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tv   ABC 7 News at 5  ABC  January 21, 2018 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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>> the central government shut down. >> disappointment today from local and tourists alike as day two of the government shutdown takes a toll on bay area tourist spots. hello and thanks for joining us. i'm eric thomas. >> and we'll have a look at the growing impact of that shutdown
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in just a moment. >> first to developing news on efforts to end it. a lock now from our nation's capital where it's word now that senators are close to an agreement. >> while there may be moves behind the scenes to find a compromise, publicly politicians are digging in. >> here's the latest. >> reporter: both democrats and republicans in the senate pointing fingers. >> this is pure folly. americans know why the dysfunction is occurring, a dysfunctional president. >> reporter: a resolution to the current government shutdown in many ways hinges on the country's foundation, immigration. >> the democrats are saying that they will not vote to reopen the government until they have an agreement on immigration, and republicans are saying they won't even negotiate on negotiation until the government is reopen. >> reporter: but beyond all the tough talk there are whispers that the democratic leader and chuck schumer are inching towards a deal. that agreement would include legal status for some 800,000 so-called d.r.e.a.m.ers,
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undocumented immigrants who came into this country as children as who face deportation by march unless congress acts. >> we're going to build a wall. >> reporter: in exchange the president would get full funding for his border wall, one of his campaign promises at a price tag of $20 billion over seven years. the president was critical of president obama's leadership in 2013, the last time we had a government shutdown. >> you have to get everybody in a room and have to be a leader. the president has to lead. >> reporter: but today just tweeting in part the dems just want illegal immigrants to pour into our nation unchecked. the white house says the president is talking but only with republicans. >> today house minority leader nancy pelosi defended criticism that the democrats were responsible for a government shutdown. she spokes specifically to ease worries of active military members. >> i want them to ignore anything that they are hearing from the other side, that they are not going to get paid, that we're not there for them. they are going to get paid, and we want them to have the
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resources they need to keep america safe. and to keep themselves safe. >> this morning president trump sent a tweet blaming democrats for siding with illegal immigrants over the military. the national do not call registry is also being impacted by the shutdown. the registry has this message on its website saying it's unable to offer website service. most other government website services say they continue to operate normally including the cdc and security administration sites. thousands of government employees will be off the job tomorrow if the shutdown continues, and here are some of the agencies that would be impacted. abc news reports the department of homeland security will furlough more than 30,000 of its 232,000 workers. there still will be normal security at airports. the department of education will be reduced from 4,000 employees to 250, most working with student financial aid, and the national transportation safety board staff will be reduced from 405 to 22 people, most investigations cannot be
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launched or continued during the shutdown. >> now, here in the bay area, most of the impact is being felt throughout the golden gate national recreation area where many visitors got a big surprise today finding out their favorite places were closed. abc 7 news reporter cornell bernard is live at aquatic park with details on this. cornell? >> reporter: hi, dion. so many attractions forced to close this weekend. check it out, the gates are closed at the is san francisco maritime national historic park on the high street pier, home to all the tall ships. it's closed due to the government shutdown along with a list of others. >> i'm surprised. i've never seen it ever be closed. >> reporter: it was a sunday morning shock to see closed gates on the road to ft. point. >> it's a hassle. >> reporter: the route a big favorite for runners, bikers and tourists, part of the golden gate recreational area that's been forced to close many landmarks due to the u.s. government shutdown. >> we were just looking forward to walking up closer to the
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fort, but another time. >> reporter: the signs didn't stop many from defying the closure by simply going around and under the gates. when we were there, the u.s. park police didn't stop anyone. >> i just think it's ridiculous frankly and thank goodness we don't pay attention to the signs so we've just gone around and gone on down and the bridge is beautiful. >> the park is closed today. >> the parking lot to muir woods was blocked by police and the national monument closed on sunday, a victim of the shutdown. >> we're disappointed that the place wasn't opened up and go in and stick to our plan today, but, i mean, onwards and upwards. >> they told us we could go in. >> these tourists from ohio were told by police they could enter the woods only at their own risk. >> pretty beautiful. >> pretty big freeze, right? >> debby klein says it wasn't the same without rangers and concessions inside. >> the fact that the government can't reach decisions and shuts them down to us when they belong
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to us. it's very disappointing. >> reporter: the shutdown has forced alcatraz to cancel its behind-the-scenes and nighttime tours. daytime tours continue and the company running the boats is footing the bell. cornell bernard, abc news. >> for a complete look at impact of the shutdown in the bay area, we have a list on our website, a look at the weather and live look here at current conditions, and we're in for a wet overnight and monday morning commute. here's drew tuma with more on that. >> live dopplerp tracking showers. we'll get you closer into street level. beginning to see our first reports of drops around hillsberg and 101 a bit wet in this region and the system ranks a 1, a light system on the storm impact scale and highest totals will be in the north bay. outside of the north bay the numbers really drop off rather rapidly, but the timing is not so great, especially in the south bay. 12-hour plans are overnight
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tonight and tomorrow morning. look at that, by can have in the mrning, even california in the morning, showers are in the forecast. it will be a slower morning commute tomorrow than usual, and an even stronger storm will move in behind this and that accuweather income a few minutes, guys. >> thanks. a richmond man faces charges for a hit-and-run crash that left another man injured. 19-year-old corel hackett is accused of running down a man before 1:00 yesterday morning on brookside traffic. police tracked down hackett after finding a car with front end damage. investigators are asking any witnesses for information about the crash. >> new details now in the deadly mud slide in santa barbara county. crews found the body of a missing mother yesterday now bringing the death toll to 21. a dog team helped fine the woman more than a mile from her home. her 10-year-old son was also killed in the mud slide. two more people are mission since rains hit wildfire scorched hillsides in montecito on january 9th. after being covered by that mud
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slide, highway 101 in montecito opened this afternoon and caltrans tweeted this picture of the opening and said crews were working around the clock on the highway, cleaning drainage area, repairing guardrails and signs an fixing embankments. >> and a sign of recovery after the north bay wildfires. tomorrow students will return to two schools that have been closed since the fires broke out more than three months ago. students at cardinal newman high school will return to campus tomorrow. 22 new portables have been built on the school grounds which were devastated by the fire. students at nearby st. rows catholic school north of santa rosa will also return tomorrow. ceremonies are planned at both campuses to thank first responders. a teenaged driver forces neighborhood evacuations. we'll show you why next. >> plus, a dangerous drive that had people in san francisco scrambling for safety. tonight, what we're learning for the man behind the wheel. >> we decided it's time to go. we outlasted everybody, i guess.
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and all of our plans include free preventive care. financial help is available, so check for yourself to see what savings you qualify for. open enrollment ends january 31st, so don't miss out. because you never know when life... ...will change. get covered today. a car crash this morning in the east base forced people out of their homes. abc 7 news was in richmond where you can see a car plowed into a house. the area was evacuated due to a broken gas line. police say they arrested a 16-year-old and hit another car before crashing into the house. he suffered minor injuries. no one else was hurt. new details now on a bizarre incident yesterday when a man drove his fan down sidewalks in san francisco's castro distribute. we just learned that police have
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identified the driver as 70-year-old kenneth rotter who they say lives in the van. rotter says he was having trouble with his brakes. security videos shows the van narrowly missing people inside a store. rotter is in jail and faced a dozen charges including attempted murder and driving while under the influence of drugs. >> the days before netflix, hulu and amazon prime and youtube there was blockbuster and take one video. today it's no more t.had the distinction of being the very last video rental store open in contra costa county and last ye day for them to say good-bye to their customers. >> you don't have to talk about movies. have you a rapport with customers that's about them and their lives and stuff. >> take one video dropped vhs
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rentals in 2005 and since they have been renting dvds, most of the dvds are for sale. >> a moment on a train bound to paris forever changed the lives of three men from northern california. >> their current made them heroes and now they are about to become movie stars. >> coming up, how their lives have since changed. >> we're tracking a pair of storms and a stronger storm will bring heavier rain widespread later we can now repair complex at saortic aneurysmsare, without invasive surgery. if we can do that, imagine what we can do for varicose veins. and if we can precisely treat eye cancer with minimal damage to the rest of the eye, imagine what we can do for glaucoma, even cataracts.
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a new clint eastwood film about the three northern california friends who stop a terrorist attack on a northbound train premiers in three weeks. [ explosion ] >> this looks really good. the 1517 to paris follows the
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heroic 25 is a saga of sacramento airman is spencer stone and two of his friends. the three tackled a gunman and stopped what could have been a massacre on that train. in a rare move east wad had the three heroes play themselves in the fan. >> he said there was something about us that he liked and liked our faces and thought it would be kind of a crazy unique idea so i said why not. >> the film hits theaters on february 9th. stone says the next three weeks will be full of interviews and media tours. >> this is a weekend to remember for skiers and snowboarders in tahoe. this video is from heavenly resort showing conditions and they say they are enjoying about a foot of snow. can you see t fresh powder on the ground and surrounding hillsides. more snow expected tonight. >> and that same system that will bring light snow to the
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sierra. light rain over the next 12 hours. live doppler 7 tracking some showers out there. that's where we're starting to see the weather and starting to see that. live doppler 7, south santa rosa so 1 and even reports as far as rona park and this system will sweep through while many of us are sleeping. it's going to be light rain. it's not heavy, unfortunately. temperature-wise clouds certainly impacting the north bay and look at the numbers right now. only in the 40s for afternoon highs well below average for this time of the year. most sports mid to upper 50s the name of the game so here's the call from accuweather. over the next 12 hours we'll have the light showers first starting in the north bay and sinking south and with the showers and cloud cover it kind of acts like a blanket which means temperatures not as chilly as we have been the past couple
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of nights no. 30s on the boards and we'll settle in the mid to upper 40s. it's a light system that ranks a up. tonight kind of lingering into the first half of our monday as well so can you see the north bay. we'll have the highest totals and keep it lingering the longest. half of inch of rainfall up there and outside of the north bay, much lower amount and even the south bay will struggle to find accumulation out of it and the winds generally like 15 to 25 miles per hour. time this entire system out. watch the time stamp right now and start it off the current time at 5:30 and notice the showers in the north bay and will take its time and it will sink south of the golden bay and drops starting to develop by sok later on tonight. i would expect light light light after midnight. you can see we'll stop this at 6:00 monday morning.
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monday morning commute getting under way and, yes, we'll have light showers still in the vicinity. likely south of the golden gate. that's the best chance to see the showers for the commute and then the system will quickly wrap up in the mid-morning hours so future tracker rainfall estimates showing you the highest rainfall likely going to be in the north bay, over half an inch there and outside the north bay the numbers quickly fall off. i think a lot of spots generally close to a quarter of an inch, say oakland and san francisco, much less than that as you get into the south bay, less than a tenth of an inch and use caution for the monday morning commute. we'll have light showers, slick roads out there. remember, if you're using your wipers, that means your headlights have to be on as well. early morning showers giving way to late day peeks of sunshine and temperatures stuck in the mid-to upper 50s and the accuweather forecast. tomorrow, morning showers kind of impacting some from the morning commute and dry skies on tuesday and then a stronger storm arrives here on wednesday
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with downpours and some wind. it's as it on the storm impact scale. much cooler and then we dry out just in time for the weekend saturday and sunday. >> keep umbrellas always for this time of the year. >> yes. >> drew, thanks. >> sure. >> sports is up next. football is going on. my favorite sports store is philadelphia the greasing of the light poles so they can't climb them after the game. >> not quite yet but they might be ready for it. >> san mateo's trade has been nursing a cut on his right hand but would i you could save energy by weaving your own shoes... out of flax. or simply adjust your thermostat. do your thing, with energy upgrade california.
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today's afc championship game was being build as david versus goliath at defending super bowl champ new england took on jacksonville. a team that went 3-13 last season. tom brady needed ten stitches on his right hand this week but it would be no problem. jags quarterback blake bortles played a near perfect first half finding mercedes lewis in the end zone. 7-3 jacksonville and leonard fournette bulls his way in. 14-3. brady goes deep for his tight end rob gronkowski though barry church lead with his shoulder and the helmet is the hid apt chuchd is flagged with unnecessary roughness. gronk left with a concussion and never game back. the big penalty helped set up this touchdown by james white. jacksonville led at the half 1-10 but the five-time champs always seem to find a way.
5:24 pm
down by ten in the fourth brady to danny amendola and with 3:00 left brady finds amendola again and the patriots take the lead. on fourth and 14 bortles' pass is knocked away by gilmore. new england wins 24-20, brady and coach bill belichick are headed to their eighth super bowl. >> i think that's really a mark of this team and these players is when we need it the most that's -- that's when we played hour best and fortunately we were able to do that today. >> i was proud of the way we fought. a mentally tough team and new zealanded a lot of mental toughness and found a way to get it done on offense. >> a lot about preparation and opportunity, no fear. just get out there and get it done, man. that's what we're all about in this building. >> the warriors return to action on tuesday when they play host to the knicks. last night the ws had their 14-game winning streak snapped
5:25 pm
in houston that's thanks to nine-time awl star chris paul who led houston with 29 points and the addition has given james harden some relief and kevin durant said it's not just him. >> i like their coach and they have a good home crowd. the difference between them last year and this year, everybody is going to say c.p. but they are just playing harder on the defensive side of the ball. i fell like they have got versatile defenders and it's more than just c.p. they are doing a great job and just meshing together. >> in women's basketball, number 21 cal was at usc. this was a close one. kristen simons scores to put the trojans up by four late in the fourth and had 21 points and the bears response and thomas with the nice drive to the basket here and lays it up and in. cal holds off us c62-59 and the prayers 14-5. with former stanford players connie and bonnie samuelson took
5:26 pm
on, the cardinal took on ucla and the turnover lead to this layup and they led by ten at the half. the cardinal tried to come back and williams pops here but ucla would not be cut. kennedy burke knocks down the three and the bruins win 64-53 and stanford falls to 12-8. in the nfc championship game, the eagles lead the vikings 24-7 at the half. minnesota is trying to become the first team to play the super bowl in their home stadium. they may need another miracle to get there. >> you know, i was just thinking, maybe we could put glue on the light poles instead of cisco. >> that's cruel. >> a sticky situation. >> yes. >> thanks a lot. >> well, we have a tribute to the ooey gooey deliciousness we
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new at 6:00, the family of a korean war soldier finally gets to say good-bye half a century after his death. come up what, took so long to identify him. >> and amazon's new grocery on the go. no waiting in line. how it works tonight at 6:00. >> all right. for some it's like a warm hug, maybe a blanket in a bowl. >> it's the ultimate comfort food, mac & cheese and abc 7 news was at san francisco's soma street food park for the great mac & cheese meltoff where they featured is a vendors. >> where's our samples? >> hard to tell what people
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talk. they just couldn't talk with their mouths full. >> they tonight, breaking news in the shutdown battle. the new vote to reopen the government just hours away. gop senators claiming they have enough democrats on board to end the shutdown. president trump calling for the "nuclear option," telling republicans to bypass democrats and vote. getting his wall? senator chuck schumer's major revelation. agreeing to fund president trump's border wall in exchange for an immigration deal. what white house sources tell abc news about the plan to make the wall a reality. also breaking tonight, the new storm. blizzard warnings from colorado to minnesota. dangerous driving on the highways. big rigs rolling off the roads. plus, the tornado watch just issued. deadly hotel attack. gunmen storming a hotel overseas.


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