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tv   ABC7 News at 430 PM  ABC  February 3, 2018 4:30pm-5:01pm PST

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this time of year. records having been brovg. spots in the 80s. hayward is toasty at 830 degrees right now. we're at 78 in san jose. 72 in san francisco. oakland checking with in a current temperature of 70 degrees. a live look from our cam. tons of boats on the water. record warmth across numerous cities from san jose to san francisco to sfo. records in the mid to upper 70s today, oakland, santa rosa, temperatures in the upper 70s. besting the old records. some set way back in the 1960s. tomorrow we can do it all again. we'll talk houb how long this warmth can last coming up in the accuweather forecast. >> thanks, drew. cornell before noord spent the day with folks enjoying the warm weather. >> he is a professional journalist. that's why he's standing right there at chrissy field.
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>> reporter: drew just told me that san francisco now tying miami for high temperatures today. pretty incredible. pardon the sun glass glasses. it is very bright out here. check it out. what a gorgeous day. folks still here at crissy field enjoying the sunshine. golden gate bridge in the background. in fact, folks all across the bay area doing the very same thing today. oh, the dog days of winter. wait, this is february, right? >> this is amazing. it feels like the start of spring/summer. it's so exciting. you can see the dogs are so excited. >> reporter: point easy isabel was the place to be for dogs and dog lovers on this summer like day. just enough breeze to fly a kite or chill out by the water. >> ridiculously hot for february. overdressed. >> reporter: the marin rowing club was giving it their all in a parking lot. a 24 hour rowing marathon to raise money for the club's youth
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programs. >> this afternoon is going to be hot. we're used the to it. we row all year lodge. we can handle it. >> some years you're out here at 4:00 at night and it's 27 degrees. it's really nice to have warm weather. >> we wait for these days to pop up and jump on them. >> reporter: here you go. lots of people jumped at the chance for a beach day in san francisco. crissy field was packed. a treat for this family visiting from delaware. >> we had great timing coming. i think we left some snow. too bad we're leaving in a few day. >> didn't expect it to be this warm. had to borrow shorts from my son. >> reporter: don't forget the sunscreen. in san francisco, cornell bernard, abc7 news. >> now there is one downside of the warmth. the melting snow in tahoe. a live look from your lake tahoe camera at heavenly mountain resort. be sure to download the abc7 app to see the forecast where you live. police shot and killed a dog after it shot the officer.
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police gathered evidence today. the east bay times reports two dogs escaped a yard on the block and tried to attack neighbors. they chagsed a woman who--with a possible bite and broken hand while an officer interviewed her the dogs returned. one described a 50 pound german shepherd went after the officer who shot and killed it. police are still searching for the second dog. >> pleasant hill called off the search for a man dressed in military gear armed with an assault-style rifle. they say the 33-year-old suspect is now in custody. anywhere the century movie theater downtown. they arrived, saw him wearing camouflage pants with a bulletproof vest and a weapon. he then tack off running. officers locked down the area, searching for him until 4:00 in the morning. nobody was hurt. >> today, hundreds of people met in berkeley hoping to save the city's only emergency room. abc7 news was at the ed roberts campus to discuss their concerns. in ten years, sutter health
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plans to relocate all to bates emergency services in oakland several miles away. opponents say this is not what sutter promised when it purchased the building. >> there is money there to provide the services the community needs and they're attempting to walk away from that commitment in order to increase their corporate profits. >> affected services will include labor and delivery as well as intensive care. sutter says it's conducting a thoughtful review of emergency services to ensure at infected people have good access. california lawmakers are reacting after the legislature publicly revealed ten years worth of sexual harassment accusations. >> we've had a very pervasive culture of sexual harassment in the capitol. we need to change the culture and we need policies to put in place that stamp out this behavior. >> we we need to be transparent. so i'm glad that the senate and the assembly are producing these materials to show the public what we're doing.
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>> the newly unsealed reports released friday named four current officer holders. they include travis allen who is also running for governor. the documents detail 79 total complaints. 62 involving california's assembly and 17 more linked to the state senate. >> uma thursday man has broken her silence on former movie mogul harvey weinstein, acows using wine stein of attacking her. in the '9 ohs pushed her down, tried to expose herself and -- met her in a bath robe and tried to lure her into a steam ram. he's being investigated in new york, los angeles, bevel hills and london. they're reviewing thurman's comments to see if they'll take legal action against her. a live look this afternoon from a frigid frozen minneapolis where the temperature is currently 14 degrees. thankfully for fans and players, tomorrow's game will be played inside. abc news reporter maggie ruly
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has news on the security preparations before the ahead game. >> reporter: an epic showing of diehard fans, and a massive security presence. u.s. bank stadium sits in the heart of downtown minneapolis. and authorities have spent nearly two years planning how to protect it. using creativity and sheer manpower. black hawk helicopters are patrolling the skies, ready to intercept any aircraft that flies too close on game day. >> we want viewers to just enjoy the day, relax and have the state of mind that somebody's out there watching. >> reporter: more than 2,000 cameras are keeping an eye on the entire city. >> we have folks from the federal government, department of energy, fbi. >> reporter: inside the multi-agency command center, authorities are watching what's happening at the stadium, fan zones and all across minneapolis and st. paul. there is more than 60 local law enforcement agencies, 1,700 federal agents, 10,000 volunteers, even elite k9 units
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have been brought in from across the country. >> for everything that's gone into this planning, i feel very confident we will have a safe super bowl. >> reporter: authorities say all of this extra security is not meant to scare fans and there is no credible threat against the game, rather, they just want to make sure people feel safe and go have some fun. abc7 news, minneapolis, minnesota. just ahead, a woman gone missing turning up somewhere very different. >> i may be young, but i can still appreciate something classy. >> yeah, somebody recognized her right there on "the bachelor." what police are saying this afternoon about this bizarre case. also, how a north bay native who finished an historic climb at yosemite's el captain is planning to spread his love for climbing in this hometown. a look at our emeryville camera. drew tuma is back with a full forecast on this sunny warm february afternoon where the te
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. a california woman reported missing in wasn't missing at all. she was actually on "the bachelor." >> hi. >> hi. >> i'm bekah. >> nice to meet you, beck aka. >> you may have seen her, 22-year-old rebecca martinez's further reported her missing after her daughter told her she was going to work on a marijuana farm. mart snez eventually called her mother but her name was never taken off the missing persons list. this week her photo was featured in a newspaper article and that's when someone recognized her from tv. >> we need to make direct contact with that person in order to ensure they are in a state of well-being. our deputy says that she laughed a lot on the phone and sounded
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like she was doing okay. >> now at least one other person featured in the article also was not missing. police put him in touch with his siblings in san mateo county who had, searching for him for two years. >> a santa rosa man who made a rare free climb up yosemite's el capitan hopes to spread his love of climbing in his hometown. in 2015, he scaled a 3,000-foot face of el capitan in 19 days with a partner. he plans to build a $6 million climbing facility off highway 101 in santa rosa. it would feature 47-foot walls and be one of two climbing gyms in the city. he'll pitch the plan to the city in the coming weeks. well, next step for boy scouts show off their creations and but them to the test. the annual race in the east bay. and temperatures today soared into the 70s and 80
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so much fun. abc7 news was in the piedmont today for the 65th annual boy scouts pine wood derby. boys and girls start with a block of wod and some wheels and create their very open car cars to race. >> the kids are very excited. a kid said he had more fun making the car than racing the car. >> even if kids didn't win the race, various awards were given out for the best designed and decorated cards. now your accuweather forecast withdrew tuma. >> we tracked record highs this afternoon. we're in store for a warm evening tonight and then tomorrow once again, that winter warm th is going to hold on. li live -- the picture outside at the beautiful one, our emeryville camera showing you the beautiful skyline of san francisco. we are totally soaked in sunshine. that sun really affected, that
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warming us up this afternoon. this evening going to be equally as delightful. the sun is going to go down around 5:35 p.m. clear skies throughout the entire night. 9:00 still mild temperatures. by 11:00, temperatures in the upper 50s to low 60s under starry skies. the picture outside showing you it is beautiful. the golden gate is soaked in sunshine. tons of boats out there on the water right now, and numbers, this is impressishive for this time of year. it is february and spots in the 80s. still toasty in concord at 77. 76 right now in mountain view and half moon bay checking in at 70 degrees. we are warm across the entire state. warmer than san diego right now. l.a., 74. fresno, right now, at the same temperature of 73 degrees. here is the call from accuweather. it's going to be a mild night out there. clear skies. plenty of stars. temperatures in some cities
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dropping only in the 50s like oakland, san francisco, san jose, our cold est spos real tevly speaking will drop into the mid to upper 40s later on tonight. here's what's going on, this big area of high pressure just off the coast. what that is doing. that is pushing the storm track well north of our region into can kou vancouver, actually. that is where the rain is falling at this hour. what we are left over with, dry conditions and warm temperatures. this pattern likely sticking around the next 10 to 15 days. likely through february 19th, we will stay dry, unfortunately. your 12-hour planner on sunday. sun's up 7:12 in the morning. a mild start. we are quickly warming throughout the day by noon. well into the 60s. once again at 4:00 in the afternoon, records are likely again as we all go into the 70s to finish out this weekend. highs -- 71 for san francisco, going to 78 in san jose. 80, that high in cloverdale. 75 in santa rosa and concord up to a mild 76 degrees.
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here is the accuweather seven-day forecast. once again, likely track records again for your sunday. we'll do it again on our sunday afternoon. sunny skies on monday and then that dry pattern just continues. by tuesday and wednesday, we are still above average. not much change thursday into friday with temperatures still in the 70s and one week from today, slight cooling but 60s are still some 10 degrees above average for this time of year. likely, like we said, that dry pattern existing through mid to late february. >> i want to know why you're not on the roof forecasting today. >> i know, i should be. that's the perfect spot to be. i think cornell had the perfect story today. >> drew, thanks. >> sure. >> the air conditioning is in this room. >> that's true. >> all right. wide receivers well-represented in the hall of fame. >> i was a little surprised. i will say that. the pro football hall after fame eight new members to be announced this evening. the niners will have one of their
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. now abc7 sports with mike shumann. >> pro football hall of painful will make their official announcements. as they always do tonight before the super bowl. with today's social media, it's hard to keep it under wraps. with that said, reports that eight new members, including former niners wide receiver terrell owens. he played 16 years, caught 1,078 passes. that rankings second all time. 153 touchdowns. third all time. he was hot and cold on and off
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the field, which landed him on five different teams where he was a six-time pro bowler. niners drafted him in the third round of of tennessee, chattanooga in 1996. also randy moss, safety brian dawkins of the eagles. brian urlacher of the bears and ray louis of the ravens. meanwhile, veterans committee inducted packers guard gerry cramer. bob -- and houston linebacker dr. doom robert brazil. congratulations to all. well, after losing to the jazz by 30 points on tuesday night, the warriors responded wealth a win last night over the kings. steve kerr was not happy at all by the performance. for a very good reason. the team turned the ball over 25 times. as kerr said in his postgame press, they won on talent alone. the road doesn't get any easier. they play the denver nuggets, a team that has a 20-7 record at home. >> when is the all-star break?
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>> two weeks. >> i was hoping you were going to say tomorrow. >> do you think that's part of the problem? >> hell yeah. guys are dieing to get to the all-star break. we're limping to the finish line at the all-star break. but we've got to fight through to the break. we need to get the hell away from each other and go to -- go sit on a beach and relax and we'll be in great shape. we've got to find a way to get there. five more games. >> six. >> six? damn. >> all right. college hoops, stanford hosting oregon. jordan bell on hand. he has an injured ankle. he witnessed dorian pickens '1,000 career point as a cardinal, plus the foul. travis, 17 points. michael humphrey is back there with the put-back. stanford up 16 at the half. with the alley-oop. the freshman had 20 points on 9 of 12 shooting. pickens led all scorers, shooting 5 of 6 beyond the
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-- >> a lot of good ball times in this league as well. when we come to compete and we come to lock in on the defensive end and playing together and tough. i think we were up there with some of the best teams in the conference. i don't think we're surprised when we win games. >> all right. pga tour third round of the phoenix open. the famous 16th hole designed like a stadium. a record 216,818 people today. 15 holes before the famous, 16, though. bryson dechambeau birdied on 16. he's 13 under par. his playing partner, rickie fowler had three in a row to finish here on 14. that gets the crowd going nuts. drains the birdie on 18 for a 4 under 67. he's the leader. should be a great sunday in phoenix. rockets and cavs coming up. stick around for after the game. warriors/nuggets will be in progress. for the 37th year in a row, no call for the football hall of
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. frenzy, that's what philadelphia is tonight ahead of super bowl lii. >> now on a flight leaving l.a. toward philadelphia today, flight attendants tried unsuccessfully to get eagles fans to quiet down. >> tone it down a little bit. ♪ fly, eagles, fly
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♪ on the road to victory >> say whatter and. >> e-a-g-l-e-s, eagles! >> yeah, those are eagles fans, folks. they're trying to win their first super bowl title in team history. >> a san francisco bar dedicated all things new england patriots is still looking for its good luck charm this afternoon. we first told you about missing rob nome cows ki on thursday night since the bar has made missing posters and t-shirts. we caught up with the bar's manager a short time ago. >> he's been living in our garden tending to herbs and drinking beers with guests for many years. all the staff was heartbroken. trying to figure out what happened to him. >> well, management promised the person who returns the gnome will be given four prime seats for the super bowl. >> in the bar, not in the stadium. >> could be undergoing the concussion protocol for all we know. >> that will do it for this edition of abc7 news. >> on behalf of all
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