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tv   World News Now  ABC  February 20, 2018 2:12am-4:00am PST

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sent not to her but to the media from the man behind her daughter's murder. he says he wants to openly confront and debunk the laws adams as told about him. he opens by calling her a god send for raising his son, chancellor lee, after he conspired to kill chancellor's mother. then he apologizes saying quote i take full responsibility for everything. which sandra adams told us today is a first. >> whether he means it or not, he's said out of his mouth that he was responsible for sherika's death and for chancellor's cerebral palsy and i have never heard that before. >> reporter: the letter goes on to criticize adams at length saying she has quote capitalized on the situation. even calling it a hustle. carruth writes i'm already going
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to have an impossible transition due to no one's fault but my own. >> he is attacking me, saying that i'm telling lies about him. that i'm trying to turn the public against him and i've never done that. >> reporter: adams as long said she would like chancellor lee to know and even have a relationship with carruth and his letter indicates that too. she takes him to prisons saying he's in the smile ministry. she says she doesn't know the motivation behind carruth's letter adding it won't change the work she's doing with her grandson. >> i'll be on that mission until i die. >> sounded like that letter had some mixed messages in it. >> he was apologizing yet going on attack for the grandmother who raised his son.
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>> who he calls a godsend for raising his son. >> who got cerebral palsy for the incident he was responsible for. >> he'll be at the end of his sentence very soon. stick around. we have the skinny coming up next. h be at the end of his sentence very soon. e be at the sentence very soon. ' be at the sentence very soon. l be at the sentence very soon. l be at the sentence very soon. okay - let's try this. it says you apply the blue one to me. here? no... make every day valentine's day with k-y yours and mine. two sensations. one great way to discover new feelings together.
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♪ skinny the skinny the skinny it was trippy hearing the skinny song and you weren't here. it was like you were still here. >> it's going to haunt you forever. that's why i recorded it. arie invading the hometowns of the ladies still left in this competition. >> let's check in with our senior national global bachelor analyst contributor in the hiz-ouse. >> it must mean one thing. the end is near. roll that beautiful "bachelor" footage.
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arie and kendall. taxidermy. they looked at taxidermy. eventually they did some taxidermy. >> they did taxidermy? >> yes, white rat skins right there. that was weird. yeah, all of it's weird. >> did they stage a taxidermy rat wedding. >> they were in paris. they get to the family. kendall's mom and twin sister were sewing seeds of doubt in the analyst's opinion. unfortunately no one embarrassed themselves. moving on. next arie and tia in arkansas. some racecar driving. arie in his element, tia not so much. they finally got to tia's family's house. you know, there we go. flowers to try to win them over. you get the idea.
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meeting with the big brother who's trying to be protective. they tried to make a whole thing out of this. it really wasn't. but at the end they called it a perfect day. >> not a lot of drama so far. >> not so far. >> arie and becah in minnesota. in the end there were no problems between these folks. bekah still looking strong. time to head to virginia beach for lauren b.'s military family. arie gets to talk to dad, wins them over with a story of going to iraq to meet the troops. it's all good there. next rose ceremony time. >> here we go. >> here it comes. timeout, timeout. arie needs to have a bit of a word with kendall.
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no talking taxidermy here. but it does get us to the sound bite of the day. >> i just wasn't expecting to have this conversation but i see a lot in you that i see in a partner for marriage and i can't say at this very moment i can say i'm ready to be engaged but i see so much in you that i do love. >> we'll see if it was enough to save her. bekah gets a rose, kendall gets a rose. tia crying her way into the next bachelorette spot. >> did kendall ask for that? >> arie asked to speak to her outside. wanted to see if she was ready to move forward. who was ready but didn't get the chance was tia. >> well, she should have been ready to move forward with the racecar. she drove so slowly.
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>> next week a two-fer we'll have details monday morning, then the finale. peru. >> was there a kiss count? >> no kiss count. he kissed them all. you get the idea. analyst out. >> jack is trying desperately to get this season over with. >> by the way this season is slightly shorter than previous ones and jack is like -- thankful. on to day two of the star spangled scandal. the singer said she tried to jazz things up a little bit during the national anthem but now she said in a statement clearly this rendition didn't strike the intended tone. >> she added i love this country and i tried my best.
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the response of course was quite swift. >> people were not very nice about this. >> if you were simon cowell, what would you have said? >> i'll tell you what jim hanson said. fergie butchered the national anthem. kaepernick gets off his knee to smack the microphone away. >> too soon with the kaepernick jokes. >> that's not nice. >> reminded me of dory finding nemo trying to speak whale. someone tell fergie you can't put a santa baby spin to it. >> sbl say some saying it was worse than roseanne. >> roseanne barr saying i think mine was better, low key. >> and her husband was spotted bringing her some roses. she needed it. >> and listen, fergie, everybody loves a comeback. just ask mariah carey.
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>> bonus round of the skinny is next. diane's version of the national anthem.
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♪ skinny it is time for the ♪ skinny and it's time for the skinny bonus round and we're starting things off with "black panther." a record breaking $235 million for its four-day total. that smashes the february and presidents' day records. >> and you can see the rascal movie was close behind. so bowsman didn't even have to audition for the role unlike fellow superheroes chris evans and robert downey jr. >> the movie's getting an a-plus on cinema score and a 97% fresh from rotten tomatoes and a mega endorsement from the former first lady.
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"congrats to the entire black panther team. i know it will inspire people of all backgrounds to dig deep. >> she loved it. the movie forced level headed sane adults to do things they normally wouldn't do. a man was so overwhelmed with the feels he proposed minutes before the movie started. >> would have been really awkward if she had said no. but she didn't. she said yes. now to jennifer lawrence who is promoting her new movie. she had to stand naked in front of a roomful of people and said it wasn't that bad. >> she said she was nervous at first but says everyone made me feel so comfortable, i probably started making everyone else feel uncomfortable. she said yeah, i don't want the
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robe, i'm hot, i'm eating. everyone else was like okay, she really needs to cover up now. >> come a long way. >> yeah, so when filming, she said she had to get very, very drunk to film sex scenes with chris pratt, so apparently she h has gotten more used to sex scenes. jay-z skipped the all-star game in order to celebrate a friend's birthday. he picked up the tab. grand total, more than $110,000. more than $110,000. >> for one night? so a stunned server posted the night club tab on snapchat. that part alone $91,000 including an $11,000 tip. >> just want to point out while
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goo good morning. i'm diane macedo. >> and i'm kendis gibson. here are some of our top headlines we're following on "world news now." snow, ice, heavy rain on the march towards the center of the country. it may bring more than a foot of snow to some of the nation's midsection. police say the suspect in the florida school massacre had access to at least 10 guns and purchased most of them himself legally. now students are demanding gun reform. scientists say they are one step closer for developing a blood and urine test to diagnose autism. experts say a lot more research is needed before it can be used clinically.
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and american siblings shibutani, have earned bronze on the ice but things didn't go so well for madison chock and evan bates. and those are just some of our top stories on this tuesday, february 20th. >> announcer: from abc news this is "world news now." >> didn't plan that move. >> no, that was not part of the choreographed dance routine at all. but that's probably the way a lot of people are going to look slipping and sliding on the ice. a dangerous storm is set to cause havoc on the center of the country today. >> snow, ice and freezing rains will hammer the midwest. and flash flooding for northern texas through southern michigan. >> millions already feeling the impact. here is done i can't bachus. >> went from blue sky to pelting down sleet.
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>> reporter: snowy weather in seattle, washington, closing the interstate 90 floating bridge and sparking a wild fire in california, forcing 200 people to evacuate. hazardous weather hitting across the united states. whiteout conditions affecting drivers in rapid city, south dakota and in iowa slick roads causing a pileup of more than 50 cars, shutting down interstate 35. a daring rescue in michigan by fire crews and the coast guard after a man fell through the ice while fishing on saginaw bay. heavy rain is causing major flooding. in west virginia a state of emergency has been declared as the ohio river continues to rise and the ohio river is cresting
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and may reach up to 55 feet by wednesday. after a weekend of snowy weather in the northeast from maine to florida could see unseasonably warm weather, even record highs by friday. on the west coast we're expecting some of the coldest air of the season. windchills in the 30s will be felt from san francisco for right here in los angeles. >> thank you. and some parts of the upper midwest could see up to a foot of snow. >> let's get the forecast from paul williams. >> we have a storm that has dual personalities. on one side significant snow throughout the dakotas, nebraska, but then the other side of this personality, soaking rain that's going to really ravage the entire mississippi valley region. gusty winds, flash flooding, massive travel delays as the result of the other side of this storm. we're going to turn to the new face of gun control and the
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movement. 100 students from stoneman douglas high school are traveling to tallahassee to call on lawmakers to reform the gun laws. the alleged shooter, who authorities say had access to 10 guns. records obtained by abc affiliate in miami show school officials were aware that the suspect was fascinated with guns and violence but he was allowed to transfer to the school anyway. now students all across the nation are calling for action. they gathered outside the white house, 17 laying on the ground to symbolize the 17 lives lost in florida. they stayed there for three minutes saying that's how long it took for the suspect to buy an ar-15 rifle. >> if we don't stand up, our voices will never be heard and real change needs to happen now and that's the way it's going to be done.
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>> president trump is preparing to hold a listening session with the students tomorrow. the white house says he is now open to tougher background checks for gun purchases. >> students and families are getting moral student from another community still healing. mothers of newtown are writing let ertz of support and reminding the students that unlike the children of sandy hook, they are old enough to articulate their message to the world. >> no one was going to put their 6-year-old out there but we have 17/18 year old educated children. and they're not children, right? they're young adults moments away from being voters and they're going to make a difference. >> it's been spearheaded by a group that has chapters in all 50 states.
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mitt romney and the president are sounding like bffs. trump saying romney choked like a dog in the race and romney called trump a fraud. but now romney is running for the senate in utah. and it's like hey bestie, i need your tweeting that romney will make a great senator and has my full support an endorsement. someone who doesn't have his support is oprah winfrey. the president watched "60 minutes" and then hit twitter with some harsh comments. lindsey davis reports. >> reporter: president trump taking to twitter to slam oprah. just watched a very insecure da. >> reporter: president trump taking to twitter to slam oprah. just watched a very insecure oprah winfrey, who at one point i knew very well, interview a panel of people on 60 minutes. the former talk show host sitting down with a group of michigan voters.
2:37 am
trump didn't approve, tweeting the questions were biased and slanted, the facts incorrect. hope oprah runs so she can be exposed and defeated just like all the others. spec laying swirled that oprah was considering a run in 20 after this speech at the goolde globes. >> a new day is on the horizon. >> reporter: when asked if he could beat her? >> it would be a lot of fun. >> it's not in my spirit, not my dna. >> reporter: it was actually on her show when she asked trump if he would ever run for president. >> i don't think i really have the inclination to do it. i love what i'm doing. >> also doesn't pay as well. >> reporter: now these the one taking a pass even as the president continues to tweet. back in 1999, when trump was considering a run for president as an independent, he told larry king in a oprah would be his first choice as a running mate
2:38 am
saying she is popular, brilliant, a wonderful woman, she wouldable so be sort oflike. linsey davis, abc news, new york. >> interesting. bones of a real pirate of the caribbean have been discovered. >> also known as black sam. the british pirate stole more than $130 million in treasure, making him the rich ets of hest time. the remains were recovered from a shipwreck off cape cod in 1984. scientists are comparing them to dna from one of his descendants. >> pretty cool. and police in australia are also searching for missing bones. >> they are searching for three guys who may really have a skeleton in their closet. the try owe walked out of a mall a few months ago with a bony companion. >> there is even surveillance video of the men taking the skeleton on a bus. no word on whether they needed a
2:39 am
ticket or they paid extra fare. >> for the skeleton. >> it's just a joke, kendis. >> it was a good joke. >> thank you. >> no bones about it. >> they didn't have the guts to really carry on with it. >> wow. >> just read quickly. all right. coming up next some of the concerns dealing with heating your home in the winter and the simplest test that could tell you if your family is at risk for carbon monoxide poisoning. and most people remember fred rogers in "mr. rogers neighborhood" of course. but we're opening up the vault to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the iconic show. first a look at today's temperatures. anniversary of the iconic show.
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the the standoff outside san antonio, texas forced them to
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close down the interstate for hours. there's no word yet as to what started that pursuit. the fbi has joined in the search for a 5-year-old boy reported missing over the weekend. he was last seen saturday afternoon in his bedroom by his stepmother right before she took a shower and fell asleep. police say no amber alert has been issued because there is no evidence lucas was abducted. >> we're in shock. he's a sweet little boy and we're just concerned for his safety. we don't know where he is. we want him home safely. >> court records show lucas has been living with his father, not his biological mother. family members say they've raised concerns in the past, including contacting child services last year. at least nine people have died from carbon monoxide poisoning. >> most is from faulty heating equipment.
2:44 am
geo about a knee test tis has more. >> reporter: we're in new jersey going door to door with members of the pse & g energy company, making sure homes are safe and equipped with the one thing that could save your life if carbon monoxide leaks in your home. >> an operable carbon monoxide detecter. >> reporter: we make sure home owners have those detecters and that they're working properly. wanda has one plugged into her wall but when the fire chief tests it, it doesn't work. the install dates on the back should not be older than 7 to 10 years. steve from the energy company shows us the source of many leaks. appliances like the furnace, boiler or hot water heater, what we find, cracks in the concrete
2:45 am
and two holes covered up with worn out duct tape. he says if the furnace ever malfunctions this is where carbon monoxide could get out. we seal them up on the spot. and we found a home that had no issues to show you something you can do yourself. he says one way the deadly gas can 3u6r78 into your home, blocked chimneys. to check for blockages, a simple match test above your hot water heater. a flame pulling toward the flue is a sign that it is clear of any blockage. when you blow out the match, the smoke should also go up into the flue. but you put that near it and it instantly blew it out, there is a potential for a blockage. if your appliances don't pass these tests, call your utility company or even 911. >> we will make sure that you know your family is safe. >> a good tip. people are always reminded to change the batteries in their smoke detectors, but don't often
2:46 am
get reminded do the same with the coax carbon monoxide detectors. >> and it is silent and odorless. and mr. rogers was more than just our neighbor. and to celebrate the man and show, we're opening up the vault. >> that is next. and to sell bracelebrate this iconic. lyrics: ooh-oo child lyrics: thing's are gonna get easier. lyrics: ooh-oo child, lyrics: things'll get brighter.
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♪ it's ♪ it's a beautiful day in this neighborhood a beautiful day for a neighbor ♪ ♪ would you be mine could you be mine ♪ can you believe it's been 50 years since the premiere of "mr. rogers' neighborhood?" >> we thought it would be a beautiful day in our neighborhood to open the vault to 2001 when john donovan took a look at the tv legend. >> reporter: next month the final new episode of "mr. rogers' neighborhood" will air on public television and after that they'll be recycled.
2:49 am
still, it must be said he was an acquired taste for some viewers, including nightline correspondent john donovan. ♪ >> reporter: the really tricky thing about appreciating "mr. rogers' neighborhood" is you have to see it through the right set of eyes. ♪ it's a beautiful day in this neighborhood a beautiful day for a neighbor would you be mine could you be mine ♪ >> reporter: i must admit i did not possess until recently. it launched in the late '60s. the one thing, i was 12 years old at that point and struggling to be cool. one thing you know for sure is a grown man woo puts on colored tennis shoes and feeds the fish every day and sings songs about
2:50 am
feelings -- ♪ i'm proud of you i hope that you are proud of you too ♪ >> reporter: he was definitely not cool. click and goodbye, mr. rogers. >> how are you? everything peaceful in the neighborhood today? >> reporter: except mr. rogers never said goodbye. he stayed around and times changed but he did not. >> let's pretend that it's still nighttime. >> reporter: and to those viewers who had the right set of eye, and that means anyone who was three or four or five years old in the 1960s or '70s or '80s or '90s, to those viewer, he was important, huge, a permanent memory. and now comes this news that "mr. rogers' neighborhood" has ceased production and you think wait a minute, could this be the end?
2:51 am
and if you're one of his long-time fan or a latecomer like me, you realize there will never be anyone quite like him in children's television again. he was quirky and not cool but he knew what he was doing and he did it for 34 years and did more good than anyone maybe on television. >> and he composed most of the music on the show himself. all those songs were his. >> for 34 years he did that. and the show premiering 50 years ago. kids that started out with mr. rogers are now on aarp. >> 895 episodes. i loved mr. rogers as a kid. >> he also went to congress. >> his congressional testimony is so persuasive. i urge you to google it. mr. rogers congressional testimony. it will change your mind.
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♪ if it's meant to be it will be it will be ♪ ♪ baby just let it be little georgia line. >> southern music there. wearable technology has become a huge, huge part of our workout routines. and one gym is upping the ante. >> suited up for a shocking workout. >> reporter: at shock therapy on the upper eastside, the workout is based on these power suits. they're hosed down first. the water helps the electric current move and it goes on top of specially woven undergarments. power suit is on and i can tell you it is cold and wet and i'm ready.
2:56 am
even before we start to workout, the currents that will go into our body need to be calibrated. >> what codo you think? >> reporter: yep, it's working. we follow an avatar while an instructor checks our form. it causes the muscles to contract tens of thousands of times. evra is a psychologist who opened the studio because she believes in the workout and how exspepeedient it is. >> you're trying to do a bicep curl, even without a weight in your hand, makes you feel like you're lifting five pounds. >> reporter: which is in the class is only 30 minutes long. you can't see this but my fingers feel like they're twitching. that's coming directly from here to the tips of my fingers. each class is $50 and those
2:57 am
behind shock therapy say you only need two classes a week to get stronger and more fit. just expect the shock to be a little stronger with each visit. lauren glassburg, abc news, new york. >> i need the kind of shock suit that shocks you off the couch. go to the gym. >> you need some motivation. jack, you okay back there? so two classes, 30 minutes each? i like that idea. >> i still need the shock suit. there is our attempt at technological workout. didn't end very well. one of us. >> tats >>.
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this morning on "world news now," students take action. >> as hundreds gather at vigils for fallen, leaders will travel to the capital to meet with lawmakers and we're learning more about the suspect. plus the white house aide who reportedly called the shooting a reprieve from their scandals. plus a developing health headline this morning, scientists say they can detect autism with a simple blood test. see what this could mean for earlier diagnosis and treatment. a close encounter in the midwest is causing quite a stir. surveillance cameras capturing this visit by a wild cougar. authorities are warning families to stay alert. and this bride's big day didn't go quite as planned. see how she got stuck in an elevator on the way to the reception and see what happened next. >> narrator: from abc news, this
3:01 am
is "world news now." >> so going to get stuck in an elevator. a different song. we'll see how it all plays on out for her. but we are going to start this half hour with the pressure that is mounting on the president and congress for that matter. to tighten gun safety measures in the aftermath of the florida school shooting. >> several candlelight vigils were held last night, many gathered to share their thoughts and memories in honor of the 17 killed. the suspect also made a brief court appearance looking down the entire time. police say he had access to ten guns. his lawyers say he would have pled guilty if prosecutors agree not to pursue the death penalty. president trump is back in washington and he is now supportive of efforts to update gun background checks. victor has the latest. >> reporter: nikolas cruz appearing in court flanked by police officers, eyes trained to
3:02 am
the ground. investigators piecing together clues from his past, including this video obtained by abc affiliate wblg allegedly showing cruz in a white shirt fighting at school. this student says the fight was over a girl cruz briefly dated. >> he would hit her. >> reporter: cruz eventually expelled, but lopez says they had made multiple reports to officials alerting them to alarming behavior. >> he threatened them saying he would kill them. >> reporter: and now the couple who took cruz into their home last november after his mother died of the flu breaking their silence. >> everything everybody seems to know, we didn't know. we had rules and he followed every rule to the t. and he was very polite. he seemed normal. >> reporter: james and kimberly snead say they never saw what his former neighbors did, cruelty and killing of animals. or the instragram posts holding
3:03 am
a pistol and large knife. >> as far as the animal killings, he never did anything like that at our house. he loved our animals and our animals loved him. >> there is no way i'd allow anybody in our house if they were torturing animals. >> reporter: the sneads owned guns and knew cruz had his own guns, but say they were locked away. >> one of the stipulations was that he had to get a gun safe and we got a gun safe on the way back from moving his stuff to our house. >> he didn't have free access? >> no. i thought i had the only key to the gun safe. >> reporter: a source saying he had legally purchased 7 guns including the ak-47 allegedly used. she said she confronted him at the police station. >> i said really, nik?
3:04 am
and he said he was sorry. i was just furious and heartbroken. just devastated. i still can't process what he's done because this wasn't the person that we knew. >> reporter: abc news has also learned that there was an investigation by the department of children and families that found that nikolas cruz suffered from depression and that he wanted to buy a weapon, but in the end they found no signs of neglect and they closed the investigation. on monday a judge ruled that the entire report should be made open to the public. victor oquendo, abc news. and it turns out that most americans would like to see tougher gun control and better mental health screenings. >> 58% believe stricter gun laws would have prevented the parkland shooting. and 46% are opposed to assault weapons ban.
3:05 am
77% say congress is not doing enough and 62% say trump is not doing enough. students are now headed to the state capital to voice their concerns today and many others across the country are joining that movement. let's get more now from tyra palmieri. >> reporter: as funerals continue for the 17 victims of the florida high school shooting, student rallied, they laid on the ground for three minutes to represent the time it reportedly took for the suspected shooter nikolas cruz to buy an ar-15. >> if we don't stand un, our voices will never be heard. >> reporter: on wednesday, president trump is slated to hold a listening session with students and teachers. he will also talk to local and state officials about school safety. over the weekend, parkland students and shooters announced a march on washington. >> you are either with us or against us.
3:06 am
>> reporter: gun control advocates rallied. about 100 students will head to florida's capital demanding changes to gun laws. the florida state senate says it is preparing sweeping legislation including new age restrictions, a ban on bump stocks. the outcry also leading some to put unexpected pressure on the nra. dallas officials suggested that the gun group find a new city for its annual convention. >> there will be marches and demonstrations should they come to dallas and we dallas will be the ones to have to bear the cost, the responsibility, and to protect the citizens. >> reporter: the administration addressed the issue of gun violence for the first time in a statement the white house spokesperson said the president is open to tougher background checks for gun purchases. >> thanks. and the white house is set to hold its first press briefing since the shooting. aides say the school tragedy
3:07 am
turned out to be a reprieve for the administration because it shifted the attention away from other scandals. including domestic violence controversy and alleged affair with a playboy model and the russia probe. pennsylvania supreme court has redrawn their state's congressional district map and republicans now say that they will fight it. this is the old map largely viewed to be among the most gerrymandered in the country. this is the new version. analysts say it should improve democratic prospects in november's elections while still favoring republicans overall. republican lawmakers say they will challenge that new map in federal court. now to the weather and the major storm system set to dump up to a foot and a half of snow on the northern rockies and northern plains. >> duluth felt the effects on monday. up to 10 inches fell in the northeastern part of the state. accuweather's paul williams has the forecast. >> we're watching out for 6 to 12, possibly 18 inches
3:08 am
throughout wyoming going in to south dakota, right into portions of minnesota. if that is not enough, minnesota dealing with the snow, and then wisconsin dealing with an icy mix that will push throughout portions of iowa, northern portions of missouri and then soaking rain underneath it with heavier thunderstorms with a chance of flooding in chicago, st. louis, little rock, down to san antonio. a 6-year-old girl from connecticut has become one of the latest victims in the deadly flu epidemic. a friend of the family says the first grader did have her flu shot and was brought to the doctor right away, but her condition just got worse over the weekend. her death comes as the number of flu related hospitalizations hits a record in metro atlanta, just over 1800. we're still at least two months away from the end of this flu season. and scientists are signaling a major breakthrough in diagnosing autism. they have developed blood tests to detect the disorder.
3:09 am
they are said to be 92% accurate. they check for damaged proteins in blood plasma. they say this could lead to better treatment. right now the disorder is blamed on genetic, environmental and other factors. some lucky person now owns a piece of one of tom brady's super bowl titles. >> a friends and family version of the ring brady picked up after winning the super bowl last year sold at auction over the weekend. it is a little smaller than the ring brady himself received, has when 20 fewer diamonds, but still a prize. >> its value listed at just under $30,000 and it sold for nearly $345,000. the auction house won't say who they got the ring from, but obviously it was one that was given from -- gifted from tom brady to a family member or friend. >> right, you have to be a close family or friend in order to get that ring.
3:10 am
so at least it originated there. question is, who decided to cash in. do you think they will hold the line up? hands out, everybody. hands out. all right. coming up, the latest from the winter games. >> plus a concern in one neighborhood after this guy showed up. now the hunt is on. plus the search in los angeles for a young man who vanished after his phone called 911. we now have a new clue. and a reminder to check out our instragram. you're watching "world news now." our instragram. you're watching "world news now."
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it traps and removes the waste that weighs me down, so i feel lighter. try metamucil, and begin to feel what lighter feels like. there is an unwanted visitor to a neighborhood in wisconsin. a home surveillance camera caught a cougar coming right up to the window of a home. several people made calls to police about the animal, they are telling everyone in the area to be alert when outside and not to get too close to this cougar. >> i would not need to be told that. >> not at all. people who own the home had no idea about the cat's approach until they checked the tape.
3:14 am
>> frank does not like this story by the way. >> why? >> he's not a fan. over to a more serious note. police in dallas are asking for the public's help in trying to track down the killer of a postal worker. >> the driver was found shot in the cab of his mail truck on interstate 30. the vehicle was riddled with bullet holes. postal worker on the scene reportedly said the driver died before help could arrive. no arrests have been made so far. it is not known whether the victim was targeted or if the shooting was random. and there is breaking news to tell you about from the los angeles area. a mystery that is more than a week long appears to be over this morning. >> an uber and lyft driver last seen more than a week ago has finally been found. josh was last seen february 11, the next day his mother says a 911 hang-up call was made from his cellphone. his phone also pinged twice but then went silent.
3:15 am
>> josh's friends took to the streets, they put up flyers all around the los angeles area in hopes of finding the 29-year-old. they say that the disappearance was extremely out of the ordinary and that he would always tell someone if he was leaving town. and then the next update, yesterday his car, a black nissan was found in the korea town neighborhood and towed by authorities. at the same time, josh's employers uber and lyft said they were working with law enforcement. on facebook his relatives said he worked as a driver to earn extra money while planning a line of organic shoes. >> but overnight josh's friends say he is alive and was found at an l.a. hospital. they did not provide any further details on how he was located at that hospital. but still so many questions left to be answered in this. police found his car but not his phone inside the car. and of course one of the big questions is who made that 911 call from his phone a day after he was allegedly last seen.
3:16 am
>> as you mentioned, lots of questions still remain and we're not sure how he ended up in that hospital in the first place, but i'm sure many of his relatives and friends who were canvassing the los angeles area are relieved this morning by that. >> a big sigh of relief. coming up in our next half hour, the former nfl player convicted of planning the murder of his pregnant girlfriend is speaking out from behind bars. hear what he is saying with just months left in his sentence. but first, it is the bronze age in south korea as team usa medals, but all that glitters isn't gold this time around unfortunately. we'll have an update from the olympics next on "world news now." unfortunately. we'll have an update from the olympics next on "world news now." to get through a shift without a disaster. my bargain detergent couldn't keep up. it was mostly water. so, i switched to tide pods.
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they're super concentrated, so i get a better clean. i mean, i give away water for free. i'm not about to pay for it in my detergent. #1 trusted. #1 awarded it's got to be tide. and for a plant-based clean, try tide purclean
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all right. it is time to all right. it is time to check in on the winter games. and team usa racked up a few more medals even in highly competitive ice dancing. >> we're making a comeback. but things didn't really go so well for americans madison shock and evan bates. tripping over each other, falling to the ice >> that wasn't a move. >> that was a tackle. >> tackled. who knew they had ice wrestling as part of the competition? they still finished ninth. alex stone is in pyeongchang. >> reporter: the shib sibs, brother and sister alex and maia shibutani taking bronze as they delighted the crowd in the free dance program. madison hubbell and zachary donohue finished in fourth. virtue and moir coming up golden again.
3:20 am
and bronze in the halfpipe barely edging out her teammate and friend who finished in fourth. and defending champion maddie bowman didn't fair well falling on all three of her runs. and lindsey vonn waiting for gold. alex stone, abc news. and we should point out slovakia advancing to play the czech republic in men's hockey. >> and let's talk about the shibutani siblings. they now have two bronze medals after winning the team competition. maia posted oh, my god, we did it! >> yes, they did. >> so excited. >> and in case you missed it, we're still in the medal contention in curling. the usa men's team beat canada. >> for the first time ever. >> at the olympics.
3:21 am
in a dramatic, dramatic win. >> guys, we beat canada in curling! >> no doping needed in curling. >> that is 2018's miracle on ice right there. >> and another american is making headlines this morning in south korea. liz sweeney is competing for hungary and she competed in the women's halfpipe competition. but she never did a single trick. just went right through. that landed her in 24th place. the berkeley and harvard grad says she just wants to inspire others. >> medal count, sort of like the kiss count. >> medal count, medal count. >> norway still on top. 28 medals overall. they have dominated. >> stop it. >> but we are tied with the french. >> 12 medals, woo! almost there. we got them right where we want
3:22 am
them. >> we're running out of days. the games end this weekend.
3:23 am
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it is time for your tuesday mix. and we'll start in philadelphia. i guess people are all getting into the mood and excitement over the super bowl victory that some guy got a little too excited at a party. you know they do this night at the museum thing at the franklin institute there in philly. they have a terra cotta soldier dating back 2200 years on loan from china. some guy at the after party decided he wants to take a souvenir, so he broke off the thumb of the soldier. and took it home with him. >> wait, what? come on. >> yeah, these are a treasure in china. each valued at $4.5 million. >> who does that. >> we'll tell you. michael ruhana. they finally looked at the surveillance tape, tracked him
3:26 am
down, realized somebody had violated -- >> he was like no, that is my terra cotta thumb. >> he's been charged with several different things including theft of an artwork. >> lesson learned i hope. >> this is why can't have good stuff. over to a bride who probably planned a lot of big stuff for her cocktail hour, but she never made it. she was on her way up to the 18th floor when she got stuck in the elevator. firefighters had to pry open the door, but another 45 minutes after that for the elevator technician to come. they finally got the whole thing up and running. she said the reception only started about 20 minutes late and everything ran smoothly other than that. >> bravo, she made it. >> the cocktail part. >> that is the important part, not the i dos. >> you will not believe how many people have signed up for a brand new pair of jeans. sort of a retro kind of thing.
3:27 am
this is the new old crop jeans. >> yeah, i think i had those in like high school or something. >> yeah. like during the roosevelt administration they were popular. roosevelt one. so 3,000 people are already signed up on a wait list to try to get their holds on the new cropped flared jeans. they are $128 a piece. >> 3,000 people want a pair of jeans? >> at least. these pair of jeans. >> why? >> because it is sort of throwback, supposed to be super flattering, mid rise. so first we had amazon with their two day delivery, now we have lots of stores competing for overnight delivery. there is even same day delivery. but a chinese grocery store is topping them all. you just walk into the store, you don't even have to get your own groceries. the fish just jumps right into the cart for you. co
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this morning on "world news now", a new poll showing how americans feel about gun control and if congress and the president are doing enough. this as the shooting suspect makes his second court appearance. and students head to the capitol as part of the never again movement. president trump and mitt romney, you might remember they were at odds during the presidential campaign. the president has weighed in for the first time about romney's senate run. it is chicken chaos at kfc. >> they don't have enough chicken to go around and have been forced to close hundreds of outlets. judgmental parents? oh, yeah, they got that. taxiderm, why not?
3:31 am
it is home town visit week. here to break it all down as they're on the final lap to find love. that's coming up on the skinny this tuesday. it's february 20th. >> narrator: from abc news, this is "world news now." >> happy birthday to my nephew, logan. >> oh, it's logan's birthday. nice. a 50/50 shot. we're going to start this half hour on a serious note with a look at the mindset of america following the tragedy in florida. >> a poll shows most americans see inaction. more than 3/4 say congress is not doing enough and 62% believe the president is not doing enough as well.
3:32 am
>> 58% of those surveyed believe tougher gun laws would have prevented the parkland shooting. and more details about what the they knew about the shooter while he attended class there. >> at the time he was attending the special school, he was preoccupied with guns, war, terrorists and people getting killed but he was transferred to stoneman douglas despite the red flags. jim ryan has more. >> reporter: the 19 year old accused of killing 17 people was led to the courtroom for proceedings that lasted only a few minutes. >> are all of the attorneys present? >> reporter: at issue was a motion filed to keep sealed a document related to their access to cruz. a judge agreed to keep it sealed but said from here on out motions related to cruz would be heard in open court.
3:33 am
in a separate hearing without cruz present the judge granted an order to he release documents from a 2016 state investigation. >> the public should have the opportunity to properly evaluate the department of children and families and all agencies that interacted with nikolas cruz prior to february 14th of this year. >> reporter: he cut his arms and posted the images on snapchat. that he wanted to buy a gun and struggled with depression. we're learning more about the family that took in nikolas cruz after his adoptive mother died in november. >> he was very polite. he seemed normal. >> reporter: they said they knew he had an ar-15 rifle but insisted it be locked up. >> he followed every rule to the t. >> reporter: until wednesday. he was arrested after the murders of 17 people, leaving the sneads, along with an entire community -- >> heartbroken, devastated. i still can't process it. >> reporter: jim ryan, abc news, broward county, florida.
3:34 am
>> and the students who survived that shooting are now leading the charge against gun violence as they head to tallahassee today. >> they're taking a bus ride to state capitol to meet with lawmakers and try to encourage them to enact new laws. >> showing people we can get to the state capitol a week after the shooting happened shows we are determined. we are resilient to make a change because there's so much grief in this community. we're doing this for the lives that we lost and make sure they won't die in vein. >> and stay with us for "good morning america." we will have much more on the students' interview as we follow them to tallahassee. students protested outside the white house with 17 of them laid down on the ground to symbolize the 17 lives lost.
3:35 am
they stayed there for 3 minutes. they said that's how long it took the suspect to buy an ar-15 rifle. the white house says the president is now open to tougher background checks. an early surprise endorsement of mitt romney. the two have criticized each other in the past. president trump saying romney choked like a dog and romney calling trump a phoney. that all seems forgotten, at least for now. trump tweeting romney will make a great senator and worthy successor to orrin hatch. he has my full support and endorsement. and the pentagon is expected to announce its new policy on transgender troops tomorrow. the president called for a ban in july, which caught the military by surprise. since then several court rulings have blocked the president's policy from taking effect. defense secretary mattis could discuss the new policy with president trump when they have
3:36 am
lunch today. and crews have found wreckage of a deadly plane crash in iran. they had to climb the mountains where the flight went down. all 65 people on board were killed. the twin engine prop crashed about an hour after takeoff. there was a mushroom cloud after a volcano eruption. airlines were warned to stay away from the island. visibility was reduced to less than 20 feet. no injuries reported though. a not so secret ingredient is missing from kfc. >> hundreds of kfc's in great britain have had to close. they don't have enough chicken. apparently it's a delivery issue.
3:37 am
>> so kfc switched to dhl, but the company says it is experiencing operational issues. the result of that, more than half of the 900 uk kfcs are closed. no word on when the problem will be fixed. >> so you show up at some and they're like you can have a biscuit, mashed potatoes. >> they know they would have a riot on their hands. so just not opening the doors. we don't have chicken. we're not coming to work. >> some have gone so far as to black out the "c". >> workers are being encouraged to take some time off. so good time to take a vacation, guys. speaking out, rae carruth played in the nfl but he's been in prison for nearly 20 years. what he's saying now. and in the skinny, the fergie fallout. she as a message about her version of the national anthem. ♪ by the dawn's early light >> we're going to take a look at
3:38 am
today's forecast. the dawn's early light ♪ >> we're going to take a look at today's forecast.
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even yesterday he was wearing a prison uniform. he was taken by sheriff van to the raleigh prison following the sentencing for murder of his girlfriend. >> and that of course was allison stewart, our "world news now" coverage of the murder-for-hire case back in 2001. >> carruth is now issuing an open letter apologizing and seeking custody of his son who suffers from cerebral palsy. >> as you can expect, the mother of his ex-girlfriend has something to say. >> this is to whom it may concern. i guess it concerns me. >> reporter: no one was more surprised than saundra adams to learn of this 15-page letter sent not to her but to the media
3:42 am
from the man behind her daughter's murder. he says he wants to openly confront and debunk the laws lies adams as told about him. he opens by calling her a godsend for raising his son, chancellor lee, after he conspired to kill chancellor's mother. then he apologizes saying quote i take full responsibility for everything. which saundra adams told us today is a first. >> whether he means it or not, he's said out of his mouth that he was responsible for cherica's death and for chancellor's cerebral palsy and i have never heard that before. >> reporter: the letter goes on to criticize adams at length saying she has quote capitalized on the situation. even calling it a hustle. carruth writes i'm already going
3:43 am
to have an impossible transition due to no one's fa
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