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tv   ABC 7 News at 5  ABC  February 11, 2018 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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network news tonight. severe wind ripping across the bay area. hello hand thanks for joining us. i'm eric thomas. >> those powerful winds next over a fence and left two people injured in san francisco. >> abc 7 news reporter kate larson is live at the scene with the details. kate. >> well, we're in 23rd and san jose. i'm going to step out of the way right now because you can see workers here at this building development where a fence fell on two people walking across the street. we're going to go ahead and take a look at video because we were on scene as workers were trying to clean up the fence. it was a chain link fence with a green privacy tarp behind it and
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then police told me that there was also some plywood along with some plastic barriers and around 2:15 this afternoon the wind knocked them over as a man and a woman were crossing the street. the fence fell on them and, unfortunately, both of them were injured. the man is 68-year-old man has serious traumatic brain injuries. we don't know how he's being treated. we're waiting for more information on that, and the woman who he was with has some minor injuries. there was a security guard, a woman on scene who tried to help him get the fence off of them and she also has some very minor injuries and did not need to be treated at the hospital. at this point the department of building has been out here looking into why in happened. we're, of course, talking to neighbors who are very concerned about how the wind so quickly took down this fence today. we've also spoken to a number of neighbors who say the fence has been up for quite a while, a year or two as the construction has been going on for a very long time. the wind does continue to whip up in this area, and neighbors have told us after finding out what happened they will be cautious. as the latest here live in the
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mission district, kate larson, abc 7 news. >> thank you very much. the winds also battered another construction site. you can see gusts knocked out a large portion of fencing here around a lot in oakland. >> to give you an idea where this is, this is right next to the commons, a commercial building at jack london square. the good news, no reports of injuries here. now the gusts started picking up this afternoon as we take a shot of our san francisco rooftop camera. you can see the flag really whipping in the wind >> howling winds also hit the north bay. abc 7 news was in kentfield as some serious gusts blew by under partly cloudy skies. abc 7 news meteorologist drew tuma is here to tell us how long these winds are going to last. drew. >> a cold front is moving through the entire region as we speak, and this is why the winds have picked up so quickly today. outside we go. a live look from the rooftop stadium at the embarcadero atop
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the pier. look at the wind gusts. 32 miles per hour in san francisco and 23 right now in moup vanview a-- -- -- -- -- - i this is where we should be this time of year. finally back to reality in terms of our temperatures. however, the winds will be with us through the evening. future tracking wind gusts showing you later on this evening still rather breezy as we go into the early morning hours on monday. the winds not as widespread and still along the coast and it will remain rather breeze and the winds will continue to bring the cooler temperatures in and i'll have the full accuweather forecast. >> another live look outside at the conditions. this is from our explortorium cam. you can see two flags just waving around in the winds there. can you see track of the weak weather where you live with the abc 7 accuweather app. you will get updates from the
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weather team and monton the forecast on the go. >> three people are in police custody after a wild chase across three bay area counties and it began in santa clara county where the three are accused of trying to break into cars in cupertino and ended in san francisco. abc 7 news reporter carnell bernard was first on the scene when it first ended. carnell. >> eric, that chase a rude awakening for many neighbors who heard the sirens and saw the pursuit race across market street ending just minutes later in the city's western of the edition. >> we heard a lot of police sirens and took a look to our left and saw a young man running this direction. >> patty bertolli didn't know what to do when she saw police chasing a man on webster street heading right for her. >> saw the car and the police with the guns drawn and not sure what his intentions were and he was holding on to the pocket. >> the suspect and two other males ran away from the gold
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acura with the shredded tire after a dramatic chase from santa clara county. >> there's always a potential danger whenever we people like this, because we don't know if they are armed, who they are and police say they were not armed and at least one of them is a teenager. the santa clara sheriff's department was seen as being suspicious trying to break apart cars in cupertino and deputies tried to make a traffic stop but the acura stopped going reaching speed of 100 miles per hour down highway 101 into san francisco. the sirens came from all different directions. >> did try to terminate the pursuit by trying to stop it. however, that was unsuccessful. >> and cops felt that maneuver may have flattened the suspect's tire and all three were rounded up within 20 minutes and taken back to santa clara county in the back of the squad car. and in san francisco carnell bernard abc 7 news. >> two developing news now on the possible carjacking suspect who led authorities on a chase from oakland across multiple highways to antioch this.
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photo was taken where that chase ended on elcorn way near deer meadow way and police had the vehicle stopped with the suspect inside who was possibly armed. we'll keep you updated as new developments become available online and on air on abc 7 news. oakland police are investigating a possible murder-suicide tonight. abc 7 news was in the rock ridge neighborhood not far from keith avenue and mcmillan street. this is where officers responded and heard gunfire when they arrived at about 10:15 this morning. they found a man in his 60s and woman in her 70s, both dead from gunshot wounds. police had the one-way street blocked off for several hours. >> no sign of mechanical problems so far in the investigation no a passenger plane crash that killed 71 people never moscow and the crew of the airliner. the plane took off this morning only to appear. first responders found debris
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across a snowy field and a russian official said there were for survive. they were headed about 1,000 miles southeast of moscow. >> investigators tried to figure out how a man made his way on to the runway after a temporary shutdown. they believe the man mentally ill or on drugs climbed over a perimeter fence and ran up to a southwest airlines plain getting ready for takeoff and pulled the fire extinguisher in the wheel well. officers say the suspect was caught by their canine unit as he ran back towards the fence. his identity has not yet been released. >> the vallejo water department has instructed about 1,000 households to run cold water through their faucets for up to ten minutes. that's because sediment from the swansea river reservoir was carried into the reservoir this morning. you can see the affected households along lemon street to highway 780 and laurel street and south peublo way and north
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back to lemon. city crews have flushed the system. the water even though discolored is safe to drink. >> more trouble today for wells fargo. coming up, we'll tell you why some customers were promised refunds that didn't really exist. >> also making your next ride a introducing the pork from jack in the box. two strips of pork belly, green leaf lettuce, juicy tomatoes and tangy honey aioli even you'll love it, martha security! get him! wow, do you guys workout? try my new pork belly blt, part of my food truck series.
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introducing the prime rib from jack in the box. with strips of prime rib grilled with peppers and onions and smothered in provolone cheese and i'm challenging you to try it, martha it's on, jack. why are we whispering? try my new prime rib cheesesteak, part of my food truck series. wells fargo announced that it knows what went wrong in a refund letter mistake affecting nearly 40,000 people the refund letters from for cut bhers who were forced to buy auto insurance. some were given the incorrect amount. others who did not get the insurance were told they would
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get a refund, and and some letters went to people not even wells fargo customers. the bank says the error was due to a coding mistake caught by the vendor responsible for the mailings. >> wort is trying a new tactic to make your ride a little more pleasant. "the chronicle" reports they will have a tendency at the elevator and power center and civic center stations solely to stop people from using the area as bathrooms. the six mount pilot problem is going to start after rider complaints. >> yes, please. storm damage repar works will wrap up on portions of high what 1 in marin county. here's the stretch of highway closed tomorrow night. it's at slide ranch. traffic will be detoured to panoramic highway from 9:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m. tomorrow night, and it will enable crews to move a 100-ton crane into place and the crane will move some of the heavy equipment used to repair storm damage. >> the oakland coliseum dmv office will remain closed to yet another week due to flood
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damage. thieves stole 40 feet of copper tubing from the roof there causing water to cascade through the ceiling overnight last wednesday. the damage flooded the office and it's been closed ever since. the dmv expects the office to reopen on monday, february 19th. discovering art and science just got more interesting. >> looks like fun there. ahead, get your first look inside a renovated one of a kind art and science education center right here in the bay area. >> and i'm too ma tuma. winds about 25 miles per hour and the winds will bring a chilly start to the new school and workweek. the numbers ahead in the accuweather forecast. >> and now here's a look ahead on what's on "abc world news" at 5:30. >> tonight the grand canyon horror, a sight-seeing helicopter crashing and exploding into a fireball and the ex-wife firing back at the
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break news now involving a 49ers linebacker under arrest accused of domestic violence. 23-year-old linebacker reuben foster is in a santa clara county jail right now. our partners at the bay area news group authorities that reports in los gatos say today's arrest was on suspicion of domestic violence and possessing an assault rifle. arrest records show foster was booked not santa clara county jail on $75,000 bail. in early january, foster was arrested and charged with possession of marijuana in alabama. this is his mug shot from them. tonight the niners have issued a statement saying they are aware of the report and are still gathering all pertinent information. >> the random museum celebrated a grand reopening today following a two-year multi-million dollar renovation. abc 7 news was in san francisco where you can see there were hundreds of visitors who showed up for the ribbon cutting ceremony and to be the first to
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explore all three floors of the revitalized and reimagined museum. >> we welcome the public back to a $10 million renovation with 30% more programming space, a beautiful new wildlife exhibit. this is an institution that serves about 100,000 people a year. it's completely free, and it focuses on nature and science and art. >> the randall museum's renovation was funded in part by a california state parks grant and supporter donations. the year of the lion will be celebrate the at the chinese new year come friday. today names. china camp in san rafael hosted the lion dance as a symbol of good luck for the china camp preservation project. this year marks the 150th anniversary of the purchase of the camp's 2,500 acres of land where some 2,500 refugees south due to discrimination after the civil war. guide caution in training earned their wings today at oakland international airport. 25 puppies were put through the
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entire airport experience with their handlers. the training is necessary so the dogs can help assist blind people when they fly. that means they go to the check-in counter, they pass through tsa screening and even check in at the gate. the dogs also board a plane and explore it and then head to baggage claim. guide dogs for the blind provided this video that you see right here. the nonprofit has graduated more than 14,000 guide teams since it was founded in 1942. >> well, after ten consecutive days of record warmth finally feeling like winter out thereto thanks to some gusting winds this afternoon. live doppler 7 along with the sat live. did have some ominous clouds move through earlier today and almost looked like it wanted to rain. unfortunately our dry pattern just continues. however, we are checking a few snow showers in lake tahoe. live doppler 7 showing you light
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snow around and it's nice to see a return of fresh powder, even if it's limited. it's all about the winds certainly today. lock at these gusts right now. novato 26 miles per hour and 32 that current gust at sfo and clocking in at 23 miles per hour at mountianview and 28 in responsible for pulling in some cooler air from the north so certainly if you stepped out of the door earlier this morning, a bit of a chill in the atmosphere. the numbers you see right now. this is where we should be for this time of the year. it's been about a couple of weeks since we've had daytime highs stuck in the 50s, but that's where february numbers should typically be. 54 right now in oakland and 52 in san francisco and 56 in san jose and right now santa rosa checking in with a current temperature of 54 degrees. here's the call from accuweather. overnight tonight it will be raher chill. a majority of the region dropping into the upper 20s if not the lower 30s overnight tonight. san francisco one of the exceptions. 43, but along the coast it will remain breezy with those winds
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gusting over 20 miles per hour at times, so here's the setup. over the next 24 hours we just had a cold front move through the region thanks to this area of low pressure and bringing snow showers to tahoe. that's why the winds have kicked up, and the winds will continue to be with us the next 24 hours so the wind direction will continue to funnel in some cool air, especially monday afternoon as well. future weather showing as you go hour by hour for you. tomorrow morning we'll stop the clock at 6:00 in the morning and a fair amount of cloud cover early on and there could be the chance of a spotty sprinkle right along the coast and that chance quickly fades once that sun gets up here and by the afternoon, a lot of the cloud cover will diminish, and will certainly finish the day with more sunshine than we started. so the 12-hour planner on your monday. a fair amount of cloud cover and the big takeaway still and that wind is with us and breezy at times at 10 to 20 miles per hour and that once again keeps temperatures right around 60 degrees for most of us. highs on the monday. a breezy day once again.
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59 in san francisco and 61 in san jose and that's where we should be for this time of the year. 60 in santa rosa and half moon bay it will be breezy with a emit tour of only 55 degrees. the accuweather seven-day forecast. the next seven days for you. cloud in the morning and breezy conditions in the afternoon and we stay seasonal through tuesday and even valentine's day on wednesday is where we should be, and then that warm pattern begins once again no next weekend, saturday and sunday. that mild air returns. we stay above average and still that dry pattern continues the next seven days, unfortunately. >> all right. >> drew, thank you very much. >> with this warmer pattern, i think it's very appropriate that we lead with golf. >> very god, the at&t pebble beach pro-am has a great story to end the week, this year no different. ed to potter jr., 32-year-old had a tough governor it and stays with it and has a
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ted totter jr., been around for 15 years, won one back in 2012 and a broken ankle nearly ended his career in 2014 missing almost two seasons and today he put his name atop the leaderboard to win the at&t pebble beach pro-am. the most beautiful course on tour, pebble beach. arizona cardinal wide receiver larry fitzgerald on the most challenging tee shot on number 7 nearly goes in. he and his partner partner partr 60. >> a chip here on 7 and got him
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to 17 upped. three-stroke lead and had to calm hisser in toffs hold on. died with dustin johnson. d.j. with a bogey on 11 and laid up on 15. this his third shot from a bad lie and he finished with a 72 and tied for second at 14 under. >> phil mickelson and watch this huge flopper and sets up a birdie and the other lefty at a clubhouse with a 5 under 67. jason day on 18 hooked his drive to the pebbles on pebble beach and goes from pebbles to a sandy beach and also at 14 under and then potter, parred the rest of the way and birdied 18 for a grand finish and settled for par and wins by three strokes and second pga tour win at 1.332 1.2 million holding off d.j. and jason day. >> i now i'm the underdog there. what have i got to lose really? just go out there and play
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against i could and see what happens. i mean, why put more pressure on myself and say i'm playing against the world number one or just go play golf. >> what a great story. >> they head to portland on wednesday before the all-star break. with a win over the spurs, steve kerr won his 250th game as head coach of the warriors. fastest to reach that number of any coach in all of sports. some names he passed, phil jackson, gregg popovich and don shula. he was joking afterwards if it was just a number or does it mean anything? >> yeah, of course it means something to me. it means that i'm incredibly lucky to coach great talented bunch of guys. i mean, for this to be my first job, you know, most people -- nobody in fact has been able to inherit a group like this, so i'm fortunate. >> cavaliers broke out their new look roster after the trade deadline today in boston.
5:26 pm
lebron with 24 points. this three from downtown. he had ten assists as well finding george hill and jordan clarkeson 17 points in 23 minutes. cavs 2-0 since the trade deadline and smoked the celtics 121-99 the final. leved to potter jr.'s story. one of persistence pays off and that's the beauty of golf. everybody has a shot to win. >> on any given sunday. >> that's up. >> thanks a lot. >> well, just ahead,
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>> on abc 7 news tonight. he filmed a anti-military rant by his high schoolteacher. his southern california student is being honored by veterans. >> and another lawsuit against harvey weinstein. what new york state wants from the sale of the movie mogul's former company. >> this looks like fun. a value dane's day weekend tradition that had people grabbing their pillows and swinging away in the south bay. the eighth annual fet verse of furry took part in downtown san jose and organizers trying to get the cloud to clean up and stick around the feathers and good luck with that. >> at least they are smiling and not crying because it hurt or anything. >> valentine's day. >> right. >> yes. >> all that builtup, you know, anger. >> exactly. >> all right. that's it for abc 7 news at 5:00. >> for all of us here at abc 7
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news, tonight, breaking news. the grand canyon horror. a sightseeing helicopter crashing and exploding into a fireball in the middle of the national park. three people dying. survivors crawling out of the fiery wreckage. deadly plane crash. the air disaster minutes after take-off. killing everyone onboard, more than 70 people. the moment of impact caught on video. russian officials now opening a criminal investigation. taking on trump. the backlash after president trump's apparent sympathy for two staffers accused of domestic abuse. tonight, an ex-wife of one of those aides firing back after she says the president implied she's a liar. officers ambushed. two policemen answering a 911 call from a crying woman, walking right into an attack. miracle flu drug?


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