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tv   Jimmy Kimmel Live  ABC  February 21, 2018 11:35pm-12:37am PST

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joining >> dicky: from hollywood it's "jimmy kimmel live! tonight -- jason bateman -- chef david chang -- and music from x ambassadors. and now stay right where you are, here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ for e ] ♪ for [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> jimmy: thank you all. thank you for watching. thank you for coming. [ cheers and applause ] appreciate that. thank you for joining us on what was not your typical day in the united states. today students in florida, miami, you can see them all there, in chicago,iowa, i
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believe apartmeparticipated, ma and washington, d.c. all over the country students walked out of class on the day after florida state house refused to debate a bill to ban magazine guns it is great to see the americans walking out. this is it. young people are waking up. so many courageous and passionate and well spoken students many in the school speaking out. these are impressive kid who's should be applauded even if you don't agree with them they should be applauded but unfortunately some are not supporting these children who will live through nightmare they will never forget but some are attacking them calling them criesis actors, the actors to
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orchestrate tragic events to advance liberal agendaa they are attacking them on twitter this kid is being attacked his father an fbi agent is being attacked by conspiracy theoryists who say he was coached or faking it to cover up for the fbi. yes there's always crack pots out of the wood work, with pare noid nons sense. the far right thrives on conspir assies. conspiracieconspiracies. there's hundreds. pizza gate. dsh kvrd in this case we have people like donald trump jr. the president's least favorite son, he took time to like two of the story that's attacked the kid
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and his father. this is the president's son, liking a story that directly defames a student who survived a student. ted nugent remember the cargo shorts that came to life. well he's a member of the board of the nra,he shared this article on facebook. it's all theater. the kid is a puppet show according to ted. is that okay. >> no. >> should the person who actively spreads this garbage around be a member of your board, i don't think so. i want you to consider this, especially if you're trump supporter or member of the nra, do you really think these kids, these teenager who's ethan pos after a shooting at their school are actors as part of deep conspiracy if the answer is yes you do believe that, i have something for you, you're crazy.
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you're a crazy it person. you're brain is not working properly and i'm worried about you [ cheers and applause ] here's the thing, if you are not agree, most of you are not, and you agree teenagers being part of government underground scheme is nuts you can't let these guys spread lie s about these kids [ applause ] yeah. this is part of what happens when you call everything fake news. there's nothing fake about the fact russians try to interfere about the election, special counsel mueller indicted 13 of them on friday. one of the tactics was creating social media groups to recruit american trump supporters and americans were unaware they were being manipulated by russians, now that they are aware it doesn't make a difference they still don't believe it because everything that isn't fox news is fake news. this is how a woman in brouwer
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county reacted to the news that a political group called being patriotic that recruited her to participate in pro-trump flash mob was group of russian strolls. >> you were accused of being patriotic, that's the group helped to organize some of the activities you posted on your own facebook account. >> those were legitimate. >> those were russians. >> they were not russians. i don't go with the russians. [ laughter ] >> yes you do. you went with the russians [ cheers and applause ] you went with the russians, you just -- maybe for the better, you're just too dopey to know it. >> the end. and please, please report that. i don't believe that. that's bull [ bleep ] i know all the people with me. they were at my meetings. they're all trump supporters okay. >> but did you know you were in communication electronically with russians. >> not me. not me. >> you were posting stuff on
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facebook. >> hillary clinton was and so was all her bandits. >> ha,bandits. hello mr. president there she is your next white house chief of staff. [ laughter ] [ applause ] by the way. now that president trump has been forced to admit that the russians did meddle in the elections you want to guess who he blames for it. let's see what he tweeted -- -- why didn't obama do something about the meddling. why aren't de m crimes under investigation. does jeff sessions. now trump is complaining his own attorney general isn't doing enough to look into why obama didn't do enough to stop this thing he isn't convinced happens in the first place. this afternoon the president held what he called listening session prepared students who were victims of school parents to the white house and to hear
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their thoughts one suggesting arming teachers or cafeteria workers or custodians which is an idea trump seemed to like but in 2016 he tweeted -- crook cro so unfortunatelike him to flip that. >> could you imagine if teach es could bring guns to school not peanut butter. [ cheers and applause ] a photographer got shot of the notes one was what would you want me to know most about your experience. 2 through 4 are covered by his tiny fingers. five is i hear you, and we know trump didn't write that himself
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because he wrote the word hear correctly. you know you need notes to tell you to listen at a listening section. mike pence was spoes to have secret meeting with north carolina b. na b. xkorea b. x have you been watching the olympics. [ cheers and applause ] if you have you're not watching it on this network because olympics are on nbc but we have something better,we have stuff from youtube the highlights from the winter you-lympics. [ cheers and applause ] >> welcome back to the ice park where germany's diver about to form second dive. forms his predive ritual. and wow. canyon ball with massive impact
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and the crowd is just eating it up. he holds tough until the very last second and lands right on his tail bone. better put some ice on that. >> we're going to take a break and come back in a moment. stick around. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ i've always wanted to share a special moment with my mom. i think surprising her with a night ski trip would just be the biggest gift i could give her. let's make that happen. she's gonna be so excited. ♪ take me where i want to be. ♪ ♪ let me dream, oh, let me dream... ♪ this is google home max.
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♪ when seeds we sow ♪ give free their fruit ♪ to hands below ♪ as thank you for ♪ the chance to grow pick your free yogurt at to the show. tonight on the show music from x ambassadors, david changall on the way but first from time to time, my aunt chippy is one of the most
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abrasive people in the world we took her to santa monica to have her aura read. there's a store called the aura shop they read your aura and take a picture and show you what this halo that we can't see looks like. we took the whole game and ya yrks a cousin sal we took it to the aura shop. >> you like it. >> yes it's beautiful it scares me he's going to hurt me. >> jimmy: no. >> hi how are >> thank you. thank you for having us. >> see how friendly everyone is. this is my sons. >> we're not really a new age kind of family. there is some belief in the super natural. for years when i was a kid i wore a italian horn which is supposed to ward off the evil eye.
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>> so this is how we read the aura. >> this is how we do it here. >> with a computer. >> yes this is a biofeedback center. >> should he smile. >> okay. wow. do you meditate? >> no. >> pray? >> i gamble a lot because i pray. >> because this is what you look like. >> that's about right. >> is that good? >> yeah. >> so smile. >> they don't give a [ bleep ] just sit there. perfect. >> so blue, blue, blue communication. >> thank, thank, thank you. >> hold that smile. he's the green. >> wow i'm green. >> just like his card. [ laughter ] >> okay. left hand. >> all right. >> you have a lot of green which means processing a lot of change. >> okay. >> you have orange which means
11:51 pm
new beginnings. >> oh. >> maybe you've been thinking about doing something different. >> i have been thinking about trying out for the olympics. >> well you should go for it. >> smile chippy. >> oh, shutout your ass. >> now put your left hand on the biofeedback sensor and just relax your hand. let it play out. you're lavender. >> i'm lavender. >> yeah. >> hold on a second can i look at that for a second. look at that aura. like devil horns. >> yeah. >> look at this. you have devil horns. >> yeah you do. wow. that really is true. >> this is what we've been saying. >> maybe it's hanging out with my nephews that have made me become, i want to say horny but that doesn't sound nice. >> think there's a tail. >> i've actually never seen
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anything like this. >> i would really like to know about that with the horns. >> yeah the horns are interesting. >> the horns are interesting. >> yeah. so what aunt chippy doesn't know is we tampa er with her aura to make it look like she's possessed by the devil. >> okay stop the bull [ bleep ] tell me really what it means. >> is there anything she can do about this. >> we do have amazing healer that does energy work in the shop. >> we need that, we need that. >> hi. this is aunt chippy. >> hi nice to meet you. >> i got horns. >> oh, my. i've heard of this before. >> need some energy clearing. >> we're going to cover you in crystals. going to get you ready. >> let's do whatever you got to do. you're making me nervous just talking about it. >> so i'm just going to lay some crystals down on you. you may feet more tingling, more flush.
11:53 pm
have you ever had anything done like this before. >> how do people find out about this stuff. >> they come in with auras looking like you and come here. >> very relaxing. >> good for the sinuses. just a few more there. few more. >> little bit of everything. [ laughter ] just keep you quiet for the session there. get some plant medicine in here. oh, yes. oh, yes. >> we've got angels coming in. there they are. [ laughter ] very nice. very nice.
11:54 pm
>> you freaking kidding me? >> take in that nice energy there. >> son of a bitch get this [ bleep ] off me before i start throwing crap at everybody. get me up. >> trying to get the horns off you. >> son of a bitch. >> feel that energy. >> freaking [ bleep ] get this [ bleep ] off me. >> that was a mistake. one day they're going to kill me. >> you know we faked that devil horns thing that wasn't really your aura. >> look at this. >> so i really don't have horns? >> no. you're not an awful person. >> you poured that whole [ bleep ] bucket on me. >> i know i told them not to.
11:55 pm
>> you lying bastard. >> all right. coming up next we have music from x ambassadors, david chang and we'll be right back with jason bateman. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> announcer: portions of jimmy kimmel live brought to you by -- el live brought to you by -- ♪
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[ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> jimmy: tonight he's a great chef with many restaurants and a netflix show too. the show is called "ugly delicious" it will be streamable starting friday, david chang is here. [ cheers and applause ] then their song is called "ahead of myself." x ambassadors from the mercedes-benz stage. [ cheers and applause ] tomorrow night, oprah winfrey will be here, timothée chalamet will join us, and we'll have music from andra day and common. and on friday we have a new show with oscar nominee saoirse ronan, kyle chandler, and music from joey dosik. so please join us for that [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: our first guest is a golden globe-winning actor you know from "little house on the prairie", "it's your move" and "silver spoons" and other things. his new movie is called "game night." it opens in theaters friday. please welcome jason bateman. [ cheers and applause ] ♪
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>> jimmy: i'm sorry for the introduction but you know how obsessed i am with your early work. >> i mean, one of us has to be. >> jimmy: yeah. >> you rattle off all those guests, this is something you and i never talk about, how -- you meet like the most famous most current most relevant people night after night. does it ruin anything for you. can you still go to the movies and marvel at all of the wonder, the glamor. these are just people you work with every day. they're all just guests. >> not all of them. sometimes i'll get like you. you know i don't mean that. you know, i've been a fan of
12:02 am
yours ever since we were both boys. how long have you been on television now, like how many years? >> 39. >> jimmy: and that's all of them. right. there was no television before that. >> yeah there was a monkey on a wheel. yeah. i feel very fortunate. >> jimmy: what's the first talk show you everybody did. >> it was carson i was 11 or 12 something like that. yeah,i was a nervous wreck. >> jimmy: you knew even then to be nervous about being on johnny carson? >> yeah i -- i -- i completely understood what it was. i would watch the show and i knew it was live or at least live some parts of the country and that i was standing behind that curtain and like, here it comes, i'm about to be exposed to the world and like, i can't, you know, there's no other take. and he said ladies and gentlemen
12:03 am
my first guest, young joseph bateman. opened the curtains. big smile. and then i made a foolish guess to call him jack. i thought that would be really funny. >> jimmy: i see to correct him. >> it went over okay, thank god. >> jimmy: really. you don't want to sass johnny. do you remember the other guests that night? >> sammy davis jr. was on the show. >> jimmy: huge. >> he was the lead guest. i did not go out before sammy. >> jimmy: let's be clear. >> there was barely enough time for me. deep third guest. >> jimmy: did you get to talk to sammy? >> yeah i did some story about breaking up with a girl. i was an early dater. and he dedicated a song to me something about more fish in the sea something like that. >> jimmy: oh, really sammy davis
12:04 am
jr. sang a song to you. >> yeah it was pretty cool. >> jimmy: such a remarkable life and has been immortalized for me on my favorite instagram account. i'm not texting with someone, not being rude just trying to figure out how that damn phone works. >> you don't have a clip of that show do you? >> no but i have everything jason bateman the instagram account that they feature something every day. >> is this a gag? >> jimmy: i text you this every day. >> is that where amanda gets it from. >> jimmy: you didn't know about this. >> love it. >> jimmy: what am i not doing right. >> who the hell is that? >> jimmy: i don't know who this man is. why is he on the show. now we're going to have twelve people working the cellphone. >> is this coming out of my time. >> jimmy: don't worry we'll clip it all out.
12:05 am
it will be so perfect. you haven't been on tv enough in your life. >> let's talk about game night. >> jimmy: well for god's sake. ken now what are you doing. this is not bring the whole staff up on stage time. >> this is gonna be great guys. when you see this. it's going to be worth all of it. >> jimmy: i'm told we're having a technical proclamation. technical problem. let's get back to you and your life. suffice if to say we would have had a great deal of photographs. >> what's the name of this? >> every day jason bateman every day people post photos of you. >> i don't believe that. but there was a, not a gay porn site a gay hub called from which you could go to multiple gay porn
12:06 am
sites. i know this family show so i won't go deeper than that. what i did is i purchased the site. at least the domain name. >> did you get to keep all the videos. >> i got those. >> yeah. >> i got those. i said, somebody told me about this, you know, somebody like yourself said hey i don't know if you're aware. i said is it a gag, they go no it's real. so i said i better grab that domain. >> jimmy: for sure. >> i don't know why they would pick me. >> jimmy: i do. as the one -- you do. when you're thinking gay, you're thinking porn you think jason bateman. i get it. >> jimmy: maybe misspell it. you think gay starts with a g instead of a g don't know. let's take' break. recalibrate and get back on track. by the way your movie is fantastic we'll show a clip when we get back, jason bateman movie
12:07 am
is called "game night" we'll be right back. her birthday. on she turned 83. this is her with all her friends. this is what she does on tuesdays. this is what she does on saturdays. ♪ her dj name is sumirok. there's a deeper story behind every picture. question your lens. ♪ what from your first dream to your first dollar. from between shifts and after hours. from the struggle, to the reckoning. to the moment you sit in that auditorium and realize that your whole life is about to change. what if a university could guarantee fixed affordable tuition... from your first class, to your last.
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there's more adventure,where you can get... more thrills, more magic, and more happy. and now you can stay steps away from the magic for less. save up to 25% on select rooms at a disneyland resort hotel. so now's the time to get more happy! this is not a game, max. >> guys, it's a wrap in here. okay. show's over. >> i'm confused so this isn't
12:13 am
the end of this whole thing. >> no it is the end you said whoever catches you gets a car,we found you, game over. >> no i'm telling you this is all real. >> how about that ridiculous fight was that real. >> is this gun real. >> oh, no, answery. no. no. >> oh, no. ben. ah! >> blood! >> jason bateman, "game night," it opens friday. that's a good movie. [ cheers and applause ] you know, i don't know if you notice this you have 88% on rotten tomatoes which is good. >> yeah these movies don't traditionally get reviewed well. these are popcorn fun movies not chasing golden statues. >> jimmy: it's funny. there's some twists in the film as well explain a little bit about it. >> well it's about three boring, safe couples that get together for boring safe game nights at their house.
12:14 am
and somebody gets snatched, you know, jim gets snatched out of the room by somebody who breaks in and everybody thinks that's the game we got to go find him great grab your car keys let's go first to get him wins. then they realize it's real. >> but it takes them a very long time to realize it's real. >> about 90 minutes. okay. it's not a mini series. >> no it's not. do you go to game nights? is that something you will participate in. >> i have had game nights in the past. it was the period of time, if you guys do it or if you did it, it usually the sweet spot is after you're too told enjoy waking up with a hang over and not yet old enough to have the back bone to have children. >> i see. so it's sort of like this sweet five years. >> a couples type of activity. >> exactly. >> yeah. >> so i had my time there but now i have two kids, daddy's
12:15 am
asleep at 8:30 no time to play grab ass with charades. >> do you like those type of things you go and compete. i don't love them for a variety of reasons depending often what the game is. i always feel people are taking too seriously or not seriously enough for my liking. i'm like the three bears. >> right but you're like me you like to w. lay back and wait for the big softball moment at the idiot taking it too seriously. >> jimmy: i would rather play softball you should make a movie about softball. >> softball. >> jimmy: you know oprah is on the show tomorrow. >> great segue. >> jimmy: that segue works. >> she a big softball player. >> jimmy: that segue works all occasions. you said you were on johnny carson had you ever been on oprah's show? >> i did do an oprah show once when i was 14 or 15.
12:16 am
>> jimmy: really. wow. this is classic oprah. what year would it be. >> except for the fact it was a panel. hot dudes on tv. [ laughter ] is what it was. and of course somebody must have cancelled late. >> jimmy: who were the other hot dudes. >> got your blair underwood. probably, i am pretty sure, you know, stamos was on it probably. >> jimmy: well yeah, sure. >> george hamilton if he wasn't shouldn't have been. i was representing the prepubessent soon to be potentially semi hot skbroo so oprah introduced you as a semi hot dude. >> i poured cement on the experience. >> jimmy: i am sure we could find it on everything jason bateman. >> ask oprah to bring it
12:17 am
tomorrow. >> jimmy: i'm sure she carries it around with her. you're about to go to the world premiere of game night. >> what i've done is secure tickets out of my own money for anyone in this audience to come across the street to come see the movie but we got to go now. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: jason bateman everybody. "game night" opens in theaters on friday. >> let's go. >> jimmy: you guys can wait about 20 minutes and we'll be good. >> five minutes. >> jimmy: we'll be right back with david chang. [ cheers and applause ] ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> jimmy: our next guest is a great chef with restaurants in new york, toronto, sydney, dc, vegas and now, a new one called majordomo in la. you can watch him cook and eat all over the world on his new show "ugly delicious" starting friday on netflix. please welcome david chang. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> jimmy: how are you. >> this is amazing. >> jimmy: welcome to los angeles i'm so glad you opened a restaurant here. by the way i was talking about reviews to jason bateman, on rotten tomatoes do you pay
12:24 am
attention to your restaurant reviews. >> unfortunately i'm a bit obsessed with them. >> jimmy: do you feel you get good feedback. >> it is always good to get good feedback. it hurts when you get something negative but keep your eye out for bigs food critics. >> when a food critic comes into your restaurant do you know they're there. >> yes. here's the problem sometimes you might miss them but you never want that to happen. but you are constantly training a facebook of who is coming in and you want to make sure you get them for sure. >> jimmy: so the waiters know. >> everyone is getting trained about what they look like. >> jimmy: really. >> you want a protocol so they're not nervous when they do come in. >> jimmy: do they know you know they're there. >> there's a chinese wall in america i always felt even if i know the critic you don't go to the table hey good to meet you again. >> jimmy: going to blow the whole thing.
12:25 am
>> keep it separate. >> jimmy: but you make sure they get a good meal. >> this is a problem for audience or someone hearing this. you really want everyone to get the same meal. >> jimmy: yeah. >> but if president obama came in to eat they would get a different experience. >> jimmy: right president trump came in would get a bucket of chicken. >> yes. [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: so your mom is on an episode of the show. do your parents like, allow you to cook for them. >> my mom is an amazing, amazing amazing cook my dad immigrated to this country and worked the restaurant industry for 30 years so they have serious opinion. >> jimmy: oh, they do, and they share those. >> yeah my dad tells me how to operate the restaurants and my mom tells me my food is too salty. she's always like i can do this better. can't believe my son is doing this. they're my recipes. what's going on here. so they try not to come too much
12:26 am
because there's too much criticism. >> jimmy: got you dad is from north korea mom from soujts of south korea, do they get along then? there's no line, no dmz between them? >> amazing next year they will be married 50 years. >> jimmy: so i guess yeah. [ cheers and applause ] so tell us why the show, the title is "ugly delicious" why is it called that? >> so the phrase ugly delicious is talk about some of the foods that look sort of not great, right. like a bowl of curry while supper delicious is not most photo genic. >> jimmy: not an instagram kind of meal. >> yeah there's foods that are celebrate order talked about but are not as much as someone that looks cool. on another level ugly delicious turned out to be a way to talk about food as a point in culture where we should be talking about
12:27 am
stories that aren't being told as well. everyone would rather eat well and it's something that bonds us all. >> i had a great meal with you. you invited me on the barbecue episode with adam perry lang and explain what we had there. there were so many things i had no idea what was coming at me. >> so my buddy dave's mom and i cook together. i remember looking at your face like there's just so many dishes of food. >> jimmy: i'm used to eating a great deal of food but there were so many bowls it made me wonder if they throw them all in a swimming pool or what happens after. >> there's a lot. it is kim jrks i and other things with lettuce wraps and we were making with adam korean short ribs that's what i wanted
12:28 am
to make for you. >> jimmy: they were so good. i ate like a regular pig not even guinea pig. so you were at the olympics. >> i was. >> jimmy: did you have anything great there. >> i had a lot of great snow crab. the thing i ate for the most part was convenient store food on the regular. it's like going to 7-11 don't expect it to be that good but in asia, japan and korea it's so good. >> really why is it so good there and so disgusting here. >> everyone's like you should eat at the convenient store but the reality is it's really tasty. chips in korea are so good. the flavors are tasty. >> jimmy: potato chips are good? >> so good but only find their candy good. >> jimmy: they don't have good candy there. >> american candy is very good.
12:29 am
>> jimmy: we could make a fortune after halloween. really. there's a b. debate on your show about italian duplings where do you weigh in on that. >> i have some friends that grew up cooking together and they are italian american and i'm obviously korean and we talk trash about each other's cuisines. that's never stopped. one thing i love about cooking professionally is it's about who can be the funniest person in the room and hurt as many feelings as possible so inevitably italian food is not as good as all of asian. so it started out as a joke, turned out to be a very like, for me a thought-provoking laef learning process. there are a lot of similarities between the two.
12:30 am
and shouldn't talked trash. >> jimmy: have you ever married an asian dumpling i love them both with ravioli. >> in the episode i did it but they edit it out makes me look like a shlu b i totally screwed it up and kept it in the show. >> jimmy: you don't have to keep it in the show, you're the guy, you're in charge. is it a raviou m >> something like that. skbr >> jimmy: i would eat that any day. david chang everybody f "ugly delicious" will be available starting friday on netflix. and we shall return with music from x ambassadors. [ cheers and applause ] >> announcer: the jimmy kimmel live concert series is presented by mercedes-benz the best or nothing.
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12:33 am
jason bateman, david chang and apologize to matt damon, we ran out of time for him. nightline is next, but first here with their single "ahead of myself" x ambassadors! [ cheers and applause ] applause ] ♪ ♪ thought i was ready ready for someone else but every time i get ♪ ♪ ahead of myself every time i get ahead of myself ♪ ♪ thought i was rock steady that i didn't need no help but every time i get ♪ ♪ ahead of myself every time i get ahead of myself ♪ ♪ guess i went ahead and jumped the gun again it's a shitty situation that i put you in ♪ ♪ i know we poured champagne maybe we was just to quick to celebrate ♪
12:34 am
♪ thought i was ready ready for someone else but every time i get ♪ ♪ ahead of myself every time i get ahead of myself ♪ ♪ thought i was rock steady i didn't need no help but every time i get ♪ ♪ ahead of myself every time i get ahead of my ♪ ♪ get ahead of myself ooh yeah baby get ahead of myself yeah baby ♪ ♪ i know that i was first to say i love you babe moved my things to ♪ ♪ your apartment down on 2nd street ♪ ♪ and i thought i had cleaned the slate but i guess i didn't clean it all away ♪ ♪ thought i was ready ready for someone else
12:35 am
but every time i get ♪ ♪ ahead of myself every time i get ahead of myself ♪ ♪ thought i was rock steady i didn't need no help but every time i get ♪ ♪ ahead of myself every time i get ahead of my ♪ ♪ get ahead of myself yeah baby get ahead of myself yeah baby yeah baby ♪ ♪ get ahead of myself yeah baby get ahead of myself yeah baby yeah baby ♪ [ cheers and applause ] ♪ get ahead of myself ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh ♪ ♪ get ahead of myself ooh ooh ooh
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ooh ooh ooh ♪ ♪ thought i was ready ready for someone else but every time i ♪ ♪ get ahead of myself every time i get ahead of myself ♪ ♪ thought i was rock steady i didn't need no help but every time i get ♪ ♪ ahead of myself every time i get ahead of my ♪ ♪ get ahead of myself yeah baby get ahead of myself yeah baby yeah baby ♪ ♪ get ahead of myself ooh ooh ooh get ahead of myself ooh ooh ooh ♪ [ cheers and applause ]
12:37 am
♪ this is "nightline." >> tonight. the american gun. students across the country calling for action to prevent school shootings. how dan harris and survivors of the florida massacre demanding answers at the state capital from lawmakers. >> generally considered pro-gun? >> i got to get ready. i'm trying to think. >> plus grieving families, face to face with president trump. >> i don't understand why i can still go in a store and buy a weapon of war. >> should have been one school shooting and we should have fixed it. and i'm pissed. because my daughter i'm not


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