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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  KGO  February 22, 2018 4:30am-5:00am PST

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a look at the temperatures at frosty level. danville 34. san ramon. 35. dublin and lafayette at 38. everybody else in the low to mid-40s. take a look at other temperatures. it is freezing cold at santa rosa. napa at 32 degrees. 48 right now, oakland, hayward, san carlos. 43 in san jose. here's a look at the 12-hauer e. hour planner. i jumped ahead. we'll show you the accuweather 12-hour planner coming up. your commute will be fine today except for the scattered showers that are going to be out and about and that snow level down to 2,000 feet. it could cause problems also. we'll look at that coming up next. >> should we bring an umbrella, mike? >> might want to. >> let's look at the east shore freeway. you could see filling in pretty nicely. it's moving at a nice clip towards the macarthur maze and the bay bridge toll plaza. no metering lights yet. we do have roadwork until 5:00. it's both directions of highway
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13 in oakland. first reports of an accident westbound 24 on to southbound 13. we'll come back in a couple of minutes and get details on that. here at the live desk, i want to show you the new video we got. it's of a car chase overnight across bay area highways. take a look here. the chp got reports of a possible dui driver on southbound 101 in the menlo park area. they tried to get that person to stop and instead, they ended up chasing the driver on 101, 85, 280 and then northbound 680. they used a spike strip to stop the car near hoss steter and san jose. they had to break the car windows and force the female driver out of her car. fortunately, no one was hurt and the female driver is looking at several charges. officers think alcohol and drugs were a fak tosh. back to you. happening today, family
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members and supporters of a man killed by a b.a.r.t. police officer plan to demand justice from the board of directors of b.a.r.t. >> sahleem tindle was shot. they released the full body cam of the video. we want to warn t he video is disturbing. it shows the moment that tindle was shot. police chief carlos rojas decided to share the video. tindle shot the other man seen in the video shortly before the officer arrived. >> assault with a deadly weapon or attempted homicide being committed unbeknownst to him at 7 ft and chester. he runs, within less than a minute, he's confronted with a situation that he did not create. a situation he did not ask to get involved in but a wasituati where he felt it was his duty to respond. >> it shows tindle being shot in
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the back without enough time to raise his hands as the officer was ordering him to do. angry students, teachers and parents are demanding stronger gun control laws after the shooting rampage that left 17 people dead at a florida hig school. >> during a tense cnn town hall, people challenge marco rubio. one parent said his comments about the shooting and quote, those pa thet cthetically weak. he said they can't be solved by gun -- he supports raising the age to buy rifles. >> were guns the factor in the hunting of our kids. >> if you are 18 years of age, you should not be able to buy a rifle. i will support a law that takes that right away. >> fantastic. >> the nra was quick to respond opposing any law that would raise the age of purchase for rifles and shot guns. >> president trump listened to
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victims impacted by gun violence. he even appeared open to arming teachers. they would undergo special training. the superintendent says arming teachers is not the solution to school shootings. you could be looking at the next generation of leaders. abc 7 news reporter melly woodrow was at the high school in alameda last night for an event inspiring a young woman to get involved in politics. >> three women organized the political and proud event. >> we're aiming to get women and girls more involved in politics in different leadership roles. >> bringing together motivational speakers who have broken a glass ceiling. >> i put my name in the hat. >> my expectation for you young women here today, you will not question your value or your worth. >> there are women who are standing up for you.
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>> their message reaching students and their parents. >> and takes a stand in what we need right now in equality. >> a great venue for girls and women to understand that we do have a voice. it's not just young women who are inspired. they have the support of young men. >> we can only get things done in this world -- >> it's incredible to see the support of the male students. >> twice as many -- with future political aspirations culminating right here. >> i want to run for senate in georgia and then maybe one day i'll be president. that would be amazing. >> amazing. as these young women heard, most definitely possible. in alameda, melanie woodrow, abc 7 news. a b.a.r.t. rider dragged off the train, beaten and then robbed of his iphone. this morning, police are sefrpg for the four young people who did it. the victim was attacked at the powell street b.a.r.t. station
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before 11:00 on tuesday. they beat him and took his iphone x. police say the victim is okay. so far no arrests have been made. happening today, an emergency hearing in federal court is scheduled to address the alleged mistreatment of pregnant women at the alameda county jail. last month at the santa rita jail in dublin filed a lawsuit. the suit claims female inmates are being denied necessary medical care and proper nutrition. the inmate services manager and commander at the alameda county sheriff's office denied the allegations. you could soon see cars with no one behind the wheel within months. the san francisco business times says under proposed vehicle rules, they could hit the road by monday. they're expected to be approved. the dmv could start approving a.m. kapgss within 30 dags. a remote operator would be required to take over if something went wrong. let's take a look at the
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12-hour planner. it has chances of rain and snow and hail possible today. we'll start off this morning with partly cloudy conditions. about 33 to about 39 degrees. we'll jump up to about 50 at noon when we'll see the reignition of the showers and thunderstorms. they'll continue into the afternoon hours as we reach the low to mid-50s. when the sunsets, we lose the energy and the system is fast-moving, it will be exiting the south bay by then and opening us to clear conditions by 7:00 and temperatures in the mid to upper 40s. let's give you a timetable in the south bay when the rain arrives. by 2:00 through 4:00, but notice by 6:00 it's gone. start off mostly sunny at 45. after the showers move through. we'll have lingering showers at 45. at noon, about 53. get ready for the second round to come on in. how about the inland east bay neighborhoods. starting off in the 40s. sunshine and 49 at 10:00.
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then the showers roll on in. there's a slight chance of some thunderstorms also. mid-50s through 4:00 and you can see the showers are gone. back in the 40s by 6:00. but notice, got more chances of rain sunday and especially monday and wednesday of next week. i'll have a look at that with the accuweather seven-day forecast coming up. sue? we're going to go to oakland with this accident. it is westbound 24 on the transition ramp to southbound 13. there is roadwork in the area that may or may not have been a factor in this accident. but it's partially blocking and we'll get more details on that in a couple of minutes. two or perhaps one accident, it looks like northbound 880 near thornton. another report near mowry. five cars involved and a couple of lanes blocked. heads up through fremont. we'll check back with the chp in a couple of minutes. thank you, sue. a group of san francisco firefighters go on the legal offensive following a harassment scandal. why they claim they are the ones
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facing discrimination. harvey weinstein invokes meryl streep's name in a bid to get a harassment lawsuit thrown out. she minces no words in telling him how she feels about it. plus, a new report about car safety and what you need to know before you buy your next one. i'm
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what you're seeing right there is white. that's a lot of snow that's coming up to the sierra as we head throughout the day. down in so cal in the low 60s with sunshine. 3 to 6 inches of snow down to 2,000 feet. localized up to about nearly a foot by 10:00 this evening. you can see on heavenly, they're still making snow. taking advantage of this arctic air mass. snow showers early tomorrow morning. partly sunny, breezy saturday. sunday is a nicer day if you like sunshine, skiing. about 4 inches of snow is coming monday. hi everyone. there is a new report out this morning on car safety. it has recommendations that you'll want to hear before buying a new car. experts now are suggesting that you consider cars that have sensors, cameras and automatic braking to help avoid crashes. according to the insurance institute for highway safety or
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iihs, cars equipped with that technology can reduce backup crashes by more than 75%. parking sensors issue warning beeps or seat vibrations when the car is too close to another car or another object behind it. keep in mind that that technology is not standad in most cars. you have to add it on when you buy a new car. back to you. >> jessica, thank you. some san francisco firefighters are looking to clear their names. they say they were unfairly transferred after a harassment investigation. >> they're suing the city because the firefighters say they are victims of discrimination. the group spoke exclusively to abc 7 news reporter vic lee. >> reporter: did any of you harass this female firefighter? >> absolutely not. >> reporter: the end result they were transferred out in the fall of 2016. the result of a city investigation into complaints filed by a female firefighter from that station. she said she was harassed by the
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men in the firehouse because of her gender. fire chief joanne hayes white confirmed the results of the probe. >> there were findings of harassment. something obviously we don't tolerate. >> a letter from the human resources department to the chief said station 2 was hostile and challenging for women. was that true? the eight firefighters, most of them officers of the firehouse, say no. >> we didn't do anything wrong here. we did our jobs and yet, we were punished for it. >> their lawyer, raven sarnoff, says the city investigation was anything but fair. >> the fire department conducted an investigation that seemed designed to find otherwise. >> there's a truth to this story, and we're here hoping that the truth is heard. >> the truth, according plaintiffs who spoke exclusively to abc 7 news is that there's an
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i ipt mat between the firefighter and the chief -- a relationship where romero gave preferential treatment to her and he interfered with other officers who had to train and work with her. >> yes. he protected her to a certain extent. i felt uncomfortable to the enth dreeg trying to train this individual because of possible workplace retaliation by the battalion chief. >> firefighters complained to the department but it fell on deaf ears and they were transferred. >> felt like this was an attack on my personal integrity. >> there' a lot of shame that goes with it. not shame just to me but also to my family. >> what do you hope to achieve with this lawsuit? >> the truth. clear our name. >> we did not reveal the name of the female firefighter because she is not a defendant in this case. we did, however, leave messages for her and the battalion chief romero at their respective
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firehouses. so far no responses. the fire department would not comment on the lawsuit, but said they're responsible for providing a workplace free of discrimination and harassment. now the department of human resources in this statement said they investigate all complaints of sexual harassment and that they stand by their actions. vic lee, abc 7 news. thanks for that report. meryl streep is slamming harvey weinstein after he used her name to try to get a sexual misconduct lawsuit against him tossed. the actors previously said weinstein was always respectful in their working relationship. but streep says it is "pathetic and ex employ tiff for weinstein to expect that because he was not abusive to her, it doesn't mean he wasn't to other women." he's accused -- fill strategies to fill empty storefronts across the city. results of the neighborhood retail study will be revealed at
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today's meeting. the rising cost of doing business in the city is not only taking a toll on small retailers, but contributing to blight. monthly rents can range from $5,000 to $50,000 per month depending on the space. it's 4:47. you're never more than seven minutes away from your accuweather forecast. here's meteorologist mike nicco. hey, mike. >> hey natasha and reggie. good question. should you bring an umbrella today? you might want to in case you're caught out in one of those and want to stay dry. it's 27 consecutive days since measurable rain since we've had rain here. that's the longest in a winter or rain season. the longest is 43 days. we don't want to get that. looking back towards san francisco. clearing, the breezes taper tonight. could be freezing cold again tomorrow. in fact, it will be in some neighborhoods. the extended, more systems for next week. they're kind of like this system. you can see the scattered nature
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of the showers with the green dots. even the pink and white, the wintry mix to snow over there near mt. hamilton. temperatures today from 51 in half moon bay to 56 in san jose. most of us around 52 to 55. we'll be in the upper 40s in lakeport and ukiah. here's a look at the lows tonight. ukiah, lakeport, 30 in napa. 30 in livermore. upper 20s in the san ramon valley. frosty at -- san francisco usually the powarm spot. 39 degrees. developing up north and headed our way today. at 7:00, it's down to the south. going to move on out. going to be quiet. then you can see by noon, there's scattered showers developing, especially along the higher elevations. snow level down to 2,000 feet. hail possible. outside chance of lightning and thunder. 4:00, still isolated showers. as we head towards the overnight hours, you can see the skies opening up and it's going to get
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kind of cold tomorrow morning. the storm is a 1 on the storm impact scale. the amounts will be less than a tenth of an inch. the storm track moved to the east and it comes back and brings colder weather with it monday, tuesday, and wednesday. >> sue, what are you seeing? >> we've got an update. let's check on the accident in the fremont area. this one has just now been cleared. also in hayward, northbound hess perrian at highway 92, a driver hit a light pole and it's down in the road crossing hess peerian at 92. try to avoid that area if you can. fremont, yes, this accident cleared northbound 880 near thornton. fortunately, it was five cars involved and that is all on the right shoulder. sue, thank you. snapchat is responding after users who complained about the app's redesign. >> a treat legal electric car can boast a speed record this morning. here's this morning's techbytes. >> in today's techbytes, snapchat is taking action
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because of user complaints. critics say the snapchat redesign makes the app more difficult to use. >> more than a million people signed a petition opposing the changes. snapchat now promising more tweaks to address concerns. in the aftermath of the school shooting in florida, districts across the country are encouraging students to use apps to make anonymous tips. >> one called safe to tell. they've received more than 150 tips since last week's shooting. later on "good morning america," experts will weigh in on how effective the apps can be. over in japan, there's a fast car that's also environmentally friendly. >> the owl is electric and can go from 0 to 60 in just or two seconds. that's better than the fastest gas powered car. >> the price tag, $4 million. >> a bargain. >> those are your techbytes. >> it's electric. an olympic gold medalist returning to the bay area today, a special honor in store for natalie coughlin. a frightening twist in
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mexico. resistance may be futile. >> futile. >> the dog is taking over my brain. the dog robot.
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take a look at live doppler 7 south of the dunbarton bridge. we've got sprinkles and a shower. this is just the first round of more scattered showers to come. mike, thank you.
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this morning, dozens of people are recovering after a ferry explosion in mexico. the local civil defense director says two americans are among the 25 people hurt. all are expected to be okay. the passengers were getting off the ferry docked in play i can't dell carmen when a blast ripped through the vessel. investigators are looking into what went wrong. spacex is trying to launch the falcon rocket after strong winds forced the delay. they plan to launch a pair of prototype satellites to form the basis for star link. a constellation of 11,000 satellites that would beam broadband internet back down to earth. it's scheduled for 6:17 a.m. from the vandenberg air force base in santa barbara county. the robot dog -- this doesn't tell the whole story. there's new video showing how determined, oh, my good necessa necessary, where this -- gets it
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off -- he uses a harness to stop the robot. but it uses software and cameras to keep readjusting. it doesn't get tired and will do whatever it takes to complete its mission. >> so this is a horror movie? >> this is a horror movie. good morning, mike. >> unlike my cat, it doesn't give up. here's a look at the winds picking up if oakland. 18. sfo 15. hayward about 10. heading through the morning commute, we get 15 to 20 miles per hour. all the way, stay that way through noon. then the winds start coming in. look at that 20 to 30 mile per hour gusts. overnight, they'll calm down to 10 to 15 miles per hour. watch out on the bridges and overpasses. especially east-west ones as you head through the evening commute. here's sue. we are checking on an accident that just cleared to the right lane. i want to say all lanes were blocked for a time.
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this one is north 101 near the lawrence expressway. only the right lane is getting by at this hour. that's better news than having all lanes blocked. we'll check back with the chp. again, north 101 before the lawrence expressway. thank you, sue. it's okay for doctors to use nasal spray flu vaccines once again. according to the advisory committee of immunization practices, it voted yesterday to recommend the spray as an option for next year. two years ago, the advisory group pulled its recommendation for flu mist vaccine after research found it wasn't working against the swine flu. astrazeneca says a small study shows a new version does appear to work better. happening today, natalie could go lan will be honored with a pool dedication ceremony. concord based high school is naming the new aquatic center after her who graduated from there.
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the natalie coughlin center is part of the complex set to open in walnut creek in april. besides the new pool, the aquatic center features a larger than life mural of here from the 2008 beijing olympic. we're live with why police are getting involved with something. the cost of living has gotten so high, a bay area restaurant can't find a single employee to hire. the warriors decide on plans the warriors decide on plans to celebrate their nba ♪ team usa to south korea! we can't fly...
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there are seven continents... united. seven seas... but at at celebrity cruises, we'd argue... more than seven wonders. for a limited time enjoy two free perks, like complimentary wi-fi and drinks. a savings for everyone in your stateroom when you book now, during the celebrity cruises sail beyond event. good morning. coming up on 5:00 a.m. on this thursday, february 22nd. we're glad you're here with us. we're almost at the weekend.
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to get us there, meteorologist mike nicco. >> good morning. maybe a little bumpy as we have, look at that, storm impact scale. just like your umbrellas, you may want to dust that off. scattered showers today, gusty winds and a snow level down to 2,000 feet. an outside chance of thunderstorms which means lightning and small hail. you can see to the east of milpitas and fremont, over mt. hamilton, possible light shower with a light dusting of snow. same thing in the santa cruz mountains. that's it for the morning commute. once bwe get to noon, the breezs picking up on mt. tam. the showers redevelop and hang around in the afternoon hours in the low to mid-50s. winds will gust at 20 to 30 miles per hour also. be ready for that. here's sue. >> trouble in the sunnyvale and moun tab view area with an accident involving five vehicles and almost all lanes blocked. the one right lane is getting by. but you can see that purple. that's never good news on our


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