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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  February 1, 2018 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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a car burglary in process near allamo square, moments later another suspect rammed into the officer. it all began around noon today at hayes and pierce. >> reporter: that officer has nonlife-threatening injuries. there are three suspects in custody, and one of those suspects was also injured. meantime, a woman who was visiting san francisco had just arrived with her family and saw her vehicle being broken into, right before that undercover officer jumped into action. >> undercover police officers were conducting surveillance in alamo square, an area known for car break ins, as officers watched, so did erin g.'s husband. >> he called me come back, our car was smashed, our car was broken. >> reporter: the couple visiting from orlando, florida had just arrived in san francisco.
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jas jason mcilvoy describes the accident. >> i saw swung fly up in the air. >> reporter: the undercover officer who had been on this bicycle attempted to detain the person breaking into this car, when a driver in a nearby car -- >> rammed the officer and in doing so also ran over one of the 19s. >> reporter: the officer has nonlife-threatening injuries, police say the suspect's condition is unclear. >> we think it's just madness. >> reporter: police say the driver who rammed the officer and suspect got into another collision at hate and buchanan. police arrested a third suspect who was in the passenger seat of the carr and fled on food at linden and buchanan. police say they have been focused on reducing and eliminating car break ins. this is the gee's second visit to san francisco, will there be a third? >> maybe? that's life, right? what can you do.
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new at 5:00, the san francisco's police officer's association is now speaking about this incident. in a statement this evening, association president martin halloran writes, it is so frustrating to sfpd officers that are use of force policy prohibits us from shooting at a suspect in a vehicle even if that suspect is trying to kill or seriously injure innocent officers. this is the second time in the last four months that an a frsfs d officer has been hit. on officer suffered a serious head injury after being hit by a vehicle. and an officer was also hit today across the bay in hayward. a man in a stolen suv rammed into a sheriff's deputy not once but twice, it rapped at arbor
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avenue and royal avenue. the deputy was on his motorcycle and was able to fire a few rounds in the direction of the driver, it's not clear if the suspect was shot. >> reporter: the officer is with the alameda county sheriff's office and was on his motorcycle. he was doing some radar enforcement and when he tried to pull over the driver of an suv, the suspect refused to stop. the sheriff's office said he then rammed the officer. >> we're very thankful that he's okay, but he was literally rammed and dragged on that motorcycle like a rag doll. >> reporter: the officer then fired several rounds hitting the suv. the suspect then took off and was able to drive about a mile to another neighborhood where he dumped the stolen suv and ran off. it was later found thanks to the chp helicopter that spotted it from above. when the suv was taken away, there were no visible signs of blood on the ground. the suv was abandoned in front
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of this man's home. he told us they're all afraid because of what happened. while they were looking for him, two nearby schools, a high school and a preschool both on royal avenue were on lockdown. >> then they just gave us an announcement that we were on lockdown and it wasn't a drill, that was it. >> reporter: concerns? >> not really. just hope police are staying on top of everything. >> reporter: so you felt safe in the school? >> yes, didn't let nobody in, didn't let nobody out. >> reporter: all the high school kids and preschool kids were inside and remained there several hours. the contra costa county chp motorcycle officer wants the public to know he's on the road to being back on the job. the chp posted this picture of officer martin lendway who looks like he's on control at the
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hospital on walnut creek. a driver hit officer lendway on highway 4 las month. there's a question about the future of an anti-war memorial just across from the b.a.r.t. station in lafayette. once considered highly controversial when it first went up. the memorial has become part of the landscape really. but now it's future is uncertain. laura anthony is live in la fay yet with the story. laura? >> reporter: these crosses have been here for more than a decade, but when the property owner died in 2011, there was a sense that someday her children might want to do something different with this land. now it appears that day has come. it's been more than six years
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since charles clark's mother died leaving her five acres of land to her children. she was the founder and supporter of the lafayette crosses, put up in 2006 as an anti-ar statement. now charles clark says it's going to go up for sale. >> it's my goal to keep a memorial of some sort going here if we can. >> reporter: clark has offered to donate the southern slope where the crosses sit to the city. >> every situation they have declined my offer, they don't want it. >> reporter: every time clark has redrawn the property lines to make it more attractive to buyers. >> mr. clark wanted to move his property line between his two parcels so that the two homes that exist on one parcel can now have their own lot. >> reporter: it's been presented to the full city counsel. >> if someone adopted or is
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involved in this now, and i don't think he has a right to just take it away. >> reporter: but not everyone in lafayette is a fan of the memorial, including some families who have lost loved ones in the wars. >> someone will come up to me and say you got to get rid of those crosses, they're a terrible insult to my family. >> reporter: the city council will consider the next step for the property on february 12. the san francisco mayor mark ferrell got to work today on cleaning up the city, literally cleaning up the city. abc7 news was in the tenderloin as ferrell put on a team sf fix it desk and joined other community involvement organizations to throw away trash, clean up graffiti and make the area a cleaner place to live and visit. >> this affects san francisco residents, it also of course affects tourism.
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our economy is very dependent upon in san francisco. i have family who visit all the time. we need to do better, we can do better as a city. >> san francisco mayor ed lee started the sf fix it team. it's something ferrell says he'll focus on in the next year, that's when his current term ends and an election will be held. would you go on a marijuana tour of san francisco? take a look on your screen, we have some instant results at the moment. no way at 30%, and 12% of you say maybe. 56% of you, the majority saying, sure, you would take a marijuana tour. you can weigh in right now on abc7, reservations for that tour by the way are now available and we will give you one last look at the poll
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results aftresult s. >> so >> reporter: some call it a budding industry, cannabis tourism is beginning to take shape in california and at least one entrepreneur plans to take part in it. >> the idea is to be an ambassador around the world. >> we have to inform, we also have to come down to the consumer's level and walk them through the process of understanding things, hold their hand. >> reporter: at a cost of $295 per person, the tours are geared toward out of state tourists. visitors will stop at multiple dispensaries including barbary coast. >> there is a stigma, that's why we wanted to create a place like this that's safe, clean, comfortable. >> reporter: there are other places of cultural significance.
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this visitor from ohio went to a marijuana dispensary and called it liberating. >> it was so much fun. at first it was a little weird, because it's just not able to be open about it. >> >> accept this into our culture, accept this into our society and show people that we can live happy lives here in the bay area. you know, we have been faking a poll, the question being would you take a marijuana tour of san francisco? so some of you voted during that report, so let's take another look. no way, gaining at 37% now saying no way would you take such a tour. maybe 6%, a few of you saying maybe, but the majority 56% still say sure, why not? thank you so much for weighing in at abc7 this crowd works fast.
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in less than a minute, four thieves stole an atm from a gas station in fresno county. there's a surveillance video of that incident three weeks ago around 3:30 in the morning, four men broke in and took the atm and a safe. they loaded the atm in the truck but left the safe behind. the store manager arrived just five minutes later after the alarm went off. but they were gone. the atm was later discovered without the cash inside of course. california republicans, is it a kinder, gentler party? >> republicans are different here and we always have been. >> a new ad and a push to boost the ranks. here's a question, lebron james playing for the warriors? speculation is strong and so is the reaction from the team. record setting warmth today and we're not done, more records are likely in the coming days, we'll take a look at those straight ahead. and a better way to watch
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tv. just in time for the super bowl. >> abc7 news will be right back. we're alaska airlines. and we don't just fly lumberjacks to glaciers. we fly app developers to mexico city. novelists to nashville. and pilates instructors to palm springs. sure, we love a good glacier.
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but we also like a little cocoa butter. a palo alto high school seems to be distancing itself from actor frames franco. the school's superintendent tells abc7 news that the mural was always intended to be temporary. franco has given film seminaries and fundraised for the school in the past. he has yet to respond to abc7 news about the removal of his work. a bill working to improve the reported culture of sexual misconduct at the state capitol passed the state senate today. it would make it illegal for a
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staffer to retaliate against someone who reports sexual harassment. t the bill has died in committee over the past four years, but as women have started to come forward now with tales of sexual harassment, lawmakers say it was important to pass this bill now. >> we need to create a culture in which women are valued, where women are perceived as equals. >> the bill is scheduled for a vote in the assembly next monday, it is expected to pass. some california republicans are trying to make their party relevant, with a little rebranding, they have just released their second new ad called climate change is real. >> california's heart beats to the rhythm of our diverse people. climate change is real. california republicans believe it and are working to addres it. yes, it's california. >> the group calls itself new way california, members hope they will appeal to people who
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no longer feel part of the national part and democrats disillusioned with their party with republicans making up only 25% of the state electorate, new way california says the party needs to evolve. >> republicans, i think have been locked into a certain position, i used to joke around saying, no taxes, strong gun control, you know, small government. i think we have evolved beyond that. >> former governor arnold schwarzenegger a republican has said he will help the group any way he can. well, if this happens, the warriors may never lose another game, think of this, lebron james suiting up and joining steph, clay and k.d., which is already the most talented lineup in the nba. lebron is said to be considering that idea if the money is right. >> reporter: warriors forward kevin durant had a couple of
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thoughts about the possibility of lebron talking to golden state. >> [ bleep ]. >> but reports are lebron is expected to pass up a $45 million payday and opt out of his contract with the cavaliers to become an unrestricted free at. he said if the warriors could come up with the salary, he would be willing to join steph curry aon the warriors. >> we're just getting away from the real game, we're getting away from what really matters. >> reporter: head coach steph kerr says acquiring talent is the job of bob meyers and his staff. and he said he likes it that way. >> i don't interfere. >> reporter: as for myers, he says leaules prevents him from talk about players of other
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teams. i asked him if he would consider a power forward. he did say teams even great ones are always looking to improve. >> we look around and exproper different things. >> all >> reporter: all of this is very unlikely, but it generates buzz, and that's good for the team, the league and everybody. and it also reiterates s golde state as a great team for players. >> it makes you think, doesn't it? the houston rockets take on lebron and the cavaliers on saturd saturday, pregame starts at 5:30. now to consumer news. still talking about sports a little bit, because the super bowl is coming up and you may not be getting the clearest
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picture possible on your tv. >> it's all about the settings, of course. michael finney is here. it's amazing how we all focus on our televisions. >> if you're planning to watch the olympics on your current set, you want the best possible picture. and there are a few tricks to help you get there. with some major sporting events like the super bowl and the olympics right around the corner, you'll want to get your tv in picture perfect shape. and believe iter n or not, cons reports says that means avoiding the sports mode setting. >> it tends to artificially boost brightness, contrast and colors and that makes the picture look unnatural. we suggest either the movie or cinema mode which will give you the most natural looking picture. >> another preset mode to avoid, dynamic or vivid.
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one more trick from the consumer reports playbook, turn off noise reduction and motion smoothing. >> motion smoothing can cause film to look like video. sometimes it's called a soap opera effect where film starts to look like a daytime tv program. >> take it easy with the sharpness by keeping it near zero, turning it up too much can make the picture detail look less natural, and for color as well as tint, this is what you should be looking for. >> with tintd, you want the most natural looking flesh 100 mill are expected to watch the super bowl. >> we all like blue so they tend to set it more towards blue. you want it to be white, not
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blue. >> that's interesting, because i like it more yellow. so i tune it myself. >> you have already done it. >> thanks, michael, let's bring the weather into focus. boy is it a warm one for winter. we had highs today for records. livermore, 73 at sfo, this one i had to take a double take here. clover dale, believe it or not, it was 80 degrees. 71 in san francisco, fairfield, napa, it was definitely a warm day no matter where you were, and we're going to keep that warmth going as we head into tomorrow, we're basically going to see those temperatures come up again to record levels, so take a look, the average high for san francisco is 59 degrees, well above average for the next seven days, we are going to be seeing records again. low 70s friday, saturday, a little bit of a dip as we head into the second half of the
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weekend, only to recover again. i do want to show you live doppler 7 right now, those high clouds not really interfering with our solar interference. what a stunning shot here, you'll want to take pictures of the sunset tonight, send them to us, with the #rightnow. san francisco, 68, 70 in san jose, half moon bay is 63 degrees. this should be on a postcard. 74 santa rosa, 72 in concord, everyone else in the 60s. another live stunning picture from our emeryville camera, cool to comfortable in the morning, record highs are likely friday through sunday and there's no rain in sight. you'll notice that oakland, san jose and sfo are likely to reach record levels. tomorrow morning, cool to comfortable, mid 40s to the low 50s, may have a few high clouds around and that's about it.
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for the afternoon, it's warm, it's sunny, 74 in the south bay and san jose. 75 gilroy. you need the shorts and short sleeves. 71 degrees if you like it warm downtown. mid 70s, santa rosa, berkeley and the east bay. 74 in concord and also in livermore. now i do want to show you what the climate prediction center is saying for the next ten days, unfortunately, dry on the west coast, you have to go to the east coast to get any wet weather. here's the accuweather 7-day forecast, record warmth tomorrow, records are likely tomorrow and saturday. when you're watching the game, it's going to be some warmth out there, very little change as we head through next week. download the app and you can check out those temperatures hour by hour, minute by minute.
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breaking news just in to our newsroom. homeland security raided 77 businesses researching for illegal workers. >> officials confirm their inspection notices were delivered to businesses in san francisco, san jose and sacramento this week. the notices alert a business owner that agents will be auditing their hiring records to make sure they're complying with the law. i.c.e. says this is part of a promise to step up work site enforcement. >> i.c.e. conducted 7-eleven stores. i.c.e. was planning a major sweep targeting california sanctuary cities, but it's not
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clear if this is in fact that sweep. salmon can thrive in a restored california weather. salmon successfully spawned in the these photos are from the u.s. bureau of reclamation. we have one more shot of yesterday's spectacular lunar eclipse. >> we couldn't we have one to two fires a day and when you respond together and you put your lives on the line, you do have to surround yourself with experts. and for us the expert in gas and electric is pg&e.
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we run about 2,500/2,800 fire calls a year and on almost every one of those calls pg&e is responding to that call as well. and so when we show up to a fire and pg&e shows up with us it makes a tremendous team during a moment of crisis. i rely on them, the firefighters in this department rely on them, and so we have to practice safety everyday. utilizing pg&e's talent and expertise in that area trains our firefighters on the gas or electric aspect of a fire and when we have an emergency situation we are going to be much more skilled and prepared to mitigate that emergency for all concerned. the things we do every single day that puts ourselves in harm's way, and to have a partner that is so skilled at what they do is indispensable, and i couldn't ask for a better partner.
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coming up tonight on abc7 "news at 6:00," a federal agency declares a moderate drought in
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nearly half of california. why experts are not that concerned, at least not right now. and an ongoing investigation into electronics fires. it michael f it. and we have got the results of the staggering number of people looking for a serious relationship, all of that coming up in a half an hour. that super blue blood moon that captivated the west coast yesterday morning. >> the celestial event didn't mean much to this guy hanging out in the bay. >> early liberty captured this s video and posted it on instagram. >> he had work to do. didn't have time to stop and stare. >> "world news tonight" with david muir is next. >> for all of us here, thanks so
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much for watching, we appreciate your time. oh, my goodness, look how beautiful that is. tonight, the school shooting. a 12-year-old girl with the gun. the fear and panic inside this middle school. the 12-year-old allegedly opening fire in a classroom. a boy and girl both hit. police swarming the school in california. also developing tonight, the white house now says president trump has read the secret memo and is now prepared to declassify it, allowing for its release, despite a very rare and urgent appeal from his own hand-picked fbi director, who says he has grave concerns. the deadly flu. tonight, the newest victims. a 5-year-old, a 15-year-old. and tonight, the 911 call with another boy struggling to breathe. they could not save him. and the new study just out about the flu vaccine. how effective is it? the mayor standing before the cameras. what she admits. >> i know that god will forgive


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