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tv   America This Morning  ABC  February 14, 2018 4:00am-4:30am PST

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everybody. making news in america this morning, the fbi contradicts the white house time line in the rob porter domestic abuse scandal. the new questions as the administration struggles to explain who knew what and when. breaking overnight, president trump's personal lawyer comes forward to acknowledge paying $130,000 to adult film star stormy daniels. hear why he insists he did nothing illegal. high altitude drama. the new video of rescuers trying to reach climbers stranded on oregon's mt. hood after a man plummets at least 700 feet to his death. one climber describing the treacherous condition. >> brace, brace, brace. plus, we take you inside the plane as the engine comes apart midflight.
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>> the plane just jolted and then it just started to shake. everyone freaked out. >> see what happened as passengers were told to brace for landing. at the winter games, shaun white strikes gold as team usa marks a special milestone. overnight, the top dog is crowned at the westminster dog show. see the breed that scored a rare win. and a good wednesday morning to you all and we're going to start things off with the domestic abuse scandal at the white house. the fbi is now shooting down some shifting stories from the trump administration. >> the white house has been struggling to explain the time line surrounding the departure of former aide rob porter, who is accused of abusing his ex-wives, and now the director of the fbi contradicting the white house. abc's kenneth moton is following the details right now from d.c. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, guys. white house staff secretary rob porter handled the most sensitive information. we now know the white house continued to employ the top trump aide knowing he could not get a permanent security clearance because of his past.
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this morning, contradictory claims are swamping the trump white house. the administration's story shifting over who knew what and when about the domestic abuse allegations against the president's former staff secretary rob porter. >> his background investigation was ongoing. >> reporter: the white house first saying the fbi was still conducting porter's background check when his two ex-wives alleged abuse. one releasing this photo of her black eye. >> the white house had not received any specific papers regarding the completion of that background check. >> reporter: but in a stunning twist, the president's own fbi director christopher wray told senators his agents actually gave the white house reports on porter four times starting nearly a year ago. >> the fbi submitted a partial report on the investigation in question in march and then a completed background investigation in late july. >> reporter: press secretary sarah sanders yesterday shifting the blame to a little-known
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office in the white house. >> the white house personal security office, which is staffed by career officials would have -- may have received information, but they had not completed their process and made a recommendation to the white house for adjudication. >> reporter: the fallout leading right to chief of staff john kelly who told "the wall street journal" he wouldn't have handled the porter situation any differently saying it was all done right. the porter scandal has revealed dozens of top officials including the president's son-in-law and adviser jared kushner still don't have permanent security clearances. the white house is refusing to comment. diane and kendis. >> all right, kenneth moton for us live from d.c. thanks, kenneth. the top u.s. intelligence officials are soundinghelarm on a new round of election interference from russia. they're warning that america is under attack again. the intelligence chiefs told congress they've seen evidence that russia is looking to influence the midterm elections this year using information warfare.
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>> we expect russia to continue using propaganda, social media, false-flag personas and exacerbate social and political fissures in the united states. there should be no doubt that russia perceived that its past efforts as successful. frankly, the united states is under attack. >> the fbi director testified that president trump has not directed him to stop russia's meddling in upcoming elections. democrats are slamming the president for not calling out russians. and for the first time we're seeing video of a u.s. air strike in syria that destroyed a russian tank. u.s. officials say this is the second defensive strike in the last week against forces loyal to syrian dictator bashar al assad. the previous strike reportedly killed dozens of russian military contractors, although neither u.s. nor russian officials have confirmed that number. in an explosive new report president trump's personal lawyer admits he paid $130,000
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out of his own pocket to a porn star who once said she had an affair with trump. michael cohen tells "the new york times" the money he gave to stormy daniels, whose real name is stephanie clifford, was not reimbursed by the president and he said, quote, the payment to miss clifford was lawful and not a campaign contribution or a campaign expenditure by anyone. cohen would not say why he made the payment or whether the president was made aware of it. we turn now to the high altitude rescue unfolding on the slopes of oregon's mt. hood. several climbers became stranded there in very dangerous conditions as the weather started to warm up. and one man even fell hundreds of feet to his death. overnight rescue crews in black hawk helicopters helped pull the remaining six climbers on mt. hood to safety. they became trapped after conditions on the steep slopes quickly turned dangerous. >> there's fallen rock and ice, which is normal when you have freezing at night and then it gets so warm during the day. >> reporter: the rescue efforts started after another climber fell up to a thousand feet near
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the summit. people in the area rushed to his aid performing cpr. >> they're saying the location they are at with the patient is not safe. they still have ice and rocks coming down on them. >> reporter: the man was airlifted to the hospital where he later died. >> this is the worst climbing day i've experienced for sure conditionwise. >> reporter: this climber decided to turn around when he noticed the conditions were deteriorating. >> a layer of ice that had frozen on top of another layer of thicker ice and trying to kick steps or get tools in and you couldn't get security from it. it was just kind of breaking off and crumbling. even experienced climbers were having a hard time. >> reporter: the rescue comes just in time with the forecast of 18 degrees predicted overnight. that's a windchill factor of negative 1 with a high chance of snow. at least 100 fatalities have been reported on mt. hood. the most recent was in august of last year. and there was another frightening moment during that rescue. a woman coming down the mountain with two climbers was suddenly unable to move.
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rescuers brought her down on a sled using a rope pulling her about 600 feet at a time. well, time now for a look at your weather for this wednesday morning. the rain and snow ending today in southern california but not before bringing some much needed snow to ski resorts in the region. it was only a dusting at one resort, but that was enough to help snowboarders and skiers to get out there and shred some gnar. today's high in los angeles will be 66 degrees. the rain is heading to phoenix where the high will be 64. albuquerque, new mexico, and memphis will top out at 60. 41 degrees in minneapolis. that's downright balmy for there. the same for chicago and detroit. coming up, how much money people are spending on valentine's day this year. also ahead, some terrifying moments on the highway as a driver reports his gas pedal is stuck at 100 miles per hour. hear what bmw has to say in response.
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and breaking overnight, olympic hero shaun white fresh off his gold medal victory responding to sexual harassment
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we're back with video from new orleans overnight where police are investigating at least three shootings during mardi gras. in one incident two people were killed outside a gas station and two shootings were reported near the mardi gras parade route. now, police have now released a surveillance image showing one of the suspects. the so-called chelsea bomber has been sentenced to life in prison. ahmad rahimi, an afghan born u.s. citizen set off a pressure cooker bomb on a sidewalk in new york city's chelsea neighborhood back in 2016. 30 people were injured in the attack.
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a second bomb nearby did not explode. prosecutors say rahimi has shown no remorse and has been even trying to radicalize other inmates in prison. a soldier at ft. bragg, north carolina, has been arrested in connection with the brutal abduction and sexual assault of a girl in texas five years ago. police say dna from levi goss is a match. they made the identification after he was investigated in a separate case. they say he attacked the 16-year-old with an ax then dragged her from the side of a road near a school. she escaped by pretending to be dead. goss lived near the crime scene before enlisting in the army. democrats have flipped another state legislative seat. florida democrat margaret good pulled off an upset victory in a special election for state rep. it's the 36th district to turn from red to blue since president trump took office. and buying a home is getting more expensive. prices have now jumped to record highs in nearly two-thirds of american cities, and you can blame the improving job market
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and the record low number of homes for sale for that. also consider this figure, incomes have jumped 15% since 2011. but in that time home prices are up 48%. san jose, california, has seen the biggest jump in the last few months. well, americans are spending more on valentine's day this year. u.p.s. predicts it'll deliver 88 million flowers today. but flowers make up only a fraction of the overall spending with the average consumer shelling out $143 on their valentine. so they're going to spend the most on jewelry and dinner, but here's a new trend. more people, especially those under age 35, are buying their pets a gift as well. >> ooh. all right. >> true love. >> i'll be shopping for frank today in that case. all right, coming up, the latest from the winter olympics including shaun white's big night and his response to harassment allegations. and also ahead, new video from this frightening flight to hawaii. passengers see the engine fall apart. and later the explanation for why this woman was caught inside an x-ray machine at the
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janssen wants to help you explore cost support options for tremfya®. yes, ma'am, i believe my gas pedal is stuck in my car. >> that's a panicked driver in florida behind the wheel of his speeding bmw. he says the vehicle was out of control. joseph cooper hit speeds of up to 100 miles per hour on interstate 95. police cleared traffic and deployed spike strips three times to try to stop the vehicle. he called 911 during that ordeal which lasted nearly an hour. >> are you able to get your vehicle in neutral? >> no. >> have you tried the emergency brake? >> yeah, ma'am, i'm not pulling that at no 100 miles an hour. ma'am, i'm sorry. >> sir, do your brakes work at all? >> yeah, they do, but i'm not slamming on them -- don't wanna slam on them. my brakes are already bad. >> so he missed the first two spike strips that police threw out, but one did eventually stop
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the suv, which was smoking at the time. the driver was treated and released from the hospital. the cause of the incident still a mystery. bmw says the vehicle has multiple safeguards to override the accelerator in the unlikely event it does get stuck. a terrifying flight to hawaii ended in relief for hundreds of passengers and now we're seeing what it was like inside the cabin. >> brace, brace, brace. brace, brace, brace. >> that packed united airlines flight and its passengers there cheering as the plane touched down in honolulu. passengers were told to prepare for the worst after the cover of one of its engines ripped off in midair. it happened when the plane was 45 minutes away from hawaii. imagine looking out your window and seeing that. passengers say they knew something was wrong when they heard a loud bang. >> a tremendous bang and a depleting very sudden vibration. high frequently vibration that then settled down into a shaking because the engine mount was
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shaking. >> when they told us we had to brace, that probably freaked me out the most because i'm picturing the plane flipping or catching on fire or whatever but thank god we're okay. >> once we did land everyone cheered and clapped and people were crying. we were crying. we were just so happy to be safely on the ground. >> the faa is now investigating. no one was injured. 363 passengers and 10 crew members were on board that plane. >> what a scare. >> yep. all right, we turn to the winter games now, and it's a tight race at the top of the medal standings in south korea. >> yeah, norway leads the way followed by germany and the netherlands. the u.s. sits in fifth place after shaun white picked up a gold in snowboarding. abc's alex stone has the latest. >> reporter: kendis, diane, good morning. it was quite a day here for the u.s. shaun white redeeming himself after a tough go of it at the last olympics. shaun white making history in
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pyeongchang becoming the first american male to win gold at three winter olympics. white continued the u.s. dominance in snowboarding scoring 97.75 to take olympic halfpipe gold and the u.s.' 100th gold medal in the history of the winter games. japan's ayumu hirano put the pressure on white taking the lead on his second run, but white answered the challenge. north korea's figure skaters received huge cheers as they took the ice for the short program and proved why they were the only north korean athletes to qualify for the pyeongchang games. two-time u.s. national champions alexa and chris knierim were the sole u.s. pair team at the olympics. the couple who began skating together in 2012 and married in 2016 were considered the underdog. although it wasn't their strongest skate, the couple celebrated the chance to be on olympic ice on valentine's day. the skate ended with china's figure skaters claiming the top spot with a score of 82.39, the olympic athletes from russia and canada rounded out the top three and mikaela shiffrin's bid for multiple medals in pyeongchang was delayed
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yet again when the women's slalom was delayed from wednesday to friday due to strong winds again. it's the fourth time an alpine race has been pushed back because of the weather. it's still windy here but the wind is forecast to dissipate in the coming days. olympic organizers need the wind to go away so they can fit in all of the alpine events that have been delayed. kendis, diane. and as shaun white celebrates another gold medal, he is being forced to answer questions about sexual harassment allegations. >> in 2016, the drummer in his band accused him of harassing her. according to a lawsuit, lena zawaideh claims white sent her lewd text messages and videos. zawaideh says white used his position as the band's leader to demand she wear revealing clothes. after white denied the allegations, they did reach a settlement. matt gutman asked him about the lawsuit from 2016 overnight. >> you know, honestly, i'm here to talk about the olympics not gossip. i am who i am, and i'm proud of who i am, and my friends, you know, love me and vouch for me.
4:20 am
>> so, you're saying the allegations against you are gossip? >> i think we're hear to talk about the gold medal and the amazing day we had today. thank you, so if we don't have another question, why don't we go ahead and pass the mic. >> i'd like it to be addressed just a little bit. >> like i said, i think we're here to talk about the gold medal today and the amazing -- >> i feel like i addressed it. >> that voice you heard, by the way, was the press officer for team usa snowboarding who cut off matt gutman's questioning. we're told no questions were taken from female reporters in the audience. coming up, the month when the smartest babies are born. definitely february. >> definitely september. also ahead, the top dog at this year's westminster dog show. the breed with a rare win. er dog show. the breed with a rare win. for you, it's always leap over look. now over later. and pause. not even in your vocabulary. so when a cold sore tingle strikes you act on it. only abreva can heal a cold sore in as little as two and a half days when used at the first sign.
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♪ who let the dogs out ♪ whoo whoo whoo ♪ who let the dogs out time to check "the pulse" and we're going to start with this year's top dog. >> that's right, and we are not talking about kendis. flynn, the bichon frise, has been named best in show at the westminster dog show. the white powder puff is no stranger to stealing the show, it's his 42nd career best in show victory. >> he's an old pro. he's only the second bichon frise to win westminster. >> wow. and people born in the month of september apparently have an advantage over the rest of us. >> a study suggests that we, virgos, may be smarter than people born in the other 11 months. >> but here's why before you get all proud of yourself. >> we are geniuses. >> the study found children born in september are usually the oldest children in their grade. >> depending where you are in the country, yeah. >> ha, ha. >> genius. american luger emily sweeney is recovering after wiping out during her final run in south korea. she lost control in a turn considered the most dangerous on
4:24 am
the track. she hit the wall a number of times, as you can see. >> yeah, moments later trainers rushed to the scene. they were there to help her. she refused to use a stretcher. she instead got up and walked off the track on her own. >> the crowd burst into applause as she left. sweeney still has some back pain. finally, a woman in china is taking her security check at a train station to a whole new level. watch the bottom of the screen as she emerges on the airport conveyer belt. >> she was afraid her purse would be stolen so insisted on carrying it through the x-ray machine. something the staff is not used to seeing. >> safety on the train. ot used to seeing. and you don't want anything stopping you from doing what you love. so if you're looking to give your immune system extra support... only airborne plus beta-immune booster is made with a crafted blend of vitamins and minerals, plus an added ingredient proven to boost your natural defenses. keep doing what you were borne to do. airborne plus beta immune booster.
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valentine's day. >> yeah. >> exciting. welcome to wednesday, february 14th. >> sue and i look like we're going to a funeral. >> she has pink down below. i have a situation going on and a red -- you're not going to see any of it. i wanted to let you know i'm here foreyour valentine's day. >> >> are you mourning those who aren't celebrating today? those lonely like me growing up. >> you should always have someone that you love and loves you in your life. >> my mom has my dad, so -- >> doesn't have to be romantic love. it can be a friend-like. >> let's go to the weather. >> seven minutes away. -- rolling animation.
4:28 am
>> here's a look at live doppler 7. it is rather quiet out there. in fact, it's so dry. it was 32 at my house when i left this morning. there was no frost because there was no moisture in the air to freeze. it's 32 right now in novato. look at the 30s in the inland valleys. low to upper 40s around the bay. 36 at half moon bay right now. definitely dress warmer when you step outside. here's sue. >> we'll look at emeryville, the east shore freeway. it's moving nicely this morning as you make your way from he will cerrito into the macarthur maze. i'll update that for you in a couple seconds. westbound on the san mateo bridge towards foster city, the taillights are moving up the limit. the high-rise is looking good for a 10 to 12-minute ride across the span. this morning, authorities in solano county are investigating a deadly police shooting in vallejo.
4:29 am
it began when police officers stopped a suspect on marin street about 7:40 last night. the suspect ran away which led to a chase. officials say the officer shot and killed the suspect after a violent physical struggle. police say the officer discharged his firearm in self-defense. the suspect was then pronounced dead at the scene. the officer has now been placed on administrative leave pending further investigation, which is standard procedure. back to you. thank you, jessica. berkeley is taking action to protect cannabis users and businesses from the federal government. the city council passed a resolution last night declaring berkeley a sanctuary city for legal marijuana. the resolution banned city agencies from using money to enforce federal marijuana laws. they're banned from turning over information on legal cannabis activities to federal agents. >> we're very lucky to be in a city that is a staunch defender of what we're doing and supporting progressive policies in the face of adversity. >> in january, attorney general
4:30 am
jeff sessions rescinded an obama era policy that barred federal law enforcement from interfering with marijuana sales in states where pot is legal. the berkeley measure does not prevent the police department from collaborating with federal agents on nonprofit -- rather, non-pot-related crimes. let's get a quick update on weather and traffic. hi, mike. >> it is colder this morning. windchill could be a factor in neighborhoods. but it's about 5 miles per hour and less. it's not that big of a factor. let me run you through the next 12 hours. 35 to 45 at 7:00 this morning with a sunny start to the day. we'll have midday to afternoon clouds. that will help keep our temperatures cooler than yesterday. 56 to 59 at noon. the breezes will pick up around 4:00 also. that will make it feel cooler, especially in the shade. 55 to 62. if you're heading out this evening, the low 50s for temperatures. >> the altamont pass, we have reports of an accident.


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