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tv   World News Now  ABC  February 19, 2018 2:30am-3:58am PST

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good morning i'm kendis gibson. and i'm lynda lopez in for diana macedo. a call to action. students who survived the florida school shooting are rallying the nation, out poll decisions calling marches and calling for a walkout. at least 84 children have now died from the flu since the start of the season in october. that latest number comes as the cdc warns some rapid flu tests being used across america are only between 50 and 70% accurate. lebron james is firing back at fox news host, laura ingraham who told him to shut up and dribble after he criticized president trump. james is thanking her by giving
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him another opportunity to talk about what's important to him. he didn't shut up but he did a whole rot of dribbling and dunking. teaming up to beat steph curry's team in l.a. those are some of our top stories on this president's day, monday, february 19th. announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." >> good morning, everybody on this holiday. forget that sit a holiday for many folks across the country. >> and we begin with the students who made it out of the florida shooting rampage alive. the teenagers discovered an impassioned message, one by one demanding strict new gun control laws to keep kids safe. some will meet face to face with florida legislatures and the president himself. abc's jim ryan has the latest. >> reporter: students who
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survived the massacre in florida are spoking out. >> this is not about republicans and democrats. >> reporter: channelling their grief and frustration and calling for a nationwide student and teacher walkout, promoting antigun violence demonstrations in washington and other cities on march 24th. >> the kids who need to take part in this are every day kids like us. there are students who need to understand this can quickly happen to them. >> reporter: students reacted to president trump's tweets about the fbi's failure to investigate the suspect after the agency received a credible threat. the president tweeted, they're spending too much time trying to prove collusion with the russian campaign. "oh, my god 17 of my class mates and friends are gone and you have the audacity to make this about russia." mr. trump has called for action to prevent school shootings, but
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avoided admission of changing gun laws. the president will host meetings with high school students, teachers and state and local officials on school safety later this week. the couple who took care of him after his adopted mover died said, quote, we had this monster living under our roof and didn't know. jim ryan, abc news, ft. lauderdale, florida. >> we're going to hear much more from that couple who welcomed the suspect into their home on good morning america in their first tv interview. the exclusive on gma live. four of the people wounded in the shooting are still recovering in the hospital this morning. one of them, a ninth gradeser is being called a hero. he used his body as a shield, taking four bullets to make sure his classmates were not hurt. victor oquendo spoke with his dad in parkland, florida. he just called and said dad, shot in the back, my leg, too.
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>> reporter: it's the phone call no parent expects to receive. roger's son, anthony, telling him he had been shot multiple times at school. he was shot four times? >> four times. one here, one here and another one here and two on this. >> reporter: but the 15-year-old wasn't going down without a fight. his father tells us anthony shutting the classroom door, pressing his body weight against it while being shot, protecting the 20 other students inside the classroom, all of them making it out alive. >> he's my hero. >> reporter: his close friend, beaming with pride as well. >> none of us knew what to do so he took the initiative to save his other classmates. >> reporter: the freshman has been in the hospital since wednesday, now in stable condition. with his harrowing story of survival come 17 others with heart breaking endings. ♪ >> reporter: that song and these black arm bands in honor of a
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soccer player. >> all the great things she did and gave to all of us and carry that in our daily life. >> reporter: and these orange ribbons in honor of 14-year-old dancer jaime guttenberg. >> seeing one lose a member, it's just unreal. >> reporter: stoneman douglas' principal sharing this message of healing. >> and eagles, i promise i will hug each and every one of you as many times as you need and we'll get through this together. >> reporter: victor oquendo, abc news, parkland, florida. marjory stoneman douglas is hoping to bring teachers and faculty back thursday and have students return a week from today. there's harsh criticism of a youth baseball team's fund-raiser in missouri. the young players are selling raffle tickets for an ar-15 rifle. that's the same type of weapon
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used in the florida school attack. and all the kids are between 7 and 9 years old. the coach says the idea was conceived before friday's attack. the winner will have to pass a background check before receiving the gun. in special counsel, robert mueller's russia investigation, a former trump campaign adviser is about to change his plea to guilty. rich gates was the deputy campaign manager. he will plead guilty to fraud related charges. he's told prosecutors he will testify against paul manafort. gates and manafort did investigates together. at the time, gates pleaded not guilty. and former first lady rosalynn carter recovering from surgery. she's 90 years old. her doctors say the surgery to
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remove scar tissue from her small intestine was successful. a consumer alert a massive recall of chicken's patties. pilgrim's pride is recalling 50 tons of ready-to-eat chicken patties from schools and institutions nationwide. this, after rubber parts were found in some patties. it was distributed as part of the usda food program under the gold kissed farms label. there are no reports, however, of illnesses. in the meantime the fda is warning pet owners that certain brands of dog food may contain traces of drugs used in ooet nay shah. it includes such brands as gravy train, a mystery in milwaukee.
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a picture of it is all that sits in the buildings lobby and disappeared on friday. they don't have security cameras. it was created by picasso nearly 70 years ago and worth as much as 50,000 dla$50,000. >> at least there's a sketch of it out there. so where's waldo replaced by where's starman? >> that's the dummy that elon musk sent to space. that guy. we lost track of him when tesla ran out of battery power. >> until now. there's a website called where is it is estimated starman's position. overnight, he and the tesla were more than 2 million miles away from earth. expected to get to mars some time this summer. >> how are we supposed to believe that? that picture doesn't even look real to me. it looks superimposed. >> an estimate. >> they're just guessing.
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you're looking at the dramatic rescue of a couple in tennessee. their truck was inundated with flood waters. rescue crews threw them safety vests and ropes and ended up pulling them to safety. >> good to see that temperature effort there. in the meantime a picture perfect landing south of san jose, california. only this actually didn't happen at an airport. the pilot of this small plane landed in the median of the 101 highway after the plane reportedly suffered engine failure. no cars were hit. the plane wasn't even damaged and the pilot walked away unharmed.
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>> thank goodness. >> just like planned. well, a ten-day carnival cruise was forced to dock early after two members of a single family ended up terrorizing other passengers. >> guests were forced to hide in their cabin for safety. after nearly three days of nonstop violence, they had to do some things. >> reporter: an idealic cruise descending to chaos with a series of brutal brawls on board. it happened as stunned vacationers, even kids watched in horror. >> i was quite threatened. and there's videos of it. >> reporter: watch this. a fight that seems to start with a couple people explodes. guards can be seen kicking passengers. even appearing to try to stop a bystander from recording the melee. >> it's not just straight out
2:44 am
your hand. >> reporter: eventually, all 26 members of one family that witnesses say started all of the problems were escorted off the ship by authorities on to another boat. too late for many on board the ten-day cruise. >> it took until the last day to ruin everyone's trip and ruin my honeymoon. >> reporter: carnival says they have a zero tolerance for it. this level of violence is rare. >> unlimited alcohol and personalities, those two, as a cocktail together, sometimes causes very unique situations like we saw happen. >> reporter: carnival cruise lines is offering a 25% discount for travel. some say that's not enough to compensate them. >> if that's how they vacation, just imagine what thanksgiving is like at their house. >> at home, exactly.
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that's why i don't cruise with family. >> carnival and police did not say what started the fights or how many people were hurt or if charges were filed. 26 members from one family. >> some of the people getting off the ship didn't look happy. >> blame it on the henny. all right. coming up, new technology from stuffed toys and then some from the toy show. >> you are watching "world news now." anif you've got a lifee. you gotta swiffer
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okay. so even though it's terribly early to start thinking about holiday shopping, now apparently is the time when the newest toy creations are previewed. here with the hottest items is our friend, laurie frrks the toy insider. i'm laughing because i hear that karaoke machine. >> it's so much fun. it's the 115th north american toy fair and that means there's a lot of toys. i love going in and bringing them right here. i have toys that represent the
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trends we are going to see. >> okay. >> so, we're going to start with the fact that kids love their favorite characters. doc is everyone's favorite doctor, she's dock mcstuffins. so this is the doc mobile vet clinic. we have the handle that goes upside down. but then this whole thing light up, we have x-ray machines. everything a good doctor needs to take care of all of those pets she's going to rescue. stickers, biscuits. it's very cool and portable. you'll see this in the fall. >> the kids can play doctor? >> the kids can play doctor and take care of all of those pets. learning toys always important and leap frog is right on it it. this is the learning friends 100 words. they're going to go through this book and learn all these things. and if you want just touch one of the pictures. >> let's go hippo. >> you hear the hippo and hear
2:49 am
him roar. >> i don't know if it's a hippo or my sleeping and is that out already? >> no, fall. fall. one of the things you're going to find this year is this is the year of poop, snot. the grosser, the better. everything gross. >> what? >> yes. and this is kicking off the year of the grosser the better for the kids. it's called who cut the cheese? so the way this game goes, here's your knife, here's mine so, if it's my turn and say i want to move, you know, one move. i want to get up to here. it's a game. i have to cut it. i just lost my turn because i went. >> it's a fart sound. >> it's a fart sound. say you want to move three times. go ahead. cut it. so that's good. now cut it again. cut it again. >> so i have not farted. >> you have not. so, that means you would be on
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three. i would have to start all over again. so sequence became really popular at the end of the year. we are seeing it in our toys. >> are we talking fashion week or toy? >> we're talking toy. i'll take the little one. you take the big one. what i want you to do is move your hand on the sequence. you can change the color, take your finger and do cool designs in it. can you see what we are doing? >> yeah. >> isn't that great? >> that's awesome. >> they're great fun and the kids are just loving these. so one of the other things we know kids love are play sets and lots of collectibles. these are called fur baby dream stars. in the back, i want you to look in the back, put your finger in. these are really cute. there's six of them that will be available. these will be out in march actually and this is the dream tree playset. put the light on. this is a place for them to rest. when we put the light on, this means we're going to send dreams
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all over the worlds, sweet dreams. just a really cute playset. >> so this is for adults, clearly. >> yeah, adults. are you ready? >> yes. >> music. you are going to do lots of fun, musical things but we are going to do this. and now they have this great karaoke machine. so now we can sing -- ♪ christmas, christmas time of year ♪ >> we can be the which i chipmu. we can echo. >> are right. this is a female voice. our thanks to you. you can head there for more information and how do i make it a little bit more masculine? and you can find out more details on my facebook page. thank you so much. we'll be right back.
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♪ god's plan god's plan i hope sometimes ♪ ♪ i feel good sometimes i don't hey might go down a god ♪ that's drake giving away nearly a million dollars across miami from universities to supermarkets. he is challenging his fans to do the same. >> why couldn't we have been in miami at that point? >> right? >> i could have used some of
2:56 am
drake's money. that video just debuting and popular understandably for his charity work. there is one firefighter who's kind of doing the same thing. he's paying it forward and taking it to a new level. here is john. >> reporter: a man and a van and a mission. that is tommy mars' story. >> what can i do to make a difference? >> reporter: a new york area firefighter, a husband, a dad, and a guy who sees something bad in the world and he pushes back with kindness. it started after the october mass shooting in las vegas. >> the plan was i had bracelets made with each person's name on it that died. and i would show up in their town, do a random act of kindness in their honor. >> reporter: he's in that van going to the communities. in each place, performing an act of kindness. in pennsylvania, in a laundromat, he took envelopes
2:57 am
full of quarters, each in honor of bill wolf, who came from that town. on a cold colorado day it was hand warmers for construction workers and in california gift cards passed out by mars' daughter in honor of carry burnett. as tommy's daughter says of her dad. >> he's always been the guy to put himself before anyone else. always. he will do anything for anyone. >> reporter: and guess what? it's catching on. instagram is filling up with pictures of checks picked up by strangers and doing so with the honor 58 hashtag. >> for me, there's no better remembering than honoring. >> reporter: tommy is showing how. >> that's nice of him to pay it forward to that effect. it's not the first time he has done something like this. he drove his van down to texas last year and spent two weeks helping people as well. >> we love that. and don't forget to follow us on facebook. that.
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this morning on "world news now" inside the life of an alleged school shooter. >> as a florida community mourns, for the first time, we are hngrieamro f couple who took in the suspect after his mother died. plus the students demanding action from washington. and the president verses the fbi. president trump facing backlash, even from members of his own party for using the florida school massacre to attack the fbi about the russia investigation. plus the major smash up at the daytona 500. inside that car, nascar favorite, danica patrick. what she's saying about the wreck during the final race of her nascar career. a wild finish at the olympics. a bobsled on its side. plus a doping scandal rocking the curling world. curling and doping. what's the world turning to.
3:01 am
it's monday, february 19th. announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." >> lynda lopez in for diane. that's why she doesn't bobsled. >> it's true. >> because -- >> what can happen? >> and apparently, we haven't been doping up enough to qualify for curling. >> curling. >> who would have thought that was a thing. we'll break that down later on. but we want to start on a serious note and from florida because we're getting startling new information about the suspect in that massacre. >> abc news obtained video of nikolas cruz fighting at the school two years ago. and the family that took them in after losing their mother said they didn't know they were living with a monster. >> there are some records that indicate cruz was developmentally delayed at the age of 3 and has disciplinary issues dating back to middle school. adrian banker is in parkland.
3:02 am
>> reporter: new video surfaces showing him in a fight with class mates. fist obtained by wplg that's apparently him in the white shirt. the video comes to light as the family cruz lived with said we have this monster living under our roof and we didn't know. kimberly and her husband james tell the sun sental, everything everybody seems to know, we didn't know. cruz, pictured here after his mother's funeral. the alleged kilrle with them after her death. they say he followed every rule of their home to the tee but that he was battling depression and days be shooting took him to a therapist.thefe .he day of the massacre she says by the time she returned cruz was gone. the next and last time they saw him, he was in custody. they say he apologized. the sneads, gun owners themselves, they allowed cruz tf weapons, including the ar-15 he owned in
3:03 am
a locked gun cabinet. they thought they had the only key. his behavior spiralled downward. >> he started going after one of my friends and threatening her and cut off from there. he got suspended a lot of times and he sold knives in his h nclu boxes and he was expelled, but no one expected him to come back.>>eporter: cruz has invoke his right to remain silent. he's being held in solitary confinement and remains on suicide watch. >> there's no doubt in my mind that nikolas cruz shot many people, killed 17. the killer is in custody and we'll move forward with the legal process. >> reporter: adrian banker, abc news. and we're going to hear much more from the couple who took america." the live exclusive later this morning.
3:04 am
> thhohog sparked a nationwide call to action, spearheaded by student who is survived the gunfire. they're slamming president trump and other politicians who took money from the nra. they are demanding tougher gun control. 100 students from stoneman douglas high school will meet with florida state lawmakers in tallahassee and they're planning a march on washington next month. we'll hear more next hour. and after a weekend of blistering criticism, the white has announced that president trump will hold a listening session with students wednesday. the president is also under fire for using the school shooting to bash the fbi over the russia investigation. here is kenneth. >> reporter: a fire storm is erupting over president trump's tweet, connecting one televise deadliest mass school shootings in history to the fbi's russia investigation. trump tweeting, very sad that the fbi missed all of the many signals sent out by the florida school shooter. this is not acceptable. they're spending too much time trying to find collusion with
3:05 am
the trump campaign. there is no collusion. >> the president should be staying out oenrcemfent business. >> reporter: members of his own party say his tweet went too far. >> these are two issues. >> doing stuff to take us safe. they are two separate issues. >> reporter: he took another swipe at it special counsel's investigation after friday's indictment of russians. tweeting, if it was the goal of russia to create discord, disruption and chaos within the u.s., they have succeeded beyond their wildest dreams. they're laughing their -- off in moscow. trump dismissed the russia investigation. >> there has been no collusion. >> the russian hoax. the entire thing has been a witch hundred dollar. >> reporter: he has been hesitant to enforce sanctions on russian shah for metling. it could be russia and could be china and other people and somebody sitting on their bed that weighs 400 pounds, okay? >> reporter: but now trump conceding i never said russia did not mettle. the russian hoax was that the trump campaign colluded with russia. it never did.
3:06 am
>> with the fbi indictment, the evidence is now really in controvertible. >> reporter: the president calling out his own national security adviser for the comment on russian metling saying general mcmaster forgot to say that the results of the 2016 election were not impacted or changed by the russians. it's been a by partisan course. republicans and democrats in congress are calling on president trump to listen to th acknowledge russian metling and take action in the form of tougher sanctions. a former top trump campaign advisor is reportedly going to pleagud il ttyo au rick gates was the deputy campaign manager. "the los angeles times" says gates will plead guilty. gates has reportedly made it clear to prosecutors that he will even testify against paul manafort who was one of trump' aimpca gates and manafort were political consulting colleagues
3:07 am
for about a decade and both indicted in special counsel robert mueller's investigation in october. at that time, gates pleaded not guilty. reports in russia say a gunman who fatally attacked church goersnected to isis.on w c the attack happened in the russian republic. five wereilnm kdle opened fire as worshippers were leaving a church service. the gunman was a 22-year-old local resident. and in iran bad weather is hampering search efforts at the scene of a deadly plane crash. the airlines say all 65 people on board the flight out of tehran were killed when their plane went down in a mountainous region in southern iran. weather in the area at the time of the crash was severe. the plane was reportedly just 14 miles from the airport when the pilot made last contact with the tower. back here in this country, the nation's midsection is bracing for a winter whiplash. >> the latest weather radar shows a new system that's been slamming the west is now moving east.
3:08 am
>> an ice storm is bearing down on the midwest in the early morning hours, threatening to blanket roads, trees, power lines and homes with up to a half inch of ice. meantime a major warm up is on its way to the east. thank goodness. by tomorrow a warm weather y waup is going to maks ite we'll get temperatures well into the 70s, maybe approaching 80 in some areas. >> 60 in chicago in february amazing. >> new york city, 70. we'll take it. >> not bad. so, more than 100,000 people packed daytona international speedway for nascar's super bowl. sz racing fans said hello to a champ and good-bye to a driver that just couldn't make ie cty th >> that would be danica patrick. she's leaving nascar after seven years on the circuit. it ended when her green car was caught up in a wreck. she is okay, though. we are told. >> as to the driver who finished
3:09 am
first, austin dylan took the eckered flag in overtime. it's pretty cool. i didn't know her boyfriend, aaron rodgers was there. >> yes, he was. and this guy won in the number 3 car, 20 years after dale earnhardt did so as well. nice history there in nascar at their super bowl. >> you are the person i go to for my nascar history. >> oh, yeah. be scared. coming up, more sports, including the nba all-star game. this one will be remembered for what happened before the game even started. >> but tstirut ohe students of parkland, florida. turning their anger into action. >> remember to find us on facebook, wnnfans. you are watching "world news now." fred would do anything for his daughter. get in, fred! even if it means being the back half of a unicorn.
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they say tougher gun laws do not reduce gun violence. we call bs. >> that's emma gonzalez speaking over the week about the deadly shooting rampage at her school in south florida. >> they are calngli f
3:13 am
orchestrated movement against gun violence. >> five of the organizers, all shooting survivors. they sharetheir meone ag >> reporter: it didn't take long after the sotgin mobilize, refuse zing to accept that mass shootings are part of the new normal in this country. gun reform groups calling emergency meetings, walkouts and sit-ins planned for next month and what organizers are calling a march for our li ts,verntuo the tragedy here into an opportunity for change. tell us why you're doing this. what you expect to happen. >> people keep asking us what about the stoneman douglas shooting is going to be different? because this has happened before and change hasn't come. this is why. peopleayl. sre g inwe can respect that. here's a time. march 24th in every single city we're going to be marching together as students begging for our lives. this isn't about the gops. this isn't about the democrats.
3:14 am
this is about the adults. we feel neglected and at this u'yot itre against us. >> cameron, you had very harsh words this week for senator marco rubio, governor rick scott, here in florida. you said they have blood on nds. hathr ei >> at this point any politician on either side who is taking money from the nra is responsible for events like this. because at the end of the day the nra is fostering and promoting a gun culture in which people like nikolas cruz can guu ho .do 1wn7 >> reporter: emma, what would you say to those kids you want to join you in this march for your lives in washington to convince them that something really will change, that there will be no more mass shootings. >> the people who are out there, the kids who need to take part in this are every day kids just like us.
3:15 am
they are students who need to understand this can very quickly happen to them and we're doing everything in our power to prevent it from happening to them but they need to join us and help us get our message across. they need to join us in the march on washington. they need to find our website. they need come out against those people being supported by the nra on both sides. we want to have conversations with president donald trump, rr rick scott about the fact that tnr are being supported by the e opportunity to be on the right side of this. >> reporter: thanks so much for hankins usfor g sitting down. w the survivors from parkland. so they planned that march on march 24th and many students across the country are talking out walkout 20th anniversary of columbine. >> we have seen so
3:16 am
students, not one or two, but so many who are passioneat to do something to thank you for the good. >> it would be ironic that these kids who can't vote yet would be the ones to have an impact. >> to sway change. yeah. coming up in o nlfswhat ch here, between lebron james and laura ingraham. why fox host is being accused of making a racist remark ovethenb arsta but first what people are saying about fergie's rendition of the national anthem at the nba all-star game. it's not gd. that's coming up next on "world news now." up next on "world news now." are cream conditioners bringing your hair down? switch to new pantene light as air foam conditioner, full of rich pro-v nutrients. for 100% conditioning, 0% weight. new pantene. foam conditioner. trust #1 doctor recommended dulcolax. use dulcolax tablets for gentle dependable relief. suppositories for relief in minutes.
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we're talking nba all-star game but we can't talk about it without discussing this. ♪ and the banner yet wave >> he didn't even recognize tha.
3:19 am
>> what was that? draymond was laughing. >> kimmel.e not being kind. >> she really went her own way wi >> they are calling it one of v ann bar's where she grabbed her crotch. --ea >> oh, my ears. n she decided to pur heow >> no, no, not at all. it's been interesting watching the reaction. as for the game itself. seth curry, lebron james chose sides. nice alley-oop there from russell westbrook, right. lebron with that. it was actually from kendall walkerorwo t ohif high 29 points. king james also took home the p.
3:20 am
it was his first since 2008. team lebron beat team steph 148-145. >> maybe these had something to do with the success. can we check out lebron's shoes? can we do that? >> they're beautiful. let' ovemon ttotehense morning for one tea. >> this is why. a german two-man bobsled team t during their second run, but they still finished with the top ith fiel >> w.meamf y ante >> it's been a big day already for american ice dancers. goinond weht'sll medal round. >> and adam rippon says he won't work for nbc during e he said they would take him away from the olympicreny. v he wanted to party and be there with team u.s.a. throughout it. >> yeah, which is, of course, ae and a possible doping scandal is rocking the curling event. >> curling. >> yes, curling.
3:21 am
>> a russian curler has reportedly left the olympic village after failing a doping test. >> he and his wife won the bronze last week in the mixed doubles competition, but he tested positive for a drug that increases circulation in the brain. >> and, in case you missed it, gus kenworthy, no medals for him, but the openly gay skier says i'm living my life authentically, i'm walking away more fulfilled without a medal than i did at the last games with one. >> he posted this moment, a kiss for his boyfriend, matt. on prime time tv. he said growing up he never could have dreamed of seeing a gay kiss at the olympics, but now, for the first time, a kid watching at home can. >> and six more days to go. this might be one of the lowest medal counts for team u.s.a. in the winter games. >> we're not used to that. >> no. >> we're used to winning medals. >> we're even below the fake
3:22 am
russians. it's not good. >> with their doping curlers. >> the mix is next. >> the mix is next. s old jar. it's never much, just what's left after i break a dollar. and i never thought i could get quality life insurance with my spare change. neither did i. until i saw a commercial for the colonial penn program. imagine people our age getting life insurance at such an affordable rate. it's true. if you're 50 to 85, you can get guaranteed acceptance life insurance through the colonial penn program for less than 35 cents a day, just $9.95 a month. there's no medical exam and no health questions. you know, the average cost of a funeral is over $8,300. now that's a big burden to leave your loved ones. as long as you're 50 to 85, you cannot be turned down because of your health. your premium never goes up
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3:25 am
lyrics: things'll get brighter. time for the monday mix. lots on the plate today. time for the monday mix. lots on the plate today. >> a couple of interesting ones. mysterious free pizza. we can start there. there is a lawyer in germany who has been getting free pizza delivered to his office and he doesn't know who is sending them. doesn't know why or how. more than 100 free pizzas keep showing up. someone's pizza trolling this guy and you would think it's a good thing but he says he's pretty upset by it. nodybo c g it's becoming a problem. >> when it starred a few weeks ago, this is great, free pizza. next day, good. i'm watching my carbs. log whezahe icolocker may arbeac.e >> that's awesome. it's a good problem to have. this is a wonderful week for cat lovers. >> yes.
3:26 am
>> it is national drink wine with your cat week. yeah. so, it kicks off today. >> look at the little mocktail. >> there, there's actually a pet winery that stocks up wine for cats. the menu includes a cat champagne, wine because after a long day -- >> nonalcoholic. >> after a long day, a cat really needs to tahe tkee dg e off. so if you want to drink wine with your cat, they now have that. u cachoo flavors from mouseling, and meow and shan dough. >> i get it. take the edge off lying around all day. >> yes >> i don't >> k after a night with cat nip. we've actually got super cute video to show you. it's a little seal kiss. this is in britain, on a british beach. a seal just comes out of the water and goes up to her doggy.
3:27 am
shred e a walittwas lelk seal kiss. it was so cute. check it out. see? alheret fie?se each other but we're calling it a kiss between the seal and the dog. >> really cute. it looks like they got a nice kiss in there and then that's it. they never see each other again. >> the seal goes back into the water. >> the dog puts out an ad on a ll>> ist, missed encounter. n htig r brooklyn. so we're so proud and happy to say we have a new production to tell you about. >> yep. new member of the family. so, this is riviera mack keinz. she is the new baby of our producer bryan and his girlfriend, lauren. she also works at good morning america. she was born just about the time we were starting to record the shows.oues. look at the hair, oh, my gosh, and the eyes. >> very big eyes. >> so adorable.
3:28 am
3:29 am
3:30 am
this morning on "world news now" a call to action. students in florida vowing the school shooting in their town will be the last. as students and teachers meet this week with president trump. and the president is under fire for blaming the fbi and its russia probe for missed steps in the florida school massacre. this as vice president joe biden shows new signs he may challeng. new this half hour, caught on camera, a passenger getting kicked off a plane for bad an cr seat near a crying child. now her new york state job is in jeopardy. and in the tinskny ,duchess is probably wondering where is the love? after her performance last night at the nba all-star game it left nd that's sayingndanitd amn usea
3:31 am
a lot. let's get it started this ♪ the bombs binur air announcer: from abc news, this is "world ns se"w. the whoe thing, it's really worth a watch. >> it's a long, long rendition . >> like four times longer than normal. >> it is. we'll break that down later on. but we're going to start rvis half hour with students who sh tooedivting rampage leading rallying call for change. >> tnage from stoneman douglas high school were out in force holding rallies and appearing on sunday talk shows. they made emotional pleas for tougher gun control and called out politicians by name, starting with the president. victor oquendo has the latest. >> reporter: friends a fily
3:32 am
of 14-year-old alex schachter. arriving to say their final good-byes. f e thfuur ranel held sunday. while the community mourns, the survivors from stoneman douglas demand change. >> they say tougher gun laws do weh reduce gun violence. el noal cugh!bs >> reporter: an outcry for action. >> people are dying around the nation constantly from gun violence. so much of it could be prevented voes.urgovernment, >> it's the time to unite. >> reporter: the student-led group called never again planning a trip to tallahassee to meet with state lawmakers face-to-face. >> we will come at them to do a way our state runs and eventually the nation. >> reporter: 100 students heading to florida's capitol tudaesns iy,urg >> what are some of the bills specifically that you're looking to get changed here? >> we're definitely focusing on the assault rifle bill and the high capacity magazines but
3:33 am
we're also focusing on mental health. >> reporter: the movement now expanding well beyond florida. >> march 24th, in every single city, we're going to be marching together as students, begging for our s.veli students from stoneman douglas saying they'll er ad.onstrating in washington, rounndc. the country, hoping to get attention and compassion from both sides of the aisle. >> democrats and republicans both have children so they both should be able to understand what it would be like to lose their children and they both pr have compassion for these people. >> reporter: the white house says the president is planning on meeng with high school students on wednesday. he will host what they are calling a listening session. then on l et ssd aurth locayalhw about school safety. victor oquendo, abc news, parkland, florida. and we're getting another glimpse into the suspects life. abc news obtained the video here
3:34 am
that shows the suspect in white, fighting at school in 2016. he was then suspended. one of five times before getting expelled. the family who took in that shooting suspect after his mothtold the sun sentinel newspaper, we had td hd monster living under our roof and we didn't know. otad kdingnow. ery we are going hear more from that couple this morning t in first tv interview on good morning america in an exclusive. president trump is facing fshlasi uor massacre to criticize the fbi over the russia investigation. after the fbi acknowledged it missed signals about cruz. the president tweeted, they are spending too much time trying to prove russian collusion with his campaign. reated, there is no collusion. even fellow republicans acknowledge the president went too far, saying he should stay out of law enforcement.
3:35 am
>> i will tell you from my perspective, so many folks in fbe th to keep us safe. the reality is they are two separate issues. >> the president went on to take another swipe at the russia probe saying, quote, they must be laughing their a oesssffn i moscow. secretary of state rex tillerson says the u.s. is using large sticks to get north korea to negotn atetod en nuclear program. tillerson tells "60 minutes" u.s. sanctions are affecting kim jong-un's regime and the longer they're in place, the more isolated north korea becomes. he didn't haveoay w mh t asked about an infamous comment that he reportedly made about the president. >> did you call the president a moron? >> i'm not going to dignify the question. we got so many bigger issues we could be talking about. i'm not from this town. i understand this town likes to talk about a lot of things thatr al>>ree still refusing to answt yes or no question. tillerson also said he never hears reporters when they are
3:36 am
shouting questions like, when are you resigning? he says he's the only person who knows when he's resigning or political observers can't help but notice joe biden might be warming up for a 2020 presidenun ral. sources say the vice president told a recent meeting of aides, decision yet, but biden gave the impression that if no strong democratic candidate emerged, he would feel strongly compelled to run. if he won, he would be 78 years old on his inauguration day. ni deadly flu epidemic and a new th're saying at least 84 children have died from the flu since the season began in october. there are troubling questions t fiouabt acw ho place. here's ariel russia. >> reporter: this 15-year-old, another young face of this year's deadly flund her death raising questions
3:37 am
about the most common test for the virus. her rapid flu test came back negative days later died from flu complications. and there's 12-year-old michael messenger, who passed away just 12 days after his negative flu test. >> i'm a mom, i'm supposed to prmyt ecs id k i couldn't protect hem. >> reporter: the cdc says some flu tests are 50-70% accurate and false negatives are more frequent than false positives. >> the test will say they don't have theu,uty do. >> reporter: that's why baylor university medical center in dallas, a leading hospital, their doctors aren't relying solely on the test and are also keeping a close eye on patient symptoms. >> if it quacks like a duck and sounds like a duck, it's a duck. >> reporter: so far, 84 children have died from the dangerous arl ruia,bc news, new he last york. >> thanks to ariel. and getting kicked off a
3:38 am
delta flight may actually cost a >>man her job. video of the woman who complained about sitting near a crying baby. the woman flight a tttendant fired and mentioned new york governor, andrew cuomo. it turns out she's a new york state employee. she's been placed on leave, pending investigation. california residents can now get their pot and peanut butter patties in a single trip. >> so convenient. the girl scouts are allowed to sell them outside pot dispensaries. they were previously b fmanned selling outside adult oriented places. >> but a scout selling cookies outside a dispensary, prompting them to say that's -- >> there's a competition outside dispensaries. >> across the state. and now colorado's joining. coming up, lebron james responds after a fox news host
3:39 am
will he appear on her show? and it's the record breaking blockbuster, "blk panther." a huge opening weekend and some people tried just about anything to get inside. >> but first a looatk tayod's forecast. forecast. first a look at today's forecast. >> but first a look at today's forecast. from the world's number one conditioner brand... full of rich pro-v nutrients... foam conditioner, ...and infused with air. for 100% conditioning, strong is beautiful.
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we can add another award to lebron jro tescay ph that was a good dunk. he was chosen as mvp of this year's all-star game. it's the third time.onad a game points as his team beat steph curry's squad 148-145. off the court, lebros han been having a whole other all-star showdown with fox news host, laura ingram. >> t three-time nba champion is firing back against what some maarrke scall over his political statement. here is ava pilgrim. >> reporter: lebron james is not backing down. >> we will definitely not shut
3:43 am
up and dribble. >> reporter: the nba superstar speaking about comments fox news anchor laura ingram made about him on her show, which has some 3 million viewers. the battle over this video of james criticizing president trump on james' video platform. >> the number one job in america, the point of person is someone who doesn't understand the people. and really don't give a [ bleep] about the people. >> keep the political commentary to yourself or as someone once said shut up and dribble. >> reporter: that, lighting up social media. other proathletes and fans jumping to james' defense, #wewillnotshutupanddribble. >> many claim my line that lebron should shut up and dribble was racist. what? if you're a white nba player and you said that stuff he said about obama, you'd never play again. >> reporter: this isn't the first time james has been
3:44 am
critical of the president. in september, calling the president a bum, in a tweet, saying going to white house was a great honor until you showed up. james actually thanked ingram saying she gave him another opportunity to talk about the issues he thinks is important. she has invited him on her show. eva pilgrim, abc news, new york. >> i would hope lebron doesn't dignify and go on her show. but until hearing the comments hadn't even heard of her show. >> and i always get confused by people who say because you do a certain thing for a living you're not allowed to talk about or have opinions about certain things. >> yeah. and chris, on the philadelphia eagles, he went on and showed a list of all the nonpolitical pundits on fox news giving their political opinions. chuck norris, clint eastwood, basketball coaches, musicians.
3:45 am
all these other folks. >> i think the way it works is, if you are a citizen, you get to have an opinion. >> yeah. >> i think that's how it works. when we come back it's being called one of the worst renditions of the national anthem ever. we have an opinion about that. >> skinny is next. nny is next. called one of the worst renditions of national anthem ever.
3:46 am
3:47 am
♪ skinny, just give me "the skinny" ♪ oh, man and we're going to start "the skinny," of course, with the nba all-star game. >> yes, we are. >> it was more than the all-star game. it was held in the staples center in los angeles last night. >> team lebron eked out a win over team stephen, 148-145 but that's not what everyone is talking about. >> no, they're talking about the skit tastic rendition of the star spangled banner. ♪ the bombs bursting in air gave proof through the night that our
3:48 am
flag was still there ♪ >> she was doing maybe a little jazzy thing, a little, like a skat -- >> frances is rolling over right now. so, you get to see some of the reaction on the folks there. draymond green's reaction was hilarious. there he is. >> anthony anderson is like i'm trying to go with you fergie. almost there. but kimmel not able to hold it together. in the end pretty much the entire line of players shuffling their feet and trying to -- >> they were trying to figure out what was that? what do you make of this? i know she was trying to do something a little jazzy. >> you don't do that to the national anthem. come on. the internet stepped up to tell her that. one person saying at first i thought fergie was going to start singing santa baby. >> okay. i can see that. how about this? fergie sang the national anthem like she was on a game show and
3:49 am
pulled marilyn monroe as amy winehouse out of a hat. loving black adam's answer. "fergie sang that anthem so bad that colin kaepernick stood up and told her not to disrespect the anthem like that. >> very, very good. >> so many people, immediately were, don't -- >> don't do your own version. >> i mean you can do your own version of it -- >> she has lovely voice and she's a lovely singer. just the jazzy -- >> yes. well, not to be outdone, comedian kevin hart, talk about his epic introduction segment that lasted, was it over 23 minutes? >> this is a bit that included jaime fox in a western-themed rap number. not sure if he was trying to dance with or hug or throw him off the stage. here it is.
3:50 am
this is all part of the opening session for the game itself. >> we're waiting for the basketball. meanwhile he brings more star power on stage. there's queen latifah doing a futuristic military song and dance. biggest surprise, ludicrous bringing it all home. >> yeah, again, this is part of the 23 minute opening number. another big moment from last night, the halftime show. no one jumped from the rafters but it did feature n.e.r.d. and the group amigos and pharrell williams of course. >> yeah. i mean, that part, incredible. dancers, neon cars, even the team mascots showing off some moves. well, quickly before yesterday's game the players took some group photos. doesn't look like clay thomas from golden state understood the concept since he's turned away from everyone else. >> everyone else is standing the right way. let's move from the court to
3:51 am
the theater and no surprise here but "black panther" ruled the box office this week, raking in a very impressive $192 million here, domestically and blowing away the competition, of course. >> kendis has seen it, i haven't. i'm behind. we know it's produced by marvel, a parent company of disney. it is now the fifth highest grossing debut, ever. and the sound track composed of all original music debuted at number one as well. i look forward to seeing how the disney stock price goes up. we say thank you. help contribute to it. i saw it twice. amazing movie. and you know who else saw it? one of its stars, michael b. jordan. he snuck into some viewings on opening night because he wanted to see what people really thought. guess what? of course they liked it. how cool that you saw him there in person. >> you would totally do that if it was you. >> i would go to a magic johnson theater. >> you know who wasn't so good at sneaking in? these guys. two jokers tried to use that trick out of a cartoon where you
3:52 am
sit on someone's shoulders, put on the trench coat, pretending to be one giant eight-footman.
3:53 am
3:54 am
3:55 am
♪ skinny, just give me "the skinny" ♪ sort of like a wheel of fortune bonus round. we're going to start with the british oscars. the big winner three billboards. outside evan missouri taking home five awards for best film as well. >> and frances mcdormant won for best actress. gary ullman won for "darkest hour." >> and there was a whole lot of black hitting the red carpet in solidarity with the times up movement. >> angelina jolie in black velvet. also ruling the red carpet, jennifer lawrence in a stunning dress by dior. >> frances, well, not really in black.
3:56 am
she says i have trouble with compliance, but was quick to add she stands in full solidarity with the times up movement, even if she doesn't dress in it. >> really causing a stir, a pregnant duchess kite. she defiantly wore a green dress, but she did have a black sash and black handbag, too. >> why it's causing a stir is so many people were dressed in black and they expected her contribute to that movement. but royal protocol is you can't necessarily make a political statement. if she wore black it would have been something. >> also she's pregnant. let her wear what she wants. >> she can do whatever she wants. "saturday night live" and olympic fanatic leslie jones has arrived in south korea, making the rounds to several events. be warned, she uses adult language. >> a little salty. she previously expressed her aderation for sarah lapinski and johnny weir. her dream came true. they paid homage to beyonce with a strut to "crazy in love." it was all good until johnny
3:57 am
walked into a vacuum cleaner. >> oh, get, get it, johnny. i love the. >> that's okay and everything. >> that's nothing on our hallway dance. >> want to see some real dancing here? >> i have to say they did it better. >> kendis, you're amazing. >> but we have the kale sweatshirt. it's good, it's good. >> i love it. love the moves. sally field is trying to get olympic skater, adam rippon and her son, sam together. she's doing it in the most mom way possible, through twitter. >> they were texting over the weekend when sally told him to quote find a way which fields then tagged rippon and reposted. no word if adam responded but he's probably got a few things going on at the moment. so, sam may have to wait a while for a reply from all the way from south korea. >> i hope it works. good luck, sam. >> i'm sure adam has a lot of
3:58 am
3:59 am
4:00 am
making news in america this morning -- new video showing the alleged florida school shooter fighting with classmates. the couple that he was living with breaks their silence. what they say about the guns he allegedly used and his behavior at home. a call for action. students who escaped the school shooting rallying for gun control. >> they say tougher gun laws do not decrease gun violence. we call b.s. >> how they're taking their fight directly to lawmakers. all-star showdown. lebron james in a war of words with the fox news host. >> keep the political commentary to yourself. or as someone once said, shut up and dribble. >> how james and the sports world are responding to the comment. plus, fergie's national anthem.


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