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tv   Good Morning America Weekend Edition  ABC  February 18, 2018 7:00am-8:00am PST

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good morning, america. new this morning, insights into an alleged killer. the couple who took in nikolas cruz speaking out for the first time on his behavior at home, the rules he followed and his mental health. did they see any signs? >> i have made it my mission. >> also impassioned speeches from students on gun control. >> this isn't just a mental health issue. he wouldn't have harmed that many students with a knife. >> the hero student riddled with bullets protecting his classmates. >> also this morning, the russia investigation. president trump taking aim at the fbi. this as administration officials are calling out russia. >> with the fbi indictment, the evidence is now incontrovertible. >> why the response didn't sit well with the president.
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war of words. the spat between lebron james and conservative tv show host laura ingraham. >> we'll create a new banner. this is a dumb jock alert. >> we will not shut up and dribble. >> ingraham responding to charges that her comments are racist. >> guts and glory. a soaring victory at the olympics. all the latest from pyeongchang as "gma" talks to vincent zhou. on making history at the games. >> good morning, america. we want to thank you for joining us this sunday morning. we'll start with the latest developments in the horrific school shooting in parkland, florida. look at the images from an impassioned rally on saturday. students who survived the massacre spoke out in favor of gun control. one sign reading, as you can see, make it stop.
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>> also this morning we're hearing for the first time from the family who took in the alleged shooter nikolas cruz after his mother died. they have a story to tell about a depressed young man who they say showed no signs of impending violence. >> president trump is weighing in with an incendiary tweet slamming the fbi for missing the signals and accusing the agency of spending too much time on the russian investigation. >> martha raddatz and matthew dowd standing by. we begin with adrienne bankert in parkland. adrienne, good morning to you. >> good morning, dan and paula. we're here at the memorial. there is so much raw emotion here in parkland. we're getting new information on the alleged shooter every day as you mentioned including who he was living with and their response to this unthinkable violence. >> reporter: for the first time we get a glimpse into what it was like to live with florida high school shooting suspect nikolas cruz.
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the couple responsible for taking care of him after his mother's death, kimberly and james snead who told the "sun sentinel" we had this monster living under our roof and didn't know. saying he followed house rules to the t. they describe him as depressed and say cruz went to a therapist days before the shooting. the night before the massacre seemed like any other. while the justice department investigates failing within the fbi to report past warnings of cruz's behavior, there's already talk of his sentencing. the state attorney said this act is the type of case the death penalty was designed for. this in response to the public defender who said he hopes prosecutors will agree to life in prison if cruz pleads guilty now. >> we have a moment here where we can help this community, help these victims begin to pick up and move forward. >> reporter: finkelstein confirms to abc news a newly released department of children
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and family services report said cruz had a history of mental health checks. he was diagnosed with autism and adhd. depression. had cut himself on snapchat expressing his desire to purchase guns. >> this is a community tragedy. >> there were raw emotions through impassioned speeches in response to the violence. one of the loudest voices, emma gonzalez. >> people continually end up dead. we're going to make ourselves heard the most. we're the people who have the opportunity to do that. >> reporter: this morning the trump administration promises to focus on school safety. >> he will make the safety of our nation's schools our top administration priority.
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>> reporter: the sneads describe their emotional reunion following all the violence at the high school. they say the last time they saw nikolas they questioned him. he looked remorseful, lost and apologized. dan and paula. >> according to the article, the mother made a run at nikolas and the father had to hold her back. it's an incredible article. adrienne, thank you very much. let's bring in martha raddatz who is in parkland. where she'll be hosting "this week" later this morning. martha, good morning. you sat down also with some students from the school. what are you hearing? >> i have to say, dan and paula, you have never seen such emotion and such powerful, passionate emotion about wanting to do something about this, wanting this to stop. i was thinking this is the first shooting we've really seen inside a school because of those videos we saw. we saw the fear up close.
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they felt the fear up close. talking to a family yesterday, the son and daughter were both in that school, hearing their resolve to change this, to approach politicians, to say whatever they can to try to get congress to listen, to try to get their local authorities to listen and try to change this. >> so many people feel this might be the turning point for our country. a lot of people are calling for something to be done. what is that something? are there any policies that have been proven to work? >> you know, paula, i ask again and again and you both would have the same questions. there was sandy hook, there was las vegas. so many things have happened. nothing has happened after that. there have been some state laws that they believe have been successful in connecticut and new york and elsewhere. others will refute those kinds of figures saying that had nothing to do with it, nothing
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to do with cause and effect. they are wanting to look at all these things again. i don't think this group of students is going to go away quietly. i think they'll stick to this. they'll try to see some sort of change. >> given the history of failed attempts to do something, do you think this time really is different? you live and work in washington. do you feel like there's genuine momentum here? >> i feel there is momentum here. i feel there is momentum with a new group of people, a new group of students of 17-year-olds, 18-year-olds who are resolved to change this. you're right. i live in washington. it hasn't changed. we'll have to see what they do going forward to see if they can make a difference. >> as you say martha, the students speaking with so much resolve. they will be the last mass shooting, that's what they're saying. we want to thank you so much martha. we know you have an emotional show coming up from parkland. including her powerful
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interviews the survivors and their families. >> the former homeland security secretary jeh johnson and chris christie. they're discussing the 13 new indictments in the russia investigation. it's all coming up on "this week" with martha raddatz. martha, we thank you again. that brings us to the president's tweet we mentioned earlier. it ties together the shooting and the russian investigation. even by trumpian standards this one was provocative. >> abc's kenneth moton covering the tweet and the latest in the investigation. good morning to you kenneth. >> good morning. president trump is 40 miles away from parkland at his mar-a-lago resort. he took one of the worst and deadliest mass shootings in history and connected it with his on going issues with the russia investigation. >> reporter: president trump blasted the fbi over the florida school shooting and the russia investigation, tweeting very sad the fbi missed the signals sent out by the florida school
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shooter. this is not acceptable. they are spending too much time trying to prove russia collusion with the trump campaign. there is no collusion. the president attacked media coverage of the special counsel's indictment. of 13 russians for alleged interference in the 2016 election. the president who now appears to believe in the investigation is focused more on when the russians began meddling. trump tweeting, funny how the fake news media doesn't want to say the russian group was formed in 2014, long before my run for president. maybe they knew i was going to run even though i didn't know. the indicted russians accused of spreading fake news and infiltrating the american political process. by summer 2016 investigators say the goal to disparage hillary clinton. and support donald trump. in an interview set to air the vice president responded. >> there's no question that russia sought to interfere in our electoral process.
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it's essential we take action. >> reporter: trump officials calling out russia. >> with the fbi indictment the evidence is incontrovertible. >> reporter: president trump appeared to criticize that comment from his own national security adviser tweeting general mcmaster forgot to say the results of the election were not impacted by the russians. >> reporter: the special counsel indictment doesn't mention collusion with the trump campaign. remember the latest charges are one piece of a broader mueller investigation. the special counsel also looking into the trump tower meeting with campaign officials and a russian lawyer. and a possible obstruction of justice investigation. dan and paula. >> that investigation is to be continued. thank you for your reporting, kenneth. matthew dowd joins us from texas. matt, good morning to you. >> good morning. >> let's talk about the tweet with trump calling out the fbi for missing many warning signs of the florida gunman.
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considering the fbi admitted they dropped the ball is the president's tweet smart politics? >> i think it's not smart politics. one, it's not smart politics. two, it undermines the premier law enforcement agency when we absolutely need them. these are 35,000 employees. three, i think more importantly at a time we need moral leadership and some sense of empathy in the country the president can't seem to get out of making excuses for things that happened in his own world and political campaign. i think the president would be smart to channel the moral voices of the 15-year-olds and 16-year-olds that have spoken out in florida on this. those people are going to be voters in 2020. he would be better off having a moral voice which he seems incapable of doing in this moment, than figuring out a way to blame somebody else for something going on in his world. >> we heard in kenneth's piece the vice president and national
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security adviser are saying there's unequivocal evidence russia meddled in our politics. do you think this will force trump to say the same and take some sort of action here? >> well, there's totally inconsistent messages again coming out of this white house which seems the only consistent thing. it's inconsistency in this. you have a white house spokesperson yesterday who pointed the finger at the media and democrats more than the russians. for what went on. here's what we know, we know one the election in 2016 was decided by a few thousand votes and the russians interfered in that election. three, we know that campaigns matter and it probably had some effect on voters, and four, i think the president is feeling which he should there's some question of the validity of the election. that's the facts as we know them. whether it overturned the election, he needs to confront the fact that there was an election that the russians
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interfered with and speak out on it. >> we're heading into a situation where everybody in the national security world are saying they're still doing it and we have midterms in 2018. >> matt, thanks for your analysis. appreciate it. let's send things over to ron claiborne for a look at the news headlines. that are happening this morning. good morning to you, ron. >> paula, good morning to you, dan. dr. sam champion. >> how are you sir? >> good morning to you. we'll begin with news from iran a commercial airliner with 66 people on board crashed in the southern part of the country. state media say the plane went down in the mountains 400 miles south from tehran. fog was keeping rescue helicopters from the site. it's not clear whether anyone survived that crash. it was on a domestic flight from the capital tehran to the city of yasuj. former vice president joe biden may be gearing up for a run for the white house in 2020. the associate press reporting biden told aides he's keeping his options open and considering pursuing the democratic nomination, but hasn't decided
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yet. if he were to run and win, biden would be 78 years of age on inauguration day 2021 making him the oldest person ever to become the president. in mexico 13 people survived a powerful earthquake in the south. they were killed when they fled their homes seeking safety outdoors and a helicopter with government officials onboard crashed on top of them. the officials were coming to assess quake damage. none of the officials died in the crash. no one was killed in the earthquake itself. damage was light. in new york a state worker placed on leave after an angry outburst led to her being removed from a commercial airliner flight. the woman demanding a new seat away from a screaming baby. >> thank you, tabitha, you may not have a job tomorrow. >> the flight attendant ordered the woman off the plane. delta said her behavior failed
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to meet standards of civility and respect. cell phone video has gotten 2 million hits. in milwaukee police trying to track down a stolen picasso. the 1949 etching was hanging on a wall in an art brokerage and vanished all by itself. sometime around midday on friday. >> just walked away. >> that's what the owner said. >> the police say the galleries and auctioneers throughout the midwest have been notified about the theft. wouldn't surprise me if it was outside of the midwest. the piece worth $50,000. up to $50,000. now to los angeles and the big doings at the nba all star weekend. check it out. the slam dunk contest. that was the winner there, utah jazz guard donovan mitchell with that 360 tomahawk. >> look at that. >> he edged out cavaliers forward larry nance jr.
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mitchell relatively short for the nba just 6'4". >> did you ever dunk, ron? you're a tall fella. >> i used to be able to dunk a long time ago. >> on a regulation rim? >> yes, two hands. >> making sure. >> i can still do it. >> not anymore and no tomahawk. >> when i'm feeling lazy that's what i do. thank you, ron. you did point out something very important. we are very lucky and pleased to have dr. sam champion filling in. how you doing? >> i am well. thank you. good morning, everybody. we were snow quiet in the mid atlantic and northeast up until last night. if you slept through it, here's what it looked like. new york city an inch, franklyn lake, new jersey about 8.4. greenwich, connecticut about 7 inches. a lot melting close to the coast. bethlehem, pennsylvania that eight plus inches of snow stayed on the road. we had some communities with a difficult problem. driving out of the stuff.
7:17 am
all of that is gone now. if you want to find that system it's well off the atlantic. let's deal with what happens after, the big warm up. check out these numbers in tuesday austin 73, memphis 75, lexington 75 degrees. you say it's not possible to get that into new england. yes, it is. by the time you get to wednesday 69 in new york. let's go 70. so darn close. just say it. here's the deal. with that air of high pressure we pull up a lot of warm air. we block a front with an awful lot of moisture which will mean some flooding. dallas to tennessee into arkansas we'll watch the rain pile up. it's going to be about 48 hours of rain. wednesday a little tough with flooding. that's the weather around the good sunday morning i'm lisa argen. a view from walnut creek. the sun coming up and it's going to be 20 degrees colder today. a freeze watch monday night into
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tuesday with wide spread 20s and 30s for several nights. partly cloudy today. highs in the mid 50s and wasn'ts gusty. so prepare for that and in the accuweather seven-day forecast showing that over night lows staying cold through week. >> our sunday morning quest to get you ready for the week we'll turn to the west coast and there's a big return to winter. in a lot of places. get the heads up on that. >> we were talking about dunking before and you're wearing some sweet air jordans. >> thank you, but i do not play. >> you don't. >> that's the round ball? >> oh, my gosh. >> i'm so glad somebody else knows as much about sports as i do. >> this is a well-balanced table. >> it is. you guys know sports. >> 50/50. we'll all stay in our lane. >> now the heros and hard work at the winter olympics where they're not playing basketball. >> they're not? >> no. it's a summer thing. >> here's a look at the medal count. let's go to amy robach in pyeongchang. speaking with the athletes. amy.
7:19 am
>> exciting news for team usa. nick goepper bringing home the silver medal and i sat down with america's youngest olympic figure skater, 17-year-old vincent zhou. he came in sixth over all and landed five quads and made history. >> reporter: it was a victorious day for nick goepper, nailing his third and final run clinching the silver medal. he told me it's a moment he's been preparing for. >> give me a sense what you put into this to get to pyeongchang. >> all the prep and training all funnels down to one day. sometimes you got to take time to relax and sort of enjoy the moment. >> not ted ligety's olympics. this time around. >> reporter: for some big names, the day proving to be a struggle. neither ted ligety or gus making
7:20 am
the medal stand. figure skater vincent zhou leaves without a medal but he's more than satisfied with his sixth place finish at his olympic debut. >> it was clean. >> you come into your first olympics and make history. >> yes. >> did you think you were going to do it? did you know you were going to do it? >> i didn't really think about it. the quad lutz i've been training for over a year. >> you didn't think about it? >> it wasn't until after i saw the buzz that i realized i actually did make olympic history. >> vincent telling me he's heading home and getting right back on the ice. he begins training for worlds which is just three weeks from now. after that he has his sights set on beijing 2022. guys, back to you. >> never ends. >> 2022. >> yeah. >> two years after the election. >> feels like a lifetime. >> it does feel like a lifetime away. i'm feeling old watching everybody jump and ski. >> and slam dunk. >> just need some air jordans
7:21 am
like sam champion. >> feeling unathletic this morning. >> still ahead this morning a teen hero, the student who used his body to shield classmates from bullets. we'll speak with his father and a friend. >> it's an incredible story. you want to stay tuned for that. plus an off the court showdown for lebron james. his spat with a fox news host. over whether celebrity athletes should get involved in politics. >> dan, does your child need anymore toys? >> no. >> we have the latest and greatest in toys. an exclusive look at the toy fair and what your kids will love. will you love them back, not your kids the toys. >> my son doesn't watch this show. so there we go. >> "good morning america" brought to you by trivago. the hotel search. hotel, trivago.
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with energy upgrade california. ross is going all out... all outdoors that is. you'll find everything you need to make your outdoor space your favorite place. and if you want it all for a fraction of what you'd pay elsewhere, you gotta go to ross. >> all news all mornings. >> good morning everyone i'm carolyn tyler. crews fully contained a three alarm fire. firefighters responding to blaze before 4:00 this morning at tea garden street near interstate 880. flames spread to nearby
7:28 am
businesses. fire officials saying there's no reports of injuries, the cause is under investigation. let's get a check of the accuweather forecast. >> the fold front hasn't arrived yet. 40s and 50s here and 50s? san jose. a few clouds and winds gusty. 55 miles an hour gust at 1,400 feet. this morning warmer than yesterday. give it time highs in the 50s. >> lisa. thank you.
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>> we want to welcome you back to "gma." pressure is growing for congressional action on guns. following the massacre at marjory stoneman douglas high school in parkland, florida. thousands rallied yesterday to call for stricter gun laws. >> mike pence saying the administration will make school safety a top priority. he didn't offer any specifics during a speech in dallas. >> we want to welcome you back to "gma" on this sunday morning. we want to stay in florida where a hero student turned himself into a human shield. saving his classmates during that school massacre. >> his name is anthony borges. he took bullets so others were not harmed. his father and a friend speaking out this morning about the teenager who was badly wounded in this attack. abc's victor oquendo is in parkland, florida with more. victor, good morning. >> good morning. anthony borges spent all day saturday in surgery.
7:31 am
his father said he has a long road to recovery. he can't wait to see him back out on the soccer field where he plays forward. on wednesday he took on a different role, defender. >> he called me and said dad, somebody shoot me in the back and my leg. >> reporter: it's the phone call no parent expects to receive. roger borges' son telling him he had been shot multiple times in school. >> he was shot four times. >> four times. one here, one here and another one here and two here. >> reporter: the 15-year-old wasn't going down without a firefighter. his father told us anthony saw the gunman coming, closing the door, pressing his weight against it while being shot. protecting the 20 other students inside the classroom, all of them making it out alive. >> he's my hero. >> reporter: his close friend beaming with pride. >> none of us knew what to do. he took the initiative to just
7:32 am
save his other classmates. >> reporter: the freshman has been in the hospital since wednesday now in stable condition. with his harrowing story of survival comes 17 others with heartbreaking endings. ♪ >> reporter: that song and these black arm bands in honor of this soccer team's fallen player alyssa alhadeff. >> we have to take the great things she did and carry that. >> reporter: these ribbons in memory of jaime guttenberg. >> losing a member is just unreal. >> reporter: stoneman douglas' principal sharing this message of healing. >> eagles, i promise you i will hug each and every one one of you as many times as you need we'll get through this together. >> reporter: principal thompson went on to say the community is strong and the students are strong. they will persevere in these trying times.
7:33 am
the school district says that stoneman douglas will remain closed through wednesday. dan, paula. >> those kids are doing a great job and the principal, can you imagine being a principal at a time like this? thank you for bringing us the story of anthony borges who is -- this is often an overused term -- but this kid truly is a hero. >> as his dad said, we're all looking forward to seeing him back on the soccer field. >> indeed. time once again for the weather and back to dr. sam champion. what's cooking? you talked about the west coast. >> we're going to move west. the east coast isn't the only place that got some snow. we'll start with some pictures. in case you missed it. we got a lot of tweets coming from our friends in seattle showing us the snow there. about one to two inches overnight. in seattle. watch this. in the next picture we'll show you a tree down and the high winds that came in with that. about a 49 mile per hour wind gust in mercer island, washington. that's enough to take some trees down and power outages as well. this has been a problem there.
7:34 am
we're about to stack it with cold air and dancing lows. first let's show you the watches and warnings. back into the middle of the country to show you this. we've got ice warnings out in these areas. look at the areas in pink. we're talking about nebraska all the way to minneapolis. by the time we get to wednesday. a quarter inch to half inch of stackable ice may be a problem there. driving, power outages. all these lows mean snow, wind and rain even into southern california. that could be a problem on i5. good sunday morning i'm lisa argen from san rafael. winds and clouds gathering and upper elevations cool and blustery, partly cloudy and rain snow mix possible tonight. >> and cold temperatures in the west. big changes. denver from 60 to 20. all the weather brought to you by carmax.
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>> while we heat up. >> while we heat up. >> for once it's nice to be in new york city. >> yes, sir, at 70, it will be. >> for once yes. >> we'll be running around in shorts. are you going to be wearing your jorts this week. >> coming up on "gma" -- that's what i have to do when she asks a provocative question. no, i'm not wearing jorts. i don't have jorts. >> i'll lend you some. >> why are we talking about this? >> it's going to be warm wednesday. >> lebron james and his public feud with a fox news host some accusing laura ingraham of racism. will lebron appear on her show. >> and elton john and beyonce making music together ahead in "pop news" with sam champion. once again. >> who will be wearing jorts. >> no, no jorts, just some really cool kicks. >> i'm wearing them now. never . which is why the online financing application at is so convenient.
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nba star lebron james at the center of a heated debate over whether celebrity athletes should get political. >> he's being criticized by fox news host laura ingraham. she's explaining her comments. that's being called racist. eva pilgrim joins us. >> good morning, guys. this was not a little one-on-one action.
7:40 am
this lit up social media fast. tweets from all kinds of people flying. lebron making his move firing back on whatever her name is. >> reporter: game on for lebron james. >> we will definitely not shut up and dribble. >> reporter: king james responding to comments fox news anchor laura ingraham made about him on her show. >> we're going to create a new banner, this is a dumb jock alert. >> reporter: laura ingraham showcasing this video featuring james and nba star kevin durant. >> the number one job in america the point person, is someone who doesn't understand the people and really don't give a [ bleep ] about the people. >> our team as a country is not ran by a great coach. >> must they run their mouth like that? keep the political commentary to yourself or, as someone once said, shut up and dribble. >> reporter: that statement quickly lighting up social
7:41 am
media. other pro athletes jumping to james' defense, many calling ingraham's remarks racist. >> many claim my line that lebron should shut up and dribble was racist. what? i tell you something, if you're a white nba player and you said that stuff he said about obama, you would never play again. >> reporter: fox releasing a statement if pro athletes and entertainers want to freelance as political pundits, they should not be surprised when they're called out for insulting politicians. there was no racial intent in my remarks. james thanking the fox host for giving him another reason to talk about things he thinks are important. >> i do it because i'm impassioned. i do it because i know this is bigger than just me personally. >> now the nba commissioner publicly throwing his support behind lebron. calling her comments incredibly unfair. ingraham inviting lebron on her
7:42 am
show. no sure he'll do that. >> no response from him? >> not about being on the show. but he has responded publicly about her comments. >> interesting. >> eva, thank you. coming up on "gma" we'll take you on a "gma" toy story and we're going to the toy fair. with the kid ambassador for toys 'r us with an exclusive look for what your kids will be clamoring for. >> i don't want my kids to watch this. is that bad? >> nope. toys 'r us with an exclusive look for what your kids will be clamoring for. >> i don't want my kids to watch this. is that bad? >> nope. o discounts on thousands of hotels, cars and things to do. like the occidental at the xcaret destination for 32% off. ♪ everything you need to go. ♪ expedia. this is food made to sit down for. slow down for. put the phone away, and use a knife and fork for.
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7:46 am
erielle reshef had a front row seat. good morning, erielle. >> good morning. parents consider this your gift guide for the next holiday season. it may only be february but retailers are scouting out the newest hottest toys. the new york toy fair 400,000 square feet of fun. we've got a sneak peek. at some of the craziest toys hitting the market this year. >> welcome to toy fair 2018! >> reporter: it's a frenzy on full display, from tricked out transformers -- >> wow. >> reporter: -- to popular cartoon heros. it's paw patrol. i have to give you guys a hug. we join forces with toys 'r us kid ambassador ariana gentry to check out new york's famous toy fair. you get to play with all these toys. how cool is your job? >> amazing. >> can we switch? these are some of the new barbies. show me what you've got here. >> this is the bee keeper barbie. >> nostalgia becoming new again.
7:47 am
>> i'm super excited about this. >> reporter: pint sized '90s favorites like polly pockets. >> there's a hot tub with two chairs. so you can put your dolls in there. >> reporter: polly pockets have come a long way. 50 years later hot wheels are hotter than ever. >> did you know hot wheels are the most popular toy in the world? >> wow. >> reporter: some of the biggest brands. parents, the hatchimals coming out. there are four different species. you don't know what you'll get. you can get something cute like this. just revealed this weekend, the latest addition of a fan favorite. it's a boy. bedtime treasures like moonlight revolutionizes the way you read to your kids. a little toy house and a young mouse. the air hog super nova drone taking off. whoa, bye! a dynamite debut of toys on the fast track to store shelves.
7:48 am
>> that's cool. >> i don't know if you can tell i had a little bit of fun doing this. some of these toys are so new there's not even a prototype. they just have renderings. a lot of these toys released in august. parents keep note of that. this is a new trend, reveal toys, surprise toys. this is an lol surprise. >> something just flew. something is happening. >> i botched that a little. this is the first boy edition of the lol surprise. take a look at this. he's very cute. i loved this. this is the hatchimal. i opened one of these. you've don't know what i'll get. >> but you know they'll make a cool noise. >> erielle. >> it says my name. >> you programmed it? >> yes. >> they're so cute. >> this is a big trend. parents scoop these up in august. >> thank you, erielle. i can say your name too for the record. >> you can? >> you get to keep that. >> no batteries required. we'll get much more serious after the break.
7:49 am
we'll do "pop news" with sam champion. >> sam, pop, next. >> what is that? >> it's a little ball. is that? >> it's a little ball. i wondered if she could do the stuff she does for us which is kinda, a lot. and if that pain could mean something worse. joint pain could mean joint damage. enbrel helps relieve joint pain, and helps stop further damage enbrel may lower your ability to fight infections. serious, sometimes fatal events including infections, tuberculosis, lymphoma other cancers, nervous system and blood disorders and allergic reactions have occurred. tell your doctor if you've been someplace where fungal infections are common. or if you're prone to infections, have cuts or sores, have had hepatitis b, have been treated for heart failure or if you have persistent fever, bruising, bleeding or paleness. don't start enbrel if you have an infection like the flu. since enbrel, my mom's back to being my mom. visit
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"good morning america" brought to you by king's hawaiian foods. irresistible since 1950. can't stop playing with these yucky baseball things. it's awesome. >> you said you got that for your son. >> allegedly. sam, what's happening in "pop news"? >> i feel like i owe you a good exciting "pop news." i feel like i failed you yesterday. >> no. >> we'll pull out all the stops with big, big names. elton john and beyonce, how's that? a powerhouse collaboration. we can't wait. the biggest divas in music. elton confirmed he's working on a song for beyonce. she's playing nala in "the lion king" produced by our parent company disney.
7:54 am
elton says -- >> was that your disclaimer voice? >> it was. slab rating with tim rice for a song at the end of the movie, you know the credits. elton won an academy award for "can you feel the love tonight." ♪ can you feel the love tonight ♪ >> sing it, paula. lovely singing voice. >> no. >> the new version hits theater ness 2019. >> paula actually can sing. >> she can. and it was beautifully done right there. janelle monae, where's the music? what's going on? she hasn't put out new music in five years. that's about to change. she's out with a new teaser on her next project called "dirty computer." why not? calling it a motion picture the clip is airing during screenings of "black panther." no word on when it will be released but remember, she's not just a singer. she's been winning reviews in movies like "hidden figures" and "moonlight." she's been working. >> she was amazing in both those movies. and she's an awesome musician
7:55 am
and dancer. >> "hidden figures" is a great movie to take your kids to. >> yes. >> it is one of those i watch every time it comes on. it's true. here's your chance to be like bond, james bond or at least drive what he drives. daniel craig is parting with his personal aston martin. he has probably a dozen. going up for auction at christie's as seen in these pictures, there are only 24 cars in the limited edition. craig has number what? >> 007. >> yes he does, of course. estimated selling price between $400,000 and $600,000. the car has a v-12 engine. the car can go 183 miles per hour which is awesome if you're in the parking lot making a speedy get away. >> 0 to 60 in what. >> at 183, probably two, three seconds. >> you're asking him to do math. >> he's a scientist. science and math go hand in hand just like all of us here at "gma." >> don't ask me to do math. >> sam, always great to have you. nice to have you.
7:56 am
thank you have much. sorry for paula. >> i love you, sam. >> i love you too. >> everybody loves sam. martha raddatz right here on abc later. "this week." thank you for joining us. have a great rest of your weekend. end. abc 7 mornings. >> all news, all mornings. >> firefighters say an unattended pot on the stove called third-degree two alarm fire at an apartment complex in martinez. crews around 4:15 this morning on east gate lane.
7:57 am
one firefighter injured battling the flames. no residents five of the eight units sustained damage. unclear how many residents displaced. let's get a check of the accuweather forecast. >> good morning to you, big change in the weather today. our san rafael camera. flu clouds, upper elevation winds gusty. 49, san francisco, 50 san jose. temperatures are in the 40s here, 51, concord, 48 livermore and 50 miles an hour winds. color coding coming into play. gusty winds. upper level winds on to the surface with the cold front sweeping through bay area around noontime. this morning, 6 to 6 to 6 to warmer.
7:58 am
and highs low to mid 50s and precip running parallel to the coast. if we see any at all, rain/snow mix in the higher el vagus and the snow levels down to 1,000 feet today. the accuweather seven-day forecast featuring cold numbers. a freeze watch and the chilly weather continues. a slight chance of showers, thursday and saturday. >> thank you for joining us
7:59 am
8:00 am
>> announcer: "this week" with george stephanopoulos starts right now. >> tragedy in florida. >> i was in the classroom and all i heard was shots and i was just like oh, my gosh. what's happening? >> now the fbi admitting to a major mistake. >> we truly regret any pain this caused. >> they failed our school. they failed parkland. >> how did officials miss the warning signs? will the grass roots response born from this tragedy make meaning progress on gun control reform? we talked to grieving families >> life is really short. i discovered in the last couple days. >> and the survivors now moved to action. >> this will not be forgotten. we are going


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