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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  February 1, 2018 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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live where you live, this is abc7 news. >> what the administration is doing is putting fear in our communities. you can only imagine the stress that people are going through. >> new concern tonight after i.c.e. agents hit dozens of northern california businesses. good evening, i'm dan ashley. >> and i'm kristen sze in for alma daetz. tonight 77 businesses in northern california now have just days to provide paperwork to i.c.e. about their employees. >> abc7 news reporter katie marzullo is live in san mateo with more on this new worry tonight for undocumented immigrants in the bay area. katie? >> reporter: dan and kristen, religious leaders gathered at this church this evening to stand in solidarity against the threat of i.c.e. raids. little did they know earlier this week, agents were auditing businesses across the bay area. >> if you need a place, our
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houses of faith are open to you. >> for us this is not a political issue. it's a moral issue. >> reporter: religious leaders gathered in san mateo to stand in solidarity with immigrants. >> as we stand on the side of love with the most vulnerable among us. >> reporter: for three days prior i.c.e. agents have been making the rounds in northern california. they audited 77 businesses in san francisco, sacramento and san jose looking for illegal hires like undocumented immigrants. >> i think the administration is at war against california and we have to resist. > reporter: the operation was similar to one on january 10th when agents targeted 7-eleven stores. an i.c.e. spokesperson said the stepped up efforts protect jobs for u.s. citizens and others who are lawfully employed. quote, eliminating unfair competitive advantages for companies that hire an illegal wrk force and strengthening public safety and national security. at the kongs gagsal church in san mateo, they have a response line to help protect immigrants
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from ice action. >> to make sure that people is able to have a due process and to really be enabled to stay in the country. >> reporter: importers who were audited have three business days to produce their employment records. in san mateo, katie marzullo, abc7 news. >> and some developing news now. president trump may release a classified memo written by central valley congressman devin nunes as soon as tomorrow. tonight the fbi is asking the white house not to make this controversial document public. this, as the president is ignoring questions about his hand-picked fbi director. >> mr. president, what about the fbi director's grave concerns? don't you trust him? >> sources tell abc7 news the memo suggests fbi showed political bias against him. even before reading it, the president made it clear he wants it made public. >> don't worry, 100%. >> that puts mr. trump squarely at odds with fbi director
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christopher wray, the fbi yesterday took the extraordinary step of issuing a statement opposing the memo's release citing, quote, grave concerns about its accuracy. tonight the fbi agent's association thanked wray for his support and today one top republican said the bureau's warning should be heeded. republican senator told reporters, we need to pay careful attention to what our folks who protect us have to say how this bears on our national security. sources briefed in the memo told abc7 news it acted inappropriately when it sought a surveillance warrant in 2016 for a former trump campaign advisor suspected of being a russian agent. >> this is the beginning of a constitutional crisis without a doubt. >> peninsula congresswoman jackie spear sits on the house intelligence committee. she's read the controversial memo. >> it places our country at risk. it places the american people at risk. >> and nancy pelosi tonight is calling on house speaker paul
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ryan to strip devin nunes of his committee chairmanship. ryan defended nunes saying the memo is about transparency. house republicans have not agreed to let democrats release their rebuttal memo at the same time. >> the san francisco police officers association is criticizing the current use of force policy after an officer on bike ma troll was struck by a suspect today. the under cover officer was trying to arrest two suspects involved in a car break in in alamo square. one of the suspects struck the officer with a car while trying to escape. the officer suffered nonlife-threatening injuries. the police association says the use of force policy is to blame. association president martin hal owe way writes, it is so frustrating to s.f.p.d. officers that our use of force policy prohibits us from shooting at a suspect in a vehicle even if that suspect is trying to kill or seriously injure innocent civilians or our officers. in october, officer suffered a
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critical head injury after being hit while on bike patrol. the use of force policy was changed in 2016 after a series of officer-involved shootings. another law enforcement officer was struck by a car today in the bay area. abc7 news was in hayward where an alameda county sheriff motorcycle deputy was trying to pullover a driver for speeding when the suspect switched his car into reverse and hit the deputy before driving off. the deputy fired his weapon at the suspect, although it is unknown if the suspect was actually hit and that person is still on the loose. >> students, staff and parents at libert high school in brentwood tonight are mourning the death of a 16-year-old student who died this week after a brief illness. sadly, it is the fourth student from liberty to pass away this year from unrelated causes. it's been very difficult there. abc7 news reporter cornell bernard explains how the community is trying to cope. >> i remember the first day we found out we were all sobbing. >> reporter: students at liberty
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high school were stunned to learn the sad news this week, 16-year-old junior caitlyn gonzalez passed away after a brief illness. a she liked to make everyone sometime and there was never once where i ever saw her down. >> reporter: her family tells abc7 news caitlyn died from complications from pneumonia. grief counselors have been available all week at liberty high school offering students the chance to talk about their emotions in the wake of her passing. the superintendent said as a result of the precaution it was disinfected. it is the fourth liberty student to die from unrelated causes. in january a student committed suicide. the cause of two other deaths are unknown but not related to the flu. >> the thing i've been impressed with the most is the level of caring and compassion of the entire school community. >> some people have been talking about it helping other people out. it's tough, but we'll get through it. >> right now as parents we're
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just making sure we speak with our kids and educate them and let them know kind much what's going on and, you know e definitely to pray for their friends. >> reporter: and prayer is for a high school community dealing with so much loss. in brentwood, cornell bernard, abc7 news. >> a 12-year-old girl is under arrest for shooting that wounded two classmates in los angeles. police now believe it was an accident. it happened at sal castro middle school in west lake. both 15-year-old victims, a boy and girl, are expected to recover. police booked the suspect into juvenile hall on two counts of negligent discharge of a firearm and having a weapon on school ground. >> i want to show you some video of of a protester being body-slammed while being arrested by a group of u.c. berkeley police officers at a union workers rally on campus today. watch. >> officer, what are you doing? officer, what are you doing? >> a statement from u.c. berkeley claims the man, a cafeteria cook named david cole,
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threw his sign at a moving vehicle before resisting arrest. but union said cole was peacefully protesting, calling the incident an assault. >> it's news that students and teachers have been dreading. new at 11:00, three san jose elementary schools are going to shut down. a special committee has declared that del roebl minor and glider will close after this school year. they are in the oak grove school district, which is seeing a decline in enrollment over the last decade. the school board will now start making plans to move students and staff to other locations. >> here's a heads up to follow the rules. chp officers today ticketed 124 motorists for car pool violations. the agency's oakland office tweeted this photo of officers citing one of those offenders during this morning's commute. the crackdown was prompted after an online survey showed bay area residents are concerned about car pool lane violators. >> your garage could be a deadly obstacle. do you know how to open it
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quickly by hand? next, what a north bay state senator wants to do to keep you safe if another disaster hits. plus. >> in this basically failing state -- >> peter thiel is not talking about another country or even state. next his controversial words about one part of the bay area. >> i'm meteorologist sandhya patel. winter is on vacation. find out how warm it's going to be this weekend coming up. >> and are you missing a wedding ring? take a close look at your screen. where this ring was found in the bay area and how you can get it back if it's yours. >> all that's ahead. first here's a look at what's coming up on jimmy kimmel live righ after abc7 news at 11:00. >> thanks, dan and kristen. here's what's happening here tonight. [cheering and applauding] >> the only nfl player that looks like the mascot of the team for which he
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your garage could be a deadly obstacle during an emergency. tonight a north bay lawmaker is trying to put a bill on the books to help you escape your home in the event of a disaster. abc7 news reporter kate larson has the story from napa. >> reporter: at least 43 people died in the north bay fires. two people in sonoma county were found dead with their garages once stood presumably unable to escape. now senator bill of napa is trying to make sure more californians can drive out of their garage when the next disaster strikes. >> i saw in my own neighborhood some real issues with garage doors and people trouble getting out.
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>> reporter: when the power goes out and your clicker doesn't work, most people have to manually open their garage doors. >> i'm 5'7" and i have high he'll boots on and it's still high for me. somehow you have to push the garage door open. it's very heavy. i'm using all my strength to try and get it open and i still don't quite have it all the way open. >> reporter: and that's where senator dodd's bill comes in. >> any garage door sold in the state of california whether new construction or replacement, would be required to have a battery back up. >> reporter: the back up battery included in these $200 models online would kick-in when the power fails. >> there's a lot of elderly folks that are unable to leave their homes and it's just another measure of preparedness for a disaster event and/or even when it's raining and the power goes out and you need to leave your house. >> reporter: senator dodd hopes to have the bill signed into law this year. in napa, kate larson, abc7 news. >> tonight pay pal co-founder
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peter thiel is not making any new friends in the east bay. >> and so it's amazing we have this incredible tech thing going on in silicon valley and if you go east, just to the east bay across the bay bridge or the dunbar ton bridge, you're in this basically failing, this failing state that, you know, in the next recession probably will go broke. >> those remarks were at stanford's hoover speaker institute last night. he criticized cylinder i convalley for being a, quote, one party state. the pay pal co-founder was the only major silicon valley figure to back the president. tomorrow is the day that beer lovers wait for and then they get in line for. russian river brewing company is expected to release pliny the younger. this is the 14th year for the brewer's triple pale ale and it's expected to bring thousands of beer fans to downtown santa rosa to lineup for one of the world's highest rated beers. >> if you're missing a wedding
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band and have been to point ray's national sea shore, take a look at this. a gold ring was found on the side of mount vision road in marin county yesterday. that's according to anna dodge who posted this photo to the west marin feed facebook page. dodge wrote, she'd love to return the band to its owner and hopes someone will contact her after seeing the post. >> that would be nice to get it back where it belongs. >> that's right. >> all right. it is absolutely stunning spring-like weather in the middle of winter. >> i know, if you don't like it, too bad. it's going to be there quite a while. most people like it. >> sure, sandhya is here. >> dan and kristen, i've been getting both. some people like it, some people hate it on social media. i do want to show you everyone hopefully will enjoy. it's our sunset from our sutro tower camera. sun went down at 5:34 tonight. and when the sun was going down, i can't tell you how beautiful it looked. just take a look at this. this is just stunning. had some wispy high clouds which allowed us to enjoy what looked like a lava flowing at sunset
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tonight. and we will be seeing more of this kind of weather as we head into the next couple of days. a few high clouds right now on live doppler 7 and we had record-setting warmth. in half moon bay, san jose, livermore all 74. 73 at sfo. 71 in san francisco. got up to 68 in oakland. 73 santa rosa. look at clover dale. hard to believe it was actually 80 degrees. what season are we in? i know, it's more like spring, then winter. that's for sure. here's a look at your planner. tomorrow morning milder conditions expected in the last few mornings. 40s, 50s at noontime. rising temps and it is going to be a warm day for the afternoon. mostly of you in the low to mid 70s. i do want to show you a live picture right now from our mount tam he will camera. it is a little bouncy. what a stunning shot of the city by the bay. look at these temperatures. it's 60 degrees. that's not a typo in san francisco right now. 62 in fremont.
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60 degrees in lose gatos. this is what you would expect to see during the day. from our east bay hills camera, it's mild outside. you can see for miles because we don't have any fog out there. cool to comfy in the morning. record highs likely friday through sunday. and no rain in sight the next two weeks. a beach forek56789. 76 degrees in screws. a bright one. bodega bay, stin son beach, pacifica, half moon bay 71 degrees. tomorrow morning when you get going, a light sweater or jacket will keep you comfortable. low 40s to mid 50s. few high and wispy clouds. south bay 74, san jose 75 degrees morgan hill, gilroy on the peninsula 73 palo alto, redwood city 71 degrees in half moon bay, downtown san francisco. really a warm one no matter where you go. and in the north bay mid 70s santa rosa, calistoga heading into the east bay. oakland, berkeley, hayward, fremont, low to mid 70s. above average warmth inland. 74 in concord, 74 degrees in livermore.
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i do want to update you on the drought here in the bay area. we are not officially under the drought situation. there are some dry areas, but the designation of the drought has actually gone up a level in southern california. it's expanded. most of the southern california in moderate to severe drought category. that is not good. we'll keep an eye on it for you in case our situation worsens. accuweather seven-day forecast. record warmth saturday and super bowl sunday we may be seeing a couple of records. certainly a lot of warmth while you're watching the game. and carting it on as you look at next week's temperatures. they're going to dip a little bit but not much. still warmer than average. download the accuweather app. kristen and dan. >> sandhya, thank you. >> tomorrow on "good morning america," tips to keep your kids safe from germs as they play sports and how you can execute an over the top super bowl tailgate party. gma starts at 7:00 a.m. >> and tomorrow night on abc7 news at 11:00, the abc7 news i-team is responding to complaints from tenants about
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the largest landlord in san francisco. dan noyes has been investigating rent increases at rent controlled apartments and reports on a slow pace of repairs. the i-team investigation tomorr
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san francisco's bar dedicated to all things new england patriots is looking for a very important missing mascot before super bowl sunday. >> ah, potrero hills connecticut yankee posted a picture to facebook today after somebody stole the bar's lucky everyone likes to sit by it and buy a beer as a good luck karma. >> they made this ad, and is
11:25 pm
offering four seats to anyone who returns it before the big game on sunday. >> i thought gronk was hard to say. >> i like is there a gnome? going to be at the oracle arena in the future? what's up with the
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11:29 pm
summer, forget that. what's going on here, lebron wants the cavs to improve the team with some trades. he has a source leaked some info to espn lebron would be open to joining steph and k.d. to become the ultimate super team. the warriors would have to dump half their roster to accommodate an aging lebron. the story is out there so we have to talk about it. >> talk about other players and other teams. it's not allowed to, i wouldn't do it anyway. >> i want to win today and rob wants to win today and tomorrow and they're compatible. >> in this league a couple years ago me coming here nobody would have thought that. so, it's part of me as a basketball player, let's just worry about basketball. i just want people to enjoy what really goes on in between the lines. >> college hoops tonight saint mary's going for their 17th win in a row taking ong usf. on fire from deep, tanner from three. gales with eight triples in the
11:30 pm
first half. trying to keep this thing close. jordan, splash. the gales were up 17 at the break. nice moves inside. 26 points, 12 boards. lan dell. gales win big 79-43. pac-12 action, stanford hosting oregon state. the cardinals dominating early. travis, he is a beast inside. a triple team there. 21 in the first half. cardinals showing some grit. get on that floor. deshone davis rewardrd to his hustle. gets it back, layup stanford at the break. second half, more of reid travis. want to take the charge? i don't think so. out of my way. travis with 24. cardinals snap a three game skid and beat oregon state 80-71. warriors gm bob meyers and oregon alum jordan bell and chris boucher checking out the bears and ducks. don coleman, 16 off the bench gets it within five. elijah brown 15 of the ducks 53,
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63, kalz lost nine straight. a 28-3 deficit to win super bowl li. they put 83 diamonds in the championship ring. how is that even possible? as we count down to super bowl lii patriots tight end gronkowski cleared to play. he was in concussion protocol after getting drilled in the afc title engagement. practiced today full speed. so, he's playing on sunday against the eagles. abc7 sports brought to you by river rock casino. ladies, you wouldn't want to wear something with 283 diamonds in it, would you? >> of
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all right. that is our report. we appreciate your time. i'm


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