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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  February 23, 2018 7:00am-9:00am PST

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good morning, america. stunning revelation about the high school massacre. the sheriff now says his armed deputy was at the school when the gunman opened fire but he never went in to stop it. as we learn there were more missed warning signs. panic as this plane slides off a runway this morning. and rain forces rescues overnight. rivers overflowing from texas to the northeast. a police officer saved. people forced from their homes. and the effort to also rescue animals as another storm moves in. indicted. the governor at the center of a sex scandal now facing charges. did he try to blackmail a former lover with an explicit photo? we'll have what he's saying now. and a tough night for team usa. russia wins gold as the americans stumble and fall on the ice. what one of the stars is now
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saying about her performance and the reality show she's setting her sights on as the games come to an end. and good morning, america. hope you're well this friday morning. tough night for women's figure skating and, boy, mirai nagasu getting heat for that interview. >> she said she was using that performance you see right there as an audition for "dancing with the stars." >> oh. >> that's a little unusual answer to the question she was asked. and amy will talk about that. >> that is ahead. we begin with that alarming revelation from florida authorities about that school shooting. abc's victor oquendo has the latest. good morning, victor. >> reporter: good morning, robin. the sheriff here not mincing words saying that that school resource deputy clearly knew there was a shooting going on and he failed to act. this morning, the stunning
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admission from the sheriff's office. the armed deputy assigned to protect stoneman douglas high school in parkland responded to the mass shooting last wednesday but failed to take action. the sheriff saying he watched the moment play out on surveillance video. >> what i saw was a deputy arrive at the west side of building 12. take up a position. and he never went in. >> reporter: instead sheriff israel says deputy scot peterson waited outside for four minutes. >> was he there when the shooter was still inside the building? >> yes, he was. >> so, what should he have done? >> went in, addressed the killer, killed the killer. >> reporter: the 54-year-old seen here addressing a school board meeting in 2015 worked at the school for the last nine years. >> i'm scot peterson. i've been a police officer for 30 years. i've been a school resource officer for 25 years. >> reporter: in 2014 awarded as school resource officer of the
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year, commending peterson as reliable in handling issues with tact and judgment. now facing suspension without pay, the veteran deputy opting to resign and retire. >> devastated. sick to my stomach. there are no words. i mean, these families lost their children. we lost coaches. >> you don't think about at school this stuff happening but when it does, i feel like you need to be able to act on that. and act as a police officer. >> reporter: and this morning another missed red flag. >> there was a fight in my house with a kid and my son. >> reporter: just months before the parkland shooting frightening 911 calls made multiple times by the family who had taken in suspected shooter nikolas cruz shortly after his mother died. >> and he's going to get his weapon -- right now. so now he's pissed off so and he's going to get the gun. >> reporter: in that 911 call, you can hear that woman saying
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he bought a gun, tons of ammo and put that gun to people's head in the past. nikolas cruz's next court hearing is set for next tuesday. robin. >> so many missed opportunities but we know that some teachers and staff members are expected back on campus today. >> reporter: some of them will be coming back on campus. they'll be offering a ha ing inf support services for them. classes set to resume next wednesday on a modified schedule, robin. >> thank you. michael. >> thank you, robin. the national rifle association weighing in saying one of the ways to stop future school shootings is have more armed guards in school and tom llamas is here with more. good morning, tom. >> reporter: michael, good morning to you. more than a week after that horrific shooting the nation's biggest and most powerful gun lobby the nra is responding with a major address on what happened in parkland. and telling supporters when it comes to protecting schools, more guns, not less, is what's needed. in the wake of the florida school massacre, the nra launching a publicity counteroffensive claiming gun control advocates are exploiting the tragedy. >> they want to sweep right
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under the carpet the failure of school security, the failure of family, the failure of america's mental health system. and even the unbelievable failure of the fbi. >> reporter: the nra chief addressing supporters and gop members at cpac, the annual conservative conference. >> the whole idea from some of our opponents that armed security makes us less safe is completely ridiculous. evil walks among us. and god help us if we don't harden our schools and protect our kids. >> reporter: and specifically calling out democrats. >> cheered on by the national media eager to blame the nra and call for even more government control, they hate the nra. they hate the second amendment. they hate individual freedom. >> reporter: nra spokeswoman
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dana loesch defending the gun lobbying group. >> we will not be gas-lighted into thinking we are responsible for a tragedy that we had nothing to do with. >> reporter: and this baseless claim that many in which she calls the legacy media actually love mass shootings. >> you guys love it. now, i'm not saying that you love the tragedy. but i am saying that you love the ratings. crying white mothers are ratings gold. >> reporter: the nra advocating for more firearms inside of schools. >> they all must come together to implement the very best strategy to harden their schools including effective trained armed security. >> reporter: jim gard who helped protect his students in last week's deadly shooting in parkland says guns in schools is not the solution. >> that would just be way over the top. this is not, you know, stoneman prison. this is a high school.
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>> reporter: all right, the nation's two largest teachers unions have come out publicly against the idea of arming teachers. the president of the american federation of teachers said in a statement, no amount of training can prepare an armed teacher to go up against an ar-15. michael. >> what was the reaction in the room as they're making those speeches? >> it was a quiet reaction first with the exec tifr trekter, wayne lapierre. but by the end, the crowd was cheering him and got a lot of applause and the spokeswoman who had powerful statements got a lot of applause as well. >> powerful statements but wrong statements. we do not do this for ratings. >> that was a baseless claim. >> baseless. >> okay, guys, at the white house yesterday president trump echoed the nra line coming out for arming teachers and against active shooter drills. >> i think a concealed permit for having teachers and letting people know that there are people in the building with gun, you won't have in my opinion you won't have these shootings. because these people are cowards.
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if i'm a child and i'm 10 years old and they say, we're going to have an active shooter drill. i say what's that? well, people may come in and shoot you. i think that's a very negative thing to be talking about to be honest with you. >> cecilia vega for more on this and the president has been in close contact with the nra. >> reporter: he has, george. he spoke to a lobbyist from the nra this weekend. weighing in a few moments ago calling for guns if schools. the sheriff's deputy that was armed did not go in when this happened. i pushed the the president on this a few moments ago. >> deputy sheriff peterson, i guess his name is. they brought it out. i was surprised. it deserves to be brought out. what he did. he's trained his whole life. there's an example. when it came time to get in there and do something, he didn't have the courage or something happened. but he certainly did a poor job. there's no question about that. he was there for five minutes. for five minutes.
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that was during the entire shooting. he heard it right at the beginning. so he certainly did a poor job. that's case where somebody was outside. they're trained. they didn't react properly under pressure or they were a coward. it was a -- real shot to the police department. >> reporter: so, he's there calling that deputy a coward. strong words from president trump. i asked the president about that overwhelming criticism from teachers who say they don't want guns on their campuses. he told me, quote, gun-free san invitation for these crazy people to just come in and shoot. the president also afew minutes ago said that he called the nra patriots. he will be holding a press conference here later today. his first press conference in months, george. he'll be here are the prime minister of australia. you can imagine this will come up. big issues. big questions about guns. his priorities on that front. that's happening in a few minutes, a few hours.
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>> new develops in the russia investigation. special counsel robert mueller filing new charges against former trump campaign chairman paul manafort and his deputy, rick gates. our chief justice correspondent pierre thomas has those details and there in washington. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. that's right, manafort and gates facing new charges, more evidence that the special counsel is turning up the heat in this investigation. the new 3-count superseding indictment filed last night accusing manafort and gates of tax evasion and bank fraud in a series of alleged crimes beyond the previous charges of money laundering brought last october to which they pleaded not guilty. the alleged scheme secretly funneling $75 million into offshore accounts through a number of countries including cyprus and failing to pay taxes on more than $30 million of it. prosecutors say much of the
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money came from ukrainian politicians with close ties to the kremlin. and they say some of the alleged crimes took place while both men work frd the trump campaign. according to investigators, the alleged scheme allowed manafort and gates to live lavish lifestyles. a total of a half a million dollars allegedly spent on clothing in beverly hills. $200,000 allegedly spent on four range rovers and more than $800,000 of alleged landscaping spending. overnight a spokesman for manafort released a statement saying he's confident he will be acquitted on all the charges including the new ones. we did not hear from gates, but he has been in negotiations for a possible plea deal. and these new charges will only increase the pressure, george? >> okay, let's talk to dan abrams about that. thank you, pierre. let's start out with new charges right now. you saw manafort there say he believes he will be acquitted. if not faces effectively the rest of his life in prison. >> that's right. you go from facing, let's say, about a decade, to possibly decades as a result of these new
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charges. these relate to lying to the banks and lying on your taxes. basically saying, you know all that other stuff we mentioned in the previous indictment, that all existed. and as part of that, as an extension of that was lying on their taxes about it, lying to the banks about mortgages, et cetera, and that's what the additional charges are. >> and as pierre mentioned, gates has been in on-and-off talks about making a deal. these new charges dramatically increase the pressure on him. >> absolutely. look, typically when charges are filed it means that the conversations broke down. that the possible agreement isn't happening. you don't know that's the case here. they certainly still could reach a deal for something like that. but the fact that these charges have been filed absolutely increases the heat on both manafort and gates to offer information, remember, when you say cut a deal, it means that the prosecutor wants something from them. it's not just let's avoid a trial. it's let's make a deal so you
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can provide us with information. >> that's what gets you to higher-ups. the question is -- who could either of them give up in a possible deal? >> exactly right. >> more on that to come. thanks very much. now to that flooding across the midwest and new concerns as more rain moves in. rivers are already rising forcing people from their homes and leading to those dramatic rescues. alex perez is in elkhart, indiana, where they've declared a state of emergency. good morning, alex. >> reporter: good morning. there are two rivers in this area. residents are scrambling. take a look. h this is what a huge chunk of this neighborhood looks like. the water just not receding quickly enough. this morning, a united flight skidding off the runway in green bay, wisconsin, passengers rushed off the plane in the freezing rain while rising floodwaters endangering millions. the rivers so high hundreds of people now evacuating. >> i'm heartbroken that i can't stay there and try to save it.
7:14 am
but i mean -- you can't fight what they're doing either. >> reporter: much of michigan state university's campus completely submerged. the steadily rising waters forcing many rescues including a police officer in washington county, pennsylvania. the top of his patrol car barely visible. animals too needing help. drenched horses in indiana led through neck-deep water to safety. down in texas, these homes are now left with water on their doorsteps. backyards turned into ponds. >> everything in the backyard is just kind of like gone. >> reporter: and the st. joseph river here in elkhart, has crested. but more rain is on the way. and it's expected to remain at major flood stage through the weekend. robin? >> all right, thank you, alex. and now we're going to go to the olympics. and disappointment for the american figure skaters. the women falling short while a 15-year-old russian dazzled the crowd taking home gold. amy is in south korea with more. good morning to you, amy.
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>> hey, good morning. the athletes from russia taking the top two spots. and it was a tough day on the ice for team usa. the americans failing to medal but 24-year-old mirai nagasu making headlines for what she had to say after her performance. russia dominated the night in women's figure skating winning gold and silver. >> a double axel into triple toe hoop. >> reporter: the americans left disappointed. mirai nagasu failed to take off on her famed triple axel finishing in tenth place. >>is program. >> sliding off the takeoff only managing a waltz jump. >> reporter: but she appeared to take the loss in stride, saying afterward that she was smiling during her performance because she was thinking of it as an audition for "dancing with the stars." nagasu remarked i would like to be on "dancing with the stars" because i am a star. she spoke to yahoo! about the
7:16 am
possibility of sharing the dancing stage with adam rippon. >> i hope i'll be there with him. i've never gotten an opportunity to compete against adam. but i would love that opportunity. and i would going on for dancing for my spray tan. >> who would win between you and adam on "dancing with the stars"? >> i guess we'll have to find out. >> only on! >> whoa! >> reporter: a major win for the americans in an unexpected sport, curling. usa snapping the canadians' 12-year gold medal streak. >> with american curling history. >> reporter: sending the americans to the finals set to face off against top ranked sweden. and the women's hockey team still fresh off that heart-stopping victory over team canada, finally taking home the gold for the first time in 20 years. does the gold medal feel different than the silver medal? >> a lot different. a lot different. >> so special. what an honor. it's been an amazing journey for our team. and yesterday's game was just
7:17 am
fantastic. so -- we're so proud. and just can't wait to get home and celebrate with america. >> i also asked the ladies if they were as nervous as i was during the penalty shots and they told me that they felt bad for their parents and for families and fans like me because they knew how stressful it was for all of us to watch. but they said they were confident and they knew they had it all along. so i was pretty impressed by that. let's take a look at the medal count right now. team usa in fourth place with 21 medals, eight of them are gold. norway still in that top spot they have just dominated with 37 medals. 13 of them are gold. guys, going to send it back to you now. >> wow. and amy, you're gonna miss it being there and are you ready to come home soon? >> i am ready to come home. if you looked at my instagram today i actually took a screen shot of it's time to check in for your flight, so, yes, i'm very happy to see my family. and all of you. >> we have more reporting for
7:18 am
you this morning. but you have done a fantastic job. everybody there. >> just a little more to go. >> just a little bit. >> to rob with more on that flooding. >> maybe the winter olympics but springlike flooding continues. saw alex standing in floodwaters. plymouth, indiana. the yellow river, issues there and issues in michigan, indiana as we mentioned, illinois and also arkansas. all these rivers in red, they are flooding. and then the flood watches continue all the way up the ohio river, as more rain along the stalled frontal boundary. the jet stream continues to pick up the moisture right through saturday. another 3, 4, maybe 5 inches of rain and severe weather component late in the day on saturday as well.
7:19 am
good morning i'm "abc 7 news" meteorologist mike nicco. calmer today, sunny but still cooler than average. warmer and good weekend to be outside. and mother nature sends us a couple of winter storms next week. warm santa rosa, 58, half moon bay 53. upper 20s to mid-30s around the bay and low 40s in san coming up those allegations of blackmail over an affair. now the governor of missouri is indicted. we'll have his response this morning. also coming up, did kylie jenner tank snapchat with a single tweet? we'll tell you all about it. this is sumiko on her birthday. she turned 83. this is her with all her friends.
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janssen wants to help you explore cost support options for tremfya®. good morning east bay. >> i'm jessica castro from abc 7 mornings and did you feel it if you were in the east bay this morning, we got reports of a a magnitude earthquake and according to usgs it was near diablo, danville area. a dozen since midnight that were 1.5 magnitude or more. mike nicco says it makes 55 in the past seven days in that area alone. >> b.a.r.t. delays on the tracks. recovering now. 880 in the hayward union city area. over trucked cleared within the last 10 minutes so recovery in
7:24 am
the progress. take a look, you are slow all the way both directions of 880 between 238 and highway 84. >> that looks
7:25 am
7:26 am
now your accuweather forecast with mike nicco. >> check out these temperatures at 27 in livermore. that ties a record cold low temperature. it is 26 in danville and thick frost in the east bay and we have frost along clover dale and the rest of us mid 30s to 40s in san francisco. quick look at the planner. warm clothes in mass transit and dry all day. >> coming you may we go inside of the secret lab working on the next generation of flu vaccine. next on "gma" and we'll have another update in about 30 minutes and always on the app and
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this is the pepsi for moonwalkers. this is the pepsi for every generation. it's curry. blocked by rivers. good if it goes! >> oh, boy. welcome back to "gma" and that, of course, is steph curry making it look routine. golden state warriors star golden touch landed that half-court buzzer beater last night against the l.a. clippers and they ended up winning the game. >> he had 44. >> he had 44. he likes even numbers. he makes it look so easy. the other headlines we're following, an investigation is under way after this massive fire broke out in los angeles on thursday. tearing through an apartment building. the flames started on the third floor then spread, forcing about 300 residents to evacuate. three people suffered minor injuries. and ivanka trump arrived in south korea earlier today for the olympics' closing ceremony.
7:31 am
her arrival broadcast live on television there. she'll reportedly dine with south korea's president tonight. >> we'll talk to amy about the olympics coming up. but right now, we begin with that sex scandal rocking missouri. governor eric greitens has been indicted accused of trying to blackmail a former lover by threatening to release a photo he took and linsey davis has the story. good morning. >> reporter: the former navy s.e.a.l. and married father of two was arrested yesterday after a grand jury found probable cause that the missouri governor had broken a state law, taking a semi-nude photo of a woman without her permission. the governor of the show-me state is in hot water this morning. on thursday a grand jury indicted eric greitens charging him with invasion of privacy alleging the missouri governor, the defendant, knowingly photographed his mistress in a state of full or partial nudity without the knowledge and content of her and uploaded it in a way that allowed access via a computer. >> but if you believe missouri
7:32 am
needs to change direction -- >> reporter: in january greitens who is married with two children, ran for election on a platform of family values. >> most importantly i am a very proud husband and father. >> reporter: he admitted to having an affair with his hairdresser back in march of 2015 before running for governor. >> this was a consensual relationship. >> reporter: but greitens denies claims made by his mistress and her ex-husband that greitens bound her hands, blindfolded her and took a partially nude photo of her to use as blackmail to keep her silent. >> there was no blackmail, there was no violence. the mistake that i made was that i was engaged in a consensual relationship with a woman who wasn't my wife. and it's a mistake for which i am deeply sorry. >> greitens was released thursday without having to post bond. his attorney released a statement saying he plans to file a motion to dismiss the charges. >> factual question at the heart of this, did he take the photo? do prosecutors have it? >> that's right. did he take the photo?
7:33 am
was it without her consent? and then did he transmit it via a computer? because, if he just took the photo and didn't trance mitt it, meaning you have to be nude in the photo without consent, but if he didn't send it, that would be a misdemeanor. if he sent it via a computer that turns night a felony. >> but what if he took the photo, didn't send it but told her if you say anything -- >> that could be a different kind of crime. so he's not being charged here with blackmail, extortion, et cetera. this is the invasion of privacy law under -- in missouri law which basically says taking photo, partial or full nudity without consent and transmitting it via computer. >> is there any way we'd be seeing this kind of indictment if they didn't have the photo? >> i don't think so. it's interesting because he's not answering the question of did you take a photo or not? you have to believe that they have a photo. but this all came from, which is so fascinating, her ex-husband recording a conversation with her. missouri being a one-party state
7:34 am
with regard to recording a conversation. so recording that conversation by ex-husband was legal. and that's what sort of led to all of the this information coming out. and the reason they're doing it now, today, is because this is a three-year statute of limitations. this happened allegedly in march of 2015. the statute of limitations would be expiring within about a month. >> he could face jail time if convicted but often you see with politicians they reach deals where if you leave office they'll drop the charges. >> i think -- i don't know that he's going to do that. i think that -- i think that if there were a deal made here, it would be try to make it a misdemeanor instead of a felony which fundamentally changes the kind of time you're facing behind bars. >> dan abrams, the thank you very much. michael? thank you, george. now to that new fallout for snapchat, the app that's popular with teens recently underwent a redesign that left many users unhappy including kylie jenner. a single tweet from the reality star did not help the company stock. rebecca jarvis is here and, rebecca, that tweet wiped out
7:35 am
more than $1 billion in value? >> unbelievable, right, michael. snapchat has 187 million daily active users, many of them between the ages of 18 and 24 years old. and when the queen of snap herself, kylie jenner, speaks or posts or tweets, you can bet they're listening. this morning it turns out wall street is listening, too. ♪ >> i don't know what it's like to live a normal life. >> kylie! >> reporter: she's the 20-year-old multimillionaire makeup mogul who presides over a social media empire. documents almost every aspect of her life on instagram and snapchat. >> in order to like stay relevant for the public i have to be on instagram and i have to be on snapchat. >> reporter: but this morning, the "life of kylie" star has single handedly sent the stock of snap january chat plummeting. thanks to her one tweet to her 24.5 million followers. so does anyone else not open snapchat anymore? or is it just me? this is so sad.
7:36 am
in the hours following her tweet shares fell more than 6% thursday. wiping out more than $1 billion in value. oh, sthap! the backlash coming on the heels of a major redesign on the platform announced by evan spiegel, the billionaire snapchat co-founder and ceo married to supermodel miranda kerr. >> one of the complaints we have heard from social media is that photos and videos from your friends are mixed in with content from publishers and creato creators. and your friends aren't content. they're relationships. that's why today we're separating the social from the media and reorganizing it around your relationships to make it more personal. >> reporter: those changes leaving some users fuming complaining the redesign is confusing and harder to use. even inspiring a petition to remove the new snapchat update, garnering more than a million signatures. a snapchat spokesperson telling abc news our goal with the recent redesign is to make snapchat more personal for everyone.
7:37 am
this new foundation is just the beginning. and we will always be grateful for any feedback from our community as we roll out new products. wild to see how much impact an off h the -- off-the-cuff tweet can have. kylie tweeted ten minutes later, still love you, though, snap. my first love. the stock is up 20%. >> i have to stop you right there. you believe it was off the cuff? >> i do. i actually -- i actually -- i think that probably she thought this might have an impact but she didn't recognize it would have an impact on the stock. >> we saw evan spiegel in the piece trying to give directions. son what was going on with the new changes. what can you tell us about the changes? >> he's committed to the changes as they are right now but there are some new features they're rolling out that should make it easier to find friends' stories. one of the interesting points here. is he says that the biggest issue that people have raised in this to him is that they used to feel like a celebrity was my friend. and now they don't feel like
7:38 am
their friend anymore. he says, exactly. they're not your friend. >> wow. okay. >> kylie is not your friend. >> breaking a lot of hearts. >> a lot of hearts right now, rebecca. >> thanks, guys. coming up we'll take you to the front line of the fight against the flu. why perntly healthy people are being infected with the virus. we'll explain. come on back. i've always wanted to share a special moment with my mom. i think surprising her with a night ski trip would just be the biggest gift i could give her. let's make that happen. she's gonna be so excited. ♪ take me where i want to be. ♪ ♪ let me dream, oh, let me dream... ♪ this is food made to sit down for. slow down for. put the phone away, and use a knife and fork for.
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7:42 am
against the flu. at least 84 children have died from it this season. now scientists are searching for a universal vaccine. and abc's david kerley got exclusive access to the headquarters in bethesda, maryland, and has much more. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. nih is one of the country's premiere research hospitals and this team is in the middle of a study which could lead to that universal vaccine, one you wouldn't need every year and we were here and watched as they purposely infected volunteers with the flu. >> that's great, that's fine. >> reporter: in one of the worst flu seasons ever -- >> we picked up the h1. n1 virus. >> reporter: -- dr. matt is preparing to infect three perfectly healthy people with the flu virus including recent college grad emily. you're hoping to solve it down the road that you don't get the flu. >> exactly. for myself and then for young children. >> reporter: nih using its special studies unit where it treated ebola patients paying study participants $3500 to get
7:43 am
the flu and be quarantined for at least ten days. what are you helping the researchers accomplish? >> it may sound crazy but hopefully one day we have stronger medication or just hopefully a cure. >> so you're going to need to wear a mask and gloves. >> reporter: okay. what they're hoping to learn is how to attack influenza. this is it. >> this is the dose of virus in the bag. >> reporter: for the patients, a nasal spray. >> i'm going to give you a spray in each nostril. >> reporter: containing the virus. >> number 4. >> reporter: which caused the 2009 pandemic. 24 hours later, emily is feeling sick. >> i had an itchy throat last night. >> okay. >> reporter: some patients getting a few drug containing a new anti-body to see if it can prevent them from getting sicker. >> at the same time we're trying to learn about what parts of the immune system are needed to protect people against the flu in order to make a better universal vaccine. >> reporter: a universal vaccine, the holy grail. each year the flu virus changes a bit.
7:44 am
but some parts of the virus stay the same. if researchers find a way to attack that part, they could make a universal vaccine which you wouldn't need every year. what has this flu season taught us? >> well, this flu season has taught us that with regard to vaccines, we need to do better. >> reporter: emily and marcus are trying to help this morning by fighting the flu for science. and they are monitoring emily and marcus, that's part of the test. they actually have cameras in the room so they can see how they're feeling. there is progress being made on a vaccine, robin. a universal vaccine, they say could be 10 or 15 years away but that means only one shot or even maybe something else. >> and i understand that an old treatment is also making a comeback? >> reporter: yeah, i was kind of hinting at that. something else. remember the parents, instead of getting the shot for the children liked that nasal spray.
7:45 am
a couple of years ago they didn't think it was working properly. the drugmaker has now improved it and have the recommendation back and we will probably see the nasal sprays back next year as we continue this annual flu until we get to the universal vaccine. >> until we get there. and a know a lot of parents are saying, yes! it's so much easier with the nasal tray, as long as it is effective and that seems like it is the case. you didn't want to be infected with the flu. you want to report on it but don't want to be a participant. >> you got it. exactly. yeah. >> wise man. wise man. coming up, why one small illinois village is being swept up in the "black panther" fever. oh, manatees. aka "the sea cow"" oh! there's one. manatees in novelty ts? surprising. what's "come at me bro?" it's something you say to a friend.
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7:49 am
wakanda forever! >> we are back now with "black panther" mania. as it crosses the $500 million mark worldwide, fans are searching for a real-life version of the fictional town of wakanda. now a small town in illinois is getting a lot of attention, t.j. >> yes, for the 15 people that haven't seen the movie yet. >> this afternoon. >> but still, down to ten by the the time you see it today. so, wakanda is a fictional country in africa full of wonder and beauty and pride and technology. people wish they could go there. well, stra, i can take you today. >> please. >> but we have to go outside of chicago. it's about 40 miles outside of chicago. spelled differently but that's wauconda, illinois, and they are starting to get calls from people yelling
7:50 am
wakanda forever! it's a town of 14,000 people. it looks different from the one in the movie. but that is wauconda. >> what are they hiding there? >> no vibranium there. listen to them as they describe the attention they're getting. >> great restaurants so hopefully it will bring more people into the town of wauconda because, like, it's a magical kingdom, i guess. >> we're from the town. we're not going to shun away anybody wanting to learn about wauconda. >> wauconda is a little town but nice to be on the big screen again. >> if you think about going there, wakanda is a fictional country in africa. wauconda, illinois, has a population of 1% black. so just a heads-up before you go. you need to be aware of these things. all right? >> t.j., thank you. so enlightening, man. we appreciate that so much. coming up, actor brendan fraser's me too movement opening up about the incident he says
7:51 am
hurt his career. stay right there. we'll be right back. ♪ ("a bushel and a peck" by doris day) ♪ (laughing) while other insurance companies just see a house, state farm sees the home you've worked really hard for. ♪
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welcome back. talk about the flooding in the midsection of the country. denver, seeing 4 to 6 inches and with this next batch of rain in the northern tier they will see more in the way of snow. another 6 to 12 coming on saturday. this weathercast is brought to you by carmax.
7:55 am
"good morning america" is brought to you by ihop. pancakes, pancakes, pancakes.
7:56 am
good morning south bay. let's get up and get going. >> this is abc 7 mornings. >> good morning i'm jessica castro from abc 7 mornings. let's check our weekend forecast with meteorologist mike nicco. >> hi jessica, we'll start with todays temperature, 27 in danville, and gor guz morning with the breezes continuing to taper and sunshine good everywhere. dress for the cold temperatures. all right, we have a warmer weekend before a chance of rain and snow again monday, sue. >> check in with oakland, we have about three separate accidents in the same area. it's westbound 580 near golf links road and keller. i'm seeing a lot of slow traffic, so there might be multiple issues. >> thank you. a moving surprise for a young dancer next on "gma" and we'll
7:57 am
have another "abc 7 news" update in 30 minutes and always on the app and always on look at tahoe right now, it is cold bundle up.
7:58 am
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good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. alarming revelations about the high school massacre. the sheriff says his armed deputy was there on campus when the gunman opened fire but did nothing to help. plus, more missed warning signs now coming to light. hazing warning. the parents of those two young men who lost their lives now sharing a message for all parents. >> it could be anybody's child that this happened to. >> how they're trying to make sure it never happens again. brendan fraser says me too. the harassment he says he faced at the hands of a hollywood executive and how he says it hurt his career. his story this morning. ♪ plus, a miracle chance to dance. the 17-year-old who thought her dancing career was over. her scoliosis so severe she could barely walk. how she beat the odds and on
8:01 am
this feel good friday we say, good morning, america. ♪ you're going to hear me roar and good morning, america. we hope you feel good this friday. >> uh-huh and we can't wait to surprise a certain young lady right there. she doesn't know this, but "dancing with the stars" star mark ballas is here. that's right, mark. shh. >> just for her, too. >> why are we whispering? >> he's here because he's anastasia's favorite and the big reason she is back on the dance floor, she has no idea what's coming up. she's going to be happy. >> we need a feel-good story like this. >> oh, yeah. we have those new details, though about the florida school shooting. a deputy sheriff was on the scene and reportedly did nothing. so let's go back to victor oquendo. good morning, victor. >> reporter: good morning, robin. this is a stunning revelation. the sheriff says this deputy clearly knew there was a shooting but he failed to take action.
8:02 am
sheriff scott israel says scot peterson who was supposed to protect the students responded to the mass shooting but did not enter the building, instead waiting outside for four minutes while the shooting was taking place, facing suspension he resigned and then retired. the sheriff saying he is devastated and sick to his stomach. meanwhile, we're learning about even more red flags. 911 calls made multiple times by a family who had taken in the suspected shooter, nikolas cruz, shortly after his mother died and in those calls you can hear a woman saying there was a fight, that cruz was going to get his gun which is put to people's heads in the past. nikolas cruz's next court hearing set for next tuesday. meanwhile, this morning we're seeing a number of staff members here at the school returning to campus. classes are set to resume on a modified schedule next wednesday. robin. >> i know counseling will be made available for them, victor. thank you. let's bring in cecilia vega for more on this and, cecilia, the president doubling down on this call to arm teachers in schools.
8:03 am
>> reporter: yeah, george, he says as many as 40% of school employees could qualify to bring these guns to school campuses. now, he's not saying all teachers at all schools but people with special training and understand weapons and says that they could receive extra pay or a bonus as incentive to bring these guns to schools. take a listen to what he told a group of florida lawmakers what you're seeing right there on your screen yesterday here at the white house. >> i think a concealed permit for having teachers and letting people know that there are people in the building with guns, you won't have in my opinion you won't have these shootings because these people are cowards. >> reporter: the nation's largest teachers organizations have slammed this idea saying this is not what being an educator is all about. the white house this morning is also saying that a possible ban on semiautomatic rifles like the ar-15 that that parkland shooter used is not under consideration. >> nra is against that as well. cecilia vega, thanks very much. michael. thank you, george. now to oprah winfrey
8:04 am
addressing 20/20 rumors about running for president on "jimmy kimmel live." he asked her about that so will she or won't she? oprah said no and here's her reason why. >> i am the kind of person who tries to listen to signs. am i supposed to run the country? i don't think so. i hadn't heard any -- so -- >> i feel like you already ran the country for about 15 years. >> well, great response by jimmy. i think he could be right. you can tell the audience their reaction when she said it and despite oprah saying she didn't want to run the country there are a lot of supporters out there who won't take no for an answer and she blames this on stedman. at the golden globes he said something like up to the people, absolutely could do it and so people caught wind of that. he said he was misquoted but you know what -- >> got some explaining to do. >> got some explaining to do at home. >> she made it very clear. coming up an important message from the parents who lost their children to hazing sitting down with you, michael,
8:05 am
and what they want other families to know. looking forward to sharing that. actor brendan fraser's me too story and what he says it did to his career. and, lara, what's going on upstairs. >> we will meet that inspiring young dancer who refused to give up after a health setback and here with this guy, my pal, mark ballas. he's here. a surprise for her and for us. don't go anywhere, "good morning america" is coming right back. [ cheers and applause ] from the first moment you met it was love at first touch and all you wanted to do was surround them in comfort and protection that's why only pampers swaddlers is the #1 choice of hospitals to wrap your baby in blanket-like softness and premium protection mom: "oh hi baby" so all they feel is love wishing you love, sleep and play. pampers
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when you have a cold, google home family. stuff happens. [ dog groans ] [ coughs and sneezes ] nothing relieves more symptoms than alka seltzer plus maximum strength liquid gels. [ cheers and applause ] welcome back to "gma." welcome back to "gma," everybody. we have an incredible audience with us today and, robin, you have some people.
8:10 am
[ applause ] >> i want to go one mississippi, two mississippi, three mississippi. wonderful. from picayune. thank you all for being here. [ cheers and applause ] >> we got 11 mississippis over there. that's what we got. thank you to everybody for joining us on this friday morning and you know what, everybody is excited because it is time for "pop news," lara spencer. [ applause ] >> let's do this. who wants to know who is performing at the oscars this year? [ cheers and applause ] >> i'm telling you right now, so the five oscar nominated songs will be showcased including "remember me" from "coco" being performed by natalia lafourcade. come on. lafourcade.
8:11 am
i've tried so many times robin. natalia, i owe you one and miguel will sing that. mary j. blige will sing and nominated also for her performance in that movie. this guy, love you, common and andra day will perform "stand up for something." from the movie "marshall," "this is me" from "the greatest showman" will also be performed at the 90th academy awards. we'll be there to bring it all to you. march 4th, 8:00 p.m. eastern, 5:00 p.m. pacific right here on abc. >> i brought it home, rob. >> you did. you finished strong. >> yes, thank you. another one here, a major milestone for a member of our family, "general hospital." the soap opera will air its 14,000th episode today.
8:12 am
guys, just to put this in context, i mean, most shows have giant celebrations if they make it to 100 episodes. 14,000 episodes. we first met the folks of port charles in 1963 and, of course, one of the most watched episodes was luke and laura's wedding. 30 million people tuned in. [ applause ] oh, the dream of those ratings. bet you didn't know more americans watched luke and laura tie the knot than charles and diana. that's how obsessed we were with them and also the show. we congratulate you, "general hospital." >> yes, we do. [ applause ] and more news -- >> i used to actually schedule my college classes around the schedule of -- that and "all my children." would not have a class during that time. >> totally understand. >> you know you still do. and you know more celebrity news. another celeb getting into the alcohol business.
8:13 am
"deadpool" star ryan reynolds is taking a shot at aviation american gin saying we're excited to announce our new boss, ryan reynolds, actor, producer, professional good-looking person and ryan responded about his new side hustle and said in the long and in no way disastrous marriage of showbiz and alcohol. so happy to announce i'm the proud owner of a gin company following in the footsteps of george clooney. getting into the booze business and probably praying he is just half as lucky as clooney. >> half a billion dollars. >> thank you. [ applause ] so, it's friday and time for the weekend. wouldn't a quick get away to this place be terrific? tommy hilfiger's groove-tastic mansion is on the market. no takers yet for this '60s and '70s inspired pad.
8:14 am
it is so cool. austin powers could only dream of a place like this. a private beach and funkiest home theater i have ever seen. look at that room. i mean, i would watch "gma" in that room every morning. and the guest room, guys, all have scratch and sniff wallpaper. >> no. >> why, you ask? i do not know. ask tommy. look at that room. so he bought the place in 2013. i know the question, robin. he bought it for 17.25. before he had celebrity interior designer work his magic. he put it on the market at 27.5. a little flip-a-roo. not so much the current price is now the bargain price of $23 million. but, guys, eye candy. friday eye candy for you. scratch and sniff, yeah. >> does it come furnished? >> why? you going to call? >> no. i'm curious. >> i mean, i kind of think you can't take the furniture out of that now.
8:15 am
it's pretty cool. i thought a little eye candy. love a little real estate. happy friday, everybody. [ applause ] >> thank you. moving on, this time brendan fraser with a me too story the star of "the mummy" series. "george of the jungle." eva pilgrim here with his story. >> good morning. brendan fraser joining the me too movement opening up about allegedly being sexually assaulted. it's something that took him almost 15 years to talk about. this morning, brendan fraser speaking publicly for the first time saying a hollywood foreign press association member sexually assaulted him. fraser the star of "the mummy" and "george of the jungle" was one of the hottest actors of the late '90s and early 2000s but his career came crashing to a stop. fraser opening up to "gq" explaining in part why he disappeared saying i became depressed after he alleged philip berk, the former president of the foreign press
8:16 am
association inappropriately touched him saying it made me retreat, it made me feel reclusive. he said berk grabbed him inappropriately in 2003 at a lunch at the beverly hills hotel. fraser saying he was overcome with panic and fear. i felt ill. i felt like a little kid. i felt like there was a ball in my throat. i thought i was going to cry. >> he describes this along with other personal issues with his mother dying and getting a divorce with why he vanished for the past 15 years. >> reporter: mr. berk says mr. fraser's version is a total fabrication but did write a letter apologizing at the time. my apology admitted no wrongdoing. the usual if i've done anything to upset mr. fraser, it was not intended and i apologize. >> he treated it like a joke, he insists it wasn't important. he didn't mean to do it and wrote about it in his memoirs. >> what pushed him to come forward, watching the golden globes as he looked at all the
8:17 am
men and women dressed in black standing in solidarity fraser saying, at the time he didn't have the courage to speak up. am i still frightened? absolutely. do i feel like i need to say something? absolutely. have i wanted to many, many times? absolutely. and fraser has been back in front of the camera working on parts in the tv series "the affair" as well as "texas rising" so it looks like he's making some changes. >> thank you, eva. thanks so much. now for that important message from the parents of two young men, tim piazza and max gruver who lost their lives in alleged hazing incidents and their parents trying to stop what happened to them from happening to anyone else and recently had a chance to sit down together. the past year has been filled with unthinkable grief for the gruver and piazza families. both mouring the sudden deaths of their sons due to alleged hazing at their college father -- fraternities.
8:18 am
>> it's been over a year since tim passed and how has it been for you, the >> awful. i never bothered to do his laundry. the hamper is still in his room from college. i'll go in there and i'll hug a sweatshirt. you just keep getting by and going day by day. we have two other kids and, you know, we're trying to get back to some sort of normal with them and max's birthday was just a couple of weeks ago and that was really hard on all of us. >> reporter: in 2017 penn state freshman tim piazza was found unconscious after apparently falling head first down a flight of stairs. no one called for help for 12 hours and seven months later, lsu freshman max gruver not even one month into school was allegedly forced to drink 190 proof grain alcohol. his blood alcohol level was six times the legal limit when he died. charges have been filed in both cases, but are unresolved. it was a tragedy that brought your families together.
8:19 am
something that every parent's worst nightmare. but how has it been to find friendship in this time? >> we feel the pain any time another parent feels what we felt and i know when we read the story about max, we felt an immediate connection with the family and wanted to meet them. >> to have this friendship help you all kind of cope with the loss that you all share. >> oh, absolutely. >> it really helped us through a lot of the pain to understand some of it that someone's actually gone through and shared a similar experience. >> these were two great kids, kids that just wanted to be amongst friends and make people happy and it could be anybody's child. >> for the first time this weekend the families are uniting with other parents to create meaningful change. >> we're getting together with a group of other families that have lost children and our objective that we all share is to talk about stiffer legislation throughout the country, how do we deal with the
8:20 am
national fraternities and the universities throughout the country and how do we provide a support group for others dealing with this. >> do you hope to make this an annual thing. >> i don't know if annual is enough. i hope we continue to communicate amongst ourselves and have an action plan when we leave there, things to do for people to take actionable items on. and get together whenever we need to. >> how difficult is it to make changes on these college campuses when it comes to something like this. >> the challenge is extraordinary. the only way we're going to see change is if we have parents like the gruvers and piazzas come together and make the change themselves. people who lost kids they loved so much. >> that's exactly what they're doing. the gruvers are working on legislative reform. right now most states treat hazing as a misdemeanor crime but they want to see this punishable with a felony charge. >> currently the law in louisiana is up to 30 days in jail and up to $100 fine.
8:21 am
they've got laws on the books for if you have too many chickens on your property. $500 fine, six months in jail. it's not a deterrent the way the law is written right now. >> reporter: on wednesday lsu's task force on greek life came out with recommendations including a drug-free policy for fraternities. bans on hard alcohol and a membership contract which includes a code of conduct. the gruvers say these suggestions are, quote, disgraceful and offered no real meaningful change to greek life that would have prevented the death of our son. there are a lot of parents who have kids going to college and pledge a sorority or fraternity. what is your message to those parents? >> have them stick together. make sure they have somebody have their back. >> have them report it if they feel it doesn't feel right. >> if it doesn't feel right it's not right. strength in numbers will help each one of them and take care of each other.
8:22 am
if they know something is going bad or feel bad they need to end it right there. >> i want to thank you for coming in here and talking to me and sharing your story and our hearts and prayers are with you. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> and the wounds are still really fresh for these families. they feel like they did the right thing. they researched the fraternities that their sons were going to pledge and all things online were great. it said good thing stressing education and no hazing policy but there were complaints that weren't addressed online that they did not see that now come forward and i think, you know, this is something that every parent and every kid needs to be aware of. >> and they think that should be included when fraternities are talking about all the good they need to be more transparent. that's what the parents are asking for. >> they're asking for more transparency. they want the honest part to come out so these kids know this is how these things are
8:23 am
conducted. these are some of the things that have been been complained about in the past. if it's something you want to do you have to make smart decisions. stick together. if something is not right, stick together and say i'm not going to do that and they had two kids seemed like normal -- really good kids who just had one situation that ended their lives. >> got to be so hard to relive this but they are going to make a difference by speaking out. >> i really believe it because they say they're going to make a difference and not going anywhere and stick to it? over to rob now. >> you know, when times are tough, often nothing more soothing than the love of an animal. take your dog for a walk. this picture brought to you from atlanta early this fall. look at the size of this dog. rottweiler, i'm guessing. look at the size of the branch. talk about the ultimate game of fetch. i don't know what his name is tonka or tinker bell or something. good morning i'm "abc 7 news" meteorologist mike nicco. calmer today, sunny but still cooler than average. warmer and good weekend to be
8:24 am
outside. and mother nature sends us a couple of winter storms next week. warm santa rosa, 58, half moon bay 53. upper 20s to mid-30s around the bay and low 40s in san looking at lara. lara, it's friday, baby. >> i know. let's do it. >> the women of team usa are seeing big success at the winter games this year winning the majority of america's medals so far so let's go back to our gold medalist, amy robach, who is there. she'll tell us about these golden girls. good morning again, amy. >> hey, good morning again to you. robin. you know i love a good girl power story and pyeongchang is the place to be for that because u.s. women are on top. our female athletes dominating the medal stands at this
8:25 am
olympics. at this year's winter games team usa's golden girls leading the way winning five gold medals in pyeongchang. jamie anderson's high-flying tricks giving her the slopestyle gold and taking home the silver in the first ever big air competition. first woman to bring home two gold medals in snowboarding. to what do you attribute your success? >> hard work and dedication we can do anything. >> chloe kim, the 17-year-old snowboarding superstar shining brightly on the halfpipe. what separates you from others? >> everyone has their own style. >> how would you describe yours? >> i think i'm a pretty chill gal. >> reporter: while the men fell short of medal contention the american women's hockey team on top once again. >> she scores. >> reporter: dethroning team canada's 20-year reign. in a thrilling final matchup. >> we're hoping we inspired the next generation to whatever it is they aspire to do to do it at their best and be strong in doing it.
8:26 am
>> reporter: on the slopes, mikaela shiffrin speeding straight into first place in the giant slalom. also adding a silver in the alpine combined to her medal collection inspiring the next generation of american athletes. >> the ladies are rocking it. >> yeah, it's pretty cool, isn't it? >> it's amazing. and also to think that you're inspiring so many young girls back at home who are watching. are you aware of that? do you think about that at all? >> hopefully i'm inspiring people, not just young girls at home but the women have been performing very, very well and that's so exciting to be a part of that. >> of the 21 medals team usa has won so far, 14 of them have been won by american women, guys. back to you. >> all right. safe travels home, amy. my.
8:27 am
good morning north bay. let's get up and growth going. >> this is abc 7 mornings. >> i'm reggie aqui from abc 7 mornings. happening today, stanford students speaking up for victims of sexual assault. that is where former student brock turner behind a dumpster. today students will read empowering quotes about the impact of the assault. >> we're going to the east shore free way, still bumper to bumper. under the mcarthur maze.maze. we are pretty slow out there and an earlier accident in oakland.
8:28 am
that's been cleared. >> that's good to ♪ ♪ there are two types of people in the world.
8:29 am
those who fear the future... and those who embrace it. the future is for the unafraid. ♪ ♪ now your accuweather forecast with mike nicco. >> check out these temperatures. livermore 32 degrees that's after tieing a record low of 27. most of us in the 30s and 40s now. let's look at the commute planner. it is all good other than the cool weather. it's going to be sunny and
8:30 am
warmer through sunday and more skpran snow with blustery conditions monday. can you feel that it's friday? can you just feel that? friday. oh. and do we have a feel-good friday story for you. an incredible teen inspiring us this morning, anastasia, she is a championship winning ballroom dancer whose skocoliosis was so severe it nearly stopped her from doing what she loves most but she didn't let it. t.j. is back to talk about her journey. >> i am in awe of this young lady. not just her talent on the ballroom floor but also her strength and her resolve. she had to retire from dancing at the age of 14. her condition was so bad and i'm not overstating her spine looked
8:31 am
like an "s." well, she found a new doctor, a new procedure and guess who is dancing again? ♪ that's anastasia manchenko, danielsing across the floor. she makes it look easy, but learning these moves took years of grueling practice. >> the feeling when you're on the dance floor, i don't know, it's amazing. >> reporter: you might see joy, yet 17-year-old anastasia was also hiding extreme pain. >> it was like a stabbing, like a constant stabbing and it's like somebody is taking your spine and literally holding it like strangling. >> reporter: she had scoliosis, curvature of the spine and over the years it was only getting worse. the fix doctors offered a surgery called fusion. that would straighten her spine permanently but it would limit her flexibility so much that her dance career would be over. >> i just didn't want to give up. something that you love to do like you do it no matter what. >> reporter: with the help of years of physical therapy and
8:32 am
back braces she kept on dancing but by the time she and her partner won the 2016 national ballroom championships her scoliosis was so disabling and disfiguring her spine looked like this. how did you dance through that? >> i don't know. medicine. >> was there not some doctor telling you, yeah, you probably shouldn't be dancing? >> there was many. >> reporter: the day anastasia won that national ballroom championship, she threw in the towel deciding the pain was just too much. she thought this was the end of her dancing career. you didn't hold out hope for something? >> no. >> you just thought it was over. >> yeah. >> the ribs were bunched up here. >> reporter: she found new hope in this doctor from mt. sinai hospital who offered an experimental alternative to fusion, one still not fda approved. it's a surgery called tethering in this procedure he attaches a flexible cord onto screws placed in the vertebrae. when it is tightened it pulls the vertebrae straight.
8:33 am
>> it preserves and maintains flexibility for the patient as well as growth for those who are still growing. >> reporter: so in july of 2017 anastasia decided it go for it. >> take an x-ray. >> reporter: she underwent a full day operation where dr. lonner removed four ribs and tethered her spine. anastasia's surgery was a success. >> we do know that our patients who are several years out have been doing beautifully. but there are some unknowns. how long will this flexible cord, this rope last? >> reporter: we met up with anastasia again six weeks later. now she was a full two inches taller. >> you look so perfectly aligned. >> reporter: her back now nearly straight. >> you changed my life and made it so much better. thank you so much. >> reporter: how long of a career do you think you have ahead. >> my whole life. >> all right. we do need to note that only a few centers around the country perform this and only 500 people have had this procedure but it
8:34 am
worked in this case and meant for only people with extreme cases. hers was one. >> what a great story and anastasia is here! [ cheers and applause ] they're applauding for you. oh, my gosh. your mother is in the front row. your dance partner and all that. thank you for bringing this to us, t.j. your strength, your resilience, your resolve. what went through your mind when at one point you thought you were not going to be able to dance again? >> it was just heartbreaking. do you imagine like -- it was my passion. it's what i love to do and like when i dance, it's just like everything is complete. i can breathe. like it's my breath of fresh air. and it's just heartbreaking because i can't do it anymore and all my doctors are like against it so it was really bad. >> they're supposed to be following their dreams and he retired at 14, so much so that she threw her -- she locked the clothes up, dancing shoes. >> i locked it this nye parents'
8:35 am
room far away because i can't go into my room and see all my gold medals and be reminded of something i can't do anymore. >> she slid in that all my gold medals. >> i noticed that. >> your mom is just beaming. beaming with pride as she looks over here and i know it was a long recovery and very difficult and you said watching "dancing with the stars" really helped you and was there any dancer in particular that inspired you? >> yeah, mark ballas. i watched every single like episode -- i know every single dance. yeah, but it's just like watching the show inspired me to get back because it was like around the same exact time as i was recovering and going to my physical therapist and like they were like, okay, let's do this step by step and it was just like when i come home and watch the show, i'm like, okay, i can do this. >> t.j. is a big fan. >> i'm a big fan of yours and it was cool to hear how a show like
8:36 am
that inspired you and if you wouldn't mind taking an audience question in you have a lot of people who are big fans. >> i have a question. >> what! [ applause ] >> you say you're a fan of mine. that's a huge honor but i'm a fan of yours. my question is can i get a hug? >> oh. >> let's do it. [ cheers and applause ] >> oh, my god. >> how are you? [ cheers and applause ] so nice to meet you. >> oh, my god. >> oh, gosh, you know what we'll have to go to break but do you have your dancing shoes on? >> oh, she does. >> would you like a spin. >> oh, my gosh. ♪ ♪ 24 karat magic in the air
8:37 am
>> oh. ♪ look out ♪ showtime showtime >> go. ♪ ♪ ♪
8:38 am
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a nice mix of people from locally here in town so all over
8:40 am
the country, let's talk about the northeast forecast. we had a record-breaking temperature a couple of days ago. now back to winter, a little rain and mixing of snow and sleet. patchy ice up the hudson valley through the adirondacks. skiing in new england. another batch coming as we head towards sunday and monday and, of course, that heavy rain we're watching for the potential of flooding again through the ohio which is highest it may have reached in cincinnati since 1997 good morning i'm "abc 7 news" meteorologist mike nicco. check out your 12 hour accuweather planner, 37 to 45, 50s thi this weather report is brought to you by google home mini. google, toss it over to lara. >> thank you so much. rob. we turn to an exclusive look behind-the-scenes of the bachelor women tell all.
8:41 am
the 17 women, yes, 17 women who didn't get roses from arie are coming face-to-face with the former race car driver and each other in an explosive reunion. it's been a season full of kiss, roses and drama on "the bachelor." >> i've had my heart ripped open and i don't know how this is going to end. >> reporter: all the women and arie reliving every moment on "the women tell all" airing this sunday. we were there behind-the-scenes speaking to the women would confronted each other and the bachelor who sent them home. >> it was hard to be in that room with, you know, a lot of beautiful, angry exes, no. >> reporter: "good morning america" bringing you this preview of arie going face-to-face with bekah's ex. >> she is the love of my life. i want to marry her. i'm going to get her. >> i would just be crushed. >> reporter: and krystal, one of
8:42 am
the most controversial contestants on the show. >> i don't care what other people think. >> reporter: taking a lot of heat when it's her turn in the hot seat. >> seeing the comments you made, were not only hurtful to me but them. maybe i dragged it on way longer than i should have. >> i was mad. >> how was i a bully? what did i do to directly hurt someone? maybe i'll start focusing on me and start focusing on relationships. >> reporter: arie saying he didn't see her true colors until he watched it back. >> it made me realize i hung on to that too long. >> reporter: another topic. becky carr's age, the 22-year-old didn't seem ready for marriage. >> you can say it's about age. you can say it's about taking it seriously. you can call it whatever you want. but i've just never experienced quite frankly the judgment about the number of years i've been on earth as i did throughout this experience. >> admitted that, yes, maybe he
8:43 am
had not given me the chance he should have. >> reporter: and things taking a turn with caroline telling arie she's angry with what he did at the end of the show hinting at an explosive finale. >> everything will play out and you guys will understand when you watch the finale where i'm coming from. >> reporter: the man of the hour telling us he's finally got his closure. >> i think there were some questions that they had for me and hopefully i answered them and gave them a little bit more closure. what is nice to see them and chat about the show. [ applause ] >> so, wow. "the bachelor" the women tell all airs this sunday at 8:00, 7:00 central on abc. do not miss it. and heather graham is right here live. that friday
8:44 am
8:45 am
there's more adventure,where you can get... and more memories. stay at a disneyland resort hotel, and you can save up to 25% on select rooms. so now's the time to get more happy! >> announcer: the countdown is on and if you like oscar like we
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like oscar you'll love this. we're counting down to oscar sunday from the nominees before they were stars to big star surprises and we're even celebrating oscar going from dollywood to hollywood with dolly parton live. the style, the fashion, the food, the parties, the stars. get your red carpet ready on. >> no one does oscar like "gma" and if they say they do they're lying. >> announcer: yeah, the countdown is on to oscar sunday next week on "gma." [ applause ] we are back now with heather graham and we all know her from "boogie nights" and "twin peaks." she's written, directed and stars in a new movie called "half magic." you are doing it all right now. welcome to the show. >> thank you. [ applause ] >> you know, it's kind of a flashback friday around here so we'll fall back a little bit. we found some pictures of you. you were voted most talented in high school and we have a picture of, yes, your most talented picture playing the piano. what kind of memory does that
8:47 am
bring back. >> i had a very poofy hair. >> and then your yearbook picture as well. >> oh, my gosh. it's so funny. >> we all have those from high school. you don't want to see -- >> i want to see yours. >> no, you don't want to see mine. we burred them all. how about that? you've written. you've directed. you're act -- you're the lead in this movie. how is it to direct yourself? >> it's weird but, you know, my best friend was there. his name is michael nichols. want to give him a shoutout and he was watching the scenes i acted in but it was an amazing experience. the most fun job i've ever done. i loved it. >> called "half magic" and it's about an aspiring screenwrit screenwriter & her friends and you're being told as a screenwriter by these executives no one wants to hear women's stories. they only want to hear about a story if it's about a teenage boy. is that something you've heard. >> people say women's movies don't make money and i've been
8:48 am
told, oh, we're going after the teenage boy demographic. >> this movie is about women's empowerment. >> uh-huh. >> and especially in the climate of what's happening in hollywood now, it's a very on point -- you worked seven years. this is not something that is new that you just came up with in the spur of the moment but if you had to write it today would it be any different. >> i think when i wrote it i didn't realize people would be so ready to talk about these kind of issues so i covered it with comedy and it's sexy and funny so now i think people are really seriously talking about it and i think that's amazing like i just thought i'm going to have this empowerment message and cover it in comedy but you can straight up talk about it which is awesome. >> we want to see it so we won't let anybody wait any more. let's take a look. >> i carved these candles and cast spells on them. i don't know if it's positive intention or creative visualization or magic but they work for a lot of people. some of my regulars call me the witch. >> what kind?
8:49 am
>> all kinds. some for love and work but some fun ones too like i want my own unicorn. >> they aren't magical. they're overpriced candles for rich idiots who have nothing better to do. [ applause ] >> being that you wrote this, how much is that scene based on reality? do you and your friends use something like that in i did go to a candle store. sometimes as a woman in a culture you feel disempowered and you want to find a way to feel confident. i have done wacky stuff and have gone to enchantments and buy candles and make wishes and just having an intention can make a big difference. when you make wishes with your friends it's more powerful because your friends support you and i made a lot of wishes to make this movie and now it happened and i'm on your show. [ applause ] >> i really do believe that you can manifest by really wishing and hoping for something and the candle just makes the room smell really good when you do it. >> exactly.
8:50 am
>> we're lucky to have you on the show. >> thank you. >> congratulations. acting, producing, doing it all. it's "half magic." you can check heather out in theaters and available on video on demand and digital hd today. all right. make sure you guys check it owl. we'll be right back.
8:51 am
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>> announcer: there is only one dol dolly parton and now wednesday say good morning to dolly when she takes over the morning and "gma" as only she can. wednesday, it's dolly parton live. only on abc's "good morning america." ♪ 24 karat magic "good morning america" is brought to you by alka seldzer plus maximum strength lick which gels. >> anastasia recuperating from surgery watching "dancing with the stars," we surprised her with mark ballas, her favorite dancer on that inspired her so what is this moment when you were out here dancing with her and just the look in her eyes. >> it was an honor and got me really excited.
8:54 am
i dance on tv all the time but that was really exciting. i'm so happy to be here. thank you for having he. >> that's great. they're asking for more dance. more dance. dance again. more. ♪ ♪ ♪ 24 karat magic in the air
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good morning bay area. let's get up and get going. >> this is abc 7 mornings. >> good morning you made it to friday, i'm reggie aqui from abc 7 mornings. meteorologist mike nicco has a look at the forecast today. >> we'll start with current temperatures, everybody is above freezing, on our way to a sunny afternoon temperatures in the mid 50s for most of us, coming this weekend, 50s before the 60s come back, blustery conditions rain and snow. >> earlier accident westbound in -- tomorrow night in san francisco is the chinese knew years parade, closure. >> time now for "live with kelly and ryan." and our reporting continues online and on our app.
9:00 am is where to go. hope you have a great weekend. >> announcer: it's "live with kelly and ryan!" today from the drama "gotham," ben mckenzie. in one of the stars of the new series "good girls," mae whitman. and the hottest toys from the 2018 toy fair. all next on "live!" ♪ [cheers and applause] and now, here are kelly ripa and ryan seacrest! [cheers and applause] ♪ [cheers and applause]


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