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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  February 19, 2018 11:00pm-11:36pm PST

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a remarkable weather day in the bay area. with frost in the morning and hail in the afternoon. >> and record lows are heading our way. good evening. >> now most of the bay area will be under freeze warnings and frost advisory tonight. >> we're seeing the effects of trop dropping temperatures today. in the east bay, hail posted homes. >> heavy snow. meteorologist has more on our unusual winter weather. >> we haven't seen this in quite sometime. here's a look at the temperature. they are plunging. freer freezing in fair field. clear lake is just about freezing. freeze warning for all inland areas. midnight tonight until 9:00 a.m.
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lows in the mid-20s to low 30s. bring in the pets protect the plants and pipes. frost advisory. for the coastline with the exception of san francisco. low to mid-30s by morning. we have a hard freeze warning in lake county. where temperatures will be in the low 20s to the upper 20s. that's a hard freeze warning. most areas will fall between mid-20s to 30s. record lows are likely by tomorrow morning. don' forget about the pets bring them inside. cover your pipes and plnts. i'll be back to let you know how long this will last and another round of the winter mix that some of you here in the bay area saw earlier this afternoon. >> now on top of all of the bluster temperature and cool weather and winds. we got snow today. a rare winter treat for the east bay hills. where it hasn't snowed for six years. we have a look live now from berkeley. >> it was a good thing that so
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many kids had the day off today. to enjoy the afternoon snow. the national weather service tells me the last time the east bay hills got snow was 2011. before that it was 1976. so the enthusiasm was warranted. >> reporter: a winter storm. brought a mix of snow and hail to the east bay and a flood of video from social media. marcus was with his friends on grizzly peek when he took this cell video. >> we were up here for 40 minutes. it would go from being light to heavy. to light again. everyone going crazy. it's snowing. it's a christmas miracle. >> reporter: back down the mountain. six year-old demonstrating his snowball throwing skills after a very exciting afternoon in his
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backyard. >> i scooted it with my foot. to make a big block of ice. and ate some. >> what did it taste like. >> like regular snow. and in like vermont. >> hours after the snow and ice melted. >> it's so much colder. >> temperatures kobt continue to drop and take people by surprise. >> two days ago i was tanning on my patio. and now i need to have layers. >> reporter: others still refusing to forego their california wardrobe for the cold snap. >> what a difference a few days makes. >> you can keep track of the cold temperatures where you live with the updated news app. and enable push alerts. >> two developing news. a baseball hall of famer is being treated by doctors after being rushed to a bay area hospital. the giants confirm to us that he's in the hospital. but a spokesperson provided no
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details about the 80 year-old's condition. he played for the giants from 1958 until 66. and is a known as the baby bull. man plunged to his death trying to save his dog that was stranded on a cliff. this map shows you where it happened. at pal said park. the 67 year-old victim fell several hundred feet. sky 7 was above the beach when a helicopter flew away with the man's body. the dog survived. the coroner hasn't released the mans name. sky 7 above the san francisco area when a man needed to be rescued from the cliff. the first call came in 5:00 this evening. it took less than an hour for firefighters to hoist the man. he was not hurt. new detals on the man accused in florida's high school shooting. records show nikolas cruz had an
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obsession with guns and violence. the couple who took him in paints a different story. >> reporter: nikolas cruz appearing in court. head bowed, eyes to the ground. tonight investigators piecing together clues from his past. including this video obtained. allegedly showing cruz in a white shirt fighting at school. student lopez says the fight was over a girl cruz briefly dated. >> he would hit her and threaten her. >> cruz was expelled after the fight. she and her friends made multiple reports to school officials before the fight. alerting them to behavior from cruz. >> he said he was going kill them and friends and family. he was going to use the guns he owned. >> the couple who took cruz in hast november after his mother died of the flu. breaking their silence. >> he was polite. he seemed normal. >> reporter: james and kim never saw what his former neighbors
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did. cruelty and killing of animals. or the posts showing cruz holding a pistol. and another a large knife. >> as far as the animal killings. he never did that at our house. >> if we knew anything. he wouldn't have been in our home. >> reporter: they say the guns were locked away. >> one of the stipulations he had to get a gun safe. and we got a safe. >> he didn't have free access? >> i thought i had the only . >> reporter: he legally purchased seven guns. >> i still can't process it. what he's done. this wasn't the person that we knew. not at all. >> candle light vigils took place tonight to remember the 17 lives lost in the attack. a teacher is encouraging people to write letters to the survives
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to lift spirits. tonight she told us she never thought she would get such a response. you can find a link on our web site on where to send a letter. first some students the shooting last wednesday in florida hits close to home. a look at how they are honoring the victims. >> reporter: she grew up in broward county florida. 15 minutes from parkland. she was on the same swim team as nicholas dwart. >> he was an amazing swimmer. >> one of 17 people shot and killed at marjory stoneman douglas. a tragedy on the other side of the country creating fear. >> it could happen to anybody. anywhere. at any school. even if it doesn't happen at my school it would happen at another high school that i know someone from. >> she's from broward county.
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joining dozens of people for a candle light vigil to honor the victims. >> reporter: this vigil is about remembering the victims. it's a call to action on gun control. >> i want people to understand we have to make a difference before something happens. we have to reach out to our mayors and council members and representatives. congress. we have to reach out to the president. and really tell them this is not okay anymore. >> i want to do something. i'm not doing enough. there's a lot that needs to be done. >> reporter: she called the shooting a wake up call. a california firefighter union is getting complaints after rattling off a rifle similar to the one used in last weeks florida shooting during a fundraiser. it was the grand prize to benefit the firefighters association. that group members work with kal fire. some people left saturday in
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anger. >> it was totally tone deaf of them to to have that. >> it's the timing. of seeing that weapon. after reeling in the grief with the rest of the country. >> understandable. union leaders claim to harm was intended by raffling off the weapon. tomorrow on good morning america the president's latest stance on gun control following the florida shooting and the extreme weather blast that's hitting 24 states. starting at 7:00 a.m. as we continue back to the freezing weather. how people in the north bay are prepping for what could be record lows. coming up the big cover up in napa. how grape growers are dealing with the frigid temperatures. >> breaking ground. the moouft started by the hit movie black panther. >> a wedding ring that a san francisco woman left on a flight. >> all of that is ahead.
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new tonight. mitt romny received a big name endorsement in his run for the a utah senate seat. president trump himself says he has his full support. he quickly accepted that endorsement. they have had a rocky relationship. with a persistent critic of the president. >> a bay area group hoping to empower young african americans will help them see the movie black panther.
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leaders of the african american art and culture complex say they want to expose the children to the movies positive representation of themselves on the big screen. they raised $4,000 to send 100 children from the western edition neighborhood to see it with their parents. the movie is owned by disney. >> a san francisco woman credits united airlines employees with quote restoring her faith in humanity. after they found her missing wedding ring. she lost her rings somewhere between new york city and jackson wisconsin last week. a gate agent found her rings and locked them in a safe. today, a united captain hand delivered the rings to her. the bay area is bracing for downright cold weather. >> cities in the north bay will be among the spots expected to plunge below freezing. >> it's snowing. >> that's right. a dusting today. lillian kim has more.
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>> reporter: there was plen it of out door seating. people found comfort inside. even then we saw patrons bundled up. amidthe dipping temperatures. >> i like this kind of weather. but probably tomorrow we won't approximate able to be here. >> temperatures are expected to hit a record low of 27 degrees in napa. and residents are prepared. bob covered his plants with bed sheets. he has a stash ready to go. >> in the morning we catch the news. for the next day. and that tells us to cover them or not. and fold it up and put them away. we have a tote thing. >> she did the same thing to her plants. she's not crazy about the cold weather. but says it could be worse. >> i'm glad i'm not back east. i'm in california. we have a niece and nephew in connecticut and it's snowing. >> reporter: as for grape growers. they're keeping an eye on
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temperatures. making the crop more susceptible to frost damage. they say if necessary they'll turn ot the wind machine and other tools during cold snaps ss in the meantime. southern california will see freezing temperatures tonight. after some unusual weather today. take a look. yes, that is pea size hail in los angeles. it lasted ten minutes. if social media is any indication, it's something people will not forget any time soon. >> what is on the way. we know more cold. >> meteorologist standing by with more on this. >> you maybe seeing more scenes. hail, snow. we'll talk about that. let's check out live doppler 7. it is just a few lingering clouds right now. most areas are clear and those temperatures are falling. it is at freezing right now in clear lake. many areas already in the 40s.
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44 san francisco. just want to do a quick comparison. we're colder than chicago. detroit and st. louis. how often do you see this happening in february. the east coast is on the midwest milder many parts than we are. here's a look at how cold it will get. hour by hour we go. notice the temperatures falling by morning. bottoming out at 26 degrees which would put it at record levels for tomorrow. i want to show dwrou what's ahead. that is the bitter cold. which is why we have numerous freeze warnings. frost advisories and lake county hard freeze warnings. damage can be done to plants and pipes. so take precaution and don't forget about those pets. the advisories between midnight and 9:00 a.m. it is going to be frigid. how cold in the morning with a record. it's a record. expected. so midto upper 20s. fair field, san francisco.
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oakland. livermore. 27. oakland and san francisco in the 30s. all of these expected to be records. it will be cold. san jose 33 degrees. if it gets colder it could be record territory. bundle up. this is what we saw this afternoon. it was quite a site. a mix of rain, hail and high elevation snow. of course the tower camera captured this video. and it was an incredible sight to watch. some saw the hail coming down and sent in pictures. we appreciate the video. we have a lovely view right now. freezing cold the next two mornings. record lows likely. there's a chance of a winter mix again wednesday and thursday. tomorrow afternoon hang onto the jacket. it's still going to be chilly. upper 40s to mid-50s. a mix of sun and high clouds. cooler than where you should be. hour by hour we go. fast forward to wednesday. this is another system will be
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dropping south. bringing the possibility of showers in the wee hours of wednesday morning. 3:30. 6:00 a.m. could be a rain snow mix in lake county. like you saw over the weekend and earlier today. we'll keep the possibility in the forecast for the 7 to 8:30 hour. into the afternoon things start to quiet down. only to see another chance coming in. on thursday. 7-day forecast it's freezing cold tomorrow morning. another fringd morning coming your way wednesday. chance of rain and snow. wednesday and thursday. it's not widespread. very spotty in nature. we may see a milder for friday. and then look at this forecast. it's changing saturday afternoon a chance of showers. we have another possibility of rain. two computer models trending wet for next monday. stay tuned. down load the app and you can check out the temperature hour by hour. minute by minute. any time you want. >> all right. a fast fad worker has a
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all right you are looking at what a in and out burger worker is calling the greatest moment of his life. >> raiders quarterback allowed brandon to take a selfie with him. when he went through the drive through. friday evening. >> he signed a hat. very nice. in case you are wondering he ordered two cheese burgers and a chocolate shake. >> he's a big guy. an athlete has to eat. >> he'll burn it off. she was here with the sports. >> i get the same reaction. >> uh-huh. >> keep it moving. all right. warriors representative this years all star game. four players on the two rosters. now it's time it get serious as
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ross is going all out... all outdoors that is. you'll find everything you need to make your outdoor space your favorite place. and if you want it all for a fraction of what you'd pay elsewhere, you gotta go to ross. the general consensus on the new format at the all star game was a big hit. steph and lebron picking their own teams. we saw a mix of east and western conference all stars facing off. local heros had a great night. warming up with popcorn. he had the time of his life in his hometown. he was second place in the 3 point contest. the eventual winner. but enjoyed playing for the bad guy. clippers up this thursday to tip
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off the final 24 games as the dubs look ahead. >> not just your body. but mentally. when you get back to practice wednesday that that's the real grind starts. and we have 20 something games before the pli offs kp chase another championship. ready to hit the ground running. >> yeah, we know it's time now to get to the play offs and get in the groove. come back ready to go and work. look forward to trying to close out the season the right way. and head to the playoffs. >> i'll get it back. this break is what we needed. we'll come from refreshed. >> all right. 32 year-old relief pitcher. to the roster today. he spent seven years with the pirates. all star in 2014. before being traded to the dodgers last summer. the deal came just many time for the full squad work out.
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longoria the all star third baseman was asked how many presidents could he name in 30 seconds on president's day. >> washington, adams, jefferson, madison, monroe, adams, jackson, van buren, tyler, poke, taylor, pierce, buchanan, lincoln, jackson, grant, obama, trump, bush, bush the second, kennedy -- >> 23 presidents in 30 seconds. that was impressive. he paid attention in history class. >> better than us. >> thanks. all right the news continues now online and on twitter. and facebook and mobile devices with our news app.
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that is our report this chilly monday. we appreciate your time. >> right now on jimmy kim el. charles barkly. have a great night.
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>> dicky: from hollywood it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight -- charles barkley, chloe bennet and music from monica, now get ready, here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> jimmy: welcome. i'm jimmy. i'm the host of the show. thank you for watching. thank you for coming. [ cheers and applause ] on this beautiful night of love and romance. can you feel the sexual tension in the air, guillermo? >> guillermo: yes, jimmy. of course. >> jimmy: if you're home watching our show on tv right now i'm going to guess your


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