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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  February 17, 2018 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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live where you live, this is abc 7 news. >> there's a lot of frustration. >> frustrated and fed up. san francisco neighbors are taking action to stop an epidemic of property crimes plaguing the city. thanks for joining us. i'm dion lim. >> i'm eric thomas. a move by san francisco neighbors to take matters into their own hands. > they say they'll no longer tolerate a surge in the property crimes. police say last year between january and november, thieves broke into some 28,000 cars, up 26% over the same period in 2016. >> and supervisor katherine stefani says there are about 85 car break-ins each day in san francisco. abc 7 news reporter alisa harrington is live there tonight, a story you'll see only on abc 7 news. >> reporter: i'm at the tiled
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steps, one of san francisco's landmarks that attracts tourists and unfortunately criminals who take advantage of those people who leave pricey items in their cars while climbing to the top. at a community meeting this morning one assembly member asked the public to remain vigilant while legislators continue to push laws with stiffer penalties. at the base of the piled steps in the inner richmond are signs warning about car break-ins. the city didn't post these, these are homemade, the work of residents fed up with what they call a lack of leadership. they started their own crime watch, stop crime sf. >> there's a lot of frustration in this city. people are banding together to really hold the criminal justice system accountable. every aspect from police, prosecutors, judges, politicians. >> reporter: saturday the group insighted assembly member phil ting to speak at a community meeting. ting introduced a bill to close a loophole in a law.
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>> closing the loophole so we can have organized crime going from car to car to car, home to home to home, retail tore retailer to retailer, we're going to loop all those together so that can count as a felony. >> there needs to be community activism. >> reporter: she says the warning signs are help. some residents have installed security cameras. they shared images of car burglars smashing windows in broad daylight. >> everything from breaking into tourists' cars to running up and down our streets and ringing our doorbells to see if someone's home, then breaking in. >> reporter: stop crime sf follows court cases. members say tool criminals are immediately let back out on the street. the group lance to hold more meetings and attend public hearings on this issue. ellis sa harrington, abc 7 news. students who survived the florida massacre rallied in south florida demanding stricter gun laws. jim ryan is in ft. lauderdale where emotions ran high.
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>> save our kids! >> reporter: anger and frustration boil over at a rally in ft. lauderdale. >> enough, enough, enough! >> reporter: protesters calling on the florida legislature to push for more firearm safety. >> if all our government and president can do is send thoughts and prayers, it's time for victims to be the change we need. this is about protecting our children. >> reporter: the drive for stricter gun laws was ignited by the horrendous mass shooting that left 17 people dead at a high school not far from the site of the rally. >> the fact that all of you are out here today is showing that this is a turning point in american history. >> reporter: investigators say the 19-year-old shooter fired at least 150 rounds. >> the fact that this isn't just a mental health issue, students unite! >> reporter: shooting victims still in the hospital, like anthony who used his body to barricade a classroom door.
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>> none of us knew what to do. so he took the initiative to just save his other classmates. >> reporter: anthony is expected to survive, but was shot several times. his father describes his wounds. >> one here. another one here. and two in this bone. >> reporter: investigators say the shooter used an ar-15. protesters here question the easy access to assault-style rifles like that one. >> one person who had no business with an assault rifle was able to walk in and buy an ar-15 and use it for death and destruction. that's not okay. >> reporter: jim ryan, abc news, ft. lauderdale, florida. >> senator dianne feinstein says she will produce a bill to raise the minimum age for purchase an assault weapon. she says the law currently allows people to sell ar-15s to anyone over age 18. her bill would stop dealers from selling any type of firearm to people under 21. this is not the first time
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feinstein has introduced a gun control measure. after the las vegas shooting, two of her bills banning bump stocks and magazines stalled in committee. you can make a difference for the victims and families in florida. this go fund me page raised more than $1.2 million in two days. we posted the link on our website, new details in the double shooting and carjacking in san francisco yesterday that left one man dead and another gravely wounded. police arrested the suspect overnight at alameda and dejaro streets in the design district. gunshots were exchanged, no one was injured. police found the car and the suspect, holed up inside an av parked next to it. >> i was still half asleep. i heard basically two pops. then all hell broke loose. then i actually just rolled off my bed to the floor. >> police took the suspect into
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custody. he's accused of shooting two men in golden gate park's panhandle area. a man in petaluma accused of trying to lure a 10-year-old girl into his car friday at around 5:00 p.m. on the grant elementary school campus. the man asked the girl to get into his car and offered her candy. she ran away. the suspect is white in his mid 40s to early 50s, dark hair and beard. he stands 5'10" with a heavy build. he is described as having tattoos on his legs. he drove away in an older, light blue sedan with several dents in the car and faded paint. to the weather now. a drastic change is in store for the weekend. take a look, drone view 7 gives us sunny and clear afternoon on treasure island. keep in mind, though, once the sun goes down, our temperatures take a serious dip. abc 7 news meteorologist drew team may joining us now. drew, we're talking about some areas hitting near, even brother freeze is. >> starting off the weekend with really comfortable, mild temperatures in the 60s and 70s.
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but tomorrow a drastically different forecast. out there right now, enjoy it, soak it in. it's 60 in oakland. 66 in san jose. 70 right now in concord. but what will bring about the change, some very blustery winds. future tracker wind gusts, tomorrow morning between 10 and 20 miles per hour. in the evening winds begin to gust over 30 miles per hour. those north winds are bringing in much cooler air, windchills tomorrow evening in the 30s and there is the chance with this cold front for a sprinkle, a little bit of snow in our highest elevations. we'll go hour by hour on future weather coming up in the accuweather forecast. >> get the winter coats out. cold weather is expected to bring a few inches of snow over the mountains sunday and monday. the national weather service posted the man you see here on facebook. you see there a lot of tahoe is expected to get 4 to 6 inches with even more snow in the yellow areas at the top.
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snow levels could drop to around 1,000 feet. for the latest on the snow and our big cool-down, download the abc 7 news app to get the forecast where you live. enable those push alerts to get custom mobile weather updates. a water main break left customers in san francisco without water this morning. you can see it really swamped a street in the richmond district. water gushed from under a fire hydrant on the great highway near balboa street. the water main burst around 3:00 a.m. firefighters were able to shut off the water and stop the flooding. california's busiest airport is trying something new with security and you won't need a boarding pass. >> facing the future. initial reaction to facial recognition technology now being tested at l.a.x. rapper drake is on a mission asking fans to join what he calls the most important thing he has ever done in his career.
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you're looking at a chase. the car being chased is a stolen sheriff's car. the person behind the wheel, a jail escapee. it began when a 27-year-old wisconsin man slipped out of his cuffs and stole an adams county sheriff's car. following an 18-mile chase the suspect crashed into a ditch. he got out and tried to run away. but he was not faster than the police dog who caught him. the suspect is charged with being under the influence and jumping bail. a new way to match airline boarding passes with fliers is being tested at los angeles international airport. the tsa is using facial recognition technology at l.a.x.
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to i.d. passengers who are boarding international flights. it's being tested on a voluntary basis right now for the next three weeks. but it's not without its hiccups. >> it was good and quick. unfortunately, it didn't recognize my face. >> so what happened? >> i just had to show my boarding pass and scan my passport. >> after that he was asked to go through a regular screening line to get through security. rapper drake has kicked off a kindness movement. ♪ this is his video for single "god's plan" and announced that drake gave away the nearly million-dollar budget for the video. the video shows him surprising miami residents with wads of cash and buying groceries for unsuspecting shoppers. drake said on instagram he wants fans to do something to bring joy to someone and tag him with the details. he calls it the most important thing he's done in his career. >> i would not expect that from
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him, but the softer side. >> you'd be happy. >> i would, how nice to see. just ahead, a group of girls spent this afternoon getting empowered. >> a san francisco event designed to help bridge the gender gap in computing and technology. while chinese new year festivals are in full swing, the vietnamese culture is welcoming the lunar new year. take a look at how they celebrate vietnam's most important national holiday in the south bay. i'm meteorologist drew tuma, starting off the weekend on a quiet note. but tomorrow the winds are going to kick up and frigid air is going to move in. the changing forecast coming up in accuweather.
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a tech conference today brought together high school girls from around the bay area to inspire them to pursue an education in science and math.
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abc 7 news was in san francisco where the girls heard from female tech leaders from some of the most powerful names in tech, including linkedin, netflix, medium. each imparted a powerful message why there should be more women pursuing a s.t.e.m. education. >> the s.t.e.m. field's more powered over by males. >> you want to get in the game? >> yeah. >> you go, girl. the event was organized by a fremont high school student who wants to close the gender gap in engineering and technology fields. thousands of people of the bay area are observing one of the most important celebrations in the vietnamese culture, tet, the vote th vietnamese new new ♪ abc 7 news was in san jose where one of the largest tet festivals in the state brought together families and friends for a day of music, fun, and food. fashion shows, lion and dragon dancing, and plenty of traditional foods. it's said to bring good luck in
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the new year. your accuweather forecast with drew tuma. >> we're tracking winds of change. feels like spring out there today. but tomorrow, drastically different. winter will return and it is going to get frigid by tomorrow night. live doppler 7 along with satellite right now, it's a quiet picture. we'll take you outside. a live look, not a cloud to be seen from our east bay hills camera. that sun's still up. sunset just after 5:50 p.m. this evening. stepping outside right now, temperatures are really comfortable for middle of february. we're at 70 right now in concord. 62 in santa rosa. 66 in san jose. down to 55 in san francisco. right now inland livermore checking in with a temperature of 66. here's the call. overnight tonight, not too chilly. we're talking upper 30s to mid 40s overnight tonight. we'll have clear skies early on. clouds will be increasing after midnight as a cold front approaches the region. live doppler 7 along with
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satellite right now, we've kind of carved out a slice of quiet weather over much of california. but you look off to the north. this is the changes we are tracking. a cold front right now slamming into seattle and portland right now. bringing rain and snow showers. for us the moisture looks limited, however, there is the chance of a sprinkle as this cold front moves through. so future weather as we go hour by hour on your sunday, watch a time stamp, corner of your screen. 7:00 a.m., we'll include the chance of an isolated sprinkle. a little bit of green on the screen. nothing wide spread. not a soaking by any means. the chance is there. however, as we go into the afternoon and the evening hours, watch what pops up. future weather showing you there is the chance as cooler air gets pulled into our neck of the woods, there is the chance, especially in our hills in the north bay, and even in the santa cruz mountains, we could have a couple of snowflakes flying. it's not out of the question to see wintry precipitation tomorrow evening in our highest elevations. however, the bigger story is going to be the winds.
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future tracker wind gusts, mid day tomorrow, the winds up to 20 miles per hour. into the evening hours, it turns blustery. 9:00, wind gusts over 30 miles per hour area-wide. and that is going to bring in very cool air to finish off the weekend. highs on your sunday. temperatures some 15 degrees cooler tomorrow than we are right now. so everybody's kind of stuck in the 50s. you can kind of forget about this air temperature because the winds will make it feel even cooler than that. future tracker windchill, we rarely break out this map here in the bay area. but with such cool air coming in and the winds are whipping, watch what happens. the windchill or the feels-like temperature tomorrow evening by 7:00, it's going to feel like the 30s area-wide. it is going to be a bitterly cold end to the weekend. the accuweather seven-day forecast shows you it is blustery, chilly on sunday. there's a chance of an isolated shower, perhaps a snowflake in our highest peaks.
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the cold pattern continues monday, tuesday, wednesday. we're talking about some of the coldest mornings we have seen all year. and then we'll bounce back to average on friday. but tomorrow it is going to feel much colder than it is out there today. >> what happens? what a change. >> mother nature switching it on us. >> she took a summer nap and woke up and it's winter again. even if you don't like sports you can get into the all-star classic. >> there's nobody like that. >> that's a great point. saturday the 67th nba all-star classic, it may be more popular than the actual game. the slam dunk and three-point shooting contests take place. our own all-star, the real deal larry beil is there with a live report. introducing the pork belly blt from jack in the box. two strips of pork belly, green leaf lettuce, juicy tomatoes and tangy honey aioli even you'll love it, martha security! get him! wow, do you guys workout? try my new pork belly blt, part of my food truck series.
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now abc 7 sports with mike schuman. >> the 67th nba all-star classic staging the two most popular events of the weekend in the slam dunk and three-point shooting contests last time i checked, larry beil can definitely shoot the three. he's live in l.a. at the staples center. big fun for the dance and the players. >> absolutely. shu, fellow lefty, you know how dangerous lefties can be. fans coming into staples center getting ready for all-star saturday. the teams held a light workout today. very light, like don't break a sweat. main event tonight as shu mentioned, the three-point shoot-out from a warriors perfespective all eyes on klay thompson as he looks to
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recapture his title he lost last year to eric gordon. thompson leading the nba in slint shooting percentage at 45%. and his strategy going into this event tonight was to not practice at all. >> sometimes less is more. and i think in this case, it flies. i've done it three times now. so i'm pretty familiar with what it feels like to be out there. a lot of nerves. we'll get a warmup so i don't think i need to go off the rack or anything, i'll be all right. >> when he's relaxed and free and enjoying himself, that's when he's at his best. hopefully he starts off that first right well. puts some pressure on the field. once they see him get into rhythm and flow and knock shots down, it will make the rim a lot smaller for them. hopefully -- i'm sure he'll win.
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>> three-point shoot-out is in about an hour. interesting that klay, given all he's done and the picture-perfect form, still expects to be nervous when the competition begins. you know he really wants to win it, being back here in his hometown of los angeles. we go to college hoops, cal women hosting 14th-ranked stanford. britney mcphee looking back at the bench, kaling steals it, thomas back to kaling for the lay-up. in the fourth, mcphee with revenge, she steals one, lays it in for 2 of her 24. thomas hit 3 of 25 to help seal the win. these teams split this year's two-game series, cal upsetting stanford 78-66. the last one over stanford, 2015. riviera country club, third round action. kevin nam from the beach on 14,
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nothing but net. 4 under 67, tied for third at 8 under. patrick cantlay. he's at 9 under with bubba watson. number 6 for a birdie shot, a 6 under 65, a one-stroke lead at 10 under. he's won this twice but hasn't won in two years. more coming up from larry beil at the all-star game at 6:00 p.m. here on abc 7. >> be interesting to see how this format works out with the strength of the team. >> it will be. k.d. playing for lebron, it's going to be interesting. >> i know. >> for everybody, it's going to be weird. just ahead, the gift that keeps on giving. >> how these pandas made
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at 6:00, fire and smoke trap a man in his home. his life at risk until a good samaritan steps in. after a terrifying encounter with something she says is not human, this california woman is demanding the state take action. now to video that you are sure to enjoy. >> because who doesn't like pandas? two pandas from china are now on loan to a zoo in central finland. >> china gifted the animals to finland for 15 years. keeping in mind this cuteness comes at a cost. china loans pandas to international zoos for $1 million a year. >> finland is the first nordic nation to have pandas. it's worth every penny.
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>> scrap the newscast and just have pandas. tonight, the mass shooting in florida. and now the death penalty showdown. lawyers for nikolas cruz offering a guilty plea. to avoid the ultimate punishment. but prosecutors say the death penalty was made for a case like this. also, the new trail of clues. the long list of behavioral disorders outlined in his child welfare report. demanding action. shock and mourning turning into outrage, students leading the way. >> it's time for the victims to be the change that we need to be see. asking why the attacker was allowed to have a gun. winter storm threat. more than 40 million people in its path. the fast-moving snowmaker, the dangers on the roads, from virginia to maine. sam champion standing by. deadly quake disaster. the earthquake rocking mexico. causing little harm until a


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