowl season, 1-8. lamar jackson. louisville taking on mississippi state. longest run of jackson's career
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right here, 75 yards. didn't score though. he also threw four picks. he looks like he has his eyes on the nfl draft. caton thompson scored three times including the game-winner with 3:30 to placement mississippi state wins 31-27. you need to see only one play from the liberty bowl. kyle kemp in trouble. ball's tipped by the memphis defender and iowa state receiver but la saturday grabs it in the back of the end zone. my producer told me to say it's schumannesque, but i'd be the guy to tip it instead of caught it. iowa state wins, 21-20. you get to watch 49er offensive linemen eat prime remember, always a fan favorite and congratulations to
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all right. back to that breaking news where one man is dead after police shot him outside wells fargo. police say the 30-year-old man pulled out a gun and fired it at them. we'll have an update at 6:00. a squirrel with an attitude has a surprise for police in new york. he broke into a home and was eating cookies. whoa. even jumped at officers. don't worry. the squirrel was captured and released safely. how scary is that.
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>> sugar does that to animals too. >> too hypoer. there you. >> that does it tonight, the new year's deep freeze. america in the grip of an arctic blast of life-threatening cold and snow coast to coast. and the deadly menace on the highways. will 2018 bring any relief? holiday on alert. vigilance in times square and at other new year's celebrations. the extraordinary show of force both seen and behind the scenes. swatting death. >> show your hands! >> police responding to what they thought was a violent domestic assault, killing an unarmed and innocent man. that call was a prank. the alleged caller arrested more than 1,000 miles away. cutting edge clue. the break in a cold case. the suspect of a brutal murder brought in after police used his brother's dna to find him. and


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