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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  February 20, 2018 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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it was a watch out then walk type of morning for pedestrians. shortly after 9:00 a.m. toward the tail end of the commute, traffic lights began flashing red, the first big impact were the signals on third street and embarcadero, then different parts of the city, heavily traveled roads. by 11:00 a.m., the problems were across the city. paul rose, spokesman for the san francisco municipal transportation agency. >> the network that controls the traffic signals throughout the city partially went down for about 200 traffic signals. >> reporter: the sfmta called in all it's field crews to manually reset utility boxes, massive task.
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brian mccabe and lexi drab are tourists from canada. >> you had to be careful. >> it wasn't too bad, everyone's pretty friendly but there was a lot of honking. >> people were missing work and late for work because of the missing red lights. >> for some, they had seen worse. >> it was fine, i used to live in china and that was way worse. >> we >> reporter: well the sfmta reports that as of 1:34 this afternoon, all the intersections in the city were normal, a little more than four hours after they went down. the mta says it's investigating. >> at least they're back to normal, right? to our other top story, cold weather ripping through the bay area. >> clouds now moving across the
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bay, you can see this pretty live picture from our camera at atop mt. tam. >> people are saying, spencer, it was so cold across the bay area. let's take a close look here, 21 degrees at napa, 25 at santa rosa, 26 at livermore, all records for this date and those locations. 28 at half moon bay, oakland 36, s sfo 32. it was cold all over the joint this morning. temperatures are dropping already this afternoon before even sunset, it's in the upper 40s already already the bay shoreline and around the coast. you can see some spotty moisture over the north bay right now, but a larger area of showers are just offshore. and those showers are coming our direction. notice just after midnight about 3:00 a.m. or so, we'll see scattered showers moving into the north bay and some snow in
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the higher terrain. by 7:00 tomorrow morning, the morning commute will already be under way, we'll see some wet pavement in the north bay and maybe even some mixed precipitation and some snow in the higher elevation it. we'll give you a closer look at tomorrow's weather and how active it's going to be coming up. with temperatures this low, normally temperate neighborhoods are having a tough time coping, especially those less fortunate. matt keller has the story now from san jose. >> reporter: heading back to work after a long holiday weekend is tough enough, add in a freeze warning and getting up wasn't a given. >> it's a little hard to get out of bed. >> reporter: people were bundled up at the deardon station as temperatures dropped to near freezing. >> it's freezing cold. >> reporter: how is that scarf working for you? >> it's holding me up for now. >> reporter: hundreds of beds
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are available at nine shelters in santa clara county, but thousands of people are known to be on the streets. this morning it was ice cold in danville and walnut creek. frost covered cars and grasses, temperatures topped into the mid 20s. carla and tom evans walk every day here at the community center. today it was no different, for them, at least. even when the temperatures dropped into the low 20gs. >> we have the same regulars. which is good. >> as long as i can keep my upper body warm, my shoulders warm and my head warm, i'm fine. >> reporter: several warming centers and shelters are open because of the freezing cold temperatures. for more information on that, you can go to our website >> and you too can keep track of the blustery cold temperatures on our abc7 news app. survivors of last week's
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deadly school shooting in florida are now rallying for stricter gun laws but they're already feeling a sense of disappointment, some of the teenagers cried after to -- >> reporter: students across south florida are joining the fight against gun violence. >> i myself registred to vote yesterday and anyone that i feel, any senator, any representative and that includes the president, i will work against them if they are working against me. >> reporter: demanding that something be done. >> it's a time now that everybody needs to take action, instead of oh, i give you my prayers, i give you my words, you need to protest and you need to make a change. >> reporter: and they're taking their protest to the state capitol. hundreds of students from parland are bussing the 400 miles to tallahassee so deliver
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the message, never again. florida governor rick scott says he's listening, holding workshops all day focused on school safety. but the florida house voted against taking up a ban on assault rifles. now new documents show the school board was aware that the alleged school shooter was preoccupied whiy eied with warsm and people getting killed. >> there's limitations in terms of what we can do from a legal standpoint right now. the big challenge i believe is that we have various agencies, including the school systems that are working really >> two more protests are being planned next week. george clooney has already donated $500,000 to the march saying our children's lives depend on it. >> more on when maggie's talking about with actor and activist
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george clooney throwing his effort bebebebebe students. they plan to hold a rally in washington, d.c. clooney's planned to donate $500,000 in the names of the victims. in the meantime, the u.s. supreme court has refused to hear two challenges to guns rights groups regulating firearms sales. that means two rulings in the ninth circuit of appeals remains in place. the transfer of guns was upheld, the other the court said california could require people to wait ten days to buy a gun even if they already owned one and their background check was complete #.
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operated as managers of the ghost fire building. the case could go to the jury in july. the red cross is helping a walnut creek family after an overnight fire destroyed their home. it happened on spring book road where neighbors heard a boom before the fire -- >> reporter: this is video taken by firefighters when they arrived to spring brook and walnut creek. >> when we arrived, we had fire pretty much coming out all of the windows and all of the doors. unfortunately, the majority of the house is destroyed. >> the man living across the street heard some kind of a boom. then he saw the fire. >> i heard this big explosion noise, i thought, like a boom
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noise, a jet, a flame was coming out here to the left of the house. a huge jet of claim. >> reporter: he says the fire moved quickly. >> you were scared? >> it was huge and it was very big and i was very worried about my friends next door and their doggies, so i made sure they were already. and i calmed my doggies down and just waited it out. >> there were three generations of people inside this home when the fire started, four adults and one child. one person was taken to the hospital to be treated for smoke inhalati inhalation, another adult was found out here in the front yard and needed help getting away from the flames. >> we had another adult who recently had a stroke and was unable to move about so we had to move him out of the way. >> reporter: firefighters were unable to pinpoint where in the house the fire started but they don't know what triggered it. demonstrators converged on the
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a new hearing to a low mcmahon who was originally held on more than half a million dollars bail after being accused of stealing a $5 bottle of cologne. today california's attorney general announced he will not appeal the ruling. san francisco public defender called this decision a game changer. >> this is extremely significant because the bail system is a tax on the poor. it said that the way in which the california courts and the judicial system has been dealing with bail is patently illegal. >> the demonstrators called on california to grant new bail hearings to thousands of low income defendants in light of the ruling. new hope for kids with peanut allergies, a possible
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break through treatment being developed by a peanut company. and later president trump sends a signal about gun control, a change he is willing to make. it's 4:11 on a tuesday afternoon, this i the sky way in downtown san francisco, oncoming traffic trying to get to the east bay, via the lower deck of the bay bridge, it's bumper to bumper and it's not any better on the right-hand side for folks heading south. back wit
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several earthquakes have struck over the past few days. s >> reporter: in the san ramon valley, there was some shaking last night. >> i remember waking up three or four times last night feeling them. they seemed pretty strong. >> reporter: a small series of earthquakes over the past six hours. a magnitude 2.8 just after 6:30 this morning. it's a reminder of what we face living in california. >> you wait and see if there are going to be more and then when there's not anymore. you sigh of relief, wait for the next one. >> reporter: scientists aren't quite sure what causes the swarm, but brian kilgore with the usgs says is the seismic activity in this part of the valley isn't out of the ordinary. >> these kind of earthquakes are
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reminders when there's no damage or injury, that we live in earthquake country and there's no time like the present to be prepared. >> reporter: the usgs is working on an alert system that would work through your cell phone. but the program itself is being targeted for elimination by president trump. mexico already has a similar system in place that's been credited for saving lives. >> it gives people a few extra seconds to duck cover and hold or to prepare as best they can for the shaking that's to peanut allergies continue to rise in the u.s. the latest estimate is about 2.5% of all american children are affected. so big numberings. >> big population. and a bay area company is working to offer the first treatment to prevent serious
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allergic reactions to peanuts. kristen? >> imagine your throat swells shut or your heart stops beating, both are potential reactions for those with severe peanut allergies, that's why a pill by brisbane pharmaceuticals is generating excitement. the company announced that daily capsules of peanut flour sprinkled over food reduces sensitivity to peanut allergies. it's been studying 6,700 children who were able to tolerate the equivalent of two peanuts, compared to 40% of kids given the dummy powder. >> speaking as a parent a child who has had anna
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shock. >> additional studies are being done and they plan to apply for fda clearance next year. the additional treatment will run $5,000 to $10,000 and drop to $300 to $400. doctors say don't try exposing your allergy prone child to peanuts at home, it needs to be done in a controlled safe setting. tomorrow marks the anniversary of the coyote creek flood. many haven't fully recovered emotionally or financially. david louie has one family's story. >> reporter: this is the disaster that thousands never expected, entire neighborhoods along coyote creek rose so quickly they had no time to move their cars. isabel lives on welch avenue.
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the force of the contaminated water nearly knocked her over. >> they said get out, get out. >> reporter: one year later, the flood remains a painful experience for her sons who lost their bikes and toys. >> i'm sad about it. >> reporter: does it really make you upset? >> yes. >> reporter: edgar's family got assistance from the -- $3 million for housing, vehicles and basic needs, $3 million for emergency financial aid and 200 million for emergency shelter and meals. a donation center raised $30,000 for gift cards. 130 families at the school were flood victims. >> reaching out to all of our extended community areas and having people get those
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immediately. >> reporter: the flood nightmare is still fresh on the boys' minds. >> translator: i don't know what to face with the kids when they ask me, it's going to rain, could this happen to us again? >> reporter: david louie, abc7 news. >> i just got back from l.a., i was at the nba all-star game, and people were freaking out, and it got arctic down to 57. >> send them to chicago. >> exactly. in fact, we're going to have some scattered showers here, maybe even some high elevation snow. so we have our little arctic weather that's going to be hanging around for a while. here's live doppler 7, you can see those areas of green showing up there and it's certainly likely that a hit or a sprinkle, we don't have any reports of well organized rain. but spots are possible.
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here's a view from mt. tam looking out over the bay, it's 48 degrees in san francisco, 49d at oakland, 50 in mountain view. these clouds look kind of scary, from emeryville, looking at the western sky. santa rosa 52, napa 47, 50s in novato, concord and livermore. here's a little bit brighter view of the western sky. these are our forecast features, it will be freezing cold tomorrow morning, perhaps not quite so cold as this morning was, a chance of mixed wintry precip tomorrow. and it will be milder and dryer by the earnnd of the week. it's still going to be cold, but not quite so cold as this morning. look at the low to mid 30s in the north bay and snow in the elevations around lake county and even northern sonoma county, right around the bay upper 30s, and we'll see the development of some passing showers along the
4:21 pm
coast during the overnight or early morning hours. forecast animation late tonight and into the early, early morning, we'll see those showers moving through the north bay. and once again, snow or mixed precipitation, meaning some form soft freezing precipitation in the higher elevations, that will continue swinging on down through the coastline, maybe even reaching out over the bay, by midday, highs tomorrow will be only in the mid 50s for the most part, pretty much like today, a rather chilly day with the threat of some passing showers. meanwhile in the sierra, a winter weather advisory is in effect or will be from 9:00 tomorrow night until 4:00 a.m. friday. snow levels will be quite low, to 2,000 feet, we expect 3 to 66 inches of snow. thursday morning, 10:00, much like tomorrow, there will be this little passing system that could produce some showers, mainly near the coast and into the north bay and of course once again there could be freezing
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precipitation, snow or sleet in the higher elevations. rainfall estimates for the approaching system, by midday thursday, almost no measurable rain in the east bay or south bay. here's the accuweather 7-day forecast, chilly, wintry weather, with a chance of some showers through the next two days, getting sunnier and over thursday and friday. >> spencer, thanks. black panther, it is a blockbuster at the box office, now there's talk a hit movie could have a big impact at the ballot box. >> and a little later, the invention that could save lives during an active shooter attack. a high school student behind the potentially life saving device.
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what happens now determines what happens. to the rest of the world. >> some staggering new box office numbers for marvel's "black panther." the superhero flick opened to a record $240 million domestically over the holiday weekend, that makes it the second highest opening in movie history. the movie has raked in $426 million so far. iger says in his 20 years he has never seen more excitement and praise for a movie. disney is the parent company of both marvel and abc7.
4:26 pm
the number of companies lining up to see "black panther" is forming a act -- about the movie and turn it into a push to the polls. the effort is called the wikonda project and it's named after the fictitious black kingdom in the movie. >> i think it's definitely set a tone in the black community for people to go out and be their own from heroes. >> we should come together like we did before and come together and get out to the polls and vote. >> in parents are taking their children to see the film saying it's a step forward helping them find the power in their own voices. grammy award winning singer art kelly has been evicted from two bay area homes because of unpaid rent. court filings last week in fulton county court, shows that kelly owes
4:27 pm
back behrend -- back rent. kelly is under investigation on allegations he was holding women against their will as part of a cult. just ahead on abc7 news at 4:00, with growing pressure for washington to act on gun violence. president trump orders a ban on a controversial piece of equipment. also unprecedented punishment taken against a college basketball program.
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here are the stories making headlines at 4:30. more than 200 traffic lights went down. that outage led to a whole lot of confusion with drivers and pedestrians. that problem has since been fixed. a man known for leslie brinkley tells you what police are doing to track down the person who shot him. wine country can expect another night of freezing temperatures. reporter wayne freedman tweeted
4:31 pm
it's good and bad depending on the grapes. he'll explain coming up on abc7 news at 5:00. students were bussed to the capital of florida to protest gun violence. now president trump has signaled that his administration is open at least to changing some gun laws. abc news reporter >> reporter: trump announced today that the ordered the department of justice to ban bump stocks. >> to propose regulation s all equipment that turn guns into machine-guns. >> reporter: students around the country have been protesting after one of the deadliest school shootings in american history last week. and while americans say there's a problem, they're split on a
4:32 pm
solution. 77% think that better mental health screening and treatment are the solution. only 58% say stricter gun control could have prevented the massacre. president trump spoke to texas senator cornyn that spoke about updating the background check system. many wonder if the president's actions are making a difference. nancy pelosi wants congress to go further than just fixing the background checks system. >> the centers for disease control and the committee to a select committee to say let's get this done. it. >> reporter: ruthe poll shows other signs of the divide in the country, 42% of respond dents say teachers should be armed to protect students. a youth baseball team in
4:33 pm
missouri is raffling off an assault rifle to raise money, the same type of weapon used in the florida tragedy. a players father's company ordered an ak-15 rifle to raffle off. the town's mayor says that the raffle is a common sight in gun friendly missouri. >> my children know how to shoot an ar-15, they're familiar with it, it's a perfect weapon for hunting, sporting. >> that's an ar-15. the decision to raffle off that ar-15 was made before last week's shooting in florida. a european lawyer has pleaded guilty to lying to prosecutors in robert mueller's special counsel investigation. that investigation surrounds former campaign aid rick gates.
4:34 pm
with his plea, alex vanderswan -- foreign agents registration act which governs foreign lobbying. facebook's -- after special counsel robert mueller published his indictment on friday, rob goldman tweeted that most russian ad spending occurred after the election. he also said swaying the election was not the main goal. president trump retweeted that saying that the fake news media never fails. goldman says those are his own personal views and he conveyed them poorly. more than 100 people have been killed in a rebel held damascus suburb. this is one of the bloodiest periods in the country's sev seven-year war. a bomb just narrowly missed an
4:35 pm
area in ghouta. the number of dead and this video provided by the syrian civil defense also known as white helmets. some pretty tense homes at the united nations as ambassador nikki haley said she will not shut up. the comments were made to mahmoud abbas. today haley responded. >> i will decline the advice i was recently given by your top negotiator. i will not shut up rather, i will respectfully speak some hard truths. >> abbas actually left the general assembly before he could hear that message from ambassador haley. a scandal involving recruits will -- the ncaa vacated the
4:36 pm
title after an appeals panel upheld the program. it's the first time such action has ever been taken against a men's basketball program. the team will also vacate 123 victories and return millions of dollars. an escort alleged by a former louisville cardinals basketball staff hired her and other dancers to have sex with louisville recruits. tmz sports received the information from a cepeda family friend who spoke with the newspaper in his native rico. inside his retired number 30 hangs from the stands there. cepeda's last public appearance was at at&t >> hopefully he'll recover
4:37 pm
quickly. a bay area biologist who discovered a very colorful species of mushroom. the sky is all aglow in emeryville, we'll have the forecast for more winter weather coming up shortly. another live look at the afternoon traffic, this is the san mateo bridge heading east. it's always a little bit busier at this hour. on the right-hand side, that's actually getting busier
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to a glowing honor tonight for a team of bay area searchers. the saga started when some students discovered a yellow glowing species of mushroom growing in the jungles of brazil. the mushroom and similar specieses are known >> we know of around 100 of them that emit light. they're one of the few groups of organisms that emit light 24 hours a day. >> that is fascinated. this is believed to be the first ever mushroom to ever get it's own stamp. as for the glow, we think it may
4:41 pm
attract bugs. >> a stamp? that's big. turning to the become now, i want to talk about these cold temperatures. >> speaking of cold, spencer christian and the weather. >> it's going to be cold overnight, maybe not quite so cold. we have increasing clouds right now, moisture moving through the atmosphere right now, which may translate into some showers overnight and the early mornings. overnight lows will be generally in the low to mid 30s in our inland areas, upper 30s right around the bay, and a hard freeze warning is in effect from -- well, actually until 8:00 a.m. for solano county, where temperatures will drop into the 25 to 30 degrees range. then tomorrow, in the daytime, we may see some passing showers, in the meantime there could be some higher elevation
4:42 pm
precipitation. some freezing rain or some sleet. highs will be in the mid 50s tomorrow, around the bay and inland, low 50s around the coast. it's going to be remain this way sort of weather pattern, that winter like pattern through thursday. then it gets sunnier, mild, drier pattern >> i wanted to say something about spencer being on a stamp, but then -- >> that's a sticky situation. >> i was waiting for something like that. >> way to get us out of that. >> the new facial recognition technology designed to get you through security faster now being tested at a california airport. also the device built by a high school senior that could save lives during an active shooter attack on a school. i'm "7 on your side's" michael finney, call it an amazon mystery, the northern
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security lines? some new technology could make that a reality. >> reporter: this new facial recognition technology is designed to get you through security faster. here's how it works. your boarding pass and identification are matched up to your face, if it all adds up, you go through to the gate. since this is a pilot program, a tsa agent will still check your boarding pass and id. but for the time being at least, it's a much shorter line. favorable. >> i think it will be okay. i like it, speed things up and as long as you have a good u.s. passport, it's going to work, right? >> reporter: but it looks like a couple of queen sized mattresses a few feet apart, it's the new body scanner that some airports are trying out. for this, you just step in between the scanners with your arms at your side. >> it allows the tsa agent to
4:47 pm
notice if there's been a problem in the way you were standing when the scan was done and they can just ask you very quickly to readjust and take another scan very quickly so you don't have to go through a pat down search like you would with the other technology. >>. >> reporter: the goal is to get you through security checkpoints quicker, safer and more secure. since last november, these new automated screening lanes have been in use to carry -- tsa and lax say so far it's helping travelers get to their gate quicker. the machines will be up for 21 days or three weeks and after that tsa officials will look at keeping it herein definitely. a high school senior in wisconsin has developed what he believes is a way to save lives
4:48 pm
during an active shooter attack. justin has always been a hands on type of person. it was during emergency response training at his high school that justin realized there was a problem. so he created just in case. >> the main problem was all these kids in a building who have nothing but a door to keep them safe. once i made the prototype i took it to every classroom and asked teachers, what do you think about it? do you think it's a good idea? >> the response is they did. justin has made a pattern, two steel -- it's placed under the door creating a nearly impenetratable barrier. the deal between albertson's and rite aid is sponsoring a
4:49 pm
drugstore expansion. first albertson's pharmacies will be given the rite aid name. albertson's also owns safe way. last year 2,000 stores to walgreens. "7 on your side's" michael finney joins us now. >> how do you keep your stuff safe? that's what lawmakers are talking about. they want equifax to extend the protection it's offering consumers after that data breach. lawmakers want the company to continue to provide identity theft protection for at least three years. after the data breach, the company offered one year of identity theft protection. the argument is that the thieves can just wait a year and then use all that stolen information.
4:50 pm
apple pay now has new beefed up competition. google pay, an app borne from the merger android pay and google wallet is now available for these devices. there's loyalty programs and gift cards. in some cities mass transit cards can also be stored. a couple near sacramento keeps receiving pillows from amazon and they didn't order them. michelle carol says this all started with a stuffed talking hamster that was delivered to her home. she thought it was a prank but then the pillows started coming. michelle said they were a victim of brushing. that's when someone uses a fake account and sends out a product so they can write good reviews. >> it's upsetting, you know,
4:51 pm
somebody has our address and somebody's using names. >> amazon sending unsolicited packages violates amazon's policy and that can result in them being removed from the site and law enforcement being contacted. if you're dealing with any consumer problem, the hot line is open every day from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m., the number is 415-954-8151. the bad guys don't sleep do that? >> that was an odd one. well, two women are hoping to raise awareness for a little known medical condition, that's one of the major causes of heart attacks in women under 50. it's called spontaneous artery dissection, it happened a few weeks a few weeks after giving
4:52 pm
birth to her child. days after trishia suddenly have rode 57 miles in a charity bike ride and she experienced sore arms and heartburn and felt light-headed. >> that's when i screamed to my husband, and as i did that, i fell, i passed out and i heard like a loud crash and i realized i had hit my head on the night stand. >> according to the mayo clinic people who develop the condition don't have the risk factors for heart disease. if you experience any of these, you should seek emergency attention, even if you think you're not at risk for a heart attack. not getting a flu shothothot could -- a combination of inflammation, an increased risk of clotting in the blood and the stress the flu puts on your body
4:53 pm
might lead to heart attacks in some people. the flu shot could be from taking high blood pressure medication. then there's this story, when it comes to living a long life, researchers at cal actually say booze can help you live longer than hitting the treadmill. the study claims drinking a few glasses of beer or wine a day is actually more important for living past 90. >> i'm going to be here a long time then. the local students being honored tonight for getting it done in the classroom. they're young people overcoming stereotypes to succeed. new at 5:00, an impromptu memorial to the florida school shooting pops up at a local park. we're there live with reaction. it depends on how it's going
4:54 pm
to be tonight. >> watching and waiting at a north bay winery. this cold weather is making a few growers nervous. what you need to know about
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san francisco public schools will honor students with a gpa of 3.0 or higher. >> leanne spoke with two students who have overcome the stereotypes to succeed. >> zachary fienberg is among 1,400 african-american students making the honor role at one of the many public schools in san francisco. tonight he will be acknowledged by the san francisco alliance of black school educators. >> it allows me to be like a role model and show people that people who look like me are still dapable. >> students maybe taning -- compete with others who are on track for college. >> you know how many scholarship applications require a 3.0 versus a 2.0. you're on your way. this is what it's about and this is what you have to maintain. >> lynne jordan is the post
4:58 pm
secondary pathway manager, helping students find ways to ge into college. one of her students is raven alias who has received support from her mother. >> she made sure i got into the programs, but what i did with the programs, what i did with the schools, the choices i made, that was 100% all on me. >> reporter: this year 1,400 african-americans students grades 3 through 12 made the honor roll. that's 200 more students than last year. still the superintendent says t there's always room for improvement. that's it, thanks so much for joining us for abc7 news at 4:00. >> abc7 news at 5:00 starts right now. i packed away my beanies and scarves already because i thought it was going to be
4:59 pm
summer soon. >> we'll tell you how long you'll need that winter wear. it wasn't easy finding the right wire. a traffic light malfunction had traffic control ovfficers workig overtime. a man in critical condition, his family leans on hope while police look for asuspect. and neighbors heard a loud boom right before this happened. >> how has it been this morning? >> freezing cold. >> it's really cold right now. >> it's a little hard to get out of bed. >> hats, scarves, warm jackets were definitely needed in san jose this morning. one couple was split in their reaction. >> it's brisk, but it's not unbearable to me. >> reporter: what about you? >> i'm freezing, to i need a jacket, unlike him. >> listen to that, frost was everywhere in danville and
5:00 pm
walnut creek overnight as temperatures dropped into the mid 20s. >> and that was nothing compared to the sierra truckee hitting negative 4 degrees. thank you for joining us. once again, the big freeze, let's get right to the to the >> take a look at the temperatures as they plunged. we set records for the day, 21 degrees in napa this morning, 25 in santa rosa, 26 degrees in livermore, half moon bay, sfo and oakland. those were all new records for today. it was plenty cold in places like lake port, fairfield, low to mid 20s. as you take a look at live doppler 7 right now, most of that green is not hitting the ground right now, but there are a few snow flurries mixing in over mt. hamill and diablo right now. live doppler 7 is tracking another system, a cold one


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