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tv   ABC 7 News at 5  ABC  February 4, 2018 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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spinning donuts and windows, an early morning side show ends with vandalism and business owners are saying it's got to stop. thanks for joining us. i'm diom lynn. >> plenty of broken glass to clean up and frustrations to resolve. >> cornell bernard is live for us at opd with more on this story, cornell? >> reporter: dion and eric, the opd handed out more than 100 citations overnight but business owners who are now dealing with a lot of damage say tickets are just not enough. they want it to stop. screeching tires and burning rubber on sunday.
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a large crowd gathered to watch this side show play out. the owner of this exxon station too scared to show his face say they vandalized his business. the video as the crowd smashes the front door. several people are seen running in and out with stolen merchandise. an employee not hurt called 911. >> it's the responsibility of the city of oakland police department to make the environment safe and secure for the business owner. >> reporter: he says police sometimes take hours to show up. when officers responded on sunday, some had bottles thrown at them. the opd says it towed 30 cars from the scene and cited 147 people involved. another side show happened about the same time. watch as a man is thrown off the back of a car that's doing donuts. >> this is not going to stop. >> reporter: community advocate ken houston believes side show
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participants think they should have a venue to perform free of weapons. >> gun violence, those lasers i do not condone and will not tolerate it. if they want have avenue that hs to stop. >> this is scary for business owners. >> in oakland, cornell bernard, abc 7 news. now at 5:00 a girl was attacked by a pit burg thll thi morning. she was bitten and scratched but was released from the hospital. police tell abc 7 news the dog was being walked on a leash by the owner when it suddenly snatched the girl and drug it to the ground. the own's owner separated the two. the dog is now with animal control. abc 7 news obtained this video of a dog attack in east oakland. two dogs escaped yesterday morning. they can be seen on tape chasing a woman into her home on 91st avenue. she barely made it inside and police say her hand may have
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been broken by a bite. after police arrived, one of the dogs charged at a responding officer who shot and killed that dog. police are still searching for the second animal. san francisco police investigating a stabbing on bay shore boulevard just after noon today. officers got to the scene to find a man stabbed in the neck. he was taken to the hospital with life threatening injuries. nobody is in custody but it appears a possible suspect may have fled down oakdale avenue. this truck blocked lanes on highway 101 for awhile today. it landed on its side just south of holly street on the northbound side of the freeway. this all happened around 1:30. all the lanes reopened about two hours later. it's another record-setting day in the bay area. we take a live look outside on a day that is much warmer than usual. you see there the santa cruz cam, lots of folks on the sand. here is a list of the record-breakers. >> it's february 4th and we have
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folks on the beaches across the coastline for good reason. record-setting warmth. take a look at the record so far. san francisco, santa rosa, sfo, napa setting records in the mid 70s to low 80s. right now half moon bay have tied their record highs of 75 degrees. even outside right now, 81 right now in clover dale and 73 in san francisco and san jose. 66 oakland and mild inland and concord and san ramon at 70. slow cooling tonight and then once again tomorrow morning, look at that by 11:00, spots well into the 70s once again. we'll take a look how hot we get tomorrow and how long this warmth could potentially last coming up in the full accuweather forecast in a few minutes. >> drew, thank you very much. two people died and more than 100 others were hurt when an amtrak passenger train crashed into a parked freight train. this is the third deadly crash involving amtrak since december. the train was traveling from new york city to miami when the
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crash happened this morning near the town of cayce in south carolina. abc news reporter tim has the details. >> reporter: investigators are focussing on why and how a switch on the railroad diverted the train off course. >> we had a train >> reporter: a scene of mangled metal against a heap of confusion. around 2:30 this morning a miami-bound amtrak slammed into a freight train outside colombia, south carolina. nearly 150 people on board. >> i was thrown out of the chair and this was hurting and i couldn't get up. first thought i wasn't going to make it. >> among those killed, an amtrak engineer and conductor. >> it appears amtrak was on the wrong track. >> reporter: the csx train was appeared to be parked on a side track and traveling at nearly 60
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miles per hour upon impact. >> it's quite a crash. and it's, as you know, we take great pains to see that these kinds of things do not happen but unfortunately they do from time to time. >> reporter: president trump tweeting thoughts and prayers for the victims. the survivors taken to nearby ty hospitals. they will be reviewing operations, cameras and employee training and perform drug and alcohol testing on some of the amtrak crew members and also review their cell phone records, that is standard procedure during these types of accidents. a hand full of survivors remain in the hospital tonight with injuries ranging from head to physical injuries. their condition ranges from critical to serious. that is the very latest. i'm in cayce, abc
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the continroversy continues about the republican memo. the president allowed the release on friday. the president claims the four-page document written by republican staff proves the special counsel's investigation led by robert mueller is nothing more than partisan politics. democrats strongly disagree. >> it's very possibly a staff worker with the white house coordinated the effort with the white house because it looks so much like this earlier effort which we know was coordinated with the white house by the same chairman who has said he would recuse himself but of course, hasn't. >> representative adam schiff and his fellow democrats on the house intelligence committee have a rebuttal. the gop controlled committee refused to release it. president trump and the first lady are hosting a super bowl watch party today at trump international golf club in palm beach, florida. you're looking at video of the president golfing there today. the president's official message about the game recognized military members saying quote,
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we owe these great heroes. aaa opens up the tip ssy to service in an hour. call 1800-aaa-help for a free ride home. the service is available to everybody even if you're not a member. the service starts at 6:00 tonight and ends at 6:00 tomorrow morning. the chp will have extra enforcement today watching for drunk drivers. in the last ten days of january, the chp made 307 dui arrests, 13 were marijuana related. coming up next on abc 7 news at 5:00, cannabis and cookies but we're not talking about an edible. >> meet the bay area girl scout who sale s are blooming and goig to a good cause. >> and trial looms for uber
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which may cause kidney problems. change the course of your treatment. ask your doctor about victoza®. trial starts tomorrow over allegations of stolen trade secrets to design drivers. that case is in federal court in san francisco. waymo alleges a google en engineer stole secrets. that enables self-driving cars to identify their surroundings. uber says the claims are false. witnesses in the trial include google co-founders paige as well as uber's former ceo. the trial is expected to last three weeks. you might have brought girl scout cookies already or seen young women and their parents
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selling them and one girl returned to a fiamiliar spot outside a pot shop. we were outside when 17-year-old daniel sold cookies. this is her fourth year in the same place but the first time since recreational marijuana sales became legal. >> this place is okay and not something that's weird and just like any other person can go in there. >> we always love having her here because in addition to selling cookies and raising money for her girl scout troop, she's also donating cookies to some good causes. >> danielle will donate to an alzheimer's caregivers group and they will match the donations. >> a win, win. something spotted in palo alto. >> hear a woman describe what she did when she saw a mountain lion on her car. 11 cities tied or set
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records this afternoon as temperatures soared into the 70s and 80s.
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people reported not one but two mountain sightings in palo alto last night. the first report was 8:00 p.m. and around 11:30 police got another call. it's not clear if the same animal was spotted twice or if there were two different mountain lions. one witness walked us through exactly how she reacted. >> we were shocked initially and thought wow, look at that. so i started to honk really loud to make the thing run and it actually went through the neighbor's yard, through the front of our yard and backyard of ours and made my daughter
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very scared because she never seen anything like that. >> these are the first mountain lion sightings reported in palo alto in six months. caltrans is making it safer to cross. abc news was in san mateo where this light is active. the lights only flash if a pedestrian pushes the button to cross the street there. drivers must treat these like any other red light and come to a spot. heads up about a transit change because of the sidewalk market event in china town at stockton and jackson streets will be closed. that event lasts until february 15th. accuweather 2 for 2 this weekend. more records set sunday, in fact, 11 cities tied or made a new record high today and that warmth will continue into monday, as well. live doppler 7 along with
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satellite, february we know is one of the wettest months all year but the start of the month has been anything but loaded with rain and tonight, it's equally as dry. the picture outside with the warmth today, you bet the sunset will be gorgeous. tough to find a few clouds in the sky and sun going down after 5:30 p.m. numbers-wise in the 70s. it's very comfortable out there. 73 right now in vallejo and 74 in san mateo and 73 in san jose and record-high and 75 in santa rosa and very mild at 73 degrees. so here is the call from accuweather. over the next 12 hours, another mild night. san francisco only dropping into the mid 50s, same for san jose. most spots away from the coast dropping into the 40s. this time of the year we should normally drop into the 30s but we'll be far away from that number with clear skies. it's going to be another day where temperatures are quickly going to rise. so your 12-hour planner on monday, out the door, suns up
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7:10 in the morning, 40s and 50s the name of the game. light jacket needed but by noon, midday, we're already into the 70s inland and 60s around the bay and by 4:00 another mild day. temperatures well into the 7 0s. highs on monday about 76 in san jose, 70 for oakland and san francisco, 76 in santa rosa, the same concord and antioch up to a mild high of 71. so these numbers are very far away from where we should be this time of the year typicallyy is 60 degrees and tomorrow 70s across the board. from san jose and redwood city. 1 1 to 17 degrees above average. where is the rain? we look at the expected rainfall getting us through february 17th. that's 14 days from now. you notice the storm track well to the north and great falls
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down to salt lake city, donut hole and in fact, san francisco we zoom in even closer through february 17th look at these numbers. not a drop of rainfall across our region. this pattern we're currently under right now likely lasting the next ten to even 14 days. so hopefully towards the end of the month that pattern will break down. here is the seven-day forecast planning the next seven days for you. it's a mild monday for the afternoon. we'll be watching records but a lot of records are high on monday. many spots will be safe. breezy on tuesday but the pattern does not change midweek even friday, it's north and saturday a few clouds from time to time but temperatures ten degrees above picture >> anything going on in sports? >> slow down. i'll come up with something. >> the 49ers appear to be signing jimmy garoppolo that
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. after jimmy garoppolo took over as quarterback, the team went 5-0 to end the season. that was enough of an addition for john lynch as reports have them close to signing jimmy g to a long-term deal. they have him making $25 million a year and if he's not signed by
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march 6, they will franchise him at 23 million and have until july 16th to sign to a long-term deal. this week i asked tom brady senior if he was surprised the patriots let garoppolo go so cheap. >> i think it was wonderful he goes to the 49ers because he is an absolute winner. he's a real classy guy and a real winner and i hope that he has great success in our hometown here. when tommy is finished rooting, playing for the patriots, i'll be rooting for the 49ers back again and patriots on the afc side. but that being said, patriots were kind of between a rock and a hard place. if tommy wants to play another two or three years, you're not going to be able to fit the salary cap. there is too many complexities in there and i think they took what they felt was the best next step. >> did that create a little problem between tom and bill belichick or no? >> you know, i have -- i don't
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know. to be honest with you, i could say yes or no but i'm not inside the locker room. tommy has never told us about any conflict with belichick and espn, aside. it's just, you know, they are all working in the same direction and have the same goals, so whether it's josh mcdaniel or matt patricia or special teams coordinator, they are all on one team. >> all right. super matchup between the sharks and hurricanes. brock taking brendon dillon, we'll call this a draw. no score in the first. scored the perfect pass to myer. sha sharks up one. left along the front of the net he scores. two on sharks. second period. same score. pass was resulted in an epic goal by brent burns who fires from way downtown. sharks go on to win it 3-1.
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phoenix for the par 3 16th hole is rocking. joined the noise and his tee shot on the stadium hole and drops this for a birdie. he's 17 under. fires a 64 in the house at 18 under. 18th hole after a birdie on 17. chaz finds the bottom of the draw to move to 18 under and force a play-off but missed a key putt in the play-off leading to gary sinking that par putt to win the phoenix open. oklahoma city in town. we'll have details on that coming up at 6:00 p.m. >> all right, thank you very much. nice ring. >> oh, yeah, we need to talk about that later. >> okay. next, how spacex could launch
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today's warm weather brought out more than 6,000 runners that took part in the 5 k and half marathon. the races got underway at godden gate park at 8:00 this morning. participants got to get fit and support their local community. >> it was wonderful. there was so many people out here. go son fraan francisco, go kize >> it supports four non-profits. it includes support for families with children with disabilities and girls on the run, abc 7 news viewers up this time of the morning captured great pictures of the sunrise. we like to see the weather where you live. add the #abc 7 now and you could
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see them on tv like those. coming up, new on abc 7 news at 6:00, chp promise at crack down on drunk drivers after several officers were hit. plus a couple who lost their house to the north bay fires has a rare opportunity to return home again thanks to a creative tribute. as early as tuesday spacex could launch the biggest and most powerful rocket. >> the 90 million dollar rocket will be capable of carrying really big satellites in or bit and sending spacecraft to the moon and mars. this will be the first test flight and won't be carrying much, just a red tesla elon musk owns tesla and spacex. >> cheeky of elon to send a
5:30 pm
roadster all of things. thanks for watching. tonight, breaking news. the deadly crash on the tracks. the amtrak train, slamming into a freight train in the middle of the night. two dead, and more than 100 taken to the hospital. and we've just learned how one of those trains ended up on the wrong track. memo battle. the president calls it a, quote, "total vindication." but not all republicans agree. >> i actually don't think this has any impact on the russia probe. >> this, as president trump inserts politics back into football. what he just said about the national anthem and the super bowl. faster flu check. with the deadly epidemic still surging, pharmacies now offering the rapid flu test. but should you still see a doctor? failure to act? the new report alleging how the system failed gymnasts. claiming fbi investigators took nearly a year to speak to the


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