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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  February 18, 2018 6:00am-7:00am PST

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good morning bay area. let get up and get going. >> this is abc 7 mornings. >> good morning everyone. i'm carolyn tyler. thank you for joining us this sunday february 18th. let's look at the weather weathh lisa argen. >> winds ramping up in the higher elevations. live doppler seventh clouds and temperatures. with that well mixed air above, kind of mild. 50s in oakland and san mateo, 52, hayward and 57 santa rosa. gusting 25 miles an hour and 18 miles an hour in sfo and over 33
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miles an hour from the north bay. and the east bay hills above half moon bay. so we can expect the north winds at the sur fachls evening windchills in the 30s. a few sprinkles. san foez 101. 40, 50s to start out. blustery and cold. hopefully a little mix precip around here. and a little slippery tonight into your monday morning commute. we'll talk about it in detail coming up. >> thank you lisa. we have breaking news out of the east bay where firefighters battling a three alarm fire. flames broke out after 4:00 on tea garden street. near interstate 880. it was upgraded to three alarms. no reports of injuries.
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now, this is video from bring ana who share it had on she was able to see the flames from the northbound of 880. waiting on details on what started that fire. san jose police looking for whoever stabbed a man outside of a mall sending him to the hospital with life threatening injuries. happened at 7:40 last night near story road. where thousands of people celebrating the vietnamese tech festival. a large fight outside when the man stabbed, no suspects identified. a good samaritan in antioch risked her life racing into a burning man rescuing a man trapped inside. speaking with the women who save add senior citizen from the flames. >> i look over and it looks like the fire is right next to me.
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>> is a brave. brave. moments earlier, she shaved a man's life. >> stepped outside around 11:00, she saw smoke. looked around to see if anybody is responding, she realized she was the only one there to help she ran across the street. >> she said i can't and she is crying at me and said i can't my roommate, he is paralyzed, he can't get him, you have to help me. >> she darted past the stove and kitchen towards the bedroom. >> there was stuff over here, couches. >> once she reached the 77-year-old man, she grabbed the office chair he was sitting in and pulled. >> i looked back in the and it was black. >> she put a robe on his face.
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>> the two fell out the front door. >> the fire was blowing out pretty much all of the front windows and that front door. >> he reinjured his hip during the rescue. >> i'm happy that is still alive and not hurt from the fire. >> a brave quick thinking neighbor is the reason why. erer -- >> i'm amazed by her. she is the most amazing person in the world. >> in antioch, "abc 7 news." we're learning more about the florida high school shooter. a long list of behavioral disorders and survivors speaking up dpe manding gun control laws. linda lopez has the latest. >> authorities said he confessed to killing 17 people.
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classmates said he was troubled. >> he was just alone and off. there was something off about him. >> a new and disturbing report from the department of children and family services that says he cut himself in september of 2016 sharing videos on snapchat and saying he wanted to get a gun. >> every sign you are asked to look at was there. >> confirmed to "abc 7 news" by the public defender shows cruise had history of autism, adhd and depression and on medication. the public defender tells us he stopped taking. this report the latest in the string of missed warning signs. the fbi never investigated worrisome tips and over the past few years, the local sheriffs said they responded to 20 calls regarding him. sparking a call for less fire
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power anger and frustration boiling over at this gun safety rally in fort lauderdaler dale. >> if that's all they can do is send thoughts and prayers, we need to be the change we need to see. >> to restrict the sale of guns. >> no one should be able to buy a ar 15, no one especially not an 18-year-old. >> he turned 18 when he bought his semiautomatic weapon. he fired 150 shots in the minutes he was inside of the school. >> that mass shooting sparked walk out all over the country. trying to push lawmakers to pass tougher laws. also calling for a 17 minute walk out on march 14th to protest what they call congressional inaction.
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nearly two tozen bay area residents graduated from that high school where the mass shooting took place. many gathered at baker beach in san francisco to make a video of support. "abc 7 news" reporter spoke with some. >> he was a nice guy. at our baseball games supporting us. >> ace pitcher, he seusse seusse jesus la zar dough. >> this is my graduation announcement from class of 1999. >> san francisco transplant jennifer admits she is in shock after wednesday's shooting. >> i feel helpless because i don't understand. i can't normize it or make sense of it.
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>> this is photos, her senior portrait, prom pictures and her drama class. >> it is hard to believe. >> what is harder to accept for jennifer's sister and abc, is that the foot fall coach aaron feis who died was in her graduating class. >> i was honored to be apart of the student body the same here he was there. he is a true hero. >> he played football while fischer was in the marching band. he jumped in between a student and a shooter. plans to attend her 20 year high school reunion next year specifically because of what's happened. in san francisco, "abc 7 news." >> the principal from that florida high school has this message for students and the public.
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>> i will hug each and every one of you as many times as you need and i will hold you as long as you need for all 3,300 of you and your families and we'll get this together. our community is strong. our students are strong. we will persevere in these trying times. >> and the principal thanks students and staff for what he called heroic efforts. >> you can make a difference for the victims and families in florida. the go fund me page raising $1.3 million in three days. we posted the link on our website, the florida high school massacre lead to an ultimate tum from the major donor from the republican party,al hoffman junior will no longer contribute to groups or candidates who don't support a bannon military style weapons. a e-mail to governor rick scott.
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i will not write another check unless they support a bannon assault weapons. enough is enough. >> lebron jams and steph curry responding from comments from fox news host. saying players should stay out of politics and, kwet, shut up and dribble. >> we will not do that. >> trying to put athletes and black athletes in a box. to say, basketball is the only thing you can provide in this world. and kind of -- obviously very upsetting. >> she made her criticism after a video lebron james released where him and kevin durant critical of president trump. they will be in the nba all star game tonight in los angeles. and larry beil is there as well.
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he'll keep posting the best moments as they happen on twitter and facebook and the "abc 7 news" app and you can catch his live reports from the game tonight. new details this morning involving the warriors and the operators of oracle arena, a arbitration hearing set for this sum ner millions of dollars of outstanding debt payments. the warriors feel they don't have an obligation to pay. once the team moves to san francisco. >> the coliseum authority begs to differ saying the warriors oh $40 million for a bond debt. the media partner of the bay area news group starts the hearing is july 23rd, the deposition exhibit is final. it looks we are dressed in warrior blue. >> 10 degrees colder. winds gusting in the upper
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elevations. live look outside, clouds, well ahead of the cold front. 49 in san francisco, 48 in liver march. we can see a rainstorm mix tonight. and pretty good snow in the mountains. >> thank you lisa. neighbors becoming crime fighters, san francisco residents taking matters into their own hands. and space x delays the launch at&t has a network with thousands of best-in-class security experts.
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welcome back everyone. it is 6:15 on this sunday morning. thank you for waking up early to jin me and lisa. this is a live look from the golden gate bridge camera. weather today, windy, blustery and cold. lisa has the details in her accuweather forecast. coming up in just a few. a space x satellite launch from southern california has been delayed. the falcon 9 rocket carrying an observation satellite from spain. set to lift off this morning. that carries an instrument to make radar images for the earth for government and commercial uses. tweeted that the team is taking additional time to perform final checkouts. the launch pushed back to
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wednesday. neighbors fighting together to fight property kram. increased dramatically over the last year. "abc 7 news" reporter, harrington has the story. >> at the base of san francisco inner sunset are these signs warning people about car break ins. the city didn't post these. these are home made. residents fed up with the lack of leadership. they started their own crime watch, stop crime sf. >> so people are coming together to hold the criminal justice system accountable. the police, prosecutors, judges and politicians. >> inviting assemblyman to speak. >> san francisco is getting hit like crazy. >> introducing a bill to close loopholes with break ins being classified as a miss demon nor. >> there needs to be more
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community activism >> neighbor says that the warning signs are helping and residents installed security cameras. they shared images of car burglars smashing windows. >> they are breaking into tourist's cars and running up and down the streets and ringing our doorbells to see if someone is ho em and breaking in. >> stop crime sf follows court cases. too many criminals let back on the street. the group plans to hold more meetings and attend public hears on the issue. >> harrington, "abc 7 news." >> a tech conference brought together high school girls to help inspire them to pursue an education in science math. "abc 7 news" in san francisco where the girls heard from female tech leaders, like linked in, netflix and medium. each had a powerful message why
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there should be more women pursuing a stem education. >> it is powered by males -- >> so you want to get in the game. >> yeah. >> so the event was organized by a fremont high school student who wants to close the gender gap in engineering and technology. >> you your accuweather forecast with lisa argen. >> live doppler seven, clouds over the area and the winds yusy in the upper elevation. the temperatures will feel different. here is the rain and snow to the north of us. a little bit of both of these things, the atmosphere so cold. look at this view from walnut creek, the clouds and the beginning of the sun vise out there. temperatures look like this, 49 san francisco, 51 in san jose and 50 on the coast due to the upper level winds keeping temperatures milder and the cold front several hours away. and from our sutro tower camera,
6:19 am
37 in santa rosa, 42 napa, know survey toe, 43 and livermore and concord, 50 degrees. the winds gusting to over 30 miles an hour here in the north bay and you can see half moon bay, 22 miles an hour gusts. and they will get stronger throughout the day. san jose, 101 right now looking at partly cloudy afternoon because the clouds will increase along with the cold front. windy as much as 20 degrees cooler. a freeze watch monday night. wide spread frost even at the coast is possible and in fact, we're looking at snow levels down to 1,000 feet, cold nights, mornings and afternoons chilly on through middle of the week. we don't often talk about a windchill factor in the bay area, but it doesn't seem bad, 3:00 in the afternoon, low to mid 50s, we're tougher around here. as we go through evening hours,
6:20 am
warmer but it feels like it's going to be around freezing even around san francisco, closer to the bay and this is 8:00 tomorrow morning, the air temperature will be in the 20s in another 24 hours and the winds feeling just as cold. as we go through day today, we'll -- the coastal hills and late tonight we can see some of that and it could get interesting and slick around here. so make sure you're very careful into sunday might and the monday morning commute. we can have precip. 20 to 30 miles an hour, gusting over 30 miles an hour. in fact, 40 miles an hour not out of the question. you can see the combination of the orange and yellow and as we go through monday morning it's going to be breezy. winter weather advisory in the
6:21 am
mountains. anywhere from a 1/2 foot to more in the mountains. 10-inches as well as tahoe city, and incline 8-inches. it rains january 25th the last time and this is the 23rd dry day. breezy to windy tonight and the air temperature going to feel colder, below freezing in the north bay and the seven-day forecast, president's day colder and skpoeld no changes until the end of the week and we can see another chance of rain snow mix. >> that will be thursday. >> thank you lisa. just ahead festival. the vietnamese culture
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now from new york to tell us what's coming up at 7:00 in "good morning america." >> fire speeches from young survivors from the school
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shooting, students speaking out at a rally. new insight of the life of the alleged shoot frer the couple that took him in and this was a tweet the president slamming the fbi missing the signals. spending too much time on the russia investigation. the reaction this morning. and it is lebron james against a fox news host. why he is engaged in a public media fight with laura whether celebrities should get involved in politics. coming up on "gma." we'll see you soon. thousands of people observing one of the most important celebrations in the vietnamese culture. the vietnamese new year. year. . "abc 7 news" in san jose where they are bringing together family and friends enjoying music, fun and food.
6:26 am
fashion shows, lion and dragging dancing and traditional food said to breng good luck in the new year. beginning at 11:00 this morning at east ridge mall. still to come on abc 7 mornings. passengers call it the cruise from hell. after a series of violent brawls on the ship. california's busiest airport trying something new with security. you won't need a boarding pass. facial recognition
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good morning east bay. let's get up and get going. >> this is abc 7 mornings. >> welcome back everyone. we're starting this half hour with a look at the weather with our meteorologist lisa argen. >> let's start out with this dramatic picture that shows and identifies the dramatic change we're going to see in our weather today, temperatures plummets and winds pick up. san francisco, 49, 48 in mountain view and 51 san jose and 50 on the coast. san rafael, partly cloudy skies.
6:30 am
the winds at the surface, anywhere from 10 to 20 miles an hour, as we go up 1,000 feet, gusting over 30 miles an hour. this is just the beginning of a reality check in february remember, so north winds, 25 to 40 miles an hour today. the evening windchill in the 30s. that's how it's going to feel to your skin. could see sprinkles and snow on the higher elevations. 50s by 1:00 and by 5:00 dropping into the 40s. it's going to be a chilly night tonight. get used to it. we don't see an improvement for the next four to five days. developing news this morning a passenger plane crash in southern iran killing all 66 people on board. used for short distance regional flying went down south of the capital of tie ran and an
6:31 am
airline spokesperson saying it crashed into mount dino. it had 60 passengers including 1 child and six crew members. to the russia investigation after 13 russian nationals and three russian companies accused of interfering with our 2016 election. president trump tweeted that the indictment vindicates his campaign. really that's just a premature conclusion. as abc 7 kenneth tells us special counsel robert mueller is hard at work. >> claiming vindication of 13 rug russians from meddling in the election. the results were not impacted and the trump campaign did nothing wrong, no collusion. >> there are two groups that
6:32 am
created chaos many pr than the russians. the democrats and the mainstream media. >> gstarted online political groups and lured americans to campaign style rallies like this in florida three months before the election. >> the defendants conducted what they called information warfare against the united states. >> and now, a super power war of words. >> you can see with the fbi indictment, the evidence is now really incontrovertible. >> at a security conference in germany, the russians in the same room fighting back. >> the foreign minister saying until we see the facts, everything else blabber. it is just one piece of the broader mueller investigation. looking into the 2016 trump tower meeting between trump
6:33 am
junior and a russian lawyer. and a possible obstruction of justice investigation. >> just because this indictment has no mention of collusion or knowing participation by americans, doesn't mean it won't happen in the next indictment. >> abc 7, washington. >> coming up this week. -- does the 13 indictments in the russian investigation and what happens next. a correspondent reports from parkland florida on the deadly high school rampage. this week with george starts at 8:00 this morning followed by "abc 7 news" at 9:00. bay area congressman asked by a proposal by senator to raise the age limit to purchase an assault weapon. his response, he wants to go further.
6:34 am
i think we should ban assault weapons, every age, every street in our country should have a bannon assault weapons. so i mean, i understand she wants to raise the age, but i think we should do what she did before, lead the charge to ban them. "abc 7 news" was in hayward when they met yesterday with constituents for coffee. we have breaking news out of -- firefighters investigating a cause of a two alarm fire in an apartment complex many martinez. on east gate lane. crews arriving from heavy smoke coming from the building. one firefighter injured, no residents hurt. at least four of the eight units sustain fire damage. unclear how many residents
6:35 am
displac displacesed. cruise turns into a violent nightmare. vicious brawls breaking out over a course of several days. sailed from the australia and had to return to port after several days of fist fights. they began when one guest stepped on somebody eels's flip-flops. blamed a group of 23 people trying together. >> people screaming and running around and throwing glasses. >> blood everywhere and the faces getting smashe in. >> full on attacks. >> just craziness there. security guards had to intervene, but how they handled the fights are under question. guests say they punched women and children. a new way to match boarding passes with flyers being tested at los angeles airport. tsa using facial recognition at
6:36 am
lax. it is a voluntary pilot program for the next three weeks but has not been without hiccups. >> it was quick but unfortunately didn't recognize my face. >> so what happened? >> i just had to show my boarding pass and scan my passport. >> he was asked to go through a regular screening line to get through security. >> still ahead on abc 7 mornings, our recent streak of warm temperatures having a visible impact on grapevines in wine country. find out what it means when it comes to making wine. and here is a live look from the sutro tower camera. the warm streak over. temperatures in the 50s is all about we can manage today. lisa has the full accuweather fore refresh your home and save at ross. ross has all the home trends for kitchen, living room
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expected to bring snow over the mountains today and into tomorrow. the national weather service posted this map on facebook. a lot of tahoe expected to get 4 to 6 maybe more expected in the yellow areas. snow levels could develop to around 1,000 feet. for the latest on the snow and the big cool down download the "abc 7 news" app to get the forecast where you live and you can enable push alerts to get custom mobile weather updates. what have you got to add lisa? >> the most precip on the mountains and on the hills and we have a chance to see snow. we are in and out of the fog from our east bay hills camera. we just checked. 43 miles an hour winds on top of mount diablo. gus
6:41 am
gusty winds and i'll be back with the detawinds. up next, klay thompson tryings to win the we have one to two fires a day and when you respond together and you put your lives on the line, you do have to surround yourself with experts. and for us the expert in gas and electric is pg&e. we run about 2,500/2,800 fire calls a year and on almost every one of those calls pg&e is responding
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event, save 50% on the ultimate limited edition bed with adjustable comfort on both sides. plus 24-month financing. ends monday. visit for a store near you. welcome back it is 6:42 on this sunday morning. thank you for tuning in. this is a live look from the lake tahoe camera. if you are spending the holiday
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there, 10-inches of snow in some spots. for the rest of us cold and gusty. lisa has the full accuweather forecast in just a few. in sports tonight. steph curry, kef indur rand and klay thompson and draymond green representing warriors. instead of east versus west it is team lebron versus team stephen. tip off 5:00. the three point shooting contest, shumann has the highlights. good morning. well, the 67th annual contest in the stap l sent nle center inlen >>a rook can i stole his thunder named
6:45 am
booker. -- first 17 and then suns went second and put up 28 which is a new record for a single round making 20 out of 30 shots and four out of five on the money ball racket. he fell short ending with 25. so a new champion was crowned. devon booker of the suns and met up with klay after the contest. >> it was a so close scenario. >> i had a good performance, 25 to win it but i went up against a great shooter, he got hot and gave his all. >> when you see him put up a 28, what is in your head, i have to be near perfect. >> you have to be almost perfect. i was a couple of close misses away. >> you had some in and outs that
6:46 am
were just heart break there. >> it that's life. and hopefully i will get this one more time, but it was fun while it lasted. >> do you want to do charlotte next year? >> i want to enjoy the weekend. >> your dad mentioned to me the no practice philosophy going into that, maybe we want to revise that. >> it works, trust me. been doing it since 2016, i'm sticking with it. >> larry junior dressing like pop and we go back to 1984, the first did you think contest. 34 years later juniors turn, he got it and a hug from dad but not enough to win. rook can i mitchell pulling out the convince carter jersey, carter the 360 windmill, mitchell will do the same and take home the trophy by a two-point margin. mitchell your 2018 slam dunk
6:47 am
contest winner. cal and stanford, brittany looking at the bench for the play. my kayla heads the play, thomas back to her. in the four, mcfee steals it and lay it is in for two of the 24. stanford within two and asha thomas hits two of the 25 and splits the game. cal upsetting rank stanford and cardinal in 2015. daytona 500 in -- i'm mike shumann, have a great day. >> and you just saw "abc 7 news" sports director larry beil in los angeles for the all star game. he'll post the best moment as they happen on the twitter, facebook and the app and and you can catch the live reports from the game
6:48 am
tonight. now your accuweather forecast with lisa argen. >> hi everyone. are you ready for the cold blast? it is on the way. we are feeling and maybe hearing them in your neighborhood. emeriville, tempertures in the 40s and even 50s around the bay. here is what to expect the next several hours we're looking at temperatures below freezing in the north bay, cooler with clouds and late tonight, precipes snow levels down to 1,000 feet and breezy to windy. so the cold front late this morning feel the effects after that. a live look outside and you notice from the roof camera. it being loos nice out there with the sun and clouds. things are going to change and the palm trees will be blowing in the stiff wind today. life doppler seven showing clouds around the bay area and the cold front to the north.
6:49 am
you can see a chance of snow showers and snow on the higher elevations and moisture limited with the system. there's enough out there that we can't rule it out and the cold air will be in place. freeze watch in effect for tonight and into tuesday and monday night into tuesday morning. so looking at 20s and that means frost to the coastline. so it is going to be several cold days out there. so cope that in mind as you prepare for the evening with the over night hours with the pets and pipes. we haven't seen this kind of cold air in quite some time. so pretty nice start and check out walnut creek with the clouds and the sun coming up. 37, santa rosa, 50 concord, 59 livermore and 49 in no va toe. from 24 to 25 miles an hour. winds gustier topping to 40 miles an hour. right now this morning we're
6:50 am
warmer and that's because of the air moving around above us and that's going to change quickly. throughout the day we'll call it partly cloudy. green representing moisture offshore. tonight we'll see more moisture. so lake county, you can see snowflakes. this is late tonight into tomorrow and then look what happens. it parallels the coast. most of the moisture. so i think hamilton, the higher elevations could see snow. so that could make it interesting and slick. so very windy this afternoon. surface wind gusts 20 to 30 miles an hour. even 40 miles an hour. so you'll need the heavy coat today and winds continued through tomorrow morning. winter weather advisory today to tomorrow afternoon. a 1/2 foot to 10-inches from donna and a slick travel. president's day so the snow is good news for your monday.
6:51 am
50s today with the winds and tonight, sub-freezing numbers in the north bay and around freezing in the inland valley. the accuweather seven-day forecast, it will be cold. download the accuweather app and you can track the temperature it is. >> this will be a good day, we can stay inside and enjoy this national drink wine day. it's today. alaska alaska airlines making it easier to celebrate. the wine flies free program. expand it had to new york, sfo and san oakland. check an entire case of wine, 12 bottles at no coast on their flight. we are witnessing the earlier bud break on record for grapes in wine country and that may not be a good i think this. grapevines starting to bud because the wealth has been so warm lately. about a month earlier than usual.
6:52 am
"abc 7 news" reporter wayne freedman talked to exports about what this may mean for wine. >> it feels like an early spring in the napa county wine country. the mus started are out. there are tourist without a care in the world. >> it is picturesque and poet i can. >> it is trubing as a new normal seems to be emerging. bud break among chardonnay vines in the first week of february? >> earliest i have seen. >> in how many years? >> 30 years. >> michael runs vineyards and his complexities this season enough to make a cultural list lose slip. >> an early bud break is not necessarily good news, exposing the buds to a longer frost. >> you can get a temperature difference that effects the contract ris stk sticks of
6:53 am
-- >> three of the last five crops broken early and this the latest challenge and a year filled with them. >> this whole big creek bed on fire. >> that is president tom davie showing off where last october's fires licked to the edge of this fire. >> it was scary. >> and now this is scary. the reservoir that waters the hilly vineyards, 1/3 full with no relief in site. first the bud break and now this is a cutting back of the crop possibly. >> sometimes it rains everyday in march. so we can still get back. >> dow know rain dances? >> i wish. >> drink to that as we went enter a new normal.
6:54 am
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check out the winning numbers from last night. 223 million power ball drawing. -- the power ball number 2, nobody picked all six numbers. you have another chance on wednesday when the jackpot grows to $246 million. happening today, a longstanding calf if any on the peninsula serving customers one last time.
6:57 am
after 34 years the depot cafe is saying good-bye today. it's on a miss store call site but the owner says construction happening on both sides of the cal train station hurt her business with the cost of real estate she couldn't afford to reopen anywhere else. the neighborhood is losing a piece of history and character. let's get a final check of the accuweather forecast with lisa. >> saying good-bye to the temperatures, mid 50s on the peninsula and wind and in fact, it will be gusty and rain snow mix tonight. highs all week long below average and over night lows 20s and 30s. >> pull out the layers. thank you for joining us on abc 7 mornings. i'm carolyn tyler along with lisa argen and the news continues on facebook twiter and instagram, "abc 7 news"
6:58 am
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good morning, america. new this morning, insights into an alleged killer. the couple who took in nikolas cruz speaking out for the first time on his behavior at home, the rules he followed and his mental health. did they see any signs? >> i have made it my mission. >> also impassioned speeches from students on gun control. >> this isn't just a mental health issue. he wouldn't have harmed that many students with a knife. >> the hero student riddled with bullets protecting his classmates. >> also this morning, the russia investigation. president trump taking aim at the fbi. this as administration officials are calling out russia. >> with the fbi indictment, the evidence is now incontrovertible. >> why the response didn't sit well with the president.


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