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tv   ABC7 News 1100AM  ABC  February 7, 2018 11:00am-11:30am PST

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live where you live, this is abc 7 news. zblmplgt a deal with democrats, but it does not include dreamers. thank you for joining us. here's what we are learning today about the sweeping budget deal between republicans and democrats in the senate. the compromise would increase defense and domestic spending by $300 billion. it would lift stretched budget caps, but the senate compromise includes no language on daca. senate majority leader mcconnell addressed that on the senate floor just in the last hour. >> our upcoming debate on daca,
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border security, and other issues will be a process that is fair to all sides. the bill i move to, which will not have underlying immigration check, will have an amendment process to ensure a level playing field at the outset. >> well, that is not good enough for nancy pelosi. she will not support any budget agreement unless speaker ryan promises to hold a vote on daca in the house, and now she's protesting. jessica castro from "abc 7 mornings" is here. >> reporter: hi. she's like the bunny that keeps going. started talking at 7:04 our time, now approaching the four hour mark. this is a live look. nancy's still speaking. she's been sharing personal stories from dreamers incoming a few examples from folks right here in the bay area. pelosi is taking advantage of what's called her leadership
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minute, the procedure that allows the house leaders to speak pretty much as long as they want, kind of like a senate filibuster. here's part of what she's been saying. >> the march 5th deadline or any deadline, we have to get on a timetable to do so. one timetable we have is the opportunity today to have a commitment from the speaker not to be afraid of dreamers. thank god for them. they contribute. we're a nation of dreamers. that's why they fit to comfortably in our society and contribute to it so beautifully. >> reporter: she said that at the two hour mark. obviously, she's been talking a long time, and no word yet on how long the talk-a-thon wi go. this is a live look. this is something we have not seen before. pelosi has not done anything like this before, and no party leader has ever before used their privilege to talk this
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long, not four hours long, natasha. >> unprecedented, telling dreamers' stories for three hours and counting. her speech is live in the abc 7 news app, download the app for free, and enable push alerts for updates right on your phone. people in the east bay braced to go to the dmv were greeted to a watery mess arriving this morning. there was flooding and roof damage at the oakland coliseum office. that's where we find our abc 7 news reporter, amy hollyfield. >> reporter: well, a couple employees here in the parking lot have been very busy. they are greeting all of the customers and giving them the bad news, that they are going to have to go somewhere else, that this dmv office is closed. here's a look from sky 7 of the water spilling out of the offices on 85th avenue earlier this morning. the oakland coliseum dmv.
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this is the mess inside, that greeted employees arriving at work today. officials say there's flooding and damage to the roof. they don't know why it happened. customers were very disappointed to arrive here and find that this location is closed. >> i had an appointment, and i have a busy day, and now i have to figure something else out. i'm not looking forward to going to the other dmv without an appointment. i can tell you that. >> are you going to do it? >> i have to, i just do. >> reporter: employees are telling customers their appointments will be honored at other locations, advising them to try hayward or walnut creek. i followed up with a woman who said it went fine, went into the appointments line and got in and out. a spokesperson said they are assessing the damage here. they don't know when it will be reopened, but take a look at this live picture they have brought in carpet blowers, those
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driers to fix the mess inside, but they don't know yet when the office will reopen. if you have an appointment in the next few days or the rest of the week, be sure to check with this office and see if it's still open before you head over here. stay with abc 7 news, stay with us on tv, social media, on our app. we'll be following this, and we'll keep you updated as we learn informationme mentinforma. >> appreciate the update, thank you. turning to the weather now, it's february, but it feels like spring or even summer. mike nicco knows how long the warmup lasts. mike? >> hi, everybody. temperatures already exceeding our average highs, and it's only, what, five minutes after 11:00. we have several hours of warming to go. check out the coolest temperature at 59, and brentwood at 60, the warmer temperatures, napa, already knocking on the door of 70 along with los gatos. san francisco at 64. heading out today, here's a look at the activity planner.
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watch for the pollen and have the polarized sunglasses and even sunscreen if you're near the water where it reflects all the sun on you. we have records today and tomorrow, and big changes coming up in the weekend forecast. detail that coming up. >> thank you. so far, a 7th day of record highs in the bay area, and we are happy to give the coats a break and break out short sleeves instead. matt keller that has a first hand account of the beach weather. hard assignment, matt. >> reporter: hard to believe this river was flooding a year ago today, but today, you can see nothing but sunshine as people are enjoying it along the coast. in santa cruz, the sunrise this morning was spectacular. the surfers move on this wave, unbelievable, and the cuteness of the sea otter floating in the ocean is off the charts, but none of those things has people talking like this stretch of
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unseasonably warm weather. >> it's incredible. >> reporter: the swim suits are usually still in the closet in february, but with temperatures in the 70s and close to 80s recently, people and pets are outside to enjoy it. >> loves the warmer weather. she's a hound dog and loves the sun. >> reporter: at the sea and sun inn, a ton of sun. >> the walk-ins come in, they spend the night, and enjoy the view. >> reporter: the no vacancy sign is on, everyone wants the views with the warm weather including this travel company from ireland. >> a little bit of work and pressure, just enjoying the weather. >> reporter: this is going to be a destination now? >> absolutely, absolutely. all year round. we love it. >> reporter: might be curious about the record high today, february 7th, it's 85 degrees, and that was set all the way back in 1954. reporting live in santa cruz, matt keller, abc 7 news.
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>> thank you, matt. day three of the trial between uber over self-driving car technology. the ceo is back on the stand today. yesterday, he was questioned about his relationship with former google self-driving car experts, and the self-driving spinoff believes he stole the secrets and founded a company that uber then bought. he admitted talking to google while a google employee. uc berkley police warn of a phone scam now. police say someone impersonating a campus police officer called an employee monday saying there was outstanding arrest warrants in her name for failing to pay back her student loans. the victim immediately reported the call to the police. the police say you should never provide your birth dates, social security numbers, or credit card information when dealing with unsolicited phone calls. a fight over license plate reads ran late into the night in the east bay.
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they created a lively debate, and it's likely just beginning. the counsel members listened to public testimony for four hours, and, again, they did not make a decision. they heard from people who worry the information gathered from the cameras will be given to federal immigration officers. one city counsel member said after hearing that, she now wants the proposal to be rewritten before they consider it. >> i would like language to be modified to specific references to obtain no cooperation to i.c.e. to identify undocumented individuals. >> the police chief wants the license plate readers to help fight crime, which is up 12% this year. he said they only read license pra plates and no information is gathered that could lead to racial profiling. a new chapter in the space race, the spacex falcon's mission and what it means for space travel in the future. if you wait, you'll miss it. the deals southwest is offering specifically f
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strong aftershocks in tie won hours after a deadly 6.4 earthquake struck off the east coast. aftershocks are hampering efforts helping people believed to be trapped. 256 are hurt, six dead, and had 4 mi74
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missing. this morning, spacex falcon is headed towards mars. it took off yesterday from the same launch pad that sent astronauts to the moon. we are tracking its progress. >> reporter: less than 24 hours after that spectacular launch, the second stage of the falcon heavy with the tesla roadster attached to the end of it is headed to mars now. it was overnight that the final burn of the engine of the second stage sent the rocket towards mars, but beforehand, we got to see the spectacular pictures. the ceo of spacex that fired the rocket and the ceo of tesla needed some kind of cargo so he sent the roadster to space with a manmannequin inside insid we saw the great pictures, but now it's been slingshoted towards mars and is really not transmitting anything back to earth, but it is a big win for
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the private company. the biggest rocket in the world successful, we got to see the two boosters come down and land on earth. the third booster, the center core, was supposed to land on a barge in the ocean. it actually ran out of fuel, and it hit the ocean at 300 miles per hour and broke up. a minor setback for what was really a successful launch, and gives musk a food up in the new space race to send humans back to the moon or beyond. abc news, kennedy space center. >> in politics, imagine tanks, soldiers, and other military equipment rolling down pennsylvania avenue in washington, d.c. it could happen. president trump ordered the pentagon to draft up plans for a military parade in the nation's capital. the president was inspired by last year's bastille day parade in paris that he attended. he wants a celebration to let americans show appreciation for our military. robin roberts asked the chief global affairs correspondent the
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big questions. >> who is going to pay for it? how much is it going to cost? >> a lot of money, could cost millions, and we'd pay for it. our military, by the way, is deployed around the world, fighting one war after another. there are readiness issues and budget issues. >> political analysts are pointing out that celebrations of our military strength are not typical in the u.s. now to today's morning money report. chipolte employees will see benefits from the tax cut. there's a one-time cash bonus up to $1,000 or one time stop grant to qualified employees. they brought in parental leave benefits for workers. the denver company said a third of the immediate savings from tax law changes go right to employees. two major southern california papers sold to a billionaire in l.a. the l.a. times sent out this tweet today saying that it and the san diego union-tribune were sold for $500 million.
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the new owner is a man by the name of dr. patrick soon-shiong, one of l.a.'s wealthiest residents. there have been three editors in six months, a sexual harassment investigation and unionization vote as well. why not treat yourself to a scoop of ben and jerry's ice cream without the guilt? they have lower calorie treats with 60% less fat and sugar than regular ice cream, and there's three flavors, chocolate milk and cookies, caramel cookie bits, and chocolate cookie dough. get out your phones if you are traveling soon. southwest kicked off a two-day flash sale focused on california. the sale is flights to and from the golden states. they are in san francisco's lax, and some tickets as low as $29
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one way. $58 round trip. you have to fry through february 22nd and may 3rd. the deals are only good today and tomorrow. you've been warned. unusually warm weather means ski season ends early, but good news for shoppers searching for deals. a live look outside right now at lake tahoe. mike
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by living off the grid. completely. or... set the washing machine to cold. do your thing. energy upgrade california. now your accu weather forecast with mike nicco. >> we're not the only part of california dealing with dry weather and above normal temperatures. look at yosemite. it's not supposed to look like that this time of year. where is the snow on the half
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dome and other places? it's just not there. temperatures are in the mid-60s. here at home, it's looking great outside, looking down on the golden gate bridge washed in sunshine, and record high temperatures. this is the 7th day of february, could be the seventh consecutive day of record high temperatures somewhere in the bay area. stars tonight, chilly seasonally, and a cold pattern for the weekend. where is the snow? in new england. where is the rain? also along the east coast down to the gulf coast. for us, we have two areas of high pressure that are deflecting storms to the north and down to the south. a big roadblock, and a round about around us for the next couple days at least as far as warm temperatures go. 76 in san jose. look at the actuals today, potential records there, and here's a look at the peninsula at 74 degrees, mid 70s in
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downtown and south san francisco and up along the north bay shore. look at this. once you head inland, we're in the mid to upper 70s. east bay shore at 74 and 74 degrees. inland, it's warmer, 76-78 degrees. there's that shot. i know. let's use that, concord, new hampshire. it's snowing profusely. for us, not so much. we got sun and 69-72 degrees. we'll dip into the 50s at 8:00, all in the 50s by midnight under the stars. in fact, dropping into the mid to upper 40s in most neighborhoods. along the coast into san francisco, right around 50-53 degrees today. air quality will be good the rest of the heat wave, and saturday, that's when the real change starts to take place for all of us as it hits the coast. friday, cooler weather, and inland, and around the bay saturday, and sunday's going to be a breezy day. it's going to feel cooler than the 60s, and monday, we'll have
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a storm system kick up some clouds, maybe a scattered snow shower in the s irgsierra, and s it. tuesday, back to mid to upper 60s. we should be in the 59-61 degree range. even when we get that cold front, it's still warm. >> in the short term, it's so easy to really love these temperatures and celebrate the early coming of spring and summer, but in the long term, catching up in the rain would be tough. >> it's happened twice in 100 years in san francisco and nowhere across the state. i got that from my buddy at golden gate weather channel. he put that out. we're in trouble. >> well, mike, thank you. >> yeah. certainly along the lines as you said, not as much snow in tahoe with the warmer weather. at snow stores, snow gear is 50% off right now, unusual to have a sale this early. customers, though, are excited about it. >> i think people embrace this more than anything. they look forward to getting a
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great deal on a set of skis or snow board, so it's been fantast fantastic. >> josh webb putting a positive spin on it. although there's not as much snow, they are taking advantage of the deals and hope to hit the slopes. one last chance to see ozzy in concert. he rescue in the house. >> they open the closet door and -- >> next "right this minute."
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we are on 24/7 on the the news app and we have an article about facebook about new algorithms, what's on your feed, and how many friends' posts you see. if you log on from your phone, be sure to download the abc 7 news app for breaking news alerts and tune into the latest news and weather here at 4:00. fans, prepare, hamilton is coming back. ♪ we already knew the hugely popular musical would be back in 2019. well, now we know it returns to san francisco's theater in february. tickets on sale for members tuesday march 13th at 10:00 and letting you know when they are available to the general public. h this is your chance, mike. you missed it the first time
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around. >> ozzy fans, this is it, your last chance to see the living legend in concert. he's announced his final solo world tour, the 69-year-old will kick off no more tours two this spring. tickets on sale february 17th, and pre-sale begins valentine's day. he will perform october 6th. i know you're a huge black sabbath fan. >> i'm glad he's still kicking. >> me too. going strong. >> i can't wait to see it.
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>> hey, everybody. it's whiz kids week. today some bright young students are gonna try to use what they've learned in the classroom to make $1 million in 30 minutes. can they do it? let's find out on "who wants to be a millionaire." [cheers and applause] [dramatic music] ♪ hey, everybody, welcome to the show. it's whiz kids week. [cheers and applause] so let's welcome our first whiz kid who's just 12 years old but reads george carlin books. i don't think that's okay. but he scored in the 99th percentile in his last gifted entrance exam. from virginia beach, virginia, give it up for tyler fritz! [cheers and applause] you look strong. you look ready. >> yeah. i'm ready for this. >> you look like you're ready to fire through 14 questions. money values growing from $500 all the way to $1 million. [che


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