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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  February 13, 2018 6:00am-7:00am PST

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>> just come by my house, we have so many beads, my wife will just throw them to you as you drivle by throw them at you when you show up. >> absolutely. get off my lawn. if she won't, i will to get rid of them. we have boxes of them. it's fun, it's fun. it's all good. it's fine. let's take a look at live doppler 7 and you can see it is quiet this morning. it is bone-dry and the air will get drier as we head throughout the day. enjoy the wall-to-wall sunshine. micro climate is more so this morning than by noon when the breezes relax and temperatures are within two degrees of each other, 57 to 59. by 4:00, 60 at the coast. 62 elsewhere. a buffet of sunshine for you and then by 7:00 enjoy the stars and grab a light jacket, 49 to 55 and have a great fat tuesday. how about you, sue? >> just keep on going as long as we can get through stuck traffic which is what's happening on the altamont pass with speeds under 15 miles an hour. we have an accident westbound
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580. three vehicles near grant line blocking the third lane from the left. 580 and 205 now stacked up. once you're past that it looks pretty good all the way into the livermore area. it's about a at 980 near jackson in the blocking lane, too. no slow traffic yet but we're following it. sue, thank you. a high school teach certificate accusing her male students of sexually harassing her, doing everything from physically touching her to leaving obscene letters and phone calls. >> that teacher is at tamalpais high school and she's the second teacher in the north bay to come forward with such accusations. reporter amy hollyfield live for us in mill valley. amy? >> reporter: hi, reggie. math teacher eva riter says it is time for her to say me too. she has been sexually harassed more than a dozen times by students here at tamalpais high school, she says. she went public last week at the school board meeting. the tam broadcast network
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recorded her statement. >> i have received profane phone calls and attacks to my work and personal e-mail addresses. some identified as coming from a school ip address during school hours. all of them are so graphic they aren't fit for this public audience but i can provide if needed. >> reporter: riter says the school has not made permanent changes when she has complained in the past. she says a good start would be requiring students to go through sexual harassment prevention training. the district has responded since the meeting saying it has taken two steps. first of all, it has hired an attorney who specializeness work place investigations to look into the complaint and released a report with the findings. and second, officials have appointed a second title ix officer to the school so now there are two who are responsible for receiving be a responding to complaints. she is the second teacher in the district. the other one teaches at redwood
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high to come forward with claims of sexual harassment from students. riter says this has created so much trauma for her she'll be taking a personal leave next year. amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. thank you, amy. investigators are looking into this man, 56-year-old ricardo tafolla rose for child molestation. he works as a counselor at the california school for the deaf in fremont. one possible victim has been identified and investigators want to know if there are others. rose has worked at the school since 1989 and is currently on paid administrative leave. he was arrested friday. take a look at this. this is the scene san jose firefighters arrived to last night. they got reports of an explosion and a fire. this was around 7:00 p.m. on north 34th street near mckee road. they had to deenergize a dangerous live wire that was arcing over the sidewalk. firefighters managed to rescue a family of four and one of their
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two dogs. they're hoping they can find the second dog. the cause of the fire is under investigation. a transgender woman claims a san francisco city worker refused to let her use a women's restroom. according to it happened in 2016 during a public health department training session. the woman in question worked with the department of police accountability. she filed a complaint but says the city refused to investigate. the city claims her allegations are not entirely accurate. the state civil rights agency is suing the city on her behalf. president trump is pushing his brand-new infrastructure plan this morning. the president sent out a tweet just before 3:00 a.m. saying the plan has received great reviews except from democrats. the plan would spend $1.5 trillion to fix america's aging roads and other infrastructure. only a fraction of that money will come from the federal government. the president's plan calls on states, local governments, and even private companies to invest in projects nationwide. and the president's proposal
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might put projects like california's high-speed rail system at risk. right now the state believes high-speed rail will cost $64 billion. the president's budget leaves only $20 billion to spend nationwide for major mass transit projects. an oakland police officer who graduated at the top of his academy class last year was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence. according to our media partners, 25-year-old isaac goins was arrested by chp and just released yesterday. a spokesman for mayor libby schaaf said the arrest is a disappointment to the city and they will let the investigation and legal process play out. if you have a ford or a mazda you're going to want to listen to this. more models were added to the do not drive list because of the takata recall. more than 33,000 ford ranger pickups and nearly 2,000 mazda b-series small pickups from the 2006 model year have dangerous inflators. safety officials say stop driving them right now and
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schedule a free repair. the company says dealers will tow the pickups to service bays to replace the faulty inflators and provide loaner vehicles. two brothers face charges of defrauding several landlords in fremont and police are calling them serial renters. the accusations against qadir brothers date back to 2015. they showed landlords phony financial documents indicating they could pay the rent and then they would move in. the brothers would then bounce checks and damage the homes and would even live rent free while the owners spent thousands to evict them. happening today an unprecedented move to protect cannabis useers in the east bay. who could be targeted by the federal government? >> the new law to help you avoid all those annoying items packing your mailbox. check out this stat of the day for several cities. we're 4 1/2 inches below in livermore to more than a foot up in santa rosa. (vo) i was born during
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we thought we were going to hear from mike. >> we did. we'll hear from him later on. berkeley may be declared a
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sanctuary for legal adult use of marijuana. >> a resolution that would ban city agencies and employees from using money to help enforce federal marijuana laws. agencies would not be able to turn over information on legal marijuana activities to federal authorities. the mayor and some councilmembers believe passing the resolution would stand up for states' rights and the city's values. sorry, guys. must be that sugar high i'm on because i'm giving it up tomorrow. some areas in the south bay heaters may have been running more than others. alum rock some cold air from the mountains to your east. it's 45 in sunnyvale. cold air drainage around t saratoga. lafayette, 37. 45 in danville. look at napa, 49. the winds keeping the temperatures up in napa but notice how the winds will relax as we head throughout the day
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and by the time you get home this evening hardly a wind at all. i'll show you those temperatures coming up. sue has some good news for your commute. >> i do have some good news. first some bad news. northbound on the golden gate bridge a stall. you can see that caution light flashing. fortunately it is northbound and the golden gate bridge crew is fast in getting those stalls out of there. southbound, though, your commute direction is looking pretty good. we do have better news over the altamont pass an earlier accident. three vehicles involved. they are now pushed off to the right-hand shoulder near grant line. unfortunately, the damage is done. i just checked your drive time from tracy into dublin, an hour and 30 minutes. ouch. so maybe consider taking an ace train this morning. >> good advice. thank you, sue. this morning ulta responding to claims the company is repackaging returned cosmetics and reselling them to you. >> what is more harmful to your brain, alcohol or cannabis?
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we're putting you into the perspective of a rescue crew. chp, marin county fire and sheriff's office worked together to find a mountain biker after a
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reported collision in the open space preserve in fairfax. within minutes crews found the rider, loaded him into the helicopter and took him to a trauma center. the 23-year-old is being treated for moderate to major injuries. new details about the scare for the president's son and his wife, vanessa. she was taken to the hospital after opening an envelope containing white powder. the envelope was sent to the couple's new york city apartment. we now know that envelope was addressed to donald trump jr. the note inside said they were angry but didn't go any further. vanessa and two other people were rushed to the hospital after complaints of dizziness. the powder was deemed nonhazardous. officials say it was just corn starch. 6:15. if you are tired of junk mail piling up if your home -- in fact, i have a stack on my dining room table right now -- one lawmaker has a solution. giving californians the option
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to opt out. he wants to create a so-called do not contact list. >> it will call your cell phone with a number very similar to your cell phone so you think it's a welcome call and they're trying to sell you a time share. so i believe we need to ensure privacy to our residents in california and especially now with identity theft so rampant. we need to try to cut down as much as possible on unnecessary correspondence. >> the u.s. postal service says it would cost them a lot of money. it says it could jeopardize jobs across an entire industry everything from graphic artists to printing businesses. the woman who was a contestant on this season of "the bachelor" is setting the record straight after her mother reported her missing. >> she reported her missing in november. at that time she says she was already eliminated from the show and needed some time to decompress. >> i went up north up into the mountains are some friends, i planned to stay for a couple weeks. i was there for six or seven
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days with no phone service, which i told my mother i would have phone service because i thought i would, and then i just had this weird feeling that i needed to go home all of a sudden, and so i got in my car, got to cell service, called my parents, told them, hey, i'm coming home. and then, yeah, my mom told me she had reported me missing only 12 hours before. >> okay. you can watch "the bachelor" monday nights at 8:00 p.m. here on abc 7. >> bottom line she's okay. it's okay. >> don't ever do that to your mother again. >> i know! it's the extended version of forgetting to call her for one day, weeks and weeks, yikes. hey, mike. >> my mom and sister talk four or five times a day. h, yeah, me, too. >> now we know. learn from others mistakes and what's going on outside. hi, everybody. coming up on 6:18 and you can see from the roof cam it's gorgeous. look right above that live. you can see just barely what's
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left of the moon this cycle. only about 2% or 3% of the moon showing this morning. sunny sky, lower humidity for today's forecast. now my accuweather highlights tonight will be calmer. we'll have that bone-dry air under clear skies, even cooler than this morning. the cold fronts, we have two of them. they don't produce any rain. so what's the point? they will change our temperatures a little bit. here's a look at what's going on for our highs today. on the high end san jose and also ukiah at 65. right behind santa rosa and morgan hill at 64 and as you get closer in the middle here our temperatures get closer, 62 to 63 degrees except for half moon bay at 61. a look at san francisco, 47. 56 at noon. 60 at 4:00. 53 at 7:00. some of our neighborhoods will be cooler. sunset 60 while everyone else on this map, bayshore, mission, 62. one more to look at, the peninsula 40 this morning.
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your highs will range from 59 daly city and pacifica to low to mid-60s for everyone else. low to upper 30s in our inland valleys and low to upper 40s around the bay and out to the coast for lows tomorrow. with increasing clouds that will cool our temperatures for valentine's day. warning trend thursday through saturday and another dry cold front brings our temperatures back down to normal by monday. hi, sue. good morning. we are heading to the san mateo bridge. a lot of commuters this morning and the brake lights start right after the toll plaza, in fact, leading up to the toll plaza is slow and go, too, in industrial. get yourself prepared for a 25-minute ride across the span over to foster city. a couple of problem spots. we had this earlier accident near grant line westbound 580 cleared. 1:30 drive from the central valley to get into livermore and we see that backup there. we have a new accident reported northbound 680 near alcosta.
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i'm not seeing any slow traffic past the scene but the left lane is blocked. it's a motorcycle down. the driver seems to be okay but fire crews are blocking the left lane. we may see some slowing there. a heads-up. what is worse for your brain, alcohol or marijuana? researchers at the university of colorado boulder found that chronic alcohol use resulted in lower gray matter. anytime white or gray matter is reduce it had can lead to brain impairment. more studies are needed on pot but note that while marijuana may have some negative consequences on the brain it is nowhere near the negative consequences of alcohol. you can read the study in the journal "addiction." adam rippon, swipe right. the entire men's bobsled team, swipe right. >> i can't stop talking about the story. you can use tinder to meet your favorite olympians, maybe. >> big maybe. >> people are getting creative and doing the most, something
6:21 am
called passporting, changing their location to south korea in order to match up with athletes staying at the olympic village. according to tinder there's been an increase in passporting to that area. according to tinder americans are the most passporters trying to meet these driven, fit individuals, patriotic. >> mm-hmm. we are a thirsty country, natasha. users upset over snap chat's new design. why the company says you'll have to get over it. "sports illustrated's" new swimsuit issue. the cover model's reaction since the big announcement. >> first a look at what's ahead on "good morning america." good morning, coming up on "gma" the ex-wife of former white house staff secretary rob porter speaking out about the statements made by the women in the trump administration. plus, "bachelor" fan favorite
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welcome back. it's about 6:25 on this fat tuesday. temperatures going to be really comfortable outside. two to four degrees above average from about 62 to 65 degrees with wall-to-wall
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sunshine and bone-dry air. natasha? >> thank you. it is 6:24. a popular beauty store chain is denying accusations now that it is reselling used makeup as new. a chicago-area woman is suing ulta claiming the company repackages used cosmetics and puts them right back on the shelf for you to buy. a lawsuit filed by a california woman really says the same thing. she did that last month. this latest complaint cites former ulta employees who say the company has a limit on how many returned items can be many rethrown away. can be ulta issued a statement saying we are aware of the lawsuit and intend to vigorously defend against the allegations. in her first interview since the "sports illustrated" swimsuit cover danielle harrington is opening up about the impact this new title is having on her life. >> the 24-year-old is from compton, the third black woman to ever grace the cover following tyra banks and beyonce. this morning on "gma" she spoke about how she felt when she found out the news. >> i mean, i was in tears.
6:26 am
i was bawling, crying. i worked so hard and put in so much work. and to see my dreams pay off, i mean, my hard work pay off, and i reached my dreams. >> this year's "sports illustrated" swimsuit dream was body positivity. it was shot by an all-female crew. coming up hear the surprise message harrington received from tyra banks herself that starts at 7:00 on abc 7. do men wear swimsuits, too? >> it's interesting. i wonder how -- i wonder in 25 years with the "sports illustrated" swimsuit issue will look like. >> by then robots will have taken over. >> probably true. your opinion on an east bay school pulling "the star-spangled banner" from rallies because of verses they say are racist. the poll has been up all morning long and it's pretty clear how you feel right now. 82% of people disagreeing with the decision to pull the song. >> we want you to vote right this second, though, if you haven't already. you can watch your vote update
6:27 am
in real time. you don't have to download or register for anything. plus, if you think you can balance san jose's budget then the winter of '77.uring
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i first met james in 5th grade. we got married after college. and had twin boys. but then one night, a truck didn't stop. but thanks to our forester, neither did our story. and that's why we'll always drive a subaru.
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good morning on this tuesday, february 13th. look at the golden gate bridge
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behind us. looks nice, doesn't it? 6:29. thanks for being here. let's start with you, mike. >> we'll talk about the wind because it was a noisy night across the north bay. they're starting to relax. winds gusting to 25. we still have some winds gusting at sfo to 15. mountain view 12. yeah, you definitely see the influence of high pressure moving in and calming our conditions out there. what it will do is take this bone-dry air and warm it to above average. if you're heading out the door, 37 to 40 around the bay and inland, the coast 48. notice at noon 59. 60 to 62. a few micro climates at 7:00. still comfortable for your fun festivities on this fat tuesday, 49 to 55. let's find out about no carnival on the streets this morning. no, just some traffic. to san rafael where you see the sun starting to come up 101 on
6:31 am
up towards north san pedro. a little bit slow as you reach the top of the hill. your drive all the way into san francisco, let's take a look at the drive time, about 22 minutes all the way across the golden gate bridge. it is a straight shot and there's a look at the golden gate bridge. it's a beautiful morning there. four lanes southbound, two lanes northbound direction. you have a motorcycle down north 680 near alcosta. i'm not seeing a lot slow traffic but we'll check back with chp. we have a problem with the vallejo ferry we'll check on next as well. hi, everyone. good morning. still keeping my eye on this story. authorities in contra costa county are investigating an incident that happened overnight. the fire department was dispatched to a medical call on clayton road in concord about 9:15 last night. you can see in our video heavy police presence surrounding an apartment complex. unclear exactly what happened.
6:32 am
we do have calls into the concord police department. for more details when we get those, i will get them to you. happening today the man acquitted of murdering kate steinle will enter a plea in federal court. jose ines garcia zarate faces two charges for possessing a gun as a felon and being an undocumented immigrant in possession of a firearm. he could get up to ten years in federal prison. "the examiner" reports he is expected to plead not guilty. he's scheduled to appear at 10:30 this morning in san francisco. caltrain says service is back to normal following a collision between a train and a vehicle. this happened at the caltrain crossing at charleston road. the crash sparked a fire which you can see in the middle of the photo there. everyone in the vehicle got out okay. no one on the train was hurt although several trains had to hold up during the cleanup which delayed service. new details on a scary flight from orange county to san jose. >> everybody made it out all right but they hadncy slides be could get here. reporter matt keller live for us
6:33 am
at mineta-san jose. good morning, matt. >> reporter: good morning. how frightening for these passengers. last night they were put on another plane and finally made it to their destination here in san jose just after midnight. in fact, they landed at 12:04 a.m., four hours late. the trouble started as the plane, southwest flight 2123 was pushing back from the gate in orange county at john wayne airport. ground crews told the captain there was a fire at the back of the plane. evacuation slides were deployed and all 139 passengers and five crew had to slide down to get off the plane. one passenger posted her reaction on instagram and another talk to us via face time. >> literally emergency evacuating our flight because it's smoking. oh, my gosh. >> the wheels. >> girl, my heart is beating. >> the stewardess screamed, evacuate, evacuate, evacuate. we could see the smoke coming
6:34 am
out of the tail end of the plane, lots of smoke. >> reporter: the faa says the fire was extinguished with the fire suppression system. five people suffered minor injuries but no one went to the hospital. reporting live, matt keller, abc 7 news. thank you, matt. 6:34. new details emerging in the arrest of 49ers linebacker reuben foster on domestic violence charges. the san jose mercury news reports his girlfriend alleges he dragged her during an argument at a home in los gatos sunday morning. the report says the encounter left the woman hurt. the extent of injuries has not been revealed. the woman told dispatchers that foster owned several semiautomatic rifles. officers ended up recovering one firearm. foster met with team officials yesterday and the niners say they're still gathering information about the case. foster is currently free on bail. a few final words from a dying woman helped alameda county sheriff's deputies catch two people suspected of killing her. we brought it to you as breaking news yesterday.
6:35 am
a passing driver spotted the victim. she was bleeding badly and crawling along tesla road around 2:00 in the morning. she was able to tell police what happened before paramedics rushed her to the hospital. she died there. her information led deputies to a man and woman in modesto. no word on a motive. no longer investigating transgender bathroom complaints. the obama administration ordered schools to allow students to use bathrooms that align with their gender identity. president trump rescinded the order soon after he took office. the white house now says it's up to individual school districts to decide how to handle the issue. civil rights groups say the administration's move could endanger the welfare of transgender students. a racially insensitive chant during a basketball game has turned into a teaching moment for students on the peninsula. the chant was aimed at students at mills high school which is a majority asian american population. and this was during a game against burlingame high school. students from mills were
6:36 am
taunting their opponents fans with the chant, we can't hear you. some burlingame students chanted back something many interpreted as anti-asian. >> some people from our school shouted back, we can't see you, referring to the eye shape and eye size of the predominantly asian population at mills. >> a lot of classroom conversations took place. each class has a student representative. and so classrooms were engaged in the conversation. >> student leaders have apologized to mills students and the administration says mills handled it graciously. 6:36 now. happening today a center to help survivors of the october wildfires start to rebuild. the center will speed up the permitting process for homeowners of the 3,000 residential properties that were destroyed or damaged. it's located next to the permit sonoma offices in santa rosa. the county will also hold a rebuilding community meeting on thursday. let's check out the
6:37 am
temperatures in our inland east bay neighborhoods because we have quite a spread from the cold spot. lafayette at 35. san ramone, 37. 38 at pleasant hill. i think everybody else in the low to mid-40s. broaden out the picture, low to mid-40s along the east bay shore, down into the south bay. same thing in san carlos. pacifica, 46. warmer in san francisco, 51. look at santa rosa and napa, our cooler spots in the mid to upper 40s because of the breezes overnight kept your temperatures 8 to 16 degrees warmer than this time yesterday. the same thing in fairfield with that 47. you're 13 degrees warmer. those breezes will relax today and that means it's going to be a little bit warm they are afternoon. look at all this dry air and just waiting for sunshine across the golden gate bridge. exercising you'll notice the dry air when you're out running or breathing through your mouth it will dry things up really quick. a lot of sun in the bay and at the beaches not quite as breezy as yesterday. it will feel warmer. let's get our kids ready for school. 39 inland to 48 at the coast at
6:38 am
7:00. temperature 54 to 57. it'll be calm outside. not saying what the weather will be like inside. wanting to get into the low to mid-60s by the time school wraps up at 3:00. we'll come back with your forecast in a second. over to sue to see what's going on. mechanical issues for the vallejo departure. the 6:00 and 6:30 boat will be served by one boat and they're running about ten minutes late. so that's what's happening there. backup buses will arrive for other departures by around 7:30 this morning. you could see a domino effect. we have a new accident this one a motorcycle down southbound 680 near stone ridge. very slow approaching the sunol grade and southbound 101 in pa rip. we have an accident there. a little bit of slowing southbound from highway 37.
6:39 am
new this morning president trump is warning democrats that it's now or never when it comes to extending daca legislation. i want to show you what's happening online. you should know daca is the immigration policy that offers protections for young immigrants living in the country illegally. president trump said negotiations have begun. democrats say they want to make a deal. wouldn't it be great if we could finally after so many years solve the daca puzzle. this will be our last chance. there will never be another opportunity. march 5th. and march 5th, of course, is the deadline the president has set for a daca deal. back to you. >> thank you, jessica. one story getting a lot of attention and we want to hear your thoughts now. students at an east bay school pulled "the star-spangled banner" from their rallies. >> you can vote on your phone. let us know what you think as we
6:40 am
are speaking. you don't have to register or download. it's very quick to vote. we'll keep that poll up on your screen throughout the story to see your reaction. student leadership at san ramone's california high removed the song because of what many consider to be racist lyrics, although they are in verses that are not actually sung out loud. in a letter to the school paper the student body president noted there is a third verse in which it says in part, quote, no refuge could save the hireling and slave. she wrote this verse translated finds joy in the killing of african-americans. to think that our nation's anthem once had the word slave and land of the free in the same sentence leaves me speechless. other students told us they have a different take. >> the importance of singing the national anthem to honor and respect those that have died and sacrificed their lives to protect the freedom us us americans take for granted every day is much more important and a unifying issue. >> as for the district, a spokesperson says it just learned about the student leadership's position on the national anthem and it's looking into it.
6:41 am
>> all right. we saw a one-point movement that corrected itself already. 20% uber drivers making sure drivers are more alert on the road. where a robot coffee shop is about to expand in san francisco. >> and a live look at the big board, an update on how the markets are starting in moments. a live look outside at 6:41 in the morning at sfo as the sun comes up. comes up. thanks for
6:42 am
6:43 am
6:44 am
let's take a look at this. 21% of average. 15% of the yearly average is all we have and this is going to continue to shrink. our best chance was earlier around los angeles and palm springs. rain close to the coast where temperatures will be in the mid-60s from san diego to l.a. from monterey through the central valley. 52 with sunshine in yoet might. it feels like highs in the 30s. we warm up
6:45 am
>> mike, thank you. a north bay high school teach certificate making a bombshell accusation. she says her male students at tamalpais high school sexually harassed her. >> touching, obscene letters and phone calls of she's not alone. amy hollyfield is live for us in mill valley. >> reporter: she says she has been sexually harassed more than a dozen times by students here. she had the courage to come forward because another teacher went public in january at the board meeting telling stories of sexual abuse and she will go public at the board meeting. >> it's time i say me too. students have sexually harassed me over a dozen times. students spreading a rumor i made a drunken sexual advance on
6:46 am
him at a party. i have been touched more than i have been touched more than once. >>. >> reporter: no permanent changes were made and she says she now realizes this is a district wide problem. she wonders why students don't receive training on what is inappropriate. the district has hired an attorney to look into the complaint. second, the district appointed a second title ix officer to receive and respond to complaints. as for the teacher she says the trauma has triggered medical conditions and will take a personal leave next year. >> a really disturbing story. amy, thank you. happening today in oakland, the family of a man fatally shot by a b.a.r.t. officer is planning a protest demanding the district attorney file charges against that officer.
6:47 am
28-year-old tindal died outside the b.a.r.t. station. the b.a.r.t. officer reported hearing a gunshot and seeing two men fighting on the ground, one had been shot in the leg. after the officer yelled for them to stop fighting, he fired at tindal. a gun was recovered but it's not clear who it belonged to. the family is asking the d.a. to file criminal charges. >> it's about justice, doing what's right. >> i'm sorry that i lost him, that he was taken from me. >> family plans a protest at 10:30 this morning. happening today the concord city council will consider approving money to provide body cameras and in-car cameras spending $1.5 million for a five-year contract with a company that would provide body cams and dash cams. if approved officers are
6:48 am
expected to have the cameras by september. san jose's police chief is reaching out to the latino community about their immigration fears. he visited church congregations and is elaborating on the message he's spreading. >> police are not someone to fear. we're here for them. we're here to protect them, to keep their families safe. it's important for them to hear that. they need to know they can count on us to be there without fear of us enforcing immigration laws. >> he knows actions are fueling deportation fears. garcia plans to visit more latino churches to assure people that san jose police do not enforce immigration laws. the city of san jose has a new website where people can try to balance the budget for the upcoming year called balancing act and it lets people learn about public budges and the budgeting process.
6:49 am
you can let mayor liccardo know what you expect to see. a major backlash against a social media app. >> snapchat users are demanding a redesign. the new app was supposed to be easier to use but users say it's the opposite. a petition asking snap chat to remove the update has nearly 700,000 signatures. a snap spokesperson issued this statement, updates as big as this one can take a little getting used to. >> barnes & noble slashing jobs, the largest bookseller is blaming a slow holiday shopping season. the company opened more than a dozen physical bookstores and increased the number of people signed up for its prime membership program.
6:50 am
cafe x is looking to open a location. customers order through an app or kiosk and the coffee brews up your drink. it will be in a building about the size of a food truck. a look at the big board. we are just under 20 minutes of trading so far this morning. we are down about 143 points so far. this valentine's day why give perfume or cologne when you can give the scent of chicken. >> kfc behind this corny gesture is offering scratch and sniff valentines. i feel in love the first moment i feel in love the first moment i slaw you.
6:51 am
any chicken order is personal sized if you try hard enough. the offer is good through tomorrow. >> you could get to my heart? >> my vegan heart is 100% there. i miss it so much. >> i love the smell of it, also, but not sure the wife would like that. >> only one way to find out. >> i gave her a present last night. maybe that would be the topper. maybe. san rafael, notice the lack of fog. the air is too dry and so is the ground. the breezes will relax for all of us. seeing stars during the overnight hours thanks to the dry air.
6:52 am
today we're going back up. let's talk about east bay, 45 at 7:00 this morning. look at these temperatures at noon. 57. pretty comfortable when there's no breeze and total sunshine. 60 at 4:00 and at 7:00 you're heading out to evening for fat tuesday, 54. you can see temperatures from 61 in hercules to hayward and free month. let's go one more place and we'll head down to the south bay where it's 40 at 7:00. 65 at 4:00. look at all that sunshine and 56 at 7:00. your temperatures will range from milpitas to 66 in los gatos. one of our coldest nights with low to upper 40s inland and then low to mid-40s around the bay and out to the coast. a dry cold front, a little more cloud cover tomorrow. a few 70s sprinkled in there and another cold front will bring temperatures back down. how about the commute this morning, sue?
6:53 am
>> trying to take the vallejo ferry. the 6:00 and 6:30 were served by one boat this morning. the 7:00 a.m. has been canceled altogether. expect delays via ferry. we had an accident, three cars involved. still very slow as we zoom in with our 3d camera. you can see the exact volume of slow traffic and up to marin county a motorcycle down. now traffic is backing up into novato slowing into and out of novato. uber says it's trying to combat drowsy driving. >> turning off the app used by drivers after 12 hours of continuous use. they won't be able to pick up fares for six hours. the idea is to force drivers to
6:54 am
take a rest. drowsy driving is the cause of up to 6,000 deadly crashes every year. lyft mandates a break for every 14 hours in driving mode. switching gears, a live look at new orleans this morning. it looks like some people are start to go get into the mood. fat tuesday marks the end of carnival season. the party lasts until midnight when lent begins and officers start clearing the streets. mardi gras party train making a stop from 6:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. carnival san francisco hosting fat tuesday celebrations. 21 different venues this year. the reason carnival san francisco is going so big it's celebrating its 40th anniversary. a splet list of venues. most celebrations are free and for people 21 and over.
6:55 am
grab your costumes, masks, and beads and be ready to party. the seven things you need to know before you go. first our instagram photo of the day. follow us at abc 7 news bay area.
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it is 6:57. whether you're just joining us or about to go out the door the seven things to know before you go. number a southwest plane landed safely in san jose after a fire scare in orange county forced passengers to evacuate at john wayne airport last night. passengers say they could see the smoke coming from the tail of the plane. number two, we're still working to find out why firefighters in concord were called to an apartment complex on clayton road last night. there was a heavy police presence in the area. all we know is that firefighters responded to some sort of medical call. number three the motive is still unknown in a deadly stabbing in alameda county. a passing driver spot add dying woman early yesterday morning. she was able to i.d. the suspected killers who were then arrested. number four, jose ines garcia zarate, the man accused of murdering kate steinle, is scheduled to enter a plea in federal court. he faces two federal criminal charges. "the examiner" reports he's expected to plead not guilty. number five tamalpais high
6:59 am
school teacher eva ryder said she was sexually harassed by students more than a dozen times. the school says it has hired an attorney. let's take a look at the accuweather 12-hour planner for this fat tuesday. look at those temperatures in the upper 50s at noon. low 60s at 4:00. >> like he said, number seven, not so much on the roadways. a couple problem spots for you southbound near pleasanton. an accident still blocking the left lane, 680. marin county southbound near bel marin keys a motorcycle down. all right, we'll be back in 25 minutes with updates on your news, weather and traffic. >> "good morning america" starts right now with a woman reported missing in northern california and then showed up on "the bachelor." >> forgot to call her mom. >> she did forget. >> don't forget to call your mom. >> she said she had no cell service.
7:00 am
good morning, america. taking on president trump. overnight, rob porter's first wife targets the women of the white house for their response to the abuse allegations against the former top aide and what we're now learning about that trump family scare, the white powder hoax that sent donald trump jr.'s wife to the hospital. pipe dream. chloe kim, america's newest golden girl, the 17-year-old snowboarder soaring to victory while tweeting about breakfast right before taking the win. as shaun white seeks redemption, can he claim gold again? setting the record straight. "the bachelor" fan favorite who was reported missing by her mother now telling all after getting booted from the show overnight. what's the real story behind her disappearance? and the race to be top dog.


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