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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  February 23, 2018 6:00am-7:00am PST

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dry today. we're starting off freezing cold temperatures to mid and upper 30s. near 50 at noon. 50 to 54 at 4:00. jacket required at 7:00. no windchills. temperatures in the mid to upper 40s. are you going to talk about the seismic activity? >> i am. b.a.r.t. is experiencing a delay now because of a little shaker in danville. 3.5. ten-minute system wide due to seismic activity. expect slight delay on b.a.r.t. a bigger delay northbound 880. that overturned big rig you're looking at blocking three lanes. two right lanes are getting by. it's slow both directions of 880. jess? >> you want to get back to that breaking news since we started this hour. that 3.5 magnitude earthquake that hit the east bay overnight. it was centered near diablo. a lot of people felt t i'm going
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to zoom in a little bit. the earthquake struck at exactly 5:28. and there were a lot of quakes overnight. in fact, there were about 11 that were 1.5 or bigger. i mention this only a few minutes ago on our newscast. i want to show you some replies since then from people who felt the shaking. amy p saying i'm in alamo and it felt big. my tv was shaking. liz mullen says third one was a charm. shake rattle and roll. mark h, saying felt both because i mentioned in my tweet here the danville earthquake that was earlier. 2.4 as well overnight. he said felt both. apparently we've had 13 since 11:30 p.m. this last one got me up. a lot of people feeling that shaking and seismic activity in the east bay throughout the night. if you felt it at home and you're watching us, use the #abc 7 now. we can see your comments.
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back to you. thank you, jessica. carpool cheaters, watch out of. chp is cracking down. they've issued 200 citations just yet. >> not just there. oakland chp did the same thing. amy hollyfield in the newsroom. hey, amy. >> natasha, we're out here at the bay bridge toll plaids a. we're next to the carpool lane. we've been watching the cars in these lanes. we have seen violators. only with a driver no passenger. they need to know they're coming for u they took video of their sting they did yesterday and posted it on facebook. this is on highway 4 in the morning commute. the chp officers were busy. they say they handed out more than 200 citations. that was just in one morning. oakland chp did the same a few weeks ago. they issued 124 tickets. they say they are responding to commuter feedback. they've been hearing from commuters saying the issue is very important to them.
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it is a big concern. so the chp says they are on it. they could be out there again today. consider yourself warned much the carpool lane saves you time. what is your time worth? this ticket is expensive. $491 if you're caught. consider yourself warned this morning. reporting live from the toll plaza, amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. >> that would hurt. amy, thank you. a bizarre development to a story we talked about last week. police arrested a san jose high school track coach on child porn charges just days after his twin brother was arrested for the same crime. police arrested 47-year-old clinton papadakis at his home on tuesday. evers the track coach at oak grove high school. police began investigating him last year. police arrested his twin brother, clifford papadakis last week, also on child porn charges. clifford taught p.e. at willow
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glenn middle school in san jose. police say even though the men are related, the two cases are not. san francisco supervisor london breed plans to hold an emergency community meeting tomorrow to discuss the apparent drug-related deaths of three men. investigators believe they all overdosed on fentanyl. their bodies were found near the urban school early yesterday morning. no foul play is suspected. they may have taken street drugs laced with a narcotic. the suspected overdoses had officials alarmed that more deaths could happen if drug users do not take precautions. >> fentanyl can kill you within minutes, it can depress your respiratory a ability and you can die quickly. it's a synthetic opioid pain reliev reliever. it is often used to cut other drugs. it can be 100 times more powerful than morphine. it's been blamed for tens of thousands of overdose deaths in the u.s. recently. today the florida high school where a former student
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shot and killed 17 people last killed is going to reopen to teachers and staff. we learned yesterday that an armed school resource deputy at parkland high school resigned after it was revealed he failed to act at the time of the shooting. the sheriff says deputy scott peterson stood outside the building for four minutes. the shooting happened in six minutes. deputy peterson resigned after being suspended without pay. public school teachers in oakland will not be armed. but some of their colleagues may be asked to go through active shooter training. oakland has the only dedicated school police force. they monitor a network of security cameras from each campus. arming teachers, the police chief says, would be foolish. >> most people come into the education world to educate kids, not too carry firearms. there's a lot of people in the community that would prefer not to have police in schools at all. if you don't want armed police in schools, you won't want teachers armed. it may be mandated to
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undergo training about what to do in the case of a shooting. the unified school district in the wake of the shooting -- the school board is cutting two safety officer positions. $1.8 million in budget cuts. it considered laying off four officers to meet the quota. but ultimately decided on two officers after public outcry. parents, staff and students are concerned safety will sacrifice for budget cuts. takata can only pay back a fraction of the settlement it reached. california and others are helping victims get a larger piece of of the settlement. >> a new map suggests it's deja vu when it comes to the drought in california. i'm working on a map to show you where the earthquake was. 3.5 around sandy ago owe lane. it's south of green valley elementary school. it happened a half hour ago.
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we'll talk about the chances of rain and shift away from earthquakes in the accuweather seven-day forecast. mike, thanks for pulling that up. a look outside from the mt. tam camera. a little bit of color is build not guilty the sky.
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california and dozens of other states will not take any money from takata after reaching a $650 million settle. that's because only a fraction of the money will be build because of financial problems. the state said they will not collect the settlement so the victims of the faulty airbag inflators can get a piece of the remaining money. takata was forced into bankruptly amid lawsuits, multimillion dollar funs and crushing recall costs. let's head to the south bay where you have an ice scraper, credit card, almost works as well. you need one at 31. los gatos at 30 and close in sclier a, c santa clara and saratoga at 33. 36 at redwood city. 28 in livermore. 30 in danville and lafayette.
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>> 38 in novato and frosty 31 in napa. gorgeous shot of the city from mt. tamalpais. exercising today, the bay. a lot calmer than yesterday. they'll be sunny all day today. not nearly as blustery as yesterday. we've got a dry weekend with temperatures warming back to near average by sunday. mother nature drops the hammer on monday. show you what to expect coming up next, sue. seismic activity, they had a 3.5 earthquake in danville. as typical proet cal for b.a.r.t., they have slowed down the system to make sure the tracks are okay. make sure you're aware of the delay. live sky 7 over hayward union city on 880. the truck is blocking the two left lanes. the right lanes are getting by. no tow truck on the site yet.
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we've got delays not only in the northbound direction but in the southbound direction as well past the scene. 238 remains a good all the mat for you. thank you, sue. movement with the model 3. it appears tesla may finally be rolling out the long delayed cars. apparently avocados aren't apparently avocados aren't just good it's cleaning season protection. this spring, take on even the griest messes with the power of lysol. kills 99.9% of germs with 0% bleach. my doctor remmended i switch to miralax.on, stimulant laxatives make your body go by forcefully stimulating the nerves in your colon. miralax is different. it works with the water in your body to hydrate and soften. unblocking your system naturally. miralax. it's ok that everyone ignores it's fine. drive. because i get a safe driving bonus check every six months i'm accident free. and i don't share it with mom! right, mom? right.
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safe driving bonus checks. only from allstate. switching to allstate is worth it. there'that only uses 100% american oranges.and simply orange and tropicana ship in juice from overseas. only florida's natural grows alof our oranges in florida. only fgreat taste.ural naturally.
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6:14 now. some of the people who put a deposit on a tesla model 3 are getting an invitation for their cars. the release date has been delayed two times so far. tesla is not saying how many reservation holders have received the invitation so far, but it's the first time they've gone out to nonemployees. a $50,000 version of the model 3 with a premium battery. later this year, it's expected later this year, it's expected to roll out a as many as six more of these stores could open. the first opened in seattle last year. there are no cashiers. you scan an app when you walk in the door and then through some sort of magic and trickery and possibly sorcery, cameras an sensors know what items you
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picked out and you walk on out of the store. >> amazon is in discussion with a developer in los angeles no. word on the bay area. i'm kind of crossing my fingers. seems like a cool idea. >> yeah. all right. it appears avocados aren't just a popular super food. they're engagement ring boxes. >> it's a growing trend on social media. people surprising their loved ones with rings inside an avocado posted under #avocado proposal. there's a downside. i don't know what photo this is. you have ten minutes until it looks like that. it oxidizes turns blackish, brownish and it's not super -- >> while you're telling people about that story, our producer was saying, you can take lemon juice and squirt it on the avocado. >> just like eric to say that. >> we don't want avocados as
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boxes. >> put it in a margarito. if you're going to go route. >> here we go. problems going on. b.a.r.t. put things a little behind schedule due to track maintenance and tried to make sure the tracks are okay. there's a ten-minute delay. bigger problems on 880 northbound with an overturned semi truck blocking the two left lanes. the two right lanes are getting by at alvarado niles. there's no tow truck on scene yet. sky 7 zooms in. we do have big delays both directions. avoid the area if at all possible. we'll be back with more on this in just a couple of minutes. mike? the folks with the early wakeup call in danville and alamo, it's freezing cold outside too. if you're getting up early thinking about going out, dress accordingly. here's a look from the roof camera. you can see that arctic air mass an the bright blue sky we're going to have with the calmer
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conditions. it will be calm, clear and cold again tonight. our next system slated to come in that promises warmer weather. in fact, here's a look at the next storm. it's an inside slider that will miss us. it will produce a few high clouds over the weekend. 58 in santa rosa on the high end to half moon bay is 53. most of us in the mid to upper 50s. still a little below average. you can see the freezing cold temperatures, north bay valleys inland east bay valleys. mid to upper 30s around the bay and the coast. san francisco the warm spot at 42 degrees. sunday evening, things are quiet. but sunday night, i should say monday morning, what happened to my pause point. they were in there. know this, during the commute sunday morning, we're going to have rain. it's going to taper to showers by monday afternoon. so monday's morning commute could be a bear. we've got a few showers. you can see it in tahoe. this morning, maybe another inch or two by the time they end the an noochlt average high is 45. we'll be below that the entire
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weekend with more snow coming. about 4 to 8 inches. 60s away from the coast by sunday. back in the low to mid-50s with a chance of snow here down to 3,000 feet monday. let's go back to tahoe. new snow, sue. what's going on? >> we have chain controls good news for skiers. welcome to your toyota tahoe report. we'll take a look at some of the conditions out there now. as i mentioned, we've got chain requirements on 89 to squaw valley. also to north star, drive times are still pretty good. not a major dump. but you will need to slow down and put the chains on. that slows things down a bit. chains are required from kye bers to myers. sugar bowl is getting nice snowfall. the bases will increase as we get more inches mike has been talking about. bring the chains, you'll need tem. mike says the storm is going to last until about noon. at which time, you should have decent skiing.
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it's also cold enough they can blow snow. good road conditions as we speak. they'll improve through the day much that's your toyota tahoe report for this friday. >> sue, thank you. we're celebrating the chinese new year this weekend and highlighting great events to check out. >> advice from police after the release of this video showing that it can happen in a split second. right out of your own hands. rob marciano has a look at what's ahead on "good morning america" at 7:00 a.m. good morning. coming up on gma, shocking headlines this morning about that florida school shooting. an armed sheriff's deputy was on campus during the event and reportedly did nothing. plus, president trump suggesting teachers carry guns in the classroom. we're live in flori
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look at this at the summit of mt. hamilton. that's the observatory. it didn't stay long. it melted quickly under all that sunshine. guess what? we could have a repeat monday. check out the projected potential rain totals. maybe a tenth to .15 inches with the next snow level. the bay area is packed with lunar new year events. we teamed up our partners at
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hoodline with more. some people say we're buche i bow ba. >> to make better boba. it's milk tea with -- premium leaves instead of tae bags. ben and andrew spent ten years making bags and accessory for timbuktu and left and followed their passion. the guys most instagramed drink, milk in the middle and match a on top. the latte. >> are you seeing the three layers? >> it's so beautiful. >> it has six location this is the bay area. it's open in new york. showing their parents leaving their safe job was worth it. >> you're going to make me cry. >> he said he was really proud of me. it was really cool to be able to
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show your parents, like, this is what we built. this is what we're doing. this is why it's worth it. >> it's crazy to see how far we've come. search years ago, we would never think it would get this far. >> celebrate the new year with four new flavors. purple rain, kiwi guava, arnold palmer. how does a nine-course banquet sound. attend the soiree hosted by -- it includes amazing food and experiences. we have a link to rsvp. saturday at the noon, there's amazing performances. you can see the lion dance team. they're sweethearts and i'm happy for their success. >> they have been on a roll. the line out the door at the boba guys places is incredible. happy for them. we'll link you up with hoodline. snapchat shiareholders are
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not happy with kylie jenner this morning. alerting residents during the october wildfires. brendan fraser standing up and saying me too. plus, did you feel it? some people waking up because of an earthquake overnight. it wasn't the only shaking we saw. a traffic alert in effect on 880 northbound. you're looking at sky 7 live over the accident with a truck on its side blocking the two left lanes. the right lanes are getting by. a sig-alert in effect. no tow truck on scene yet. no tow truck on scene yet. they should be there
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good morning. it's coming up on 6:30 on this friday, february 23rd. om of some of you got a rude awakening this morning with shaking. some activity in the east bay. >> just the latest. a lot of seismic activity. meteorologist mike nicco. >> 55. earthquakes in alamo, danville andy ab low the last search days.
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>> karncan't find a cloud in th sky. my 12-hour planner. temperatures in the 20s inland. it's a frosty start there. mid to upper 30s everywhere else except for san francisco where we've got upper 30s to low 40s. 50 with total sunshine at noon. low to mid-50s at 4:00. guess what, it will feel like it. it will be calmer today than yesterday. sue, still having issues with b.a.r.t.? >> yes. the best part is b.a.r.t. is recovering. after earthquakes they inspect the tracks. there's still a ten hin minute b.a.r.t. delay. 880 northbound. the truck on its side. the two left lanes blocked and the three right lanes are getting by. no tow on scene yet. they're trying to get there. but traffic is really bad as you can see from sky 7 as it pulls out. big backups in both directions of 880 this morning. this is right near alvarado
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niles union city hayward area. they call it the nasty nimitz for a reason. it never seems to fail us. so please avoid the area if you don't need to be on the freeway. otherwise, expect delays. we'll let you know when the tow is on scene. now a live desk update. hi everyone. did you feel it? if you're in the east bay, just a short while ago we got reports of an earthquake there. initially it was coming in as a 3.5 magnitude quake. gs website, it's a 3.3. that's the biggest one. the epicenter near diablo, danville, alamo area. small quakes were reported, according to this area, 1.5 hit around 6:00 this morning at 5:58. mike nicco says it makes 55 in the past seven days in that area alone. a lot of you have been tweeting us, telling us you felt the shaking overnight. here's a tweet from jasmine, one
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of our viewers saying the 3.5 woke me up from a dead sleep in blackhawk. then another one from san ramon and most definitely felt the quake. people saying they did feel it, woke up to it. let us know if you felt it by using the #abc 7 now on social media. reggie, natasha, back to you. parents are concerned about their kids being too addict today their screens. >> somewhat ironically, we're asking you to use technology to let us know, do you think kids are addicted to their phones? go to and let us know. we'll keep this up on the bottom of the screen as matt keller tells us more about this new poll. hey this, matt. >> reporter: good morning. we're probably addicted to our phones as well. but we're here close to a high school in san jose and before class you see it. students looking down at their phones. their mobile devices and they know that their parents are obviously very concerned about
6:33 am
it. this new survey shows the latest numbers. check them out. 47% of parents worry that their child is addicted to their device. this is according to common sense media. only 32% of parents say the same thing about themselves. one woman said that's at least part of the solution addressing our own addiction. >> the two things we need do is stop using them ourselves as much as we do. it's bad modeling. number 2, we need to educate children very early, very early pre-k at this point because you see kids two years old touching phones and really help them understand how to best use them. >> reporter: what a great answer from her. she does work with kids. other experts say you should learn about parental controls, set time limits for devices and create tech-free zones in the house. if you'd like to see the survey, go to reporting live in san jose, matt keller, abc 7 news. >> matt, thank you. take a look at the results from our poll at the bottom of the
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screen. thank you very much for voting. 86, 89, 90%, keeps going up. agreed that their kids are addicted to their devices. it's a brand new world, natasha. >> really is. >> just living in it. the fight to keep -- appealed to the u.s. supreme court. silicon valley billionaire vee nod coes la is -- his lawyers filed an appeal with the high court yesterday. he purchased 89 acres of the scenic coastline in 2009. a district court of appeals last year ruled that he violated the california coastal act for blocking public access. the supreme court will likely decide within three months whether to take the case. the county dropped the ball when it came to warning people about the october pooild wildfires. the alert system did not include sending wireless alerts to cell phones. with the board of supervisors
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chairman, james gore says, quote, we should have woken up the world. he admits poor communication made the problem worse. they were not told the emergency services manager decided not to use wireless emergency alerts during disasters. as a result, multiple agencies struggled to get the word out. >> we turn to florida where teachers return to stone mab douglas high school for the first time since the massacre. >> the community is coming to grips that the armed officer on duty at the school never went inside to engage the gunman. the broward county sheriff says scott peterson was outside of the building for upwards of four minutes while students were being shot inside. the 32-year resigned and retired after being suspended without pay earlier in the day. 14 students and three educators were shot and killed in that shooting. some businesses are backing away from the national rifle association as it hardens its stance on gun control in the wake of the shooting.
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first national bank of omaha will stop producing credit cards for the nra. that's in response to complaints from customers. first national is the country's largest privately owned bank company. enterprise which owns alamo and national car rentals, it says it's ending a discount promotion for members. i.c.e. agents and border patrol out of california -- >> we never said let them alone, let them figure it out for themselves. they'd be begging for us to come back. >> his statements are completely consistent with everything that he has said. it demonstrates his ignorance, it demonstrates his racism. >> oakland mayor libby schaaf not alone in her criticism. mark farrell says we're a sanctuary city because when law abiding residents are active members of the community we're better. the president's obsession
6:37 am
with california is growing more outrageous by the day. his attacks are meanspirited but patently false. happening today stanford students plan to speak up for victims of sexual assault. they will meet at a memorial site near kappa alpha fraternity where brock turner assaulted an unconscious woman. today at 4:00 p.m., students will read quotes from the victim's letter about the i am act of the assault. also discuss how the stanford community can fight sexual violence. a warning from berkeley police. six suspected thieves were arrested and despite that, he ohman i have the thefts happen at cafe as shattuck avenue, look how quickly it happened. he grabs the laptop out of the customer's hands and dashes out the door. this is the middle of the day. a nice upscale looking cafe. gosh. police are recommending that you
6:38 am
secure your laptop to the table to make it harder to steal. >> take note of the device's serial number and put tracking software on your computer. back it up, too. >> if your computer is stolen. some of that information can help. but. >> -- >> sad state of affairs. >> it is. everybody is colder than we were 24 hours ago. even up to 14 degrees colder in half moon bay. let's take a look at your temperatures. starting in san francisco. lake merced, 34. i saw a temperature near the excelsi excelsior. there could be frost in san francisco. west portal, sunny side, glenn park, pea tril oat the >> everybody else in the 30s. 29 in walnut creek. kr tracy at 39. 32 in american canyon at 31.
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crossing the bridge, it's still a little breezy. but those are going to continue to taper throughout the day. wear warm clothes if you're heading to mass transit because of the extra chill in the air. dry all day on the roads. in the bay, no white caps today. let's talk about the kids and get them ready at 29 inland. 35 to 37 at the coast and 7:00. it will be sunny but cool at 11:00. 47 to 50. during the afternoon hours, no chance of rain. a whole lot of sunshine and about 50 at that to 55 degrees. mother nature will give us a break. a nice weekend to be outside with slightly warmer temperatures. another arctic front on monday. all of that coming up in the accuweather 7-day forecast. here's sue. we have a sig-alert on 880. we'll go to that video. show you the truck on its side blocking left lanes an the right lanes are getting by. there's still no tow on the scene. it's a truck, box truck literally on its side, flipped over. this is from a little earlier.
6:40 am
they said about 40 minutes ago that the tow truck was on the way. it's still not there yet. as you can imagine, there's a backup on 880 both directions. we'll come back and check on that in a couple of minutes. meanwhile, an accident towards treasure island westbound 80 on the bay bridge. i wanted to show you the san francisco side of the bay bridge is looking light this friday morning. let's take a look at the toll plaza side of things. not so much. the metering lights have been turned on. but we had that accident pushed off to the shoulder. it's not blocking lanes on the span. but we are in recovery mode. other than the backup here, though, your drive along the 80 corridor from herb lease cules maze is 25 minutes. thank you, sue. we're waking up to more cold temperatures after a day of wild weather across the bay area. >> it's absolutely true. check out this cell phone video of hail bouncing off the ground in petaluma. vallejo saw a downpour of rain and then there was a mixture of both at the sonoma raceway.
6:41 am
took some people by surprise. >> i figured it was going to rain a little bit. i wasn't expecting the hail. >> i left for lunch, it was nice and sunny. i came back, and someone flipped the switch. it turned into a crazy rainstorm on the way back. >> some places also had pretty rainbows. after the stormy conditions moved on, the weather once again turned blustery and cold leaving many people just putting on gloves and trying to keep warm. look at this poor lady. >> the wind is whipping her hair. free tuition is going gray for students. someone has to pay for it. why the city college hasn't received funding for the program. oprah winfrey explains why she refuses to respond to president trump's twitter insul insults. where you can dispose of your medicinal and recreational pot. more importantly, why? 6:41. you're looking live at the big board. board.
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california forecast. we'll start in the sfral vcentrl valley. mid-50s in monterey. 41 yosemite with morning snow showers down in the south. look at that. in the lower elevations, 57 in san diego. low to mid-60s for los angeles and palm springs. the higher elevations through
6:45 am
10:00, there's the possibility of us having some snow. up to 3 inches through the grapevi grapevine. let's talk about what will happen in tahoe as we look at my seven-day forecast for tahoe. morning showers for tahoe. average is 45 for a high. only 33 tomorrow. 40 for a warmest day of the next seven days, sunday. 4 toe 8 inches of snow coming in monday. more snow wednesday and thursday. we'll take a look at the monday storm and what it means for us coming up next. reggie? breaking news, an unexpected shake-up call. a swarm of small earthquakes centered near diablo has been rattling the area. >> b.a.r.t. riders felt the impact too. >> amy hollyfield live at the orinda b.a.r.t. station where hi there. we have good news to report. they had to slow down the trains to check the tracks. everything is fine. we just watched here at the
6:46 am
orinda b.a.r.t. station, the 6:39 train rolled in on time and head into san francisco. the system has recovered. we've got a shot for you of the trouble area over danville. sky 7 looking down on where the quakes have been happening. there were three earthquakes near danville this morning starting at 2:32 this morning. the last one an hour ago at 5:30. earlier in the week, there were a cluster of four earthquakes in the danville/alamo area. a lot of activity there. it's been very busy. that triggers work for b.a.r.t. they check the tracks to make sure no damage was done and they slow down the trains. the first trains rolling through just to make sure that there aren't any problems. they have done that. everything looks fine. they've recovered from that delay as we watch the trains come in. your commute should be fiep on b.a.r.t. amy hollyfield, abc 7 news.
6:47 am
brendan fraser is saying me too. he says he was groped by a powerful man in hollywood. he was in encino man, the mummy series and george of the jungle. he was one of the hottest ak toss of the late '90s and the early 2000s. then his career came crashing to a stop. fraser explains why he disappeared. the 49-year-old says he became depressed after philip burke, the former president of the hollywood foreign press association, inappropriately touched him. he says it happened in 2003 at a lunch at the beverly hills ho l hotel. >> he ascribes this, along with personal issues, his mother dying and getting a divorce, why he vanished. burke says it's a fabrication. although burke did write a letter apologizing to the actor, he admitted no wrongdoing. 6:47 now. the riverside county parents charged with torturing their 13 children are due back in fort.
6:48 am
they face 75 counts for torturing, abusing and imprisoning their children for decades. they have a conference in their case today. they were tied or shackled for weeks or months at a time and starved. the eldest daughter, age 29, weighed just 82 pounds. they pleaded not guilty last month. they're being held on $12 million bail each. whoever is sheeting bb's at charter buses on bay area highways is still out there. authorities want your help. at least five charter buses have been hit between woodside and cupertino and interstate 280 over the past two months. some are tech buses carrying google and apple employees. the chp wants to find the shooter before it happens again. officers are saying anyone with information, no matter how small it seems, call 800-tell-chp. oprah taking what she calls the moral high ground when it comes to negativity and hate. >> last night on jimmy kimmel
6:49 am
live, he asked oprah if she thought about responding to the recent tweet about her. you may have seen this. the president cold oprah insecure after watching 60 minutes. her facts were incorrect. the president said that he hopes oprah runs so she can be exposed and defeated all the oars. >> you don't win by meeting negativity head on. >> we've already -- >> you just have to say, well i don't know what that was, but all right. >> she also squashed any remaining rumors that she may be going for the presidency. it was humbling to know that people thought she actually could run the country. there you go. now to the money report. a single tweet from reality tv star kylie jenner send snapchat company's stock tumbling. a loss of a billion dollars in market value. >> on wednesday, the makeup
6:50 am
mogul tweeted to her 24.5 million followers, so does anyone else not open snapchat anymore or is it just me? this is so sad. >> a great impression. jenner was bemoaning the recent redesign that angered a lot of users. a spokesperson tells abc news, it was to make it more personal for everybody. this is just the beginning and we'll always be grateful for any feedback as we roll out our new products. although they might not want more feedback from kylie at this point. >> yeah. a quick look at stocks this morning. not much change so far. we are up .11%. 17.52 now. taking a live look at the stock exchange. 25,085 points. quickly want to show you images coming from the
6:51 am
conservative political action conference or cpac. just started about an hour ago. the executive director of liberty health share is speaking. president trump will be the highlight today. this is the same conference where yesterday the head of the nra made headlines vowing to fight for second amendment rights. despite last week's deadly shooting in florida. we're going to see if this continues the conversation on gun rights and gun reform as president trump addresses that in his speech later this morning. but he is also expected to announce major sanctions against north korea. people will be watching for that. his speech scheduled to start in just about 15 minutes. thank you, jessica. city college of san francisco has not received any funding for its program that provides free tuition to all city res den. the chronicle reports that the community college is short more than $4 million. city officials have not received suitable invoices from city college that clearly satisfies the requirements it agreed to when the free tuition program was announced last year.
6:52 am
a city college spokesman tells the chronicle that determining the correct charges is complicated. they represent routine challenges for a program affecting thousands of students. they've come up with a novel idea, a special contain toer dump your leftover marijuana. travelers have brought to airports inadvertently. >> pot is legal in nevada and not in many other states. these green amnesty boxes are being set up for flyers to dump their pot before they clear security. wonder what happens to it after that? >> exactly. >> that's a good question. never more than seven o cf1o minutes away from your accuweather forecast. >> here's a look at the drought monit monitor. 8% of the state when we began the rain gear on october 1st was in a drought. now 92% of the state abnormally dry which means the drought is beginning.
6:53 am
right there, just barely, napa and the northern parts of marin county, not in a drought. guess what? we're back in it. here's a look a what's going on. probably going to get deeper too, as we have cool, calm and sunny conditions today and slightly warmer temperatures through the weekend and more chances of winter weather next week. the storms from canada and alaska don't have a lot of moisture. not going to put a dent in that drought. these are the highs, 53 at half moon bay to santa rosa at 58 degrees. going to be freezing cold again tonight. except for around the bay. mid to upper 30s in on the coast. upper 20s to mid-30s in the inland valleys. here we are, sunday evening after a great weekend to be outside. temperatures nearing the 60s. we wake up monday morning to this. rain across the entire neighborhood. turning to scattered showers during the afternoon hours. snow level down to about 3,000 feet. we could have snow again like we had yesterday. we head to the evening hours, just about over.
6:54 am
rainfall amounts, this is genero generous. you know, all winter, these models have been overforecasting the precipitation from these arctic storms. i think it will be less than that. we'll have another storm on thursday. have a great weekend. here's sue. a high-wind advisory has been lifted. the sign is usually lit up on the right side of your screen. it's not lit up now. a 20 to 25-minute drive across the san mateo bridge. our big problem continues to be on 880 north and southbound through union city and hayward. northbound at alvarado niles. we have a truck on its side blocking the left lanes. according to the phone first that called in to the producer, the tow truck, the big toe truck arrived on scene about 3 to 5 minutes ago. hopefully the truck will be uprighted. we've got slow traffic all the way to highway 84 on that northbound side.
6:55 am
southbound you can see very slow from 238. we had an earlier stall. same side or same area of the freeway. only on the southbound side. so you are really messed up both directions unfortunately on the nimitz this morning. 238 is not bad. avoid if you can. we'll be back in a couple of minutes,
6:56 am
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it's 6:58. if you're just joining us or headed out the door, the seven things to know before you go. number one is breaking news. a series of earthquakes overnight in the east bay. the largest a 3.5 quake centered near diablo. no damage or injuries reported. number 2, a truck is still on its side in the nimitz freeway. it's northbound 880 near alvarado niles blocking two left lanes. the sig-alert in effect over an hour line. it's slow both directions of 880. number 3, brace yourself for colder temperatures this morning. a lot of frost inland. mid to upper 30s for the rest of us. temperatures the same as yesterday with total sunshine and calmer conditions. it will feel a little bit warmer. >> number 4 the florida high school where a former high school shot and killed 17 students will reopen to teachers
6:59 am
and staff today. the school district says today is dedicated to meeting staff members' needs with a variety of support options. >> stanford will fight against sexual assault on campus today. they plan to honor a survivor by reading empowering quotes about the impact of the assault. number 6, carpool violators beware. the chp is out in force. officers say they are responding to feedback from commuters who tell them carpool violators are a huge concern, more than 200 people got tickets along highway 4 during the morning commute. number 7, millennial way to pop the question with an avocado. apparently, there are some people using the super food as an engagement ring box. you think this sounds like a good idea to make it look like that instead of all brown and oxidized and gross like this. you're advised to squirt lemon juice on it or just not do it. >> don't do it. i got the best response from roger from berkeley.
7:00 am
good morning, america. stunning revelation about the high school massacre. the sheriff now says his armed deputy was at the school when the gunman opened fire but he never went in to stop it. as we learn there were more missed warning signs. panic as this plane slides off a runway this morning. and rain forces rescues overnight. rivers overflowing from texas to the northeast. a police officer saved. people forced from their homes. and the effort to also rescue animals as another storm moves in. indicted. the governor at the center of a sex scandal now facing charges. did he try to blackmail a former lover with an explicit photo? we'll have what he's saying now. and a tough night for team usa. russia wins gold as the americans stumble and fall on the ice. what one of the stars is now


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