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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  February 22, 2018 1:07am-1:42am PST

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ross is going all out... all outdoors that is. you'll find everything you need to make your outdoor space your favorite place. and if you want it all for a fraction of what you'd pay elsewhere, you gotta go to ross. she was murdered last week.
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taken from us. shot nine times on the third floor. we as a country failed our children. >> an extraordinary and emotional scene at the white house today. good evening i'm dan ashley. >> i'm kristen sze in for ama daetz. the president is pledging tougher background checks and screening for guns after listening session this afternoon with survivors of the florida high school shooting. >> news reporter tara palomary in washington. >> reporter: sat listening to families and survivors. justin gruber, hiding in closet while classmates were gund down. >> needed to be significant change in this country. needs to never happen again. people when they go to school feel they can be safe.
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all the school shootings don't make sense. should have been one and we should have fixed it. and i'm pissed, because my daughter i'm not going to see again. she's not here. >> reporter: president trump vowed to take more action than predecessors. >> not talk like in the past. >> reporter: arming teachers resonated with president trump. recalled assistant coach dying using bodies ahuman shield. >> if the coach had a firearm in locker -- he was very brave. saved a lot of lives i suspect. if i had a firearm wouldn't have had to run, shot but end of it. >> reporter: less popular with the students. >> does anybody like that idea here? anybody like it? beautiful meadow, talk about that. do people feel strongly against
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it anybody? strongly against it? >> reporter: nra put out a statement opposing proposal to raise the age of purchase of long guns. >> as president trump listened to emotional stories holding white house stationery, five discussion points including what would you most want me to know about your experience, what can we do to help you feel safe and i hear you highlights on yoour website, including the emotional words. tough talk about gun control as nra and lawmakers took questions before survivors at cnn town hall. student asked about accepting campaign contributions from the nra. >> senator rubio can you tell me you won't accept a single donation from the nra?
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>> you have ever right to ask any. >> are you accepting money in the future? >> i will always sept help of anyone who agrees with my agenda. >> students urged crowd to reach out to donation make a change and students across the nation walked out of class to demand stricter gun control laws and honor victims of shooting. >> never again, never again. >> some rallied outside marjory stoneman douglas high school. abc7 news was in bay area at local school that joined the national walkout. new at 11:00, you could be looking at next generation of leaders there. melanie woodrow in alameda for event inspiring young women to get involved in politics. three women organized the event. >> aiming to get women and girls
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more involved in politics and leadership. >> reporter: bringing together motivational speakers who have broken the glass ceiling. >> no one was going to run against the incumbent. i put my name in the hat. >> you won't question your value or your worth. >> there are women standing up for you. >> reporter: message reaching students and their parents. >> it takes a stand and what we need right now, equality. >> great venue for girls and women to understand that we do have a voice. >> reporter: not just young women inspired, political and proud has the support of young men. >> can only get things done together in this world. >> see the support from male students is incredible. >> reporter: twice as many women running. future aspirations culminating here. >> run for senate and georgia
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and maybe one day be president. would be amazing. >> reporter: as these young women heard, most definitely possible. alameda, melanie woodrow, abc7 news. developing news. day after partially leaked, b.a.r.t. police released full unedited body cam video of officer-involved shooting. kate larson. >> reporter: this gun shot out the west oakland b.a.r.t. station set off another shooting. released the video from officer's body camera. >> everyone running into the station in frenzy, he's running towards the gunfire, i call that courage. >> reporter: police chief decided to release the full video after someone leaked portions on social media. >> important for us to get our
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side of the story out and integrity of the ongoing investigation. >> reporter: stems from whether this shooting was justified. >> raise your hands. >> reporter: frozed video where shoots sahleem tindle, who later died. he believes he shot other man before the officer arrived. >> brother with back turned, on his knees. >> reporter: older brother seen the footage and questions. >> i don't know how he was able to figure out who to shoot, who had the gun. >> reporter: oakland police department is still investigating the shooting. kate larson. abc7 news. san francisco firefighters suing the city after gender harassment investigation into 2016 resulted in their transfer. >> they say they were
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discriminated and retaliated against and spoke exclusively with abc7 news. >> did any of you harass this female firefighter? >> absolutely not. >> no. >> reporter: but end result, all transferred out in fall of 2016, result of city investigation into complaints filed by female firefighter from that station, said she was harassed by men in the fire house because of her gender. chief confirmed the results of the probe. >> there were findings of harassment, something we don't tolerate. >> reporter: letter said the station was hostile and challenging for women. was it true? eight firefighters, most officers in the fire house, say no. >> we didn't do anything wrong. did your jobs, yet punished for it. >> reporter: lawyer says the city investigation was anything but fair.
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>> the fire department conducted an investigation that seemed designed to find otherwise. >> there's a truth to this story. and we're here hoping that the truth is heard. >> reporter: truth, according to these plaintiffs who spoke exclusively to abc7 news, there was intimate relationship between the female firefighter and top battalion chief of the station, sam romero, also a defendant in the case. relationship where romero gave pref rential treatment and interfered with others who trained her. >> i felt uncomfortable to the nth degree trying to train this individual faced with possible retaliation. >> reporter: says firefighters complained but fell on deaf ears and transferred. >> attack on my personal
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integrity. >> lot of shame goes with it, not just to me about my family. >> reporter: what do you hope to achieve with the lawsuit? >> the truth. clear our name. >> we didn't reveal the name of the female firefighter because she's not defendant in this case. we did however leave messages for her and battalion chief romero at respective fire houses but no responses so far. fire department wouldn't comment on the lawsuit. said responsible for providing workplace free of harassment. department of human resources said they investigate all complaints and stand by their actions. abc7 news. help wanted. cost of living so high, bay area restaurant can't find a single employee to hire. meteorologist sandhya patel, cold system on live doppler 7,
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find out when we'll be seeing showers and snow in the bay area coming up. and is resistance futile? last week robots opening doors. see what happens when humans try to stop them. first a look at "jimmy kimmel live." >> thanks dan and kristen. all the kids will be snapchating tomorrow. >> once i was 14 or 15. i did the show. panel.
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developing news in hayward, fire broke out in abandoned strip mall damaged by another fire last year. crews had tough time getting access to the boarded up building on mission boulevard. no word on the cause. restaurant unable to find a single worker. >> employees leaving bay area and replacing them nearly impossible. >> katie marzullo tells us why. >> hard at work preparing to open second restaurant on willow
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street. includes hiring employees, needs five workers when doors open march 1st, so far has -- >> none. >> reporter: blames high cost of living in silicon valley. same problem. lost employees. can't replace them. >> i'm out of here. go somewhere else, cheaper than here. >> reporter: certified business consultant and santa clara county. >> san jose raised minimum wage, still can't afford to live here. >> reporter: no solution in sight, restaurant owners turning to family for help. >> niece, nephews and brothers. seven in the family to help each other. >> munoz has his girlfriend working. >> i'm very tired.
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kill myself. i don't want to close the doors. want to keep going. very hard. >> reporter: minimum wage up to $15 an hour next year. body of reverend billy graham will lie in repose followed by funeral in north carolina. spiritral adviser to 12 american presidents, most widely heard christian evangelist in history. bay area leaders remember him as bridge builder between faiths. could see self-driving cars on the road in months. under dmv rules could hit the road by april. rules go up for vote monday, expected to be approved. remote operator would still be required to take over if something goes wrong.
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cold enough at lake tahoe to make snow. snow guns are blasting away at heavenly. but are we going to get actual snow from the sky? >> check in with sandhya to see if that's going to happen. >> absolutely. snow in sierra and maybe here. sunset right now that's back and forth watching. don't blink. 5:55 tonight, incredible sunset, had to share it. get ready for changes. tomorrow blustery conditions, showers and snow. chance of thunder and hail. live doppler 7, just clouds right now but storm to the north. cold system is working southward. as it gets into the bay area, we'll start to feel the effects. first in the form of wind. wind forecast hour by hour, notice that the winds start to
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ramp up. going to get gustier tomorrow afternoon and evening. wind off the cold waters will make it feel chilly. don't leave home without a coat and don't forget umbrella. yeah, you heard right. mt. at the moment, see how gusty it is. 25 miles an hour, winds will increase going into tomorrow, possibly 30 to 40 miles an hour. temperatures in 30s and 40s right now. chilly out there. live look from sutro tower, san francisco, great visibility. look at forecast. windy and chilly, scattered showers, high elevation snow. sunnier and milder friday through sunday. storm impact, level one system after weeks of not seeing this appear, exclusive abc7 news storm impact scale, finally a one coming tomorrow. scattered showers, gusty winds and snow at highest elevations.
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not everyone will see it. hour by hour. system from canada, limited in moisture. 3:30 in morning, isolated showers. 7:00 a.m., snow appeared in lake and mendocino county and hills. snow and rain in the north bay. we had a few showers in north bay this morning, this time around, slip southward. 10:00 to 11:00 a.m., widely scattered. snow over mt. hamilton at 12:30 maybe. moderate rain in east bay and scattered showers. lake county wintry mix. showers through 7:00 p.m. until it winds down. download the app, check out live doppler 7, anything you winter weather advisory for the
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sierras. high as 10 inches. chilly, breezy, wind chill higher. colder how it feels on you. afternoon, upper 40s to mid-50s. accuweather seven-day forecast, level one on the storm impact scale. light system. blustery wintery mix, drying out weekend. rain/snow monday and chance on wednesday again. dan and kristen. tomorrow on "good morning america" actor david arquette live on the set,
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get angry. >> getting smarter each time. learning. >> larry has been warning us for years. >> i thought segue was getting smarter all the time, larry. >> when they enslave us and watching videos of us opening doors and doing tricks, not going to be funny.
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good evening. warriors went back to practice ending all-star break rest. 24 games left in regular season. question is whether the dubs can flip the switch and start playing championship basketball. they're good, 34-14, really good, but not the standard last seasons. resume play tomorrow night against the clippers. issues to correct, first quarter doldrums, turnovers and second unit scoring. >> some is poor habits sneaking
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in last month or two. pointed them out, talked about them, showed stats and clips. i think more likely to resonate now with the stretch run coming. >> not going to let anybody say we struggling or hang our heads because we lost a few. we're still a damned good team, just certain things to work on, smaller things to work on to be better. >> we know what it takes to win a championship. to know we've got 24 games, tune-up to be better. get ready for the playoffs. gives new life. >> kevin durant started career in seattle as super k.d. and -- play. key arena. durant played one season in seattle in 2007 before the franchise moved to oklahoma city. >> would be amazing. hopefully goes through.
1:37 am
fans of seattle deserve basketball. would be amazing. looking forward to that if it's true. always about the people. always walking around seattle, always passionate about being sonics fans. would be cool for them to have basketball there. college hoops finish, st. joseph's hosting george mason, tie, boyd, good night, game over, drive home safely. george mason, 79-76, a fun side note, also beat st. joe's with buzzer beater one month ago. game over. river rock casino. gold medal for team usa in south korea. defeated canada by a shootout 3-2. very exciting. gets it done. >>
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all right. that is our report. as always we appreciate your dime. i'm dan ashley. >> i'm kristen sze for sandhya patel and larry beil, thanks for joining us. now "jimmy kimmel live." >> see you tomorrow. tv's number one daily viralv
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video show, right this meant. >> a by bielephant is stuck in a muddy well. >> he's trying to get out. >> sethe rescue operation as a fran frantic mama paces nearby. >> he's teaching his daughter to drive. she's not comfortable behind the wheel. why dad is about to feel the same. >> think this is a friendly mud wrestling match? nope. what had these people mired in trouble. >> and words of wisdom. >> go there, a little edge boyfriend. he got to go. >> the two smart ladies teaching us to trust the process. >> you have in the faith and you have studied. >> yeah. >> there is a whole lot of drama in this video in thailand.
1:42 am
we start with mom. that mother elephant is on a plantation about 2:00 in the morning. they can hear a lot of noise. she's in distress because she's a mama. and because this is a plantation, she runs into electric fencing. she's okay but she's stunned for a while. >> it must be serious to floor an elephant. >> they have that around because of the plantation, but look where the bay di is stuck. ten feet down in a well. you can hear its very loud cries trying to get out. >> i thought it was mom making that noise. >> no, it was the baby. took them about three hours to dig a ramp for that baby to get out of there. >> it's too heavy


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