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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  February 18, 2018 5:00am-6:00am PST

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live where you live. this is "abc 7 news." >> good morning. i'm carolyn tyler, thank you for joining us on this sunday, february 18th. let's look at the weather with our meteorologist lisa argen. >> good morning to you. a cold front on the way and ushering in cold air. here is a look at live doppler seven. the precip warm to the north. we're going to feel the wind, windchill and a freeze watch. mild, 50 in oakland and upper 40s in san francisco. the so 47 in fremont and 30s in the north bay. so chilly in the north bay this morning 5 to 13 degrees milder than yesterday.
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25 to 45-mile-per-hour and sprinkles possible with a chance of snow in the upper elevations. look at the highs. 50s, limited sun. and it will be bluster and cool. come ugh% carolyn. >> thank you, lisa. breaking news this morning out of the east bay. firefighters battling a three alarm fire. flames broke out after 4:00 in the morning on tea garden near i-880. reported as a two alarm fire but upgraded to three. no reports of injuries, we are waiting on more details from the fire department. san jose police looking for who stabbed a man outside of a mall sending him to the hospital with life threatening injuries. happening at 7:40 last night near the grand century mall on
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story war where people were celebrating a vietnamese festival. a good samaritan risked her life rescuing a man trapped inside of a burning home. reporter spoke with the woman who saved a senior citizen from the flames. >> i look over and it looks like the fire is next to e many. >> pepper tree way. poemts earlier, is a man that saved a man's life with her bear hands. >> stepped outside around 11:00 and saw smoke. looked around to see anybody was responding. she realized she was the only one there to help. >> fire was roaring and everything and she said i can't,
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by roommate, he is paralyzed, he can't get up, you have to help me. >> is a man that darted passed, the flaming stove towards the back bedroom. >> there was couches over here. >> once she reached him, she grabbed the office chair he was sitting in and pulled. >> i looked back in the hallway. >> she put a robe over his face. >> it was dangerous. >> the care caught on the table but she yanked it and the two fell out the front door. >> the fire was blowing out the fronl windows and as well as that front door. >> he reinjured his hip during the rescue. >> he underwent surgery and is doing well. >> i'm happy he is still alive and not hurt from the fire. >> a brave quick thinking neighbor. >> i'm amazed by her.
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she is the most amazing person in the world. >> in antioch, "abc 7 news." >> a child welfare report reveal as long list of behavioral disorders. demanding stricting gun control laws. knew details emerging about the young man confessed to killing 17 people at this florida high school. classmates who knew him said he was troubled. >> he was alone and off and there was something off about him. >> and now, a new and disturbing report from the department of children and family services saying nikolas cruz cut himself sharing video of his wounds on snapshot and saying he wanted to get a gun. >> every sign you are asked to look at was there. >> the report confirmed to "abc
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7 news" by the public defender shows he had a history of autism, adhd, depression and -- he stopped taking his medication. this report the latest in a string that was missed warning signs is. the fbi never investigated tips received last month and the local sheriff responded to 20 calls regarding him. the high school massacre sparking a call for less fire power. frustration boiling over this gun safety rally. >> if all they can do is send thoughts and prayers, we need to be the change we need to see. >> they want to restrict the sale of guns. >> known should be able to buy an ar-15. >> especially an 18-year-old. >> he was 18 when he bought his
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weapon and fired approximately 150 shots in the minutes he was inside of the school. linda lopez, "abc 7 news" new york. >> school campuses all over the country trying to push lawmakers to push tougher gun laws. organizers behind the women's march and female empowerment protest for a 17 minute walk out on march 14th to protest congressional inaction. nearly two dozen bay area residents graduated from the high school where it took place. gathered in baker beach to make a video of support. >> he is a nice guy. at the baseball games supporting us. and helping us if we are in
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trouble. >> jesus talking about the students escaping. now he started this you caring fund. >> this is from 1999 at marjory stoneman douglas high school. >> jennifer admits that she is in shock after wednesday's shooting. >> i feel helpless because i don't understand. i can't normalize it and make sense. >> these are pictures of her senior portrait, prom pictures and her drama class. >> it is just hard to believe. >> what is harder to accept for jennifer's sister and catherine fischer, is that assistant football coach aaron fies who
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died. >> he is a true hero. >> he played football while fischer was in the band. >> mhasn't returned in over a decade plans to attend the 20 year high school reunion specifically because of what happened. "abc 7 news." >> the principal has this message for students and the public. >> i will hug each and every one of you as many times as you need and i will hold you as long as you need me to for all of you and your families and we will get through this together. our community is strong and our students are strong. we will persevere in these trying times. >> he thank students and staff for their heroic efforts. >> you can make a difference.
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this go fund me page raised $1.3 million in just three days, we posted the link on our website the florida high school massacre -- the "new york times" reports that he will no longer contribute to groups or candidate that don't support a bannon military style weapons. an e-mail to several leaders, including governor's rick scott. i will not pay another check until there's a bannon assault weapons. enough is enough. lebron james and curry, players should stay out of politics and just shut up and dribble. >> we will definitely not shut up and dribble. i will definitely not do that.
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>> trying to put athletes and black athletes in a box to say basketball is the only thing you can provide in this world and kind of very upsetting. >> she responded to a video lebron released last week where the warriors and kef indurant critical of trump. "abc 7 news" sports director is in l.a. for that game. he's going to post on twitter and facebook and our "abc 7 news" app and you can catch his live reports from the game tonight. new details involving the warriors and an arbitration hearing set for this summer over millions of dollars in outstanding debt payment.
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the warriors don't believe they need to pay debt on the agreement once they move to san francisco. they say they oh $40 million for a bond debt. media partner the base area news group says the it starts july 23rd on who should pay the debt is final. lisa here talking weather, it's been warm but change is coming? >> we have a cold front on the way ushering in the cold and we've seen the coldest temperatures in several years. live look outside. around 50 here in san francisco. 30s in the north bay and temperatures won't be going up more than about five degrees today and some areas so we'll talk about how cold it's going to get, the freeze watch and the look ahead. coming up. neighbors becoming crime fighters and san francisco residents taking matters into their own hands.
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a space x satellite carrying an observation satellite for spain scheduled to lift out of this morning. that satellite carries an instrument to make radar instruments of the earth for government and commercial purposes. tweeting that the team is taking additional time to perform final check outs. the launch pushed back to wednesday. neighbors in san francisco standing together to fight property crime.
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"abc 7 news" reporter harrington has the story. >> at the base of san francisco inner sunset are these signs warning people about car break ins. the work of residents fed up with a lack of leadership. they started their own crime watch. called stop crime sf. >> there's a lot of frustration so we are coming to together hold them accountable. >> san francisco is getting hit like crazy. >> wanting to >> we can only create the laws and fix them and once they are created and fixed they need to be implemented. >> there needs to be more community activism. >> the warning signs are helping and residents install security
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cameras. showing images of car burglars doing it in broad plight. >> breaking into tourists and running up and down the street to ring the doorbell to see if someone is home and then breaking in. >> too many criminals are immediately let back out on the street. the group plans to hold more hearings and attend public meetings on the issue. a tech conference brought together bay area high school girls to inspire them to pursue an education in science and math. the girls from all over the bay heard from female tech leaders from some of the most powerful names in the industry. industry. like linked in. >> the stem field is more powered over by males so yeah. >> you want to get in the game.
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>> yeah. >> the event organized by a fremont high school student who wants to close the gender gap in engineering and technology fields. >> now your accuweather forecast with lisa argen. >> sunday morning waking up to clear conditions and cool temperatures. we have a cold front on the way, going to usher in cold air. we can see some snow locally around here. moisture limited. 50 in oakland, and san mateo. 51 in hayward. 41 livermore. partly cloudy skies and windy and cool today. a freeze watch in effect for monday into tuesday and looking at freezing cold mornings monday, tuesday and wednesday. so here is the freeze watch, monday night into tuesday. sub freezing temperatures up in the north bay and inland east
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bay. tonight it's going to drop off. we're looking at the coldest air to head our way monday night into tuesday and perhaps tuesday into wednesday. so today, you can see the clouds and precip offshore. most remains offshore. lake county, a little snow here. this is sunday night and as we get towards the over night hours it gets interesting along the peninsula and the hills. and we can see snow. if you are an early riser snap some pictures. and mount hamilton can see snow. to to 25 miles an hour wind. flu throughout the afternoon. 11:00 the cold front will push on through. behind the front, 30 to 40 miles an hour through monday morning breezy and when the wind is
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slacking off the cold air settles in. winter weather advisory into sierra nevada. half a foot of snow to 10 inches. the winds gusty. we can take anything we can get. snowfall through monday afternoon looking at 10-inches and monday morning, down around south lakes half a foot. good news here translating to more rain around the bay area that would be nice. unfortunately, not much in the way of precipitation. if it dose fall it can fall as snow. low to mid 50s and cool with 56 in fremont and lows tonight below freezing, santa rosa and napa, 30s around the bay and 40s in san jose. bustery and chilly. tonight precip, and freezing
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precip over knignight lows fros and in the middle of the week lows around freezing. next weekend we can she had some of the layers around here. >> all right. i'm ready. >> it's a change. >> it is a change, definitely. did you call me this morning or what? >> we know each other too well. >> we are twinning. just ahead while chinese new years festivals in full swing, the vietnamese culture welcoming the lunar year how they are ross has all the home trends for kitchen, living room and bedroom for a fraction of what you'd pay elsewhere.
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teams. >> raiders and >> and many players. that's a lot of jerseys. >> about 150 to $200 for jerseys. >> he turned to a seattle based company called represent the squad. a rip the run way for sports. >> you can ak come -- access combinations. >> you don't have to own it to use it. for $20 a month or $17 for kids, you can order a sports jersey and wear it for as long as you like and then swapping, exchanging as many times as you please. if you accidentally rip or ruin a jersey, he'll foregive you. >> maybe once. >> and with teams moving and
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kids out growing the clothes, you don't get stuck with an out dated shirt. >> you get look forward to the box coming to the mail. >> we open our jerseys. >> they tear open the latest deliveries admitting they forgot what they ordered. >> i got a steph curry and march shon lynch jersey. >> it sparks a one-on-one outside. >> and sometimes i don't want to give it back but i'm excited for the next jersey. >> so far represent the squad carries gear for teams here on the west coast. i'm michael finny, on your side. >> thousands of people in the bay area observing one of the most significant celebrations the vietnamese new year. ♪ >> "abc 7 news" in san jose with one of the largest tech festivals in the state bringing
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together family and friends enjoying music, fun and food. fashion shows, lion and dragging dancing and traditions to bring good luck in the new year. the festival continues today at east ridge mall. still to come, passengers call it the cruise from hell. after a series of violent brawls on the ship. california's busyiest airport trying something new with security and you won't need a boarding pass. the facial r
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good morning south bay. >> this is abc 7 mornings. >> welcome back everyone. it is just shy of 5:30 and we're starting this half hour with the look at the weather with our meteorologist lisa argen. >> we're looking at cold air heading in today. temperatures much like we have been the past couple of mornings. 40s and 50s. and we're mild. 51 in hayward. and 49 in san jose. mild, 13 degrees warmer now than we were this time yesteray and 10 degrees warmer in napa and livermore. 9:00, 50s everywhere and by 1:00
5:30 am
mid 50s. 10 to 12 degrees cooler and than by 5:00 in the afternoon we're drops into the upper 40s in the north bay and by 9:00 still low 40s. so a little bit of precip heading our way. could be freezing. and look what happens thursday and saturday, adding numbers into our storm impact scale. we'll see updated in a few minutes. >> thank you lisa. a passenger plane crashed in a foggy mountainous region in southern iran killing all 66 people on board. that plane used for short distance, an airline spokesperson saying it spoke into mount dino more than 14,000 feet tall. 60 passengers, one child and six crew members.
5:31 am
after 13 russian nationals and companies are accused of interfering with the 2016 election. prosecute trump tweeted that the indictment vindicates his campaign. that is premature. special counsel robert mueller is still hard at work. >> president trump claiming -- tweeting russia started the ant u.s. campaign before i announced i would run for president. the results of the election were not impacted. no collusion. a white house spokesman going a step further. >> there's two groups that created chaos more than the russians and that's the democrats and the mainstream media. >> charging the russian spread fake news on fake social media accounts. started on line political groups and lured americans to campaign
5:32 am
style rallies three months about the election. >> conducted what they called information warfare against the united states. >> and now, a super words. >> with the fbi indictment, the evidence -- >> the national security adviser at a security conference in germany. the russians in the same room fighting back. >> their foreign minister saying, until we see the facts, everything is blabber. >> not mentioning collusion between the russian and trump campaign, the probe is being looing into the 2016 trump tower meeting, between trump junior, paul manafort and a lawyer. >> just because this indictment has no mention of collusion or of knowing participation by americans. doesn't mean it's not going to happen in the next indictment.
5:33 am
>> "abc 7 news" washington. >> and coming up on this week former secretary of homeland security, jay johnson and former new jersey governor chris christie discuss the 13 indictments in the russian invest zbags what happens next. and "abc 7 news" chief, reports from parkland florida on the deadly high school rampage, with george stephanopoulos followed with "abc 7 news" at 9:00. eric asked by a proposal by senator diane to raise the age limit to purchase an assault weapon. his response, he wants to go a step further. >> i think we should ban assault weapons every age and streets should have a bannon them. i understand, she wants to raise the age to 21. i think we should do what she did before.
5:34 am
she lead the charge to ban them. >> "abc 7 news" caught up with him and hayward where he met with constituents for coffee. what was supposed to be a relaxing cruise turned into a violent nightmare after vicious brawls broke out over the course of several days. the carnival legend set sail for australia but had to return to port after several days of fist fights. one guest stepped on somebody's flip-flops. blamed a group of 23 people traveling. >> people screaming and throwing glasses and everything. it was a nightmare. >> blood every where are. >> faces getting smashed in. >> full on attacks. >> security guards had to intervene and how they handled the fights, some guests repeatedly punched women and
5:35 am
children. >> a new way to match airline boarding passes with flyers being tested at los angeles international airport. using facial recognition to id d passengers. it is not without hiccups. >> it is good and quick, unfortunately it didn't recognize my face. >>so what happened? >> i just had to show my boarding pass and scan my passport. >> yeah. he had to go tlhrough a regular screening line to get through security. >> still ahead on abc 7 mornings, our recent streak of warm temperatures having a visible impact on grapevines in wine country. find out what it means when it comes to making wine. here is a live look from the cam. it is going to be cold today and
5:36 am
throughout the week. get ready to pull out the layers. today 10 degrees below what
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china loans pan das to internation international zoos. finland the first nor tick nation to have them. expected to bring snow over the mountains today into tomorrow. the national weather service posted this map on facebook. a lot of tahoe expected to get 4 to 6 inches with more snow in the yellow areas. >> way up high there. >> dropping to 1,000 feet for the latest on the snow and the cool down, download the "abc 7 news" app to get the forecast where you live and push alerts to get custom mobile weather updates. lisa knows about that. >> i think we're going to see more than 6 inches in the mountain and i think we can see snow here. >> we are going to be looking at interesting pictures. cold air is arriving today with
5:40 am
gusty winds. a live look outside from the sutro camera, 51 hayward and 30s in the north bay and a cold front arrives later. and we're going to chill up the next few days and the prospect for rain coming up. klay thompson tries to win his second three point shooting contest.
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in sports tonight, steph curry, thompson and draymond green representing the warriors. this team lebron versus team stephen. tip off staple center, here is shumann, he has the highlights in this morning's sports. >> good morning, the 67th annual all star classic holding the three point contest, with klay thompson the favorite in his hometown. but a rook can i booker stole his thunder. barely made it out of the final round. three straight bonus balls and the busier beater got him a
5:44 am
spot. 17 and suns, put up 28 a new record for a single round making 20 out of 30 and 40 out of 5 out of the money ball rack. 27 points and fall short ending with 25. so a new champion crowned, devon booker from the suns. >> this was so close and so far scenario tonight. >> yeah. i thought i had a good final round performance. 25 usually to win it, i was going against a great shooter and he got hot and that's all you can ask for. >> when you saw him put up a 28 what's in your head? anymore pressure, i have to be near perfect. >> you have to be almost perfect and i was a couple of close misses away. >> you had some in and outs that were heart breaks. >> and that is life, hopefully i
5:45 am
will get it one more time. it was fun while it lasted. >> i want to just enjoy the weekend. >> your day mentioned to me that the no practice philosophy going into it. maybe we want to the revise it? >> it works. been doing it since 2016, i'm sticking with it. >> remaking the classics. junior dressing like pop, go back to 1984, the first did you think contest. 34 years later junior's turn. he got it a hug from dad, but not enough to win. pulling out the convince carter jersey, 2000 at oracle, carter the 360 windmill. mitchell dose the same and takes home the troughy, the 2018 slam did you think winner. >> stanford first quarter.
5:46 am
brittany mcfee, and my kay my yc the layup. in the fourth mcfee, steal it is and lays it it in two of 24. >> ash sha thomas. cal upsetting 14th rank stanford and last one came back up in 2015. >> the nba all star classic 5:00 p.m., hope to see you then. i'm mike shumann, have a great day. "abc 7news" sports director, larry beil in los angeles for the all star game. he'll keep posting on twitter and facebook and the "abc 7 news" app and and you can catch his live reports from the game tonight. >> now yor accuweather forecast with lisa argen. >> we have a cold front coming
5:47 am
into the bay area later on this afternoon. bringing wind and a big chill to us for the next several days. so a freeze watch in e et cetera from monday to tuesday and a live look from emeriville right now. you can see the camera shaking. the winds kicking up this afternoon and temperatures below freezing in our valleys tonight. cooler with the clouds today and becoming breezy to windy this afternoon. we can see even a little precip and the form of snow in some of the higher elevations and even the low el vaegss. that's how cold the air mass is going to be. once it settles into the bay area. you can see a bit of a breeze out there. getting blustery today, a winder-like scenario for the afternoon and in the mountains snow. mother nature giving us a hand as the system sweeps down to the
5:48 am
south and allowing for cold air and snow in the mountains. so the freeze watch effect monday into tuesday, wide spread 20s and 30s. protect the pipes, plants and pets. bring them inside and be prepared for not only one night but several nights of sub-freezing numbers. right now it is mild. 50, san mateo. 50, oakland. 50 hayward, 51 santa rosa and 49, san jose. by the later evening hours it gets close. 10:30 we can have snow in lake county and down the peninsula the. s -- temperatures ready for the freezing level. anything we see can fall into snow for the over night hours. gusty winds today. 20 to 25 miles an hour to start out and up to 35 or 40 miles an
5:49 am
hour. 4:00 in the afternoon. you notice the orange and yellow contours. and monday morning, breezy. monday night no wind at all. winter advisory from 10:00 to 4:00 tomorrow. the precip holding together and we'l see as much as 10-inches in do nor tahoe city. mid 50 nz oakland. throughout the later afternoon hours. mid 50s palo alto. and in the north bay below freezing. the winds are absent. that's going to allow for more cold air to settle until and a hard time to recover throughout the afternoon. monday, mid and upper 50s tuesday and wednesday, over night lows, at or below freezing throughout the bay area and at the end of next week looking at milder weather but we can see a
5:50 am
few weak systems pass us by. in the long-term things are changing and we can see rain as we get towards the end of the month and march is promising. >> i'm fascinated by this chance of snow. >> today is a holiday for the two of us. it is national drink wine day. and alaska airlines is making it easy to celebrate. it expanded it wine flies free program to 18 new airports, oakland, san francisco and san jose. to check an entire case of wine, 12 bottles at no cost on their flight. >> we are witnessing the earliest break on record for grapes in wine country and that may not not be a good thing. starting to bud because the wealth has been warm lately. this is about a month earlier than usual. talking to experts about what
5:51 am
this means for wine. >> it feels like an early spring. the mustards are out and the pick diggers. there are tourists with not a care in the world. >> picturesque. it is poet i can. >> it is troubling. bud break among vines. >> the earliest i have seen. >> in how long? >> 30 years. >> his complexity this season -- can make anybody lose sleep. >> an early bud break exposes them to frost. >> worst cases you can get a temperature difference that would affect some of the ripe skpng characteristics of the breaks. >> the climate is the
5:52 am
unpredictable nature of climate change. three of the last five crops broken early. this the latest challenge and a year filled with them. >> this whole big creek bed on fire. >> that was tom davie showing off where the last year's fires were. >> it was scary. >> this is scary. the reservoir that waters this hilly vineyards, 1/3rd full with no relief in site. first a bud break and now this and now a cutting back of the crop. >> sometime it is rains everyday in march, so we can still get that. >> you know when it rains being? >> i wish. >> "abc 7 ne." coming up a popular restaurant closing the door foregood. the
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here are the winning numbers from last night $223 million power ball drawing. 13, 26, 39, 44, 62, power ball number 2. nobody got all six numbers, grows to $246 million. happeninged to, a longstanding cafe will serve customers one
5:56 am
time. the depoe cafe saying good-bye today. on a miss store call site, the construction happening on both sides of the station has really hurt her business with the coast of raels she can't afford to reopen anywhere. customers say the neighborhood is losing a piece of history and character. up next. abc 7 mornings at 6:00. violence near a tech celebration. a man left with life threatening injuries stabbed. a fire and smock trap a man in his home. his life at risk until a good samaritan steps in.
5:57 am
this is going to be a strong, slow moving sew koe. >> abc 71 alerts you first.
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good morning bay area. let get up and get going. >> this is abc 7 mornings. >> good morning everyone. i'm carolyn tyler. thank you for joining us this sunday february 18th. let's look at the weather weathh lisa argen. >> winds ramping up in the higher elevations. live doppler seventh clouds and temperatures. with that well mixed air above, kind of mild. 50s in oakland and san mateo, 52, hayward and 57 santa rosa. gusting


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