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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  February 17, 2018 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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that's the charred debris from inside the apartment. and this is the office chair the neighbor used to rescue the man after she ran into the burning building. you can see smoke pouring out of the apartment on pepper tree way. samantha barnhouse saw the smoke from her apartment and realizing nobody was around to help she ran inside. smoke filled the home and she found the elderly man trapped in his room. he couldn't debt out on his own. she put a robe over his face to protect him and pulled him out in the office chair. >> the kitchen had gotten five times worse. the entire house is superblack. smoke everywhere. and i feel the heat on my back. >> reporter: and the two fell out the front door and into the arms of an officer who arrived on scene. firefighters say that burton wouldn't have survived this
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samantha hadn't pulled him to safety. burton tells us his father is going under surgery for a broken hip sustained during the rescue. the apartment as you can see is a total loss. burton's son does say the apartment manager has promised to fix it. and in the mean will put his father up in a different unit. we will have much more on our website and in the 11:00 news, more stories from the brave people who did in rescue today. live in antioch, katie utis abc 7 news. >> thank you. san francisco and other bay area communities will open shelters early this week to keep people warm during a blast of winter. a live look outside at the golden gate kwam it's a cooler. drew tuma has more. how cool. >> right now all surf a light jacket. but this time tomorrow the find winter coat, hat, gloves, skafb because winter winds will bring colder air tomorrow evening. out there right now we have a mixed bag of 50s and 60s. 69 in vallejo, 55 in oakland.
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a comfortable 63 in fremont and half moon bay at 52. but a dramatic difference for the second half of the weekend. north winds will be gusting near 40-mile-per-hour. that trags in colder air and tomorrow evening wind chill, how it feels out there, it's feeling like the 30s. and there is the chance as the front moves through a sprinkle could pop up, even flurries on the hill tops. we'll talk about it hour by hour with the accuweather forecast. >> what a change, drew, thanks. police say say an 80-year-old man crashed into a little sess ars in fremont. it pinned a customer who had serious but non-life threatening injuries. the damage to the building was significant but not structural. a manhunt for a gunman ended with a shootout in frist. police tracked him down and killing one and wounding another. they found a suspect suspected of car jacking. the suspect was inside an rv
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parked nearby. gunfire was exchanged and police eventually arrested the suspect. students from the florida high school where 17 people were killed earlier this week are leading the call for change. they gathered with parents and communities members to demand tougher gun laws. >> if you see a teach frere stoneman douglas, thank them because we all owe our lives to their bravery. >> students have become advocates in the aftermath of wednesday's shooting speaking at a rally in ft. lauderdale they called on lawmakers to take action on gun control. >> because of the systematic failure of our government on every level people are dying every day. >> what's ironic is that while elected officials fail to act we have brave students who are leading the way and calling for passes of reform. >> vice president mike pence said saturday the white house is making safety in schools a top priority. >> we're going to remain focused
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on bringing renewed energy to making our schools safe and taking a renewed look at giving law enforcement and local authorities the tools they need to deal with individuals struggling with dangerous mental illness. >> and as others talk about what more can be done, allen valero wonder what more he could do. a friend of gunman he says they lost contact. >> i felt like i could have stopped it. i know it wasn't my fault, but i felt i could have stopped it. i could have been there for him. 17 people wouldn't have lost lives. >> bay area congressman eric swalwell was asked by a proposal by diane feinstein of california to raise the age limit to purchase assault weapon. his response, he wants torg further. >> we should ban assault weapons of every age, every street, in our country should have a ban on assault weapons.
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so i mean, i understand you know to she wants to raise the age to 21. but i think we should -- we should do what she did before, which she led the charge to ban them. >> abc 7 news was in hayward as swalwell met with constituents for coffee and gave them an update on the russia investigation. neighbors in san francisco stand together to fight property crime that increased dramatically over the last career. >> abc 7 news reporter elissa harrington is live with the story only on abc 7 news elissa. >> reporter: eric, deon. you'll see signs like all over. because car break-ins are all over. some residents no longer feel safe in their own driveways. at the base of thes san francisco famous tiled steps are the signing warning people about car break-ins. the city didn't post these. these are homemade. the work of residents fed up with what they call a lack of leadership process he they start
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add crime watch called stop crime sf. >> people are banding together to hold the criminal justice system accountable. every aspect from the police to prosecutors and politicians. >> they invited assembly member to speak. >> he recently introduced a bill aiming to close loop holes that result in car break-ins classified as misdemeanors. >> we can only create the laws or fix the laws once the laws or fixed or created there needs to be -- they need to to be implemented. >> there needs to be more community activism. >> community member rachel says the signs are helping some community members installed cameras. >> they are doing everything from breaking into tourist cars in the neighborhood to running up and down streets and ringing door bells to see if someone is home and then breaking in. >> they follow court cases they
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say too many criminals are immediately let back out on the street. the group plans to hold more meetings and attend public hearings on the issue. elissa harrington abc 7 news. there is something lurking on a california trail. >> about 800 pounds. massive. >> this woman says it wasn't a bear, why she is suing the state. >> plus girls just want to have fundamentals of science. the conference started at a bay area high school by a student that's helping
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my name is jamir dixon and i'm a locafor pg&e.rk fieldman most people in the community recognize the blue trucks as pg&e. my truck is something new... it's an 811 truck. when you call 811, i come out to your house and i mark out our gas lines and our electric lines to make sure that you don't hit them when you're digging. 811 is a free service. i'm passionate about it because every time i go on the street i think about my own kids. they're the reason that i want to protect our community and our environment, and if me driving a that truck means that somebody gets to go home safer, then i'll drive it every day of the week. together, we're building a better california.
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a tech conference in san francisco today aimed to inspire more high school girls to go into careers in science and technology. >> bay area high school girls came to hear from female tech leaders from some of silicon valleys powerful names. including linked in netflix and. >> the mental about why should pursue a s.t.e.m. education. organized by a leader who founded a mission at the will you be. >> as soon as they join they get discouraged when there is not as many girls as them. it's heavily mail dominated >> for many students today's event was the first opportunity to network with tech
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>> thousands of people in the bay area are observing one of the most important celebrations in the vietnamese culture, tet. the vehement namz year. abc 7 news was in the bare where the festival brought together family and friends for muk fun and food. dragon danzing and plenty of traditional foods that are said to bring good luck in the new year. a california woman is suing the state over what she says she saw in the woods. >> yes. she claims it's not a wild animal and demanding the state take action. >> plus could there be snow in parts of the bay area? our meteorologist is up next with the accuweather forecast. hello mike shumann looking forward for the 67th annual all-star classic. and clay thomas. lrry beil
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>> our reporter talked to the woman about her incredible run in she says is no tall tale. >> all i kept thinks please don't get near us. >> she says she was walking down this remote trail near lake arrow head when it happened. >> are the kids scared. >> they won't come out. >> march 27th, 2017. her a two daughters saw it first. they're standing will look at something. >> but you're thinking. >> it's a bear. >> but she says it was no buried. what you see in the video she took that day is a sasquatch. >> he looked like a man with a lot of hair. massive. >> perched in the tree. >> i was trying to tell us i know about you please don't hurt us he scared at me. >> she called the authorities but says no one believed her. >> she goes, i'm sorry you saw a bear. and i said, no, no, no this was no ber. i know what i saw >> now she filed a lawsuit suing
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the california department of fish and wildlife for refusing to acknowledge the existence of big foot. >> there is a lot of people on the trail and i want public safety more than anything. >> for decades vitds pop up up all over the world from people saying they spotted big foot. the state department of fish and wildlife wouldn't comment. >> what do you say to the people who say you're nuts? >> well, i'm in the medical profession. and i could -- i could understand where they're coming from because i was -- i was never a syfy. >> i try to keep an open mind. >> mitch says he hikes out here often. he has seen bears but never big foot. >> i figured i'd see tracks if there was a big foot out there. >> they use hand movements you go over here. she know what is she saw and is hoping a judge will agree. >> i'm nervous. i used to come out alone now but after seeing how big they are. >> claudia ackley will have her day in court march
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sand >> accuweather with drew tomba zblrjts mild temperatures for the weekend. but tomorrow very different. prepare for winter winds to whip up and much colder air to move in. live doppler 7 with satellite tonight, really want precipitation but again equity. the dry pattern continues another day. the picture oud the emeryville camera showing 99% of the region is cloud free. exception, right along the coast we have some low clouds filling in that usher in some of that cooler air. but right now tonight numbers 50s and 60s right now. a light jacket certainly probably all you knee. current 58 in napa. 61 in fremont. 53 in san francisco. and right now concord checking in with a temperature of 65. the next 12 hours we have theically skies early on. but as the cold front approaches
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the region, clouds start to bubble up after midnight. and temperatures will fall into the upper 30s to mid-40s as the starting temperatures on the sunday. however, we are tracking a chance of an isolated sprinkle on sunday. future weather will go hour by hour for you. seven in the morning we stop the time stamp. as the cold front moves through the region perhaps you can see the isolated showers popping up and right now it looks like the best kmans is along the coast. but throughout the day and into the evening as colder air begins to move into the region, look what pops up, something will be tracking over the next 24 hours. the chance special in the north bay hills and even in the santa cruz mountains, the pink and white you see that's wintry precipitation. it's not out of the question that we could have a couple of flurries flying in the highest peaks. but the bigger story tomorrow is going to be the winds. future tracker wind gusts tomorrow winds already whipping over 20-mile-per-hour. and they will continue to strengthen throughout the evening hours.
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and by 9:00 on sunday the winds are likely gusting over 30-mile-per-hour. and the wind direction is out of the north. that's bringing in the colder air originating from canada. so highs on sunday about 15 degrees cooler than we were today. we're stuck in the 50s areawide. it's a cooler finish to sunday. but you can kind of forget about the air temperature because the winds will make it feel cooler, especially in the evening hours. the wind chill map, we rarely break this out in the bay area. but with the combination of colder air and gusty winds moving in by 7:00 in the evening sunday look at the numbers. how it feels like out there, it will feel like the 30s and even cooler monday morning. some spots the wind chill will be in the 20s. so prepare for a really cold blast of air moving the next 24 hours. .accuweather seven-day forecast, bluftry and chilly especially in the afternoon. and that trend continues for the holiday on monday with frigid
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mornings tuesday and even into wednesday. and then we'll get back to reality back to average friday and into saturday. now abc 7 sports with mike shumann. it's saturday. 67th annual nba all-star classic with the fan favorite slam dunking three-point shooting comfort pch larry beil is in l.a. at the staple center. also high oh on the new format. >> yes, shu, this is given the way things are gone in previous years. brand-new format. and you have no more east versus west. you have team steph versus team lebron. it's more of a pick up style and they had a draft. a little bit more interest and hopefully makes the games more competitive. i got to tell you when i saw the squads come out really strange at first seeing kevin durant on the same team as the le brown and kairy. lebron trafted for size. steph drafted shooters. the hope is the new format makes
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the game more competitive than recent years. and so far players at least they say they like the new approach. >> yeah, kairy you got bjorn, the kd and myself. kyrie that's the best all-star lineup in the history of the all-star games. it's going to be fun. i'm looking going out there and showcasing what we got as players. and showing people, you know what it's like to be out there on that court. i think we all going out there and represent. so i'm looking forward to ever whoever is in front of me i'm playing my hard effort. >> try to get switched out on the steph. >> i could see us being a very three-point heavy team. but we have great athletes. so i'm excited to play tomorrow. it's going to be -- it's going to be fun. >> and you got to know that steph and clay and draymond want to beat k.d. and that lebron squad. and durant would hear about it every day in practice.
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the three-point shootout just ended. clay thompson came in second. >> oh. >> to devin booker of the suns who lit it up and scored 28 points. clay had 25. so denied the victory he was looking for. back home here in los angeles. real quick final in the note shu you mentioned lefties last hour. they got chris mullan jerseys up for sale here at the staples center they have not forgotten. live at larry beil abc 7 sports. >> a little old school there. after the upset win over the conference rifle smars on thursday. the usf dons look to use up moment up. against marry month. dance fear fever at wrar rowe war memorial. nice dish to matt mccarthy for the twohanded jam. five assists passions jordan for the easy layup if foster had 13 points as well this time on the receiving end. nice pass from franky ferrari.
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ferrari had 17 to lead his team. and usf goes on to win 72- 63 the time. for the women gill game with cal hoefting standrd. brittany mcphee looking back at the bench for the play. steals and thompson back to kalins for the layup. cal led by as many as 10 but in the fourth mckee the revenge steals one of her own. lays it in for 2 of 24 points. stanford within 2 but isha thomas hit three of the 25 to sale the win. cal upset 14th ranked stanford. the last win over stand afford was back in 2015. riviera country club. from the beach on 14 nothing but net. he fie are as 4 under 67 tide for 13 at 800. a 55 footer op 18. 2 under 69 back at 9 under. bubba watson ran the chip in on
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the par 3 six. shot a 6 under 65. 10 under. won it twice but he wasn't won in two years. we'll have the three-point winner it's not clay thompson. coming up tonight at nine appear at 11:00 also the slam dunk. oip clay wanted to win that in the hometown. had to be disa appointing. >> second ain't bad. >> yes. >> thanks, shu. >> elon musk now face as moral decision every morning at the breakfast
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tonnen on abc 7 news on ton. on coffey tv 20 california's busiest airport trying something new with security. and you won't need a boarding face. we have initial reaction to facial recognition technology at lax. >> stoneman alums are trying to help those going through a difficult week. >> considering all the space exploration goals in shouldn't come as a surprise. >> the head of the tesla and space x is showing off the toaster. it's a darth vader helm. drop the slice of bread in the top and the force does the work. >> i can see a lot of people
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wanting this. >> the fun doesn't top there with the "star wars" theme. you can choose the light side or dark side for the bread. the end result has the "star wars" logo to chew on. >> we saw these online starting at $39. >> he is just a large child. >> what. >> not you. elon. right? s that's it for abc 7. see you at 9:00. >> i'm leaving.
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