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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  February 20, 2018 5:00am-6:00am PST

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helping superheroes fly. united. ♪ the lights at the bay area are sparkling like jewels on a very chilly morning. the bay area waking up to some of the coldest temperatures we have seen in quite some time. >> put that blanket on and stay in bed for a while. >> if you can. >> you're never more than seven minutes away from your accuweather forecast. >> mike nicco, how long will this last? >> we're not even into the coldest part of the morning.
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in solano and lake counties is where the temperatures could drop down. the darker blue there could drop down to 25 and the light blue, the bay shore and the coast does not include san francisco could drop down to 32 degrees. i think there will be some frost. as far as what's going on for our accuweather 12-hour planner right around 50 at noon but not as brisk as yesterday. 50 to 53. if you get a picture of the beautiful sunset tonight hash tag it. sue? we go outside right now and we're going to take a look at the mcarthur maze. a truck driving the wrong way eastbound 80 right in the maze. we don't see it on our live shot here but the chp is out looking for that person.
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we have 37 b.a.r.t. trains running on schedule. ace train number 1 is moving on time. >> let it snow. it was a rare winter treat for some people in the east bay hills. it hasn't snowed there since 2011. >> 6-year-old simon demonstrated his snowball making skills. >> i scooped it with my foot and i ate some of the snow. >> what did it taste like? >> like regular snow in vermont. >> i adore him. he knows the taste of different snow. >> the national weather service says the last time it snowed before 2011 was back in 1976. >> i want to catch up with him ten years down the line.
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>> updated abc 7 news app, allow push alerts to get weather advisories on your phone or tablet. giants legend orlando cepeda is being treated by doctors after being rushed to a bay area hospital last night. >> reporter amy hollyfield live for us at at&t park. amy? >> reporter: hi, reggie. there's a statue of him right here in front of at&t park. he is one of five players with a statue here at the ballpark so he is an important part of the giants and the community. orlando cepeda was in good health when he was spotted at willie mccovey's birthday party. he is in the hospital. it has been confirmed to abc 7 news but no details on his condition. cepeda is 80 years old. he played for the giants in 1958. that was the first year they arrived from new york. he was traded in 1966 to st. louis which is now considers one
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of the worst trades in their history. you can bet the community is pulling for him and hoping for a very quick recovery. amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. a small flurry of earthquakes making it six total in the same area the past 30 hours. the usgs reports three more just happened at 4:25 raininging from 2.6 to 3.0 all are very close to the high school in danville, the same spot where a 2.9 hit yesterday morning. no reports of any damage. the first bus of students who survived last week's shootings in parkland, florida, arrived in tallahassee. >> they plan to meet to urge
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them to have new laws, restrictions on assault rifles. they hope the trip will lead to common sense laws and they plan to hold a rally tomorrow. >> katie marzullo has a look at how they are honoring the victims. >> reporter: this girl grew up 15 minutes from parkland. in third grade she was on the same swim team as nicholas. >> he was always helping everyone out and aspired and was an amazing swimmer. >> reporter: one of 17 people killed, a tragedy on the other side of the country creating fear in san ramone. >> it could happen at any school and even if it doesn't happen at my high school it could happen at another. >> reporter: originally from broward county, she joined dozens of people for a candle
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light vigil to honor the victims. this vigil is not only about remembering the victims, it's a call to action on gun control. >> we have to make a difference. >> we have to reach out to our mayors, our councilmembers, our representatives, our congress. we have to reach out to the president and tell them this is not okay anymore. >> i just feel i want to do something. i feel like i'm not doing enough. i feel like there's a lot that needs to be done and it just started. >> reporter: she called the shooting a wake-up call. katie marzullo, abc 7 news. more than $1.6 million donated so far to the go fund me page for the victims of the shooting. we have this link on if you would like to share your support. parents in livermore are once again being asked to talk to their kids about a game being played where students pretend to kill one another called spy vs. spy or assassin.
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poe lows say it's being played by seniors at livermore high school. players are assigned to stalk and shoot a victim with a toy gun. the last person standing wins a cash prize. the game has been popular for years. police have received 911 calls for prowlers in connection with the game. they hope students will rethink the sensitive nature surrounding the game. brand-new this hour we are just starting to see some of the first images out of iran after an airplane crash there in southern iran. the crash killing 65 people. take a look here where the remote area was. this is from iranian state television. the crash happened on the side of a snow covered mountain. it was 485 miles south of tehran, the capital. that's where the flight took off from on sunday. unfortunately, there are no survivors after this. the engine was found a short distance away. an investigation is still under
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way this morning into exactly what caused the crash. foggy weather may be partly to blame. back to you. the 17-year-old accused in a brutal killing of his 8-year-old santa cruz neighbor two years ago is scheduled to be arraigned. prosecutors say adrian gonzalez lured maddie middleton into his apartment where he tied her up, sexually assaulted her, killed her, then threw her body in a recycling bin. gonzalez was 15 years old at the time. he is going to be tried as an adult. if convicted he could face life in prison. a new poll shows south bay voters approve of google's plans to bring 20,000 jobs to did you know town san jose over the next ten years. a poll is conducted by our media partner the bay area news group and silicon valley leadership group. 79% of 431 registered voters say they support the development that would combine jobs, housing, and mass transit. google hopes to have 6 million to 8 million square feet near the s.a.p. center. critics worry the expansion could worsen the already tough
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affordable housing shortage. it's freezing cold in castro valley this morning, 32. not far behind we have union city at 34. hayward at 35. oakland, 34. i bet those cities over the next two hours will dip down to about 32 degrees. look for some frost there. the closer you are to the water and alameda it's 41 degrees right now for the warm spot. 37 right now in san carlos and san jose. 38 in pacifica and albany. 27 in santa rosa and napa. if you haven't protected the plants, you need to do so right now before they get too cold. they'll lag behind that air temperature just a little bit. if you want to save them, you have to go. pleasanton, 29. 30 in livermore. let's take a look at what will happen with your activity planner today. the morning will be cold, that's for sure. dress warmer if you're going to be exercising. as the afternoon wears on, the low to mid-50s.
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the air temperature will be just about exactly what the water temperature is today if you're going to be out on the bay or at our beaches and the breezes will relax over both of those. the peninsula, 39 at 8:00, 46 at 10:00. total sunshine, 49. your lunch time temperature, 50s from 10:00 to 6:00, back to 47. you see the increasing clouds. so i think tonight is not going to be quite as cold as this morning. the east bay valleys starting off freezing cold. up until 8:00, we'll be at 34. we'll be in the low to mid-50s from about i'd say noon all the way to 6:00 and back down to 46. you can see the cloud cover here also that could keep us from freezing once again. take a look at that coming up next in the accuweather seven-day forecast and more chances of wet weather. here's sue. the bay bridge toll plaza where no metering lights yet but those cash paying lanes are stacking up. car-poolers are getting through without any delay. there's a guide to your drive
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time from hercules still under 30 minutes. it's not a bad ride at all. it is slowing out of the central valley. we had an accident or, pardon me, a stall blocking lane number three westbound before grant line that may be slowing things there and towards fremont we had debris in lanes, northbound 680 before mission fremont. that's in the slow lane there. heads up. thank you, sue. unintended consequences, a mom who shamed an irate passenger now regrets her viral video post. the pentagon prepares for an announcement that will affect the lives of thousands of transgender men and women. weather and traffic on your weather and traffic on your scre
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check this out. tracking some chances of rain in our forecast, but notice no storm impact scale on these because they're going to be just like these, very random to scattered showers, but there's a possibility of hail and even snow as they come through not only today, tomorrow, thursday, but saturday and monday. more on that coming up. mitt romney has received a big-name endorsement in his run for utah senate seat. president trump said romney has his full support. romney quickly accepted that endorsement. interesting because the two have had a rocky relationship. romney has been a persistent critic of the president. civil rights icon the reverend jesse jackson is thanking lebron james for standing up for what he believes
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in. this comes after fox news host laura ingram criticized james for his comments on social issues saying players should stay out of politics and, quote, shut up and dribble. jackson says that he is deeply insulted by the attack on james and goes on to say james' slam dunk for justice is needed. james says he will continue to talk about what's really important. the pentagon is expected to announce its new policy on transgender troops this week after six months of legal battles. it started with president trump's tweets calling for a ban on transgender members of the service to get out. several federal court rulings have since prevented the pentagon from implementing that ban. the new policy will replace rules adopted during the barack obama that allows them to serve openly for the first time. defense secretary jim mattis announced in september that a panel of experts would develop a new policy on transgender service members by february 21st. in today's "gma first look"
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a new twist in a viral video that shows a passenger yelling at a woman and her baby. >> the woman who took the video says she feels bad for taking it. here is abc's kendis gibson. in this morning's "gma first look" the viral video viewed more than 2 million times online. melissa traveling with her 2-year-old son pulled out her phone to record this woman, susan perez, complaining about her seat assignment and giving the flight attendant a hard time. >> you may not have a job tomorrow. >> reporter: she was eventually escorted off the plane. reaction was swift. her employer, the new york state council on the arts, launching an investigation and placing her on leave until further notice. but this morning an unlikely defender, the very mom to took the video. >> i don't think she deserved that honestly. people tell me don't feel bad, she deserved it. i honestly don't think she did. >> reporter: and coming up at 7:00 more on the fallout.
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i'm kendis gibson, abc news, new york. at 5:16 now north korean leader kim jong-un wants to turn his country into an international sports superpower just like east germany was in the '70s and '80s. he is pouring money and resources into training and infrastructure for athletes. the country now even has an all sports television channel. north korean athletes have made global inroads at the winter games in south korea but they have battled for dead last in most competitions. major league baseball is implementing a series of new rules designed to speed up the games. there will be a limit of six visits to the mound that does not include a pitching change per game. commercial breaks will be cut to 2:05 for regular season games with 25 seconds left in the break a pitcher will have to complete his final warm-up. at 20 seconds the batter must be walking up and at zero seconds the pitcher has to begin his throw. last year tv viewership was down 6%. the bay area not the only region seeing bone chilling
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temperatures. southern california has seen freezing temperatures after unusual weather. check this out. that is pea-sized hail dropping on los angeles yesterday. now it actually lasted only ten seconds. you wouldn't think that, though, if you looked at social media. everybody talking about that hail. >> and we had hail but at least ours lasted 20 seconds. >> sure. we win. >> we get to make a bigger deal out of it. hi, mike. snow in the hills and we could have another chance or two as we head to the weekend. we still have a slippery slope of air that's coming down from the arctic. it's moisture starved but it's cold enough that once it gets over the warmer ocean waters picks up a little bit of that energy and brings it our way in the form of some showers like we had yesterday. here's a look at my accuweather highlights, mostly sunny. a slight chance of an evening shower for us today. the clouds from that will linger and that means it will be almost as cold tonight, not quite as cold as this morning, and chances for a wintry mix, chances, that means a couple. and here is one of them.
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you can see that slippery slope i talked about coming straight down at us. more energy on the way. so let's see how it plans out. we'll jump ahead to 5:00 because today will be very quiet, not as breezy. it will be mostly sunny. grab the sunglasses. let me get out of the way so you can see over the ocean right up until 11:00, maybe even midnight. there's a stray shower or two trying to hug the coast. now as we head to 7:00 tomorrow morning, it's all gone. most of the day we're going to be fine. you see 5:00 an isolated shower possible through about 3:00 thursday morning. a better chance as we head to thursday afternoon. look at this. a more widespread scattering of showers, if you will. if you look real quick, you saw some pink and white. that means another chance of some hail and some snow thursday afternoon. here's my accuweather seven-day forecast. once that passes we get one day, friday, and then that jet stream once again brings us a chance of evening showers saturday and a chance of rain monday.
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temperatures below average all seven days. hi, sue. good morning. we'll take a look at the mcarthur maze, all of the approaches to the bay bridge from 80 and 580 and 880 and everybody's moving at the limit. we have no metering lights yet at the bay bridge toll plaza. we'll check on that in our next report. currently slowing out of tracy. we did have a stall, lane number three, over the altamont near grant line. the speeds are way below 20 miles an hour. it's just a grind once again. and big metal crates in lanes north 680 before mission fremont and drivers are swerving to avoid them. it's a dangerous situation there. they may have to do a break to get cal trains to get the lanes cleared out. we'll be following that for you. your mass transit a great way to go this tuesday back to work, 36 b.a.r.t. trains on schedule. the golden gate ferries and buses moving along great. no problems there. ace train number 1 on its way into vasco on time. thank you, sue.
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for the first time ever fedex has hired a female african-american pilot. tahirah lamont brown's interest started in high school. brown said getting there is hard work but is worth it. >> congratulations to her. time for the annual toy fair in new york. more than 1,000 toy companies are there to talk about what to expect next christmas. the show occupies an area roughly the size of seven football fields. one of the new trends apparently is millennial nostalgia. there are a whole lot of millennial parents out there now looking for toys that remind them of their childhood. think of brands like teenage mutant ninja turtles. >> buyers from all over the world, over 1,000 toy companies here in new york to really talk about what is going to happen next christmas, what are companies going to buy, what are going to be on birthday party tables. >> this is big business and the fear is stagnation.
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they need to step up their game. the u.s. has a $27 billion market for toys. next the seven things you need to know as you get your day started. looking into your eyes to see straight into your heart. google is ready to make that a reality. plus, less than 1% of california pot growers have a license. the impact it could have on the state's bottom line if the numbers don't improve. sfo ♪ it is cold this morning we're
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our washers come with a "i have bigger things to worry aut than how much detergent i'm using" feature. hey dad, are you done? yup and i already filled the detergent tank. so, we should be good for a month or two. great, just gonna wash my costume i thought you were going as a koala. sexy koala. a smart washer that auto dispenses detergent for any size load. koalas aren't sexy. another way we make good things, for life. ♪
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this is food made to sit down for. slow down for. put the phone away, and use a knife and fork for. and with panera catering, it's food worth sharing. panera. food as it should be. and with panera catering, it'you're so cold, come in! what's wrong? it's dry... your scalp? mine gets y in the winter too. try head and shoulders' dry scalp care it nourishes the scalp and. ...keeps you up to 100% flake free head and shoulders' dry scalp care all right. it is 5:24 and whether you're just joining us or heading out the door, seven things to know. a map here of the coldest cities right now. that should be rohnert park not rohnery park. petaluma 27. one subdivision in walnut creek,
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25 degrees. >> speaking of that freezing temperature, number two, many of you will be walking out to see your cars covered in frost. in danville even the grass has ice crystals. warming shelters have opened. we put the full list on our website, number three, a swarm of earthquakes in the east bay. the latest are the red and orange dots on the map all near danville. we've seen six ranging from 2.6 to 3.0. number four, the first bus of students who survived last week's shooting in parkland, florida, has now arrived in tallahassee. students are urging lawmakers to enact new gun control laws. 17 people died. number five, a new story just coming in to our live desk, albertsons buying a big chunk of rite aid according to "the wall street journal" only moments ago. more details in our next half hour. number six, following your tuesday back-to-work commute and the metering lights have been turned on. it's filling in with a drive
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time now from hercules into san francisco. you can sort of gauge from where you're coming from is 30 minutes and increasing. number seven, high-speed rail seems to be chugging along. the first physical work has started which will link silicon valley. the first passenger service to link the two projected to be in 2025. looking into your eyes to see straight to your heart. >> google's deep mind is using artificial intelligence to predict the likelihood of you having a heart attack or stroke by looking into your retina. this method accurately predicts which patient will have a heart attack or other major cardiovascular event within five years and which one will not. gaggle says it was surprised by the accuracy of the results. it could be months or years before this is used routinely. coming back with another full 90 minutes of news including the push to change how the bail system works in california. elon musk to take over outer
5:27 am
space and the world continues.
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good morning. it's 5:29 on tuesday, february 20th. it is a bit chilly outside. >> absolutely. you did warn us this would happen, mike. it's not over yet. >> no, it's not over. an hour and a half, maybe two hours of cooling left. so here's the breakdown. you have to keep the pets, the plants, and the pipes protected until 9:00 for sure in the hard freeze areas solano county and lake county where temperatures could drop down to 22 degrees. next would be 25 to about 30 degrees. and then the bay shore and the coast and that's going to be around 30 to 35 degrees. that's where we're still going to see some frost. the temperature in ocean beach,
5:30 am
35 degrees. we're getting close in san francisco to some frost. here is the reason why. the lack of winds and clouds on live doppler 7. my accuweather 12-hour planner around 50 at noon just like yesterday but without the breezes, it will feel better. 50 to 53 with high cloud at 4:00 and high clouds about 44 to 48 at 7:00. let's find out about the morning commute. notice a lot more cars this morning, sue. there are more cars than yesterday obviously because it was a holiday. we're getting into the brunt of the commute right now. traffic is moving nicely here. this is san rafael in the north gate mall and past the civic center heading to southern marin. if your commute takes you across the golden gate bridge, an easy drive this morning. no delays over the -- pardon me. that should not be there. that's the westbound 80 commute. your golden gate drive is looking great over the waldo grade into san francisco. from san rafael about a
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20-minute drive. >> you just wanted to give us extra info. the coldest weather we've seen so far this season has the bay area adding extra layers this morning. >> literally and figuratively actual layers of clothing, of course, and layers of services for those in need where we do have the freeze warning. abc 7 news reporter matt keller is live for us in san jose. good morning, matt. >> reporter: good morning, natasha and reggie. definitely a shock heading to work this morning. very, very cold out here. check this out on our abc 7 accuweather app. in morgan hill it's 32 degrees right now. the real feel temperature, though, 26 degrees. that's why we had that red banner across the top there that says it is a freeze warning. it's very uncomfortable and very dangerous outside. you want more proof for just how cold it is outside, check out this sign here in walnut creek. it says it was 34 degrees at 1:30 this morning. it's probably colder now. cars were coated with ice. in danville more of the same.
5:32 am
we're dealing with the freezing temperatures and icy conditions everywhere. if you're heading to work, you'd better be ready. >> it's really cold right now. how to make something up to keep warm, two sweaters right now. >> reporter: two sweaters under that jacket? >> yes, of course. >> reporter: yeah, you might need three sweaters. a big problem subfreezing temperatures are possible for several hours, plants and pets need to be taken care of. a lot of warming shelters and expanded shelter services are in place. hundreds of beds are available overnight in shelters here in santa clara county f. you'd like more information on that go to our website, reporting live in san jose, matt keller, abc 7 news. matt, thank you. 5:32. grape growers in napa keeping an eye on the temperatures. bud breaks, the first stage of vine growth, has emerged in some areas making the crop more susceptible to frost damage. they can turn on tools they rely on during the cold snaps. in the east bay neighbors are wondering if they'll see
5:33 am
more snow today. people reported flakes in the oakland hills yesterday. viewer david nune collected a few in his hand. in berkeley and other parts of the bay area people saw hail. you can hear it, can't you? this is video from a viewer who had hail pelting his backyard deck. >> we love seeing photos and video of the weather where you live so take a photo or video and add #abc7now. you may see it on air or on we are tracking the news happening today. the men charged in the deadly ghost ship fire will be back in court. derick almena and max harris face involuntary manslaughter charges for the fire that killed 36 people. this morning they're expected to enter pleas. prosecutors say that almena and harris essentially operate ed a operators of the property. happening today groups fighting for bail reform will hold a rally in san francisco. supporters of the california money bail reform act say their bill will ensure people are not
5:34 am
kept in jail just because they can't afford bail to buy their freedom. a rally is planned for 1:00 p.m. in front of the hall of justice. in addition to the rally the public defender and district attorney's office will hold their own news conference on the issue. a "washington post" poll reveals americans believe president trump and congress are not doing enough to prevent school shootings. it's also giving us insight into what people think could have prevented last week's shooting in parkland, florida. 77% say that better mental health monitoring and treatment is needed. 58% say stricter gun laws. 42% of people polled say the shooting could have been prevented by allowing schoolteachers to carry guns. the poll finds 77% of americans say that congress is not doing enough to try to stop such shootings, and 62% say the same of president trump. lawmakers in florida are feeling the pressure to consider a new gun law. the names of the 17 students and teachers killed at stoneman douglas high school rang out at candlelight vigils across florida. yesterday was a day of
5:35 am
remembrance and activism from a grassroots rally in los angeles to a lie-in protest at the white house. survivors of the massacre taking their crusade to tallahassee ready to push lawmakers to enact tougher gun laws. >> we are resilient to make a change because there's so much grief in this community and my friends and i are turning grief into political action. >> a source familiar with the investigation tells abc news the suspected shooter nikolas cruz had access to ten guns, seven he legally purchased. those include an ak-47 and an ar-15 allegedly used in the attack. good morning, everyone. two major retailers linking up albertsons acquiring a big chunk of rite aid. i mentioned this only a few moments ago, and i was just able to get some more details for you. the two organizations are worth now about $24 billion combined. this means the new company will
5:36 am
own 4,900 stores nationwide. you may remember part of rite aid was sold to walgreens. albertsons is picking up the other parts of rite aid the albertsons pharmacies will be rebranded as rite aid although some rite aids will continue to operate as stand-alone stores. and stock for rite aid doing well right now in free market trading after this big announcement. back to you. >> a lot going on there. thanks, jessica. the city of alameda could take a step towards allowing legal cannabis businesses in the city. businesses like steep hill labs have not been able to set up shop in alameda even though pot was legalized last month. and that's because the city has no regulations for cannabis business permits. city planners will present proposed rules tonight and will listen to arguments for and against pot businesses in the city. the lack of rules in the pot industry isn't just affecting alameda. a new report from the growers association found less than 1% of the state's known cannabis
5:37 am
growers are licensed as of february 7th. that's about 500 out of an estimated 68,000 growers. licensing costs and regulatory barriers are to blame. another recent study found recreational pot should produce $5 billion in taxable revenue this year. but if more businesses aren't licensed, that will likely be lower than anticipated. it's 5:37 and we are anywhere from 3 to 14 degrees cooler than this time yesterday. we'll start in the south bay where we have frost forming around santa clara, los gatos, and morgan hill, alum rock, sunnyvale. we're close in campbell. 33 there. we have 37 in milpitas. san jose, and the warm spot mountain view at 38. almost frosty in redwood city and newark. 33. look at half moon bay. that's got to be a record 28 degrees at half moon bay. that's one of the coldest spots
5:38 am
anywhere right now. that's impressive. 28 in danville, lafayette, 29. we have 29 in napa and also fairfield is about 30. traveling this morning across our bridges, not nearly as breezy as they were yesterday. in fact, our roads, the only thing you have to contend with is getting frost off your car this morning. cold this morning. cool this afternoon. taking mass transit, let's talk about san francisco. using one of our milder neighborhoods, you'll barely get out of the 40s and it will take up until 4:00 for that to happen. by 6:00 you're back into the 40s. back to the north bay we're starting the freezing temperatures. still 42 at 10:00. up to 50, nearly double our morning lows, by noon. and we'll hang in the mid-50s in the afternoon hours. back in the 40s by 6:00 and 42 by 8:00. notice the cloud cover, that's the key to tonight's forecast. we'll talk about how it's not going to be quite as cold as this morning coming up next. before you leave, let's see what sue is watching for your
5:39 am
commute. a couple trouble spots so let's get to it. we had an earlier stall over the altamont pass near grant line cleared. i just checked your drive time from tracy into dublin, an hour and ten minutes. welcome back to the real world, folks. yesterday we had a quiet day. today not so much. westbound 84 on your approach to the dumbarton bridge. three vehicles involved in an accident. apparently one went over the center divide in the opposite direction and a couple of lanes are blocked in the westbound direction as well. expect some delays to be building. chp is en route there. they have not arrived on scene yet. we'll have more when we come back. thank you, sue. high speed rail rolling closer to the bay area. the big step the pro yekt is taking. b.a.r.t. officials weighing in on the possibility of a new station to bring fans to an a's ballpark on the oakland waterfront. we are just getting word of breaking news
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we're back at 5:42. here is a look at the radar. much quieter across the entire state than yesterday. mid to upper 50s. 51 in monterey. low 60s around san diego, los angeles, and palm springs. 30s for tahoe and yosemite, and they are making snow in heavenly right now. the temperatures dropping down to nearly single digits during the overnight hours and they are taking advantage of that.
5:43 am
mother nature will bring light rain thursday into friday morning and another two to four sunday. look at these pictures we were able to get from firefighters moments ago. luckily all four people inside the house were able to get out safely although one person was treated for smoke inhalation and this all happened on spring brook road. we are sending a reporting to the scene and will get more information for you and will have a live report at 6:00. a few families are under evacuation orders. burning about 30 miles southeast of the popular ski area mammoth lakes. it is just 25% contained.
5:44 am
at one point the fire threatened hundreds of buildings. firefighters are making progress. it's 5:44 now. the city of san jose is hosting a newtown hall meeting. it would transform the city into a model of sustainability. it will cost an estimated $264 billion. the hope is new jobs will result in $5 billion in savings for the city. a town hall at san jose city hall. construction is under way for an 85-mile-long section of the high-speed rail. it will link a transit station it will link a transit station to the central valley. temporary lane closures may be necessary as crews work along the shoulders.
5:45 am
b.a.r.t.'s general manager says a new station in west oakland would cause problems for the system's busiest stretch of track and questions who would pay for it. by the time we built such a project i'm sure the a's would have had at least ten winning series and a world series win in the new stadium. >> spring training is in full swing. the giants tweeted video and photos from scottsdale, arizona yesterday. trying to bounce back from a 98-loss season. the first spring game is friday against the milwaukee brewers. the oakland a's are back on the field in mesa, arizona. the a's will face the angels. you're never more than seven minutes away from your accuweather forecast. here is mike nicco. hi, everybody. look at san francisco this morning.
5:46 am
the mid-30s around ocean beach and the golden gate park to low 40s as you get to the financial district and downtown. downtown is where the official temperature is taken. it's going to be really close. grab the sunglasses today and enjoy the fact it will not be as brisk as yesterday. not quite as cold as this morning. another chance wednesday into thursday. a look at the little bit of energy and portland and seattle but it will dive down towards us on this jet stream. when it does, that's when it kicks off some showers. you can see here nothing going on. as we get to 11:00 to midnight that energy arrives. notice it's green which means right now it's going to possibly
5:47 am
have hail. once that leaves us, the morning commute will be fine. just not as cold as this morning but close. tomorrow at 5:00, some isolated showers the best chance of something measurable could happen in the afternoon hours. thursday starts off as wet and then you see pink and white could drop hail and snow. one it passes we get a break. not going to drop widespread rain nor a lot of it when they do. monday that may change. that's a week away. here's sue. we're checking in on your commute this morning, back to work tuesday morning. a couple of issues you need to be aware of. the dumbarton bridge, westbound 84 near thornton. the left lane is blocked there. we had three vehicles involved, one went over the center divide
5:48 am
and is perpendicular with the center divide. we have a new accident with a motorcycle down. definite slowing and we don't have a liane from the chp blocked. >> sue, thank you. a bay area group hoping to enpower dozens of young african-americans will help them see the movie "black panther." >> my son, it is your time. >> leaders say they want to expose children to the movie's positive representations of themselves on the big screen. they're sending 100 kids to see "black panther" with their parents. it's produced by marvel which like abc 7 is owned by disney. >> elon musmusk's company can w on a hyper loop tunnel.
5:49 am
officials in d.c. had given him verbal permission. "the washington post" reports the company wants to build a hyper loop that would whisk passengers between washington and new york in just 29 minutes. flying on a plane takes about an hour. next at 6:00 getting closure on fergie's rendition of the national anthem after she explains her thought process behind it. >> it's a hero's journey. first, the amazing actual journey of a wedding ring that a san francisco woman left on a flight. the airline workers who went above and beyond. >> and celebrating the new year in an incredible way. >>
5:50 am
5:51 am
5:52 am
here's a look at some of the coldest neighborhoods this morning. rohnert park, graton, santa rosa 27. i do have half moon bay at 28 and campbell at 29. i do have some freezing temperatures. >> this is fun. you're looking at what an if and out burger worker is saying about the greatest day of his life. this is a skillful selfie. and that's brandon contreras. david carr went through. carr kindly signed a hat for contreras. in case you're wondering about his order carr got two
5:53 am
cheeseburgers and a chocolate shake. >> a low maintenance order. that is an order to be proud of. a bicycle company is recalling more than 5,500 sold in the u.s. and they include the 2018 special iized sport and elite. they were sold for up to $1,200. michael finney first alerted us last night. the fork can break and cause the rider to lose control. only one report of a fork cracking. no crashes or injuries reported so far. owners should stop using the bicycle right away and take them to an authorized special retailer for repair. vw is showing off its autonomous cars. you'll notice a lot of things missing, no steering wheel, and we can't see any visible controls. drivers and riders will interact with a virtual assistant. the vehicle is designed to enhance mobility options for those who may not be able to drive anymore. a spectacular light show in
5:54 am
china sparks actually flying during lunar new year celebrations. >> on sunday villagers performed this dragon dance with molten iron fireworks heated to more than 1,800 degrees fahrenheit before being launched into the air. they wear shorts and cloth hats for protection. they are believed to bring good luck to the community and, gosh, it is a sight to see, sue. >> no kidding how do they not get burned? walnut creek, you can see the taillights starting to stack up. this is southbound we have reports of an accident partially blocking a lane of traffic there and you can see it's starting to slow down at north main. we'll be following that for you, your commute on the 680 corridor. this one approaching the dumbarton bridge and slow traffic from 880. there is the left lane blocked here.
5:55 am
thornton approaching the toll plaza so expect delays until they get the cars out of there once again, three cars left lane and one is perfependicular with the divide. 49 in half moon bay. most of us around 52 to 54 degrees. tonight you see the cloud cover. freezing temperatures. just not really around the bay, the coast and san francisco like we're dealing with this morning. i was talking to matt keller via twitter and tweeted out some of your neighborhoods. check that out. average lows about 39. we're getting nowhere close to that. we are above freezing saturday and sunday. we could be back to frosty temperatures. tomorrow 35 but frosty again thursday morning.
5:56 am
don't let the blankets and sheets get too far away. the health impact from an acne diagnosis can go much further than your skin. patients can experience a 60% spike in risk for clinical depression in the first year after a diagnosis. two-thirds occurs in adult not teenagers. authors suggest doctors be aware of the potential mental health impacts. a san francisco woman is crediting united airline employees for restoring her faith in humanity after finding her rings. a united gate agent found them, locked them in a safe and had a united captain hand deliver the rings to her yesterday. >> hand deliver? >> yeah. that's service. a strong warning from police about a game kids are playing involving fake guns.
5:57 am
stoneman douglas high school students rally gun reform, local students are honoring the victims. and we do have breaking news, a big fire at a home in walnut creek. find out what happened in a live report next. a first grader who had no a first grader who had no one show up to her birthday
5:58 am
♪ they're super... ...but they can fly. ♪ united. helping superheroes fly.
5:59 am
now at 6:00 a.m., freezing temperatures throughout the bay area, and if you're not freezing you're probably pretty close. now to our weather expert and find out when this is going to stop. >> for sure. welcome back, tuesday, february 20th. we have this chilly blast. >> remember the first ten days of the month, record high temperatures somewhere every day. that's what weather does, always trying to balance out the extreme cold and warmth across the earth.
6:00 am
don't forget if you live around the bay shore and out to the coast, frost advisory until 9:00. temperatures at 30 degrees. the hard freeze is 22. that's a killing freeze. 30 to 35 at 7:00. temperatures 50 at noon but not as breezy. gorgeous sunset possible at 5:54. #abc7now. temperatures in the mid-40s during the evening hours. how about that commute, sue? >> we had an accident blocking two lanes just past north main in the southbound direction. you can see the brake lights at the turn there. the accident is on the right-hand side shoulder. expect delays. elsewhere


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