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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  January 20, 2018 1:42am-2:12am PST

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>> the greatest ever. >> it was really cool in its devastation. >> those weren't full bottles by the looks of it, just empty bottles so we can all sleep soundly tonight. they are at the beach for a photo shoot and it's her birthday and as we all know, angles matter, honey, so she is posing, so much she doesn't notice her man, charles, is no longer involved in the shoot. >> he's checked out. >> he's down on one knee and he's like mile. >> he wants to check in. >> why are we taking pictures? what's going on? she snapped the shot. >> suddenly me looks that. >> look at me. >> when me finally comes to, not only is he down on one knee, he's got a box with a ring in it, and now the tears just start to flow. >> girl, get it together though.
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you're on the sand. keep it smooth, grab the ring and put it on your finger because we've seen something like this. >> yeah but no, no, he has it safe and secure. meanwhile she's falling apart. >> she's trying to still look good. i can't start blubbering there's a camera here. this is my big moment. >> she gets it all together, kind of, puts her hand out. >> oh, that's super sweet. i love how emotional she is. >> and he puts the ring on her finger. >> hey. >> ooh, that's pretty. pretty setting. >> she's like look, y'all. now her girls roll in, seems super excited as do the other folks on the beach. something tells me this is a birthday she will never forget. there's a rescue under way. >> there was a woman on this ledge threatening to jump. >> but then a hero came along. when he finishes the rescue, does he go -- and, it's an intervention. >> you're cheap. >> what? >> you be the judge.
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ever. we are 16 stories up on this building in china. at this point there's a rescue under way. police officers responded to a call. there was a woman on this ledge threatening to jump. it looks like she's standing right above that, when you see there's a bit of a lip. they're distracting her, while you see another officer jump over the other side and swiftly go around the corner and just grab her, effectively saving her life. he didn't just save the life of this woman. according to some reports, she was two months pregnant at this time. >> wow. >> this officer wang hobin is getting a lot of attention and praise because of what he did and also sounds like he was a former gymnast which maybe helped his ability to do this. nevertheless this is a very dangerous situation and they are 16 stories up. >> goes to show why it was just a smooth move for him. once he gets over the ledge, and he walks toward her, he just gracefully helps lift her up and
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that was it. >> when he finishes the rescue does he go -- >> nobody likes a hero cop more than the mothers of single ladies and reports say that since the video has gone viral they found out about this eligible bachelor, they've been calling him trying to propose that he consider their daughters as a potential partner. at this moment, he said he's really not looking to get into a serious relationship, but thank you very much. he's just going to continue doing his good work. >> bro got options. that's why. just hanging out being lily. >> lily, can i bug you? >> give me a sec. . >> what are you doing? >> a hole in my shirt so i'm just fixing it. there. >> why didn't i think of that? >> you'll like this video. >> is it urgent? i was in the middle of stalking my ex. >> not urgent but there's a sale at target. >> i'll drive. >> grabs the keys, we're there.
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>> what's this? >> lily, have a seat. >> wait a minute. what's going on here? what's all this? >> we're having an intervention. we're having this intervention because you're cheap. >> what? >> cheap? >> she's not cheap. she's frugal with a financial plan. >> the other day it took me an hour to make you a milkshake. >> really? what's next, huh? we're going to start buying bottles of ketchup even though we have the packets from mcdonald's? >> the packets comment in handy. >> exactly, i'm with lily, she's frugal. >> last week i had a cold and the starbucks napkins were really rough on my nose. >> oh, his poor nose was a little bit sore. >> that's horrible. it's like your skin is wounded. you've got no skin after a while. >> you guys hate trees? >> i love the trees but i don't
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want my nose across the bark. >> and that's what this i'm sure felt like. >> now these guys are getting flat out wrong. >> listen, lily, all we're saying maybe if you weren't so economically cautious, things would change, like maybe you wouldn't be single. >> excuse me? >> dating a cheap person is not easy. >> does this bring back any memories here in. >> i treated my ex like a king. do you know how many times i made him classy dinners? ♪ happy anniversary, babe. >> that is funny. >> honestly, this entire intervention, total rubbish. let's just get back to work. >> the wifi isn't working. >> can you call the neighbors, please? >> yeah, to ask them if theirs is working? >> no, and ask them for the new password obviously. she's got day care duty.
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maybe you're supposed to give a banana on the way by or peanuts. >> maybe they like messing with folks. >> maybe they just like messing with folks. >> this elephant doesn't like the safari tour. i don't like you, you or you. you're cool. finally the elephant is like you want to pass this might be the time. >> it's got attitude. it's got swagger. >> check this out. >> one day, simba, all these tourists will be yours. >> apparently she's got day care duty in the middle of the road, so there she is. you know what, i'm going to chill right here. lay down, baby. they can wait. >> who is going to say anything? exactly. you're a lion. you know what? i'm lying here. >> look at the backup. >> everybody's "lion" around. jasmine here is a makeup
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artist but not just any makeup artist. once she starts adding those very bright colors, she is setting up the foundation for something even cooler. >> ziggy stardust, david bowie. >> once she's done with t makeup, she adds the finishing touch. >> hey now. is that a real butterfly? >> actually this is a moth, but she didn't just do moths. >> oh no, no, no, no, no. no, no, no, not the worm. >> actually in her instagram she has a ton of different looks with insects she's done. some of them she gets from her own backyard. some she orders from the web, but she says they are all real, and she uses them for all of her looks. >> i've got to give it to her, though. >> oh! you don't have to give it to her! >> it's art. that's nasty but it's art. >> this one she has an
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>> nid. >> get it? this one the tarantula is pretty rad and i love the touch of the red contact as well. >> people might raise an eyebrow but it's all taking a fashion magazine to trend it and there it goes. >> oli, the new thing. >> might be a great spring look. >> get it, spring? >> yeah. >> two. there's a bit of a problem with her jeans. cheeky. it's a new fashion style? see what's going on that's causing a stir. >> say something, pe
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>> i can dot spri the sprinklin. this woman obviously has a little bit of a problem. >> cheeky. is it a new fashion style? >> this woman with an obvious precarious situation stands in
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front of these ladies and they're both looking at each other like, huh? >> is it obvious? there are people who have their cheeks hanging out left, right and center, torn up pan >> all right. >> let's see what happens when she walks past these dudes. it's like a big old full-on booty cheek out hole. >> even at first they thought it was a patch. >> i can see where some fellas might feel perplexed about saying anything. >> right. >> you've got some younger fellas over here. >> they're wondering whether they should say anything or whether they should shut up, because it's the first time they've ever seen one. >> i think there's a proper way to let someone know there's an issue. >> this is true but to his point, at their age, they're just like hee, hee, hee. >> these girls have more holes in their pants than she does. >> we should do that! >> they're probably thinking
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right now, is that intentional? maybe she just dressed her pants herself with her diy. >> maybe i'm sensitive. i have sat down and stood up and ripped and did you see my behind hanging out, if you do, y'all better tell me. >> her shoulders are out. >> how are we supposed to know? >> our budget didn't cover her shoulders. >> eventually she does come back and fess up. >> i'm just filming a funny youtube video of my ripped pants. >> oh. >> he's like, i should have her but if i had told her i'd have let her know i was looking at her behind. >> they were torn. >> she was like, no. >> the jeans were torn or they were torn? >> they both were. >> say something, people! if you liked that episode, go to our facebook page and tell us how much.
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